January 30

Amazon Canada: Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox Was $112 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 30, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Amazon Canada: Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox Was $112 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

Spring has sprung! Ok, it hasn’t, but in a few days the local groundhog will tell us whether we’ll be suffering through six more weeks of winter or not. Be prepared ahead of that pesky groundhog and get your yard ready for spring. Amazon has the Step2 Naturally Playful sandbox on sale for $59.12, from a regular price of $111.99.

If you have little kids, a sandbox in their backyard is a dream. I know, because I’ve had a few. When my older kids were toddlers, we had something just like this, which was perfect for them to play in for hours. I could put the lid on at the end of the play session, to ensure local cats weren’t making it a litter box and to keep out water. I eventually moved to a house that had a built-in sandbox and sold the old sandbox for a good price at a garage sale. These things keep their value.

This one from Step2 holds up to 200lbs of sand and has a natural look that won’t clutter up your landscaped yard. It even has little molded seats for the kids who don’t like to get right in there and get dirty. My kids liked getting dirty, so they sat right in the sandbox.

It has great reviews on Amazon, all the moms and kids love it:

Thoroughly researched sandboxes for my 2-year old and this one came out on top, not disappointed. Large enough for him to play in, small enough to fit on our deck… The lid is designed to shed water (other sandboxes with flat lids will collect/pool water), we’ve had a few summer storms and no water has gotten in and soaked the sand.

I of course price compared on other sites and Amazon’s price came out on top. Walmart has a similar, although not as nice looking, sand box on for $69.93, which is the second lowest price I found it for. Amazon’s price is $10 cheaper. Sears has the same one as Amazon selling for $99.99.

Amazon will also ship this sandbox to you for free as well, so that’s a nice bonus to get you ready for the warmer weather ahead. If sand isn’t your thing, I’ve also seen it where parents have filled it up with other sensory items – rice for example – and kept it in their basement playroom.

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January 29

Sears Canada: Little Tikes Fold Away Climber Only $13 & Shipping *PRICE ERROR?* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 29, 2015 at 6:22 PM

Sears Canada: Little Tikes Fold Away Climber Only $13 & Shipping *PRICE ERROR?* (EXPIRED)

Sears Canada currently has the Little Tikes Fold Away Climber priced at only $12.99! While the climber is not showing as on sale at Sears Canada, I consulted the Little Tikes website where this exact climber retails for $129.99.

I believe that the Sears Canada price is a pricing error. Currently, they list their quantity in stock as “Pending” so I do not know how many are actually in stock or if they will honour the price they have listed. That means, you may or may not get this deal.

If you do manage to score this deal, you will be super lucky. The price at Sears is 90% off the original retail price given at Little Tikes. You will have to pay for either handing to store ($4.95) or shipping to your home (starting at $7.95). Even with this additional fee, you cannot go wrong with this sweet little climber for your kids.

The fold away climber is like a mini gym for your kids. They can climb up to the platform, slide down the little red slide, play soccer and score in the net, and even play basketball. The folding climber includes a basketball for your little ones to use with the set. You can play with the climber indoors or outdoors. Conveniently, it folds up easily for storage and thus makes an ideal larger toy for apartments, condominiums, and smaller homes.

The climber has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs and is meant for only one child to be on it at a time. For all other instructions, please see the enclosed manual you will receive with the Little Tikes Climber.

I do not have kids of my own so I really cannot say whether this would be a good toy, but the reviews on little Tikes is overwhelmingly positive. One grandparent said:

This was very good birthday gift for our grandson. He is a very active little boy and needs to burn off energy and this really does it. It offers a lot of things to do in a easy store toy. Parents were thrilled

If you think this is something your child or grandchild would like, pick it up quickly. I hope Sears Canada actually honours this price and sends them out to everyone who buys one.

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January 28

Little Tikes 3-In-1 Deluxe Edition Trike Was $99 Now $59.97 + $10 Shipping Credit @ Toys R Us (EXPIRED)

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Little Tikes 3 In 1 Deluxe Edition Trike Was $99 Now $59.97 + $10 Shipping Credit @ Toys R Us (EXPIRED)

Start your spring planning early for your little one with the Little Tikes 3-In 1 Deluxe Edition Trike available in cobalt blue. This trike was $99 but is now is only $59.97 @ Toys R Us. The trike also comes with $10 off shipping.

Spring is just around the corner. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Plan for warmer weather now and pick up this great Little Tikes 3-In-1 Deluxe Edition Trike. This trike comes in a bright and cheery cobalt blue and has many extras. It includes a canopy to protect from the sun, a sizeable bucket to stash  your kid’s rock collection and a removable handle for parent steering. It is fully adjustable in seat height and the removable handle can be adjusted up or down. The safety straps can be a 5-point harness or just used at the waist. The trike is designed for kids 18 months to 3 years old.

I have this same trike for my daughter, though mine is the same edition in primary colours. I have found this to be a good trike. We often used it as a mode of transportation when we walked to the playground or occasionally to our local pool last summer. My then two year old was so excited to ride on her bike. She would sometimes play with this bike on her own but I found we mostly used it to go to the park or for a walk around the neighborhood. It was nice she could put her feet up on the footrests if she got tired and we were on a longer trek. I did find the front wheel was a bit small for her to use the bike independently for longer stretches, such as our walks to the park. The wheel size was not an issue at all when she was simply playing in the driveway or backyard.

I checked around on the price. This cobalt blue version only seems available at I found the primary colours edition in several other places.

  • $79.99 @ for the cobalt blue edition with no included canopy
  • $88 @ Walmart for the primary colors edition with no included canopy
  • $119 @ also in primary colours and with canopy

Reviews are pretty mixed on this trike. Most people seem impressed with the overall design.

I purchased this item for my twin boys. They can’t get enough, many people stop me in the street to ask where this was purchase…I proudly say Little Tikes!!!

This person was less impressed with the design. I might suggest she adjust the seat height so her son can use the footrests as we did.

It’s a great trike… handle isn’t well made so it is wobbley. as for the foot rest, my son can’t use it. His legs are too long. and it’s too far back behind the seat to use.

This little trike is at a great price, though you can be your own judge on quality. Kids trikes with a handle normally run $90 and up, making this trike a great deal. A $10 shipping credit is also included automatically. From testing the shipping with a few addresses in the cart, shipping runs about $10.50 for most locations. You should only be out about fifty cents for shipping depending on your location.

Bargainmoosers what are you looking forward to doing this spring?

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January 27

Walmart Canada: Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll Only $15 & Free Shipping

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Walmart Canada: Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll Only $15 & Free Shipping

Whenever I see a Monster High Doll for under $20, I start to drool. I just ran into this Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll on sale for $15 at Walmart. As with all items at Walmart Canada, the doll qualifies for free shipping.

While the original price for this doll is not listed on Walmart, it is near impossible to find her reasonably priced anywhere else. I found the doll for $56 at On, the cheapest price I could find was $24.86 plus $21.83 shipping. Secondary sellers on Amazon Canada start at $40.82 plus shipping costs. None of the usual retailers has the doll in stock, and it is quickly becoming a very expensive piece to acquire.

For a more reasonable price comparison, I looked at They sell the doll for $21.47 US though you cannot import it into Canada. Many of the commenters mention buying this doll through ‘scalpers’ – essentially people who buy up these dolls and sell them at exorbitant prices. As this doll was exclusive to the Scaris collection, she was highly sought after and many people paid mark up prices to purchase her. One commenter said:

Please do not pay scalper prices for these dolls unless they aren’t sold anymore. I bought this doll for $19.97 at Walmart this morning. I am so excited, I will be giving this to my daughter for Valentine’s day.

This may be your last chance to purchase this doll at a great price, so do not miss out! I might just have to pick her up as a companion to my Elissabat.

The Monster High Scaris Werecat doll is Catrine DeMew and she comes with a fashionable outfit, jewellery, what looks to be a purse, travel journal, stand, and hairbrush. Catrine DeMew is the daughter of a Werecat and she is a fun new addition to the Monster high universe. Many reviewers love her makeup, her hair, and her adorable ears. i think her outfit is just precious with how it matches her hair so well.

If you are in the mood for more great Monster high deals, check out the Monster High 13 Wishes Party Room and Doll on sale from $54.94 down to $30. In addition, the Colour Me Creepy Design Chamber is still available. Both make lovely gifts for yourself or your monster loving kids.

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January 25 Clearance: Various Spider-Man Toys Reduced To $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 25, 2015 at 9:00 AM

While browsing the old clearance section this morning, I came upon a number of Spider-Man themed toys which all have had a large discount. There are three main items as the focus of this blog post. Here they are, as well as the discount amounts and final prices: Clearance: Various Spider Man Toys Reduced To $15 & Free Shipping

Save 44% on the Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider Vision Mask – was $26.94, now $15 with free shipping. When I first looked at this item, I thought it was just a basic mask, but it also comes with two light-up spider discs. The note made me chuckle – not for play in complete darkness. And this comment from a reviewer pretty much sums it up:

Very cool toy it’s adjustable so fits all ages and what kid doesn’t love Spider-Man! Plus I scored it on sale so that was a bonus! Clearance: Various Spider Man Toys Reduced To $15 & Free Shipping

Save 42% on the Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Strike Cruiser Vehicle – was $25.77, now $15 with free shipping. This toy is a 3-in-1 gadget, also turning into a web glider and a spider racer. This is exactly the type of toy I would have loved when I was young! Clearance: Various Spider Man Toys Reduced To $15 & Free Shipping

Save 37% on the MARVEL ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Electro-Web SPIDER-MAN Figure – was $23.92, now $15 with free shipping. Walmart made me chuckle again with this description of the toy:

This is the French version. English sold separately.

Not to mention the fact that they had a typo in that sentence on their site, there’s no written language on the toy itself, so it really doesn’t matter what version of the toy you are buying. There is one review on this item on Walmart, and the reviewer says:

I wasn’t satisfied at all. Expected it to talk in English not French. My kid don’t even speak French. Kept it but not sure why.

My kid doesn’t even speak French. Well, the description does state that it is in French, so it’s possible that they didn’t read this and ended up disappointed when Spider-Man started saying Bonjour at them.

I know that we’ve just passed the holiday season and you guys probably aren’t on the lookout for toy deals as much as you were towards the end of last year. But, this is exactly the type of thing that is fantastic to buy now and pop it in your present cupboard for upcoming emergency birthday party presents. A Spider-Man toy is probably guaranteed to be a hit with any kid, boy or girl! And this is slap-bang in the middle of the price range that I am looking for when buying kid’s party presents. Clearance: Various Spider Man Toys Reduced To $15 & Free Shipping

On a similar vein, this Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet has been reduced from $25.86 to $15 with free shipping @, that’s a 42% saving.

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January 25

Best Buy Canada: Up to 25% Off LEGO

Posted by on January 25, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Best Buy Canada: Up to 25% Off LEGO

Best Buy Canada is offering up to 25% off the popular LEGO brand of building blocks.

The LEGO City Police Pursuit (4437) is one of the best LEGO deals at Best Buy. Originally $19.99, the police set is now on sale for $14.99. The set includes a forest policeman mini figure, robber mini figure, police ATV, robber off-road vehicle, gold bar, money bill, and a crow bar. I price compared this set with other stores and here is what they have it for:

  • $19.65 @
  • $19.99 @ Toys R Us Canada
  • $19.86 @ Walmart Canada (OOS)

Next, I chose the LEGO Ninjago Garmatron (70504) because it has a very good discount and looks to be a fun little device. Originally $49.99, the set is now on sale for $36.99, which means it also receives free shipping. The set includes three mini figurines, several weapons, the ice shooter, and the battle machine, Garmatron. I could not find the set many other places in Canada, Chapters Indigo alone seems to sell it and their price is $49.95.

I have not seen the Lord of the Rings for some time, but I am trying to remember a pirate ship in the movies. Do you remember one? Anyway, this LEGO The Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush (79008) was $129.99 and is now on sale for $109.99. This is a huge set and I just want it because three of the mini figures are some of my favourite companions: Aragorn, Legolas Greenleaf, and Gimli. I found this set at Chapters Canada for $129.95 and at Amazon Canada for $159.99.

This LEGO The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout (79110) would also be a very interesting set to own. I wish I could just steal Tonto right out of the set, he makes the coolest looking Lego mini figure ever – complete with the dead raven. In fact, all the mini figures in this set look awesome. Originally $89.99, the set is now on sale for $71.99. Chapters and mastermind Toys both have this set still priced at $89.95, but Amazon Canada comes in a very close second at $72.19 from a secondary seller but there is only one in stock.

There are many other sets on sale as well. Some of these sets will sell out quicker than others; you know how popular LEGO is these days.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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January 23

Toys R Us: Barbie Malibu Mall Was $100 | Now $60

Posted by on January 23, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Toys R Us: Barbie Malibu Mall Was $100 | Now $60

Toys R Us Canada is offering 40% off the Barbie – Malibu Mall. Originally $99.99, the mall is on sale for $59.97 this weekend.

I could not find this playset in stock elsewhere in Canada. Therefore, I turned to the USA for even a brief glimpse at what the Malibu Mall retails for currently. I found the same Barbie play set at for $64.98 US. Given the currency conversion rate right now, that would equal $80.72 in Canadian dollars. From my research, this is a Toys R Us exclusive, so that is why you cannot find it elsewhere. However, you can find ‘additions’ to the set at other retails. The single room additions tend to retail for $40 each, but I have seen some on sale for $19.

This set includes four businesses: a beauty shop, a clothing boutique, a movie theatre and a food court. The businesses are on two levels with the food court and movie theatre above. Move between the two floors on the escalator that activates with a simple push of a button. The set does not come with any dolls, but you can simple use the Barbies you already have to play with this set.

The movie theatre has a fun little twist where you can insert your own cell phone into the screen so your Barbies can watch a real movie! You can then watch it with them too. There is also a cool little ATM machine where you can ‘withdraw money’. I could not find out much information about what extras are included in the set, but according to secondary sellers, there are over 50 pieces so there should be plenty of bits and bobs for your child to enjoy. The set has many great reviews including this one:

definitely good for girls who like dress up, shopping, malls, especially liked could put new ipod in as movie theater screen and play movies or videos! very cool!

This doll playset does not qualify for free shipping, but it does receive up to $10 shipping credit. When I estimated shipping, it only came to $9.38, thus the Barbie doll playset should ship for free to most people. There is also the option of doing an in-store pickup should the shipping charges be too high. You can pick-up in store for free.

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January 22

Toys R Us: $10 Off $30 of Monster High Dolls or Playsets

Posted by on January 22, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Toys R Us: $10 Off $30 of Monster High Dolls or Playsets

Shop Monster High dolls or playsets at Toys R Us and you will receive an extra $10 off Monster High purchases of $30 or more. Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more after the additional discount has been applied in your cart.

The $10 off $30 discount excludes clearance items.

This Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankie Recharge Chamber is one of the best deals you can get with the extra discount. Originally $49.99, the chamber and Frankie doll is on sale for $34.97. I added this set to my cart, and it came down to $24.97. It is just under the free shipping minimum, so you will need to add something else to your cart to qualify or choose free in-store pick-up. This is the lowest price I can find the Freaky Fusion Frankie Chamber set anywhere. A quick price comparison gave me:

  • $54.97 @ Walmart Canada
  • $56.99 @ Sears Canada
  • $34.97 @ Amazon Canada

With the additional discount at Toys R Us, you are saving an extra $10 off the nearest competitor.

Do you want a couple Monster High dolls for just $15 each? I picked out Monster High Original Favorites Clawdeen Wolf Doll and paired her with Monster High – Freaky Fusion – Lagoonafire. Each doll costs $19.99, so when both are added to my cart the total comes down from $39.98 down to $29.98. That is essentially $14.99 each. In addition, this combination qualifies for free shipping (saving me another $7.75) as they cost over $25 together.

If you enjoy amazing fusions like I do, the Monster High – Avea Trotter might be on your wish list. The Avea Trotter is part Harpy and part Centaur, which truly mixes my love for beautiful dolls and my love for horses. The doll costs $39.99 at Toys R Us, and comes down to $29.99 in your cart. After discount, Toys R Us’s price is the best as both Sears Canada and Walmart sell the Avea Trotter for $34.97.

I am also considering a two-pack of Monster High dolls. I think the Monster High Zombie Shake Meowlody and Purrsephone Doll 2-Pack look like the unholy love children of Avatar and KISS. The two-pack retails for $44.99, but in my cart it comes down to $34.99 with free shipping. Walmart sells the same pack for $39.97 (sold out) and Sears sells it for $39.99.

There is no expiry on the $10 off $30 Monster High discount, thus it may end at any time. As the coupon excludes clearance, I found that the Monster High – Casta Fierce Doll was excluded.

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January 20

Take 50% Off Play-Doh Magical Designs Palace Just $12.50 @ Amazon Canada

Posted by on January 20, 2015 at 3:40 PM

Take 50% Off Play Doh Magical Designs Palace Just $12.50 @ Amazon Canada

It is rather cold outside, and during the Winter months we keep ourselves occupied with trying to entertain the kids indoors. Play-Doh may be a wonderful solution for your family. Right now, Amazon Canada has the Play-Doh Magical Designs Palace on sale for for 50% off the regular price. You will pay just $12.50 for hours of fun with your little ones.

This Play-Doh palace is about as magical as Play-Doh gets. This Play-Dog Magical Designs Palace for just $12.50 will allow your little girl to create magical moments in the palace with Aurora. This set is best suited for children ages 3 and up. Let’s face it, name a child under 3 who does not try to eat Play-Doh? None!

How do you create a sparkly palace that is good enough for a princess, you ask? Simply decorate the castle with the Play-Doh modeling compound as well as the Play-Doh sparkling compound. There is an extruder that will allow you to create as many dresses as you like for the beautiful Princess Aurora figurine. You can even make candles for her birthday cake.

Included in this Play-Doh Magical Designs Palace is the 2 piece castle facade, a bridge extruder, doll top, 2 dress attachments, cake attachment, 2 tower tops, 2 containers of Play-Doh and 2 containers of sparkle Play-Doh. I did a little price comparison just to ensure that this is the best deal around. This Play-Doh set seems to sell for double the price at other retailers. You will pay $24.94 for this Play-Doh Set or the next best price is $18.67

Here is one of the customer reviews for this Play-Doh Magical Designs Palace:

This Magical Design Palace from Play-Doh came in a few days ago and my daughter has played with it ever since. I was afraid that pressing the level so the Play-Doh comes out of the dresses or the cake would be too hard for my almost 4 year old but turns out that she can do it like a pro! Play-Doh will get stuck in some areas but is easy to clean up using a toothpick. My little girl also loves just playing with the doll itself! All in all it’s a great set.

I suggest adding two of these to your cart, or if you have a little boy then maybe he will prefer the Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Buzz Saw which is also only $12.50 from If you add two of these Play-Doh sets to your cart then you will also qualify for free shipping. allows free shipping on all orders over $25 after discounts.

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January 20

Walmart: Monster High Color Me Creepy Design Chamber Was $50 | Now $30

Posted by on January 20, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Walmart: Monster High Color Me Creepy Design Chamber Was $50 | Now $30

The Monster High Create A Monster Color Me Creepy Design Chamber is on sale from $54.94 down to $30 with free shipping at Walmart Canada.

This toy is sold-out at most retailers in Canada, so price comparing was hard. I found an old cached page for Sears Canada when they had the set on sale for $37.94 (plus shipping). However, the Colour Me Creepy set is no longer on their website. I also found the set at Amazon Canada for $56.53 with free shipping. The set is sold by a secondary merchant but fulfilled by Amazon. I also looked on eBay, but including shipping you would pay over $50 even for the cheapest set.

The Color Me Creepy Design Chamber is like Frankenstein’s lab. It gives you all the products you need to colour your doll’s hair, skin, and more. The set comes with the chamber, chamber chair, heat tool, ice tool, spritzer, detailing sponge, colour-change wig, colour-change fashion, pair of shoes, extra body parts to mix and match, additional monster pieces for more detail, a colour-change tumbler, and a colour-change beaker.

You get so many things for only $30, I cannot think of a better purchase if you are into Monster High Dolls. While some reviewers think that the ‘change’ is not great enough, the colour changing relies on temperature so you need to make sure you are not just using lukewarm water. As this reviewer says:

What more could you ask for. You get a doll, that you can customize, and a lab with realistic doll size props to do it in. My 9-year-old granddaughter, like so many other tweens, is really in love with the Monster High collection dolls. She adores it all, but a kit like this is especially fun as it allows so much more interaction. This uses the hot and cold system to bring about changes. Thus it teaches a very good lessons on equal and opposite reactions and the difference between cold and hot. Learning can be so much fun.

One of the pieces, the heat tool, requires two AA batteries, which are not included. I am sure your child will steal those out of your TV remote control if you forget to buy a set Walmart: Monster High Color Me Creepy Design Chamber Was $50 | Now $30

I found a fun review of this toy on Youtube that you might want to watch to see how everything works. I think it covers all the basics and you get a sense of how large this set really is.

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January 18

Walmart: 75% off Max Steel Turbo Bike – Now $5 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 18, 2015 at 1:17 PM

Walmart: 75% off Max Steel Turbo Bike   Now $5 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada is offering 75% off the Max Steel Turbo Bike! Originally $19.97, the bike is now on sale for $5 with free shipping.

Price comparing this bike was not easy, as everyone else seems to be sold out. I found secondary sellers on Amazon listing this bike for $19.40 + $7.50 shipping. Mattel, in the USA, had the bike for originally $14.99 US and it is now on sale for $10.75 US + shipping to Canada. Toys R Us and Sears were both busts.

This is one cool little toy. The Max Steel Turbo bike is designed to look just like Max’s favourite bike from the animated TV series. The bike includes an attached 6″ Max Steel figure.

Now, this bike is no ordinary toy. It has ‘rev-up’ action, which means your child can pull the toy back along the floor and then release it – it will go racing forward. The Steel windshield also lights up blue with Turbo Energy. It is kind of cool, and a pretty great toy for only $5. I love the colour, and think this could be fun for racing.

The toy is designed for ages 5 and up, and that is a solid recommendation as some coordination is required. As this reviewer said:

The toy works fine but my five year old son has a bit difficult to coordinate the launch of the bike with the activation of the lights, had to use the functions separately.

It might be a bit better for older children who have better coordination. However, this varies by child.

If you are looking for other Max Steel toys, some MAX STEEL Deluxe Figures are on sale for 50% off. I found Quick Fire Max on sale from $19.92 down to $10.

I actually have never heard of this animated series before, so this is a new one for me. I know these toys are from within the last couple of years, so this is by no means an old series. I think the premise of an Alien and a human teaming up together is nice, and it looks like there is some nifty technology in the series as well.

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January 14

Take 50% off Chuggington StackTrack Stone Quarry Playset Only $38 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 14, 2015 at 5:14 PM

Take 50% off Chuggington StackTrack Stone Quarry Playset Only $38 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Wouldn’t you like to watch your little boy whiz and whirl his trains through his brand new Chuggington track set? You can also rest assured that your wallet won’t be feeling any pain. While supplies last, you can shop at Amazon Canada and take 50% off the original price of the Chuggington StackTrack Stone Quarry Playset. This discount will leave you paying just $37.47 instead of $75.

Honestly, my son is obsessed with Thomas The Train, but I am sure he would settle for a train set like this Chuggington StackTrack Stone Quarry Playset. For just $37.47 you will get the special deco High Performance Brewster and 2 Cargo cars, 2 cargo loading stations, 2 cargo pieces, a drop bin, stone crash gates and tracks. This set is best suited for children ages 3 and up, but my two year old has no difficulties with playing with these sets.

Your child can couple up Brewster to his two cargo cars so that he can go pick up his rock cargo at the top of the hill. There are spirals, entry gates and more to occupy your little one along the journey. After collecting his second rock cargo, your child can push Brewster down the steep hill and through the crash gates to the drop off bin. There are four different layouts so you and your little one will never get bored of redesigning the track and playing allover again.

Another great feature about the Chuggington StackTrack playsets is that you can stack this set with any other StackTrack set – they are all compatible! You can make your playsets wider, taller and more action packed than ever before. The tracks and risers are now even easier to connect than before.

I tried to price compare this set with other Canadian retailers, and to my surprise this playset is actually difficult to find in Canada. To give you a rough idea of the discounts you will receive, this Chuggington Stone Quarry StackTrack Set is on sale from $60 down to $50 @ Here is one of the reviews on this Chuggington StackTrack set:

Bought this set for my two year old son who loves Chuggington. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the purchase. The design isn’t too bad. My only complaints are that the two brown railed decline pieces didn’t allow the train to pass through them smoothly. I did to pull them apart (slightly) so the train didn’t get hung up. The other complaint I have is that the gate pieces that clip to the track can be rather difficult to pull off when you change the layout.

Another bonus you will receive when shop at is free shipping. You can attain free standard shipping on all orders from Amazon Canada that exceed $25 after discounts. That means that this purchase will automatically be eligible for free shipping.

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January 9

Sears Canada Coupon Codes: $20 to $50 Off Your Purchase

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Sears Canada Coupon Codes: $20 to $50 Off Your Purchase

Sears Canada has released two coupon codes to save you a little extra money on your Sears Canada purchases of sale items in January. Save $20 on $100 or save $50 on $200 sale item purchases.

Click here to shop @ Sears Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 941612147
  • Discount: $20 off $100
  • Coupon Code: 941612154
  • Discount: $50 off $200
  • Expiry: 25th January 2015

The usual exclusions apply. Items that end in .94, .88, and .97 are excluded. Electronics, major appliances, fragrances, tools, fitness, cosmetics, and the like are also excluded. You can read all the fine print here on Sears’ website.

Use these coupons on top of sale priced items at Sears Canada. Personally, I have been eyeing up the Monster High ‘Catacombs’ Play Set as it is a really expensive set. On sale for 30% off, pay only $97.99 for this huge set. If you throw in something for $2.01 or more then you will receive an extra $20 off your order. I am eyeing up the Monster High ‘Best Ghoul Friends’ Foldable Beauty Case that was $29.99 and is now $14.99.The coffin case is just adorable. I have a slight obsession with Monster High right now as I was given the most adorable Monster high doll with fangs!

Two other Monster High items are on sale for 50% off. This Monster High Skullette Fashion Make-Up Case was $34.99 and is now $17.49. The case includes three lip gloss tubes, three nail polishes, two quad eye shadow compacts, two chubby lip pencils, two chubby eye pencils, two sponge tip applicators, and a toe separator.

The Monster High Monster High ‘Ghouls Rule’ 68-Piece Vanity Set is also on sale for $17.50, originally $35. The case includes way too many pieces to list off, but your little ghoul will enjoy lipsticks and lip glosses, shimmer creams, nail polish, jewels and stencils, applicators, a comb, a  mirror and more in a coffin shaped case.

There are many other toys, clothing, and other items you can use these coupons upon. These are just a few of the things that caught my fancy and were already a good deal. With discounts up to 50% off already in the sale section, the coupons on top of sale prices can save you a good deal of money.

Shipping to store will cost a $3.95 handling charge. Shipping directly to home starts at $7.95. Orders of $99 or more will ship for free to home. This excludes overweight or oversized items. For this and any future Sears Canada coupon codes, visit our forum.

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January 9

Walmart: New Bright 1:10 R/C Truck “Max-D” Was $90 | Only $44

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 2:37 PM

Walmart: New Bright 1:10 R/C Truck Max D Was $90 | Only $44

I just had a heart attack when I saw this awesome 1:10 scale Monster Jam remote-control truck on sale at Walmart Canada. Originally $89.97, the Max-D is now on sale for $44 with free shipping.

I suspect this truck is going to sell out very fast as the 1:10 R/C Grave Digger has already sold out (was on sale for the same price). While Grave Digger looks awesome, I think that Max-D looks wicked as well. I love his silver body will all the spikes on it and the yellow accents. The face coming out the side door is also cool.

Now, you will see 1:10 and 1:15 written on different R/C (remote-controlled) trucks. This refers to the size ratio between this model and the actual vehicle it is modelling. The 1:15 is a much smaller model and thus they are generally cheaper. The 1:10 is one tenth the size of the real vehicle. These measure 15″ tall and are a riot to play with.

Now, a quick price comparison showed me that these are not available many places in Canada. I did find the same monster trucks for $79.99 US at (US site) and they are the same price at several other US retailers. Wherever I looked, Walmart’s price on this truck stood out as phenomenal.

A relative of mine had a remote control monster truck when I was growing up. He never played with it much, which really stung because I loved his monster truck. I always wondered why he got a monster truck and I did not when I was the one in love with big trucks and fast cars. Sure, I was a girl, but that did not compute. Now I own a fast car with a turbo charged engine and I bet he drives a Ford or a Chevy.

This would make a great gift for your kids, and is designed for ages 9 and up. There are also many older kids that would enjoy such a toy, like your husband (or your wife). Sometimes the inner child just needs a little play time.

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January 7

Walmart Canada: Barbie Dolls Only $5 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 7, 2015 at 5:03 PM

Walmart Canada: Barbie Dolls Only $5 & Free Shipping

I was quite delighted to find this deal on Barbie Dolls from Walmart Canada. Originally $8.97, purchase the Barbie beach doll in a variety of styles (including two Ken dolls) for only $5 each with free shipping.

You can find the dolls in the clearance section, but I have also linked to each individual doll below. There are five Barbie dolls to choose from and you could buy all four for just $25 if you wanted. Here are the currently in stock Barbie Beach Dolls for just $5 each:

The first four are from the same serious, but the last Ken doll looks like it may be from a different series. Either way, all five Barbie dolls are just $5 each. I price compared with Toys R Us. They have the entire Beach Doll line priced at $9.99 each so you are saving 50% at Walmart Canada. Toys R Us also has a minimum for free shipping, which Walmart does not currently require. If you look on, secondary marketplace sellers are selling these Barbies for a lot more. The cheapest Beach Barbie I could find on Amazon was $14.99.

While the reviews are sparse, the ones available are quite positive.

Bought this doll for my DD and she is very happy with it. She is building her Barbie & Friends collection


Great price! Five dollars for a beach Barbie WOOHOO

I agree, $5 for a Barbie doll is a fantastic price. I also like that there is such great variety still available with three females and two males. My favourite doll is Raquette because I really like her hair. However, I like Barbie’s outfit more. That is the beauty of buying Barbie Dolls; you can just buy them both and switch out the outfits.

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