August 31

*HOT* Nintendo Wii Kids’ Games Only 96¢ Each @ The Source

Posted by on August 31, 2015 at 12:47 PM

*HOT* Nintendo Wii Kids Games Only 96¢ Each @ The Source

I am all for deals so fantastic you have to buy them even if you never even knew the item existed. Today, I have two Nintendo Wii games that will cost you only 96¢ each! I highly recommend purchasing both as orders of $1 or more qualify for free standard shipping when you use coupon code TS499. Make sure to select standard shipping (not express) at checkout. Now, Academy of Champions: Soccer – Wii Standard Edition and Death Jr.: Root of Evil – Wii are the two games on sale for 96¢ each.

Academy of Champions: Soccer may be the real gem in this sale as it currently retails for $19.16 at Amazon Canada. Death Jr.: Root of Evil is still a nice buy as it currently costs $5 + $3.98 shipping in the Amazon Marketplace. As with most these 96 cent deals at The Source, I doubt these games will last very long. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 6

Nintendo Wii System (Refurb) only $49.99 & Free Shipping @ EB Games Canada! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 6, 2015 at 8:02 AM

Nintendo Wii System (Refurb) only $49.99 & Free Shipping @ EB Games Canada! (EXPIRED)

If anyone out there doesn’t yet have a Nintendo Wii and you’re looking for something to entertain the kids, then consider buying this refurbished model from EB Games Canada. Coming in at only $49.99, the refurbished Nintendo Wii can be yours, with free shipping to your home!

Included in this bundle:

Refurbished Wii System, 1 Wii Remote Controller, 1 Wii Nunchuk Controller

It sounds like you don’t get any games with the initial package, so keep that in mind when you place your order. You might want to throw something like Mario Kart or Shaun White Skateboarding in your cart too.

The Nintendo Wii page above doesn’t state how long the warranty is on this refurbished item, but on this page, EB Games state that there is a 30 day limited warranty on refurbished hardware. Obviously that’s not a very long time period, but it should be more than enough to get your console set up and make sure it’s in working order.

Price Comparison?

I tried to check the price for other Nintendo Wiis online, but there are not many places selling refurbished models to accurately compare the pricing. If you were to buy a Wii, you’d be looking at around $100+ even for just a used model on Amazon.ca or eBay. At least if you buy from EB Games, you’ve got that 30 day warranty in case anything happens.

Wii Modding?

This is something I’ve heard of but never tried to do myself. You can mod your Wii to play backup games, stored on an external device. This probably negates any kind of warranty you’d get with a Wii… but if you’re only spending $50 on one, then it won’t break the bank.

Wii Memories!

Can you believe that the Nintendo Wii was first released in 2006 – that’s nine years ago! Until I started writing this article, I didn’t realise that it had been around for quite as long as that. I think I got a Nintendo Wii back in or around 2008, after the initial hype had died down a bit. That very same device is now sitting in a box in my attic… loved no more! However, back in the day, I used it a lot. When friends came round for parties (before we had kids!), we’d crack out the Wii and have some Mario Kart fun, along with a few other party games. I also used the Wii to get fitter – using the balance board and some fitness games. It worked for a while… although in thinking about that right now, I should probably give it another try. Nintendo Wii System (Refurb) only $49.99 & Free Shipping @ EB Games Canada! (EXPIRED)

(Expires: Unknown)

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October 6

Best Buy Canada: Free $70 Gift Card With 5 Game Pre-Orders

Posted by on October 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Best Buy Canada: Free $70 Gift Card With 5 Game Pre Orders

Stock up on games and save with Best Buy’s newest promotion. By pre-ordered five games right now, you will also receive a $70 e-gift card for free. Games for pre-order are available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii or PC.

Now at first glance I know you might be thinking that pre-ordering five games in one shot is a lot, but if you plan on getting these games anyways once they come out, then you might as well take advantage of this offer now. Plus, the way I see it is that since a typical game costs $70, for five, that comes up to $350 and even though you need to use the $70 gift card on a future purchase, it’s sort of like you’re getting a 20% discount. The only difference is that the savings aren’t instantaneous. Once you take advantage of this promotion, the $70 e-gift card will be sent by e-mail on December 22nd.

Luckily, not all games available for pre-order are $70 either. Just Dance 2015 for Wii and Wii U, for instance, is $39.99. Meanwhile Alien Isolation for Xbox 360 is $54.99.Although there are also games for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, below is a list of the games you can pre-order right now for PS4to take advantage of this deal.


  • Just Dance 2015: $49.99
  • Alien Isolation: $64.99
  • Lord of the Fallen Limited Edition: $64.99
  • Driveclub: $69.99
  • The Evil Within: $69.99
  • Assassin’s Creed United Limited Edition: $69.99
  • Far Cry 4: $69.99
  • LittleBigPlanet 3: $69.99
  • Assassin’s Creed – Unity Collector’s Edition: $149.99
  • Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition: $149.99

Xbox One

  • Just Dance 2014: $49.99
  • Lords of the Fallen: $64.99
  • Alien Isolation: $64.99
  • Sunset Overdrive: $64.99
  • Halo Master Chief Collection: $69.99
  • The Evil Within: $69.99
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity Limited Edition: $69.99
  • Far Cry 4: $69.99
  • Assassin’s Creed – Unity Collector’s Edition: $149.99
  • Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition: $149.99

Keep in mind that this is a special promotion for members of Reward Zone. Membership is absolutely free and if you don’t already have an account, then I suggest you take a minute or two to sign up. Reward Zone members qualify for special promotions and discounts. Your purchases at Best Buy will also award you with points, which you can then redeem for discounts.

Since Best Buy usually ships all orders over $65 for free, you’re also sure to get free shipping on all of your games. The best part is that you won’t even have to keep track of each game’s release date as your game will be automatically mailed to you.

(Expiry: 18th November 2014)

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September 3

Future Shop Canada: Mario Kart Wii (Used) Was $35 Now $15 (Expired)

Posted by on September 3, 2014 at 8:12 AM

Future Shop Canada: Mario Kart Wii (Used) Was $35 Now $15 (Expired)

At Bargainmoose, we love affordable prices. For instance, let’s take a look at Future Shop’s limited time deal for Mario Kart Wii. Normally retailing at $40 for a new copy, you can typically get this game used at Future Shop (of course, if you can find a used copy of this classic but still hugely popular game) for $35. At this time, you can pick up a used copy of Mario Kart Wii for just $15! Shipping typically ends up costing $2, but if you have a minimum order of $25, you can get free shipping. Quantities are limited, so act quickly, folks!

Though it’s not the newest Mario Kart game on the block (Mario Kart Wii U is wowing gamers worldwide at the moment), Mario Kart Wii is still a bona fide classic that’s still entertaining both hardcore and casual gamers. You get to race as most of your favourite Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and even Yoshi, that green dinosaur that Mario’s been riding for far too long.

There’s no doubt about it – this game is simply fun. You can race with up to 4 players at the same time, ensuring that you’ll be having fun with this title for many years to come. Even though this is a game for the original Nintendo Wii system, it’s also compatible with the new Wii U system (as long as you have a Wii Mote controller).

My first Mario Kart game was for the Super Nintendo, and I still remember playing the game’s primitive yet thrilling battle mode with my older brother constantly throughout the years. We usually pulled out this game whenever our TV was boring us (hey, this was a time when Saturday afternoons were filled with infomercials). To this day, the Mario Kart franchise is loved by many video game players, and it’s easy to see why.

When seeking out a used copy of Mario Kart Wii, it costs $34.99 at Best Buy. Listed below is a snippet of a review of Mario Kart Wii from Eurogamer:

Ultimately, the sheer sensory pleasure of playing Mario Kart Wii – from the charming animations, to the bopping tunes, to the sugar-rush boosting, to the exquisite steering – far overcomes the few concerns we have about it. It still has to be docked a mark for the awkward structure and compromised multiplayer modes – but it’s still unreservedly recommended to anyone for whom Mario Kart is a gaming cornerstone.

Quantities are limited, so get this deal while it’s still available! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 3rd September 2014)

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December 26

Walmart Canada: Wii Mini & MarioKart Only $79

Posted by on December 26, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Wii Mini & MarioKart Only $79

I found a little gem of a deal in Walmart’s Boxing Day sales. Get the Wii Mini and the game MarioKart for only $79. The Wii Mini was selling for about $99 before Christmas and I have seen it for $80 for Boxing Day, but this deal is great because you get the free game too.

When researching Wii consoles, I considered the very inexpensive Wii Mini, but ended up opting for the more expensive Wii U for all its functionalities. But, seeing this deal I’m reconsidering this as a second game unit for my oldest son’s bedroom. That way, the family can play the the Wii U together, but at times when we want quiet in the family room or to watch regular TV, the kids can play the Wii Mini upstairs. I just have to figure out the logistics of him having no TV, but I can work that out easily.

The MarioKart game that comes with this set is so much fun. MarioKart is probably one of my most favourite games and my family and I played it many times when I was a teen. I can’t wait to play it with my kids!

As always shipping is free on this item. Other stores that ship for free are listed on our free shipping, no minimum page.

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December 10

Toys R Us Canada: B1G1 40% off Video Games

Posted by on December 10, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Toys R Us Canada: B1G1 40% off Video Games

One of the most popularly requested items by kids and teens (and some adults for that matter) at Christmas time is video games.  Toys R Us caters to the young and young at heart with their video game selection and they have a great deal on right now.  When you buy select video games, you will get a second one for 40% off the regular price.

Just like any deal, you will get the lower price or equal value game at 40% off.

There are 138 video games included with this deal so there are a lot to choose from.  Additionally, they have games from all different gaming systems including Xbox, Xbox360, Play Station4, Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS and more.

If you are having trouble getting through all 138 games and find one you want, I suggest using the search on the left hand side.  You can narrow your search by price, age, brand, rating and gender to find the perfect game.

As for the cost of shipping, you will get free shipping on orders of $99.

(Image credit to Renee Keith)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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November 1

iNetVideo Canada: Up To 80% Off Nintendo Wii Games

Posted by on November 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM

iNetVideo Canada: Up To 80% Off Nintendo Wii Games

Get up to 80% off a huge list of Nintendo Wii games at iNetVideo.

Since I am buying my kids a WiiU for Christmas, and I can use regular Wii games with it, seeing this sale is like hitting the mother load. They don’t care what games they get and don’t need the latest and greatest, so I’d much rather pay $7 for a game than $50. Some of these games can be found cheaper elsewhere, so always take due diligence and research every game before you buy. I’ve tried to do that a little here for you. Here is a good wish list I’m thinking about getting:

Shipping is $2.75 for the first and second items, and $1 for every item after that.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 27

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU – FIGHT!

Posted by on September 27, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!

The next generation of the console wars is here, and all the nerds like me have our preferences based on prejudice, technology and a bunch of other factors. A lot of the normal people out there are more concerned about cost. You can’t really have a cost analysis without having a bit of discussion of features, so I’ll provide the prices and a winner based solely on those prices, but I’m going to editorialize it somewhat. For full disclosure, I’m a total Sony fan boy, but I’ll keep this strictly professional. These things aren’t cheap and while you may initially see a clear winner based just on the price tag, there are other considerations that you’ll want to think about before making your decision. All the prices here are MSRP for official products. PS4, WiiU, xBox One – FIGHT!

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!

Initial cost

If you are only concerned about the sticker hanging under the console at your local Walmart, then the WiiU is the console for you. There is no denying that Nintendo has the lowest price around.

The winner on price is indeed the WiiU, but keep in mind that the WiiU is, any way you cut it, a lesser piece of technology. Among the biggest issues aside from straight power considerations are its storage and lack of Blu-ray capabilities. The WiiU storage goes up to 32GB, PS4 has a 500GB user-upgrade-able HDD and the xBox One 360 has a fixed 500GB HDD. The xBox One and the PS4 have BluRay while the WiiU does not. If you bought a PS3 last generation and use that as your only BluRay player, a WiiU won’t replace that functionality.

Winner: WiiU

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!


There is no real winner here, but technically you could get by with spending less on stuff for the WiiU. The reason there is no real clear winner is that the Wii U has three controllers. One of them is in two parts like the Wii. You don’t need both parts so if you only get the one, it’s cheaper. If you end up getting both parts it will cost more, and it’s even more if you pick up their other xBox-like game pad. Like I said, this one is a bit muddy, but just for the fact that you can theoretically get by with spending less, I’ll give it to the WiiU again.

Winner: WiiU

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!


If you are looking ahead and hoping you can save a bit on the games, you can’t. They all MSRP at the same level!

Winner: Tie!

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!


  • Microsoft xBox Live Gold – $59.99/year
  • Sony PS Plus – $49.99/year
  • Nintendo WiiU – $0

Note: Buy these ones directly from the console or from a bricks and mortar store.

Nintendo again. Play your games online for free!

The WiiU is the clear winner, but just for the sake of discussion, let’s talk about PS4 vs xBox One. PS Plus is required for online gaming and xBox Live Gold is required to do anything online. This means that if you want to use your xBox One with, as an example, Netflix, you need to buy your Netflix subscription and xBox Live Gold. PS4 only requires PS Plus for online gaming. On top of that, PS Plus is $10 less per year.

Winner: WiiU

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!

Other considerations

This is something I’ve been telling people since the GameCube, PS2, and xBox days. You need to consider your needs when you buy a console. Are you buying a console for a seven year old? Right now, as far as games go, WiiU is the best for little kids. The thing is that little kids grow up. This generation of consoles is likely going to last around eight years. When your seven year old is a fifteen year old, he (or she) might want something that has some more adult game selections. What’s a parent to do? Well, I say get a PS4. The xBox skews more towards adult games, WiiU is kid-leaning and the PS4 fits in the middle. This argument seems to get less and less true as the years go by and exclusive titles become more of a rarity, but it still rings true to an extent, so keep that in mind. There are still games that won’t make it to the WiiU. Do you really want to pick up a new console when your thirteen year old is bored of the games coming out on the WiiU?

Price Showdown: PS4 vs. xBox One vs. WiiU   FIGHT!


If you are thinking in terms of cost from the time you step in the store to the time you are playing, the WiiU wins. There is no double about that. In a lot of people’s minds, however, the real battle is between the PS4 and xBox One for various reasons that I won’t discuss here. If that is your dilemma, PS4 is the winner. Sony punched Microsoft right in the eye with a knife wielding koala when they announced their $100 undercut on price. It further solidified itself as the best value by announcing that, while PS Plus will be needed for gaming online, you won’t need it for any other services like Netflix.

(Image Credits: GoodRob13, Ryan Somma, Windell Oskay, Percy, Julian Fong, Bill Liao, Refracted Moments)

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September 11

Chapters Canada: Wii U Basic Set $250 (Was $300)

Posted by on September 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Chapters Canada: Wii U Basic Set $250 (Was $300)

Chapters has an enticing deal on the Wii U basic set in white, with $50 off, now $249.95. Price comparing, this is a good deal as most stores have it for the regular price of $300.

I mentioned earlier that my children feel deprived to not have any sort of gaming system. My husband and I have decided that we will get them one for Christmas, but the jury is still out on which one. There are so many choices. We had a Wii and liked it, so the Wii U is definitely a contender, especially since we can use the games we already have.

For the first time ever on a Nintendo console, you can play in full 1080p HD. You can do quite a bit on the Wii U, including making and sharing your new Mii characters and interacting in the Miiverse. You can download add-on content, including full games and applications. You can even chat in real time with the Wii U chat feature.

Not just video games, use your Wii U to watch television shows, movies and videos on demand, plus browse the internet.

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite gaming system? What do you think will be the most cost-effective and worthwhile purchase for my gaming system-less children?

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 21

Pricematters Canada: Wii Fit Plus Only $35 (Save $51)

Posted by on August 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Pricematters Canada: Wii Fit Plus Only $35 (Save $51)

We want to get fit, right? Pick up the refurbished Wii Fit Plus complete with balance board and game for only $34.99! According to Pricematters Canada the wholesale price for this bundle is $85.99, so you are saving $51!

If you spend $50 or more at Pricematters, you get your items shipped for free. Under $50 shipping depends on your destination. Update: Get free shipping on the Wii Fit Bundle with the Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code mooseWii !

I do think that the savings are a bit underestimated on this one. Yes, wholesale price may be $85.99 but that is not what the bundle costs at other places. I priced the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board at EB games and they sell it for $99.99 (though not currently available). At Amazon Canada, marketplace sellers are overpricing the bundle at $139.99 + $4.99 shipping.

There is no doubt that Pricematters Canada has the best price on this bundle. If you are in love with your Wii and want to go from sit-on-the-couch gamer to active-and-loving-it gamer, check out this bundle.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 21

EBGames Canada: Get 30% More Value When You Trade Slim PS3/xBox/WiiU Towards PS4/xBox One

Posted by on August 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM

EBGames Canada: Get 30% More Value When You Trade Slim PS3/xBox/WiiU Towards PS4/xBox One

Optimize your trade when you trade out your old console for a new pre-order at EB Games Canada.

Is your old console (or new in the case of the WiiU) collecting dust? I know if my PS3 wasn’t my (and perhaps more importantly, my son’s) Netflix machine I’d definitely be doing this. I almost wish I had bought an xBox 360 or WiiU just to be able to trade it in. I don’t buy a lot of games and, at this point, I’ve bought pretty much everything I’m going to, so if I traded it in, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I guess I do still need to pick up Assassin’s Creed 3, so I’d miss playing that. What I’m saying is that, at this point in the console’s life cycle, if you aren’t playing it a lot, it won’t hurt too much to give it up. The PS4 is coming out on November 15th and the xBox One has to be somewhere around there, so you aren’t going to have to wait long to get the next-gen gear.

I also suspect there are a lot of people out there who have a PS3, an xBox 360 and maybe even a WiiU. You could trade them all in for tons of credit, or just pick one or two. You can live with one console, right? Right. The value of your console depends on what you have with it. A bigger hard drive gets you more credit and each console has a different value. I also suspect, and I’m not 100% sure, that the value is different based on where you are. Whatever your old Slim PS3, Slim xBox 360 or WiiU is worth, you get an extra 30% on top of its value when you trade it in towards a PS4 or xBox One.

This deal is available in store only.

(Expires: 23rd August 2013)

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March 26

Toys R Us Canada: Free Sing Party Game w/ Wii U Purchase

Posted by on March 26, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Toys R Us Canada: Free Sing Party Game w/ Wii U Purchase

Toys R Us has a great deal happening right now.  For a limited time only, you will get a free Sing Party game with your purchase of a Wii U.

To get this deal, you must add all items to your shopping cart and the discount will automatically appear.  This is a limited time offer, so basically it will be available until supplies run out.

The Wii U console gets a 5/5 rating by previous customers which is as good as it gets.  The cost of the Wii U is $299.99 which is comparable to other stores. I found it at both Best Buy Canada and Future Shop Canada for the exact price but they did not include a free game. The cost of the Sing Party Game would be $59.99 but will be absolutely free with the Wii U purchase.

As for the cost of shipping, when I added both items to my cart, the shipping was around $10 which isn’t bad at all.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 16

Pricematters Canada: Wii uDraw Tablets on Sale – $19.99 or $24.99 with Bonus Game

Posted by on March 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Pricematters Canada: Wii uDraw Tablets on Sale   $19.99 or $24.99 with Bonus Game

This is an extraordinary deal from Pricematters Canada: get the uDraw Tablet for the Wii for only $19.99, or pay an extra few dollars and get a bonus game (Spongebob Squigglepants) for a total of $24.99.

I didn’t realize quite how good a deal this was till I price compared with EBGames Canada.

EBGames Canada has the uDraw Tablet listed for $49.99! They have the Spongebob Squigglepants game listed for $29.99 new – which means yoga re saving a LOAD of money with this deal! You can get both the tablet and the Spongebob Squigglepants for less than the game costs at EBGames.

Totally awesome deal. Suddenly I want a Wii

Expiry: Unknown

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February 12

Nintendo Wii Accessory Deals

Posted by on February 12, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Nintendo Wii Accessory Deals

I was just looking for some accessories for my Nintendo Wii and I saw a few deals on various sites, so thought I would do a bit of a compilation post. If you’ve got a Nintendo Wii, have a glance down the list and see if there are any accessories that you might need too:

Dual Charging Station w/ 2 Rechargeable Battery & LED light for Wii Remote Control for $15.58 @ Everydaysource including shipping when you use coupon code VDAY2012 (US based but ships to Canada). Great if you use the wii a lot and need a charger.

Wii Zapper With Link’s Crossbow Training for $19.83 @ Amazon. I already have this and it’s a great fun little accessory and game.

Xtreme gaming 6 in 1 sport set for $13.99 @ The Source. It’s got a golf accessory, a bat, a wheel, a tennis racket. I find that these little accessories for the wii-mote can sometimes help you play better – the golf club in particular.

Disney Universe (Nintendo Wii) for $39.99 @ Future Shop. Good title for the kids?

Wii Dancing Mat for $19.99 @ Amazon. I used to love DDR so much!! I was an expert at it… 10 years ago!

7 in 1 exercise wii kit for $26.99 @ Tigerdirect (shipping would be extra on that one though). This package is probably worth it just for the yoga mat alone…

Just Dance 2 for $19.99 @ Best Buy – this has dropped a bit in price as Just Dance 3 is out now. I’ve been playing the second one at my sister’s house. It’s a weird game, I feel odd dancing away when all you need to do is move your wii-mote arm!

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February 7

Amazon Canada: Save Up To 76% On Nintendo Wii Games

Posted by on February 7, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Save Up To 76% On Nintendo Wii Games

Amazon Canada have a ton of their Nintendo Wii games on special right now.  They have games on sale for up to 76% off the regular prices. These prices are on for a limited time only.

Here are a few of the highlights I found:

They have games on sale for any age group and just about anything that interests you.  We bought our Nintendo Wii a few years ago and still use it all the time.  My husband loves to play racing and sports games and I like to use it for the fitness games.  My kids are too small to use it yet but I know a lot of people with younger kids that love playing Wii as well.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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