February 4

Selfie Stick was $36 now $13 @

Posted by on February 4, 2016 at 5:17 PM

Selfie Stick was $36 now $13 @

Amazon has an infamous selfie stick on sale right now. This gadget was $35.99 but is now only $12.99 ! This selfie stick is compact, and works with nearly any type of smartphone without having to download anything special.

The selfie stick is such a great new trend. It allows you to take photos of groups when you’re out, or at family gatherings, when everybody wants to be included. Say goodbye to the awkwardness of asking your cousin’s new boyfriend if he doesn’t mind stepping this family photo out to take a good shot of the rest of you. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 18

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Was $70 | Now $46 @

Posted by on January 18, 2016 at 11:38 AM

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Was $70 | Now $46 @

There is the GoPro for adults and the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam for kids – it is like a mini version of the GoPro to catch all the action they can think up and then more. Action cams are super popular these days with cool stunts and videos showing up on YouTube every day. While this is a kid version, the technology is still expensive with the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam retailing for $69.99. Right now, Sears Canada has it on sale for $55.99 and you can use coupon code 941612528 to bring this action cam down to just $45.99.

This little Action Cam is a perfect first camera for your child. It is durable enough to handle drops and can even be immersed in water (with waterproof case)! With it, your kids can capture all the moment they want to remember. The camera comes with two mounts so they can mount it to their bike, put it on their wagon, or even mount it on their skateboard. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 7

Amazon Canada: JAWBONE UP24 Fitness Tracker From $65!

Posted by on January 7, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Amazon Canada: JAWBONE UP24 Fitness Tracker From $65!

I just stumbled across a great fitness tracker deal on Amazon Canada. Select sizes/colours of the JAWBONE UP24 are on sale from $159.99 down to $65+ depending on size and colour (and supplier). This is a HOT deal given that these devices are $139+ everywhere else!

Let me give you a rundown on what is available. First of all, there are some that are both sold from and shipped from Amazon. These would be my preference as Amazon is a trusted seller:

  • Red (medium) – $69.99
  • Persimmon (small) – $65.58
  • Pink Coral (small) $69.99

Read the rest of this entry »

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December 26

XtremeGuard Coupon Code: 91% Off for Boxing Day

Posted by on December 26, 2015 at 3:10 PM

XtremeGuard Coupon Code: 91% Off for Boxing Day

We like extreme deals and there is nothing more extreme than a coupon code for 91% off everything at XtrmeGuard for Boxing Day. Purchase earbuds, phone cases, screen protectors, and more during this super sale. Do note that all prices are in USD and they ship in from the USA.

Click here to shop the Boxing Day deal @ XtremeGuard now

  • Coupon Code: CR91OFF
  • Discount: 91% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

You seriously cannot stock up on smart phone accessories cheaper anywhere else. I decided to pick up a nice accessory bundle for my friend’s new Nexus 6. I chose four accessories. First, Read the rest of this entry »

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December 22

Up to $40 Google Play Credit & $15 Off 2 New Google Chromecasts & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on December 22, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Up to $40 Google Play Credit & $15 Off 2 New Google Chromecasts & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Google released their second edition of the Google Chromecast this year. It is not called ‘Google Cromecast 2′ or anything smart like that, it is just the Google Chromecast. Receive $20 free Google Play Credit when you purchase a Chromecast. Furthermore, receive $15 off the purchase of two Google Chromecast units and potentially $40 Google Play Credit with two Chromecasts. Your entire order will ship for free.

By the way, you can get the same deal from Staples and a couple other places but Best Buy Canada lets you reserve online and pick-up in store: this is perfect for last minute Christmas gifts. Let me break this deal down for you because it is even a bit better than it seems. Each Google Chromecast costs $45. Whether you buy a second Chromecast or not, you will receive $20 Google Store Credit. The $20 Google Store Credit is PER Chromecast as long as they are not activated by the same Google Store account. That brings me to the best part of this deal: Read the rest of this entry »

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August 12

Staples Canada: Unlocked ZTE Simio Smartphone Was $100 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Staples Canada: Unlocked ZTE Simio Smartphone Was $100 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

If you are looking for an inexpensive back to school smartphone for yourself or your child, then look no further than the ZTE Simio Smartphone, Unlocked. Originally $99.79, this phone is now on sale for $79.79. With Visa Checkout, you will receive an extra $20 off $70 thus bringing the phone down to $59.79. Your cell phone will also receive free shipping as it costs over $45.

Whether you are on a tight budget and need to cut down on your expenses or you need a cell phone for one (or more) of your children, the ZTE Simio makes an excellent choice at just under $60. I price compared this phone with a few other retailers: Read the rest of this entry »

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August 26

Lenovo Canada Labour Day Sale: Save Up To 33% On Laptops & Computers With Coupon Code (Expired)

Posted by on August 26, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Lenovo Canada Labour Day Sale: Save Up To 33% On Laptops & Computers With Coupon Code (Expired)

Back to school, back to school…whenever I hear those three words, I still somehow hear Adam Sandler’s voice ringing in my ears from Billy Madison. With Lenovo’s labour day sale, it’s no wonder why these words are so relevant at this time – after all, there is a myriad of money saving deals on laptops, computers, and computer accessories that are sure to get students and parents alike psyched for back to school shopping. At this time, we’re going to look at some of the best finds in Lenovo’s labour day sale, where you’d be able to save anywhere from 23% to 33% off of the retail price.

Click here to check this deal @ Lenovo now

  • Coupon Code: DOORBUSTER
  • Discount: Depends On Deal (From 23% to 33%)
  • Expires: Unknown

In order to enjoy some decent savings on the following laptops, you’ll need to enter the coupon code DOORBUSTER when purchasing the selection that best suits your needs. Listed below are some Lenovo laptops that you can get at a great price during this promotion:

Lenovo Y40 – $729 (Regular Price: $1,099 – Save 33%)
If you’re looking for a laptop that’s powerful enough to provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience, the Lenovo Y40 is the laptop for you. I’ve been burned before when it comes to choosing a laptop that had less than satisfactory specifications; I didn’t think I would play many games on my laptop compared to my desktop computer, but I was unfortunately very wrong (trying to play a game with lag can really try your patience). With a powerful AMD Radeon R9 M275 2 GB video card under the hood, this would be wonderful for gamers. To show you how much of a deal this is, the very similar Lenovo Y50 sells on Newegg for $1,199.99 (plus $12.99 shipping).

Lenovo Z50 – $419 (Regular Price: $599 – Save 30%)
You’ll have ample room to save projects, photos, videos, and music on the Lenovo Z50, thanks to its massive 1TB hard drive. This laptop retails for $699.99 (plus $9.99 shipping) on Newegg – that’s $280.99 more than the price that’s being offered by Lenovo!

Lenovo U40p – $579 (Regular Price: $799.99 – Save 27%)
If you find yourself “on the go” constantly, the Lenovo U40p can best accommodate your needs. I know I’m traveling constantly as a freelance writer, so it’s important to have a laptop that’s travel friendly like this model is. It weighs less than four pounds, and has an extended battery life that can last up to ten hours, according to the Lenovo website. The upgraded i7 model can be found on Amazon for a whopping $1,239.82 (plus $13.37 shipping).

Lenovo Flex 2 15 – $739 (Regular Price: $969 – Save 23%)
This particular laptop intrigues me the most. It’s just so different from the others in terms of its appearance, since it’s an incredibly thin and light machine that also has touchscreen support (thanks to its ten-point multitouch display). Here’s a snippet of a review of the Flex 2 15 from Lenovo’s website:

“I really LOVE Stand Mode! I’m an accountant always working from a stack of papers and I can get the built – in keyboard and track pad out of the way! Now I can put papers in front of me and a wireless keyboard off to the side – true desktop replacement but still portable. The built – in keyboard is nice and satiny smooth.”

When September is on the horizon, the one thing that’s typically seen is that there are many back to school sales out there, whether it’s from retail electronics giants, or if they’re popular online retailers. One thing to remember is that these prices don’t include taxes, shipping and handling, or any recycling fees, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. You can also find some great deals on computer accessories and desktop computers on Lenovo’s website, so check out their Labour Day sale by clicking here.

For more great Lenovo coupons, check out the Bargainmoose forum.

(image credit: Acid Pix)

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March 21

SolarVPS: Exclusive 10% Off 6 or 12 Month Subscriptions

Posted by on March 21, 2014 at 2:30 PM

SolarVPS: Exclusive 10% Off 6 or 12 Month Subscriptions

It seems like it has been a few days since we offered you an exclusive promo code, so since you’ve asked, we’ve got a new one for you. Get 10% off your six or twelve month subscription at Solar VPS.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: solarmoose
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 31st March 2014

Bear with me here, as I am the most un-technical person you’ll ever know. I looked at this site and wondered, what does it all mean? But upon further research, I see that Solar VPS supplies you with cloud apps. Got it now? No? Me either. So, easy enough, I’ll give the info direct from their site.

You can rely on the SolarSystem to: deploy resources for your website when you need them, at any hour of the day; empower your complete DNS control; let you customize your service through an ever-expanding offering of distros and templates; and help you grow your business through guaranteed uptime and 24/7/365 IT support.

It looks like Linux Cloud, Cloud Apps on Demand and Windows Cloud subscriptions start at $5 a month. On a 12-month subscription, this means you’ll save $6 to start, depending on what features you add.

We love to give you exclusive coupons and if you want to watch for more Solar VPS coupons, check the forum.

SolarVPS: Exclusive 10% Off 6 or 12 Month Subscriptions

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February 21

Scottevest Promo Code: 40% off 14 Best Selling Technology Enabled Clothing Items

Posted by on February 21, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Scottevest Promo Code: 40% off 14 Best Selling Technology Enabled Clothing Items

Nerd assemble! Scottevest is having a sale! 40% off their 14 best selling items. Like a boss.

Click to shop @

  • Coupon Code: 13ANN
  • Discount: 40% off 14 best selling items
  • Expiry: 24rd February 2014, 7:00PM ET

If you don’t know about Scottevest, sit back, you’re about to be learned! Scottevest is a company that was started by Scott Jordan (Scott eVest, get it?) to enable your technology and clothing to work together. It started with the Scottevest a, wait for it, vest that had tons of pockets to hold your gear. From there a whole line of clothing bloomed.

This company is all about pockets. When you add items to your cart, they tell you how many pockets you have in your cart. At the top of the site they tell you how many pockets they’ve sold altogether. As of right now, they’ve sold 10,058,539 pockets.

If you still aren’t getting it, check out one of their items, the Fleece 7.0 Jacket, for example. Click on the pocket map and see how they have integrated 23 pockets in to this jacket. Pockets for cameras, pens, tablets (yes, full tablets), phones, ear buds, memory cards, documents and way more stuff. There is a loop in it for your water bottle, a tether for your keys and even a chamois on an elastic cord attached to the inside of the glasses pocket so you can wipe down your stuff. I’d keep on writing but I’d have an eight page article on all the features. Check out the site for all the cool stuff their clothing has to offer.

Now, the downside of all this is that it is really expensive and they rarely have sales. Well, expensive for me. $160 for a fleece jacket, no matter how cool it is, is a bit much. Luckily, that coupon code up there gets you 40% off of a bunch of cool items. They are offering this discount on 14 of their best selling items including a lot of stuff for women. Very stylish (to me) looking stuff, too. Coats, shirts, pants, shorts, it’s all there.

Shipping is based on what you get and where you are. It’s a little pricier than some places but the deals in this sale are very much worth it. It does ship from the U.S. so you may encounter duties and all prices are in USD.

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October 7

Steam: 33% off MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus ($67)

Posted by on October 7, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Steam: 33% off MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus ($67)

Edit your l33t gaming videos or your family vacation with MAGIX from Steam! Also, 33% off!

Apparently Steam has been selling non-gaming software for a year now. Actually it was a year this past October. Who knew? Ok, well, a lot of people I guess but I had no clue. Regardless it’s good to see it. They have an amazing distribution system and a huge audience so it only makes sense that they would extend it beyond games.

This particular piece of software is by MAGIX who have been around for year and years. They are like an alternative to all the Adobe products but are much, much cheaper. Adobe might have all the features but most people only need a few of the basics. On a side note, definitely check out MAGIX if you need any photo, video or audio managing or editing software. It is definitely good to give the smaller guys some attention when considering.

This particular piece of software, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus is normally $99.99. You’re saving $33 so you pay $66.99.

(Expires: Unknown)

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August 31

O’Reilly School Of Technology: Save 20% On Technology Courses & Certificates

Posted by on August 31, 2013 at 9:37 AM

OReilly School Of Technology: Save 20% On Technology Courses & Certificates

O’Reilly is offering 20% off some of the best technology courses around.

O’Reilly knows how to teach people about technology. In fact, they’ve been around longer than I have. Tim O’Reilly (clever company name, eh?) started O’Reilly and Associates in 1972 doing technical writing as a consulting company. After a while they realized that they were turning out some great books and started keeping the rights to them. A bit later, in 1988, they started publishing their own stuff. It started with a few “In a Nutshell” books and grew into their iconic “animal” books, among many others. From there they expanded even more, picking up the name O’Reilly Media and starting to teach people with videos, conferences and today’s offering, the O’Reilly School of Technology.

The O’Reilly School of Technology has some pretty great courses. You can learn about Databases, Linux Servers, Perl, C# or any number of awesome topics. It should be noted that most of these are fairly high level courses, so if you still have troubles with your Windows laptop, jumping right into Linux Server Administration will be challenging. You can even use these courses to get some certificates, so if you feel you need your certs, this is a great opportunity to save some money on something none of us want to pay for! Even if you’re just an enthusiast or new to the scene, there are some Introductory courses that you can get 30% off of as well. Check out some of the courseware and try something new! If you’re scared about laying down all that cash, you can try it out for seven days and get a full refund if you don’t like it.

(Expires: 1st September 2013)

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May 26

NewEgg Canada: 8GB of RAM FREE with Select Motherboards

Posted by on May 26, 2013 at 5:30 PM

 NewEgg Canada: 8GB of RAM FREE with Select Motherboards

Building a computer? Upgrading an existing one? How about some FREE RAM from New Egg Canada?

If you’ve been thinking of uprading a computer or building a new one but you’ve been put off by the cost, this is a great opportunity. The sale includes forty motherboards from manufacturers like Biostar, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock. The prices also range from $69.99 to $389.99. If you’re already dropping $400 on a motherboard, a saving of $63.99 on the RAM probably isn’t gonna be a big deal. On the other hand, if you’re getting a $70 motherboard though, the $64 RAM deal is almost doubling the value of your purchase! A lot of the motherboards have rebates as well so you could save some money there too.

The RAM you are getting is Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 SDRAM. Crucial makes great RAM and, judging from the reviews, this is no different. The RAM has 5 out of 5 eggs. One review on simply said “Awesome, incredibly low profile, fits great

Shipping is around $10 depending on which motherboard you get. Some are more around $8 while others are closer to $15.

Have you ever built your own computer? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

(Expires: Unknown)

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November 27

Staples Canada: Cyber Week Deals Up to 50% Off

Posted by on November 27, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Staples Canada: Cyber Week Deals Up to 50% Off

Staples Canada has some great deals on today and for the rest of the week, both online and in stores.

With year-end coming up, get your accounting in order with Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013, now $110 off at Staples today only. Pay only $119.99 for the easiest guaranteed way to organized your finances in one place. With simple navigation, easy importing and click of the button snapshots of your data, this software is great for any small business owner.

Looking for a cheap, modern-looking and efficient single serving brewing system? The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo is now only $39.99. This great machine makes hot and cold beverages and is height adjustable for different sized glasses. This offer is only valid online and until November 30th.

This Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker actually has me jumping for joy. Now 50% off until November 30th online only, it is only $99. This is the label maker of all label makers. It prints up to 71 labels per minute using thermal printing technology (so no expensive inks or toners!). You can create labels directly from many software programs and print one or hundreds without wasting paper. Choose from over 60 label styles and layouts as well.

Get free shipping until November 30th.

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August 13

Staples Canada: Free Business Technology Consultation

Posted by on August 13, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Staples Canada: Free Business Technology Consultation

Staples Canada wants to help you build a technology solution for your business and they want to do it for free.

So if you happen to have a business and aren’t overly tech savvy, this is a pretty sweet deal. Basically you call the number provided (1-866-337-5817) during regular business hours (9:00AM to 5:30PM ET) and they will help you choose some technology solutions for free. I’m sure you could call them even if you don’t have a business, since I don’t think they have any way to verify. If you’re a consumer, they’ll probably help you out too.

To be honest I probably wouldn’t use these guys to set up my entire business, but for advice on one or two pieces, this is a great choice. If you need advise on which computer to get for a new employee or which router to choose, I’m sure these guys are fine. Of course you should be mindful that Staples isn’t doing this to be nice, they are doing this to sell you stuff from Staples. Don’t get sucked into a sales pitch,; do your own research before you get anything.

For a full technology set up, nothing can beat a local technician. Make sure you get someone qualified with good references. They are the people who will get you the right system. Also, get two quotes and make them fight it out price-wise.

If, after your consultation, you feel like doing some shopping, check out Bargainmoose’s Staples Coupon Codes to save some money.

(Expires: Whenever the department closes down)

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