October 22

Air Canada Altitude Student’s Program – Up to 15% Off Flights & More

Posted by on October 22, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Air Canada Altitude Students Program   Up to 15% Off Flights & More

Air Canada has released a student program for post-secondary students only. Join the Air Canada Altitude Student’s Program for up to 15% off a flight, one-hour of in-flight Wi-Fi access, exclusive vacation discounts, and more.

When you join the Altitude Program for students, you will receive 10% off one domestic flight or 15% off one international flight. That is the ‘biggest’ perk of the student program, but there are other features as well:

  • Free one-hour in-flight Wi-Fi session
  • Special rates on all-inclusive Air Canada Vacations package at the Tesoro Ixtapa, Mexico
  • Save on packages offered by Air Canada Vacations
  • Complimentary Air Canada Café goodies
  • Pay your tuition with Aeroplan Miles

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October 9

Microsoft Home Use Program: $11 For Microsoft 2016

Posted by on October 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Microsoft Home Use Program: $11 For Microsoft 2016

If you are a student or work for an academic or large organization, you may qualify for a full version of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for just $11. This version would be for you to use on your home computer and it is NOT the subscription based software; it is the full software package.

If you have an Apple computer, then you can also download Office Home and Business for Mac 2016 for just $11. I am not sure which all companies qualify, but it is worth a shot as this software package is well worth the time and effort. Office 2016 Pro comes with: Read the rest of this entry »

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August 26

FREE $50 with New Student Chequing & Savings Accounts @ TD Canada Trust

Posted by on August 26, 2015 at 4:00 PM

FREE $50 with New Student Chequing & Savings Accounts @ TD Canada Trust

TD Bank has one of the best deals for student banking on right now. Open a new student chequing account and a new student savings account to earn $50 in free money. You will need to complete a few transactions in order to receive your free money. This offer requires that you show proof of full-time enrolment in post-secondary education: I usually provided my proof of tuition slip.

It is simple to earn your free $50 from TD Bank. First, you open a TD Every Day Chequing Account with Student Discount by October 5, 2015. The student discount gives you the account for free: no monthly fee. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 11

Rogers Student Internet Plans from $40 & TV Plans from $15 – Ontario

Posted by on August 11, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Rogers Student Internet Plans from $40 & TV Plans from $15   Ontario

If you are a student in Ontario, you need to get hooked up with the Rogers Student Plan. Internet plans start at $39.99 and television plans start at $14.95 per month.

As a huge chunk of Canada’s population resides in Ontario, I thought this was a deal worth writing about. There are also many prominent universities in Ontario with thousands of students in need of internet. Read the rest of this entry »

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February 25

Canadian Freebie: Free Office 365 For Students + Free 1TB OneDrive Storage

Posted by on February 25, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: Free Office 365 For Students + Free 1TB OneDrive Storage

Calling all students: you can get now get Office 365 absolutely free, along with 1TB of free storage!

Up until now, a free copy of Office 365 for students was only available to U.S. students but in an effort to become an educational partner, Microsoft has now made this student-only freebie accessible to a lengthy list of countries.

To get this offer, you simply need to input your individual school e-mail address. Microsoft Office’s system will then re-direct you to a download page. Make sure you enter your e-mail correctly because there no other way to get this offer otherwise.

Students will essentially be saving a total of $120 per year as Office 365 for home use would otherwise have cost $10 per month.

What’s included in Office 365?

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Publisher

You can also use it on up to 5 PCs or Macs, which is pretty handy if you happen to have a desktop, laptop or perhaps even a third device.

1 TB Storage

On top of all of the included Office software, you will also get 1tb of free storage with OneDrive. Plus, you can also get an extra 100GB of free storage for a limited time if you’re a Dropbox user. Check out Avigayil’s post to find out more.

How Long?

With regards to how long you will have access to Office 365 for free depends on how long you have left as a student at a qualified school. Once you are no longer a student, your copy of Office 365 will be changed in functionality. Although you won’t be able to edit documents, you will be able to view them as usual. The extra 1TB of storage will also expire, so make sure to save all of your documents beforehand.

If your school doesn’t qualify for this offer, then you could check with them to see if Office 365 is offered for free separately. My former university, for instance, automatically offers Office 365 for free to all those with the school’s e-mail address. Plus, it’s possible to use it for up to 8 consecutive semester following graduation. Not all school will offer this but it’s worth looking into if your school doesn’t qualify for Microsoft Office’s offer.

(Expiry: Unknown, thanks to MTL on the forums!)

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February 19

UFile Canada: Free Tax Return for Students

Posted by on February 19, 2015 at 2:18 PM

UFile Canada: Free Tax Return for Students

If you are a student and paid tuition in the last fiscal year, you can file your taxes with Dr Tax UFile for free.

Click here to see this student promotion @ now

  • Special offer code: FAY1493
  • Discount: free student tax filing
  • Expiry: Unknown

There is a long list of rules so I will try to summarize them for you. This offer is open to Canadian residents who have attended school for a minimum of one month during the tax year. You also need to be designated as the ‘family head’ for the purposes of filing your taxes.

Filing your taxes is as simple as tax filing can be. Login or create an UFile account for the current tax year. Then enter your tuition fees and months at school. After that, find the “Special offer” form via UFile’s QuikClik Navigator – you may need to scroll down for the offer. In the special offer box, enter the code listed above and then click next.

UFile Canada: Free Tax Return for Students

You have hit all the important steps – all that is left to do is actually enter your information for tax purposes. You have the option of printing out the taxes and mailing them in or NETFILE your return. I think submitting online is simplest and the entire process should not take you too long.

This offer is valid regardless of your personal income as a student. I know as a student that it is difficult to make ends meet. You need to pay tuition, pay for books, pay for transportation, and then there are housing and food costs. As a student, I was rather grateful for any student freebies or even price reductions. It is hard enough to budget without taxes to think about.

I also know how inconvenient it is to do taxes. Right now, you are probably in between classes and wondering how you will ever get your taxes done in between classes, studying, assignments, and life. I find filing online the easiest way to take care of your taxes and, for the average student; it should take less than an hour.

I assume this promotion expires the night before all your tax returns have to be filed with the government, but the promotion does not say.

Check out this and any future Dr Tax Ufile coupon codes on the forum.

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October 24

5 Ways to Save Money While in School

Posted by on October 24, 2014 at 8:00 PM

5 Ways to Save Money While in School

Whether it is your first time in university or college or whether you are returning back to school after a long period of being in the workforce, it is generally agreed upon that school is expensive.  Although furthering your education can help you develop your career and improve your income by leaps and bounds, it might not feel like this at the time.  You might just feel like a poor student.  However, sometimes being a poor student does have its perks, and so being able to save money while you are in school becomes less difficult and easier to accomplish.

Here are some strategies that will help you save money while you are in school.

Max Out Your Student Perks

Just like Gail Vaz-Oxlade suggests in this Moneysense article on saving money at school, max out your student benefits.  The rest of the world knows that you are a starving student, why not take advantage of it while you can?

Bus passes, museum tickets, concert tickets, Greyhound bus pass, Air Canada flight passes, Vancouver International Film Festival tickets… the list goes on.  There are many places that offer a discount for students.  One of the most recognized student discount pass (especially if you plan to go abroad) is the ISIC card, or the International Student Identity Card.  It lets the people from the foreign places you plan to go to know that you are a starving student.

Hit the Student Gym

If it’s already included in your fees, why not use it so you are saving money on a gym membership or a monthly yoga class?  Student Universe also states that most schools have a student gym and some even have classes like yoga or pilates that you can take.  These classes are normally very expensive so it makes sense to take advantage of it while you have a student gym pass/ access to enjoy.

Get a Part-Time Job

I personally worked throughout University (both times I went) with a part-time job.  Sure, there were times when I felt really time-crunched, however, I think working allows you to prioritize and to focus on things that matter.  Plus, knowing that you will finish your education program without as much debt as you could have had is priceless.  I believe that working gives you the onus to prioritize and get organized, two skills that are essential as a student.  Of course, you cannot work so much but personally I like to feel productive and I like the organization.  Being organized in my life helped me become organized for my main job.  Although, I only worked 10-15 hours per week with the part-time job in the evenings and weekends.

Buy Used Textbooks

Skip your university or college bookstore, the best place to buy your books is (like most things nowadays) online.  From Bargainmoose, here are some places that you can buy used text books.  Personally, I saved a few hundred dollars buying my textbooks from and then picking it up across the border, rather than going to my university bookstore to buy the books that they recommended.

You could also take advantage of the coupons we have here on Bargainmoose for stores like Bookmob and Textbook Rental and even rent your textbooks.

All you need is the ISBN number from the list your instructor tells you to get, and you just plug that into or  Of course, there are a lot of other places to buy your used text books, instead of  The great thing is that you can resell your books to and then get a gift card for the value of your used books.  No fuss, no muss really.

Pack Your Lunch

Finally, just like for those who work full-time, packing your lunch or avoiding that daily coffee is going to save you ton of money in the end.  Considering a lunch is at least $5 to $10 per day, that’s at least $1000 per year (averaging 4 lunches per week).  That is enough for a last minute ticket to Mexico for spring break!  Besides, packing your lunch is good for your waist line too, and at least you know what you are putting in the food.  Knowing that you are saving day by day is priceless.

Bargainmoosers, are there other ways that you saved money while in school? 

Photo credit: Beraldo Leal

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August 10

Telus Canada: Student Deals & Free $50 Pre-Paid Visa

Posted by on August 10, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Telus Canada: Student Deals & Free $50 Pre Paid Visa

Telus Canada is offering a free $50 pre-paid Visa card, free wi-fi and installation, and student internet starting at just $25 per month for a year.

I blogged about the Shaw deals for students on Thursday, so today I dug up what Telus is offering. Telus and Shaw dominate the Canadian internet market, thus their deals are the ones you will want to compare to get the best student deal on internet.

I assume that internet prices differ by province, as when I tested this deal out, there was no $25 per month plan. All plans for my area in BC started at $30. Here is what I found (prices subject to change depending on area):

Telus Internet 15

This package gives you 3 to 15Mbps download speeds and up to 1Mbps upload speed, with up to 150 GB monthly data. It costs $30 a month in BC, but I have no idea why this package is even offered as the next package up is the exact same price for more goodies. Is this a joke, Telus?

Telus Internet 25

As I mentioned above, this package is the same price as the useless package deal above: $30. The other package should not even be a consideration because Internet 25 is far superior. Receive 5 to 25Mbps download speeds, up to 2.5Mbps upload speed, with 250 GB of monthly data. This is essentially the same as the middle Shaw package except the $50 free Visa sweetens the pot substantially. The other major factor in Telus’s favour: this agreement is for an entire year instead of eight months. You enjoy an extra four months of savings over Shaw’s offer.

Telus Internet 50

Enjoy 20 to 50Mbps download speeds, up to 10Mbps upload speed, with 400 GB per month of data. This package trumps Shaw’s Broadband 50 by being $10 cheaper at only $40 per month. It also wins because it is a twelve-month agreement and the package includes a free Telus Wi-Fi Plus range booster ($100 value). You are seriously scoring with either this or the Internet 25 deal.

I have watched Telus and Shaw battle it out on the student internet front for the last few years. If you are on a really tight budget, I still suggest the Shaw 10 bundle at only $20 a month. However, if you want more bang for your buck, then I think Telus is the clear winner with their Internet 25 and Internet 50 packages. That free $50 pre-paid Visa card does not hurt either.

(Expiry: unknown)

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August 7

Shaw Canada: Up To 64% Off Internet For Students

Posted by on August 7, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Shaw Canada: Up To 64% Off Internet For Students

Shaw Canada has released their back to school internet packages for students. Receive up to 64% off the cost of internet through Shaw.

There are three deals to select from.

1. High Speed 10

If you are on a tight student budget (think ramen noodles and cheese whiz), then you will want to get the High Speed 10 bundle. It is discounted from $55, down to $20 a month for students (64% off). This basic internet connection gives you up to 10Mbps download speed, up to 0.5Mbps upload speed, and 125GB per month. While that may seem slow, you could download an HD movie in only 30 minutes.

2. High Speed 25

The High Speed 25 tends to be Shaw’s most popular deal, and it is the package I subscribed to when in school because I both worked online and needed an internet connection for research. This package is discounted from $60 down to $30 a month, for eight months, for students. Enjoy up to 25Mbps download speed, up to 2.5Mbps upload speed, and 250GB per month. You can download an HD movie in 12 minutes with this package. It works really well in a household with several wireless internet users.

3. Broadband 50

Do you need major internet power? If you download a ton of movies, are a heavy gamer, have a very large household, or just love your webpages loaded two-seconds ago, then you should get hooked up with broadband. Originally $80 a month, students receive it for only $50 a month for eight months. Get up to 50Mbps download speed, up to 3.0Mbps upload speed, and 400 GB a month. You will be watching that HD movie in just six minutes.

All student packages last for eight months. Shaw says: “offer available for new services only.” However, if you have used the Shaw student internet before, you should just call them and they will hook you up. I was with Shaw Cable for three years running. All was good as long as I provided them with updated registration information each August to prove I was registered for September. This offer is not just for students in residence. If you live at home, you can still get this offer and your parents will be grateful (trust me).

I really miss these Shaw internet deals now that I am no longer a student. It really hurts to pay full price for internet.

Full details for these deals are on the Shaw website. Be sure to read all the fine print.

(Expiry: unknown)

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July 15

Amazon Student: 6-Months of Free 2-Day Shipping

Posted by on July 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Amazon Student: 6 Months of Free 2 Day Shipping

Amazon finally has brought the Amazon Student program to Canada. Students can sign up with a valid student email address to get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime on eligible purchases (with no minimum required) for six months and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions.

After the six months of free two-day shipping from Amazon Canada, your Student Prime account will automatically renew unless you choose to unsubscribe. However, instead of paying the full price of $79 per year, students will only pay $39 per year for Amazon Prime. However, once you graduate (or at the end of four years), your subscription will automatically renew to the full prime cost of $79 unless you choose to unsubscribe. To sign up for your free six-months of Amazon Student Prime, you will need to:

  • have an Amazon Canada account
  • be a college, university or CEGEP student enrolled in at least one course
  • be able to provide proof of enrollment if requested
  • have a valid college, university, or CEGEP email address (and access to that account)

I am officially still a student, as I do not graduate until November, so I signed up for this offer with my student email address. It was very simple. I just needed to have access to my email address to confirm my subscription. I actually have my student email forwarded to my regular email address and I was able to confirm my account by clicking through the link in the forwarded email.

This offer is available across the country, but it is done slightly different for residents of Quebec. If you are schooling in Quebec, you can sign up for Amazon Student and you will receive an 18-month membership with the first 6 months at no charge. They will not bill your credit card until the first six months are over, and you can cancel at any time.

For students, this is thrilling. I have purchased many of my textbooks on in the past when two-day shipping would have been super handy. I also love books, my husband loves movies, and together we place a purchase or two at about once or twice a month. Two-day shipping is certainly going to lessen the time we have to wait between ordering and receiving. I just need to mark down in my calendar what date I should be cancelling my subscription so it does not auto-renew.

(Expiry: unknown)

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July 11 New Venue Tablet for $49 with Student Computer Purchase

Posted by on July 11, 2014 at 10:00 PM New Venue Tablet for $49 with Student Computer Purchase

Dell Canada has started their back to school offer for students. Purchase a select computer from Dell, and you will receive $121 off a Dell Venue 7″ tablet. Regularly $169.99, the cost of the tablet will be reduced to only $49.

While exploring this offer I found out that you do not have to just get the base model Venue 7″ to get this deal. You can actually get larger models and you will receive $121 off each of them. Here are the models available with this promo:

  • New Dell Venue 7 (16GB) Was $169.99 | Now $49
  • New Del Venue 7 (16 GB) Red Was $189.99 | Now $69
  • New Venue 8 16 GB Black Was $219.99 | Now $99
  • New venue 8 16 GB Red Was $239.99 | Now $119

The discounted prices are all for students when you purchase one of the computers through the above link. The student offer starts as low as $699.99, and the lowest priced computer I found was the Inspiron Desktop 3000 Series with 3 Year In-Home Support. For students this unit is actually discount as it regularly costs $748.99, and it is now only $699.99. The desktop features a fourth Generation Intel Core i5 Processor, Windows 8.1 operating system, 8GB Memory for speed, and a 1TB Hard Drive for storage. A dell wired keyboard and a three-button optical mouse are included. You would need to purchase a monitor separately or use your TV as your external monitor. Then add on your favourite tablet for a great discount.

Just a note on the Venue 7 and the Venue 8: besides the one-inch size difference, you should be aware of another major difference. Most notably, the Venue 8 allows you to expand the memory with an external microSD card. You can add on up to 32GB of memory. The Venue 7 comes with the memory it has (16GB) and does not have a slot for an external memory card. It was for this reason that my husband recently picked up the Dell Venue 8.

If you sign up for Dell Advantage, then you will get 5% cash back on a Dell ePromotional Card. I am still waiting to see how this works as we placed an order at Dell Canada a bit ago and are curious to see if the Dell Advantage actually processed. I had major difficulty getting it to properly link to the account. If anyone else has any success with this, let me know.

Receive free shipping on all orders at Dell Canada.

(Expiry: 1st August 2014)

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February 9

H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Deal & Free SPC Card

Posted by on February 9, 2014 at 3:30 PM

H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Deal & Free SPC Card

Hey Students! If you are a university student like me you probably got an email in your student email account reminding you to print off your T2202A tax receipt for last year. Here is another reminder, you can pay just $29.99 at H&R Block this year and get them to do your taxes for you.

You will also receive a free Student Price Card which is valued at $9.95 so you are really getting a fantastic value to get someone else to do your taxes. It takes very little time (mine on average has taken a half hour) and it really is a huge stress relief.

In fact: one year I decided to do my taxes my self (with my husband’s help). I figured it would be a bit cheaper and just easier. Well, I put something on the wrong line and then one reassessment, several conversations with a very nice taxman, and much time wasted has convinced my that H&R Block is the way to go. The four years I used H&R Block’s services I never had a problem with my taxes ever. That saved a lot of time and stress.

So students, I highly recommend this service. It is very affordable, a great deal, and you get a student price card as well.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 10

One Class Canada Coupon: Exclusive 50% Off 1st Month

Posted by on September 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM

One Class Canada Coupon: Exclusive 50% Off 1st Month

One Class Canada gives you access to notes, study packs, and exam tutorial videos to help you improve your grades. The Bargainmoose has an exclusive coupon code for 50% off your first month when you purchase a subscription to their services.

Click here to explore One Class Canada now

  • Coupon Code: ONEMOOSE
  • Discount: 50% off first month
  • Expiry: Unknown

OneClass specializes in giving you the tools to improve your grades. You get access to notes and can search for them by university, class, and/or professor. Even if you are taking your own notes this can be really helpful if you are having difficulties understanding the instructor or want to take less notes and listen more. They also have tutorial videos that will help you grasp the key concepts plus various other tools.

The only thing I don’t like about One Class is the limited number of notes in the database. I am sure this will improve in the future as the company expands; however, neither my current university nor the university I am at on a letter of permission from had any notes listed for them. They each have a student population of over 10,000 so I was a bit disappointed. On the positive side, I did get to download some Spanish notes from Toronto that will be VERY useful. You only start with 60 ‘credits’ and it cost me 40 just to download one chapter of notes, so you will run out of credits quick.

It is free to join One Class but you have limited access to notes (60 credits). For unlimited access you have three options:

  • $10 a month
  • $8 a month for four months
  • $5 a month for twelve months

No matter which you choose you will get 50% off your first month with the above coupon.

For this and any future One Class coupon codes be sure to check the forum.

One Class Canada Coupon: Exclusive 50% Off 1st Month

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September 3

Bookmob Canada Coupon: 10% Off Textbooks & Textbook Rentals

Posted by on September 3, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Bookmob Canada Coupon: 10% Off Textbooks & Textbook Rentals

A little late on ordering textbooks are we? No worries… sometimes the worm that sleeps late has a nice coffee, maybe a biscuit… and a deal on some textbooks. Get 5% off textbooks rentals at Bookmob Canada with the following coupon code and another 5% off with our ambassador code. Yes these are stack-able. For all my fellow students who just headed back to school – have a good year!

Click here to rent textbooks @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOBFALL5
  • Discount: 5% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

The ambassador code should automaticly apply to your order but if it doesn’t then add the following code as well (beside the promo code slot… under ambassador code):

  • Ambassador Code: CC388113
  • Discount: 5% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

This is not just for renting but also for buying textbooks from Bookmob Canada. Over the last few years I have used several textbook rental companies and I have always found Bookmob to have the best selection and generally the best prices. They also have a price match guarantee, where if you find the textbook for lower they will match the price. Also, if you spend $150 or more on textbooks, which is super easy to do, you get free shipping. Shipping textbooks back to them is always free and really easy as well.

How much money are you going to save on textbooks this year?

Be sure to use this Bookmob Promo code and always check out the forums before placing an order.

(Image credit: Nagzi)

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August 18

BMO Canada: 2 No-Fee Student Credit Cards With Rewards

Posted by on August 18, 2013 at 7:00 PM

BMO Canada: 2 No Fee Student Credit Cards With Rewards

I am totally getting back into student mode! I just read the first of my books for school last night and started another (which is not going well). I am also in full student deal mode and found some offers from BMO that I never knew existed! BMO has two no-annual-fee credit cards for students that give back rewards. Both also act as an SPC Card (student price card which you usually buy for $10) so you get the added discounts and bonuses associated with those as well.

BMO Canada: 2 No Fee Student Credit Cards With RewardsThe first card is the BMO SPC AIR MILES MasterCard where you earn air miles on your purchases. Here are the rewards:

  • 500 Bonus reward miles (limited time offer) – Apply by August 31st and spend $200 by October 31st, 2013
  • One AIR MILES reward mile for every $20 you spend on the card
  • SPC (Student Price Card Ltd.) discounts of 10% to 15% at hundreds of stores
  • Earn 1.25x reward miles at Shell locations in Canada
  • Earn 1.5x reward miles and get up to 25% off rentals at National Car Rental & Alamo Rent A Car locations worldwide

All that with no annual fee. If you go to school away from home and travel back for the breaks, it might be a good idea to get some extra air miles with this card.

The second card is the BMO SPC CashBack MasterCard which tends to be my favourite. I love cash back! Here are the rewards:

  • An annual rebate to your credit card: $1 cash back for every $200 spent on your card (= 0.5% cashback rate)
  • SPC (Student Price Card Ltd.) discounts of 10% to 15% at hundreds of stores
  • Earn 1.25x reward miles at Shell locations in Canada
  • Earn 1.5x reward miles and get up to 25% off rentals at National Car Rental& Alamo Rent A Car locations worldwide

Again, this credit card is a no-annual-fee card. I am currently on a cash rebate system with a different credit card company and it has been my favourite so far.

I like their little comparison charts at the bottom. It shows you how much you will earn in either air miles or cash-back depending on what you spend a month. For example, if you spend around $1000 a month you can either get 1,100 air miles in a year or $60 back a year.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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