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February 3

Swarovski Canada: Free Crystal Pouch with Any Order

Posted by on February 3, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Crystal Pouch with Any Order

Swaorvski Canada has a little incentive for you to buy your lover something sparkly this Valentine’s Day. With any order at Swarovski (no minimum), you will receive a free crystal pouch.

I am actually rather surprised at this offer. I do not recall Swarovski ever having a free gift promotion without a minimum purchase required. Usually that minimum is fairly high, around $150 to $200.

I tested the offer out on a Slake Deluxe Bracelet, they retail for $79 each. You can select the bracelet in your or your lover’s favourite colour, as there are 13 different colours to choose from. I added the Slake Rock Purple bracelet to my cart and the free crystal pouch popped right in as well.

Swarovski Canada: Free Crystal Pouch with Any Order

Even though you will receive the free bag of crystals with any purchase amount, Swarovski offers free shipping on orders of $120 or more. Under that minimum, shipping will cost you $10.95. My cart is $41 short of that threshold, so I went in search of something larger.

This Disney -Piglet figurine might not make you think of Valentine’s Day right away., but Piglet is holding a heart shaped balloon while looking oh so sweet (and a little wind-blown). I think the figurine is absolutely adorable, and at $150 it makes a lovely gift and qualifies for free shipping. Swarovski also offers a free gift bag and greeting card. Thus, you have everything you need to present your gift without having to buy a card or wrapping paper.

For a more traditional Valentine’s Day gift, gaze upon the Cupid Heart Pendant for $145. The pendant has two moveable heart pieces that can be worn four different ways. Have the hearts nestled, side by side, or wear each heart individually for a different look all from one necklace. This is a piece of jewellery that will last for ages because it forever changes.

The gift is a sweet little satchel of crystals, but I have no idea what one would do with them! They appear to be loose crystals inside a bag. I suppose you could use them for decorating – put them in a glass tube and watch the light catch them from the window. If you have any ideas of what to do with the free crystal pouch, leave your comments below!

Quantities are limited.

(Expiry: 14th February 2015)

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January 16

Hudson’s Bay: Up to 50% Off Swarovski Jewellery

Posted by on January 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Hudsons Bay: Up to 50% Off Swarovski Jewellery

Hudson’s Bay Canada is offering up to 50% off Swarovski brand jewellery. Also this weekend, pay with your HBC Master or Credit card to receive an extra 15% off your order for most things – unfortunately this does not apply to Swarovski. See the fine print here.

Swarovski is one of the most sought after brands for jewellery. The brand themselves never offers sales, though you might occasionally find a gift promotion during the year. Thus, a sale like this is welcome and very rare. I own several Swarovski pieces myself and have always been quite pleased with the quality, sparkle, and beauty. For my wedding, I wore a Swarovski necklace and earrings as well.

Valentine’s Day is approaching in less than a month. If you have not bought your lover a special gift yet, then may I suggest this Ties Of Love Pendant. It features a red heart with a knot tied at the top. I think it is a lovely piece and certainly a step above the usual red heart jewellery. Knowing Swarovski, this heart will sparkle like mad when the light catches it. Originally $120, the pendant is on sale for $62.99. .

Now, if your partner is anything like me, they might want something in a different colour. I rather hate red so the coming holiday’s fascination with that colour always has me looking for alternatives. This Sensible Necklace is white and clear, yet no less beautiful. In fact, I prefer this dangling heart adorned with clear crystal pave to the simpler red crustal above. Originally $175, this necklace is on sale for $91.87.

The sale also includes plenty of bracelets and earrings. I have a pair of pink Swarovski earrings that I purchased in New York. Each time I wear them, it seems that someone complements me. I could see these Lunar Earrings also being a very big hit. The Indian Sapphire Crystal comes in a water droplet shape that will sparkle and shine. I think I like these better than my own earrings! Originally $85, the earrings are now on sale for $44.62.

Receive free shipping on orders of $99 or on orders of $49 with your Hudson’s Bay Card. If you do not already have the HBC card, now is a very good time to sign up.

Thanks to Lenny for posting this on the forum.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 31

lolaandgrace Coupon Code: 20% Discount

Posted by on October 31, 2014 at 8:30 PM

lolaandgrace Coupon Code: 20% Discount

lolaandgrace is a new brand of jewellery and accessories by the legendary Swarovski Group. You can probably consider this a sister company to Swarovski itself. The just opened an online store with a coupon code for 20% off your first purchase.

Click here to shop @ lolaandgrace.com now

  • Coupon Code: hello20
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

They also have a 20% off unique coupon code they will email you if you sign up for their newsletter. When this coupon expires, it might be a good idea to request the other one.

This is seriously cool. We are seeing the birth of a new brand and get a discount right out of the starting gate. For a Swarovski Group company this is rare – we never receive coupon codes for Swarovski themselves and they never have online sales in Canada. I am not sure if the trend will extend to Lola and Grace or not.

lolaandgrace stages itself as a younger, hipper, and less expensive version of Swarovski. Most items tend to be around the $50 mark with only one (single) item, a Triple Row Pearl Collier for $108, above the $100 mark. However, with the coupon code even that comes into the double digits at only $86.40. There are some sets you can pick up for $108 (retail) as well, which give you both earrings and a necklace for just $86.40 after coupon. Choose from the Opulent Bead Necklace & Earring Set in several different colours or the Block Chain Necklace and Festive Stud Earrings Set.

Pearls and crystals seem to be the popular materials so far. Polygon Pendant is made with a beautiful black Swarovski crystal without the high price tag. Pay just $48 retail price or $38.40 after coupon code. For the same price, you can purchase my favourite piece – the Bunny Ring. It is made with around 100 Swarovski crystals for a dazzling affect.

I would like to sample this brand some time as I think they are trying to find that ever-allusive balance between quality and price. Lola and Grace feels younger, is priced far below standard Swarovski pricing, and yet it is owned and loved by the well-known Swarovski Group. I do wonder how well this new brand will flourish in the Canadian market.

Receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Shipping under that is a $10 flat rate.

Hey Moosers, if you have any thoughts on the new brand lolaandgrace, let me know!

For other fantastic coupon codes, visit our forum.

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August 12

Swarovski Canada: Free Jewelry Box With $150 Purchase

Posted by on August 12, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Jewelry Box With $150 Purchase

It has been a while since Swarovski had any promotions (since April), so I am pleased to let you know they are back with a new free gift with purchase offer. When you spend $150 or more at Swarovski Canada, you will receive a free jewelry box.

This offer is available until the expiry or as long as supplies last. You will see this item added to your cart when you reach the required minimum if it is still available. While Swarovski supplies an image of the jewelry box, they say that it is just a sample picture and that the actual size of the box may vary. Therefore, that really does not tell us much about what you are getting. Generally, Swarovski freebies are of good quality so I am not too worried.

It is so easy to shop at Swarovski because everything is so pretty. Their new Stardust collection is lovely, and the Stardust Gray Double Bracelet for $90 stood out to me. It reminds me of a pale iridescent snakeskin in a coil. While it says bracelet, this piece does double duty. It can be uncoiled and used as a choker as well. This is why I prefer it to the single bracelets. For $20 more, you get a piece of jewelry that can be worn two ways. I think I might like to get it in black as well.

In the most popular section, I found the limited edition Backstage Triangle Set for $160. The set includes a pair of earrings for pierced ears and a matching necklace. The set combines pink crystals with rose-gold plated metal for a feminine touch. Purchasing this set alone would get you the free jewelry box. The Backstage Triangle Set is available online only in a limited quantity.

I was looking through the figurines, as not everyone likes jewelry. I may be an adult, but I have fond memories of Winne the Pooh. This Disney – Piglet figuring is just so precious! I like how he is holding onto a crystal red balloon in the shape of a heart. The figurine of Piglet costs $150, which also qualifies for the free jewelry box. Give the box away as a gift, or keep it for yourself. I do like gifting away freebies as it cuts down on my gift-purchasing budget.

Receive free shipping on orders of $120.

(Expiry: 24th August 2014)

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April 25

Swarovski Canada: Free Mirror Compact With $150 Purchase

Posted by on April 25, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Mirror Compact With $150 Purchase

Swarovski Canada is offering a free sparkling pocket mirror studded with Swarovski crystals for free when you spend $150 or more.

This is Swarovski’s Mother’s Day promotion so that you can spoil your mother on her special day.

There are some very reasonably priced gifts at Swarovski that you can buy for Mom. This Slake Light Blue Bracelet is priced at only $80. It is wrap style and studded with Crystal Aurore Boreale crystals. If you also bought these Solitaire Pierced Earrings for $70 (which are just lovely and would sparkle like nothing else) then your order would qualify for the free mirror compact. You would also have two gifts so if you have two Mothers in your family (mother and mother-in-law, or your mother and then you are also a mother) then the two items can be given seperatly and the mirror compact can accompany one of them.

Why not pair this Astrid Pendant for $95 with its clear crystal petals and Aquamarine crystal center with this Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen (Love) for $55? Together they cost $150 which means you will also receive the compact. There are so many lovely items to choose from. The free gift will appear in your shopping bag.

Receive free shipping on orders of $120.

(Expiry: 11th May 2014)

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March 11

Swarvoski Canada: Free Swarovski Pen with $190 Purchase

Posted by on March 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Swarvoski Canada: Free Swarovski Pen with $190 Purchase

Swarovski Canada is offering a free Swarovski crystal filled pen with your purchase of $190 or more on their website.

I was recently cleaning out my jewelery box and realized that I actually own the most Swarovski brand pieces of any ‘brand’. I own two necklaces, one bracelet, and a set of earrings. Each one has a special place in my heart. The earrings I bought on my first ever paid vacation: I purchased them in the Swaorvski store in New York. The one necklace I wore on my wedding day, the other necklace I was sure that the first time I saw it there was surely nothing more beautiful in the world. The bracelet is also one of those items that fixated itself in my mind. It was a piece that Swarovski no longer made when I discovered it, so I watched for nearly a year till I found one on eBay and made my purchase. Each item has a special place in my heart and even when I am in a purging mood, I cannot bear to part with them.

I think of Swarovski as special pieces that will stay with you for years. The Azalea Collar pictured above is a lot like the one necklace I own… and it is a piece I would see owning forever if it was mine. It costs $550 but it is a gift that would last not only one lifetime but also be passed on to children. If you are purchasing a gift for someone, a gift you want to last forever, I think Swarovski is a lovely choice for the affordability and the wow factor all rolled into one. The free pen is just a nice bonus.

Receive free shipping, a free gift card, and a free gift bag on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: 16th March 2014)

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January 29

Swarovski Canada: Free Jewelry Box with $150 Purchase

Posted by on January 29, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Jewelry Box with $150 Purchase

Swarovski Canada is offering a free heart shaped jewelry box with a $150 purchase online.

Valid for one purchase per person.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and there is nothing like receiving a beautiful gem. Swarovski has released their Valentine’s collection. These cute crystal couple Kris Bears – In Love figurine is just adorable and costs $190. Buy it and get the jewelry box pictured above for free as a bonus gift.

These Fit Silver Shade Pierced Earrings provide a cascade of crystals that will sparkle and shine. They cost $165 so you would also get the jewelry box with your purchase of them. You could even put them in the box when you present them as a gift.

When you add your item to the cart you will see the free gift pop up in your cart when you reach the $150 minimum. You will also receive free shipping on orders of $120 or more. As an added bonus, under the ‘secure checkout’ button there is a place to add on free gift bag and a free greeting card to make your gift even more special. I would highly suggest taking advantage of this bonus offer.

(Expiry: 14th February 2014)

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November 11

Swarovski Canada: Free Owl Charm w/ $190 Purchase

Posted by on November 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Owl Charm w/ $190 Purchase

Buying your love something sparkly this season? Take advantage of this free gift with purchase to get an owl charm with any purchase of $190 or more.

I once was pretty obsessed with Swarovski. They make some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I could not get enough of them! They are still the brand I own the most jewellery of: a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and two necklaces. I always get compliments on this jewellery when I wear it because the pieces are just so beautiful. However, jewellery isn’t the only thing they do well. They have the most lovely selection of holiday items this year that are drool worthy! The annual Christmas Ball Ornament is just lovely and retails for $115. They also have their annual Christmas Ornament which is a crystal star this year for $85. You can pick them up separately or get them as a set for $220 which includes a metal stand. If you got the set you would also get a lovely owl charm for free.

The free item will show up in your cart when you arrive at the minimum purchase requirement. If it does not they are probably all sold out.

Get free shipping on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 6

Swarovski Canada: Buy 3 Charms Get Free Charm Bracelet

Posted by on October 6, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Swarovski Canada: Buy 3 Charms Get Free Charm Bracelet

I do not collect charms or have a charm bracelet, but I know they are very popular! Swarovski is offering a free charm bracelet when you purchase three charms.

You will see the free gift in your Shopping Bag if it is still available.

The charms start at $50 a piece and there are a lot available at that price. That means you will need to spend a minimum of $150 to get the charm bracelet, which is worth approximately $40. I like the Heart Stone Charm because it is not a standard red heart, but rather purple-ish. It matches beautifully with the Bow Charm which is really pretty. Both are only priced at $50 a piece.

Swarovski had this promo back in June and now they have revived it. So if you missed the promotion then, you can get it now.

Get free standard shipping on orders of $120 or more. As you will be spending $150 on the charms to get the free bracelet you will also qualify for free shipping. You can also add a free greeting card and gift bag.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 13

Swarovski Canada: Free Swan Charm With $190 Order

Posted by on September 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Swarovski Canada: Free Swan Charm With $190 Order

You might not have found Prince Charming yet, but this Swan Charm accessory is a gift to you from Swarovski (they ride a white swan, not a white horse) when you spend $190 or more.

I could not find a retail value for the charm accessory, but the white swan charm I did find (though different) costs $70. My guess is that the value of the free swan charm accessories is around the same.

Did you know Swarovski has their own line of sunglasses? I did not know this. These Cate Black Sunglasses are about as cheap as the sunglasses come and yet they still cost $300. That is a bit pricey for my bank account. The Cate sunglasses feature the Swanflower decorated in little pearls and crystal pavé, which is certainly reflected in the price. You can get the sunglasses in all sorts of colours.

I like gifts with purchase because I always feel like I am getting more for my money. If the free item isn’t exactly my style, I just save it to give to someone else when then occasion presents itself.

If the free gift is still available when you place an order, then it will show up in your cart.

Swarovski offers free shipping on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 19

Swarovski Canada: Free Gift With $190 Purchase

Posted by on August 19, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Gift With $190 Purchase

Swaorvski Canada is giving a beautiful Swarovski filled pen away with every purchase of $190 or more.  If you are looking to buy something special for a special someone this is a nice little bonus offer.

The pen body is filled with 160 Swarovski crystals. It comes with a blue velvet pouch. Evidently, the pen can be easily and quickly refilled – most likely it will come with a list of compatible refills for it. This pen retails for $50, so it is a pretty nice bonus with your purchase. You could even give the main item you buy to one person (or yourself) and then keep the free gift (or give it to someone else). Meaning, you could split this up into several gifts. The pen would make a really nice gift to anyone who loves something sparkly.

I tested the deal out on this Amethyst Flower Brooch for $190. In my cart popped up a ‘free gift to you’ and the image shown highly resembled a pen. This should occur if your order qualifies for the free gift and the free gift is still in stock.

Enjoy free shipping on orders of $120 at Swarovski Canada.

(Expiry: 26th August 2013)

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June 3

Swarovski Canada: Free Charm Bracelet With 3 Charms Purchase

Posted by on June 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Charm Bracelet With 3 Charms Purchase

When you purchase three charms at Swarovski Canada you will receive a free charm bracelet to put them on.

You will see the free gift in your Shopping Bag if it is still available.

The charms start at $50 a piece. That means you will need to spend a minimum of $150 to get the charm bracelet which is worth approximately $40. Here are a few charms I think are cute:

Swarovski doesn’t often have promotions so when they do we post about them. Charm bracelets make fantastic gifts because the are the gift you can add to each year with a new charm.I also like to get a charm each time I am on vacation as a way to remember the country I am visiting. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. But I think it is a sweet idea.

Get free standard shipping on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 23

Swarovski Canada: Up to 30% Off Select Jewellery

Posted by on April 23, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Swarovski Canada: Up to 30% Off Select Jewellery

Get up to 30% off select jewellery sets at Swarovski Canada just in time for Mother’s Day!

There are five sets on sale ranging in price from $100 to $200.

I think that the Nightingale Set which features butterfly earrings and a matching necklace, or the Charm Set which includes two charms and a bracelet, are the nicest options. They also happen to be the cheapest options as well.

Receive a free travel jewelry box with every online purchase over $170.

Free standard shipping on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 19

Swarovski Canada: Free Scarf With $190 Purchase

Posted by on March 19, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Scarf With $190 Purchase

Swarovski Canada has a rare gift with purchase offer. When you spend $190 CAN on their online store you will receive a free scarf (as seen above).

There are so many beautiful pieces of crystal at Swarovski – both in jewelery form and in figurines. An iconic figurine familiar to every female of this era is Hello Kitty. It is girly, chic, cute, and adorable! Here are some Hello Kitty Swarovski pieces for all budgets:

There are just so many adorable Hello Kitty items. My personal favourite is the Hello Kitty Ladybug for $180. I love Polka Dots and this is just the perfect little figurine.

Free standard shipping on orders of $120 or more.

(Expiry: Approximately 31st March 2013)

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February 14

5 Places To Purchase Last Minute V-Day Gift Cards

Posted by on February 14, 2013 at 7:00 AM

5 Places To Purchase Last Minute V Day Gift Cards

In case you forgot (despite our reminders) to pick up a gift and now its Valentine’s Day and you have nothing. Don’t despair… gift cards are still a great way to go! Many of them can be ordered online and emailed or printed out. Here are 5 different types of gift cards to cover partners of all interests.

  • Lush: If your partner loves long hot baths, warm cozy showers, and skin soft as silk – a Lush gift certificate is a great last minute gift. They sell bath bombs, bubble bars, shower jellies,  hair products, massage bars, lotions, perfume sticks and so much more.
  • WaySpa: Does your partner deserve a few hours of pampering and utter relaxation? Perhaps a spa day is the way to go. As previously mentioned they are referring 15% off gift certificates and there are around 2,200 locations to choose.
  • Amazon: If you are somewhat unsure of what your partner might like, perhaps the relationship is in its early stages, Amazon is the way to go. For the bookworm it has books and eBooks, for elected techno-geek it has electronics, for the movie lover it has plenty of DVDs and so much more.
  • Etsy: If your partner is a big fan of arts & crafts, home made, local sources, eco-friendly, and/or vintage then getting an Etsy gift certificate will bring a smile to their face. You can find anything on Etsy and it really appeals to the individuals trying to support small businesses.
  • SwarovskiIf your partner likes anything that glitters – she will positively glow with a Swarovski gift certificate. You pick out the amount and let her choose the piece that most complements her style – whether a necklace, earrings, ring, or even an ornament.

These are just a few ideas for those last minute situations. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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