December 20

Barbie & Ken Divergent Dolls $16.24 Each & Free Shipping @ *HOT*

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Barbie & Ken Divergent Dolls $16.24 Each & Free Shipping @ *HOT*

Sears Canada has some incredible toy deals on right now and I could not miss posting about these sweet Ken and Barbie Divergent dolls. The Barbie® ‘Divergent’ Four Doll was $34.99 and is now on sale for $26.24. Apply coupon code 941612824 and the Ken Four Doll comes down to $16.24. The Barbie® ‘Divergent’ Tris Doll was also $34.99, is on sale for $26.24 and comes down to $16.24 after you apply the above coupon code for $10 off $25. You must order the dolls separately. That is no problem as the coupon code can be used multiple times and Sears is currently offering free shipping on toys!

I tried to price compare these dolls but they are not in stock very many places. Walmart Canada has the dolls priced at $34.97 but they are both out of stock. I also price compared at but they do not have them in stock and resellers start their prices at $51. Toys R us also does not have the dolls.

I think these are really cool dolls and it is taking a lot of will power for me to not buy them for myself. I think this is one of the nicest Barbie dolls I have seen in ages, and I love the all black outfit. Those boots are also killer. No matter how much I love Barbie Tris, I love the Ken Four doll more. He has the most wicked tattoos covering his back and I am just drooling over them! I have never seen a better-looking Ken doll in my life. LOVE IT!

You would be insane not to get this deal, but make sure to buy each doll separately so you can use the coupon code twice. Here is how one doll looks in my cart:

Barbie & Ken Divergent Dolls $16.24 Each & Free Shipping @ *HOT*

I want these dolls so badly and I am a grown woman!

As I mentioned above, all toys this weekend come with free shipping so you want to purchase this now rather than later. I also have no idea when the coupon expires so this deal could end at any time.

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December 19

BEST-LOCK 1166-Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

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BEST LOCK 1166 Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

If you are looking for discount building blocks, look no further than this huge BEST-LOCK 1166-Piece Building Set. Originally $49.99, the set is now on sale for $29.99. After you apply coupon code 941612824 for $10 off $25, the set comes down to $19.99. Sears Canada is also offering free shipping on all toy orders right now, saving you an extra $7.95.

BEST-LOCK blocks are compatible with many other brands of blocks so you can combine them with any current sets you have. This set includes 1166-pieces in total with 11 mini figures. You can build a fire truck, fire station, helicopter, rescue ship, speed boat, police station, truck, car and more with the included instructions. I think the rescue ship looks very interesting and it is quite nostalgic for me. The only building set my parents ever bought me was a ship with a couple sharks – it was awesome.

I tried price comparing this building set but could not find it anywhere else. I did find another BEST-LOCK building set of 1000 pieces for $59.99 at Canadian Tire. At only one-third the price with an extra 166 pieces and free shipping – this deal is hot.

Now, there is only one review of this building set and it is negative. The reviewer says that about 2% of the blocks come either defective or are missing (so 98% are fine). It is important to read reviews, but I am curious why a toy would only have one review if it were such a bad toy. You would think anyone who was shorted a few blocks or found warped blocks in his or her set would want to complain. It makes me think that the reviewer got a defective set rather than this being the norm. If it were the norm, I would expect a lot more complaints!

BEST LOCK 1166 Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

As you can see from my cart, you only have to pay tax on top of the set. It is also showing me a delivery date of December 23rd (for Alberta), so this set could arrive in time for Christmas if you order today.

This is a nice building toy set for those on a tight budget who want to give their child a really big and impressive gift this year. Not everyone can afford brand name or the newest and the best, so this is another reason I love this deal.

I have no idea when this combination of deals will expire, as I do not know when the coupon code ends.

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December 19

Tenkai Knights ‘Portal Drop’ Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

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Tenkai Knights Portal Drop Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

Oh my goodness I am over the moon about this deal! This sweet 194-Piece Tenkai Knights ‘Portal Drop’ Ship is on sale from $42.99, down to $25.79. After you use coupon code 941612824, the Tenkai Knights Ship drops to just $15.79. Sears Canada is also offering free shipping on all toys right now, which makes this an extra awesome deal as shipping usually costs $7.95 or more.

This deal is really good because you are combining a 40% off sale price with a $10 off $25 coupon code and a free shipping promotion. Deals like these are a beauty and I get excited and can hardly sit still whenever I find them. Woohoo!

I could not find this set many other places for a good price comparison. However, I did find the exact same set at on sale for $36.37. Since that price is over $20 more than what you will pay at Sears, I declare this a hot deal!

This set features 194-pieces that combine to make a cool futuristic looking ship. If your child has not bought into branding yet, they can be a great alternative to the usual Lego / Megablock dominated landscape and they are compatible with Lego as well. The set includes two action bricks, two weapon bricks, one power brick and adds up to 194 pieces of fun.

The set also includes a battery, which threw me for a loop. However, I think it is for powering the light projecting brick (so cool!) that reveals either a teleport beam or you can turn a dial to make the Drop ship’s thrusters blue or red.  According to my reading, this is a 2-in-1 set that lets you build both the Dimensional Dropship and the Portal Shape shifting weapon bricks that reveal triple barrel missile launchers. Wicked!

Tenkai Knights Portal Drop Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

I think this is a super-hot buy and it would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves playing with Lego or brick based toys. As you can see from my cart above, the coupon applies successful. There were also no shipping charges so you will only pay tax on top of the toy.

I do not know when the coupon expires, so this deal could end at any time.

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December 19

ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5 @ Walmart (EXPIRED)

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ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5 @ Walmart (EXPIRED)

Holiday time means family game nights! ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5  Shipping is free with no minimum at Walmart.

The first thing to know about this ROXX Skullz game is this is an active game. You are going to want to clear a spot on the floor to play this game. With this ROXX Skullz game 2-6 players are playing head to head. You will enjoy learning new TRIXX while you collect ROXX pieces. There is also an option to play freestyle and practice TRIXX on the cards or come up with your own new TRIXX. The TRIXX goals usually include flipping or sliding your ROXX into a target.
The set comes with:

  • 6 target cups
  • Game mat
  • 6 Roxx
  • 6 Trixx cards
  • Instructions
  • Collectors Checklist to collect all the styles of ROXX

I think the real winning point with this game is the freestyle practice. I can imagine kids having fun challenging each other to flip or slide their pieces a certain way. “No Ben you have to avoid the number 5 and land your ROXX into the red cup only.” Now the rules have changed let’s aim for the green cup now. I like making up the rules to the game as I go along. I also like that it requires a little bit of creativity to come up with new rules once you have gotten the hand of the TRIXX included with the set.

Another great bonus to this game is it does not include any batteries at all. We will be noisy enough in our house as we practice shooting and sliding. Ka-bam! I just landed my ROXX in the red target again. Sometime it is nice to step away from the electronic games for a bit and play a game that everyone gets involved in. I see this game as a huge hit at a sleepover, family game night or even a birthday party.

The ROXX themselves are collectible. Each one comes with its own unique artwork on the piece. If your kid or family really gets into this game, I can see how it would be fun to trade the pieces back and forth. Make sure my set comes with a piece that has a skull with a star on it and I will be sure to win. No the lightening piece does not come with a special power except for my own super flipping powers when I crush you playing this game. You can see the game in action at this video from Time to Play Magazine.

For the same game at Sears you’ll pay $13.49. Amazon must think this game is gold because they want to charge you $34.40 for the same game. Pick this one up at Walmart.

Image Credit: John Barker

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December 18

Amazon Canada: 50% Off Frozen Toys *HOT*

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Amazon Canada: 50% Off Frozen Toys *HOT*

Amazon Canada has discounted several different Frozen themed toys at 50% off the original price.

This is a great sale and the prices are incredibly hot.

This Disney Frozen Magiclip Small Doll Anna Giftset was $43.18 and is now $22.99. Most the small doll gift sets seem to retail around $45 to $49 at other retailers, so this is a fantastic deal.

While I blogged about this Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll before, it has now taken another price dive down to just $12.49. Even on rollback at Walmart, the dolls are $14.94 so Amazon’s deal is certainly better.

This incredibly beautiful Disney Frozen Swirling Snow Sleigh is now $14.49, down from $34.99. The toy is actually 59% off, which is higher than all the others are. This toy will fit the mini dolls that you get with the small doll gift sets. The sleigh itself includes one Anna doll.

Missing out on an Olaf doll? This Disney Frozen Olaf Doll is now $9.99, originally $19.99. It is a great little toy to add to your gift with the dolls.

This Disney Frozen Ice Skating Anna is just $17.40, down from $34.99 at Amazon right now. Toys R Us has the same doll for just $37.97 and Walmart Canada has the same toy for just $34.99.

We blogged about the Disney Frozen MagiClip Flip ‘N Switch Castle and Anna Doll a little bit ago but it has gone through another price drop to just $12.49, from $24.99 retail.

Last but not least, this Disney Frozen Colour Change Anna Fashion Doll is just $14.99, originally $29.99. The doll costs $26.94 at Walmart Canada so this price is really to die for right now.

Unfortunately, most of these items are all Anna themed – so rather limited for anyone who is more of an Elsa fan. I do like the deal on Olaf though as it is a bit different from everything else.

All of these are incredible deals on Frozen toys. I know it is very late to be ordering toys for Christmas, but with an Amazon Prime membership, “you can shop until Dec.22 and enjoy unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping” so you will get your toys in time for the holidays. I have detailed before how you can get a free Student Prime or Family Prime trial.

Without an Amazon Prime membership, receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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December 18

(Save 60%) Schleich Big Knight’s Castle Was $168 now $67 @!

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(Save 60%) Schleich Big Knights Castle Was $168 now $67 @!

It is time to pillage and raid! Schleich Big Knight’s Castle is on sale @ – it was $167.99 and is now only $67.20. You will save 60% after you grab this castle from Amazon. This item also qualifies for free shipping.

There are rumors brewing of an enemy attack. I have heard there are knights, ninjas and pirates lined up outside the city gates, and they look like they are ready to fight. The king has taken his council in to his chambers and soon the battle will begin. This is an awesome deal if you have a kid who loves pretend play. Most little faces (and enthusiastic adults also!) would light up seeing an amazing castle of this size and detail.

This big model includes many details that many other play sets do not have.  Make sure you save floor space for this set. This set is humongous at 140 x 56.5 x 55 cm. Some of the great features include:

  • A trap door and secret passage to the dungeon
  • 2 figures included- Dragon Knight and Griffin Knight with shields
  • Moving gate with realistic sound
  • Individual castle pieces are able to mix and match to create several different looking castles
  • Detailed rock work and building

On this castle is rated as #8 in Toys & Games > Action & Toy Figures > Figures. This set has high reviews and users seem to love it. One user was skeptical of the age range for this set until the box came.

“My six-year-old daughter is going through a “fairy-tale castle” stage. I was initially taken aback that such an elaborate and expensive set would be recommended for ages thirty-six months to fifteen years. We were very impressed. This castle, though plastic, is exceptionally detailed with an amazing weathered look to the “stone”. This is, without a doubt, the best quality playset I have ever seen.” 

Buyers are reporting that the set is a little intimidating at first. The set has many pieces that are wrapped individually for shipping. Once the pieces are opened, the set assembles easily in 20 to 30 minutes. You may want to have a couple extra hands on deck to help you unwrap and put together this detailed monster if you want to have it ready to play quickly.

You will pay a lot more for this set elsewhere and all the price points seem to match. From around the web here are a few other places you could buy.

  • $150 @
  • $160 @ Master Mind Toys
  • $160 @ Treasure Island Toys
  • $165 @ Toy Jungle

Most of the biggest retailers are not carrying this item, perhaps because of the size and detail. I would say this is a great buy. Schleich is known for detailed toys and there are many knights, dragons, horses and other pieces you can purchase to add on to this set. This set is a steal right now.

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December 18

SUPER HOT! Crayola Digital Light Designer Only $10 & Free Shipping @ Walmart! Quick! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 6:02 AM

SUPER HOT! Crayola Digital Light Designer Only $10 & Free Shipping @ Walmart! Quick! (EXPIRED)

While browsing Walmart for new clearance items first thing this morning, I spotted a deal on this Crayola Digital Light Designer. It looked like a mediocre deal, being just half price as marked on the Walmart site. But upon doing a price comparison, I saw that this was a much hotter price than expected – I’ll explain this below. Right now, you can click through to Walmart and pick up one of these for only $10 with free shipping.

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, hot sale items on clearance at Walmart can sometimes sell out within minutes – if you are interested in this Crayola Digital Light Designer, buy it NOW and think later.

Why I think this is such a hot deal – let’s look at the prices elsewhere.

  • $49.99 @
  • $34.98 @ Toys R Us Canada
  • $39.99 @ Sears
  • $47.95 @ Mastermind Toys
  • $30 @ London Drugs
  • $95 @

See!? The Walmart price is fabulous. If you want to know if it will be at your door in time for Christmas, pop the item in your shopping cart and add your postcode and Walmart shows you the estimated delivery date.

If you want to know a bit more about this Crayola toy, here’s a little video.

It’s cute! I would have loved one of these when I was a young child. I simply adore all things Crayola.

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December 17

Walmart: Disney Sound Soothers Were $50 | Now $19.97

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Walmart: Disney Sound Soothers Were $50 | Now $19.97

Walmart Canada is selling Disney Sound Soothers by Cloud B for just $19.97 with free shipping, originally $47.97 to $49.97.

Sound soothers are plush toys with a removable sound box in them that runs on batteries. Two AA batteries are included with each toy. Each toy plays three different melodies that will sooth your child and send them off to sleep. You have a choice of three Sound Soother characters:

I just adore the baby Dumbo as I elephants are one of my favourite animals. I only own like five elephant plushies already so this Dumbo would feel right at home. Each sound soother p appears to play

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Spring Showers
  • Gentle Breeze

Walmart is not the only company that has put these on sale. Amazon Canada also has them for the same price, but one was out of stock and they had less than 10 in stock for the others [1 of Pooh, 6 of Dumbo, Simba OOS] so I am blogging this from Walmart instead. In addition, with Walmart you receive free shipping no minimum whereas at Amazon one toy would not qualify for free shipping. This is a significant price drop no matter where you buy the toys, so it was worth blogging.

While there are no reviews on Walmart, reviews on other websites are super positive. This mother said:

my daughter is only 4 months so she doesn’t play with it much yet. But it does put her right to sleep at night especially the last song I am not sure what it is but she goes right to sleep with that song on.

There are many more reviews like that from satisfied parents.

Now, the sound soothers are the best deal but you can also purchase the Star Soothers on sale from $52.97 – $64.97 marked down to only $24.97. Choose from Dumbo The Elephant Stars, Winnie The Pooh Baby Star, or Simba Baby Star Soothers. The best deal is on Dumbo as that set was originally $64.97 and is now $24.97 whereas the other ones were originally $52.97. As the name suggests, starry soothers transform your child’s room into a starry night sky. You can change colours to suit your child’s preference. I think these would make fantastic gifts!

These toys are all on clearance so quantities are limited and they may sell out at any time.

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December 17

Amazon Canada: Uno Moo Preschool Game Only Was $25 | Now $12.49 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Amazon Canada: Uno Moo Preschool Game Only Was $25 | Now $12.49 (EXPIRED)

Amazon has a truck-load of board games on sale right now and I don’t know about you, but board games are always on my to-buy list for my kids and for other family members. Uno Moo is now on for only $12.49, with a regular price of $24.99, which is 50% off.

Every year my in-laws and our family give each other a family board game to enjoy as a Christmas gift. With seven kids between the two families, neither of us can afford to buy each kid a gift, but we find it is always nice to get each other something that the whole family can enjoy. Both families enjoy board games and my family often has family board game night, so this really is a perfect gift. I also like it because they will sometimes get us games we hadn’t heard of that their family loves and our family ends up loving it too.

While Uno Moo is a preschool game and neither of our families has preschool children any longer, I still wanted to blog it for all you Moosers with young children. I have had this game for years and it is definitely a winner. My kids still play it on a regular basis and it is easy enough for them to play without parental supervision. It is a cute way of learning colours, animals and patterns, plus the basics of playing a game and taking turns. Kids as young as two can play this game, and maybe even some sharp one-year-olds.

I also really like that this game is transportable and easy to take wherever you go.

Walmart sells this game for $19.97 and while I couldn’t find it on Toys R Us’s website, I know they have it in-store at regular price.

Since shipping is free on a $25 purchase, you might as well check out the other hot games deals going on. The Catan Expansion kits are also on sale for only $26.99, with a regular price of $47.04 for the Cities and Knights and $15.99 with a regular price of $22.40 for the regular extension.

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December 17

Toys R Us Canada: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress Was $30 | Now $15 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 9:04 AM

Toys R Us Canada: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress Was $30 | Now $15 (EXPIRED)

Toys R Us has a great 3-day sale on right now and they’ve got some prime items on sale. One item of definite interest is this Disney Frozen Elsa dress, which has a regular price of $29.99 and now sells for $14.94.

If you’ve got a little girl who loves Frozen and loves dressing up, this gift is a no-brainer. My boys love dressing up and they have a giant dress-up chest. Honestly, they don’t want to be Elsa, but I have a niece who sure does. I know she already has this Elsa dress or else Auntie Eva would be getting it for her at this low price, this year.

Even if your child hasn’t seen Frozen, this is a super cute dress-up dress with a multi-layer skirt and covered with glittery snowflakes. This might even be something to wear to a Christmas concert. While it might be too late for that this year, you could save it for next year. It has no buttons or zippers and is just very easy for her to pull over her own head.

While my kids love dressing up, my youngest son has trouble getting on the costumes although he can take them off quite easily. So when he is hot, he takes it off, then five minutes later is again asking for my help. With this Elsa dress, you don’t have to worry about that, as she can easily get it on and off.

There are good reviews for this dress, although they say the sleeves are itchy. You can circumvent that by having her wear something else underneath. I shopped around for this exact dress and found it for $30 at Walmart and Amazon, so this is a fantastic price.

If your child is actually a fan of Anna and not Elsa, her dress is on sale for the same price.

Other Frozen items of note during this sale include the Elsa styling head, which was $24.99, now $17.47 and Anna styling head, which is the same price.

You might want to look through all of the items on sale to get your shipping up to the $25 minimum for free shipping. If you wanted to make sure you got it before Christmas, you could do the free in-store pickup.

(Expiry: 18th December 2014)

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December 16

Free Gifts with $50 Toy Purchase @ Future Shop ($10 Value)

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Free Gifts with $50 Toy Purchase @ Future Shop ($10 Value)

Score two free gifts valued at $4.99 each when you spend $50 or more on toys at Future Shop Canada.

I love getting free stuff when I buy items, so having two gifts with a $50 toy purchase is really cool. You will need to add both of these items to your cart so they can be discounted at checkout.

These are your two free gifts:

  1. Mattel Apptivity Angry Birds King Pig - $4.99 value

This single pack includes an iPad conductive base and the Angry Birds King Pig. With it, you can use them with the associated Angry Birds iPad app to launch your piggy across the screen. A fun little toy like this would make a great stocking-stuffer.

  1. Words With Friends Race Board Game – $4.99 value

My husband is a Words with Friends addict, so I understand the appeal of this fun little freebie. No board is needed in this speed version of Words with Friends, just play words as fast as you can with the 100 tiles included. Tiles come in two different colours so it is easy to tell who made what word. Store them in the included tin.

Now that you have seen your free items, let us check out some toy deals.

This Star Wars Mini Lightsaber Dark Side Detector was $19.95, and is now on sale for $9.95. It is a fun toy where you get to build your own mini light saber. If you belong to the light side, your saber will be blue. If you belong to the dark side, then your light saber will turn red.

Looking for an awesome party game based on your favourite geek show? Pick up Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Board Game for just $9.99, saving you $20! The same game is $35.92 at Walmart so you are scoring quite the deal. Only 10 are left in stock.

For the lovely young women, this Mega Bloks Barbie Build n’ Style Convertible is just $9.99, originally $19.99. Combine it with some of the other deals above and your cart is getting close to that $50 minimum while you are saving a bundle on toys.

For children a bit too young for regular Lego, pick them this LEGO DUPLO Brick Box for just $12.99, originally $17.99. There are 31 pieces including a cat figurine and a dog figurine.

I also think that the Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racer is about the cutest thing ever. It is available in red (see previous link), Green, Orange, or Pink. Originally $22.99, they are now on sale for $15.99. These all cost $19.94 at Walmart Canada right now.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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December 16

Toys R Us: LEGO Space Hive Crawler Was $90 | Now $67

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Toys R Us: LEGO Space Hive Crawler Was $90 | Now $67

Toys R Us is selling the LEGO Galaxy Squad Space Hive Crawler for $67.47 with free shipping. This cool bug like Lego set was originally priced at $89.99.

I did some extensive price comparing as Lego sets are sold at many places. I wanted to make sure you were getting the best deal on a toy such as this, especcialy as a large set like this is often an investment piece. Here is what other companies are selling the set for:

  • $89.99 @ Lego Canada
  • $89.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $89.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $89.86 @ Walmart Canada
  • $69.45 @ Amazon Canada (7 left)

As you can see, Toys R Us has the best price with Amazon coming in a close second. However, Amazon’s stock is quickly selling out with only seven sets left in stock as of this post. Once it sells out, you would have to wait for the product to be restocked.

Toys R Us not only has a cheaper price by several dollars, it also is still in stock and includes free shipping to your home. For those wanting to get this in time for Christmas, you can choose “Free In-Store Pickup Today” when you checkout. This is an option that Amazon, unfortunately, does not have.

The set includes a ton of cool features including:

2 insectoids and 3 minifigures with weapons: red team leader Billy Starbeam, robot sidekick with jetpack and an alien mantizoid. Features an egg launcher, 2 hatching eggs containing 1 flying and 1 crawling insectoid, razor-sharp moving legs, rotating laser guns, a pinching mouth and an opening cockpit with space for a minifigure.

There are tons of other cool features like blasters and detachable parts that pull double-duty. The Hero’s speedster converts from a sky speeder into a planet speeder.

Overall, this set promises loads of fun. The reviews on Lego sing the set’s praises with the only downside often mentioned is price. Many reviewers think that the set is overpriced – but still completely awesome. This reviewer said:

I have to say that this set is completely awesome. All the pieces are great with many rare pieces for collectors and MOCers (My Own Creation). Plus the leg mechanism and the larva egg launching system just add to the greatness.

Well, now you can save a good chunk of money and still get one of the coolest Lego sets out there. This set has been rated as challenging, and adults have taken around 1.5 to 2 hours to put it together alone. Enjoy!

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December 16

Hot! Little Tikes Kitchen Was $50 Now $30 & Free Shipping @! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 16, 2014 at 9:32 AM

Hot! Little Tikes Kitchen Was $50 Now $30 & Free Shipping @! (EXPIRED)

Wow! If you want a play kitchen for your kid, this is a hot deal! Right now Walmart has a Little Tikes Kids Kitchen in neutral colours for only $30 with free shipping.

Looking around the web this is an amazing deal for a small kitchen set for your kid. This kitchen set is in neutral colours. It has over 25 accessories including:

  • Play smart phone
  • Fridge and oven that open
  • Extra storage area cabinet
  • Clicking knobs
  • Pretend sink
  • Multiple plates, silverware, a pot and a few other cooking accessories

It does not include play food but that is easy enough to find on the cheap. Kids also turn everything into pretend food easily. I think every toy my kid has owned has found its way into the toy fridge, oven or stove.

This is not a fancy kid’s kitchen. Here is a secret though- your kid probably does not care how fancy their play kitchen is. They are happy to play kitchen and even happier if they can feed you pretend strawberry cake with salami on top. You can be happy saving a little money in your pocket and eating pretend strawberry cake. Maybe buy them a few pieces of play food to go with it. Unless you are looking for one of the larger monster sized kitchens, this one will do the trick for most kids.

There is not much selection for kitchens in this price. Most of the kitchen play sets easily start at $70 and go up to well over $200. Amazon has a similar kitchen that is a Little Tikes BBQ Grill themed cook set for $54.99 with free shipping. It only comes with 7 little food and plate accessories which isn’t very many for imaginative play.

Sears has a Hello Kitty Classic Kitchen play set for $52.49  that has the moving sink and oven but does not come with accessories. This kitchen is pink from head to toe which often means your living room most likely is now pink from head to toe unless you are lucky enough to have a playroom. It does have the advantage of being wood and ultimately more durable. On the downside, if your kid doesn’t like Hello Kitty, it’s not for you.

No reviews are available on this product and it seems only Walmart sells it. I would take a chance on it for my kid. Most of the kitchen sets that are similarly priced seem to have very specific themes like I featured above. Open-ended play without a theme is a great place to start to see how much it’s played with, then look at the monster size kitchens if your kid is a cooking fanatic.

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December 15

Spider-Man Dry Erase Table and Chair Set $20 @

Posted by on December 15, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Spider Man Dry Erase Table and Chair Set $20 @

Walmart Canada is selling the Spider-Man Dry Erase Table and Chair Set for just $20 on clearance. While the online price shows the set was $24.88, that price is also a sale price. All my local Walmart stores are selling the table and chair set for $39.97.

This set will sell out quickly as the other dry erase tables have already sold out at this price today.

I tried price comparing this unit but I could not find it at any of the other stores that sell this sort of stuff for kids. Sears, Amazon, and ToysRUs do not stock this table and chair set. However, when I did find anything like this it was priced way above Walmart’s price. A wooden set at Amazon costs like $200 – frightening!

The table and chair set has a folding table and two padded seats with patented Double Safety Locking Mechanisms for your child’s safety. It looks like the chairs fold up so they could stand flat against the wall or be tucked in beside a dresser or such. I am not sure how the table folds, but I assume the legs fold in somehow.

The table and chairs are brightly coloured in the blue and red Marvel Spider-Man theme. Your kid will love the large Spider-Man on the table itself. This table is an excellent purchase for children who still have difficulties colouring inside the lines – or even keeping it on the paper. There will be fewer headaches for Mom and happier children, as they will not get in trouble for scribbling on the table.

The table is recommended for ages three to seven years old. With the set of chairs and table, the set also comes with three dry-erase markers.

Customers are very pleased with the product as you can easily see:

Assembly is super easy. Looks very nice and shiny. Unexpectedly sturdy. Doesn’t look like a $20 item. Not suitable for kids 8 years or older as it is mentioned.


I got this for my 18 month old grandson. And he just loves it. It’s brightly colored, well cushioned and sturdy. I may buy another one to put away for when he wears this one out!!!

All the reviews are four to five stars except for one, where the reviewer said she couldn’t give it a proper review as it was a Christmas gift and still in the box.

Receive free shipping on all Walmart Canada purchases.

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December 14

Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Rocking Chair $36 @ Sears (Was $60) (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 14, 2014 at 1:53 PM

Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Rocking Chair $36 @ Sears (Was $60) (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

I have a fantastic little deal for you today Moosers. Purchase the Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Rocking Chair for just $35.99 with free shipping (today only) at Sears Canada! That is 40% off the regular price of $59.99.

I am very pleased with this deal as I price compared with other large toy retails and Sears Canada knocks their socks off. The Lalaloopsy Rocking Chair costs $64 @ Walmart Canada right now. Amazon Canada has the rocking chair priced at $69.99, which is double the price of the Sears Lalaloopsy rocker on sale. Toys R Us does not appear to stock this toy.

The chair is designed for ages two up to age six. The back has a tree-like design on it with pink arms. While Sears Canada does not have any reviews, both Walmart and Amazon Canada have fairly positive reviews for the rocking chair:

The rocking chair is made very sturdy and can even hold a jumping three-year-old (note: jumping on a rocking chair may result in traumatic brain injuries or timeouts.) It also gives the user a lot of room to rock, unlike other chairs that only move an inch or so.


I bought this for a Christmas present for my granddaughter… I’m sure she will like it as much as she loved the matching toy box she got for her Birthday.

Most reviewers love the chair, though a few reviewers mentioned that it could be a bit uncomfortable as the tree motif is on the inside back. One woman fixed this by putting a blanket on the rocker as padding.

At this price, I think this cute little rocking chair is an absolute steal. Of course, what makes this an even better deal is that Sears Canada is offering free shipping and handling on any order with no minimum today only. That means you receive free shipping on this rocking chair or on whatever else you buy.

There are the usual conditions to abide by for the free shipping. Overweight and oversized objects do not qualify. In addition, remote locations will still incur shipping charges.

I am quite excited about this deal and I hope some of our Moosers get to take advantage of it.

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