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April 7

20% Off TurboTax Online & Desktop

Posted by on April 7, 2015 at 12:00 PM

20% Off TurboTax Online & Desktop

Have you filed your taxes yet? No? Well, there is still time and now is the time you’ll get the best deal on TurboTax, so good for you for waiting. Right now they have 20% off both online and desktop 2014 versions, which is the highest discount I’ve seen this year.

I filed months ago, but I do have some friends who are still on the edge, letting me know they need to do their taxes. I always do mine as soon as I get the information because I want my refund. But, there are probably lots of people who aren’t getting refunds and really aren’t in a rush to find out what they owe.

You’ll have to click the link in order to see the 20% discount. There are a few different versions of TurboTax, depending on your situation.

TurboTax Standard online is the most popular version, for those with ordinary tax returns. Regularly $17.99, you’ll get it for $14.39.

TurboTax Premier is for investors and property owners. Regularly $34.99, it is now $27.99.

Home & Business if for those of us like me who have small businesses and need to know what kind of deductions and such we can claim. Regularly $49.99, you’ll save $10 and pay only $39.99 for this version.

If you want the desktop version, it allows up to eight returns, so it is great for families where there is more than one person submitting a return. Only the standard is on sale, regularly $39.99, now $31.99.

I suggest using the online version as it is super simple and you don’t need to install anything to your computer. You just input your information and then pay at the end before you file. You don’t have to wait for the mail or pay any shipping costs either.

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(Expiry: 21st April 2015)

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March 30

TurboTax Contest: Win 1 of 10 Copies of TurboTax! (CONTEST CLOSED)

Posted by on March 30, 2015 at 7:00 AM

TurboTax Contest: Win 1 of 10 Copies of TurboTax! (CONTEST CLOSED)

Tax season is in full swing and with it comes this contest for you to win one of ten copies of TurboTax.

I’ve already done and filed my taxes and got my return, but I know there are a lot of people who wait until the very last minute to file. This contest is for you! I actually had to pay taxes being self-employed and not remitting all year, but my husband paid too much and got a refund. What did we do with his refund? We paid my taxes! We did have a bit left over and to tell you the truth, I can’t even remember what we used it for!

Did you know that there are deductions for your kid’s activities that you can claim? If they do sports or art programs, those are all tax deductible. Did you also know you can claim medical expenses that weren’t covered? You can also claim child care if you worked and needed care for your child. All of these small deductions can really add up.

If you want to file before the contest is over, you can use this exclusive link to get yourself 17% off your copy of TurboTax.

How to win this prize?

What are you going to do with the money get back from your return?

Get bonus contest entries!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 31st March 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing on April 1st and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account
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February 23

Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 10 Copies of TurboTax! (Closed)

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 10 Copies of TurboTax! (Closed)

It is officially tax season and if you are anything like me, you’ve been feverishly collecting all your receipts and other tax forms and trying to figure out if you owe or if you’ll get that coveted refund. I actually just filed my taxes and to my great surprise, I am getting a refund. Honestly, I don’t believe I would have gotten as great of a refund if it weren’t for TurboTax. Their software makes it so simple to know what I need to enter and gives me ideas of deductions I may not have thought of. I loved watching that refund meter, although at first it had us getting an amazing refund, took it away, but in the end when I was done, I got the right amount back. I also like that you can change the numbers as you need (say if you get a form you forgot about it or if you wanted to see if what refund you’d get if you upped your RRSP contribution for the year).

My husband was intent on getting an accountant this year, but I feel like the hard part of doing your tax return is getting all your paperwork together! Entering the information is so easy with TurboTax and I even own my own small business.

So, to celebrate this fun time of year, TurboTax is giving away 10 copies of their software to our readers. Did you know you can enter all of your information before you have to pay? That way you’ll actually know what your refund is (or what you owe) before you pay. When you decide to file, then you can enter in your payment information or hopefully for ten of you, your code for a free copy!

If you are anxious to file, you can use this exclusive link to get yourself 17% off your copy of TurboTax.

How to win this prize?

What is your favourite feature on TurboTax?

Get bonus contest entries!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 24th February 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing on February 25th and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account
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January 27

Get Ready For Tax Season With 15% Off @ TurboTax Canada

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Get Ready For Tax Season With 15% Off @ TurboTax Canada

I hate to say it but tax season is coming up and if you’re not ready yet, then here’s a great opportunity to save some money on tax software. To help you do just that, we have secured a 15% discount for you to save on online editions of TurboTax by Intuit.

Every year, I tell myself that this year will be the year that I do my own taxes and every year, I end up waiting until the last second, thus falling into panic mode and then submitting all of my tax papers to an accountant.

This year, however, I really am considering cracking down on learning how to do it, especially since I have heard extremely positive feedback about TurboTax’s software. Heck, just the fact that their personal tax software over 17,000 reviews with a general consensus of 4.5/5 stars is reassuring enough. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about Turbo Tax:

This is the first time I have filed online and I found Turbo Tax easy to use. I did returns for me, my wife and three students in an afternoon.

It’s accurate and up to date with the most recent law changes but the biggest reason as to why I’m thinking of filing them myself this year is because of the new Family Tax Cut.

Back at the end of October 2014, Stephen Harper announced a “family tax cut” as he labelled it, which is essentially a non-refundable tax cut that allows one spouse to transfer up to $50,000 of taxable income to a spouse within a lower tax bracket for a tax credit of up to $2,000. With it, also come the following changes:

  • Child care deduction limit under age of 7: from $7,000 to $8,000
  • Child care deduction limit from 7-16 year old: from $4,000 to $5,000
  • Disability tax credit for eligible children: from $10,000 to $11,000
  • Universal Child Care benefit for a child under 6: from $100 to $160 per month
  • Universal Child Care Benefit for a child between 6-17 years old: from $0 to $60

Of course, the family tax cut doesn’t apply to all Canadian families but it’s still a nice relief for those who do qualify. For more information, check out Simple Tax’s article “Making sense of the family cut“, which lists a couple of scenarios and the kind of tax credit parents could expect to receive.

With this in mind, it’s definitely reassuring that TurboTax is up-to-date with regards to the new Family Tax Cut. Not only that, but it is also designed to optimize RRSP contributions and reduce tax owed by splitting the pension income with a partner.

With regards to TurboTax’s personal tax software, here is a breakdown of the prices that you can expect to see with the 15% discount:

  • Standard: reg. $17.99/ now $15.29
  • Premier with guidance: reg. $34.99/ now $29.74
  • Home & business: reg. $49.99/ now $42.49

TurboTax software is also available for businesses, family (with 20 returns) or CRA Audit Defence.

(Image Credit: Canadian Pacific)

(Expiry: 31st January 2015 9th February 2015)

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October 16

Turbo Tax Canada Exclusive: Save 15% On Select Business Tax Software

Posted by on October 16, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Turbo Tax Canada Exclusive: Save 15% On Select Business Tax Software

Good morning, everyone! We have an exclusive deal available for our fellow Bargainmoosers today from Turbo Tax! If you click on the link below, you can save 15% on select Turbo Tax software for the 2013 tax year, including Home & Business Online ($38.24 – was $44.99), Home & Business ($84.99 – was $99.99), and Business Incorporated ($169.99 – was $199.99). You can choose to download it straight to your computer so you can use the program soon after your purchase, or you can also get it shipped to your home or business (shipping rates start at $4).

Turbo Tax is known as Canada’s #1 Best-Selling Tax Software. If you’re looking for some software that can help you conveniently file your taxes. With plenty of support from their specialists, it’s easy to see why so many people love using Turbo Tax.

I usually rely on my accountant to help me file my taxes properly, but I can see why these tax filing programs like Turbo Tax are so popular. Turbo Tax is easy to use, it’s convenient, and it helps you streamline and organize your taxes quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a student, a first-time investor, or a parent, Turbo Tax software can help you properly file your taxes, and you can contact these experts to get any assistance that you may need along the way.

Not sure if Turbo Tax is suitable for you? Then click here to see if you can benefit from using Turbo Tax software.

If you were to purchase the Business Incorporated version of Turbo Tax at Future Shop, it would cost you $199.99. I’ve listed a brief review of Turbo Tax Business Incorporated software from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

Good step by step guidance which helps to prepare the return in a smooth manner. It very easy to use.  

This exclusive TurboTax deal is only valid for a few weeks, so take advantage of it while you still can. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Thanks to Simon)

Turbo Tax Canada Exclusive: Save 15% On Select Business Tax Software

Photo Credit: Simon Cunningham

(Expiry: 1st November 2014)

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March 19

Best Buy Canada Promotional Code: 20% Off TurboTax Premier

Posted by on March 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Best Buy Canada Promotional Code: 20% Off TurboTax Premier

I believe that today is actually the day that pigs have begun flying because Best Buy has released a promotional code! It’s so incredibly rare that they release any codes at all that I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, especially since it’s right on point with tax season! For  a limited time, you can either use the code or the printable coupon below to save 20% on a physical copy of TurboTax Premier.

Click here to print your Best Buy coupon now

Click here to order the TurboTax Premier @ BestBuy.ca now

  • Coupon Code: 20intuit
  • Discount: 20% off TurboTax Premier
  • Expiry: 3rd April 2014

Keep in mind that the Best Buy promotional code is case sensitive and must be entered in the exact same way as above for it to work (i.e., no caps). Although originally priced at $69.99, with the discount, TurboTax Premier drops down to just $55.99, which is cheaper than everyone else. Amazon and Staples, for instance, both have it for close to $69.99.

Although the premier one is for up 12 returns, if you don’t need that many, then you can get the TurboTax Standard instead as it’s currently on sale for just $28.99 (reg. $39.99) at Best Buy.

I know that filing your own taxes may seem daunting at first (heck, it has been for me for years) but the thing is that though you might spend a little longer this year figuring everything out, come next year, you will be all set and will simply breeze through it. Plus, on top of avoiding those outrageous fees that accountants charge, you will also have peace of mind in knowing that everything was filed correctly because oftentimes than not, even accountants make mistakes.

The biggest thing to remember though is that filing taxes in today’s day and age simply isn’t the same as to how it was decades ago. Whereas before, everything was filed with a pen and numerous confusing papers, now, softwares like TurboTax do all the work for you. All you need to do is enter your numbers, exactly as you see them. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Even better is that Best Buy automatically offers free shipping to all orders over $20.

Alternatively, if you prefer downloading an online version of TurboTax premier, then you can also use our BargainMoose exclusive TurboTax discount link to save 12% off its purchase instead.

(Image Credit: Ken Teegardin)

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March 10

Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 18 Copies of Turbotax 2013 Now! (CLOSED)

Posted by on March 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 18 Copies of Turbotax 2013 Now!  (CLOSED)

*** Contest now closed, winners have been emailed & received prizes! ***


Intuit TurboTax will be making the lives of 18 lucky BargainMoosers a lot easier this tax season, because they’ve given us 18 copies of TurboTax Standard 2013 (worth $17.99 each) to give away this week!

TurboTax Standard is made for regular individuals and families. The software will point out any deductions that you can make for your kids and help optimize your RRSP contributions, among other things. It’s also interesting to point out that TurboTax guarantees that they will give you the biggest return or lowest amount to pay than any other “tax prep method” you’ll use.  I’ve never tested out this statement but if you have, let us know how it went by leaving a comment! Of course when I say that, I mean leave an extra comment in addition to your answer to our magical contest entry question.

How to enter this Canadian Contest:

For a chance to win a copy of  TurboTax Standard, all you have to do to is tell us what you’ll be spending your tax return money on if you get money back (and I’m hoping you will!)

“What will you be spending your tax return money on if you do get money back?”

In case you don’t win this contest, keep in mind that TurboTax is offering a 15% discount off its online editions until the end of March. You’ll find this offer on our TurboTax coupon codes page.


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One type of entry per household
  • Ends 16th March 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
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March 5

TurboTax: 15% Off Desktop and Online Tax Software

Posted by on March 5, 2014 at 11:30 PM

TurboTax: 15% Off Desktop and Online Tax Software

Tax season is coming *doom doom doom* and you need to be prepared. The alternative is to run around in circles freaking out: either option has worked for me in the past. However, currently Intuit TurboTax is offering 15% off desktop and online tax software so you can file your taxes on time this year.

Are you a single person hold up in your house with a stack of papers that have ‘T’s and numbers following those letters? You should be good with the Standard Online version which will set you back only $15.29, originally $17.99.

If you have the same basic needs but you have a family: say a husband/wife and a few teenagers running around, then you will need to pick up the Basic CD/Download that was $19.99 and is now $16.99. It allows you do file up to eight returns and is perfect for families with more than one income.

However, if you own your own business or play with the stock market there are different tax software kits for those. Choose the one that best suits your needs by reading the product descriptions. I am totally not looking forward to tax season this year. All my forms from the bank have not even come in yet. I hate that I always have to do taxes right before finals: students shouldn’t have to do their taxes till the summer!

All products that download do not require shipping (of course). If you do choose to get the software shipped to you, shipping starts at $4.

(Expiry: 12th March 2014)

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January 31

TurboTax Canada: 12% Off TurboTax 2013

Posted by on January 31, 2014 at 4:30 PM

TurboTax Canada: 12% Off TurboTax 2013

It’s tax time people, the most wonderful time of the year! Make it even more wonderful with TurboTax.

When I say “Click here to get 12% off @ TurboTax.ca”, I mean it. You have to use that specific link to get the deal. Click it. Cllliiiiick it… Click it!

I legitimately love tax time. My tax return is always awesome. It’s made even more awesome because I do my own taxes. I see people dumping big portions of their tax return on places like H&R Block and, while that’s fine if you don’t mind wasting money, there is a better way! Before I get in to this, I want to mention that there is no substitute for a legitimate accountant. If you screw up your taxes because you did them on your own, it’s not my fault. I warned you!

That being said, millions of people do their own taxes each year and I don’t hear of many people messing them up. I’ve been doing my own taxes since I got my first job out of college and have even started doing them for other people as well. I know a lot of people who use Turbo Tax and they really like it. Even when I worked at Wal~Mart we would bring out these pre-made turbo tax displays constantly for months at a time because they would always sell out.

(Expires: Unknown)

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January 22

Costco Canada: TurboTax Only $29 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 22, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Costco Canada: TurboTax Only $29 & Free Shipping

TurboTax Standard for 2013 is on sale, the cheapest I could find it, at Costco for only $28.99, was $38.99. It will also ship to you free and the best part is that you don’t have to be a Costco member to get this item!

Don’t give your heard-earned tax refund to H&R Block or an accountant. If you have simple taxes, do them yourself! Even if they aren’t that simple, TurboTax software walks you through it. Trust me, I am not great with numbers, which is why I got into writing – no numbers involved – and I do my own taxes. I even have my own home-based business and my husband has complicated business expenses to figure out, but I find it easy with this software and if I can’t figure something out I can call their help desk via phone or live chat or the CRA. They even have a 100% accurate calculation and maximum refund guarantee, which means that if you figure out a higher tax refund elsewhere, they will give you back the cost of the software.

The standard edition is best for individuals, couples or families claiming standard deductions. This format is the CD format and it must be activated before use. If you were looking for a downloadable version, we do have an exclusive coupon code for 12% off, but that price will be higher than the one you see here.

Photo Credit: Sal Falko

(Expiry: 3rd February 2014)

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January 12

TurboTax Canada: 10% Off 2013 Tax Software

Posted by on January 12, 2014 at 6:00 PM

TurboTax Canada: 10% Off 2013 Tax Software

It is the beginning of a new year, and I am sure you all are thinking about taxes by now. No? Well, you should start considering it sometime soon! TurboTax Canada is offering 10% off their tax software right now for those wanting an early start.

This sale is just for the download/CD versions (not the online version). You have many choices for software.

The standard software is on sale from $39.99 down to $35.99. It allows you to do up to eight returns and includes all you need for individuals, couples, and families.

The Premier tax software is on sale from $69.99 down to $62.99. This includes everything that the basic edition includes plus much more. You can track capital gains and losses, claim rental property income, and it includes free live tax advice.

If you have a home business or a small business you will want the Home & Business tax software that was $99.99 and is now $89.99. It is made for consultants and contractors, and includes everything you need to manage your business taxes.

You can also pick up TurboTax Basic for Canadians with simple tax returns and TurboTax 20 which allows up to twenty returns for 10% off.

You can either download the software or get the CD shipped to you starting at $4.

(Expiry: 15th January 2014)

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December 27

Turbo Tax Canada: 15% Off

Posted by on December 27, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Turbo Tax Canada: 15% Off

Tax time is going to be here before we know it, so why not get prepared at a cheaper price with 15% off for Boxing Day.

No matter how simple or difficult your tax return is, you can find a TurboTax package that will help you. You don’t need H&R Block to do it for you and take a percentage of your money when there are very simple and easy to use programs like these.

Basic – for very simple returns like those just requiring a T4 and a few basic deductions – was $19.99, now $16.99

Standard – for simple returns, but those who want RRSP & RESP optimizers, income splitting and tax deduction tools – was $39.99, now $33.99

Premier – includes 12 returns, plus live tax advice free, and investment income advice – was $69.99, now $54.99

Home & Business – so you can file personal and business taxes together – was $99.99, now $84.99

Business Incorporated – for filing your incorporated T2 business returns – was $199.99, now $169.99

Suite – includes Premier plus Quicken Home & Business – was $109.99, now $93.49

These are all downloads, so no shipping fees apply.

(Expiry: 27th December 2013)

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April 15

Tax Time! Win 1 of 2 Copies of Online Turbotax Software in this 48 Hour Bargainmoose Contest!

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 7:30 AM

Tax Time! Win 1 of 2 Copies of Online Turbotax Software in this 48 Hour Bargainmoose Contest!

*** Contest now closed, winners were Danielle and Julie ***

If you’ve left it to the next few weeks to get your latest taxes done, we might be able to help you out – we’ve got 2 free copies of the online Turbotax software to give away to the Bargainmoosers. Each copy is worth up to $63, depending on what package you choose from the following:

  • Standard (worth $17.99)
  • Premier (worth $32.99)
  • Home and Business (worth $44.99)

Just note that you also get free tax advice with Premier and Home and Business this year – an added bonus. The winning software is even good for spousal returns (usually an extra $18) – provided you submit them at the same time.

How to enter the Turbotax contest:

Please choose your sentiment and leave your choice in the comments below:

I love doing taxes!


I hate doing taxes!

If you’re not lucky enough to win a copy of the Turbotax software and need to pay for their services this month, don’t forget to make use of our exclusive Bargainmoose Turbotax coupon code link which activates an extra 12% discount. That’s a saving of a few dollars anyway.


  • Ends 16th April 2013, Canadian entrants only, 1 entry per household
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April 10

Turbotax Canada: 15% Off Any Online Edition

Posted by on April 10, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Turbotax Canada: 15% Off Any Online Edition

Just in time for submitting your taxes, TurboTax is now offering 15% off the purchase of any online edition.

TurboTax is a great way to do your own taxes. They make it very easy to enter in all of your information, plus provide you with tips and tools on how to make the most out of your deductions. You can even carry forward your information from other products. Each version has different options, and the three that are on sale are:

Standard for $15.29, regularly $17.99. Use this one if you have a standard T4 and deductions.

Premier for $28.04, regularly $32.99. This one is for more complicated returns, like people with investment income, or use this if you want the free live tax advice, via phone or chat.

Home & Business for $38.24, regularly $44.99. Use this if you have a small business and need to include your business income.

Simply download the software you want, input your information, NETFILE to the CRA and you are set.

(Expiry: 12th April 2013)

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March 13

Turbo Tax Canada: 15% Discount For 3 Days

Posted by on March 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Turbo Tax Canada: 15% Discount For 3 Days

Bargainmoose has a 15% discount link for TurboTax products on now for only three days.

Tax time is here and for some that is great news, for others it is just stress. I actually find doing my taxes fun, especially when I have software that is easy to use and when I get a good refund.

Turbo Tax Canada makes it easy for you to do your own taxes, with a comprehensive interview, analyzers to help you save money and six different options, depending on your needs.

  • Turbo Tax Basic handles simple tax returns with ease. Regularly $19.99, get it for only $16.99.
  • Turbo Tax Standard includes everything in the basic and RRSP and CPP optimizers, pension income splitting tools and guidance for claiming multiple child tax credits. Regularly $39.99, get it for only $33.99.
  • Turbo Tax Premier includes everything from the standard edition and free live tax advice on phone chat, guidance for rental property income and investment income. Regularly $69.99, get it for only $59.49.
  • Turbo Tax Home & Business includes everything from the premier edition and allows you to file your business taxes and gives advice on business tax advantages. Regularly $99.99, get it for only $74.99.
  • Turbo Tax Business Incorporated files business T2 taxes with the help of the import of QuickBooks data. Regularly $199.99, now only $169.99.
  • Turbo Tax Suite includes 12 premier returns and tracks your finances all year with tools for money-saving. Regularly $109.99, now only $93.49.

You can choose to download your software or have it shipped for a fee starting at $4. This, and any other Turbotax coupons can be found here in the Bargainmoose coupon forums!

(Expiry: 16th March 2013)

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