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February 19

Walmart Canada: Cat Litter Deals

Posted by on February 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Walmart Canada: Cat Litter Deals

Walmart Canada has a bunch of cat litter on sale and clearance that will save you money on scooping up after your furry friend.

I found the following deals:

I’m currently using the MAXX litter for my cat and this is a pretty good price since it seems like one is always going through litter. I have never tried the Fresh Step litter which seems like a higher quality litter given the original price. 20lbs converts over to around 9kg so you are getting a slightly better price on the MAXX but the quality of the Fresh Step may be better. I included the deal on the natural litter in there. I know several people who use natural litter. I admire them because it is a higher expense but much better for the environment.

Shipping is free from Walmart Canada.

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February 18

Walmart Canada: Apple iPad 2 Only $323

Posted by on February 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Apple iPad 2 Only $323

Walmart has a sweet deal on an Apple iPad 2, now only $323 with a regular price of $398. I price compared at Apple, Best Buy and more and only found this model for $398 or more, so this is definitely a great deal, saving you $75!

It feels like everyone has an iPad these days, except me. I’d love to get one as I’m a big fan of Apple, as I type on my Mac computer that I’ve had for years and it still seems brand new. The iPad 2 has a thin and light design, with low power consumption, but a powerful system. The 10-hour battery lets you stay mobile for quite a while.

It has a front-facing and a rear-facting camera, so it is easy to get all your photos and HD videos, plus chat on FaceTime. I’m actually not a huge fan of FaceTime and find Skype a lot easier and more functional, but it is a nice feature to have on a phone or iPad.

This model is 16GB and has wi-fi. You can get it in white or black. Reading all the fantastic reviews of this machine, I see that someone was excited to buy theirs during Walmart’s anniversary sale and paid only $358. Sad for them that the iPad 2 is now $35 cheaper.

Both models were fully in stock online at time of writing.

As always, you’ll get free shipping from Walmart.

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February 13

Walmart Canada: 50 Cent Campbell’s Soup & More

Posted by on February 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Walmart Canada: 50 Cent Campbells Soup & More

Walmart Canada offers free shipping and has recently started offering grocery items on line. They have some great deals on food right now that you should stock up on!

The best deals appear to be on soup currently which are only $0.50 each!

Some other great deals include Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese for $0.50 a box, and a whole bunch of snack crackers at only $1.67 a box. Depending on the brand of crackers (and volume) designates whether it is a good deal or not so while browsing do your research!

As all these items ship for free this is an incredibly good deal as cans can be really heavy! I consulted my loving associate Krista who said:

Kraft dinner I usually buy at $1 on sale because it is usually $1.99 so yes the deal at Walmart is really good!

These aren’t items I commonly buy so I like to consult others who are more familiar with their prices.

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February 13

Walmart Photo Centre Freebie Promo Code: 2 Free Photo Magnets

Posted by on February 13, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Walmart Photo Centre Freebie Promo Code: 2 Free Photo Magnets

I found a really sweet deal from Walmart Photo Centre, where you’ll get two free photo magnets, with no other purchase, just by entering in the promo code.

Click here to get started @ now

  • Coupon Code: 50KFANS
  • Discount: 2 free photo magnets
  • Expiry: 14th February 2014

Because Walmart Photo Centre reached 50,000 fans on Facebook, they are offering this super awesome promo code for everyone. I already put in my order and add the promo code and boom, two free photo magnets with a checkout price of $0, which would have been almost $10.

Now, in creating my order, I was hoping to give these as a gift to my Mom for Valentine’s Day as she is fridge magnet obsessed (I’m not kidding). She has fridge magnets from all over the world on her fridge, so many that you wonder if there really is even a fridge under there. Recently her brand new iPad got fried and I joked that it was from all the magnets on the fridge. You never know right? Anyway, it said my order would be ready in five business days, which is a bit of a bummer since I’m going to Walmart tomorrow as pickup is free and seeing her on Sunday. I’m crossing my fingers it is ready earlier anyway.

While I was ordering my magnets, I did also see a few great last minute Valentine’s gifts that are ready in one hour, which I might make for my husband like this aluminum water bottle, which will go great with the new gym shorts I want to get him.

Always check our forum for coupons before you shop at Walmart Photo Centre.

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February 12

Walmart Canada: Makeup Brushes Only $3.50 (Was $14)

Posted by on February 12, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Walmart Canada: Makeup Brushes Only $3.50 (Was $14)

If your makeup brushes are in need of replacing, Walmart has a fabulous deal on sets of makeup brushes for only $3.50, was $14. They seem to have a lot of $3 clearance deals lately, so I’m going to keep a keen eye out for all the best ones for you.

Do you know the germs and bacteria that can live on makeup and makeup brushes? You can try and wash it, but usually the brush is never the same. If your brushes didn’t cost a lot in the first place, you might as well refresh for spring with a new set. Walmart also ships absolutely free, so you won’t have any extra charges either. You could also just buy a set for travel so you don’t have to pack and repack your regular brushes and they all come in a handy case too.

There were three sets available in this sale, but two have sold out and the last one available is this 5-piece cosmetic brush set with caseThe case looks like a purse, with a removable wrist strap in a metallic black. It is nice enough to tote around at a party or club so you have your brushes with you. Because the other two sold out so fast, I’d consider getting this ASAP if you want it.

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February 11

Walmart Canada: Safety First Alpha Omega 3-in-1 Car Seat Only $100

Posted by on February 11, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Walmart Canada: Safety First Alpha Omega 3 in 1 Car Seat Only $100

Head on over to Walmart online to get yourself a jewel of a deal. The Safety First Alpha Omega 3-in-1 car seat is now only $100, was $184.88. I couldn’t find this exact seat at any other retailer, although I did find the Elite version of the same seat selling for $200 or more. Considering all car seats sold in Canada have to meet the same stringent safety measures (some just add more), if you are happy with an affordable, government certified seat, this one is a steal.

Why this seat is also great is that it is a 3-in-1 seat, so you can use it as an infant seat, a regular car seat and a booster seat. Be informed though, that car seats do expire so you may never use it for one of the functions, or not for long. Typically, I believe the expiry date is about six years on most seats, but I would check before you buy if you want this seat for long-term use.

Now, even though this goes rear facing for infants, you can’t take it in and out like many of the bucket seats, which are great for carrying baby around, especially when they are sleeping. If that doesn’t matter to you, and you want to reduce the costs on buying that kind of seat plus another seat, this one is your winner.

It has all the safety features in a car seat like energy absorbing foam in the head rest, side impact protection, three-position recline and a five-point harness.

The seat pad is removable and washable, which is also totally important.

Shipping is free!

Photo credit: Randi Deuro

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February 6

Walmart Portrait Studio: 40 Portraits Only $13

Posted by on February 6, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Walmart Portrait Studio: 40 Portraits Only $13

If the last time you had family portraits done you child was in diapers and he now is about to get his driver’s licence, you should take advantage of this super-cool deal at the Walmart Portrait Studio. You’ll get 40 portraits for only $12.99.

I was kidding about what I said above, or maybe I wasn’t, but I think that families should do new photos every year, especially if you have young children. They change so fast, it is ridiculous. Sure, you can go ahead and buy the school photos that force you buy a package with photos you don’t need for a minimum of $20, or you could take your child to Walmart Portrait Studio and get the photos you want, under your supervision for only $12.99. This is a one-pose package, but you get to choose the one you like the best and then you’ll have 40 pictures to hand out to all of your family and friends, plus a 10×10 enhanced portrait for framing for yourself.

What you’ll get is:

  • 1 8×10
  • 2 5x7s
  • 4 3 1/2x5s
  • 16 wallets
  • 16 keepsakes
  • 10×10 enhanced

If you look at the regular pricing on their portrait collections, you’ll see some packages total up to $250, so $13 is quite the steal for a professionally photographed package.

Booking online is very easy and saves you the time of going in or calling to book a time. March Break makes a fantastic time to book this, as I’m sure you’ll be looking for inexpensive things to do.

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February 6

Walmart Canada: Kobo Arc 32GB Only $98

Posted by on February 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Kobo Arc 32GB Only $98

Walmart has a fantastic deal on the Kobo Arc 7″ 32GB tablet, now only $98. The original price is not listed, but when price comparing I found this tablet for as low as $99 at Staples and as high as $369 at The Shopping Channel and everything else in between. On Black Friday we bought our kids this tablet, but only the 16GB for $99 and this was a really good deal at the time, so I’m going to say the price has gone down and the sale price is even better.

As I mentioned, our kids were gifted their own 16GB Kobo Arc tablets for Christmas. I think it is one of their most prized possessions now and they use them as often as possible. They watch YouTube, play games, Skype their relatives, read books and even do homework on them. At night you can find their tablets lying beside them in bed, to which I gently remove because I have a phobia of wi-fi waves entering their brains. The tablets are great for long car rides, restaurants where my husband and I would like to have an adult conversation, long waits at the doctor or other appointments and so much more. My kids love it when Nana Skypes them, rather than me because it feels so personal – she called me!

I think the price is great, especially if this is a tab for kids, but I’ve used their tablet a number of times myself and could totally get one for myself now. I’d actually prefer a 10″ screen, so I can watch cooking shows while I cook, but my husband thinks the 7″ is much nicer and easier to hold.

As you know, Walmart ships for free.

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February 1

Walmart Canada: Kid’s Hoodies Only $3

Posted by on February 1, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Walmart Canada: Kids Hoodies Only $3

I came across a really great deal at Walmart, with both boy’s and girl’s hoodies being only $3!

I’ve blogged many times about my escapades in the lost and found bin at my children’s school. The #1 item that I see in this bin is hoodies. I can see why because when a kid gets hot, they take off the hoodie, then forget they had it. In the bin it goes because it probably wasn’t labelled as mom and dad wouldn’t consider it outerwear. I do mostly try to label my hoodies, but I can see how it gets missed. So, why pay a ton of money for hoodies that might inevitably end up in a bin, sad and confused without an owner. I’d like to pay $3 so I already put my order in for this sale and bought 10 hoodies for only $30 total plus free shipping!

There are a number of great styles and many sizes available. I’m not going to protest to the quality of these hoodies, but for $3, how much do you care? If it lasts a month, you are golden. I do like quite a few of the patterns, and this is also great for shopping up and buying your child clothes for the next few years. The girl ones are especially cute. There are also long sleeved tops for only $5.

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January 31

Walmart Canada: Gordon Ramsay Toaster & Food Chopper Down To $20 Each

Posted by on January 31, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Walmart Canada: Gordon Ramsay Toaster & Food Chopper Down To $20 Each

For anyone who is a fan of Gordon Ramsay, boy have I got a deal for you! For a limited time, or perhaps while supplies last, you can get the Gordon Ramsay toaster and everyday four cup food chopper for just $20 each!

I have to admit that I was really quite excited to see these two deals, because Gordon Ramsay has always been one of my favourite chefs. In fact, I just recently bought his “Home Cooking: Everything You Need To Know To Make Fabulous Food” hardcover book now on sale for just $20.68 (reg. $32.99) on Amazon, but that’s a story for another time…

Because his recipes are so absolutely delicious, I have complete faith in his range of small appliances, especially since, let’s face it: for $20 a pop, that’s hardly anything for what you’re getting. The toaster features wide slots, LED buttons (reheat, bagel and cancel) along with non-skid pads and cord storage underneath. The food chopper, on the other hand, operates with a powerful 300W motor, has an oil drip cover and has two speeds (low or high), which is really all you need.

Here’s what one reviewer wrote about the food chopper:

I love it for one thing it actually chops and doesn’t puree everything. I also couldn’t believe how perfectly it chopped the garlic. I have had many food choppers and haven’t been happy with any of them but this one really fits the bill.

The best part: Free shipping is available for both of these products, which means that you don’t even have to leave your home to take advantage of these low prices, but hurry because they could sell out at any moment!

(Image Credit: Jim G)

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January 30

Walmart Canada: 5-Shelf Bookcase Only $30

Posted by on January 30, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Walmart Canada: 5 Shelf Bookcase Only $30

Walmart has a fantastic deal on a 5-shelf bookcase, now only $29.97, was $39. The only colour that hasn’t sold out is ebony, but it looks nice and dark, which is perfect for hiding dirt!

This would make a fantastic bookshelf for a child or teen’s room or even for a post-secondary student. It is sturdy and looks nice, although it isn’t fancy or made of hardwood, but it is definitely functional. It will get your books off the floor or from under your bed, and keep them nicely organized.

There are 19 reviews and most of them are on the excellent to very good side. A few people complained that the quality of the bookcase was lacking, but I guess they forgot that they are paying less than $30 and if they wanted great quality, they needed to shell out a few more $20s.

Otherwise, reviewers said it was sturdy, easy to put together and great value. One suggested not to put anything heavy on it if you want it to last.

As always, Walmart will ship it to you for free, and they are featured on our free shipping page, of other stores that will ship to you for free as well.

Photo Credit: Jenn Calder

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January 26

Walmart Canada: Barbie Digital Dress Doll Now $20 (Was $40)

Posted by on January 26, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Walmart Canada: Barbie Digital Dress Doll Now $20 (Was $40)

This is a funky little offer from Walmart Canada. You can pick up the Barbie Digital Dress Doll for 50% off its original price of $40: now only $20 with free shipping.

This is a really cool barbie. You can select a built-in graphic graphic to play on her dress or customize a design using the wand tool that is included. You can also watch the pattern pulse to music. You choose whichever setting you like via the jewels on her necklace. The barbie requires three AAA batteries which are provided.

So I price compared with a few places. Toysrus did not have the doll, and Sears Canada has the doll listed at $59.99. I checked with Amazon Canada which does have the barbie on sale from $62.99 down to $20 with only four left in stock. However, as the doll is not over $25 you wouldn’t get free shipping at Amazon Canada. Even The Barbie store in the USA sells this doll for $49.99 USD. Thus, Walmart Canada has the best deal.

Receive free shipping on any order at Walmart. For more stores that offer free shipping, check out our free shipping page.

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January 24

Walmart Canada: Black & Decker Gas Grill Only $196 (Was $398)

Posted by on January 24, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Black & Decker Gas Grill Only $196 (Was $398)

Can you smell the burgers grilling, the steak searing and the beer cap being twisted off? No? Well, summer is coming if you believe it is coming. Start by getting yourself a new grill and even when it is -25C out there, put on your shorts and apron and make it medium rare! Now is a great time to get a new grill because the old stock is being cleared out for the new stock, and Walmart has a Black & Decker series 4500 LP gas grill with side burner on right now for only $196, was $398. That’s quite a savings!

It has all the bells and whistles like a four-burner gas grill and a side burner for cooking side dishes, with 12,000 BTUs coming out of those burners. The ignition is so easy, I can even do it, you just push and turn. The BBQ itself is 55.3″ x 25.4″ in width and length. It also includes a porcelain steel wire warming rack.

With only three reviews, they are all great, although written inevitably by men who really don’t have much to say except, yea, I like it. One guy even said it wasn’t out of the box yet, but he is happy with it. Find out for yourself and pay less than $200 for this grill, and how can you not be happy? The last BBQ I was going to blog from Walmart sold out immediately, so don’t wait for someone to get home to decide if this is the piece for you. Just get it!

Walmart loves to ship to you for free, so add that bonus to your savings. These stores also like to ship for free with no minimum, so check them out too.

(Photo Credit: Bob Cotter)

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January 22

Dealfind Canada: $39 For A $250 Walmart Portrait Studio Package

Posted by on January 22, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Dealfind Canada: $39 For A $250 Walmart Portrait Studio Package

Dealfind has a fantastic deal for those of you who would like some family portraits done. Get a $250 Walmart Portrait Studio package for only $39 from Dealfind.

For only $39, you’ll get:

  • your portrait session
  • single image CD
  • enhanced 16×20 wall portrait
  • two 10×10 specialty portraits
  • 50% off all regular priced items
  • your choice of photographic effects

There are over 240 Walmart Portrait studio locations at which you can redeem this Dealfind, so if you live in Canada, you probably live close enough to a studio to take advantage of this deal.

You can buy two vouchers, but can only use one per session. You can also buy three as gifts. The vouchers expire 31st March 2014, so don’t assume you can buy one for now and one for summer as you really only have two months to use them.

(Expiry: 28th January 2014)

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January 16

Walmart Canada: Up To 30% Off Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Posted by on January 16, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Up To 30% Off Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Quit procrastinating and actually fulfill that new year’s resolution to get fit with Walmart’s rollback on exercise and fitness products with reductions of up to 30% off.

Quit focusing so much on the current you and instead, divert your attention to the you that you would like to become: whether a toner, leaner, healthier, or a combination all of these. No gym membership is needed to achieve this new you but you can, however, take advantage of Walmart’s sale to secure some of the following discounts:

Gym memberships have never worked for me. Well that’s a lie, they would get me off the comfy couch for maybe two weeks, then I would find myself coming up with excuses and next thing I knew, I had basically lost all of my invested money. A great business model for gyms but certainly not for those with a busy or perhaps even television-filled lifestyle, which is exactly where the power of free can have a strong motivating factor.

From Eva’s “7 Workout You Can Do For Free“, to investing in some of the products from Walmart’s sale (because essentially, they are yours to keep forever and not give up within a month of splurging), make it your goal to focus on the new you this year and don’t forget to keep us posted on your achievements!

Need more motivation to get fit? Walmart offers absolutely free shipping on their products, with no required minimum! So, get to shopping now before it’s too late.

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