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June 25

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Retro Style Metal Cooler Was $100 | Now $60 & Extra 15% Off + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 25, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Retro Style Metal Cooler Was $100 | Now $60 & Extra 15% Off + Shipping (EXPIRED)

I found a cool, retro deal this morning at Hudson’s Bay Company. Check out this Canada Collection 36cm metal retro cooler. Regularly $99.99, it is on sale for $59.99. If you have an HBC card, lucky you, as there is a coupon code for an additional 15% off when you pay with your HBC card. Use SAVE to bring your total down to $50.99.

What I love about this cooler is that it is truly nostalgic. It reminds me of picnics in the park with your parents, hot beach days as a child, running through the waves and laying back down on the blanket for cucumber sandwiches.

Coolers are definitely a practical necessity for anyone who needs to eat away from home, but why not make it interesting? I think this cooler would also make a fantastic gift for a to-be married couple filled with goodies for them to have their own picnics and start making memories.

This cooler is made from stainless steel so you know it is durable, with a gorgeous, glossy red paint, which they’ve labeled as “Canada Day red”. Not just nostalgic, this cooler is patriotic.

There is one review, from a reviewer who also has a retro-style car. If you’ve got an old car, wouldn’t this complete the look at the car shows?

Well made, we sure will use it.
Great for car shows to keep drinks cold.
It looks like the old coolers back in the day.

The interior is plastic, so it is easy to wipe down. It is also somewhat large (although not huge) with a 13L capacity. It is too bad I didn’t find this before Father’s Day, as this would have made a great gift for Dad, but truly, you don’t need a day to buy Dad a gift, do you?

Shipping is free when you spend $99, so you might want to see what else you can get from the sale or clearance section or risk paying $7.95 for shipping, which is still worth it with the discount you are already getting.

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June 19

ADIDAS Ultimate Fleece Track Jacket Was $80 | Just $14.44 @ Hudson’s Bay *HOT*

Posted by on June 19, 2015 at 1:46 PM

ADIDAS Ultimate Fleece Track Jacket Was $80 | Just $14.44 @ Hudsons Bay *HOT*

This deal is flaming HOT my dear Moosers! The men’s ADIDAS Ultimate Fleece Track Jacket is on sale from $80 down to $16.99. Add this jacket to your cart and it comes down to just $14.44 in cart!

There are four fleece jacket colour combinations to choose from in this sale:

Surprisingly, all sizes are available in all colours! The size range starts at small and goes up to XX-large. These cosy little fleece track jackets feature Climawarm technology that keeps you warm and lets your skin breathe. The ribbed trim also helps lock in heat. This design has a collar, ling sleeves, pouch-style pockets, and a full zip front. There are the standard Adidas contrasting logo and stripes in each of the four colours above.

These tops have a regular fit and are machine washable. They are a great little athletic jacket that you can wear on a run or just wear while running out to do errands. One reviewer said:

A comfortable cosy jacket. It lacks structure because the material is soft. Its great for hanging around in.

And another reviewer commented:

Overall, a great buy, addidas name rarely lets you down.

I think that is what I like so much about this deal: this isn’t just some track jacket from Old Navy or Forever 21. This is a well-known athletic brand that delivers quality products, usually at a higher price. This jacket is valued at $80, and you are paying merely peanuts compared to that original price.

Thank you so much to the lovely Kristy for sending me this deal! We both agreed it was a pretty impressive deal and she encouraged me to buy one as a birthday present to myself. Even though they are men’s jackets, I just might do that! I like oversized track jackets when I am out hiking. The length is better for keeping my butt and hips warm. The sleeves I like to push up to my elbows anyway.

Shipping costs just $5.95 for orders under $50. You could buy three jackets and still only pay that amount for getting them shipped to your door. However, if you want one in every colour (four), the shipping price goes up or you can get free shipping on $49+ when you pay with your HBC card.

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June 17

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Infant Clothing Only $2.69 + Shipping

Posted by on June 17, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Infant Clothing Only $2.69 + Shipping

Hudson’s bay Canada has a very nice selection of First Impressions infant clothing on sale from $8.99 down to just $2.69 each piece. Fill your cart full of tops and bottoms for your little one.

There are 20 pieces on sale for this price. Moosers on a budget can appreciate this low price tag for wee one’s basics. As it can be difficult to find exact products on Hudson’s bay website, I have listed the majority of the $2.69 clothing below:


The vast majority of the collection is for girls (as you can see), but there are some more masculine tops available as well. The rebel bike tee is a cute graphic tee for your future motorcycle enthusiast. For girls, I just adore the Nerdy Tiger tee. Most of these tops and bottoms come in five different sizes: 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months.


Again, most of these bottoms are for ‘girls’ but many of the prints are neutral, so they would work for boys as well. The Infant Girls Ditsy Floral Leggings look more like mini stars in a blue and white pattern: just fine for infant boys as well. There is no reason clothing should be so gendered – girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink!

That is a grand total of nine tops and 11 bottoms for you to choose from – each for only $2.69. Just picking out one set, a top and a bottom, will only cost $5.38 plus shipping. Being able to dress your young one in new clothing for under $6 per outfit is pretty awesome.

Shipping is the only ‘wrench’ in the whole thing, but it is fairly cheap. Shipping costs only $5.95 for orders under $50 and goes up from there. With clothing this cheap, you would be hard pressed to spend even $50!

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June 17

Today Only! Le Creuset 4.1 L Traditional Pot Was $400 | Now $153 & Free Shipping @ Hudson’s Bay **BUMP**

Posted by on June 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Today Only! Le Creuset 4.1 L Traditional Pot Was $400 | Now $153 & Free Shipping @ Hudson’s Bay **BUMP**

**Bumping this deal from Hudson’s Bay that is now even that little bit cheaper. Use the coupon code FRIENDS to get another 10% off making the total for this item only $152.99.**

This daily deal got my attention this morning. I love Le Creuset! Check out the Le Creuset 4.1 Traditional Pot that was $400. Today only, you can snag one for yourself for only $152.99. This item also qualifies for completely free shipping.

I love Le Creuset pots and pans. The colours are so vibrant, it makes cooking a little more cheery. Le Creuset is known for having one of the top products on the market. The pots and pans give you an even cooking surface of a cast iron pot without the constant oiling and care that cast iron requires. That colourful enamel coating does wonders for making their pieces easy to clean.

On sale is the 4.1 L pot, which is perfect for spaghetti with meat sauce, stews and soups. These pots can go both on the stove top and inside the over, making them versatile. Brown your meat on top of the stove on medium heat, then add in veggies with a little broth and bake for a juicy dinner. We have the option of red or blue today, which is two out of the three colours this size pot is available in.

Price Comparison

I looked for this particular pot all over the web. I found this pot in cherry red on sale at William’s Food Equipment for $229.99. Over on I was able to find a comparable 4.2 Round French Oven pot for $255.52 in cherry red. There are other colours available but the prices climb even more. Your best bet is this flash sale today.


There are no direct reviews on this particular piece at Hudson’s Bay. Did you know Le Creuset cookware was featured on Oprah’s favourite things list? Over at Serious Eats, there is a lengthy discussion as to if Le Creuset pans are worth the high retail prices. Here is one happy review from the Serious Eats thread.

I too would say well worth the expense. I for years coveted those pretty red pots…I have three sizes of dutch ovens and a little grill pan and I love them…love love love them…did I mention I love them?

I made that mistake of using another brand of enameled cookware once. I was given a no name piece of enameled cast iron from a friend. I quickly learned why my friend was “just clearing out some space in her kitchen.” Even though the pot looked like Le Creuset, everything stuck to my pot horribly. Do yourself a favour and pick up the quality version you know will last today.

If you like Le Creuset, you may want to check out all the other options in the sale section today. Many other Le Creuset pieces are 30% off today. These pots make great gifts as they last forever.

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June 16

Hudson’s Bay Canada: 50% Off Nine West, Base London, Rockport, Clarks & More

Posted by on June 16, 2015 at 10:06 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: 50% Off Nine West, Base London, Rockport, Clarks & More

Today only, Hudson’s Bay has got 50% off men’s and ladies shoes from all the top brands. I scouted out a few price comparisons and found that there are some really hot deals during this sale. Sometimes stores have general sales with 50% off this or that, but when you compare the prices of their sale items, they don’t beat the competition. Hudson’s Bay has done its due diligence and there are some great prices on footwear.

I started with the men’s section with Father’s Day closing in, as my husband is a bit of a shoe man and loves a new pair of kicks. Some of the best deals I found:

Now, I haven’t forgotten the ladies out there, who also have a shoe fetish, along with their bargain fantasies.

All of these shoes are just a drop in the bucket of what Hudson’s Bay actually has on sale. There are seriously hundreds and hundreds of shoes on sale. It was the rare shoe that I price compared that actually had a competitor beat its price. Of course, you still want to be the savvy shopper you are and price compare on the net every shoe purchase you might want to make to ensure it is the best price. But, as far as I see, these prices are rock solid the best online in Canada for shoes today.

Shipping is free once you’ve spent $99, so ensure you get up to that total to avoid the extra fees tacked on at checkout.

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June 12

Hudson’s Bay: $10 off $75 Beauty & 3 Free Samples & Gifts with Purchase

Posted by on June 12, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Hudsons Bay: $10 off $75 Beauty & 3 Free Samples & Gifts with Purchase

If you are in the market for new perfume, cosmetics, and beauty supplies, then Hudson’s Bay is where you need to shop. This weekend they are offering a bonus $10 off orders of $75 or more.

I did some pretty incredible combinations in my cart, so I wanted to walk you through a few things. First, every order qualifies for three free samples. The option to select your free samples will pop up at checkout. Secondly, there are many free gifts with purchase that you will receive when you buy certain items or spend certain amounts. Each free gift tells you what you need to do in order to earn these. You can combine these offers to receive more than one at once.

That is exactly what I did:

Hudsons Bay: $10 off $75 Beauty & 3 Free Samples & Gifts with Purchase

Any order receives the three free samples, which you can see above (pick from many different items). Then, I noticed Butter London was giving away Travel Sets with any order of $30 on Butter London. I stuck two nail polishes into my cart and received that free gift immediately.

My cart needs to total $75 or more for the discount (and the closer to $75, the better the discount) so I wanted another freebie with only a small investment. Dior is offering a free Diorshow Mascara with any purchase of a Dior product. I picked out the Brow Styler Universal Brown as it costs $30 and puts my cart just over $75.

As you can see from my screen capture, the $10 off $75 then applies on top of these deals. It is evenly applied across all items being purchased for a total of $10 off.

In the end, I save $10 off $75, receive three free samples, and receive two free gifts: a mascara and a nail polish kit. I think this is a pretty impressive combination of deals.

The free gifts with purchase page is very important. I highly recommend checking out each and every deal for brands you like and seeing how many you can combine with your purchase.

The $10 off $75 offer excludes Hermes. It also seems to exclude sale priced items as I tried – and failed – using this discount on the 50% off Illamasqua sale.  It is still worth shopping, but you will not be able to use any sale cosmetics towards your $75 minimum before tax.

Receive free shipping on cosmetics and fragrance purchases of $30 or more with your HBC card.

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May 26

Hudson’s Bay Canada: 60% Off Anne Klein Bar It All Satchel – Was $120 | Now $48

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: 60% Off Anne Klein Bar It All Satchel   Was $120 | Now $48

A woman can never have too many handbags, so if you’re looking for a new one to add to your collection, Hudson’s Bay has currently dropped the price on plenty of designer handbags, such as this Anne Klein Bar It All satchel, which has been slashed in price by 60% and can be had for just $48 instead of its original retail price of $120.

Anne Klein handbags are designed with a timeless look in mind and this satchel is definitely no exception. It looks like it could easily be worn to just about any occasion and even during the day or night.

You can choose between these four colours: black, mauve, navy or raisin. I have been particularly obsessed with all things pink lately (I even bought light pink jeans from Gap Canada recently) and so, I would totally go for the mauve one, which as you can see on the picture above, does appear to have more of a pink hue to it.

In terms of material, it’s made from a faux leather and features the following dimensions: 12″W x 8″H x 5″D.

According to the description on Hudson’s Bay’s site, this satchel is convertible and usually what that means is that it comes with an additional strap that you can use to wear the purse as either at waist length or closer to your chest. This additional strap isn’t visible on the picture though, so I may be wrong!

In fact, it’s not currently available for purchase, but at Macy’s, this same satchel is actually on sale for $80.34 (reg. $115.35), which is nearly double the Hudson’s Bay’s price.

Originally, I was going to blog about the Coach Bleecker large preston satchel, which was priced at $440 and is now down to $264. Even the sale price is a little high for what I would normally pay for a handbag but the fact that it’s a Coach bag and that it’s 40% off essentially is a very tempting deal to take advantage of. This purse features a striped coated canvas with a leather trip, multiple pockets on the inside, a zip-top closure and handles with a 7.5″ drop. Personally, I love this purse’s design as it looks absolutely perfect for summer.

Make sure to click the link above to check out all of the rest of the handbags on sale right now as there are more than 400 designer ones to choose from! Shipping is free on orders over $99.

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May 22

Hudson’s Bay Canada: MiracleSuit Ashbury One-Piece Was $190 | Now $127.50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: MiracleSuit Ashbury One Piece Was $190 | Now $127.50 & Free Shipping

A friend on Facebook remarked the other day that she was looking for a swimsuit for her mom body. I knew exactly what to tell her and that was the Miracle Suit, which you can get at Hudson’s Bay. The Miracle Suit slims and tightens and makes you feel like you aren’t a mom for that day. That is, until your kid comes up and wipes their snotty nose on your backside. Hudson’s Bay has got the Miracle Suit on sale and one in particular that I found that could be billed as your little black swimsuit (LBS) is this Ashbury one piece. Regularly $190, it is on sale for $142.50. Add to that the coupon code SAVE04 and you’ll get another $15 off, bringing your suit down to $127.50. It will also now get free shipping being over the $99 threshold.

The friend to which I refer above has the same problem as me – having had three kids we frequently gets asked when the next is due. This is an important public service announcement: don’t ask a woman when she is due unless you see the head crowning or you are the ultrasound technician! What our problem really is I believe, is that with a somewhat slim body, our stomach didn’t take the cue to slim back down. This is really where the Miracle Suit can help. It has Miratex shaping fabric that is said to make you look 10 pounds lighter. On top of that, I see that there are style details that would take attention off of the stomach, like the criss-cross pattern on the belly. I also find that some swimsuits are too what I would call “breast-full”. The neckline comes down too far, which makes for a giant heap of cleavage that is not always attractive. This suit has a higher neckline, plus a push-up underwire, so your breasts look tasteful and don’t protrude out of your suit.

There are other types of Miracle Suits also on sale for which you can use this coupon. In fact, you can use this coupon on anything on the site once your spend is $100. I just chose to focus on the Miracle Suits since it is that time of year and all.

If you want something less little black swimsuit, then this Sienuse Escape one-piece is quite daring and flashy, but with those same great features that make you look slimmer and tighter. Regularly $176, once you’ve added the coupon code, your price will come down to $117.

Price comparing around the net I found other Miracle Suits at Nordstroms, where they sell for actually quite a bit more than Hudson’s Bay’s prices, plus you have that shipping cost on top.

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May 21

Hudson’s Bay Canada: GlucksteinHome European Feather Down Duvet & Bonus Travel Pillow Was $460 | Now $123 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: GlucksteinHome European Feather Down Duvet & Bonus Travel Pillow Was $460 | Now $123 & Free Shipping

Checking out the Hudson’s Bay site today, I found the coupon code C7BNB04, which gives you $15 off your $75 order of bed and bath items. I thought it sounded a little juicy if I could stack it with something on deep clearance and luck be have it, I found the GlucksteinHome european feather down duvet with bonus travel pillow. Regularly $560 for a king, it is on sale for $168 and with coupon code comes down to $153. The queen is regularly $460, on sale for $138 and comes down to $123 with coupon. Because your order is over $99, it will also ship for free.

If you’ve recently shopped for bedding, you know it can get quite expensive. I think it is more than worth it though, as you spend so much of your time between the sheets. What you do there, is of course up to you. Either way, you want to be comfortable and you want it to look good. I have always found that duvets were more comfortable than comforters. They are also easier to wash, since you just wash the cover. When you wash a king-sized comforter, no matter how big your washer, you’re going to end up with a sopping mess and a beeping washer because your load is just too big. I know this from personal experience.

What’s also nice with a duvet is that you can change your cover as often as you like without a huge expense. Your duvet stays on your bed and the new cover gives your room a different look.

This duvet has 300 thread count and is 100% cotton. It also has european feather down fill. You also get this bonus travel pillow, which is not pictured so I have no idea what it exactly is.

Shopping around, I found duvets had varying prices, but European feather down duvets sold generally for at least $300. This is Hudson Bay’s own brand, so I can’t completely compare with quality, but they are a solid brand and I know this is a fantastic deal.

Photo credit: KellarW

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May 13

Hudson’s Bay Canada: KitchenAid Fitted Tilt-Head Mixer Cover Was $40 | Now $30 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: KitchenAid Fitted Tilt Head Mixer Cover Was $40 | Now $30 (EXPIRED)

Hudson’s Bay Canada has a huge KitchenAid sale on right now. In the same, I found the rare and coveted KitchenAid Fitted Tilt-Head Mixer Covers on sale from $39.99 down to $29.99. Not only are these rare to find in Canada, this is also a good price.

There are two colours of KitchenAid mixer covers to choose from:

I like the silver Frost best and think it would look amazing over my purple Kitchenaid mixer. I notice that my mixer gets dusty and little splatters from other appliances when not in use, so this cover would be amazing. It fits most tilt-head KitchenAid Mixers like the Artisan. One reviewer said:

Love this new Kitchenaid mixer cover. It is a far cry from my old, white, stained, slip-on,over washed, cover. It is well constructed, zippered back closure and I chose grey which looks so handsome on my counter in my new grey/white kitchen.

According to other reviews, this does not fit the Professional 600 stand mixer. There is a small pocket on the outside of the cover that can fit the KitchenAid spiral-bound book that came with your mixer. Use it to hold a few favourite recipe cards as well.

I cannot find these any other place in Canada except through resellers. The Amazon Canada marketplace has them for $85 plus shipping. eBay Canada isn’t much better: sellers there start at $42 plus shipping. I know that the mixer cover originally retailed for $39.99 as that is the price that KitchenAid themselves lists for the product (but it is OOS).

I turned to the USA to price compare better. Kitchen Kapers, Everything Kitchens, and Bed Bath & Beyond all sell the mixer cover for $34.99 USD. Only was competitive with the Khaki colour $27.99 USD and the Silver Frost priced at $34.30 USD.

Given that these covers are so hard to come by in Canada and they are quite well priced given the prices even in the USA (which do not include duty and taxes), I figured this was a deal well worth posting.

Shipping is free on orders of $49 or more with your HBC Card. Orders under that cost $4.95 to ship, which is not a bad price.

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May 7

Hudson’s Bay: Calvin Klein Suits Were $495 | Now $180 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 7, 2015 at 10:21 AM

Hudsons Bay: Calvin Klein Suits Were $495 | Now $180 & Free Shipping

Hudson’s Bay has an excellent one day sale on today. Purchase an array of Calvin Klein suits that were $495 each, for just $179.99. As your order is over $99, it will automatically ship free of charge.

While other brands of suits are on sale, as well as separates, the Calvin Klein suit set (pants and jacket) are the best deal. Each suit is on sale for the same price – $179.99 – so you merely have to find your size and pick out your favourite design.

If you are only going to own one suit, then make it the Solid Black Modern Fit Wool Suit by Calvin Klein. Black is versatile, you can wear it to the office for everyday wear. Black is also appropriate for weddings and for funerals. Thus, if you need a suit that will work for all occasions, try the modern fit in black.

For a secondary suit, blue is always a popular choice. This Solid Navy Modern Fit Wool Suit would be appropriate at the office and for business dinners. I have never been a fan of the navy suit together, but you can always pair the pants with a dress shirt for less formal occasions.

I like stripes, especially pinstripes. I just like the pattern, but they tend to make a man look taller and thinner, which some men relish. This Charcoal Pinstripe Modern Fit Wool Suit is my second choice (after the black). I prefer dark grey suits (not light grey) over navy suits as they can really be matched with more items. Grey is like black in that it is a great base colour (or shade) that can match with anything.

Suits are plain these days, but you can always jazz your suit up if you have the personality to match. My favourite ‘fun’ suit is the Blue Check Modern Fit Wool Suit. So few men wear checker pattern suits these days, but I think they are fabulous. However, I think young men should wear more check suits (fun suits!) while older men should wear more well cut black suits (dapper suits).

All these suits are $315 off their original price! Most are made of wool, so they will be warm in the winter and cool (breathable) in the summer.

(Expiry: 7th May 2015)

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May 1

Hudson’s Bay Canada: $100 Off HBC Blankets & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 1, 2015 at 11:22 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: $100 Off HBC Blankets & Free Shipping

I’ve blogged a few of Hudson Bay’s sales on their own line of home decor and more a few times with good response. So, I thought I’d tell you about this fantastic deal, just in time for opening your cottage, that gives you $100 off Hudson’s Bay Company blankets. There are varying sizes, styles and prices, but they are all $100 off their regular price.

With the weather getting ever-warmer and this week ahead looking fantastic in Ontario, I’m sure people are starting to travel north to their cottages. One cottage look that has not died over the many years it has been around, and is in fact seeing such a revival in style magazines, is the Hudson’s Bay Company look. It doesn’t just have to be for your cottage, but I think it is just such a classic look at your Canadian getaway spot.

The most classic look is of the multi-stripe and this blanket, interesting enough, has not been out of production since first produced in 1800! Hudson’s Bay says it is their most popular blanket, through all of these years, as it really identifies as Canadian. Funnily, it is made in England, but I like that it was not made in China or another country where they are doing it as cheaply as possible. Apparently, where it is made is the finest woolen mill in England for centuries. It is made from 100% woven wool, so you know it will last and keep you warm on those cool nights. The king size is regularly $495 and now $395, queen was $395, now $295, twin was $295, now $195 and the full was $350, now $250.

With many reviews, every single reviewer but one gave it a five-star rating.

The HBC point blanket is a warm, cozy, and colourful addition to any room. Covering a bed or ready to reach for to keep the chill away, I love that I’ve purchased such a useful but iconic item. I look forward using it and hopefully passing it along.

I love the idea that this blanket will be passed on. I think that right there is a reason to buy it.

If you want something more modern, but still with that iconic stripe look, the Milennium stripe point blanket has the same price points as the above blanket, but it has a more muted look.

Shipping will be free on any of these blankets, being over $99.

Photo credit: BJ

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April 14

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Zwilling J.A. Henckels Truclad 12 Inch Wok Was $250 | Now $75 (FS @ $99)

Posted by on April 14, 2015 at 1:53 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Zwilling J.A. Henckels Truclad 12 Inch Wok Was $250 | Now $75 (FS @ $99)

Hudson’s Bay has a fantastic deal on a wok right now. Get the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Truclad 13 inch wok with lid and rack for only $75, with a regular price of $249.99.

I do the majority of the cooking in my family, but when my husband does cook, he likes fried food. Problem is, he doesn’t have a deep fryer. What does he use? My cast iron pan. And when I go to use it, it is full of oil. I told him he needs a new solution for his deep fried love and that solution could be this wok.

While a wok isn’t really for deep frying, I have seen it used for that purpose. With the deep bottom, it is much better than the short-edged pan he is using that splatters my entire kitchen with grease.

When the wok is not filled with oil, I could use it too, for healthier cooking, especially of the Asian recipes that I love. It could even be used for steaming.

It has a patented handle that is ergonomic for those who use it in a traditional wok style for less elbow strain.

At first I wondered if this truly was a good price, I mean $75 seems a bit steep, even if the regular price is $250. But, other stores confirmed that this is a fantastic deal. sells this wok for $169.99. Amazon sells it through the Zwilling secondary seller for $112.

I would have liked to have found a review for this wok, but I think that the name Zwilling J.A. Henckel is a pretty well-known name in kitchenware, so it can be trusted that this is a quality product.

Shipping is typically free on orders over $99 unless you have an HBC card, which means shipping on this item will be free (at $45). Otherwise you are looking at $5.95, which is not too bad.

Photo credit: Blondeeo2

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April 10

Hudson’s Bay Canada: BOGO Free Pillows

Posted by on April 10, 2015 at 6:11 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: BOGO Free Pillows

Hudson’s Bay Canada has a great deal for a goodnight sleep. Buy one pillow and get a second pillow of equal or lesser value free.

The pillow offer includes brands like GlucksteinHome, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Hotel Collection.

For Moosers on a budget, Gluckstein has a basic pillow perfect for your bed. Choose from a:

The price changes depending on the size of pillow you want. I think most people have Queen sized beds these days, so I chose a couple queen-size pillows. Each queen size pillow costs $31.99, so you would get two for this price! Mix and match density depending on what you and your partner like. My husband likes hard pillows, whereas I like soft pillows. With this deal, I would just get one of each.

Hudsons Bay Canada: BOGO Free Pillows

Each density of pillow has its own reviews. The soft density pillow has some of the best reviews, with this comment being my favourite:

Love my new pillow. Bought several for the spare room too and my guests love them. Still holding up nicely, keeps a nice shape in the pillow cases! My husband is on the slender side and a stomach sleeper and found the pillow didn’t have enough “sink factor” for him, so I sat on it for an hour a day for a week and VOILA! Perfect!

There are other ‘higher quality’ pillows to choose from as well. This Medium Support Gel Fibre Pillow is on sale for $39.99, so you might as well pick up a matching set. The gel fibre fill has a down-like feeling to it and this pillow is ideal for back sleepers. I know that sleeping on my back is the best position, but I tend to be a stomach / side sleeper. He is primarily stomach sleeper, though. This would be great for my partner as he sleeps mostly on his back and only sometimes on his sides.

Pillows vary from $26.99 up to $400.

Hudson’s Bay Canada offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more or on orders of $45 for HBC cardholders. Orders under the free shipping minimums start at $5.95 (for under $50) for shipping and go up from there. I think the shipping cost may be well worth it if your total is too low.

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April 10

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Hudson Bay Totes Were $15 | Now $7 + Shipping

Posted by on April 10, 2015 at 9:09 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Hudson Bay Totes Were $15 | Now $7 + Shipping

It seems that Hudson’s Bay is wildly popular lately and their HBC collection is just as popular. Everyone wants that iconic Canadian look in their homes, cottages and wardrobe. Right now Hudson’s Bay has all of their HBC totes on sale from $15, now down to $7. They all have fantastic reviews as well.

With beach season coming up, these are perfect for toting to the pool or beach with your HBC towel, sunscreen, water bottle and a book. The bags look large and durable on top of stylish.

The Hudson’s Bay Company canvas tote bag is billed as a must-have. It is the traditional blue, white, yellow, red and green stripes and is just so classic. With 4.1 stars out of five based on 14 reviews, that says a lot. I love what this reviewer does with the bag:

This tote was so reasonably priced, I am going to use it as a gift bag so that tote itself becomes an extra bonus added to my gift giving. It has wonderful classic HBC colours.

I actually bought a gift bag the other day at the last minute and wasn’t prepared for the cost of $7 for the paper bag that would inevitably get thrown away. Something like this is a much nicer and just as affordable way of giving a gift!

Something completely different from the traditional, but just as patriotic and stylish is the HBC Fort York canvas tote. You can get it in black or white.

I am in love with this vintage canvas tote. It doesn’t have that traditional look, but more of a mysterious one that will have people wondering where you got it and what the story is behind it.

Hudson’s Bay does offer free shipping once you’ve spent $99, so you might want to shop around their site, as there is their coveted Bay Days sale on right now. If you just want one tote, your shipping will be $5.95 (for orders under $50), which still makes your total price less than the regular price.

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