March 29

Walmart Canada: Up to 50% Off Minnie Playsets Now $10 to $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Up to 50% Off Minnie Playsets Now $10 to $15 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada’s toy section is ripe with deals. Pick up some Minnie Mouse themed playsets for up to 50% off their original price with free shipping.

The first toy set is super cute and quantities are already limited. Purchase Minnie’s Pet Bowtique Playset that was $19.97 and is now only $10. The set comes with Minnie, Pluto, and Figaro figures. Minnie and pets can play in the pet grooming partner complete with cash register table, food display shelf, a bathtub, and a groomer’s table.

Minnie needs a way to get around so pick up Minnie’s Limousine that was $19.97, and is now just $10. The pimped limousine has a pool in the back! The set comes with a Minnie figure, her limo, a suitcase, and what looks to be a towel.

While not quite 50% off, I do like Minnie Resort Paw Pack. This pack was $17.97 and is now $10. The pack comes with a Minnie beach figure, two water pets, and tons of beach accessories. One reviewer said:

My granddaughter loves Mini Mouse and she really loves the swim set and the bathing suits for Mini she plays with them at our house every time she comes.

Minnie’s Bike Ride was $29.94 but is now $15. The bike is designed so Fargo can sit in the back while Minnie sits on the front. The cat is included, as well as a helmet for Minnie. One reviewer said:

Christmas gift and my niece loved it! One of her favourite new toys.

All the playsets come with a Minnie doll, which some reviewers found the only downside of all the playsets. One reviewer suggested that the pets and accessories should come separately as her daughter already has four Minnie dolls! If your child wants another character to play with, the purchase the Tea party with Daisy Bowtique that was $24.97 and is now $15. Sure, you still get a Minnie doll, but the set also comes with Daisy.

Lastly, Minnie’s Fashion Ride comes with the cat, a motorcycle, and a change of clothing. There are 10 pieces in all to play with. This set was $24.97 and is now $15.

The best toys are those that work with other toys or toy sets. Since all of these Minnie themed toys are on sale, you can pick up a couple. I think the beach one and the grooming parlour would be my favourite ones, and then I would add on the Daisy set.

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March 27

Toys R Us: BOGO Free on Play-doh, My Little Pony, & More

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Toys R Us: BOGO Free on Play doh, My Little Pony, & More

There is a bunch of buy one get one free offers on at Toys R Us for this weekend. This is a great time to stock up on toys for your children – whether for birthdays, for good behaviour rewards, or for Christmas (I know… so far away).

Here are some of the items you can buy one of and get another free:

  • BOGO FREE on ALL $21.99 and Under Play-Doh
  • BOGO FREE on ALL $14.99 and up My Little Pony
  • BOGO FREE on ALL Littlest Pet Shop Dolls and Playsets

I started with Play-Doh, as it is a favourite childhood toy of mine. I just adore the Play-Doh Stamp and Roll Set Featuring Despicable Me Minions for $9.99. There is a unicycle roller with stamps built in and a Pogo stick with different stamps as well. It is one-eyed minion versus two-eyed minion for the win! I would pair this set with the Play-Doh Marvel Can-Heads Featuring Spider-Man and Green Goblin that is also $9.99. Together, one set becomes free.

Toys R Us: BOGO Free on Play doh, My Little Pony, & More

You can see the discount in my cart above. Now, Toys R Us offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more so you will want to add more than $10 worth of stuff to your cart.

When I was a child, I owned one My Little Pony. I think my pony would be a classic now as My Little Pony has come back as a hit TV show and toy franchise among kids, teens, and adults. I was at a comic convention where I heard Q from Star Trek speak. Half the questions directed towards him were about the character he voices on My Little Pony! You could purchase the My Little Pony – Equestria Girls Collection – Twilight Sparkle Doll for $17.99 and get the My Little Pony – Equestria Girls Collection – Rarity Doll for free. If you split the cost between the dolls, which means each doll will only cost $8.99.

Lastly, all Littlest Pet Shop Dolls and Playsets qualify for the buy one get one free offer. I picked out the Littlest Pet Shop – Backstage Beauties Pet Pair for $14.99 to pair up with the Littlest Pet Shop – On With the Show Pet Pair, which is also only $14.99. Your second one becomes free in your cart.

You can add multiples of these deals as well. I tried out four Littlest Pet Shop items and two became free. You can do this with the My Little Pony and Play-Doh deals as well.

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March 26

Walmart Canada: Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack Was $35 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 26, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Walmart Canada: Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack Was $35 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

I am a bit obsessed with Monster High dolls – I will admit it. I constantly monitor their sales on Walmart! This Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe Pack – Shivering Sad, Eek Excited, Hauntingly Happy is on sale from $34.97 down to just $17 with free shipping.

Okay, this pack is the ultimate cool Monster High pack for real fans of monsters. The doll comes with three different faceplates plus her usual face. The faceplates fit over her face to give her different – really awesome – designs and expressions. Press down on her brain, and her eyes change as well. I really like the evil looking eyes. Her body comes with two different torsos. One is the ‘normal’ monster high torso and the other is the one where you can stick in different monster organs and then snap the plastic cover shut.

She also comes with a bunch of accessories including two different outfits and different hairpieces. Her journal has blank pages so you can make your own monster story. Overall, she is one cool doll! You can even mix and match her pieces with other Inner Monster dolls. I have one from the Inner Monster collection – and I just love her face plate and wings. It would be fun to interchange doll parts, clothing, hair, and more.

I tried price comparing this set, but it is sold out everywhere else. I did find it from a secondary seller on Amazon for $99.95 plus shipping (ouch). A regular Inner Monster doll pack retails for $29.99 on Sears Canada (not the deluxe), and the best deals on start at $34 for the pack plus shipping.

I found some reviews online. Reviewers tended to be very impressed with the deluxe pack. The many accessories for the doll was their favourite part. Some reviewers said that this doll is best for those who are not planning to collect all the dolls. The Inner Monster deluxe pack becomes three dolls in one with the many different accessories you can use to customize her. Overall, the doll plus accessories is a great buy for only $17.

If you are in the market for other Monster High dolls, check out the MONSTER HIGH – GHOUL SPIRIT DOLL for only $14.97. Frankie and Spectra are still available. Monster High Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll is also on sale for $14.97.

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March 25

Walmart Canada: Interactive Mike the Knight Figure Was $25 | Now $10 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 25, 2015 at 1:28 PM

Walmart Canada: Interactive Mike the Knight Figure Was $25 | Now $10 & Free Shipping

This Interactive Mike the Knight Figure is on sale from $24.97 down to $10, at Walmart Canada. All orders from Walmart Canada receive free shipping.

Price comparing this toy was nearly impossible. Toys R Us, Amazon Canada, and Sears Canada do not carry the toy. I did find the toy in the USA at There it had an original retail price of $20 and was on sale for $12.25 US = $15.35 CA. While this is hardly a fair comparison (shipping and duty would come into play), it does give you some context.

Mike the Knight is pretty popular among young kids (about two to five years old) right now. This Mike the Knight Figure talks to your child so they can hear popular sounds and phrases from the show. This little knight in training is sure to please your young one while they play. As one reviewer said:

I bought it for my son birthday ( 3years) who loves mike the knight the toy has many sounds , of the tv show, he takes him everywhere great toy

This toy is versatile. Not only does it speak, but Mike the Knight has articulated shoulder joints and can pivot at the waist. The toy includes a sword and shield for pretend play. Activate Mike by pressing the shield button on his chest. Hoe comes with over 20 sounds and phrases. Some of them your child will know from the show, like “It’s time to be a knight and do it right!” Other phrases encourage your child, like “You would make a great knight!”

This toy is for ages two and up but age often depends on development stage so you are always the best judge as to whether your child is ready for this sort of toy.

I think this is a great toy for a great price! It satisfies tactile and auditory play while still being great for playing out stories with the sword and shield. While this is not the most articulated toy, it has enough movement to satisfy young customers.

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March 24

Toys R Us Coupon: GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine & Parade Float Only $40 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 24, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Toys R Us Coupon: GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine & Parade Float Only $40 & Free Shipping

Toys R Us Canada is giving you GoldieBlox and the Parade Float for only $5 (regularly $22.99) when you purchase GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine for $34.99. Instead of $57.98, you will only spend $39.99 for both sets and receive free shipping.

Click here to purchase GoldieBlox @ Toys R Us Canada

  • Coupon Code: GoldieBlox5
  • Discount: Parade Float for $5 with Spinning Machine purchase
  • Expiry: Unknown

It is a bit hard to price compare a deal like this. Essentially, you need to look at the total price for both sets and see whose is cheaper. Here is a price compilation from two other websites that carry this title.

$57.90 @ Chapters Indigo

  • GoldieBlox and the Parade Float – $22.95
  • GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine – $34.95

$45.06 @ Amazon Canada

  • GoldieBlox and the Parade Float – $14.99
  • GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine – $30.07

Given both of these price comparisons, I figured Toys R Us’s deal was worth blogging as it is the cheapest and includes free shipping as well.

Toys R Us Coupon: GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine & Parade Float Only $40 & Free Shipping

Honestly, I had no clue what these were when I first saw this deal. I had to read a bit to find out that GoldieBlox is a series of interactive books and construction toys designed to fuel girls’ interest in engineering. I remember reading something about how innovative these toys were as most toys like this are marketed towards boys. As your child reads along in the book, she gets to build what Goldie builds. Your child will encounter problems along side Goldie. They will solve these problems together by building simple machines. I rate this about a 5/5 for awesome toys geared towards girls.

This toy is designed for younger girls. Several parents have found it perfect for a four-year old:

My four year old loves stories and lego/blocks. Having a fun story to follow and build with has been perfect for her. The more she does it, the easier it becomes for her to follow the pictures and do it herself. She likes that at the end of the story there is more “machines” to build.

You can read other reviews from parents. There are some complains about kids getting bored… but that seems to be with older children. Also, not all kids will like all toys. Some parents do not think the set holds together well enough, but it is designed to be taken apart and used to build machines. From my understanding, the sets can be used together as well.

For this and future Toys R Us coupon codes, visit our forum.

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March 24

Walmart Canada: Clearance On Building Block Toys

Posted by on March 24, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Clearance On Building Block Toys

Walmart Canada has restocked their clearance section with fierce deals on building block brands like LEGO, Duplo, and Mega Bloks. Receive free shipping on all orders.

First, my favourite set of the sale has to be LEGO Lord of the Rings and Hobbit – The Wizard Battle on sale from $15.96 down to $10. Wage war between Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White. Turn the tables on Saruman so that Gandalf wins this time. Weapons, two figures, and the throne room will keep you busy.

While not quite for building, this LEGO Legends of Chima Laval Minifigure Clock is a fantastic deal. Originally $24.94, the clock is on sale for $15. If your child is a big fan of LEGO, give them a LEGO themed clock to teach them time.

For a sweet little set perfect to keep or to give, pick up this LEGO Duplo Creative Play – All-in-One-Gift-Set (10570) that was $17.86 and is now $15. The same set is $19.99 at Toys R Us right now. This 30-piece set includes a cat and a dog.

There are several other Duplo sets on sale that you can mix and match with the Creative Play set above. Pick up the LEGO DUPLO Creative Play – Toddler Build and Boat Fun (10567), which was $19.86, for only $15 right now. In this set, your child can collect a red rabbit and a cute little brown bear.

This Mega Bloks – First Builders – Build N’ Learn Table (8233) is an absolute must buy. The set was $25 and is now $20. It includes 75 blocks and the table to play on as well. The original price on this set is quite misleading as Amazon Canada currently sells the set for $44.95. Even on sale at Toys R Us, the set is still $34.97. Add on the Mega Bloks First Builders – ABC Spell School Bus (81254) that was $15.93 and is now $10.

While I am not familiar with this brand, the Kre-O Cityville Marina Madness Set looks to be an excellent deal. Originally $29.94, the set is on sale for $20. Amazon Canada has the same set for $46.47 right now from a marketplace seller. I like the giant shark that comes with the set.

The LEGO suitcases look like a fun addition to your current sets. Pick up the LEGO Juniors – House Suitcase (10660) or the LEGO Juniors – Vehicle Suitcase (10659) during this clearance sale. Originally $29.96, the suitcases are each $20.

There are plenty more fun building sets for sale right now. Stick is very limited and selling out quickly.

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March 22

Toys R Us: Big Hero 6 Armor Up Baymax Was $23 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 22, 2015 at 11:48 AM

Toys R Us: Big Hero 6 Armor Up Baymax Was $23 | Now $17 (EXPIRED)

If you have not seen Big Hero 6 yet, then you are seriously missing one of the greatest Disney films in years! I am obsessed with Baymax and the whole Big Her 6 team and have only watched the movie about five times by now. Baymax toys are pretty hot right now, and this Big Hero 6 – Armor Up Baymax is on sale from $22.99 down to $17.17.

I tried price comparing this toy, but so few places in Canada currently carry it. I did find it from a secondary seller on Amazon Canada: they are charging $41.07 plus an outrageous amount for shipping. I decided to go to the source – the Disney Store. The Disney Store’s website is USA based, but they have the same Armor Up Baymax toy priced at $29.95US.

I love this little figure. He starts at 6″ tall in his plushy, lovable form. When fully armoured, the Baymax figure stands 8″ tall with a 14″ wingspan. There are over 20 pieces of armour to put on Baymax to transform him from nursebot to awesome flying robot.

Keep in mind, this is designed for somewhat older children – those who have the manual dexterity to manipulate small parts and use bits of force to snap them into place. I am a pretty big kid when it comes to this movie and I would LOVE to own a Baymax figure. He may just be among my top three Disney characters EVER!

Now, a few reviewers had difficulty getting the armour to stay on Baymax – but you really need to follow the instructions and there will be no problem. As this reviewer said:

My son loves this toy. I do not understand all the complaints about the armor falling off! My son has had no problems with it falling off! He said it is like putting legos together! I wonder if some people did not turn the belly and his back around, because you have to do that to put the armor on correctly!

This Baymax toy is not available for pick up. Toys R Us, as you know, offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You may want to order two or check out the rest of their sale section so you can get free shipping. I added to my cart this Monster High – Secret Creepers Crypt Set that was $39.99, and is now $19.97.

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March 22 Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train Was $22 | Now $14 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 22, 2015 at 11:22 AM Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train Was $22 | Now $14 (EXPIRED)

Building blocks are one of the greatest toys in the world. The blocks teach kids better fine motor skills and how to use their imagination. This Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train is on sale from $22.39 down to $13.97. Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

I could not find this set many other places in Canada, but good ol’ Walmart caries it. The exact same building set is currently $21.98 at Walmart. While you would receive free shipping at Walmart, I am not sure that is worth paying an extra $7. Just pick up two sets at Amazon Canada or add another item to your cart to qualify for free shipping.

This is a fun little toy designed for children ages one to five as the building blocks go together and come apart easily. The set includes 44 building blocks, three wheelbases, three building plates, and a sticker sheet. The building blocks come together to make a train. This train introduces kids to the numbers 0 to 9. it is a great way to teach young children through play. The stickers can be placed on the blocks (best with the help of an adult) for more fun.

These are compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets so you can expand your child’s current collection. As your child grows older, they will naturally start to mix and match pieces from different sets.

Now, if you are having trouble fleshing out your cart to receive free shipping – I have some suggestions. This set of LEGO Classic Bricks is on sale from $19.99 down to $15.96. Enjoy 221 pieces of different shaped and different coloured LEGO in this set. It is designed for older children: ages four and up. Toys R US has the same box of LEGO for $19.99, and Walmart Canada has the same set for $19.86.

This set of LEGO Movie MetalBeard’s Duel – 70807 is in the honourable mention section. Originally $44.99, the set is on sale for $35.97. Now, Toys R Us has the same sale price as Amazon Canada right now but Walmart still has the set priced at $44.86.

Of course, you might already have a couple things you want to buy that you can add to this train toy set in order to receive free shipping. I think $14 is a good deal for a 50-piece of Mega Bloks.

Limited stock is available.

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March 21

B1G1 On Select Barbie Dolls @ Toys R Us Canada

Posted by on March 21, 2015 at 9:33 PM

B1G1 On Select Barbie Dolls @ Toys  R Us Canada

Attention, Toys R Us currently has a pretty awesome deal on select Barbie dolls! While supplies last, you can take advantage of a “buy one, get one free” deal on select Barbie dolls priced at $29.99 or less.

Once you click over to the Toys R Us page, you will be able to click through 4 pages of Barbie dolls with a total of 47 dolls. Some of these, like the Ken groom doll, are already sold out but there are plenty more to choose from.

Technically, this Toys R Us promotion is labelled as “while supplies last” but there is every possibility that it will expire when most other promotions end and that’s at the end of the week. Every week, offers expire on Thursday and new ones are released on Friday. It’s possible that this Barbie one will truly keep going but if you want to take advantage of it, it’s best not to wait until the end of the week to find out.

Save Even More
To save even more, be sure to combine this BOGO offer with dolls that are already on sale. The cheapest one I could find is the Barbie sisters’ fun day skipper doll on sale for $7.47 (reg. $14.99). You could get it for free if you get the next cheapest doll, which is either the pink & purple magic mermaid or just the purple one. Both of these are on sale for $8.47 (reg. $16.99) each.

Another cheap Barbie doll is the beach Raquelle doll on sale for $10.99. The original price isn’t listed but it does has 16 reviews with a total of 4/5 stars! It looks like the perfect doll for some fun in the sun this summer!


Shipping is free on orders over $25. I have found that the free shipping offer can be a little unpredictable with Toys R Us, so in the event that you add too many Barbie dolls and the free shipping offer ceases to apply, then just split it into two orders. Most of these dolls are also available for free in-store pickup if you want to get your order quicker.

(Image Credit: Mike Mozart)

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March 15

Walmart: Playgo Toy Wagon Set Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 15, 2015 at 5:36 PM

Walmart: Playgo Toy Wagon Set Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada has a sweet little deal on the 34-piece Toy Wagon Set by Playgo (Kid Connection). Originally $50, this wagon and included toys is on sale for $30 with free shipping.

I could only find this toy set (in Canada) at, where it currently retails for $49.99 plus shipping. At Walmart, you save the shipping charges and get $20 off that price.  There are 34 pieces in the set. Rather than throwing them in your child’s regular toy box, they all will store inside the toy wagon. Your child can then use the toy wagon to transport these toys (and other toys) from room to room. I like the toy wagon because it makes cleanup before bed simple. Just have your child pick up all their toys and put them in the wagon. Then they can pull the wagon to their room and put the toys away.

The full set includes:

  • 9 chunky blocks
  • 3-piece multi-activity action blocks
  • 10 stacking and nesting cups
  • 6-piece nesting and stacking water or bath toys
  • 1 wind-up musical TV
  • 5-piece shape sorters
  • 1 wagon and locking lid

The lid can be used with some of the blocks and shapes. Stick the blocks onto the nubs on the lid to give your building a solid foundation. all the pieces are made of plastic.

The set is designed for children ages 18 months and up. Depending on your child’s progress, this might be appropriate for slightly younger children. The yellow wagon has a red handle so children can drag it all over the place.

I cannot think of a better set of versatile toys for $30. At this price, you are paying less than $1 per toy (34-toy set). I also think this set makes an excellent gift for a baby shower – especially for first time mothers. While the toys cannot be used immediately, they will appreciate them within a couple years.

Despite the size of the wagon filled with toys, you still receive free shipping from Walmart Canada. That is one of my favourite things about Walmart deals – you never have to worry about extra charges for shipping.

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March 11

Toys R Us: Imaginarium Garden Activity Table Was $70 | Now $33

Posted by on March 11, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Toys R Us: Imaginarium Garden Activity Table Was $70 | Now $33

Toys R Us has a sweet deal on the Imaginarium – Garden Activity Table that is exclusive to them. Originally $69.99, the table is now on sale for $32.47. You will receive a $10 shipping credit, which should cover most if not all the cost of shipping.

This table is a beauty! Standing 15″ high, the Imaginarium Garden Activity Table has a bright, colourful, and playful garden theme. Your children can interact with the table through a variety of activities. Children will enjoy the spinning gears, spinning characters, busy beads, bead maze, pounding ball, shape sorter and Xylophone. The set includes a mallet so your child can pound away on their multipurpose toy.

As this toy is exclusives to Toys R Us, it is hard to price compare. I did find the same table listed on for $44.96 US. There is also one listed on eBay, but the shipping cost makes the deal not as good.

As for shipping, you receive a free $10 shipping credit on this table instead of the free shipping. However, I priced out shipping to Vancouver Island of all places and the $10 just covered the shipping cost. For most places in Canada, shipping will be free.

Toys R Us: Imaginarium Garden Activity Table Was $70 | Now $33

If you do have to spring for a bit of shipping money, you could always get this toy delivered to your local store instead. Either way, I think this toy is well worth the $33 being asked.

I read a few reviews of the activity table. Parents are thrilled as the table helps improve fine motor skills, strengthen muscles for standing, and it keeps their children entertained for hours. One parent positively gushed over the table saying:

We decided on the Busy Bee Activity table because it had so many different activities and is the perfect height for our little crawler who is learning to walk and pulling himself up to things. We brought it home and it was a hit right away. He LOVES it. He stands at it, holding on, and plays with the many activities. His favorite seems to be the ball and mallet because of the fun music it makes as it rolls down the xylophone. His hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously since he started playing with it almost two weeks ago

That is one thrilled parent. Other parents say that it is very easy to put together and it is made of sturdy wood, which feels better quality and will last longer. Overall, they could not be happier with the busy bee, garden activity table.

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March 10

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off All Rainbow Loom

Posted by on March 10, 2015 at 4:06 PM

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off All Rainbow Loom

Chapters Indigo is offering 50% off all Rainbow Loom kits and accessories.

The primary Rainbow Loom kit was $18.95 and is now $9.48. The set comes with everything you need to start out. Included in the kit are two looms (one regular and one travel-sized), a metal hook, c-clips, instructions, and over 600 pieces of latex free rubber bands. These accessories will make around 24 bracelets.  One happy parent said:

I bought a rainbow loom for my daughter, and she loves it so much! She spends hours playing on it everyday, and it keeps her really busy. The things that you can make with elastics are unbelievable. She’s actually made an iPod case! I don’t regret buying it for her.

This is a fantastic kit to encourage creativity and working with your hands. Now, if you have an child who avidly uses her loom, then you will need some accessory kits to keep up with demand. Pick up the Rainbow Loom Multi-Colour Refill Pack on sale from $3.95, down to $1.98. This multi-pack comes with 600 bands. For a specific colour theme, I would choose the Rainbow Loom Refill Pack – Mermaid that was $4.95 and is now $2.48. Unfortunately, the mermaid themed pack (and a few others) only comes with 300 bands. The colours are fantastic! There are plenty of other colours and themes to choose from. You can even buy 600 bands of the same colour if you like. The Rainbow Loom Glow-in-the-Dark Refill Pack is probably my favourite. Who does not like glowing jewellery? Originally $4.95, this pack of 600 bands now costs $2.48.

There are also a couple Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kits you can purchase. The kit includes a mini Rainbow Loom and the new 2-in-1 plastic and metal replacement hook with base removal tool. The new hook design has a metal tip that will last longer. Originally $4.95, the loom upgrade is just $2.48.

You can also buy the travel loom separate. I read a few comments where the travel loom works better for younger kids who cannot quite get the hang of the bigger loom.

I think 50% off Rainbow Loom is a great price. You can really stock up on bands, upgrade your loom, or invest in a new starter kit for less. Receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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March 9 Outer Edge Snow Moto Was $88 | Now $68 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 9, 2015 at 1:30 PM Outer Edge Snow Moto Was $88 | Now $68 & Free Shipping

The coolest kid’s winter toys are on sale right now at Walmart Canada. The Outer Edge Snow Moto has been discounted from $88 down to $68 with free shipping. The Snow Moto comes in two different designs: Spider Man and Snow Dragon Red.

These machines are ready to shred some snow! The snow moto has three skis for stability. Enjoy front flex suspension for a compare comfortable ride and an adjustable seat to handle kids of all sizes. The snow moto is designed for kids around the age of 9 to 12.

Your child’s new ride features pro grip steering and full functioning brakes so they can stop at the bottom of the hill. There is a tow rope docking station, which is very useful for towing a toboggan behind.

Trying to find a good price comparison proved near impossible. However, I did find the Spider Man Snow Moto priced at $95.99 on Sears Canada. In the USA, I found the yellow version for $144.15 excluding tax, duty, and shipping. This was at Overstock. Given Sears Canada’s price for the unit, I figured $68 with free shipping was a very good deal.

I really like this kind of snow toy, and I would have given a lot to have one of these as a kid. Depending on the physical maturity of your children, you may be able to give this to one a bit younger than nine. I think I could have handled this when I was 8 or so.

One reviewer said:

Excellent Product, my kids love them and they seem like they will last a very long time.

I think the Spider-Man graphics will be a favourite among kids, but I prefer the Dragon model. Black and red look so awesome together and I prefer the shape of the dragon front. However, if you have a little Spidy fan, the blue and red Spider Man unit is the way to go.

Even though these are fairly large toys, Walmart Canada will still ship them to your home for free. Pick one up before they go out of stock! Also, if you own one of these units and care to comment, then please let us know what you think of your Snow Moto!

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March 8

Toys R Us Canada: 25% Off Bruin Activity Cube With Bead Maze – Now Just $24.47

Posted by on March 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Toys R Us Canada: 25% Off Bruin Activity Cube With Bead Maze   Now Just $24.47

Ever since seeing an amazing activity cube at the mall, I have been searching high and lo for an affordable cube for my little one. They’re all quite pricey but just now, I found the Bruin activity cube with a bead maze on sale for just $24.95 at Toys R Us. It’s regularly priced at $36.99.

Activity cubes are noteworthy for being very expensive, with most being around $100. The Imaginarium cube, for instance, is also currently on sale at Toys R Us for a whopping $89.99! But if your budget isn’t quite so broad, then the Bruin activity cube is definitely a great alternative.

It doesn’t have any reviews but it looks like it could keep a baby entertained for long enough for you to be able to get some household chores done and perhaps even whip up a quick healthy meal.

Described as a “2 in 1 bucket”, this cube can actually be disassembled to form either a cube or carpet with a number of activities like blocks that need to be inserted in the designated slots, gears that need to be turned, beads that need to be slid, etc.


The only downside to this deal is that if you only get the cube, then you will be $0.53 away from free shipping. So you can either pick up this cube in-stores if your local Toys R Us has it in stock or you could get a cheap filler items to reach the free shipping minimum threshold. The deals section is a great place to check for more discount. For instance, there is currently up to 50% off to be had on select everyday items like gates, feeding chairs, towels, etc.

In terms of filler items, I found the Aleva Naturals sleep easy baby wash on sale for just $1.47 (reg. $1.99). It’s a great item to pick up if you’re not quite sure which baby wash to go with yet. In fact, it’s one that I use to wash my baby as the smell of lavender is very soothing.

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March 4

Amazon Canada: Up To 50% Off Schleich Toy Figures

Posted by on March 4, 2015 at 11:02 AM

Amazon Canada: Up To 50% Off Schleich Toy Figures

If you’ve got a child who loves to play pretend with figures, you’ve no doubt heard of Schleich. This premium brands makes some amazing figures of animals, dinosaurs, popular characters, knights and more. The reason I know is because I have a ton of them. The sad part is that I’ve bought at specialty toy stores and wanted to cry paying $5 for one tiny pig that my son insisted on having. Today I can get stocked up at Amazon, with up to 50% off these figures.

Kids (and adults) love the realistic look of these figures. I love having different animal figures for my kids to play with, as it teaches them about the animals and these figures are great for all ages, from toddler to teen. I think these would be amazing for an Easter hunt, rather than candy. They are easy to hide as they aren’t large, but it is a quality toy that kids would get excited finding.

There are too many figures on sale here to mention the prices, but I’ll let you know some of my favourites. If you’ve got a horse lover in the family, you won’t want to miss the recreational rider. Regularly $24.99, you can get this hand painted girl on a horse for only $15.95. Learning Toys sells this one for $22.99 and is out of stock.

If dinosaurs are your kid’s thing, Tyrannosaurus Rex would be a great addition to their toys. This one is regularly $29.99 and now $16.51, selling for about $9 more at Learning Toys.

Every little girl needs a magical unicorn in her toy basket and this female elf on a unicorn is sure to delight. Regularly $24.99, it is now $14.94. Again, Learning Toys sells it for about $5 more. This one is also part of a collectible series, if that’s what you are into.

We have a few of the Schleich knights and this Dragon Knight action figure on horse is very similar to one we have had for years that still gets played with often. Regulary $23.99 and now $14.38, you’ll want to pick this up at this price.

I didn’t realize that all of the figures are hand-painted and I think that is super cool. It makes the price more than worth it. Shipping is free at Amazon when you spend $25, so you’ll want to pick up a few figures to get your total to that amount and avoid extra costs.

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