April 18

Best Buy Canada: Kobo Arc 64GB Tablet Only $99

Posted by on April 18, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Best Buy Canada: Kobo Arc 64GB Tablet Only $99

Get $50 off the Kobo Arc 64GB tablet, now only $99.99 at Best Buy.

We own two Kobo Arc tablets and I have to say they are fantastic quality, especially for the price. We own a smaller GB version, but we paid this much for ours, so this is a fantastic deal on someone wanting this many GB. I don’t think this sale will be on for long, as it is part of their web exclusive 38 hour sale, so scoop this up if this is on your wishlist. I think it makes a very affordable tablet for someone who doesn’t want to pay iPad prices or great for children and teens.

The Kobo name is synonymous with e-reading, which you can definitely do on this tablet, but not just that, you can surf the web, watch movies, check email, store documents and so much more. This to me, is a much better purchase than just the simple e-reader. Because it has a large capacity for storage, you can store a lot of books on here as well.

Reviewers say they love this tablet and it was definitely a good purchase for the money, even at $50 more. Although I pictured the black above, the white is the one on sale.

Shipping will be free on this as it is over $20.

(Expiry: 19th April 2014)

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April 17

The Source: Ematic 7” HD Quad Core 8GB Tablet $88 (Save $62)

Posted by on April 17, 2014 at 1:30 PM

The Source: Ematic 7 HD Quad Core 8GB Tablet $88 (Save $62)

The Source Canada has an enchanting deal on an Ematic  7” HD quad core tablet with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Google Play. Originally $149.99, the tablet is now on sale for $87.99.

The device comes with a 1.5GHz quad core processor with a dedicated GPU. It stores plenty of apps and games on its 8GB of flash memory space that you can expand up to 32GB via its microSD card slot. Those cards aren’t too expensive either.

Use the 5GB of included cloud storage to stream your music and movies to your tablet also. The screen is a 7″ HD 1024×600 capacitive touchscreen. An excellent device for this price. You can choose from black, red, blue, yellow, green, or pink.

I price compared with a few places to make sure you were getting the best deal. I found the device on the marketplace for $124.99. I found a bunch on for anywhere between $120 to $160. I then found them in stock at for $107.99 but expect a $4 handling charge and then shipping unless you want to pick it  up at your local store. Either way, The Source Canada has by far the best deal.

Get free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

(Expiry: 23rd April 2014)

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April 3

Microsoft Store: 64GB Surface RT Tablet + Free Touch Cover (Only $299!)

Posted by on April 3, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Microsoft Store: 64GB Surface RT Tablet + Free Touch Cover (Only $299!)

Get a great tablet at a great price!

I’m here to defend Microsoft. Are you feeling okay, Shawn? Yeah, I’m okay. A little tired but I’m good. Why do you ask? Because you hate Microsoft, Shawn! Why would  you defend them? Well, it’s kind of like a punk rock teenager who hates the establishment cleaning himself up and getting a job at Starbucks while he gets his GED so he can go to college. It’s fine to rage and hate against something blindly but sooner or later (most) people grow up. I used to hate everything Microsoft did, now I’ve come to realize that it’s not all bad. I’ve grown up. That’s right, even me, a nerdy version of anti-establishment punks, can see that Microsoft Surface is a good product.

First off, it’s Microsoft. Most people use Microsoft Windows on their computers so most people are familiar with it. The Windows RT OS that runs on Surface tablets is very similar (almost identical, actually) to the the latest desktop version of the OS, Windows 8. If you’ve been using Windows 8, the tablet is going to be a pick-up-and-go product since you already know the UI. If you, like many people, have looked at Windows 8 and thought that it would really be better on a tablet, well, here’s the tablet with (essentially) Windows 8 on it.

On top of all that you’re getting a full sized 10″ tablet with 64GB of storage AND a free touch cover for only $299. That’s a steal. Listen, I’m no dummy. If you have a Macbook and an iPhone, you are probably sunk in to the Apple world too much to get this. If you’ve bought a new Android phone every year since the G1 came out and you use your stack of old Android tablets as a step stool, you probably aren’t going to switch now. Of maybe you are, maybe you want a change. I think the real market for this deal is the person with a flip phone and a Windows computer. Or the proverbial grandma who will never learn to use a computer but could really use it to talk to her grandkids in Russia. Or even the person who already has a Windows phone. I don’t see many around but some of those Nokia Windows phones are great.

Shipping on these is free.

(Expires: 14th April 2014)

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March 24

Staples Canada Printables: $25 – $75 Off During 5 Days Of Great Deals

Posted by on March 24, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Staples Canada Printables: $25   $75 Off During 5 Days Of Great Deals

Starting March 25th 2014, you can present a different Staples printable coupon in-stores to save up to $75 on items like camcorders, cameras, hard drives, monitors, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Valid for only one day each, here are the different deals you can take advantage of with the Staples coupon:

  • Tuesday, March 25th 2014: $25 off any camera or camcorder $99+
  • Wednesday, March 26th 2014: $30 off any hard drive $100+
  • Thursday, March 27th 2014: $50 off any computer monitor $149+
  • Friday, March 28th 2014: $50 off any tablet $299+
  • Saturday, March 29th 2014: $75 off any laptop or desktop computer $599+

As I’m due to give birth soon, I have been planning to add a whole bunch of feel-good movies onto a hard drive to potentially distract myself and hubby with at the hospital. Whether we’ll actually get to watch them is something I’ll have to update you moosers on later, but in the meantime that’s the plan, with the only problem being that I’m in need of a new external hard drive. So I’ll probably be using the Wednesday coupon to save $30 on the Western Digital 4TB USB 3.0 My Book external hard drive priced at $189.99. Although it’s $171.24 at both Best Buy and Future Shop, with the coupon, it comes down to just $159.99 at Staples.

In any case, there is definitely no shortage of stock to choose from; just make sure to carefully price compare with all of the other major stores first!

(Expiry: 29th March 2014)

(Image Credit: Jim Chambers)

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March 18

Microsoft Canada: 50% Off Surface Pro 128 GB – Now $499

Posted by on March 18, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Microsoft Canada: 50% Off Surface Pro 128 GB   Now $499

Microsoft Canada is offering the 128GB Surface Pro for only $499 which is $500 off the original retail price.

So, this tablet hasn’t sold for its original price for a while. Most places had priced it around $650 for the last few months and then it went on sale at both Best Buy and Future Shop for $499.99. However, you can’t buy it there because they are both SOLD OUT (that went quick). However, people seem to be ignoring the fact that Microsoft sells their own products and you can still buy the Surface Pro there for like 95 to 99 cents cheaper, and it is still in stock (for now).

What is so cool about this thing? It is a laptop in tablet form. Have you seen the ad with the awesome looking computer propped up on a kickstand and then they put it flat on the floor and draw on it? That is the Surface Pro. It combines the best of both worlds and changes the way you interact with your electronics. Here is what one enthusiastic reviewer said:

I’ve been using the surface pro for 2 weeks now without any problems. I am highly impressed with the design and capabilities of this tablet. This is a powerful machine and is unlike anything else on the market today. It’s great for gaming as well as productivity, I highly recommend the type cover to transform it into a true laptop and tablet or as I like to call it .. “Tabtop”. I love it, it’s simply amazing and wipes the floor with ipads!

This is going to sell out extremely soon if Best Buy and Future Shop are any indication. If you want one, don’t wait to buy it. If you are a student, you can save an extra 10% on the Surface.

Get free shipping on all orders.

(Expiry: 15th April 2014)

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March 10 Hipstreet Titan Tablet & Sleeve/Stylus Bundle Only $80

Posted by on March 10, 2014 at 2:30 PM Hipstreet Titan Tablet & Sleeve/Stylus Bundle Only $80 has an awesome deal on a Hipstreet Titan tablet + dual core 7 with a black sleeve and stylus bundle at 47% off. It is now only $79.99, was $149.99. I price compared at other online stores and found a wide variance in the price from $89.99 at Sears to $109.99 at Tiger Direct and the Source. No matter how you look at it, this is a deal

Equipped with the Android Jelly Bean operating system, this tablet is simple to use and lets you wirelessly surf the net, read e-books, read emails, download apps, watch movies and so much more. It also has a front facing camera, built-in speaker and microphone and supports multiple language formats. Another bonus to buying this tablet is that you’ll get 10GB of free online storage with your purchase. Put it in the cloud, they say.

The attached case is fully padded with a zipper to protect your tablet at all costs. I don’t know about you, but I am always dropping my electronics, so I need extra protection. The universal tablet stylus that is included is high quality with a built in soft head to protect your screen, but increases sensitivity. It is great for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography. You can also use it on your other touch screen tablets.

Before you buy this tablet, it is always best to read the reviews, remembering the low price you are actually paying. You can’t expect iPad quality at $250 less of a price tag. Shipping is always free from

Photo credit: Devon Christopher Adams

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 8

Chapters Canada: $100 Off Kobo Arc 10HD

Posted by on March 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Chapters Canada: $100 Off Kobo Arc 10HD

I’m very excited about this deal and very tempted by it! Get $100 off the Kobo Arc 10HD tablet at Chapters. This normally sells for $399, and is now $299. Here’s the thing, Best Buy has also reduced its price down to $299. Both are on until the end of the month. It is up to you to decide where you want to buy it, but this is a great deal.

As I’ve blogged before, I bought my kids two Kobo tablets for Christmas. I was tempted to buy myself one, but really want the larger screen for watching movies, working, writing and making recipes in the kitchen. I couldn’t fathom paying $400 plus tax for this tablet, but now with $100 off, it is almost irresistible to me.

Apparently this tablet has the world’s highest resolution for a 10″ screen, along with surround sound for a really great movie watching and web browsing experience. You can also do 720p HD videos on 16GB of memory. On top of this deal, you’ll also get three free kids books, and this is both from Chapters and Best Buy so I’ll assume it is a Kobo deal.

There is one review on Chapters that says they love their tablet, but weren’t at first convinced to buy an Android and now have changed their mind. Everyone is always talking iPad, and sure if you want to pay the $500+ for the larger screened iPad, or you can save yourself $200 for this one that does the same job without the iconic apple logo on the back.

Shipping is free on this item.

(Expiry: 27th March 2014)

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February 23

Costco Canada: Asus 8″ Memo Pad 16GB Tablet Just $199 (Was $239)

Posted by on February 23, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Costco Canada: Asus 8 Memo Pad 16GB Tablet Just $199 (Was $239)

Have you been shopping around for a convenient little tablet? Costco Canada currently has the Asus 8″ Memo Pad 16GB tablet for just $198.99.

Available in either white, grey or pink, this 8″ tablet actually packs quite the punch with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 1GB ram and a 16GB hard drive that can be upgraded to 64GB.

As for a quick price comparison, Costco’s offer is definitely the cheapest, with selling this same Asus tablet for $239.96 and Staples listing it at $239.99. Out of all the stores that I searched for this tablet, Best Buy seems to be offering it at the highest price: $241.64. One reviewer did, however, note the following:

If you are looking for a great android tablet and don’t want to shell out for the higher priced screen this is it. It has 95% of the functionality and performance of a higher priced alternative. We downloaded some HD games and didn’t really see any real performance/screen differences that would have justified a $200-$300 additional price hit. And Asus once again ( I also own a Asus Transformer Pad 300T) has done well with having some additional apps installed but not overdoing it. Battery life is excellent. It’s light and the 8″ screen is a great go between size. Highly recommended.

On top of offering a better deal than its competitors, another advantage of getting it with Costco is that it will also ship for free.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 8

SIG Electronics: Free Jawbone Jambox ($150 Value) When You Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8″ for $330 ($400 value)

Posted by on February 8, 2014 at 7:00 PM

SIG Electronics: Free Jawbone Jambox ($150 Value) When You Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $330 ($400 value)

Get the grandaddy of Bluetooth speakers when you get a great Samsung Galaxy Note tablet from SIG electronics!

This is a great deal. No way around it. The tablet normally retails for $399.99 pretty much everywhere and the Jambox sells at $149.99 everywhere. It’s funny, some other retailers have matched the Galaxy Note 8″ and dropped the Jambox by $20 as if we’re going to go for them instead of this deal. Competitors might as well keep the price high and hope no one finds the SIG deal. The Tablet is normally $399.99 but you’re getting it for $329.99 ($70 off). The Jawbone Jambox is $149.99 but you get it for free!

Anywho, we have two great products here. The Jawbone Jambox was not the first in the Bluetooth Speaker market but they made it awesome. This is an outstanding product. It has great bass for a little unit and because it’s so little you can toss it in a purse, backpack or suitcase to take to the hotel room, a BBQ or anywhere you want some sound! It pairs to any Bluetooth device which means it is going to work with pretty much anything you’ve got.

Like your Samsung Galaxy Note 8″. I have the Galaxy Note II Phone and I love it. I’m personally a little sick of Samsung’s crapware but that happens with any device you buy other than the Nexus line of products. On the plus side, Samsung recently said they were going to put less junk on their devices and allow you to remove it which is a great big step in the right direction. Additionally the Note 8″ (which comes with Android 4.1) is reported to be getting 4.4 soon. The best thing about the Note 8″ is the stylus. It comes with a pen that lets you do everything from taking notes to making really high quality art. Just Google around for some of the artwork made with a Galaxy Note device. You’ll be really shocked at some of it. I take a decent amount of notes on mine but I find I use it more for fine manipulation. It makes it easy to fast forward a movie to a precise spot, fling that Angry Bird in just the right place or tap the ‘X’ on that ad without accidentally clicking the ad.

Shipping is a flat $9.99 to Canada.

(Expires: 16th February 2014)

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February 6

Walmart Canada: Kobo Arc 32GB Only $98

Posted by on February 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Kobo Arc 32GB Only $98

Walmart has a fantastic deal on the Kobo Arc 7″ 32GB tablet, now only $98. The original price is not listed, but when price comparing I found this tablet for as low as $99 at Staples and as high as $369 at The Shopping Channel and everything else in between. On Black Friday we bought our kids this tablet, but only the 16GB for $99 and this was a really good deal at the time, so I’m going to say the price has gone down and the sale price is even better.

As I mentioned, our kids were gifted their own 16GB Kobo Arc tablets for Christmas. I think it is one of their most prized possessions now and they use them as often as possible. They watch YouTube, play games, Skype their relatives, read books and even do homework on them. At night you can find their tablets lying beside them in bed, to which I gently remove because I have a phobia of wi-fi waves entering their brains. The tablets are great for long car rides, restaurants where my husband and I would like to have an adult conversation, long waits at the doctor or other appointments and so much more. My kids love it when Nana Skypes them, rather than me because it feels so personal – she called me!

I think the price is great, especially if this is a tab for kids, but I’ve used their tablet a number of times myself and could totally get one for myself now. I’d actually prefer a 10″ screen, so I can watch cooking shows while I cook, but my husband thinks the 7″ is much nicer and easier to hold.

As you know, Walmart ships for free.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 5

Staples Canada: Get a $40 Gift Card When you Buy WiFi iPad Air or iPad Mini

Posted by on December 5, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Staples Canada: Get a $40 Gift Card When you Buy WiFi iPad Air or iPad Mini

 Get $40 just for picking up the iPad you were already going to buy from Staples Canada!

This deal is a bit weird to link to so I linked to a search results page that includes all the iPad Air and iPad Minis that Staples sells but you can only get the deal on certain iPads. You can get your gift card if you buy a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB iPad Air in either Space Grey or White. The only iPad Mini for which this deal is valid is the 16GB in Space Grey or White. I don’t know why it isn’t available on the bigger Minis or the biggest Air. I can only imagine that it’s some policy with Apple. It is also only available on WiFi only iPads. You’ll know the iPad is in this deal because it will say “SPECIAL BUY!” underneath it and ”FREE Staples $40 Gift Card!” next to it.

I know this deal isn’t going to make you buy an iPad over another tablet but if you were going to get one anyway, this is a great opportunity to get a little something extra with it. Getting someone an iPad is a great gift idea but adding a $40 gift card to their present is even better. You could even use the card to get them a case or something. Or keep it all for yourself! The choice is yours!

Shipping on orders over $45 is free!

(Expires: 10th December 2013)

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November 11

The Source Canada: Free Shipping on Tablets

Posted by on November 11, 2013 at 5:00 PM

The Source Canada: Free Shipping on Tablets

The Source Canada is having a tablet sale with free shipping on any order that includes a tablet.

I am sure tablets are on a lot of people’s wishlist this time of year. Some people want one for their kids, and some people want to get one for their partner or themselves. The Source Canada has a good variety of tablets on sale and with the free shipping you save an extra $5.

Tablets start at just $64.99 and go up from there. If you are looking for a child friendly tablet you might want to check out the EMATIC FTABMP2 FUNTAB MINI 4.3″ TABLET WITH ANDROID 4.0 on sale for $64.99 from $99.99. You can get the tablet in pink which I just linked to or in blue. What I like about this tablet is it comes preloaded with Zoodles Kids mode which gives your child access to a variety of fun education games and content. There is a built-in “kid-safe” interface which adapts to the user’s age and skill content, allowing parents to monitor their child’s learning. That is all pretty cool and the price point is quite good.

For more free shipping offers, check out our free shipping page.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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November 3

Lenovo Canada Coupon Code: Save $100 + Free Shipping On A3000 7″ Android 4.2 Tablet

Posted by on November 3, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Lenovo Canada Coupon Code: Save $100 + Free Shipping On A3000 7 Android 4.2 Tablet

Get seven inches of Lenovo Canada’s A3000 Tablet goodness, complete with Android Jelly Bean!

Click here to get your new A3000 Tablet @ now

  • Coupon Code: CAPA3561031
  • Discount: $100 + Free shipping on A3000
  • Expiry: 8th November 2013

The tablet is regularly $229. On the website, they are currently promoting a coupon code that gives you $80 off. That coupon code is fine, but our Kung Fu is better. You get $100 off, so it is only $129! That’s right, $129, full stop.

Now, I’m not saying that this is the best tablet out there, but at that price I’d certainly take a small hit in performance. It’ll still run most apps fine, and you can still use it for email, internet, Facebook, video, Youtube and all those other things you do on a tablet. It might chug a bit if you’re trying to run a high end 3D game on it or something, though.

On top of all that, you get free shipping! Check out more free shipping deals from Bargainmoose. Another good reason to visit the forums: more Lenovo coupons!

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September 12

Best Buy Canada: Hot Prices On Tablets & Up To 65% Off Tablet Accessories

Posted by on September 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Hot Prices On Tablets & Up To 65% Off Tablet Accessories

Best Buy is having a flash sale on tablets, with some good prices going on. They also have up to 65% off tablet accessories.

While some of the deals are only $10 or $20 off, this one is the best at $50 off for the Apple iPad with retina display 4th generation, 32 GB, now $549.99.

Best Buy is also having some deals on accessories, including when you buy a tablet, you’ll get select accessories for 50% off, like cases, screen protectors and other accessories. If you already have a tablet and just want some accessories, those are up to 65% off.

This Tuscano Cornice folio for iPad is an amazing deal, was $69.99, now $24.99.

Don’t forget that if you shop with PayPal, you can save up to another $40.

(Expiry: 12th September 2013)

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September 5

The Brick Canada: After Hours Online Tent Crashers Sale

Posted by on September 5, 2013 at 9:00 PM

The Brick Canada: After Hours Online Tent Crashers Sale

The Brick is having an online tent crashers sale this week from 10pm until 8am until September 12th.

If you are looking for furniture or electronics, the Brick is selling some specific items each night. You can see which items are upcoming, but not what price they will be until that day.

Tonight they are selling a Coventry bonded leather bed in Queen for $249.99, was $499.99.

Other items to come include:

Shipping depends on the size of the item, but you can also pick up for free at the store.

(Expiry: 12 September 2013)

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