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December 24

Last Minute Gift Card Deals You Won’t Want to Miss!

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Last Minute Gift Card Deals You Wont Want to Miss!

Christmas is tomorrow and you may be scrambling to get your last minute gifts. If gift cards are on your list, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of gift card deals, where you can get a little more than you bargained for, with gifts with your gift card purchase. You can keep these gifts for yourself, or give them to your intended and they’ll never know what you really spent.

If you’ve got a Milestones near you, head on in and buy a $25 gift card and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 rewards card until December 24th.

Buy a $40 gift card for Cineplex and you’ll get a $40 holiday gift bundle that includes popcorn and ticket upgrades, plus other gifts. You’ve got until January 3rd to buy this package.

Order a Sweet Holiday Meal at Pizza Hut and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 gift voucher.

Go hungry to any Subway location, purchase a $25 gift card and get yourself a free 6″ sub. You’ll have to eat it when you buy the gift card, but I’m sure they aren’t twisting your rubber arm.

Until the end of the day, buy $40 worth of gift cards for The Children’s Place and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 off coupon. You can very easily send an eGift card, which is perfect this close to the holiday!

Buy whatever you’d like in e-gift cards for American Apparel and get 15% off with coupon code EGIFT15. Christmas morning when they wake up and check their email, they’ll get a pleasant surprise.

Make an order over $499 at Seton and you’ll be rewarded with a free $100 gift card using coupon code ECO870.

If you are pregnant or know someone who needs all the latest in maternity fashion, spend $100 and you’ll get $50 in Thyme fashion cash or a promo code for $50 off at Thyme Maternity.

For every $50 gift card you buy for a friend (or yourself) at Montana’s, you’ll get a $10 bonus gift card until the end of the year.

Head into any Pizza Pizza and load $25 or more on a Club 11-11 gift card and you’ll get a free sandwich for yourself. You could get the sub at Subway for lunch and the sandwich here for dinner and still have gifts to give your friends.

If you are a fan of lingerie, Avi told you that you’d get 20% off gift cards at Nudy Patooty. She also told you that you’d get 20% off gift cards at Nuvango with promo code too.

Spend $125 at Sportsman’s Guide and you’ll get $15 off your purchase and a free $15 gift card with the promo code SG3010 until Christmas Day.

Send her (or him!) to the spa for only $39 with coupon code 50INSTANT39 for WaySpa. Get $11 off each $50 gift card you buy.

Give the gift of original artwork. Purchase $1000 worth of artwork from Eyes on Walls and get a free $250 gift card until December 25th.

Walk into any Kelseys (you are going to be doing a lot of walking into restaurants), purchase any $50 gift card and get a free $10 cash card.

For every $50 in gift cards you buy for Maurice’s, you’ll get a free $10 coupon just for you until December 24th.

Spend $300 at Canada Post and use coupon code COFFEE30 to get a free $30 Tim Horton’s gift card.

Any order over $75 at Lancome will get you a free $10 gift card.

Spend $50 in Olive Garden gift cards and you’ll get a bonus of $10 to use in January on the purchase of two entrees.

With all of these choices, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need even at the very last minute!

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September 23

Wayspa Canada Coupon Code: 26% Off Spa Gift Cards

Posted by on September 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Wayspa Canada Coupon Code: 26% Off Spa Gift Cards

Wayspa is offering 26% off all spa gift certificates right now during their fall flash sale.

Click here to purchase your Wayspa gift certificate now

  • Coupon Code: FALLSAVE26
  • Discount: 26% off gift certificates
  • Expiry: Unknown

You should not need to use the promo code above as it should automatically apply to your order when you click through the link above. In the case that the promo does not automatically apply, I have included the promotional code.

I tried this coupon code out on their preselected monetary amounts. The following list contains a few examples of the discount you will receive on your gift cards:

  •  $25 gift card for $18.50
  • $50 gift card for $37
  • $75 gift card for $55.50
  • $100 gift card for $76
  • $250 gift card for $185

You can request cards of almost any monetary value. When ordering gift cards from Wayspa, you should remember the costs of services at most spas. Most facials, massages, and specialty treatments cost around $80+ depending upon the spa. While pedicures, waxing, and manicures are a bit cheaper, you will want a large enough certificate to cover the entire service. Some packages are cheaper when put together (manicure & pedicure or waxing packages), so consider whether it will be cheaper in the end to buy a certificate large enough to pay for the entire package.

Wayspa packages are an excellent way to save money on basic spa and salon services. While I am not a frequent consumer of spa services, I am in dire need of a massage. I will also need to get my hair cut before my graduation in November. Both are expensive endeavours, so buying a Wayspa gift certificate to offset the cost is a smart move. I just need to make sure there is a salon near me that takes Wayspa vouchers. It is easier to find local spas and salons that work with Wayspa if you live in a larger city. When I visited Seattle, they had oodles of them.

While these are considered ‘gift certificates,’ feel free to bestow them upon yourself. We all need to make sure we take care of ourselves so that we are in good condition when called upon to take care of others.

You can either email the Wayspa gift card to the recipient free, or print them off free. If you want to ship an actual gift card, that will cost $7.99 and is not worth it in my opinion.

For this and any future Wayspa coupon codes, check out the forum.

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August 20

Wayspa Coupon Code: $50 Gift Cards for $39

Posted by on August 20, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Wayspa Coupon Code: $50 Gift Cards for $39

Wayspa is currently offering a $50 gift card for only $39 just in time to pamper yourself before heading back to school. Alternatively, you can save the card and pamper yourself when your children are finally back in school.

Click here to get your gift cards @ Wayspa.ca now

  • Coupon Code: 50B2S39
  • Discount: 22% off gift certificates
  • Expiry: Unknown

The discount should automatically apply when you click through the above link. However, I have included the coupon code associated with the link in case it does not apply so that you may apply it yourself.

You can buy multiple vouchers if you want and give them to the same person or different people. You can also just buy larger vouchers as well and they will all be discounted by 22%. I added a $100 voucher to my cart and it came down to $78. My husband has bought me two $50 gift certificates before, and I applied them to the same spa visit, no problem. These gift certificates are accepted at over 2000 spas across Canada and the United States. There are no fees for buying or using them and then can be instantly delivered by email so they make excellent last minute gifts.

The services you can get with the Wayspa card depends on what spa you use them at. Some spas only allow you to redeem the cards on spa services, and other places allow you to use it also on salon services. I plan to pick up a couple of vouchers for the next time I am heading down to Victoria. I have been planning to dye my hair for ages (an expensive process), and the discount on these Wayspa vouchers would help offset the cost. Wayspa vouchers never expire so you do not have to worry about using them up in an allotted time.

You may also use your Wayspa certificates in any city that has spas that accept them. I could use mine in Victoria, Seattle, or Vancouver – just to name three of my closest big cities.

Either print off the voucher or email it to the intended recipient as shipping will cost you an extra $7.99. That almost eliminates the savings of a $50 gift certificate if you choose to pay for shipping. Wayspa will email the voucher for you if it is a gift, which makes it simple to gift Wayspa vouchers long distance.

For this and any future Wayspa coupon codes, check out the forum.

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July 16

Wayspa Canada Coupon Code: $50 Gift Card for $37

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Wayspa Canada Coupon Code: $50 Gift Card for $37

Wayspa has a flash sale on that will give you spa treatments for less. Pick up a $50 gift card for only $37 that can be used at thousands of spas across North America.

Click here to get your gift certificate @ WaySpa Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 50FLASH37
  • Discount: $50 card for only $37
  • Expiry: 18th July 2014

The above link should activate the deal. However, in the event it does not, I included the coupon code for you to use upon checkout if the deal is not working correctly. A slight cautionary note: the email said a two-day sale and yet the same email said the expiry was the 18th, which is over two days from when the email was sent. I went with the hard and fast expiry they gave, but this could end sooner.

My husband bought me two $50 WaySpa Gift Certificates for my birthday in June. I was away from home for my birthday, finishing some university courses, and there was no way to be actually together on that day. With all the stress of my studying, he thought I could really use a spa treatment to relax me. It was a wonderful surprise to receive these in my email. He sent them a few days early so I could book my appointment. I ended up booking an aromatic mud wrap, which I have dreamed of getting for many years. It was very relaxing. Using the coupons was very simple as well. The spa I went to recorded the numbers off my vouchers so I did not even have to print off and bring in the gift certificates.

What I love about Way Spa is the flexibility of these gift certificates. If I did not have time to use my gift certificates in Edmonton, I could have just as easily used them in Vancouver, Victoria, or wherever else I happened to get the time and find a spa I liked. The last time I had Wayspa gift certificates I planned to use them in Victoria and I ended up getting a massage in Seattle instead.

This deal is nice because you get 26% off your $50 gift certificate and then you can either email them to the recipient for free, or print them off for free. If you want to ship an actual gift card, that will cost $7.99 and is not worth it in my opinion.

For this and any future Wayspa coupon codes, check out the forum.

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June 13

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted by on June 13, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Even though Father’s Day is on Sunday, you do still have time to shop online for Dad. We’ve got a number of great ideas for you, so take a look.

My first and favourite idea as a gift for anyone is always WaySpa gift vouchers. Everyone can use some pampering every now and then, especially a parent, and if you were a teenager like I was, your Dad deserves it! Take a look at our exclusive coupon code that will get you 22% off any voucher, starting from $25, so you can choose what you spend. Dad can choose from a massage, a pedicure and a bunch of other treatments he would be sure to love.

My Dad or my husband would love a magazine subscription, which for me, would be the gift that keeps on giving. There are a number of men’s magazines on sale right now at Zinio with up to 50% off, including Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Automobile and more.

If you live in the Toronto area, how much would Dad love this WagJag for an exotic car experience from Toronto Motorsports? A $249 value for only $109, you know he deserves it!

Chapters Indigo now offers electronic gift cards, so give Dad the gift of reading and let him choose what book he’d love to read, rather than you hoping for the best and failing. Don’t let Dad down, c’mon!

Sending Dad on a vacation wouldn’t be all that extravagant (don’t forget that night you dented the bumper on his prize car), and if he always wanted to go to Dublin like my Dad, he can go from as low as $759 from Travel Zoo.

Take Dad out for a nice meal at East Side Mario’s and save $10 off your $30 purchase this weekend with this printable coupon.

So, Bargainmoosers, what are you going to get Dad this Father’s Day? Remember what your sister surprised him with last year? You’ll want to top that one for sure!

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May 30

WaySpa Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 22% Off Gift Cards

Posted by on May 30, 2014 at 10:30 AM

WaySpa Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 22% Off Gift Cards

Dad might need some pampering too, so you should check out this offer from WaySpa, brought to you by yours truly – Bargainmoose. We have an exclusive (no one else has this!) coupon for 22% off WaySpa gift cards.

Click here to get your pampering gifts @ Wayspa.com now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE22DG
  • Discount: 22% off
  • Expiry: 30th June 2014

Even though Dad might like this for Father’s Day, you could buy gift cards for anyone who could use a pick-me-up, including yourself! Imagine how happy your child’s teacher would be with a gift of a spa treatment. There are gift cards as low as $25, which after you add the coupon, come down to $19.50. If you love your teacher, that is definitely a good amount to spend. She/he might need all that pampering after a year with your child. I know my kid’s teachers will! What’s great is that you can just email the gift directly to the recipient with a message, or you can print it and get your child to draw a little card, or if you choose, get a gift card mailed to you, but that will incur shipping fees and a waiting period.

We’ve blogged about WaySpa many times here at Bargainmoose, and in my opinion, that is because they are amazing. I’ve bought and used WaySpa gift cards for myself many times, and for gifts for family and friends. I have a particular spa in Blue Mountain that is probably one of my most favourite places in the world, and by buying gift cards to get in, I save myself about $22, which I use to buy myself lunch and a glass of wine after my treatment.

When you add your gift card to the cart, it might show a discount already with WaySpa’s promotion for 15% off going on right now. Lucky you that you have a better coupon, so simply remove the coupon that is entered in and enter ours as you see it above. Don’t forget to tell all your friends!

Check for all Bargainmoose exclusive coupons that no one else can say they have in our forum, along with all of the WaySpa coupon codes available too.

WaySpa Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 22% Off Gift Cards

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March 12

Wayspa Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off $50 Spa Week Voucher

Posted by on March 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Wayspa Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off $50 Spa Week Voucher

Enjoy this exclusive coupon code from Wayspa for Spa Week! Bargainmoosers will save 15% off their $50 Spa Week voucher purchase at Wayspa Canada.

Click here to buy a ticket to relaxation @ Wayspa.ca now

  • Coupon Code: SPAMOOSE7
  • Discount: $7.50 off each $50 voucher
  • Expiration: 13th March 2014

This is not just $50 worth of spa treatments for 15% off. Rather, this Spa Week deal is something far more special. Spa Week is a bi-annual event where you can enjoy full-service spa treatments at the finest spas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec for just $50 each. The spa services you will receive are already discounted so the extra 15% off is just icing on an already decadent cake.

For example: I looked at what services I might be able to get if I was in Vancouver. One of the qualifying treatments was a Aromatic Well Being Facial at the Holts Salon & Spa Vancouver (rated five stars). The facial originally costs $105 so you are saving $55 by purchasing the voucher. When you use our exclusive coupon code you are also saving an extra $7.50 so your treatment cost comes down to just $42.50.

Spa Week runs April 21st through 27th so you must book your services for that week.

Check for all of our exclusive promo codes and WaySpa codes on the forum.

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Wayspa Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off $50 Spa Week Voucher

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March 7

WaySpa Canada: $50 Spa Treatments For Spa Week

Posted by on March 7, 2014 at 12:30 PM

WaySpa Canada: $50 Spa Treatments For Spa Week

Spa Week is April 21st until April 27th in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. During spa week, you can get various spa treatments for only $50. Right now at WaySpa, you can book your treatments for that week, everything ranging from

Basically, all you have to do right now is

  1. choose your province
  2. pick your treatment
  3. purchase your voucher
  4. book your appointment

How easy is that?

I live in Ontario so I checked out what was available there, and unfortunately for me, most of the spots participating in Spa Week are located in the GTA and close surrounding areas. There are a few rogue ones in Midland, Ottawa and Peterborough, but generally GTA is king here. I do go to the GTA a lot, and I have family there, so this could make a really nice early mother’s day gift too, especially with all the work done, including booking the treatment. She doesn’t have to know it only cost $50 either!

I’m thinking about the 30 minute sweedish deep tissue massage and 30 minute hydrating facial with a dead sea mineral enriching mask. Normally this service would be $110, so you save $60!

You can probably buy as many vouchers as you’d like, as long as you can fit in the time that week. It could be your week of bliss.

(Expiry: 27th April 2014)

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February 5

WaySpa Canada: Exclusive 22% Off

Posted by on February 5, 2014 at 2:00 PM

WaySpa Canada: Exclusive 22% Off

If you a gift certificate for a spa is in your future, either giving or receiving, you’ll want to know that you’ll get 22% off any value of certificate from WaySpa with our exclusive promo code.

Click here to get gifting @ Wayspa.com now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSELOVE
  • Discount: 22% off
  • Expiry: 28th February 2014

I truly believe that WaySpa gift cards are the ultimate gift for anyone. I mean anyone – man or woman – can use them for anything spa related at over 2000 locations around the world. I’ve sung the praises of the Scandinave Spa many times before, where you can spend the day soaking in waters, steaming and cooling off in frigid cold pools. It is probably one of my most favourite spots in all of Ontario. They also have locations in Whistler and Montreal, which I would love to try too.

But, a spa gift certificate doesn’t just have to be a total spa experience. You can use it for just a manicure, or eyebrow wax or whatever your heart desires really. Avi recently blogged the $50 gift card for only $39, but with our exclusive coupon code you can get whatever denomination you’d like, as low as $25. So while the $50 card works out to be the same price, in our instance you can get a $25 card for only $19.50 or a $75 card for $58.50.

You can choose to email, print or ship your card so this lets you give your gift in whatever way you choose.

Check for all of our exclusive promo codes and WaySpa codes on the forum.

WaySpa Canada: Exclusive 22% Off

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January 29

Wayspa Coupon Code: $50 Gift Card for $39

Posted by on January 29, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Wayspa Coupon Code: $50 Gift Card for $39

Wayspa is currently offering a $50 gift card for only $39 just in time to pamper your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

You can buy multiple vouchers if you want and give them to the same person or different people. I suggest either printing off the voucher or emailing it as shipping it would cost you an extra $7.99.

A couple months ago Wayspa sent me a $100 gift certificate to check out their services as I had never used Wayspa before. While I had illustrious plans to use the voucher in Victoria, the stars did not align and I never ended up using it there. In December I was in Seattle and found my body stiff and sore from too many flights. So I contacted one of the Seattle companies that accepts Wayspa vouchers and they squeezed me in for a deep tissue massage while I was visiting. The awesome thing was this spa was only a few blocks away from my hotel!

What I like about Wayspa is that it is not a voucher for a specific spa. I never managed to get to the one in Victoria but my voucher was accepted at the spa in Seattle instead. That flexibility is really awesome and a huge kudos to the company. I would much rather buy a voucher that I can use in many places and in different cities than be tied down to one specific spa.

Wayspa gift cards make excellent gifts and if I was holding out for any gift on Valentine’s Day (besides lingerie) I would want a Wayspa voucher so I could get another massage.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 23

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

Posted by on December 23, 2013 at 8:00 PM

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

You may be scrambling right now, wondering what you are going to gift someone for Christmas. Well, I’m here to help and give you 7 gift ideas you can get and give right now!

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

Wayspa gift certificates are the perfect way to say I love you. And you can get them right now, right into your inbox, your loved one’s inbox or at your printer. Simply print and gift.

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

Amazon gift cards are like giving someone whatever they want since Amazon has pretty much everything. You can buy and print right away or email your gift card right to the recipient. You can even buy them Christmas morning!

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

iTunes gift cards give your beloved the gift of music, apps, movies and more. You can get them at so many stores like Best Buy or

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

If you have a gamer on your list, check out Steam, where you can get games for PC, Mac or Linux. They have a number of great deals every day and are having a huge holiday sale on right now.

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

If you have a reader on your list, why not get a digital subscription of their favourite magazine, or better yet one of your favourites for them to try? Zinio has a huge selection of digital magazines like National Geographic, Star and Oprah.

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

And if your reader isn’t all that interested in magazines and loves books, Kobo books is a great place to start for a gift idea. You can give them an e-book or an e-gift card that can be sent today or on a future date.

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now

Vouchers for events or dining or travel are always a welcome gift. Check out WagJag for a variety of voucher ideas, which you could print and give. One example is a snowshoe and wine tasting tour, which is offered on WagJag right now at an affordable price too.

Banner photo credit: Ashraf Saleh

Bargainmoosers, do you have any last minute gift ideas?

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December 21

Gift Ideas T-Z

Posted by on December 21, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Gift Ideas T Z

With our last great installment of gift ideas A-Z (check out Gifts A-F, Gifts G-L, Gifts M-S), we now present you with T-Z.

As a well-known tea lover, this makes the absolute perfect gift. David’s Tea has a tea of the month club, which is great for you last minute shoppers, because it starts being delivered in January. You’ll get free samples with every order from them.

Something that everyone, and I mean everyone, needs is underwear. I find especially with men, they don’t shop for their underwear and new ones make a great gift, so they can throw out those ratty old ones. Gregg Homme is a very sexy men’s underwear store (look at your own discretion), with a great sale section.

If personalized and custom gifts are your thing, check out Vistaprint, which has a wide range of customizable gifts for friends, family, co-workers and employees. We have a coupon right now for up to $100 off your order.

Of course, the gift I think is the most perfect is WaySpa gift cards, which are printable, so you can get them even on Christmas Day for those last minute gifts. Check out the Bargainmoose forum for coupons for up to 22% off those gift cards.

There are a number of great deals at XSCargo, and Christmas is no exception. Everything from loom bands to blenders to tablets are on sale.

When we had the letter I, we gave ice cream, but what about the healthier alternative of frozen yogurt? Check out this frozen yogurt machine at Amazon, now $11 off.

And for a really last minute gift idea, magazines from Zinio are perfect. They have a sale on right now with 50% off their most popular titles.

Happy shopping Bargainmoosers! I hope you find everything you need this Christmas!

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December 13

WaySpa Canada: $50 Gift Card For $39

Posted by on December 13, 2013 at 11:30 AM

WaySpa Canada: $50 Gift Card For $39

If you are considering a WaySpa gift card as a gift idea, now is your time: $50 is the perfect amount, and you’ll get that for only $39. Buy two if you’d like, because that would be only $78. You’ll also get free shipping of your cards.

Click here to shop @ WaySpa.com now

  • Coupon Code: HO39FS2013
  • Discount: 22% off
  • Expires: Unknown

There’s a site-wide offer for 15% discount, so you might already see that applied in your cart. Just click the “remove” button on it, then add the above promo code.

You may have heard me go on and on about how much I love WaySpa, how I love that they’re not just the run of the mill spas, but so much more. Here are a few ideas for those $50 gift cards:

All of the above services are in and around the $50 mark, so as you can see, you can give a really nice gift for only $39 that your recipient will definitely appreciate. WaySpa certificates are valid all over the world too, so if someone you know is traveling, this is still a great gift.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 6

WaySpa Canada: 20% Off & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 6, 2013 at 4:30 PM

WaySpa Canada: 20% Off & Free Shipping

If you are looking for the ultimate gift for any adult in your life, look no further than WaySpa gift cards. Right now, you’ll get 20% off all gift cards, plus free shipping.

I recently purchased $100 worth of WaySpa certificates for my husband and I to go to the spa at my most favourite place in the world – the Scandinave Spa. It was absolutely wonderful and I would do it again. I saved some money on their last sale, so we spent about $20 less than we would have, had we just walked in and paid. What I love about WaySpa is that your certificates aren’t just for the usual manicure, massage or facial. They have thousands of spas to choose from offering many different services like fitness, yoga or relaxation baths like the one I just mentioned.

If you are thinking you couldn’t care less about free shipping, you can print your certificates for free, think again. Isn’t having a nice plastic card to give a little more formal and easier to keep in a wallet? I have so much paper in my house, important stuff gets lost on a regular basis. If I were given a WaySpa card, it would be safe in my wallet. If this is a gift idea, I’d be opting for the card getting shipped to me for free. You can also ship it right to your intended recipient instead of yourself, which is a nice surprise in the mail.

Since you like things that ship for free, check out No Minimum Monday at Bargainmoose on December 9th.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 4

Gift Card Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted by on December 4, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Gift Card Deals You Dont Want To Miss

There are so many gift card deals out there right now, I thought I’d do a summary of some of the ones I’ve found so you can keep track! If you giving a gift card as a gift idea, you might as well get something for yourself too. You could even get yourself a gift card to save for when the amazing sales come along during Boxing Week and save yourself even more.

Get a free $5 e-gift card when you spend $50 on e-gift cards at Cineplex (exp 3rd January 2014)

Buy a $20 gift card and get $5 off your order at Bizou (exp 31st December 2013)

Buy or reload a Kernels card and you’ll get an extra 10% on the card (exp unknown)

Purchase $50 in gift cards for White Spot and get a $10 gift card to use in the New Year (exp 2nd January)

Spend $50 at L.L. Bean and get a free $10 gift card (exp 24th December 2013)

Purchase the Holiday Big Box at Pizza Hut and get a $10 Pizza Hut voucher free – make sure this one is in your order, ours was not (exp unknown)

Purchase $500 in Esso gift cards for only $475 at Shop.ca

Get a free sub when you buy a $25 gift card at Subway

Buy any SodaStream and get a $25 gift card for Shop.ca

Save 30% on Skype gift cards

Get a free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on gift cards at Yogurtys

Get a $20 money card with every $100 spent at West49

Purchase any device at Tria Beauty and get a free $25 gift card for Rent Frock Repeat with promo code

Get a free $10 gift card at Beyond The Rack on your first purchase with promo code

Make a purchase at Blue Nile and get Wine.com gift cards based on your amount spent with promo code

Get a $10 gift card when you spend $40 on gift cards at The Children’s Place

Purchase a Bon Appetit gift card totally $25 or more and get a free Kelsey’s calendar with two $10 money cards inside

Purchase $50 in Milestones gift cards and get $10 in gift cards free

Get a free Whopper combo when you buy $25 in gift cards for Burger King

Costco always has great deals on gift cards including $74.99 for $100 worth of WaySpa gift cards, cheap Cineplex movie packages, restaurant gift cards and more.

Bargainmoosers, where would you like to see a gift card deal for?

Photo Credit: Patty Albertson

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