June 22

Tylenol Freebie Available Now

Posted by on June 22, 2010 at 7:10 AM

Tylenol Freebie Available NowPosting this up really quickly, as Bargainmooser Emma has emailed to let me know that the Tylenol freebie is now live on the Livingwell.ca website.

If you order it there, you will get a free sample of Tylenol rapid release gel caps! As I write this, there are 3246 left… so get in fast.

These Livingwell.ca freebies happen every Tuesday, with a different freebie product every week – they’re great!

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May 25

Canadian Freebies: Tylenol Arthritis Relief

Posted by on May 25, 2010 at 7:00 AM

Canadian Freebies: Tylenol Arthritis Relief

This week at Livingwell.ca, they are offering totally free samples of Tylenol Arthritis Relief, as they mentioned in their last email newsletter. This sample will be going live sometime today, Tuesday the 25th of May 2010.

Now, when you click the above link to Livingwell.ca, you might see last week’s offer as the page has not yet been updated (Band aids). When they update the landing page to the Tylenol offer, you will see the number counter has increased – they usually offer samples to the first 4000 recipients. These samples get grabbed pretty fast once the page updates – so I recommend checking in quite a bit.

If you see the page has updated, please let the other Bargainmoosers know by posting in the comments below! Thanks!

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May 24

Various Printable Grocery Coupons

Posted by on May 24, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Various Printable Grocery Coupons

I thought I’d put together a post with a few grocery coupons which I have seen floating round the internet these past few days. The coupons are all for various grocery items, especially certain items from the pharmacy. If there are any brands that you commonly buy, then print out the coupon and pop it in your purse for future use.

Here we go with the deals:

Hope that saves you a few dollars!

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February 18

Living Well Printable Coupons

Posted by on February 18, 2010 at 8:00 PM

Living Well Printable Coupons

Cheers to health and well-being! Right now at Livingwell.ca, there are some good coupons to print out and bring with you the next time you do shopping errands.

Some especially useful ones include:

  • $2 off Tylenol Cold Plus Mucous Relief
  • $1.50 off Tylenol Children’s and Infant’s Pain Relief
  • $2 off Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain (bottles of 72s and 110s)
  • $2 off Motrin Cold & Sinus
  • $1 off Reach Ultraclean toothbrush
  • $10 off Nicorette (patch of 7) and Nicorette gum (not gun!) (105s)

You don’t have to sign up for anything, simply click and print, and the coupon is yours. These can be used at any retailer that carries the products. The coupons do have different expiry dates, so be sure to check.

Thanks Yumiko for this heads up.

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January 6

LiveWellSaveWell Coupons @ Save.ca

Posted by on January 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM

LiveWellSaveWell Coupons @ Save.ca

There are some pretty decent grocery coupons on Save.ca right now, which you can order and get mailed to your home.

A particularly good one is the $5 discount on Stayfree, Carefree and OB products. I use these all the time so I always make sure I have a coupon to use when buying my groceries. Plus, you might be able to use this $2 Stayfree coupon at the same time, to get extra discounts!

There are also a various coupons for Tylenol, Listerine, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Imodium and more.

Beware: If you order free coupons from Save.ca and don’t use them, it is noted on your account, and they might cancel any future coupon possibilities. Therefore, only order those you believe you will actually make use of.

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December 15

Canadian Freebies: Neutrogena Hand Cream

Posted by on December 15, 2009 at 9:00 AM

Canadian Freebies: Neutrogena Hand Cream

This offer from LivingWell.ca is due to start today. It’s not live on their site yet, but I am posting up to make sure you know about it, as the offers usually sell out very very fast indeed. They are offering a free trial offer of Netrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream!

Currently it shows a Tylenol offer, so we’re waiting on the site to update with the Neutrogena offer.

I don’t know what time it is due to start, but if you see it has started, please comment below and let the other moosers know too!

UPDATE – all 2000 freebies were claimed really fast – deal now over! Canadian Freebies: Neutrogena Hand Cream

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October 20

Weekly Deals @ Well.ca (From Tylenol To Tissues!)

Posted by on October 20, 2009 at 8:00 PM

Weekly Deals @ Well.ca (From Tylenol To Tissues!)

It’s a slow deals day – I can’t seem to find very much to share with you guys! There are probably a million deals out there waiting for me to write about them, perhaps I’m just feeling lazy today. So I’ll copy and paste a list of the deals of the week from Well.ca! That should keep you entertained (maybe)!

Deals galore:

Joking aside, there are a few handy deals in there, especially as ALL orders from Well.ca come with free shipping! These deals will end on the 26th of October 2009. Get ‘em while you can!

Remember to use the $10 off $100 Well.ca coupon code if you need it.

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October 13

Canadian Coupons: Tylenol $3 Discount

Posted by on October 13, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Canadian Coupons: Tylenol $3 DiscountThis is a free printable coupon for a $3 discount on your next purchase of Tylenol back pain 18s.

The coupon is hosted on LivingWell.ca, and you just have to select your province to print the appropriate coupon for you.

Note: For residents of Quebec, it is a $3.50 rebate instead.

Expires 30th April 2010.

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April 9

Get Migraines?! Poor you! :( Get Tylenol!?

Posted by on April 9, 2009 at 2:59 PM

I know migraines can be a killer. People who have never had one think they are just the same as a headache, but they really are not. I’ve suffered from migraines for a few years now, getting a pretty severe one every few months. First of all, I start to see splodges in my vision, and then it leads to a full-blown head buster.

Have you ever tried Tylenol Migraine relief tablets? They’re supposed to be specifically for migraine sufferers. Well, if you’d like to try them out, or get a good deal on stocking up your supply, check out these free Tylenol coupons. Get Migraines?! Poor you! :( Get Tylenol!?

Do you live near a London Drugs store? As these coupons all have different bar codes, you will be able to stack them on one item, to get a mega discount. It could make for a $5 discount off the migraine product!

I heard a few things about migraines, don’t know if these are true though. Apparently, if you are already into the throws of the actual migraine, taking painkillers does not help, as your stomach has stopped digestion. Is this true? Apparently it’s good to take a ibuprofen based pill as soon as you feel the first inklings of the migraine.

Thanks to That *Denise* Girl.

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March 18

Canadian Coupons: Millions Of Free Grocery Coupons!

Posted by on March 18, 2009 at 11:45 PM

I’ve been hunting high and low to put together this list of free coupons for all the many ailments of an aching body – health and well-being coupons!! You can print out some of the coupons immediately, some you have to order and wait until they arrive. All of these coupons are usable in Canada, in your local grocery stores or drugstores. Either way, these offers add up to quite a few bucks of your groceries. Canadian Coupons: Millions Of Free Grocery Coupons!



Advil – Click here to get a free coupon for a $1 discount on Advil tablets. Expires 31st December 2010.

Claritin – Click here to get a free online coupon for $3 discount on any Claritin product. Expires 31st March 2009.

Imodium – Click here for free coupons for $2 discount on Imodium Advanced and Quick-Dissolve products. Expires 31st May 2009.

Imodium – Click here for your free coupon for a $1.50 discount on Imodium Liquid. Expires 31st March 2009.

Imodium – Save $2 on any Imodium product with this free Canadian coupon. Expires 30th June 2009.

Listerine – Click here for a $2 discount coupon for Listerine mouthwash. Expires 31st December 2009.

Listerine – Click here for a free online coupon for a $3 discount on Listerine Whitening Strips. Expires 31st December 2010.

Motrin – Click here to request your free coupon for $2 discount on Motrin tablets. Expiry unknown.

Motrin – Save $1 on Motrin Active pain relief rubs, or $1.50 discount on Motrin Active pain relief patches with these free coupons. Expires 31st May 2009.

Pepcid – Click here to print a free grocery coupon for $2 discount on Pepcid and Pepcid complete. Expires 31st May 2009.

Pepcid – Click here for a free voucher for $2 discount on Pepcid Complete, 5s or larger. Expires 31st December 2009.

Reactine – Clickity here for a free discount coupon for $1 off Reactine. Expires 31st October 2009.

Rolaids – Free printable coupon for $1.50 discount on Rolaids Soft Chew tablets. Expires 31st March 2009.

Triaminic – Join the club online for free Triaminic discount coupons. Unknown expiry.

Tylenol – Click here for a free Canadian coupon for $2 off Tylenol Sinus Tablets. Expires 30th April 2009.

Tylenol – Click here for a $2 discount coupon for Tylenol Arthritis Pain tablets. Expires 31st March 2009.

Tylenol – Click here for a $2 discount on Tylenol Arthritis Pain tablets. Expires 31st May 2009.

Tylenol – Click here to get your free coupon for a $2 reduction on any Tylenol product. 16s or 24mL or larger. Expires 1st April 2009.

Tylenol – Clickity here for a Canadian coupon for a $2 discount on any Tylenol Cold product. Expires 30th April 2009.

Tylenol – Click here for a free printable coupon for $2 discount on any Tylenol Cold product. Expires 30th April 2009. Canadian Coupons: Millions Of Free Grocery Coupons!



Bioré – Click here to print out your free coupon for $2 discount on Bioré daily recharging product. Expires 30th March 2009.

Clean & Clear – Click here for free coupons for $5 discount on Clean & Clear Black Head Exfoliating Cleanser. Expires 20th June 2009.

Coppertone – Free coupon to save $1 on Coppertone products. Expires 31st December 2009.

KY – Click here to get your free discount coupon for a $2 reduction on K-Y Brand Yours&Mine couples lubricant. Expires 31st May 2009.

Neutrogena – Save $5 on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. Expires 31st March 2009.

Roc – $10 discount coupon for Roc Retin-OL+, Roc Complete Lift or Roc Retin-OL Multi-correxion products. Expires 23rd March 2009.

Vaseline – Click here to order yourself a $2 discount coupon for Vaseline Clinical Therapy. Expiry unknown.


Remember remember:

You can stack coupons at London Drugs as long as they have different bar codes. E.g. you might be able to use 2 or 3 Tylenol coupons on the one item, to get it at a substantial discount.

All the coupons above add up to $63.50 of discounts!

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February 22

StockPiling: Tips And Tricks! (Part 1)

Posted by on February 22, 2009 at 12:31 PM

With the global economy looking pretty grim, we can look closer to home to see how to make those pennies stretch bit further. One method to do this is “stockpiling” of your household goods and staple foods. I’m going to write about many tips and tricks about this money-saving method!

This article is based on the situation here in Canada, but it can be used all over the world, perhaps in slightly different ways, with different websites to refer to. I stock pile quite a bit, mainly toiletries, and I know quite a lot of others do too.

StockPiling: Tips And Tricks! (Part 1)

What’s A StockPile?

Your stockpile is a quantity of items that you store for usage in the future. Stockpiling toiletries and foodstuffs at home can be very handy and can make life easier, and provide many cost savings which are detailed later in this article. I’m referring to having enough items on hand to satisfy the needs of your family, for at least a few weeks or months. I mean basics, such as shower gel, pet supplies, paper towels, detergent, razors… Say you to purchase 10 bottles of shower gel for $1.50 each with the use of free online coupons, you won’t have to run out to the store and pay $3 for a single bottle when you have none left.

Stockpiling methods involve quite a bit of forward thinking and planning. If you find yourself running out to the store every single day, you might like to try this method out.

Stockpiling Ideas

There are many products of which you can build up a store of in your home! For example:

StockPiling: Tips And Tricks! (Part 1)

  • Toilet paper
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Cleaning items
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Razors
  • Shampoo
  • Canned goods
  • Dried goods

I have quite a supply of canned tomatoes, corn, and fruit in my kitchen cupboards. I’ve also got quite a lot of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shaving gel, and cleaning products.  StockPiling: Tips And Tricks! (Part 1) I recommend that you make a list of all the things you could possibly stock up on.

Where To Store It

Depending on how much storage space you have available, that will dictate how much you can keep at any one time. If you have the room, you could buy a sort of shelf unit for your home, e.g. From Ikea. It could be useful for keeping all your products on. A lot of people stockpile goods in their garage, or even in their basement. But think about it carefully – Is the area OK for storage? Is it damp? Does it have extremes of hot and cold? Think about what you want to store there, and make sure the area is suitable.

There are loads of places in the home where you can store items. I use the space on top of my kitchen cupboards to store light items such as ceran wrap and paper towels. I’ve even heard that some people store canned goods in roller boxes under the bed!

How To StockPile -Find Free Coupons!

The first step in your stockpile mission is to stock up on very useful coupons for money savings and discounts. You may find these free internet coupons from many different sources.

One major resource for coupons in Canada is Save.ca – they have a database of online coupons for loads of brand named products. From Save.ca, you can choose the grocery coupons that you want, and Save.ca will mail these out to your home. You simply take these coupons in-store to your local supermarkets or drug stores, and claim your discounts. Examples of excellent Save.ca discount coupons: The $10 discount on Gillette fuson razors, the Iams pet food coupons, or the $1 Toblerone discounts.

StockPiling: Tips And Tricks! (Part 1)Another site to add to your bookmarks is GoCoupons.ca. Go Coupons is quite new, and at the minute only has a few Yoplait discount coupons, but is worth checking in on from time to time.

Another source for your voucher discounts are the various free printable coupons that you will find online. You can see many of these posted with the “printable coupons” tag on the Canadian shopping forum, Dealguild.com. There have been some hot deals on there. For example, a printable coupon for buy 2 get 2 free on Campbell’s soups or a $3 discount coupon for children’s Tylenol.

You can sometimes pick up booklets full of coupons in your local grocery store. Many stores keep these booklets by the checkouts for you to take with you. If they have useful coupons in them, perhaps take a few of the booklets, if you know you are going to make use of them. But be courteous – don’t take all of them, leave a few for other customers!

Another way to get free coupons is to subscribe to email newsletters online, on corporate websites. Make a list of all the brands you regularly purchase and go to the retailers’ web pages. You can join their mailing lists and they might send Canadian discount coupons to your email account. For example, Ocean Spray, Procter & Gamble Canada, or Dove Canada.

If you’d like to read more articles like this, check out the “canadian shopping tips” tag!

And check out Part 2 here.

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January 10

It’s Flu Season – Save On The Sniffles With Tylenol!

Posted by on January 10, 2009 at 11:31 PM

It’s Flu Season – Save On The Sniffles With Tylenol!Hands up who has the cold? Me!? I’m boogertastic, snottery and down in the dumps. But I’m still delving for deals!! I’ve came across a few discount coupons for Tylenol, the well-known medication brand. Here’s what we have:

  1. Save $1 on any children’s Tylenol Acetaminophen product until Jan 31st 2009
  2. Save $1 on any Tylenol cold product or save $1 on Benylin Extra Strength until Mar 31st 2009
  3. Save $2 on any Tylenol cold product until Feb 28th 2009
  4. Save $2 on any Tylenol product 16s/24mL or larger until Apr 1st 2009
  5. Save $3 on any Tylenol Acetaminophen product until Jan 31st 2009
  6. UPDATE – NEW COUPON: Save $1 on any Tylenol Cold Day/Night product until 30th April 2009.

These should work in any store in Canada.

And here’s a great tip which should come in handy – certain stores stack coupons to give you multiple discounts on the one item!!! London Drugs is confirmed as being one such store. They will accept multiple coupons for the same product, as long as the bar codes are different on each coupon. So to save yourself even more, print out a few of the above, and use them on your Tylenol medication supplies!

In my opinion, the best remedy when you have the cold is to just say in bed. I’ve been in bed for 24 hours now! It’s even better if you have someone to bring you snacks and tea and medication (not to mention a laptop and wireless interwebs access)!

Thanks for the pic Cybergabi.

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January 7

Rexall Coupon For $10 off $50 Plus Exciting Contest For Gold Coins!!

Posted by on January 7, 2009 at 11:30 AM

Hi Folks! I’ve been having a little post-holiday break from blogging, but I’m back on track to my daily deal hunting now!

I got news by email from Rexall Pharma Plus that they are running this contest giving away the following prizes:Rexall Coupon For $10 off $50 Plus Exciting Contest For Gold Coins!!

  • 3x Gold Coins worth $1000 each
  • 50x Gift Cards worth $50
  • 10x Gift Cards worth $100

You can click here to enter the contest on the Rexall web page. A bonus of entering the contest is the free coupon for Rexall Drugs – everyone who enters can take this printable coupon for a $10 discount on a $50 spend in-store. Now, you don’t have to enter the contest if you don’t want to – I’ve already done it and it redirects you to the Rexall $10 coupon page here. Just print it out and use it to get your discounts at your local Rexall PharmaPlus – you can find the location here!

I need to stock up on some Cold-FX and Advil and Tylenol etc! The whole family is coughing and spluttering right now… so the discount will help!

Thanks for the pic plasticfootball.

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December 3

Advil Free $5 Coupons & Possible Free Advil Products!

Posted by on December 3, 2008 at 12:33 PM

This is a pretty hot coupon from Advil!!

I completed a short survey on the Advil website, and they rewarded me with this $5 printable coupon. Now, after looking round the interwebs, it seems it is not a unique coupon, and lots of people have the same code on it, so I might as well share it here, to save you the hassle of going through the survey.Advil Free $5 Coupons & Possible Free Advil Products!

Here’s the list of items that this free coupon applies to:

  • Advil Tabs 100s
  • Tabs 150s
  • Tabs 250s
  • Caps 100s
  • Gel Caps 72s
  • Extra Strength Caps 72s
  • Extra Strength Caps 165s
  • Liqui-Gels 72s
  • Liqui-Gels 165s
  • Extra Strength Liqui-Gel 50s

Point to note – if you check your local WalMart or Zellers store, you might be able to find the Advil Liqui-Gels or the Advil Caps for around $4.60 – meaning with this coupon, you can get them completely for free!!

With all the Tylenol and Advil coupons floating around lately, none of us ever need to be in pain again!

(Thanks for the image Jennerator.)

(Ends 1st January 2009)

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October 20

Safeway Canada Printable Coupons: Various Air Miles Bonuses & Product Discounts!

Posted by on October 20, 2008 at 2:29 PM

UPDATE: Expired!

Safeway Canada Printable Coupons: Various Air Miles Bonuses & Product Discounts!

Just a quick thread to let you SafeWay grocery shoppers know about this deal. These are printable coupons which lists various discount on some products, and also a special Air Mile bonus offer, which would be good for you collectors.

The deals are as follows:

  • Spend $60 and get 5x bonus AirMiles rewards
  • Tylenol or Motrin – $7.99
  • Benylin – $4.99
  • Robitussin – $7.99
  • Neo Citran – $4.99
  • Buckleys Syrup – $5.99
  • Redoxon Tablets – $5 for 2
  • Buy 1 Puffs Facial Tissue AND 1 Vicks & earn 40 bonus AirMiles

Most of the products seem to be health related, tablets, supplements… etc. I was on the Benylin last week…. I had a nasty cold and I was guzzling the stuff! And hands up if you don’t have Tylenol in your cupboards… !

(All expire 25th October)

Thanks for the pic shesonit.

- Anna

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