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January 31

Liners & Booties from $11 @ Stonz Canada

Posted by on January 31, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Liners & Booties from $11 @ Stonz Canada

Check out these little boots, Moosers! If you’ve never seen Stonz boots anywhere else, they were invented by a Canadian mother who wanted warm, versatile footwear for very young children. After many prototypes modeled after adults’ slippers, Stonz Booties were invented to fill the gap before kids are comfortable walking in hard-soled winter boots. The Booties were designed to go over whatever the child is already wearing; slippers, sleepers, socks, etc. for comfort and convenience. And how cute! Stonz Canada is having an End of Season sale through Sunday February 14th and select styles are up to 40% off. This includes a few styles of Stonz Bootz for older kids, as well.

There are so many colours and cute designs to choose from – the animal ones are my favourite but there are also polka-dots, flowers, butterfly and even Paisley designs if you’ve got a little girly-girl on your hands. The sheep on these Navy Blue Booties is just irresistible! Each pair of Booties has been discounted a full 40% – from $43.99 to $26.39Read the rest of this entry »

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September 17

ShoeMe Canada: Stonz Rain Bootz Were $35 | Now $23 & Free Shipping

Posted by on September 17, 2015 at 1:43 PM

ShoeMe Canada: Stonz Rain Bootz Were $35 | Now $23 & Free Shipping

ShoeMe Canada has discounted a selection of Stonz Rain Bootz for children in various colours. Originally $34.95, they are now on sale for $22.72 in the outlet at ShoeMe Canada. Receive free shipping on your entire order.

I price compared these boots at other online retailers. They sell for $35.99 @ Stonzwear Canada, $35.99 @, and are on sale for $29.99 @ Given that these boots are still a good $6 cheaper than’s sale price and they recieve free shipping at ShoeMe as well, I figured this was a sale worth sharing. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 30

Stonzwear Canada End of Season Sale: Up To 60% Off

Posted by on January 30, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Stonzwear Canada End of Season Sale: Up To 60% Off

Save 40 to 60% off Stonzwear boots, mittens and hats right now during their end of season sale.

Take a look at your mitten collection. I bet you have 20 left handed mittens and not one right hand. This is the spot I am in right now as my kids are constantly losing mittens. I held my nose as I went through the lost and found at their school, where there was actually a full and rotten lunch sitting in it. Seriously, how do you lose your lunch and lose it for long enough that it rots in lost and found? It is in lost and found, it should be easy to find! As my son calls it, the lost and fountain, was full of mittens. Not one of them was one of my kid’s mittens though. So now here I sit, thinking my kids might need some new mittens instead of wearing two left handed ones and looking a little funny.

Stonz mittens are actually really cool because they are really long so they go over top of the coat and stay over it, including two toggles to keep them on, they have an extra layer for improved insulation and they have clips and blank tags to ensure you don’t lose them. They were designed for our crappy Canadian winters too. They were $39.99, now $23.99 and come in both infant and youth and in a variety of colours like black.

The boots are also very cool as they can be worn right over shoes or slippers or with bare feet. They have a wide opening because toddlers like to get their feet half in the boots then scream bloody murder for help. Maybe that is just my toddler. Then, they toggle closed for a perfect fit. If you’ve ever taken your child to a playgroup or other outing where they need indoor shoes, you know these boots are perfect since you only need to put on the shoes once, and not have to take them off, put on the boots along with all the other gear that has you sweating over your perfectly applied makeup for the day. I love this dusty pink heart style and the boots are now only $26.39, was $43.99.

Get free shipping when you spend only $70, so pick up some boots and mitts and you are good to go.

(Expiry: Unknown)


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January 31

Stonz Canada End of Season Sale: Up to 50% Off

Posted by on January 31, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Stonz Canada End of Season Sale: Up to 50% Off

Stonz Canada is having a huge end of season sale with 50% off some of their winter gear for children.

All of the Stonz booties are regularly $43.99 and are now $26.39. These versatile boots are great for small kids and can even be worn over other shoes or slippers or with bare feet, so you don’t have to take off the boots, put on the shoes over and over in a day. They are fleece-lined for warmth and have a wide opening so they are easy to slip on (so important). They go from newborn to age 2.5. They also have a seal of approval from Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. I wish I had known about these great boots. I am in love with these heart with wings boots. I’ve said it before but, I have three boys so I fantasy shop for girls on here.

The mittens are also fantastic. Most are $14.99, regularly $29.99. Apparently they are crazy hard for toddlers to get off, which I can not stress how important this is. My little one always takes off his mittens then screams bloody murder when his hands are freezing. Don’t think this doesn’t stop him taking them off again five minutes later after I’ve frozen my hands getting his back on. They have two toggles to tighten them and the infant ones don’t have thumbs, which is genius because, infant thumbs never fit in the thumb holes. Again, I love the girl ones with the brown and the blue daisy.

These reversible hats are also super-cool. I love the reversible part, because, you know, when it is dirty on one side, just flip it over. Ok, maybe not for that reason, but it is like two hats in one. These hats are really warm with two layers of fleece. They are on sale for $14.99, regularly $24.99. I love the black camouflage one.

Get free shipping on orders over $50.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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November 24

Stonz Canada: 25% off Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales

Posted by on November 24, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Stonz Canada: 25% off Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales

Stonz Canada is offering 25% off select styles online until Monday, November 26th.

Stonz products are designed for the harsh Canadian weather, keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

These Youth Mittz are designed to stay securely on with an extra layer of insulation with Thinsulate (TM), and are water and wind resistant with coated Nylon. The extra-long wrists are designed to go over outerwear, with 2 toggles to ensure they stay on and clips to ensure they don’t get lost. Regularly $39.99, now $29.99 for Black Friday.

These booties are great in all the wet and cold seasons. With a very cute design, wide opening and adjustable toggles to keep them on, your child will love them! The soft, ski-resistant soles are recommended for developing feet and have the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Approval. Regularly $43.99, now only $32.99!

And don’t forget the reversible hatz! Regularly $24.99, now $18.74, these hats come in two different reversible prints and colours (two hats in one) with two layers of high-quality, anti-pill fleece. They are a bestseller at Stonz Canada. I absolutely love the pink and brown with polka dots.

Free shipping for orders over $50.

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February 21

Stonz Wear Canada: 40% Off Select Booties, Mittz & Hatz

Posted by on February 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Stonz Wear Canada: 40% Off Select Booties, Mittz & Hatz

Select Canadian-made booties, hatz and mittz for infants, toddlers and kids are on sale at 40% off the regular price for a limited time only.

There is no coupon code needed.

One of my all time favourite baby items is Stonz booties. The booties are great for kids 0-3 years old. Not only do the booties go on easily, they are adjustable so they stay on, come in tons of cute styles and are durable and warm. Check out these Booties – Polka Dot Light Pink $26.99 (reg. $44.99) for girls and these Booties – 2 Stripes Brown $26.99 (reg. $44.99) for boys.

Shipping starts at $9.

For the month of February, Stonz will donate a piece of outerwear to charity for every new Facebook fan! Click here to like them on Facebook.

Thanks to Bargainista for posting this on the hot deals forum.

Expires: 11th March, 2012

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November 9

Stonz Canada: Save 15% Off Hatz & Mittz (Nov. 10)

Posted by on November 9, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Stonz Canada: Save 15% Off Hatz & Mittz (Nov. 10)

Keep your kids warm and stylish with Stonz Hatz and Mittz this winter. Use the coupon code below to save 15% off your purchase of Hatz and Mittz until Thursday.

  • Discount: 15%
  • Coupon Code: WINTER15
  • Expires: 10th November, 2011

While Stonz is better known for their awesome booties, they also carry a line of hats and mittens for kids newborn to seven years old.

The Hatz are made from Premium Fleece that is anti-pill. For kids aged 0-4, they come in a cool reversible pattern and velcro strap for $26.99. With the reversible pattern, it’s like two hats in one. The Pointed Hatz are sized for kids 0 – 5 years+ for $21.99 and have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.

The Mittz are created using the same weather proof material as the Stonz booties. For $35.99 – $44.99, depending on size,  the Mittz have:

  • Two adjustable toggles ensure they stay on and keep the cold out
  • Extra-long wrists are designed to go over outerwear
  • No thumb for sizes 0-24 months for ease of use and warmth
  • Added thumb for sizes 2-7 years with an extra layer of protective rubberized fabric on the palm and thumb.
  • Machine wash and dry, inside out on delicate. Made in Canada.

A happy customer says of the Mittz:

I received the Mittz yesterday and I must say they are fabulous. We used them right away to toboggan and my boys loved them. They are so easy to put on and they really do stay on. I didn’t have to adjust or tend to them at all. I am just disappointed that I didn’t know about them earlier. Thank You!

Stonz is a fantastic Canadian company and I tell everyone that I know how great their products are. You won’t be disappointed when you buy Stonz.

Get free shipping with orders over $50.

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November 6

SavvyMom November Baby Deals Roundup

Posted by on November 6, 2011 at 12:00 PM

SavvyMom November Baby Deals Roundup

Here’s the latest roundup of some mom and baby canadian coupons from various Canadian boutiques thanks to SavvyMom. Unless otherwise stated these coupons last through the 30th, of November 2011.

  • – use coupon code savvy and save 10% the total collection (except special promotion items)
  • – use coupon code SAVVYHOLIDAYand save 25% off until November 19. Excludes loot bags and Zack’s Room.
  • – use coupon code savvykids to save 15% regularly priced merchandise until December 24.

Great deals from little Canadian baby boutiques. I like to post the Savvymom baby deals of the month because as a parent you know how expensive it is to provide and care for a child, and every little bit helps!

Thanks to!

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April 26

Stonz Wear Canada:50% Off Select Booties

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Stonz Wear Canada:50% Off Select Booties

Select Stonz Booties are on sale for 50% off until 2 May! These Canadian made booties for kids 0-3 are perfect for spring, summer or fall! You’ll also get free shipping on orders over $50.

There are over 20 styles of booties on sale for boys and girls. I like the Camouflage Green/Brown Booties for boys and the Purple Heart Booties for girls. All sale booties are priced at $23.47 (reg. $46.95).

One Stonz reviewer said,

I bought the booties for my daughter last year and I loved them! People were stopping me all the time asking about them. I only wish I had known about Stonz booties when my son was a baby/toddler. They are wonderful ! I am definitely buying another pair for my daughter this year.

I agree! They make a great baby gift!

(Expires: 2 May)

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January 26

Stonz Booties: Save 50% On Select Styles

Posted by on January 26, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Stonz Booties: Save 50% On Select Styles

Wow! I’ve never seen a sale like this for Stonz Booties. Save 50% off select styles of Stonz Booties, while supplies last. All sale booties are priced at $23.50 (reg. $46.95).

For your little princess, these Crown Pink Booties or these Butterfly Pink Booties are very cute.

If you’ve got a hockey fan, the Hockey Booties are an online exclusive. Your animal lover might like these Turtle Booties or these Teal Whale Booties.

Shipping is free if you spend over $50. If you spend under $50, shipping will cost $7. For an extra $5, gift packaging is available.

If you haven’t got a pair of Stonz yet, don’t waste this opportunity to pick up a pair (or two!). I don’t think you’ll find a better price. I sold my used Stonz booties for $40!

Thanks to Bargainmooser Mindy for the email! Mindy says:

Another great baby deal! I have been waiting all year for Stonz to go on sale again, and the time has arrived. 50% off Canadian made Stonz booties. These are soft soled boots that can be worn over shoes or with the warm liners sold separately for 19$. It sounds like a big investment, but this is my 2 year old’s second winter wearing them (size L). The best part about them is that they don’t fall off. They are really great for just having to take your kid in and out of the car. If your family is outdoorsy, the liners add warmth and the Stonz won’t fall off while you’re skiing, hiking, etc.. with your kid in a backpack!

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January 12

Stonz Wear: Buy Any Bootie And Save 50% Off A Pair Of Linerz

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Stonz Wear: Buy Any Bootie And Save 50% Off A Pair Of Linerz

Stonz Wear is a Canadian company that sells baby booties, hats and mitts. They are offering 50% off a pair of Linerz with any Bootie purchase until 16 January 2011.

The Stonz Booties are made for babies and toddlers (newborn – age 3). They are soft-soled, fleece-lined, nylon booties that slip on easily and have a toggle system to ensure they stay on. Stonz Booties sell for $46.95. The Stonz Linerz slip inside the Bootie to give a layer of extra warmth. They sell for $18.95.

I had Stonz Booties for both my kids and loved them. I had the Polka Dot Brown Booties for my daughter and the Stripe Brown Booties for my son. They were so easy to slip on over sleepers, slippers like Robeez or even baby shoes. The fit was so adjustable that both kids were able to wear their Stonz booties for 2 seasons.

Stonz Wear also sells Mittz and Hatz.  I’m going to try these Mittz for my son. They have an extra wide opening to slip over his jacket and a toggle system to keep them on tightly.  I’ve had so much trouble finding mitts to fit over his jacket and I think these would be perfect for him.

Shipping is $7 or free with purchases over $50.

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