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August 26

(69% Off) Wagjag Canada: $14 for $45 Shopping Spree @ HealthSnap.ca

Posted by on August 26, 2015 at 1:02 PM

(69% Off) Wagjag Canada: $14 for $45 Shopping Spree @ HealthSnap.ca

Wagjag Canada has a fantastic deal on for those of you needing to pick up some personal care essentials. Right now, you can purchase a $45 shopping spree at HeathSnap.ca for only $14. Your voucher will be valid on 200+ items on their website.

This voucher is only valid on a selection of 200+ items on HealthSnap’s website that you can view here. Popular items in that category include Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, EOS Everyday Hand Lotion, and Gillette Venus Divine Replacement Blades. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 24

WagJag Canada: Canadian Living One-Year Subscription Only $9.60 With Coupon Code

Posted by on July 24, 2015 at 2:30 PM

WagJag Canada: Canadian Living One Year Subscription Only $9.60 With Coupon Code

WagJag is celebrating their 5th birthday! Five years is a pretty monumental birthday (just ask my soon to be 5-year-old!) as it means this company is hopefully sticking around. Today only they’ve got a coupon code for an additional 20% off any deal. Use coupon code 5BDAY I hand-picked this one year of Canadian Living magazine as that is one of my most favourite Canadian magazines and getting it for $12 was already good, but getting it for $9.60 is so much better. That’s 80 cents an issue!

If you haven’t read Canadian Living, you simply must. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 7

WagJag Canada: Guess Sunglasses Were $135 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 12:36 PM

WagJag Canada: Guess Sunglasses Were $135 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

I found a sweet deal at WagJag today for those of you who need sunglasses (and who doesn’t?). Get a pair of Guess sunglasses for only $39, with a value of up to $135. Price comparing around the web, I think the regular price is a little inflated, but I didn’t find one pair as low as $40 out there. Shipping is also included on this deal. Add the coupon code MOOSE5 to get another $5 off this purchase, bringing your total down to $34!

My mom is a huge Guess shopper. She loves the styling of Guess clothing and accessories and even better for me, she hands them down to me when she decides to buy some new stuff! I love the style of most Guess clothing and I do love their sunglasses as well.

My husband is a notorious sunglasses loser and last year he was using mine when he couldn’t find his when he was using them for driving. This meant most of my pairs went missing too. So I shelled out a bit of money and bought myself a nice new pair of sunglasses (after buying him two new pairs so he wouldn’t steal mine again!), but within a week they broke. I desperately need a new pair and these Guess ones are lovely enough for me and such a hot deal.

There are four styles available – black, nude (with a leopard print), crystal clear and sort of brownish pattern. I like the black and the nude the best, but the clear also looks great. I guess I could get them all at this price.

Shopping around, I couldn’t find these exact styles in stock, but what I did find was that Guess Sunglasses typically sold for around the $90 mark at Guess, ranging from $83 to $98. The Sunglass Hut also sells Guess sunglasses from about $75 to $108. Both stores would also charge shipping. Less than fourty dollars sounds a lot better, now doesn’t it?

You can buy as many pairs as you’d like at this price and they will arrive within 1o-15 days of purchase. If you were about to get married at a destination wedding, these sunglasses would make fantastic bridesmaid gifts! Plus, they would look awesome all matching in the photos.

(Expiry: 7th July 2015)

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July 6

Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket Was $52 | Now $19 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket Was $52 | Now $19 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca

Picnics and spending time outside is a big part of summertime. Get ready for your next adventure with this fun insulated collapsible picnic basket. Valued at $52, this basket is on sale @ Wagjag for $24. Use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to receive an extra $5 off your order. That brings your total to only $19 including free shipping!

Everyone loves a picnic and with this bag, you can be ready on a moment’s notice. Check out this fully collapsible picnic basket over at Wagjag. This bag has an aluminium frame and is lined on the inside. That lining helps keep cold foods cold but also keeps hot foods hotter. While I am not thinking too much about hot food right now, a sleek little bag like this can be just as handy in the wintertime for a potluck as it is in summer for a picnic. The top seals with a zipper keeping either the cold or the warm food protected. Once you eat all of your delicious munchies, the bag folds down making it easy to store and much slimmer than your average bulky cooler bag. This bag is the perfect size for a family day out, and clocks in at the following dimensions: 35cm width x 30cm length x 15cm height.

You also have four different colour options including:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red

At Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, I found an insulated picnic tote for $29.99. At Amazon.ca I found several options, but the cheapest one that is fully insulated clocks in at $43.72. Newegg.ca is selling a similar insulated bag for $55. Most of the other places I found these bags are now out of stock. The season on these bags is coming to a close even though they still have plenty of uses in wintertime.

One of my teacher friends has a bag very similar to this that she received from a thoughtful parent. It so far has been the perfect size to hold lunch and snacks for a family enjoying a day at the beach or at an amusement park. This basket slides over your arm, making it much easier to tote along than your typical cooler. The frame always kept her food from ending up squished, unlike my watermelon that became juice in my bag. If you like to make gift baskets, this is an excellent way to throw together a nice little present. This would be lovely full of food for a new mom, or as a present for the hockey family who is always on the go.

Go ahead and pick out your favourite colour. If you are ordering more than one basket, I recommend placing separate orders so you can use the coupon code more than once since shipping is free.

Image Credit: Jessica Lucia

(Expiry: 8th July 2015)

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July 2

39 Foot Ventura Outdoor Rope Light only $20 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca!

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 12:00 PM

39 Foot Ventura Outdoor Rope Light only $20 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca!

Here is a sweet little deal, perfect for summertime unwinding. Check out the 39-Foot Ventura Outdoor Rope Light valued at $51.19. This rope light is on sale for $25, but you can use our exclusive coupon code Moose5 to bring the total price down to only $20. Free shipping is also included with this deal!

Twinkly lights are all the rage for your outdoor space. All the rage – that is what my best friend says when something is uber-cool. This deal is all the rage because you can transform your backyard space into a summer nighttime haven, perfect for relaxing. This deal includes 39 feet of light, in a white casing. The plug is a standard 120-volt plug, which will make it easy to hook up to outdoor extension cords. I would consider buying a cheap timer also so that my outside lights turn on automatically every day. There is something magical about twinkly lights popping on by themselves on a warm summer evening. I will take it as a sign to start pouring the Sangria and start the fire pit.

This light is perfect for draping over your patio umbrella, along your fence or lighting up your walkway. Speaking of lighting up your walkway, a light like this is also great to line the pathway in front of your yard to your driveway. You may want to pick up two sets at this price. This strand specifically says it is perfect for outdoor use, but nothing is stopping you from lining your glass front cabinets with this inexpensive rope light.

You could also consider it for Christmas, dare I say it?! Buying lights like this when they are on special offer makes sound financial sense, instead of buying your decor at higher prices in December.

I checked out the pricing elsewhere for rope lights. It can be tricky to price compare lights such as these as the sizes vary quite a bit. If you are looking for a light that can work outside you need to search carefully as some rope lights are only for inside use. Walmart.ca has a rope light on clearance. For $25 you can pick up a shorter 30-foot rope light. The price is close, but the rope will not make it quite as far to light up your fence. Canadian Tire has a 30-foot rope light that they are selling for $29.99. Costco.ca has 36 feet of rope light that they sell for $41.99, and this light is only available in two 18-foot roles.

Many people have purchased this deal already on Wagjag, but yours will be even better with that coupon code. Even though there are still a few days left on this deal, I would pick it up now to make sure I did not miss out.

(Expiry: 7th July 2015)

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June 30

Darien Lake Theme Park (Near Niagara, NY): Up to 58% off @ Wagjag Canada! (Tickets from $24)

Posted by on June 30, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Darien Lake Theme Park (Near Niagara, NY): Up to 58% off @ Wagjag Canada! (Tickets from $24)

If you are planning a trip to the Niagara region at all this summer and you have a passport, you need to check out the awesome Darien Lake Theme Park Resort located in New York. Right now, you can score tickets for up to 58% off. Remember to use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to save an extra $5 off your Wagjag purchase!

This is a stellar travel deal Bargainmoosers, that you absolutely have to take advantage of if you plan to be around the Niagara region with a car. If you are not familiar, Darien Lake is a fun theme and water park located between Buffalo, New York and Rochester, New York. If you are traveling in the area at all this summer, this is a deal you should grab. You have four different ticket options that all give admission to both the theme park and the Splashtown water park. The best deal is tickets for four for a one-time visit, but by using our coupon code you could easily round out your deal with a few extra tickets and the prices are very close in value. If you live close, the season pass deal is fantastic.

  • One general admission ticket (valued at $55.20) On sale for $29 – Now $24
  • Two general admission tickets (valued at $110.40) On sale for $55 – Now $50
  • Four general admission tickets (valued at $220.80) On sale for $99 – Now $94
  • 2015 Season Pass (valued at $90) On sale for $59 – Now $54

Your admission tickets are good through the end of the season. Darien Lake is open seven days a week through September 7th and weekends only with non-peak hours through the rest of September. You can check out the full operating schedule on the Darien Lake website.

If you are debating if you should take yourself or your family up to Darien Lake, check out some of the reviews on Trip Advisor. Make sure you scroll down as there are a bunch of mixed reviews as I would expect with any theme park (perhaps with the exception of Disney!). Several reviewers commented about being unhappy with the food prices and options. You may want to consider bringing a cooler for lunch and picking up snacks only in the park. Here is one of the happier reviews who seemed to have a great time.

Spent the past weekend at Darien Lake with my family, what an amazing time. We stayed at the Lodge on the Lake which we quite enjoyed. Loved the Ignite the Night show…. Really enjoyed the waterpark….the new brain drain ride was great! Rides were tons of fun…something for everyone!

Many people are buying this deal on Wagjag today. Though there is a bit of time left on this deal, I suspect it will sell out much quicker than the expiry, as currently over 500 people have bought this deal. I saw a similar attraction sell out just yesterday with that had about the same amount of sales. Here is a video of the newest water ride, Brain Drain!

(Expiry: June 6th 2015)

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June 29

(75% off) 36 Packs of Fresh Sugar & Aspartame-Free Mints only $25 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.com!

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 2:00 PM

(75% off) 36 Packs of Fresh Sugar & Aspartame Free Mints only $25 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.com!

Buying in bulk can often make prices of individual foodstuffs quite a bit cheaper. And that’s the case today with this pack of 36 “ThreeWorks Snacks” Sugar & Aspartame-Free Mints. They’re one of the current product deals available on Wagjag.com, and these mints are worth $100 but are priced at $30. And what’s even nicer is that you can apply our Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to save an extra $5 on your purchase, bringing them down to only $25 including shipping!

There are 50 mints per pack, so this means you’re paying just over $0.01 per mint!! You can choose from a selection of flavours, everything from regular spearmint through to liquorice! For me, I’d go with the 24 spearmint and 12 orange, for a bit of variety.

There is a limit of 20 purchases per person on this deal, though I cannot imagine that a normal everyday user would want to buy as much as 20 packs of 36 packs of gum. That’s 36,000 mints! Halitosis… hali-NO-sis.

Want your breath to be as fresh and cool as a cucumber (but aren’t into cucumber)?

For me, this is the type of deal I’d buy then always have the mints in my purse for ages….

To read a bit more about the snacks themselves, you can find more info here on the Threeworks site. Just beware when you click through as they play an annoying tune, you can stop it by clicking the button at the top right of their site.

Our Bargainmoose exclusive Wagjag coupon code is here in our coupon forums, but you don’t just have to use it on the above deal. You can use it on almost anything else on the Wagjag site. There are more grocery deals here, where you can order anything from cod to coffee.

(Expires: 8th July 2015)

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June 23

WagJag Canada: 87% Off Photobooks Plus $5 Off $20

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 9:10 AM

WagJag Canada: 87% Off Photobooks Plus $5 Off $20

How will you catalogue your summer memories? Photobooks are the easiest way and WagJag’s got a hot deal on photobooks from Photobook Canada with 87% off. With books as low as $2.99, you are sure to get the size you want for a great deal. On top of this, you can use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to get $5 off of $20, making this deal so much sweeter.

You can buy as many photobooks as you’d like and if I were you, I’d do separate orders for every $20 in photobooks you buy. I think this could make a fantastic teacher gift. I’m not sure if it gives you separate vouchers, but if it does, you could buy each of your children’s teachers a photobook voucher so they can preserve all of the memories from the class for the past year. She or he can do it at their own speed over the summer. If you have a lot of teachers to buy for like I do, even the 6×6 would be a nice gift and you are only spending $3 per teacher.

Whoever you may gift these vouchers to will have to pay shipping at checkout, which is a bit of a downer, but considering the books are 87% off, it more than pays for the shipping.

All books have 40 pages. Here are your options:

  • $2.99 for a 6×6 softcover (was $23)
  • $5.99 for an 8×8 softcover (was $29.99)
  • $9.99 for an 8×11 softcover ($38.99)
  • $14.99 for an 8×11 hardcover (was $55.99)
  • $19.99 for an 11×8.5 landscape hardcover (was $65.99)
  • $29.99 for a 15×11 landscape hardcover (was $89.99)

If you just wanted the larger photobook, your total will come down to $24.99 with our exclusive code. Unfortunately, the 11×8.5 inch landscape book that is $19.99 is one cent short of the $20 minimum. You could also mix and match and get the 8×11 hardcover and 8×8 softcover, which would have totalled $20.98, but will come to $15.98, almost making the smaller book free.

The vouchers will expire January 2016, so if you are the type to buy something and put it off, you’ve got lots of time before this one expires!

(Expiry: 4th July 2015)

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June 19

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $100 Credit For WagJag & Exclusive $5 Off $20 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 19, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $100 Credit For WagJag & Exclusive $5 Off $20 (EXPIRED)

WagJag seems to be having some hot deals lately and it seems like all of the Moosers are taking good advantage of these hot deals! For example, we posted this deal for Canada’s Wonderland and it went wild! I even had friends asking me why I hadn’t personally messaged them about it before it expired. Since everyone loves them so much, we are going to give one lucky winner $100 in credit for WagJag.

We’ve also got some great news for you if you want to buy some of their hot deals – an exclusive coupon code for $5 off every $20+ order!

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE5
  • Discount: $5 off $20+
  • Expiry: 31st July 2015

You can use that exclusive for whatever works for you. I think a really sweet deal just in time for Father’s Day are these tickets to the 2015 RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. Rather than $57 for one ticket plus a hat, you’ll pay only $52.

If you like Canadian Tire (they are personally on my banned stores list) and like to BBQ, you might like two propane fill-ups plus a one-time five cents per litre deduction on your gas fillup. Worth $40.68, WagJag is selling it for $29.38, which is $24.38 after coupon. You are basically getting the second propane fill free!

I’m personally checking out the family deals, so I can find lots of activities for my kids to do this summer at a discount. I see quite a few deals valid for Niagara Falls, which is somewhere we visit every summer.

How to win this prize?

Answer the following question: What WagJag deals would you get with a $100 credit?

Get bonus contest entries!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 25th June 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account. Please be sure to check your email frequently so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!
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June 17

WagJag Canada: $36 For An $80 Men’s Shopping Spree @ HealthSnap

Posted by on June 17, 2015 at 7:00 AM

WagJag Canada: $36 For An $80 Mens Shopping Spree @ HealthSnap

This is going to make the perfect last-minute gift for Dad! Get him what he actually needs – personal care items. There are two vouchers available for this deal. Spend $20 and get $40 or spend $36 and get $80 to spend at Healthsnap on a large selection of men’s personal items.

What I love about this deal is that you can buy the voucher and do the shopping yourself (and send it to his house) or just give Dad the voucher to do his own shopping, so you know he gets what he wants. Of course, you could also keep this voucher for yourself if you are a man or like to use men’s personal care products.

The voucher is only applicable to items on these pages at Healthsnap. There are three pages of items, so if he likes the drugstore name brands, he’ll be in luck. I am going to get a voucher for my husband and here’s what I am going to spend it on:

All of these items total up to $85.74. I’ll basically pay $36 for the voucher, plus another $5.74 for everything. Looking at it another way, I’ll buy the razors and get everything else free!

You can buy as many vouchers as you’d like, but there is only one voucher allowed per order. That’s ok too because free shipping is also included with this deal, so making multiple orders won’t be any kind of strain. Your vouchers will expire on August 1st, 2015, so you will only have until the middle of summer to redeem and other offers aren’t available with this deal.

Even better, the proceeds of this deal are going to go to Prostate Cancer Canada. I think many people have known a dad or a grandpa who has had prostate cancer (I know three of them), so this is a worthy Father’s Day cause!

Photo credit: Laura Smith

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 10

WagJag Canada: 45% Off Tickets To Canada’s Wonderland PLUS Exclusive Additional 10% Off PLUS Bonus $10 Credit

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM

WagJag Canada: 45% Off Tickets To Canadas Wonderland PLUS Exclusive Additional 10% Off PLUS Bonus $10 Credit

I didn’t get to go to Canada’s Wonderland at all last year, but I plan to this year – especially with this discount. Right now WagJag Canada has Canada’s Wonderland tickets on sale for up to 45% off the regular cost. Not only that, but we have an exclusive coupon code to get an additional 10% off that already low price. You will also get a bonus $10 WagJag promo code to use on a future purchase.

Click here to get your Canada’s Wonderland tickets now @ WagJag.com

  • Coupon code: WONDERLANDMOOSE
  • Discount: extra 10% off Canada’s Wonderland tickets
  • Expiry: 12th June 2015

WagJag Canada is selling their Canada’s Wonderland tickets in pairs. Which is fine, because it is not often that you would venture to an amusement park alone. There are over 200 attractions at Canada’s Wonderland, and most of the time people are fine paying the regular price for admission. You don’t have to though. WagJag Canada has the following offers on admission to Canada’s Wonderland

  • 2 Tickets – were $140 | now $81.34 (taxes included)
  • 4 tickets – were $280 | now $153.63 (taxes included)

After you apply our exclusive coupon code at the check out process, the prices will look even better. How can you resist this discount on tickets to a family fun place? After the exclusive 10% coupon code is applied, here is what these tickets will cost you:

  • 2 tickets after coupon code – $73.21
  • 4 tickets after coupon code – $138.27

Since Canada’s Wonderland tickets would cost you about $70 each after taxes have been applied, this is basically getting two tickets for the cost of one. Don’t forget that you will even receive a $10 WagJag promo code on Monday June 15th. This promo code will expire on August 31st, so you have the summer to decide what you would like to purchase. I don’t see any fine print regarding a minimum purchase total to apply your $10 credit, so maybe you will even be able to get a freebie out of it.

Your admission tickets will be valid through October 31st, 2015. I snagged 4 tickets so that we could celebrate Father’s Day at Canada’s Wonderland. You won’t get physical tickets, but rather a voucher you have to print and present to be admitted into the park. Taxes are included, there are no additional charges. There also seems to be a few new attractions this year – like the Typhoon and some water park additions.

You can get future WagJag.com coupon codes from our Bargainmoose forum.

Moosers, what are your favourite attractions at Canada’s Wonderland?

WagJag Canada: 45% Off Tickets To Canadas Wonderland PLUS Exclusive Additional 10% Off PLUS Bonus $10 Credit

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May 31

(66% off) 24 Packs of Pur Gum for $21.60 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag Canada!

Posted by on May 31, 2015 at 3:00 PM

(66% off) 24 Packs of Pur Gum for $21.60 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag Canada!

Earlier this morning, I had written up a whole 400 word blog post about this $10 coupon code which works online @ Pur Gum Canada. At the time, I thought it was a very good deal… but then when I was browsing round the web, I actually found a much better offer. Over at Wagjag.com, you can pick up 24 packs of Pur Gum for only $21.60 as well as free shipping, when you use the coupon code below!

Make sure that you use the Wagjag.com coupon code DAD10 when you are checking out. The price on Wagjag’s site is $24; this coupon code brings it down to only $21.60 – that’s actually $0.90 per pack of gum. Individual packs of gum on the Pur Gum site are coming in at $1.69 each, so you can see the difference in buying in bulk here.

You will also get two bonus packs of their new Pur mints with this deal, on top of the 24 packs of gum.

Have you heard of Pur Gum? They’re a brand that were featured on Dragon’s Den and have really grown in size. They specialise in aspartame-free products, including their popular Pur Gum product itself.

I personally don’t chew gum an awful lot. I do keep a pack in my purse for special occasions; e.g. If I’ve been out to lunch or for a cocktail, and my breath smells a little odorous. I would probably go through one pack of gum per month, roughly. But I know that some people are much more frequent gum chewers. For example, a friend of mine who works in an office downtown, she would pop a piece after every snack so she goes through quite a lot of gum. I’ll be telling her about this offer from Pur Gum and Wagjag!

(Expires: 4th June 2015)

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May 21

WagJag Canada: $24 For 24 Packs of Pur Gum Plus Bonus Mints & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 3:00 PM

WagJag Canada: $24 For 24 Packs of Pur Gum Plus Bonus Mints & Free Shipping

This deal is very timely for me. Get 24 packs of Pur gum plus two packs of bonus mints with shipping included for only $24 at WagJag Canada.

Here’s why the deal is timely. My youngest son started kindergarten this year and turned from my very easygoing, fun and lovable child into a bit of a nightmare for his teachers. None of us could understand it, as he was the kid I put in his crib as a baby and he just went to sleep. He was the toddler who followed along wherever we went without a hassle or a typical toddler tantrum. In preschool he excelled and everyone loved him. Once kindergarten started, that all changed and he didn’t want to follow rules, continually struck out at his classmates and teachers and just sort of wanted to be left alone to play. Now, I do believe the high ratio of kids plus full-day everyday kindergarten somewhat contributed. But, once I delved further into it, we found out that taking his soother away just before kindergarten started threw him for a complete loop and he is looking for some oral stimulation.

It was recommended to us that he chew gum in class and that may just be the bit that will help him sit through circle time and stop talking and interrupting. But, I don’t like gum – almost every gum contains aspartame and I am always making sure my children never ingest the stuff. But, I don’t want to give them traditionally high-sugar gums because I worry about cavities. In comes Pur gum.

Pur gum is aspartame-free and is sweetened with Xylitol, which is a naturally occuring sugar substitute. While the minty flavours might not fully appeal to him, there are a few I know he will chew. I also think I could do some chewing to stave off my afternoon cravings for sugar. My husband will also I’m sure, steal a few packs as he is a huge gum chewer.

While you are considering this deal, you see that it is about $1 a pack for this gum. Comparing around, I see that Well.ca has this gum on sale for $18.69 for 12 packs. You’ll also have to pay for shipping on that one or get your total up. Aviva.ca sells one pack for $1.49.

Already, 580 people have taken advantage of this deal, which tells you this is a good saving. WagJag says the regular price is about $63 for this total package.

Photo credit: Vincent Garcia

(Expiry: 3rd June 2015)

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May 18

House and Home Magazine Subscription Was $33 | Now $16 @ Wagjag

Posted by on May 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM

House and Home Magazine Subscription Was $33 | Now $16 @ Wagjag

Wagjag is having a promotion that can save you a bundle on a two-year or one-year subscription to House and Home Magazine. A two-year (24 issues) subscription was $65.90 but is now only $25.  You can also purchase a one-year (12 issues) subscription originally priced $32.95 but now is only $16. Shipping is fully included with this deal.

Many of us have dreams of decorating and redecorating our homes in the same beautiful fashion that home designers do. House and Home magazine will provide you with lots of inspiration, tips and tricks from some of the top designers and renovators. Use the tips in this magazine to keep your home’s look fresh and chic throughout the year or to overhaul a room in your home from top to bottom. Between the glossy pages, you will find ideas to decorate your home, full home makeover features, entertaining tips and even a few recipes.

If you head over to House and Home’s website, you are able to subscribe directly from them to receive your copy. House and Home is currently charging $26.95 for a one-year subscription or $46.95 for a two-year subscription. Rogers Magazine Service is also offering yearly subscriptions of House & Home Magazine for $26.50 per year and only offers a one-year subscription. If you were to purchase this magazine from your local pharmacy or newsstand, it would cost you $5.99 per issue or $71.99 for a year’s worth of editions of this magazine. Over the course of two years, you would spend $143.98. If you are considering picking this magazine up more than once or twice from the newsstand, you may want to consider having it delivered to your door for much less.

While Wagjag does not have reviews available on their site, Roger’s Magazine Service does allow reviews. Over 417 people have reviewed this magazine and it still has a high rating of four and a half stars out of five. Here is one reviewer who feels that this magazine is a great value.

Great inspiration. Love the Source Guide so I can buy what I see here in Canada.

A second reviewer is anxiously awaiting their edition every month.

House and Home is a beautiful magazine with tons of photos and info every month. When it arrives I love to curl up and spend the day with it! There is always something that I can apply to my own home. A great read.

This deal does still have a little bit of time left before it expires. Right now, over 147 people have purchased the deal and it does state there are a limited number of subscriptions available. If you want to snag this deal, you may want to grab it before they sell out of subscriptions. I noticed those two-year subscriptions seem to be going much faster, which may end this deal soon.

(Image Credit: Boa-Franc)

(Expiry 21st May 2015)

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May 11

WagJag Canada: $20 For 3 Months of Sirius Satellite Radio, Onyx EZ Radio and Vehicle Kit (Worth $165)

Posted by on May 11, 2015 at 2:30 PM

WagJag Canada: $20 For 3 Months of Sirius Satellite Radio, Onyx EZ Radio and Vehicle Kit (Worth $165)

Getting sick of commercials or radio announcers? Why not take a stab at Sirius satellite radio? Right now WagJag has an offer you can’t refuse (even the Godfather would like it). Get an Onyx EZ radio with vehicle kit, plus a free 3-month trial of Sirius Radio for only $20. WagJag says this is a value of $165.

There is a bit of a catch to this deal. To get the deal you are going to have to sign up for Sirius Radio with your credit card, which means they will start charging you the regular price for a subscription once you three-month trial ends. But, if you want to cancel once you’ve tried it for two months and 29 days, you can do that.

I see on Sirius XM’s site that you can get the radio for $49.99 when you sign up for a subscription, but you don’t get any months free and you are locked in to that subscription. In this case, you are locked into nothing and can opt out (but you have to opt out if you don’t want it) and you’ll still have the radio, only having spent $20. There are different subscription options, starting at $14.99 a month or you can pay for a year for $164.89.

If you just wanted the radio because maybe you already have subscription, you’d pay $59.99 on sale at Costco. Best Buy sells the Onyx Plus for $99.99.

None of the three stores I’ve mentioned even come close to the price of this at WagJag.

You’ll basically get a voucher to redeem at Sirius XM for your radio and subscription and you can buy one for yourself and up to four as gifts. You’ll also have to pay shipping, but it doesn’t state how much that is and will depend on your location.

I’m really considering getting this deal just for the Pearl Jam Radio. I actually listen to Pearl Jam radio every single day on my computer and would love it for my car. You’d think that would be too much Pearl Jam, but for me, there is no such thing. I find that they play such a variety on that one station that I am never bored with it. I could also listen to the Oprah channel once I got the in-car radio.

(Expires: 25th May 2015)

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