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April 21

WagJag Canada: Up to 74% off Custom Photo Books

Posted by on April 21, 2014 at 5:30 PM

WagJag Canada: Up to 74% off Custom Photo Books

There is another great deal from WagJag Canada that is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. For a limited time only, you can save up to 74% on custom photo books from Picaboo with one of three vouchers.

There are three different options to choose from and they will range from 62% off up to 74% off.

  • $25 for an 8×8 premium seamless lay-flat photo book ($65 value)
  • $40 for a 12×12 premium seamless lay-flat photo book  ($110 value)
  • $12 for an 11×9 classic custom photo book ($45 value)

All of these options will include 20 pages, heavy-weight, acid-free, archival glossy paper, and customized covers.  Each voucher will expire on October 3oth 2014 so you will have plenty of time to use them.

The cost of shipping is not included with this voucher and that will depend on what you end up ordering from Picaboo.  Most of the orders will ship from Picaboo within 3 business days so this would also make a great last minute birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift idea.

I have personally made a few different photo books for myself and family members from Picaboo (one of them being from a WagJag voucher last year) and they all turned out beautifully.  They were always done on time and very professional looking and received well from the grandparents.

(Expiry: 2nd May 2014)

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April 19

WagJag Canada: 1 Year Chatelaine Subscription, $10 Chapters Gift Card & Tote for $25

Posted by on April 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM

WagJag Canada: 1 Year Chatelaine Subscription, $10 Chapters Gift Card & Tote for $25

I always love a good magazine deal at WagJag but this one is a really great one. You can get a one year Chatelaine subscription, a free spring tote and a free $10 gift card to Chapters Indigo for just $25.

The free $10 Chapters Indigo gift card has no expiry date on it so you can save it for whenever you want to use it.  The Spring tote is a pretty pink striped tote that would be perfect for the beach.  Lastly, the 1 year Chatelaine subscription is both in print and digital so you can read your issues anywhere you want to!  The value of this entire deal is $50 so you will be saving a whopping 50% through WagJag Canada.

If you are unfamiliar with Chatelaine, you will get 12 issues in total over the year.  It offers fresh & modern recipes, entertaining ideas and menu planning tips, fun home projects and simple cluster-busting solutions and has a ton of fashion advice for women. It is a well rounded woman magazine.

You will have until May 17th 2014 to use this voucher and you buy one for yourself or as many as you would like for gifts. Something like this would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. It looks like you spent so much money but it was just $25.

Additionally, you will also get free shipping and the taxes are included so there will be no hidden fees or costs added on.

It doesn’t say how long it will take for your first issue to be delivered but it is usually 4-8 weeks after you redeem your voucher and the deal expires.

(Expiry: 1st May 2014)

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April 13

WagJag Canada: 73% Off Flat USB Cords for iPhone 4/4S or Samsung S3/S4

Posted by on April 13, 2014 at 1:00 PM

WagJag Canada: 73% Off Flat USB Cords for iPhone 4/4S or Samsung S3/S4

There is another fantastic accessory deal right now at WagJag Canada that I am sure many of you will want to take advantage of.  Save up to 73% on flat USB cords for your iPhone 4/4S or Samsung S3/S4.

There are two different options for this deal to purchase:

  • $9 for 1 flat USB cable (a $30 value)
  • $16 for 2 flat USB cables (a $60 value)

The second deal is 73% off the regular cost so it is pretty incredible. I actually go through a lot of these because either I lose the cords, or I end up wanting to charge my phone in any room of the house so I will be going for the two USB cable deal.

The cables will work for any of the cell phones mentioned above. You will be able to choose from 6 colours and they are durable and reliable and very easy to store because they are flat. Choose from pink, white, blue, black, green and purple. They are compatible with both Mac and PC systems.  The 4ft. long USB connector cord allows you to sync or charge your iPhone 4/4S or Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 devices to your computer.

Once you place your order, it will take just 2-4 weeks for the delivery (after the closing date below).  Something like this is a great little gift idea because everyone nowadays have a cell phone.  I actually know a few people that have two of them!

The cost of shipping is a very inexpensive $2.50.

(Expiry: 25th April 2014)

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April 10

Wagjag Canada: $39 for Dobby Striped Microfibre Sheet Set (Up To $139 Value)

Posted by on April 10, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Wagjag Canada: $39 for Dobby Striped Microfibre Sheet Set (Up To $139 Value)

Wagjag Canada has a pretty good deal on a set of Dobby Striped Microfibre Sheets for twin, double, queen, or king size beds. Valued up to $139, depending on the size you get, pay only $39 including shipping.

These sheets are wrinkle resistant and machine washable. You get to choose between seven colours: brown, red, cream, light blue, grey, white, or navy. Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow cases (the twin only comes with one). Your offer will be filled by Mattress Direct Canada which originally priced the sheet sets at the following:

  • Twin – $89
  • Double – $110
  • Queen – $129
  • King – $139

So, while the deal says up to a $124 value, according to Mattress Direct’s website it is actually up to a $139 value if you are getting the king size set. Now, I couldn’t price compare the exact sheets but I did find these Dobby Stripe Sheet Sets from Distinctly Home on The Bay’s website. Even on sale the sets started at $43.99 and went up to $149.99.

Shipping is included.

(Expiry: 17th April 2014)

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April 8

WagJag Canada: $21 for 4 Pairs of EZLACES (a $47 Value)

Posted by on April 8, 2014 at 8:00 AM

WagJag Canada: $21 for 4 Pairs of EZLACES (a $47 Value)

WagJag Canada has a great deal on right now that I am really excited about.  Get four pairs of EZLACES for just 55% off the regular price.

The regular cost of these laces is $47 for a set of four, but you can get them at WagJag Canada for just $21.

If you are unfamiliar with them, they are great for both kids and adults. I know I have a couple of pairs already on my running shoes.  They are no-tie, supportive elastic shoelaces that are perfect for both running and everyday use.  They are made with reflective threading, which is great for people that like to run at night.

Each pair includes two 42-inch elastic laces, 2 locks and 2 lace clips and you can choose from 5 different colour combinations. I like that they eliminate the risk of your laces coming untied while you are running or at the gym or just playing with the kids outside.

You will be able to purchase 25 buys per person and they will arrive within 2 weeks of the deal closing.

As for the cost of shipping, well, there is no cost!  It is absolutely free!

(Expiry: 16th April 2014)

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April 7

WagJag Canada: $23 For Easter Chocolate

Posted by on April 7, 2014 at 12:00 PM

WagJag Canada: $23 For Easter Chocolate

I just blogged some ice cream for you and if that wasn’t enough to get your tummy rumbling, how about some chocolate? WagJag has a great deal on Nestle Easter chocolate. This deal ends in two days and is guaranteed to shop to you by April 17th, so you know you’ll have it for your Easter hunt.

There are a few different deals here, all involving chocolate, so you know they are all good!

The cheapest deal is $23 (worth $45) and includes a Smarties hen house, three 200g bags of Smarties l’il eggs, 12 Smarties 19g eggs and six Kit Kat bunny 26g bars. This one is perfect for a family egg hunt.

The most expensive deal is $35 (worth $70) and includes 22 130g boxes of Kit Kat 26g bunny multipacks with five bars per box. This one might be best for an Easter party where you are giving out quite a lot, or for really deserving children in your family.

There are three other deals ranging in price from $25 – $29, each including different confections, all depending on your needs, I mean your children’s needs. Don’t forget to pop a few in there for you. You know you love Smarties.

I didn’t see any other shipping costs, which makes this an even sweeter deal.

(Expiry: 10th April 2014)

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April 2

WagJag Canada: 62% Off Dove Cleaning Products for Men & Women (Expired)

Posted by on April 2, 2014 at 7:30 PM

WagJag Canada: 62% Off Dove Cleaning Products for Men & Women (Expired)

This deal is for both women and men and it is a good one.  WagJag Canada is offering both a men’s Dove set and a woman’s Dove set at 62% off the regular price.

You will be able to choose from a men’s set or a woman’s set:

The Dove Men+Care shower kit includes:

  • 1 x 400 mL Extra Fresh body and face wash
  • 1 x 355 mL Fresh Clean 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner
  • 1 dual-sided shower tool
  • 1 sample face lotion

The Dove Beautiful Care gift set includes:

  • 1 x 355 mL Daily Moisture Conditioner
  • 1 x 355 mL Daily Moisture Shampoo
  • 1 x 354 mL Go Fresh Restore body wash
  • 2 x 90 g Go Fresh Restore beauty bars
  • 1 x 1 bonus laptop sleeve

The men’s Dove set is priced at $11 but is valued at $25. The woman’s set is priced at $15 but it is valued at $39. Both are great deals either for a gift idea or for yourself.  Personally, I think both are great ideas for Mother’s day and Father’s day presents.

It will take 2-4 weeks for delivery and the cost of shipping is just $5 per gift set.

(Expiry: 9th April 2014)

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March 27

WagJag Canada: Style and Home or Canadian Gardening Magazine Subscription Up To 52% Off

Posted by on March 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM

WagJag Canada: Style and Home or Canadian Gardening Magazine Subscription Up To 52% Off

WagJag has done it again.  Yet another awesome magazine deal to take advantage of.  You will be able to save up to 52% on a one year subscription to either Style at Home or Canadian Gardening magaine.

There are 2 options to choose from:

  • $12 for a one year subscription to Style at Home (a $24.95 value)
  • $11 for a one year subscription to Canadian Gardening (a $22.95 value)

Both of these deals have free shipping with them and you will get your first issue within 6-8 weeks of activation.

I currently get the Style at Home magazine from the last time WagJag had a deal and I love it. It offers tips on home decor ideas, interior design trends, kitchen and bath designs, bedroom makeovers, food and entertaining recipes and more.

The Canadian Gardening magazine subscription is something that interests me.  Most gardening magazines are geared towards the US so they have tips for their weather.  They also are geared towards their seasons and it is so different in Canada with our weather.  In fact, even different provinces have different weather so they focus on that, which is great.  You will find all sort of tips including tips on garden design (inside and out), vegetable gardens, healthy recipes and more.

(Expiry: 1st April 2014)

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March 24

WagJag Canada: $21 for a 1-Year Subscription to a Children’s Magazine (a $36 Value)

Posted by on March 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM

WagJag Canada: $21 for a 1 Year Subscription to a Childrens Magazine (a $36 Value)

WagJag Canada has another awesome magazine deal and this time around it is geared towards the kids.  Get a one year subscription to one of five children’s magazines at 42% off the regular price.

The value of each of the subscriptions is $36 but through WagJag, you will get it for just $21.

There are 5 kids magazines to choose from:

  • Sparkle World
  • Preschool Friends
  • Thomas & Friends
  • Scooby-Doo! Magazine
  • Strawberry Shortcake

Each magazine subscription offers 6 issues a year and are geared towards kids aged 3 years old and up.  They are jammed packed with fun stories, activities, pull-out posters and games that help kids develop their learning skills.

There is no cost for shipping and your first issue will be delivered within 8-10 weeks from ordering.  Additionally, you will have all the way until August 15th 2014 to use your voucher so you can save it for a birthday or special event. There is a limit of one voucher purchased per household.

(Expiry: 2nd April 2014)

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March 23

WagJag Canada: Portable USB Phone Charger Just $19 ($50 Value)

Posted by on March 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM

WagJag Canada: Portable USB Phone Charger Just $19 ($50 Value)

I always love it when I find a deal to write about that I really need.  WagJag has a deal exactly like this.  Right now, you can get a portable USB phone charger for 62% off the regular price.

This portable USB phone charger was $50 and is now just $19.  That is 62% off the regular price, which is a pretty incredible deal!

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a long day out and about and my phone was on it’s last little bar before dying.  It has happened to me at the gym, at the grocery store and while driving around.  I have two kids and my cell phone is a life line in case of emergencies, so having it run out of battery life is just not an option for me.  A portable device like this is exactly what I need to keep in my purse so this never happens again.

This phone charger charges a variety of brands and types of phone and a few other items as well.  You will get three attachments for a digital camera, iPod, iPad 2, iPhone 4/4S, BlackBerry and Android devices.

To charge it, just use your computer to charge it up while you’re at home, then take it with you wherever you go.  It is as simple as that!

You will be able to purchase up to five devices and it will be delivered within 4-5 weeks of this deal closing.

The cost of shipping is $6.50.

(Expiry: 2 April 2014)

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March 14

Thrifty Travels to Niagara Falls

Posted by on March 14, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Thrifty Travels to Niagara Falls

This past March Break, I took the family to Niagara Falls. Honestly, I would never recommend that to anyone. It was way too crowded for my liking, and I think I’d much rather go during the off-season, when I’d also get better rates. The terms Niagara Falls and thrifty don’t usually go together, as everything there is at an escalated price, plus there is a tourist tax added on top of these high prices. But, I found a way to do in a wallet-friendly way, both through trial and error and through research. I’ve been to the Falls at least 20 times, so I think I’m a little bit of an expert on what to do and what not to do.

Fallsview vs. Cityview or No View

First, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Most people want the entire package – the fallsview room with the jacuzzi and the full-service hotel. If you want to save some money, you might need to cut back on your expectations. I’ve stayed in both fallsview and cityview rooms and really, the fallsview is much nicer, but you get bored of it rather quickly, especially if you are going out and about quite often. If this is a romantic trip and you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in bed or in the jacuzzi, then definitely splurge, otherwise save your money. Another time you might want a fallsview room is when they will be having fireworks over the falls. It is nice to have the option to watch them from your room in case everyone is tired, or you don’t feel like standing out in the street.

Savings: $30+

Off The Beaten Track

When choosing where to stay and if you’ve already decided you don’t need a spectacular view, decide if you can live with being a little farther away from the action. There are quite a few smaller hotels that are behind the big ones that look over the falls and offer much better rates. The difference between staying at the Best Western on Lundy’s Lane compared to the Hilton on Fallsview Blvd. is a matter of about $100. This is the same with other hotels in the bigger chains that do are not on Fallsview. You can still get a really nice hotel a few streets back and you’ll save quite a few dollars. Take a look at Trip Advisor for reviews and ratings on all the hotels.

Savings $100+

Group Deals

I’ve both reserved rooms directly with the hotel and bought group deals for hotels and I would have to say a group deal is the clear winner. Both WagJag and Groupon have all different types of hotel deals, most with meal and activity credits included. I would suggest using Trip Advisor to read reviews of each hotel and reviews of the activities and restaurants included too. You really have to do your research because you could read “$100 meal credit” as  being an amazing deal on an $80 hotel deal, but that restaurant’s cheapest meal might be upwards of $100 on its own. Our WagJag deal included a $70 credit for Ruth Chris and while you can’t find any information about pricing online, I went right into the restaurant, looked at the menu and found that most entrees were $70+ and your side was an additional $12! My family of five would have spent a few hundred dollars there even with the credit. We turned around and found an all you can eat deal at a Brazilian place, where my two younger ones also ate free.  With our WagJag being only $80, and including a few things we did happen to partake in, it was still an amazing deal as the hotel was nice, clean and not too far from the main drag.

Savings: $50+

Eating Out

Like I said, Niagara Falls restaurants have upsized prices, even the chain restaurants you are used to back home add a few dollars to their prices. You really need to pick and choose where you’d like to eat if you want to keep costs down. Even a simple ice cream cone from Dairy Queen was not cheap. Your best bet might be to get off the main strip and head into the city of Niagara Falls, where there are a number of great restaurants frequented by locals that have regular price meals. I would also suggest you bring as much food as you can and find a hotel with a refrigerator, because all those little snacks you’ll buy really add up.

Savings: $50+

Having Some Fun

There is so much to do in Niagara Falls, it is hard to be bored. This past trip we went to one of the wax museums and Ripley’s Believe or Not. I had actually been to both before, but the kids hadn’t and while they mostly enjoyed it, my little one was not too fond of the life-size and life-like wax people. We hadn’t planned on going in there, but the guy out front offered us a deal, with both places included and didn’t make us pay for the kids. If you’d like to go to one of these places, haggling is always an option. If cutting a deal is just not the way you work, you simply have to ask “is this the best price, or can we do better?” and see what you get. If you do get a group buy deal, many of them come with arcade tokens, laser tag, mini golf and other such fun little attractions. I have to say, they all seem better than they are. While I found many of these attractions fun for the kids, I would never put my money towards them if they weren’t included. Don’t expect much is basically what I’m saying. We wasted a good hour in the arcade and the kids loved it, but with $100 worth of credits, the only prize my kids got at the end were three small candies, even with thousands of earned tickets. If you plan ahead, you can get something like the Clifton Hill fun pass or the Wonder Pass. These will save you money over paying for each attraction individually.

Savings: $25+

Getting Around

Driving is fine to get around in Niagara Falls, but know that parking is very steep. Most hotels cost $25 to park there, but they usually also offer off-site parking for less. Get one person to drop everyone and the luggage off and then park farther away. It is worth it. The same goes for when going to attractions. To park at the Falls, it is at least $15 (seems to change with the season), but if you can park farther away, you can get away with as low as $5. Sometimes the group deals and passes come with WeGo passes, which is the transit system just for the tourists around Niagara Falls. The only downside is that the buses don’t seem to run that often and the waits can be really annoying. You can also buy WeGo passes, and if you aren’t willing to pay for parking, they can  be worth it. Another option is to walk everywhere, but the Falls area is pretty hilly, so wear good shoes!

Savings: $10 – $25


Niagara Falls has a few waterparks and I’m proud to say I’ve been to all of them. Each has their own uniqueness, but I have to say my favourite and the best value is Great Wolf Lodge. Because only hotel guests can use the waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge is really never that crowded and I’ve been there when the hotel was sold out over Christmas break. There are also quite a few other things to do at the hotel, although there is also an additional cost, so be aware that you might spend more money, even if you don’t leave the hotel. The restaurant there offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and while I found it pricey, it is cheaper than going out to the Falls to eat (as I found out the hard way). As I said above, bring any food that you can from home and save some money. We also been to Waves, which is a much smaller waterpark, and while fun, I think it is best for parents with babies and not older children. They also let in people from other hotels, including daycares and school groups, and the cost of a hotel room with an included waterpark pass is not that much cheaper than Great Wolf Lodge. The Fallsview waterpark is what I would call, the worst deal. It gets insanely crowded because anyone can attend and it is $50 a person to get in, aged three and up. You can get passes from Costco, which are only $28 a person, and so much better of a deal, but don’t plan on getting them anywhere near Niagara, because they won’t have them in the store. You can order online and print at home though. You can also get hotel deals for the Fallsview, but the deals I found were still quite expensive and not worth it in my opinion.

Savings $50+

Bargainmoosers, what do you like to do in Niagara Falls and how do you save money when visiting there?

Photo credit: Adrian MB

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March 10

WagJag Coupon Code: $10 Off Any Deal with No Minimum

Posted by on March 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM

WagJag Coupon Code: $10 Off Any Deal with No Minimum

It is very rare for WagJag to have a coupon code for WagJag Canada because they already have great deals priced pretty low.  For just three days only though, you will be able to save $10 on any single deal with this coupon code.

Click here to shop @ Wagjag.com now

  • Coupon Code: SAVE10
  • Discount: $10 Off
  • Expiry: 12th March 2014

This coupon can be use on anything WagJag has to offer.  You will find deals on travel, fitness, jewellery, clothing, restaurants, electronics, entertainment, home & auto and even grocery deals.  All deals are discount because they sell so many of them.  You can sometimes save up to 90% on a deal!

There is some fine print for this coupon code:

To redeem, you must Log In or Sign Up for an account at WagJag.com. Select Add Promotional Code on the checkout screen and enter SAVE10 to receive a $10 discount (the “Discount”) off your next purchase, exclusive of taxes, shipping and delivery. Discount valid March 10, 2014 at 12:01 AM EST until March 12, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST on all offers that are transacted on WagJag.com, unless otherwise stated on the offer page. Not valid towards the purchase of WagJag gift cards. Discount must be used in a single transaction and product restrictions or exclusions may apply.

As you can see, there is no minimum purchase required to use this coupon code which is great! There is a maximum use of 50,000 uses and one per account. You may think that with 50,000 uses, you will have time to decide – you might be wrong.  Some of the deals they offer are close to just $10 so I can see many people getting those items with this coupon code because they will be almost free.  It may not last until March 12th so it is better to shop early to make sure you are one of the lucky ones.

The cost of shipping will depend on the deal.  There are a lot of deals that are vouchers or have free shipping.  Each deal will be different so make sure to read the fine print before grabbing a deal.

If you are looking for more WagJag coupons, we will have them posted on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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March 4

WagJag Canada: $20 for $40 Voucher for 160+ Canadian Magazine Subscriptions

Posted by on March 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM

WagJag Canada: $20 for $40 Voucher for 160+ Canadian Magazine Subscriptions

WagJag Canada has done it again with another incredible magazine deal.  This time around, instead of a specific magazine being the deal, you can get a voucher to pick practically any magazine you want as the deal!  Get a $40 voucher to Canadian Magazines for just $20 towards subscriptions.

Basically, you will get a voucher for Magazines Canada that will allow you to choose from over 160 magazine subscriptions.  They have everything from Canadian Living and Style at Home, to National Geographic and even Yachting!

There will be no additional charges such as taxes or shipping costs as they are all included int he voucher.  Basically, you will be saving 50% off with this voucher right off the bat.

Something like this would make a great Mother’s Day or birthday gift for anyone that likes to read or relax.  I would love to get this as a gift!

You can order as many as you would like and you will have all the way until the end of the month to activate the voucher.

(Expiry: 12th March 2014)

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February 28

WagJag Canada: 70% off National Geographic Magazines for Kids

Posted by on February 28, 2014 at 8:30 AM

WagJag Canada: 70% off National Geographic Magazines for Kids

There is another great deal at WagJag Canada right now if you have kids or grand-kids.  Save up to 70% on the subscription of the National Geographic Magazine for kids.

There are two options for this deal:

  • $17 for a one year subscription to National Geographic Little Kids (a $35.94 value)
  • $21 for a one year subscription to National Geographic Kids (a $69.90 value)

The one year subscription to National Geographic Little Kids includes six issues for ages 3-6 years old.  The other subscription to National Geographic Kids includes ten issues for ages 6-14 years old.

There will be no additional charges for either option and no hidden fees because the tax and the cost of shipping is already included in this deal.  Additionally, you will have all the way up until February 23rd 2015 to activate this voucher to start the subscription.

Something like this would make a great gift idea for anyone that has kids.  When I was a teacher, I subscribed to the Kids magazine because they had so many teaching ideas as well so this deal would be great for teachers as well.

(Expiry: 3rd March 2013)

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February 25

WagJag Canada: 64% Off iPhone/iPod/Android Armbands

Posted by on February 25, 2014 at 3:30 PM

WagJag Canada:  64% Off iPhone/iPod/Android Armbands

WagJag Canada has a great deal on right now that I have actually taken advantage of in the past.  Save up to 64% on an armband for your iPod, iPhone or Android phone.

There are two options for this deal:

  • $12 for an iPhone/iPod/Android armband (valued at $25)
  • $18 for two iPhone/iPod/Android armband (valued at $50)

The cases will come in six different colours to choose from and there are no additional charges.  All taxes and shipping cost are included so you will no incur any hidden costs which is great.

I got this deal about a year ago and I use my armband every single day at the gym or when I go a walk in the nicer weather.  They are lightweight, comfortable and they have a Velcro adjustable strap so it will fit any arm shape. I got one the last time and have had a few people ask me where I got it.

It would make a great little gift for anyone that like the outdoors or goes to the gym.  You can even wear it inside when you are cleaning the house if you dont want to turn on the stereo. (I do this at nap time sometimes!)

You can buy as many as you would like and you will get your purchase within 2-3 weeks of the deal closing.

(Expiry: 4th March 2014)

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