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May 3

Graco Little Hoot Swing By Me Was $120 | Now $68 + Free Shipping @

Posted by on May 3, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Graco Little Hoot Swing By Me Was $120 | Now $68 + Free Shipping @

You may know someone expecting a baby, or perhaps even be expecting a baby yourself. Either way, I found the Graco Swing to be a lifesaver during the first few months of motherhood. Right now Walmart Canada has the Graco Swing By Me – Little Hoot on clearance sale from $119.97 down to just $68. You’ll even get free shipping.

While motherhood may be the best years of your life, you will appreciate your breaks – trust me. When I needed to wash dishes or even just read a book for a few moments, I really appreciated having my trusty baby swing. This Graco Swing By Me -Little Hoot will be priceless when you need it. This swing is on clearance sale for just $68. Walmart Canada offers free shipping on all orders over $50, so you won’t have to worry about any extra costs in that area. Not to mention the little owls are so adorable.

To make sure that this is the best price you can get on this Graco Swing By Me,I did a price comparison. Have a look at what other Canadian retailers are selling this item for:

This Little Hoot Graco Swing By Me is considered a 2-in-1 swing. That means it is a portable swing that can also convert into a full size swing for your little bundle of joy. This feature makes super convenient if you travel a lot with your little one or like to move the swing from room to room within your household. It is suitable for infants up to 25 pounds, so if you’re lucky you could use it until your kiddo is around 6 months. My son grew too big very quickly unfortunately, but he is in the 98th percentile.

If baby wants to sit up or lay back, no worries. This swing has a 3 position recline. It also has a few different swing speeds so you can set it to your little one’s preferences. I also found that my Graco Swing By Me was able to fold up quite compact. I was able to fit it in the trunk of my little car for easy travel, and it was also small and simple to store within the home when not in use. When my son outgrew mine, I put it up on Kijiji for $50 and it sold rather quickly,

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April 30

Disney Sleep & Clothing Sets From $5 + FS On $50 @

Posted by on April 30, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Disney Sleep & Clothing Sets From $5 + FS On $50 @

The best feeling is sleeping in new cozy pajamas. Walmart Canada has a variety of sleep sets on clearance set from $5. These Disney pajamas sets are the perfect way to get your kids to crawl into bed with a big ol’ smile. You can even get free shipping on all orders over $50.

Ka-chow! Humour your Cars obsessed child with this Disney 2 Piece Cars Set. This set was originally priced at $14 but is now just $5. This set even looks like it could be worn as casual clothing, not just pajamas. There are three sizes available for this two piece Cars set. You can select 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. The Cars theme seems to be pretty popular. There are quite a number of Disney Cars Sleep Sets for just $5 at Walmart Canada.

Tigger was a popular character when I was a kid, but I don’t see many kids wearing Tigger and Winnie The Pooh attire anymore. If you want to relive some childhood memories of your own, check out the Disney Tigger 2 Piece Set for little boys. This set was $14 and is on sale now for just $5. At this time only sizes 0-3 months and 6-12 months is still available. I would snag these quickly. This pants look like little jeans and are super adorable. Here’s another Disney Tigger Pant Set on sale from $14 to just $5. I actually have this particular set for my son and loved it. They seem so comfortable and were great for a day at the playground.

For the little ladies, the Disney Minnie 2 Piece Set is super adorable. This set was also $14 at regular price and will only cost you $5 right now, while supplies last. This is another set that could most likely be worn casually and not just as pajamas. Actually, the adorable little skirt may make it rather uncomfortable for sleepwear. There are a few variations of this two piece set for both kids and babies.

Gone are the days where shipping was free no matter what you purchased at Now you must spend $50 or more to get free shipping right to your home. Otherwise, you can still have your order delivered for free to your local Canada Post. If you are withing the Greater Toronto Area, you can opt for the Grab & Go box delivery too and grab your order from your closest Walmart store.

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April 25

5 Drawer Tool Chest & Cabinet Combo Was $120 now $40 @! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 25, 2015 at 11:38 AM

5 Drawer Tool Chest & Cabinet Combo Was $120 now $40 @! (EXPIRED)

Nice deal incoming! This 5 Drawer Tool Chest & Cabinet Combo with Storage Riser has currently got a hot price at Walmart Canada’s online store. Originally priced at $119.97, you can pick it up right now for only $40!

While it’s a great discounted price on this red tool chest, it’s such a shame that Walmart don’t offer free shipping on any order, any more. Alas, you will have to pay shipping fees on this item! I believe shipping is $4.97 – that might vary depending on where you live. Even so, that’s still a really reasonable price including shipping for this type of tool chest.

Free Shipping?

But wait – Walmart offer free shipping to your home on any order of $50 or more, so it’s probably worth topping your order up to that amount. Spend $10 on nappies… soup… anything you can find. You’ll get free Canadian shipping to your home, on the entire order. Hit up Walmart’s clearance section too – there are always great deals in there.

Price Comparison

While it’s difficult to compare prices elsewhere for this type of thing as it is unbranded, I’ve given it a shot. This very similar chest from Canadian Tire is $170, this one is $80 @ Sears, this one is $112 @ Lowes, this one is $199 @ Northern Tool. It’s a very sweet price from Walmart.

Get It Quick

I have a feeling this will go out of stock very fast – get in now if you are interested.

Tidy Homes

A tool chest like this is a must for any home where DIY is practiced… my partner is terrible with his tools. He does have a tool box but inevitably, not all his tools fit in it and there are screwdrivers lying all over the house. Sometimes I think they’re multiplying…

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April 16

FoodSaver V2060 Vacuum Sealer was $90 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 16, 2015 at 7:30 AM

FoodSaver V2060 Vacuum Sealer was $90 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

*BUMP This Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer was expired, but now is back at this great price! It sold out so fast the first time, we wanted to make sure those of you who wanted one and missed it, got it this time around.*

Walmart just put the FoodSaver V2060 Vacuum on clearance at a great price to buy. This vacuum sealer was originally $89.96 but is now only $60.

When you are trying to keep your budget lower and save money, one of the bigger cash wasters is food spoilage. Today the FoodSaver V2060 vacuum sealer is on sale and can help you keep food from ending up in the trash can. This vacuum sealer boasts that it keeps your food fresher five times longer. I would recommend using this to stock up on meat when it is on sale, then freezing it. The vacuum-sealed bags will help the meat keep from getting freezer burn in your freezer much longer than a simple freezer bag. The product also suggests you could use this vacuum sealer to persevere fruits and veggies. This would work well to help you preserve some of the bounty from your garden this summer and fall.

This vacuum sealer is white and a compact design. It comes with an accessory kit that Walmart mentions is worth $100. The kit includes an extra starter pack with zipper bags, rolls (of plastic to seal I assume), an accessory hose, a drip tray to catch any excess liquids and a few other accessories. With this bonus pack, you should be able to get started preserving food straight out of the box without extra purchases. If you are interested in picking up additional accessories and plastic to seal, the FoodSaver Accessory Starter Kit is also on clearance and was $49.96, but is now $25.

Price Comparison carries the FoodSaver V2060 for $109.96. You could pick up this same food vacuum @ but you would be paying $119.99. Best Buy Canada carries the V2060 model for a little more @ $129.99. This is a great price @ today in comparison to what else is available online.


There is only one review on Walmart’s site of this system. Though the reviewer is happy, the review is also very short. They did say they would recommend the product to family and friends. Amazon Canada also had some reviews from buyers who seemed to like this unit. Several mentioned it takes a few practice runs to get the hang of how to seal things properly. One also mentioned she uses this to seal small parcels or to vacuum clothing in space saver bags with the accessories.


Walmart has recently changed its shipping policy and introduced a new minimum of $50 to qualify for free shipping. This vacuum sealer will ship to your home completely free based on the new shipping guidelines.

Bargainmoosers, what would you use this vacuum sealer to preserve?

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April 15

Walmart Canada: Backpack Clearance with Backpacks Only $5 (FS @ $50)

Posted by on April 15, 2015 at 11:25 AM

Walmart Canada: Backpack Clearance with Backpacks Only $5 (FS @ $50)

Stock up on backpacks with Walmart’s clearance sale going on. They’ve got backpacks as low as $5, which are mainly for kids, but if your kids are anything like mine, it is about time for a new backpack. In fact, I’ve already replaced two backpacks this year, I’m just waiting for the third. Spending only $5 for a new one feels definitely worth it.

There were backpacks on clearance during this sale for $.50 but they are already long gone. But, the $5 and up backpacks are still available. I also notice that some don’t have a regular/sale price, but they are very cheap, so you might want to check them out too. One example is this Athletic Works backpack, with all colours but black in stock. It is just a basic backpack that really could be used for anything.

This Ninja Turtles backpack with included lunch bag is a serious steal. Regularly $14, it is now on sale for only $7. My youngest son would definitely love to take this to school!

If Monster High is their thing, this backpack with lunch bag is the same kind of steal. Also regularly $14, now on sale for $7.

For the bigger kids, this iFly backpack with included lunch kit and water bottle is perfect. I love the little hearts and they would look good for a little girl or a big one. I like that it comes with so much. Regularly $19, it is only $10.

There are quite a few more, but you might want to check that out for yourself and you’ll probably want to check as soon as possible, as I know these will sell out fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Walmart no longer offers free shipping on every purchase. You’ll now have to spend a minimum of $50 to get your order shipped for free. Otherwise, shipping is about $5, which really reduces your savings. Walmart has so many items on their site, I’m sure you could easily find a few groceries to fill your cart with and get rid of that shipping fee.

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April 14

George Women’s Bathrobe Was $25 | Now $8 @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 14, 2015 at 12:34 PM

George Womens Bathrobe Was $25 | Now $8 @ (EXPIRED)

Pamper yourself a little bit with a brand new bathrobe. currently has their George’ Women’s Bathrobes on sale from $19 or $25 down to just $8. There are 7 different robes to choose from, so you should be able to find one you like. There are a few different shipping options available.

The George Women’s Bathrobe comes in two different versions. They are both on sale for $8 right now, but one was regular $19 and the other was regular $25. The George Women’s Printed Bathrobe has four different adorable prints to choose from. I am a leopard print fanatic, so I would definitely throw the Animal Print Bathrobe in my shopping cart. This robe is available in sizes small and extra large but they are quite roomy. The other robe available is the George Women’s BathrobeThis robe was the more expensive version at regular price. This robe comes in white, blue, pink and purple and looks to be a bit warmer than the previous mentioned bathrobe. The lowest price I have seen on these robes so far is $13, so snag it at $8 while you can.

Reviews say that these George Women’s Bathrobes are so soft and comfortable to wear. They also state that you will be impressed with the quality. The George Women’s Bathrobe will come down to about knee level, which means you can even wear them around the house. I would probably set myself up with a classic movie like Burlesque, a bottle of wine and my bathrobe. I may be so relaxed that I fall asleep. What about you? You will also want to make sure that you wash your bathrobe before wearing it. Otherwise you may end up covered in tiny colourful fibers from the material.

Moosers that reside in Toronto can always opt for the Grab & Go option, which will ship your purchase to a locker inside your closest Walmart Canada location for free. If you are not a Toronto resident, then you may want to have your purchase shipped to a Canada Post location, which is also free. Otherwise you will have to pay $50 or more to get shipping to your home included from I live within the region of the Grab & Go boxes but have not used them yet, maybe now that they imposed a minimum spend for free shipping I will.

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April 11

Walmart Canada: Proscan 9″ Tablet Android 4.4 Kit Kat With 8GB Memory Was $80 | Now $48

Posted by on April 11, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Proscan 9 Tablet Android 4.4 Kit Kat With 8GB Memory Was $80 | Now $48

Games, movies, apps.. you can have it all with the Proscan 9″ Tablet. This Proscan 9″ Tablet has 8GB of memory and boasts Android 4.4 Kit Kat for just $48. This Android Tablet was $80 before from, so snag this offer while you can. There are a few different shipping options available. Personally if I was looking for a first tablet for my kiddo, I would select this Proscan Tablet.

This particular Proscan 9″ Tablet from Walmart Canada has 8GB of memory, but can easily be expanded to 32GB. This Proscan Tablet will cost you $48 and also boasts a capacitive touch screen with Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Walmart was previously selling these tablets for $80 which was a pretty good price even then. If you are looking for a tablet that is great for the kids of wife who won’t demand too much, then this is the perfect match. Other Canadian retailers  are still selling this Proscan 9″ Tablet for upwards of $79, which makes Walmart’s price unbeatable. Amazon sells the Proscan 9″ Tabet with 8GB for $128.07.

Out of a total of 7 reviews on the website, this Proscan tablet still boasts a 4 star rating. This rating is not terrible considering the low end price tag. This tablet can still help you enjoy movies, pictures, games, music and thousands of apps. You can even take your own photos, video conference or video call with the built in camera. One review from a Walmart customer states that these tablets are easy to use and sturdy. This particular customer had purchased two of these tablets for his children and they hold up well. Other reviews state that these tablets can be slow when running apps that demand a powerful tablet. You can purchase accessories like keyboards and covers to make this tablet most useful.

If you are in the Toronto region, you can opt fr Grab & Go which will ship this purchase to a Grab & Go locker inside a Walmart store near you. Another option would be to ship your purchase to any Canada post location for free. Otherwise you will have to pay $50 or more to get free shipping from Make sure you choose your shipping option at the check out process. I live within the region that has Grab & Go so I would opt for that choice and grab this tablet next time I head in to get some grocery shopping done.

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April 6

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!

Posted by on April 6, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!

Spring is already upon us but did you do your spring cleaning yet? Perhaps a brand spankin’ new vacuum could help! Enter the contests below for a chance to win a Dyson vacuum, an iRobot one or simply for the chance to get away on a trip! Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Best Buy

$650 Dyson V6 vacuum
(Reward Zone members only)

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Coppertone

Trip for 2 to Las Vegas

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Walmart

iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum
or Oxi Clean products

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!KFC

1/3 $1000 cash prizes
+ gift cards & meals

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Cashmere

1-yr supply of EnviroCare

products (daily chance to win)

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Warner Bros

$500 WaySpa gift card
+ other prizes

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Monster Energy

Trip to Whistler with Aggy
+ Pro Kona mountain bike

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Landmark Cinemas

Furious 7 prize packs

Contest Round Up: Vegas Trip, iRobot Roomba, Dyson Vacuum & More!Thyme Maternity

$2000 gift for Mom

Good luck Moosers!

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April 5

Walmart Canada: 6-Pc Purple JetStream Luggage Set Just $39! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 5, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Walmart Canada: 6 Pc Purple JetStream Luggage Set Just $39! (EXPIRED)

Planning to get away? The JetStream 6-piece luggage set in purple is just $39 at Walmart right now! Shipping is also currently free but not for long, so make sure to take advantage of it while you still can!

I’m sure that many of you are weary of paying such a low price for a luggage set but here’s a pretty convincing review:

For the price I paid, this is an AWESOME set of luggage!!

Not only that, but this luggage set has a total of 9 reviews and all of them range from 4 to 5 stars! Here’s another review:

Seems sturdy, lasted one trip so far, good purple colour. The price is great. Can’t fault it for the price.

It comes with:

  • 26″ upright suitcase
  • 26″ wheeled duffle bag
  • 20″ upright suitcase
  • 19″ laundry bag
  • 15″ tote bag
  • 9″ toiletry kit

With the exception of the laundry bag, all of the pieces are made with top and side handles that feature reinforced stitching.

If we break down this luggage set by price, then it comes down to just $6.50 per piece. Most people tend to get dark-coloured or more specifically, black luggage sets, but if you have ever travelled, then you will know just how hard it can be to spot your luggage. It’s best to have a colour that more easily stands out, so that you can just quickly grab and be on your way!

The only issue is that Walmart doesn’t list the weight of each suitcase. This is a major factor when selecting luggage as the heavier it is, the less you can put in it but in any case, the amazing price does negate this little factor.

There aren’t very many left but you could also get the Travelway JetStream 3-pc luggage set for just $32 instead. The purple one is already sold out but you could get the black one while supplies last.


Shipping is also currently free but since Walmart is in the midst of changing their free shipping minimum from $0 to $50, then a shipping charge may be applied at any moment. If you see a shipping fee for these suitcases, then you will only be missing $11 to qualify for free shipping, so my advice is that you get a filler item. Walmart is so versatile that you could add anything from Easter chocolate to toiletries and much more. Check out the clearance and rollback sections for inspiration on what you might need for your household. Alternatively, you could have this luggage set shipped for free to your local store or to your nearest Canada post location. Having it shipped to your nearest Canada Post location would definitely be the best decision in that case.

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April 2

Last Call: Walmart Free Shipping To Your Home With No Minimum

Posted by on April 2, 2015 at 11:07 AM

Last Call: Walmart Free Shipping To Your Home With No Minimum

Walmart Canada is changing their shipping policies, *cry*. The new policy is set to change today, and includes a minimum order of $50+ to ship free to your home. Walmart has not made the switch yet, and the website still shows free shipping on any order.

I do not know how long free shipping with no minimum will last, but Walmart Canada is not playing an April Fool’s joke on us this time. The policies have changed and the new policies are set to take effect today.  The good news is right now the free shipping is still available on all items so hurry to get your last orders in now.

For the full details about the new shipping policies, check out Margarita’s post from earlier this week for the full details. The general gist is there are still free shipping options for Canadian Post pickup spots across Canada. If you are in Toronto area, there are lockers you can pick up from @ Walmart for free. Lastly after today if your order is more than $50, Walmart will offer you free shipping. If you buy a small item under $50, shipping will be $4.97 when the switch is made.

Looking to grab one last small deal before the free shipping with no minimum is gone? Here are a few great items you could snag today while you still have free shipping with no minimum

There are many more items over in the clearance and rollback sections @ Walmart Canada. I might order myself some of those Rubbermaid food storage containers, mine are stained with spaghetti sauce.

I am so sad this policy is changing, as it was so convenient to be able to have small items at my door quickly with no shipping charges.  I used this free shipping policy a lot when my daughter was first born and it was often difficult to leave the house. I do not doubt with all of the announcements recently of multiple businesses closing, Walmart also has to adjust their strategy to the changing market.

Bargainmoosers, how will this new policy affect your shopping habits?

Image Credit Jeff Parr

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April 1

Walmart Canada: MobiGo Cartridges Were $24 | Now $10 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 1, 2015 at 2:55 PM

Walmart Canada: MobiGo Cartridges Were $24 | Now $10 & Free Shipping

From what we hear, today is the last day of free shipping with no minimum at Walmart Canada. I was checking out the toy section because toys are the only thing I have bought at Walmart Canada in 10 years. I ran across a selection of Vtech MobiGo software for MobiGo and MobiGo 2 systems. Originally these games were $23.74, but they are now on sale for $10 each.

The Mobigo Software: Thomas the Tank Engine- English Version is only $10 right now, which makes it a good deal and an excellent way to expand your child’s software collection. The software includes four learning games. In addition, there is a bonus activity once you complete, allows you to unlock new engines to play with in the four learning games. The game also has the voices of all your child’s favourite characters including Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, and more.

The other three games priced at $10 are in French. You can pick up Cars 2 – MobiGo Touch Learning System, Mobigo 2 Software- Jake and the Neverland, and Mobigo Software:Disney Minnie Mouse all in the French versions. This is a great way to promote bilingual learning and help your child get a head start on their French. These are also fantastic if you live in some of the French speaker areas in Canada. I took two courses in university French last year. Unfortunately, I am losing it without practice. I think games like this are a great way to maintain a second language and help it further develop.

Now, if your budget can stretch a little farther, then there are many great Mobigo games on sale from $23.74 down to $15. Disney Tangled Mobigo Software starts the endearing princess, her frog, and the notorious Flynn Rider. The Disney Brave-Mobigo 2 Software- French Version is probably my top pick of the $15 games. I love this fierce little redhead girl.

In English, you can score Mobigo Software- Disney Sofia the First. Sofia the First is popular among young girls and I am sure young fans would love to play a game based on their favourite princess. The Mobigo Software- Bubble Guppies is also in available in English. I watched a bit of this show while waiting for my blood to be taken at a clinic. It was far more interesting than the baseball game on the ‘adult’ television.

These cartridges are all out of stock at the four closest Walmart’s to me. I highly recommend picking them up online. All cartridges are compatible with the MobiGo and the MobiGo 2.

(Free Shipping expiry: 1st April 2015)

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March 30

No More No Minimum Free Shipping @

Posted by on March 30, 2015 at 11:44 AM

No More No Minimum Free Shipping @

Oh noooo, Moosers, we have very sad news for you today! Walmart Canada has just announced that it will be discontinuing its free shipping no minimum policy. In a couple of days, you will need to spend over $50 when shopping online in order for your order to qualify for free shipping.

This means that gone are the days of ordering just one beauty item or just one baby pyjama on clearance.

If your order fails to reach over $50, then a standard $4.97 shipping charge will apply. To avoid this charge, we suggest that you pick up your order at your local Walmart store instead as pickup will continue to be free. The Greater Toronto Area also has Grab & Go lockers that you can utilize to avoid that pesky shipping fee.

A $50 minimum threshold is certainly a high one, especially since it’s a jump from $0 but we can only hope that it will be lowered eventually. In a way, a minimum shipping charge does make sense given Canada Post’s decision to cut back on home deliveries. This move must have raised shipping costs for stores like Walmart.

In any case, it’s still very sad news and we suggest that if there is anything you need, to get it now while you still can as Walmart Canada hasn’t announced an official day for the switch.

Moosers, do you shop a lot at How will this affect you?

(Image Credit: YoungDoo Moon)

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March 29

Walmart Canada: Up to 50% Off Minnie Playsets Now $10 to $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Up to 50% Off Minnie Playsets Now $10 to $15 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada’s toy section is ripe with deals. Pick up some Minnie Mouse themed playsets for up to 50% off their original price with free shipping.

The first toy set is super cute and quantities are already limited. Purchase Minnie’s Pet Bowtique Playset that was $19.97 and is now only $10. The set comes with Minnie, Pluto, and Figaro figures. Minnie and pets can play in the pet grooming partner complete with cash register table, food display shelf, a bathtub, and a groomer’s table.

Minnie needs a way to get around so pick up Minnie’s Limousine that was $19.97, and is now just $10. The pimped limousine has a pool in the back! The set comes with a Minnie figure, her limo, a suitcase, and what looks to be a towel.

While not quite 50% off, I do like Minnie Resort Paw Pack. This pack was $17.97 and is now $10. The pack comes with a Minnie beach figure, two water pets, and tons of beach accessories. One reviewer said:

My granddaughter loves Mini Mouse and she really loves the swim set and the bathing suits for Mini she plays with them at our house every time she comes.

Minnie’s Bike Ride was $29.94 but is now $15. The bike is designed so Fargo can sit in the back while Minnie sits on the front. The cat is included, as well as a helmet for Minnie. One reviewer said:

Christmas gift and my niece loved it! One of her favourite new toys.

All the playsets come with a Minnie doll, which some reviewers found the only downside of all the playsets. One reviewer suggested that the pets and accessories should come separately as her daughter already has four Minnie dolls! If your child wants another character to play with, the purchase the Tea party with Daisy Bowtique that was $24.97 and is now $15. Sure, you still get a Minnie doll, but the set also comes with Daisy.

Lastly, Minnie’s Fashion Ride comes with the cat, a motorcycle, and a change of clothing. There are 10 pieces in all to play with. This set was $24.97 and is now $15.

The best toys are those that work with other toys or toy sets. Since all of these Minnie themed toys are on sale, you can pick up a couple. I think the beach one and the grooming parlour would be my favourite ones, and then I would add on the Daisy set.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 27

Walmart Canada: 75% Off Hugo TranSport Chair & Walker *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 27, 2015 at 10:52 AM

Walmart Canada: 75% Off Hugo TranSport Chair & Walker *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Walmart Canada has discounted the Hugo Folding Walker from $113.47 down to $28. The Hugo TranSport Chair is also on sale from $199.97 down to $50. Both of these items come with free shipping to your home.

Both of these are very heavily discounted – so much so that I am surprised they are still in stock. The walker is lightweight (6 lb) and folds up flat for storage so it is never in the way. Push a button on the unit to make the walker fold. The walker includes side storage bags and a pack of 5″ walker wheels for easier gliding. The adjustable height makes the walker more versatile. The Hugo Walker can handle up to 300lbs of weight.

If you have an elderly parent or grandparent – this can be very useful. My mother always kept a walker out at our place for my grandmother. When she came to stay, she didn’t need to pack her big walker into the car. Rather, she could use the one we had at the house for her.

Wheelchairs are really expensive, so if you need one buy this Hugo! The Hugo TranSport Chair is also quite light – weighing in at only 16 lbs. Like the walker, the wheelchair folds up so you can transport it and store it easily. The padded upholstery provides some comfort and there are built-in compartments for putting a few valuables – or a snack bar. Seat belt, rear brakes, and removable footrests are included. There is a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. Both the walker and the wheel chair assemble without tools.

I may be young but there are times in my life I wish I had a walker or a wheelchair. That time I tore a ligament in my foot and could not walk for two weeks – that would have been a nice time to have a walker. That time my friend and I collided while skating (I fell on top of him because he stopped suddenly) and he broke his ankle – that would have been a nice time to have a walker, or better yet a wheelchair. Honestly, crutches suck.

I am not sure how long these items will stay in stock, as they are 75% off and quite valuable for anyone who is elderly, has health conditions, or is accident-prone. Pick one up while you can.

(Expiry: unknown)

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March 26

Walmart Canada: Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack Was $35 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 26, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Walmart Canada: Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack Was $35 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

I am a bit obsessed with Monster High dolls – I will admit it. I constantly monitor their sales on Walmart! This Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack – Shivering Sad, Eek Excited, Hauntingly Happy is on sale from $34.97 down to just $17 with free shipping.

Okay, this pack is the ultimate cool Monster High pack for real fans of monsters. The doll comes with three different faceplates plus her usual face. The faceplates fit over her face to give her different – really awesome – designs and expressions. Press down on her brain, and her eyes change as well. I really like the evil looking eyes. Her body comes with two different torsos. One is the ‘normal’ monster high torso and the other is the one where you can stick in different monster organs and then snap the plastic cover shut.

She also comes with a bunch of accessories including two different outfits and different hairpieces. Her journal has blank pages so you can make your own monster story. Overall, she is one cool doll! You can even mix and match her pieces with other Inner Monster dolls. I have one from the Inner Monster collection – and I just love her face plate and wings. It would be fun to interchange doll parts, clothing, hair, and more.

I tried price comparing this set, but it is sold out everywhere else. I did find it from a secondary seller on Amazon for $99.95 plus shipping (ouch). A regular Inner Monster doll pack retails for $29.99 on Sears Canada (not the deluxe), and the best deals on start at $34 for the pack plus shipping.

I found some reviews online. Reviewers tended to be very impressed with the deluxe pack. The many accessories for the doll was their favourite part. Some reviewers said that this doll is best for those who are not planning to collect all the dolls. The Inner Monster deluxe pack becomes three dolls in one with the many different accessories you can use to customize her. Overall, the doll plus accessories is a great buy for only $17.

If you are in the market for other Monster High dolls, check out the MONSTER HIGH – GHOUL SPIRIT DOLL for only $14.97. Frankie and Spectra are still available. Monster High Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll is also on sale for $14.97.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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