June 30

Well.ca: Weekly Sales on Top Brands & Free Shipping on $29+ & Possible $11 off $40 & Free Samples!

Posted by on June 30, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Well.ca: Weekly Sales on Top Brands & Free Shipping on $29+ & Possible $11 off $40 & Free Samples!

Most Moosers here will be well aware of the online store, Well.ca. We’ve mentioned them quite a few times on Bargainmoose – they’re a really great store and you can sometimes score a good bargain or two. This week, they have a ton of sales on some top brand names, so I thought I’d just pull them together into this list. You can scan down the list and see if there are any brands that you really like or regularly purchase, then check out their deals. Here we go!

Free shipping on $29

The minimum threshold for free shipping on Well.ca is $29, which is pretty reasonable. It would be really easy to stock up on some items to reach that level for free shipping to your home.

New Customers $11 off $40

In case you weren’t aware, we have an exclusive Bargainmoose coupon code for an $11 discount on a $40, which is available for new customers to use. Simply apply the code BARGAINMOOSESAVINGS before the end of the 15th July 2015.

Sample Event

There’s also a free sample event happening through to the 7th July. Spend $40 or more and choose one free sample, spend $80 or more and you can choose two. These are automatic in your cart, you can select them from there.

Range of Brands

Sometimes it can be difficult to find specific brands in-store, and that’s why online reatilers like Well.ca are so amazing. This quote from one of their customers pretty much sums up what I think about their products ranges:

I was so happy when I found out that you guys carry so many different brands of makeup. There is such a wide selection of products and it makes for a great shopping experience!


(Expires: 5th July 2015)

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June 19

FREE Weleda Skincare Set ($21 value) on $50+ @ Well.ca

Posted by on June 19, 2015 at 2:30 PM

FREE Weleda Skincare Set ($21 value) on $50+ @ Well.ca

Receive a FREE Weleda Skin Food Skincare Set with Everon Lip Balm Free Gift valued at $21 with your order of $50 or more at Well.ca. This is a good value deal from Well.ca and is combinable with both their sale items and their clearance section merchandise.

I tested this deal out in the clearance section. First i picked out the Braun CruZer Beard & Head as these are amazing for keeping facial and head hair under control. Instead of using the dreaded scissors or thinking you can keep your beard trimmed with your regular shaving razor (do not attempt!), use one of these to keep your manly mane in check. Originally $44.99, the Braun beard shaper is on sale for $32 (which matches the price @ Amazon Canada).

Then I added on a bottle of Province Apothecary Beard Oil. I have smelled three bottles of beard oil so far (finding some oil for a friend), and this was my favourite of the three. I like the woodsy scent of cedar and spruce. Originally $35.96, the beard oil is now on sale for $28. Together, these two items total $60, which qualifies me for a few freebies.

FREE Weleda Skincare Set ($21 value) on $50+ @ Well.ca

First, the Gain Household Bundle sample apples to your cart at checkout – immediately. You can choose not to receive this, but it is a free gift so take it! The Weleda Skin Food Skincare Set will be applied to your cart two stages or so into checkout – so it is not added to your cart immediately. However, during checkout you will be directed to a screen where you choose to add your free gift. This box set includes:

  • Weleda Skin Food (30 mL)
  • Weleda Everon Lip Balm (4 g)

This kit is also known as the ‘Winter Essentials Kit’ and it costs $14.99 excluding shipping @ National Nutrition Canada (was $23.99). I think that this is a solid freebie from Well.ca and I like the additional Gain freebie as well! Freebies are always welcome when I am placing an order.

One of my favourite things about Well.ca is their shipping policy. Receive free shipping on orders of $29 or more. That means you will receive free shipping on your order if you take advantage of this freebie deal as the freebie minimum is $50. This offer is available while quantities last. No coupon code is needed.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 3

Well.ca Warehouse Sale: Up to 75% Off, FS on $29+ & Coupons for new Customers!

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Well.ca Warehouse Sale: Up to 75% Off, FS on $29+ & Coupons for new Customers!

Most of the Moosers here on Bargainmoose are familiar with Well.ca, the online store from which you can purchase a plethora of items; everything from supplements to video games! Well, we’ve just got word that they’re having a “warehouse sale,” offering up to 75% off many items, an event which I don’t think they’ve had before!

In the Well.ca warehouse sale, there are over a thousand items on offer, from cosmetics to candy. In terms of pricing, the lowest cost item in the sale is this Madegood Chia & Berries Organic Fruit & Nut Bar for $0.50 (down from $2.29). That actually sounds delicious. You know in working it out, that’s a 78% discount, so it appears that some items are actually slightly higher than the 75% that Well.ca are advertising.

Deal Ideas

Let me highlight a few of the items currently on offer in the Well.ca warehouse sale:

That’s just a random selection of their more popular items. Have a browse yourself!

Free Shipping

Most of you are aware that Well.ca offer free shipping on orders of $29 or more. This is a fairly low threshold for free shipping. If you’re placing an order below that level, I’d recommend popping a few things in your cart that you can pop in your stockpile for use in the future, such as detergent or toiletries. Bring your order up to $29 to make sure you get free shipping.

Coupons: Get $11 off $40+

Those of you who are new customers @ Well.ca will want to take advantage of Well.ca coupons. We’ve got an exclusive coupon code just now (BARGAINMOOSESAVINGS) which gets you $11 discount on a $40 spend. This will get you free shipping too, as your order is over the minimum threshold anyway.

(Warehouse sale expires 7th June 2015)

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May 26

Well.ca: Exclusive $11 Off $40 For New Customers + FS on $29

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Well.ca: Exclusive $11 Off $40 For New Customers + FS on $29

Looking to make your first Well.ca purchase? New customers can use our exclusive coupon code to take an additional $11 off $40. Shop the Well.ca sales of the week to combine this new customer discount with their existing sales to reap the best benefits. You will get free shipping when you spend $29 too.

Click here to shop @ Well.ca now

  • Coupon code: BMOOSEMAY2013
  • Discount: $11 off $40
  • Expiry: 16th June 2015

Household items, healthy foods, and hygiene items can all be found at Well.ca. If you keep a close eye on their weekly sale section, sometimes you can find up to 40% off the items you need. Right now Well.ca has select items on sale for up to 40% off their regular price, but they have also given us an exclusive coupon code to save $11 off $40 when you apply the code at the check out process. Yes, I even tested this code on the sale items to make sure you can get the best discount possible. This coupon code is valid for another two weeks so if you can’t find anything you would like on sale this week, check back next week. Just be careful of possible inflated prices at Well.ca.

I am running low on laundry detergent, so I took a look at the Tide Laundry Detergent that is on sale for up to 40% off. The 1.09L bottles are on sale from $9.99 down to $5.99 and can wash about 24 loads of laundry. While the original price is higher than the prices at Walmart.ca, the sale price is lower. The price gets even better when you apply your discount of $11 off $40. If I ordered 7 of these Tide Laundry Detergent 1.09L from Walmart.ca I would be paying $57.40 after taxes. That same order from Well.ca will only cost me $34.95 including taxes when you combine the discount with the coupon code.

The only down side to this coupon code is that it cannot be applied if you are paying with Interac or PayPal. You must use your credit card to be able to get the exclusive discount of $11 off when you spend $40 or more. That was sad news for me, I prefer using PayPal when it comes to online shopping. Well.ca offers free shipping when you spend $29 or more. That means you will automatically receive free shipping on your purchase if you are using this coupon code, since your total will be $29 once you get $11 off $40.

Here are some of the other weekly sales at Well.ca that you can combine this exclusive coupon code with:

  • Save 30% on Cascade
  • Save 20% on Green Works
  • Save 25% on Durex and K-Y
  • Save 20% on Burt’s Bees Body Wash, Hair Care & Scrubs
  • Save 20% on Munchkin Arm & Hammer
  • Save 20% on Kotex & Dove
  • and more discounts too!

You can get all of the Well.ca coupon codes and promotions in our Bargainmoose forum.

Well.ca: Exclusive $11 Off $40 For New Customers + FS on $29

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April 22

Earth Day Coupon Roundup

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Earth Day Coupon Roundup

As I mentioned earlier, today is Earth Day! And retailers always take advantage of these special days with coupon codes celebrating. We’ve got a whack of one-day and longer coupon codes celebrating our planet. Many of them are on green and eco-friendly products, which is pretty nice too. Feel good while you shop. Have a look and see what interests you.

Baby Green Sprout – Take 10% off your order with coupon code EARTHDAY at this mom and baby specialty store.

L’Occitane - Use coupon code EARTH to get 50% off eco-refills when you buy the full-sized product. You’ll also get free shipping on $25 today and over the weekend with the coupon.

Well.ca – Take an extra 15% off all green and natural products at Well.ca for Earth Day with coupon code LOVEGREEN15.

ECS Coffee – Today only, use the promo code EARTHDAY to take 10% off your order.

CafePress - Use the coupon code EARTH25 to get 25% eco-friendly canvas totes and water bottles in celebration of Earth Day at CafePress.

Manitoba Harvest - With this awesome Earth Day coupon code, get 35% off the entire Manitoba Harvest site. Use EARTHDAY20 to get your discount.

Ardene – Ardene’s got 22% off everything with coupon code TREEHUGGER, today only.

Chartreuse Style – They’ll keep you in style and you’ll get 15% off with EARTH2015 used at checkout in the coupon code spot.

BBC Canada – Of course they’re going to give you a great discount with coupon code EARTH3, which gets you 20% off Natural History at BBC Canada.

My Little Green Shop – Another green store giving 20% off everything with their promo code EARTH20.

Kiehls – Spend $35 and get a deluxe skin care set with promo code EARTH and you’ll also score free shipping at $60.

Avenue Supply – They’ve also got a coupon code to use for Earth Day. Get 10% off recycled items with AVEARTH.

I know there will be a few more coupons coming in throughout the day, and you can find them all in our coupon forum. If there is a store you particularly like and want to know every time a new coupon is updated, simply enter your name into the subscribe box and you’ll get an email when one becomes available. So simple!

Photo credit: Andres Nieto Porras

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April 18

Well.ca: 40% Off Blue Banana Urban Pod in Pink – Now Just $55 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 18, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Well.ca: 40% Off Blue Banana Urban Pod in Pink   Now Just $55 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Well.ca’s Overstock Sale is back and browsing the various reduced items, I spotted a great deal on the Blue Banana urban pod in pink. Originally priced at $92.96, it’s now on sale for just $55, which is significantly less than the price it’s going for at other stores! Shipping is free as well.

At the very end of Well.ca’s description of this pod, there is a very interesting note:

Note: Car seat not included.

I found this absolutely hilarious and it just made me wonder the kind of complaint that they may have received from a customer who didn’t receive their “expected” car seat. They’re probably just covering their bases to avoid any unhappy customers but it was still funny to read that note!

Summer is upon us and this is a winder pod but it would be perfect for all those of you who are currently expecting or know someone who is. A lot of parents switch from the bucket seat (pictured above) to the convertible car seat that always stay in the car early but a lot of bucket seats can actually be used until the baby is one year old or more. In fact, my car seat can hold up to 30 lbs and we’re still using it even though our baby is nearly one year old! The reason I mention is because even if you’re baby was recently born or is about to be born, then this cover could potentially be used this winter. Well.ca: 40% Off Blue Banana Urban Pod in Pink   Now Just $55 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Any baby sure to not get cold in this thing as it features ultra-soft sherpa fleece on the inside. It has a no slip back panel and a full zipper to keep baby in place. Interestingly enough, it also comes with a fully functional thermometer and a pacifier pouch. While the pacifier pouch definitely seems handy, I’m not so sure about the thermometer, but it’s still a cool feature.

As I already mentioned, the Blue Banana urban pod is significantly more expensive at other stores:

(Expiry: 19th April 2015)

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April 15

Weekly Beauty Round Up

Posted by on April 15, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Weekly Beauty Round Up

Get ready for summer with these fab beauty deals of the week. Below is a round up of some of the best makeup and skincare deals that you can get this week. All of these coupons and promotions are all located in the Bargainmoose forum as well for a quick reference.

Beauty Mark – Use this coupon code hollywoodfashiongwp to get a free fashion emergency kit ($18 value) with purchase of three Hollywood fashion items. Limited time.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Get free shipping and a free mini skin supplement with the promo code ISSTOGO when you make any purchase. Expires April 26th.

Crabtree & Evelyn – Take advantage of a “buy one, get one free” deal on all 100g hand therapy products now for a limited time. No code necessary.

Clinique – Use the coupon code POP to get free shipping and a free Pop lip colour with any order. Limited time.

Kerastase – While supplies last, get 4 free samples with the promo code TOUCHUP.

L’Occitane – Pay just $20 instead of $32 for the Iris Bleu & Iris Black body milk when you spend over $45 with the coupon code PAMPER. Expires May 11th.

Mac Cosmetics – As usual, use the coupon code MACSHIP to get free shipping on any order. Expires April 19th.

Tarte Cosmetics – Until April 16th, save 20% on everything with the coupon code APRIL.

Well.ca – Get 30% on Sibu beaauty products, along with 20% off L’Oreal Paris. Expires April 19th.

Happy beautifying Moosers!

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April 13

Well.ca: 25% Off Dr. Bronner’s Soaps, Balms, Lotions & More

Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 12:31 PM

Well.ca: 25% Off Dr. Bronners Soaps, Balms, Lotions & More

Well.ca is offering 25% off nearly the entire Dr. Bronner’s brand! Save money on soaps, balms, lotions, oils, and more.

The last time I saw a good Dr. Bronner’s sale, it was 20% off and the sale occurred quite a while ago. While Dr. Bronner’s is one of the foremost all natural brands, it is not often discounted on mass.

My partner uses Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap  (TeaTree) as a body wash and hair soap all-in-one. The tea tree has cut down on random outbreaks of acne and the scent does not linger too long. Using the soap as both a body wash and as a shampoo means he would go through a small bottle quickly. However, we buy the 946 ml soap when it goes on sale, as it is now. Originally $23.99, the Castile Liquid Soap is on sale for $17.99. It is amazing how concentrated this soap is – it will last for ages!

Dr. Bronner’s soap is pretty legendary in the natural community… you can even find articles about all the uses for the soap outside the traditional uses. Dr. Bronner’s soap works as laundry soap and as a pet shampoo. You can use it for shaving, bubbles in the bathtub, and washing fruits & vegetables.

I do not use Dr. Bronner’s soap myself, but I do use another product – for cooking. The Dr. Bronner’s Organic White Virgin Coconut Oil is my favourite coconut oil for cooking. It has a mild flavour that surpasses several other coconut oil brands I have tried. I think coconut oil is one of the healthier oils for cooking, but I was never fond of the taste. Now, I do not even notice the taste with this oil. While the container is a bit small, I am willing to pay for Dr. Bronner’s quality coconut oil because of the flavour. Originally $16.79, the coconut oil is on sale for $12.59.

I have heard amazing things about the bar-form of Dr. Bronner’s soap. The next time I need soap, this Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap  in unscented baby-mild is on my wish list. I tend to use bar soap, as there is no added water so the soap goes farther. With delicate skin, this sounds like a good soap for me. Originally $6.79, the soap is now on sale for $5.09.

Shipping is free on $29 or more.

(Expiry: 19th April 2015)

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April 1

April Fool’s Round Up Of The Best Beauty Deals

Posted by on April 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM

April Fools Round Up Of The Best Beauty Deals

It may be April Fool’s today but these beauty deals are definitely real, not like this morning’s PayPal glitch! Did we get you?

AOneBeauty – Use the coupon code orly2off to get a $2 discount on all Orly nail lacquers.

Beauty Sense – Get 15% off everything with the code FOOL15 today only. Excludes Eminence Organics and Jane Iredale merchandise.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Shop for over $50 and use the promo code LWEYEDUO to receive a free mini eye duo, along with free shipping. Expires April 12th.

Clarins – On April 1st only, use the coupon code APRIL1ST to get free shipping on any order with no required minimum purchase.

Clinique – For a limited time only, get a free tote with the coupon code TOTE when you spend over $55 or use the coupon code POP to get free shipping with purchase of the new Pop lip colours and primer.

ELF Cosmetics – Today only, use the coupon code SMILE to save 41% on Face Favourites items and combine it with the promo code ONTHEGO to get an Anywhere Kit for just $5 when you spend over $25.

Mac Cosmetics – Get free standard shipping on any order with the coupon code MACSHIP until April 5th.

Shu Uemura – Enter the Easter coupon code BASKET10 when you spend over $50 to get 10 free samples with your order.

Yves Rocher – Today only, use the coupon code APRIL01 to get free shipping and a $10 discount when you spend over $40.

Well.ca – Until April 5th and no code necessary, save 25% off Maybelline items along with  L’Oreal Paris hair care and face products.

Happy April Fool’s day Moosers!

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March 16

Well.ca: Up to 45% Off Grobags & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Well.ca: Up to 45% Off Grobags & Free Shipping

Well.ca has is offering up to 45% off Grobags from The Gro Company. You stick your little one in these popular little bags. Many different sizes are available.

Grobags are this adorable little baby sleeping bags. Think of a blanket combined with a jumper that your little one wears instead of a traditional blanket. Each grobag has a neck opening and armholes so it can be worn. The bottom is closed in to keep your baby warm. You can pop open the grobag easily – the shoulder straps unfasten.

These bags are usually quite expensive! I looked back at previous sales on them to find grobags for $45 and a few other small deals, but nothing that takes your average baby sleeping bag into the $20-$30 range.

This Grobag Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog Anorak Trundling Tractors was $60.49 and is now $33. The bag is designed for infants – age zero to six months. This Grobag Baby Sleep Bag 3.5 Tog Fly A Kite features the most beautiful print you could imagine. It would be great for babies of either sex and it looks really pretty too. The bag is on sale for the same price as the tractor bag.

Do you have a budget under $30? There are still a few good options! The Grobag Travel Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog (carnival print) is on sale from $49.99 down to $28. The travel grobags fit a five-point harness so your little one can be loaded into a pushchair or car seat while they nap. The Grobag Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog  is also a very good price. Originally $49.99, this grobag is on sale for $28.

For older babies, the prices are competitive. I found two bags priced in the $30 range for children 6 months to 18 months. First, the Grobag Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog Rascal Raccoon was $59.99 and is now $33. This is a regular sleep bag with a cute print. For travelling, pick up the Grobag Travel Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog Up & Away that was $54.99 and is now $34. This one is compatible with the five-point harness. Between these two grobags, you would have a bag for nap time, bed time, and travel time. Last time I blogged a deal for Grobags, Anna said:

These are fantastic, I used a few with my little girl.

There are many other bag designs to choose from in this sale. All sale grobags are $28 or more, thus they will all qualify for free shipping. Well.ca has free shipping on a $25 $29 minimum.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 13

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Was $90 | Now $54 & Free Shipping @ Well.ca

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 1:52 PM

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Was $90 | Now $54 & Free Shipping @ Well.ca

Well.ca has a great price on the JJ Cole Satchel diaper bag on sale right now. This bag was $90 but is now only $53.99. Free shipping is included in all orders over $25 at Well.ca and this item qualifies. Many more items are on sale up to 75% in their Warehouse Spring Blowout.

The first diaper bag I used with my daughter was a JJ Cole bag. I was impressed with the quality and durability. As a new parent, I stuffed that bag way too full on a daily basis. My JJ Cole bag held up to regular tossing, dropping and other abuse from both my husband and I for over a year before the lining eventually gave way and ripped.  We put that bag through a full durability test.

This Charcoal Infinity version should stand up equally well to the daily wear and tear that any parent puts on a diaper bag. I like the print on this bag, having a little bit of a pattern helps keep your bag looking fresh. This bag has seven exterior pockets and four interior pockets. It also includes a bottle pocket, which also works as a sippy cup pocket or a water bottle pocket. Inside the bag is a diaper changing pad, straps to attach it to your stroller and a shoulder strap that is detachable.

Looking at the competition, this deal is spot on at Well.ca. If you were to purchase this from Babyrama Canada you will pay $69.99. You could pay $79.99 for this same diaper bag at Bed Bath and Beyond Canada. For the same bag at Amazon.ca you will pay $83.78. Your best bet is to buy this at Well.ca.

No reviews are on Well.ca for this bag. Over at Amazon, buyers seem very happy including this reviewer who can fit enough supplies for two kids in this bag.

I did find some other deals at the Well.ca sale. Standard shipping at Well.ca is $5.95, which means it is much better to buy these smaller items as part of a larger order that totals $25 or more and qualify for free shipping. The good news is if you are buying the diaper bag, these low priced items are great to throw in your bag as the cherry on top.

This deal is set to last through the weekend, but the stock looks limited. You may want to grab your deals before the stock is gone.

(Expiry: 15th March 2015)

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March 12

Well.ca: 75% off Nature’s Harmony Vitamins

Posted by on March 12, 2015 at 1:36 PM

Well.ca: 75% off Natures Harmony Vitamins

Well.ca is offering 75% off Nature’s Harmony vitamins. Nature’s Harmony vitamins are Canadian made and vegetarian.

There are five bottles of vitamins on substantial discount. The Nature’s Harmony Coenzyme Q10 were $47.99 and are now on sale for $11.99. In one bottle, you receive 50 pills with 100mg each.

Next, the Nature’s Harmony Quercetin Blood Vessel Protectant is on sale from $19.96 down to $4.99. There are 60 tablets that are 500 mg each. For those with allergies or environmental sensitivities, this is a helpful supplement. One reviewer said:

I’ve been taking Quercetin since December to help bring my asthma and allergies under control, and it has helped; added benefit – no colds or flu since taking them! I like these because they are the same quality but MUCH more affordable than the ones I was taking.

Next, pick up the Nature’s Harmony High Potency Once Per Day Timed Release that was $29.96, and is now $7.49. This high-potency supplement comes in vegetarian capsules and is iron free. While iron is important for women, as we will lose iron during our period, men are better to have an iron free formula. One reviewer said:

I have been using this for 3 years, it has made a difference in my skin tone and energy level

If you are low on your omegas, then look into a bottle or two of Nature’s Harmony Premium Triple Fish Oil With Flax and Borage. Originally $29.46, this supplement is on sale for $7.39. Each of the 150 capsules has 1200 mg inside.

Lastly, Nature’s Harmony Completely Cranberry was $16.96, and is now only $4.24 per bottle. I am not too familiar with this supplement, but Cranberry appears to be used to maintain a healthy urinary track. All five of these supplements are on sale for quite the discount. My only concern with seeing vitamins so cheap is the expiry date. I have no idea when these vitamins expire.

I wanted to mention two other deals while I am at it. This Quest Cal-Mag Complete was $14.99 and is now $3.74. None of the other vitamins is a dedicated calcium supplement, so this is a good vitamin to buy with the others.

Totally not related to vitamins, this Urban Spa Perfect Pedi Kit is a fantastic buy. Originally $8.79, the pedi kit is on sale for $2.19. There is a maximum of two per person.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 24

Weekly Beauty Deals Round Up

Posted by on February 24, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Weekly Beauty Deals Round Up

Winter got you down? It’s almost over, so celebrate with some new make-up and skincare products! Weekly Beauty Deals Round Up Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best beauty deals for this week.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Until March 1st, the coupon code MINIEYEDUO will get you 2 free deluxe eye makeup samples and free shipping. Order total must be over $50.

Clinique – Shipping is free all week and if, for a limited time, you use the coupon code LIPBAG, then you can also get a free limited edition bag when you shop for over $30.

Crabtree & Evelyn – Save anywhere from 50% to 75% on select gifts during their Private Sale on until tonight.

ELF Cosmetics – Get a 50% discount on top rated products when you spend over $30 and enter the code TOPRATED at checkout until March 2nd.

Kerastase – Get 5 free samples with any order when you use the discount code DISCIPLINE. Limited time.

L’Occitane – Enter the coupon code TRIO to get a mini hand cream trio for just $6 when you spend over $20. Alternatively, until February 25th, you can use the code BEAUTY to get a free hand cream trio when you spend over $60.

Origins – Spend over $50 to get a free Anti-Aging trio, valued at $60, along with free shipping when you enter the promo code PSTRIO. Limited time.

Paula’s Choice – Until the end of the day, either use the coupon code EDDVIPFEB15 or AMVIPFEB15 to get free shipping, 15% off everything and a free “Ready for Retinol” trial set on orders over $65.

Pur Minerals – Use coupon code PRIME50 to save 50% off the cost of any primer with purchase of any foundation. Limited time only.

Well.ca – Get 20% off Olay skincare products until March 1st.

As always, all of these coupons may also be found on our forum.

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February 4

Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With These Top Beauty Deals

Posted by on February 4, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Get Ready For Valentines Day With These Top Beauty Deals

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but are you ready for the #1 date night of the year? Below are some of the best beauty deals out right now. Take advantage of them as soon as possible to make sure that you get your order on time for February 14th or any other occasion, even if it’s for every day use. Get Ready For Valentines Day With These Top Beauty Deals

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Use the code MINIEYE215 on any order to get free shipping, along with a free sample of extra eye repair cream. Expires February 12th.

Clinique – Until February 5th, enter the code BEYOND to get a free universal superprimer mini along with free shipping on any order.

Lancome – Spend over $50 and use either the promo code NEWYEAR to get a free 5-pc gift set or the coupon code JOIEDEVIVRE to receive a free 6-pc gift set. Shipping is also free on orders over $50.

Mac Cosmetics – Until February 8th, make sure to enter the code MACSHIP to get absolutely free shipping on any order.

Pur Minerals – Here’s a twofold coupon: enter the code GRABBAG15 when you spend over $40 to receive 5 mystery must-haves for free. Alternatively, if you spend less than $40, then you can get this mystery pack for just $15. It has a $75 value. Limited time only.

Sephora – For a limited time only, shop for over $25 to get a free deluxe sample of Brandt Needle No More when you use the coupon code NONEEDLES at checkout.

Shu Uemura – Until the end of February 4th, get 5 free samples with any order when you enter the discount code: SAMPLE5 at checkout.

Tarte Cosmetics – Take advantage of the promo code SWEET to save 20% on any purchase until February 6th.

Well.ca – Spend over $25 on Cake Beauty products and use the coupon code CAKEMINI to get a free Cake mini hand cream. Expires February 8th.

Happy beautifying Moosers!

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February 4

Well.ca Coupon Code: Free Hand Cream with $25 Cake Beauty Purchase

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Well.ca Coupon Code: Free Hand Cream with $25 Cake Beauty Purchase

Buy your love some sweet body care products for Valentine’s Day with this promotion from Well.ca. When you spend $25 or more on Cake Beauty, you will receive a free hand cream worth $10 while supplies last. Use the coupon code below to redeem your offer.

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  • Coupon Code: CAKEMINI
  • Discount: free hand cream
  • Expiry: 8th February 2015

There are plenty of decadent items you can load into your cart to receive this bonus gift. I picked out the Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Trio  for $16 as my first item. I think pre-packaged gifts are just lovely to gift because they look so pretty. This is a boxed collection of three x 60 ml products including:

  • Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Body Wash
  • Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Hair & Body Mist
  • Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Body Lotion

What a lovely way to try out all three products without buying full size containers.

For my second item, I added on the Be Delectable Lemon & Cream Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream for just $12. I love the scent of lemons. The last time I tried a lemon scented Cake beauty product, it was heavenly.

I also favour this Cake Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Creme for $16. I know many people use the same cream on their feet as they do on the rest of their body, but specialized foot creams are worth it. They often have antimicrobial properties that will keep your feet fresh and clean no matter how many hours they spend cooped up in a pair of socks.

To receive the free hand cream, add Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme ($10) to your cart. Use the coupon code at checkout, and the price for the hand creme will be taken off your total.

Well.ca Coupon Code: Free Hand Cream with $25 Cake Beauty Purchase

I had some difficulty getting this to work yesterday (and the day before), but I just demoed two carts and it appears to be working perfectly now.

Cake Beauty is a good brand for anyone with sensitive skin. Their products are free of parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMO’s, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, and triclosan.

All orders of $25 or more ship for free, thus you will receive free shipping on your order. For this, and any future Well.ca coupon codes, please visit our forum.

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