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January 14

Sony Canada: $40 Off Compact Digital Camera – Now $79.99

Posted by on January 14, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Sony Canada: $40 Off Compact Digital Camera   Now $79.99

The Sony Store is offering this cute little Compact “Pocket Size” Digital Camera for only $79.99 which is $40 off the regular price of $119.99. You are saving 33%!

It is sold out in the silver and black, however you still can choose from the pink or the blue.

Key features:

  • 4x optical zoom
  • 360 degree Sweep Panorama
  • A large 2.7″ screen
  • smile shutter technology
  • face recognition – up to 8 faces
  • a smarter auto mode

There is really only one useful review and here it is:

This camera is great for the small foot print, but in order to have images that are not blurry you must hold it very still when shooting. This can be a little tough if you are wanting to take many candid images quickly. Overall though, I like the quality of the shots when they don’t come out blurry!

My suggestion is to get one of those ultra mini cute little Jobi tripods that bends around anything. Tripods solve stability issues and can help make sure that you are in the picture – not just the one taking the pictures all the time.

Shipping is free.

Expiry: Unknown

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December 25

The Sony Store: Boxing Day Deal – Sony NEX-F3K Camera with 18-55mm Lens Now $399.99 (Save $200)

Posted by on December 25, 2012 at 4:00 PM

The Sony Store: Boxing Day Deal   Sony NEX F3K Camera with 18 55mm Lens Now $399.99 (Save $200)

I have huge respect for Sony cameras and this Boxing Day deal is out of this world where Sony is concerned. Get a Sony NEX-F3K Camera with 18-55mm lens for $200 (33%) off! Originally $599.99, this DSLR camera is now only $399.99!

I have always been amazed with these cameras. They are essentially a DSLR that fits into your pocket. Get fantastic shots, gorgeous pictures, and portability all in one.


  • 16.1MP
  • 1080/60i or 24p HD movies
  • built-in flash
  • 180° tiltable LCD screen (very useful)
  • up to 5.5 fps
  • E-mount 18-55mm

I own a classic Sony DSLR – and part of me wishes I had waited for these gorgeous smaller varieties. They are clean, sleek, and this one is amazingly affordable! With the included lens it will work right out of the box – no extra accessories needed!This is a Boxing Week deal – and quantities are probably limited!

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December 23

Sony Canada: Sneak Peek @ Boxing Week Deals Starting December 25th Online

Posted by on December 23, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Sony Canada: Sneak Peek @ Boxing Week Deals Starting December 25th Online

Sony Canada has given us a sneak peek at their boxing week sales starting on December 25th online and December 26th in-stores.  Sale will be for a limited time only while quantities last.

This wonderful 55” Bravia LED HX750 Internet HDTV is currently $2099.99 and will be only $1599.99 starting Christmas day.  I did find it at for $1498, but that is after mail in rebate.  Without rebate it’s $2098.  It is also at for $2631.99.  I like this deal much better. You get the sale price right away with no mail in rebates. This TV has 3D in full HD, built in Wi Fi, Sony entertainment network, skype and so much more.

They are also advertising this Ultra Compact Palm Size Digital camera that is $249.99 for $199.99 during the sale.  I found this on sale at for $224.99 and that was the next lowest price I could find anywhere for this camera.  This is available in black, silver or pink and has tons of great features.

I also saw these Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones that are $199.99 regularly and during sale will be only $89.99. I found these for $160 on and $193.95 on, so this deal is truly awesome, but this expires on January 3rd 2013.

Remember this is a sneak peek, so there will be more. For more Boxing Week deals take a look at the Bargainmoose Boxing Day dashboard.

Shipping: Free for standard delivery to most areas.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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December 17

The Sony Store: Free Express Shipping on $25+

Posted by on December 17, 2012 at 5:30 PM

The Sony Store: Free Express Shipping on $25+

The Sony Store Canada is currently offering free express shipping on orders of $25 or more. This is to make sure your gifts make it to your house in time for wrapping and placing under the Christmas tree.

I mentioned just a few days ago the $40 off eReaders. With free express shipping – they will make it there on time.

There are some other good deals too:

Those ZX Series headphones are a really sweet deal, nearly 50% off! If I didn’t already have a few pairs of headphones (and if my husband wouldn’t freak) I would certainly pick them up at that price!

Expiry: 24th December 2012

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December 13

Sony Store Canada: $40 Off Sony eReader & Refurbished eReader bundle

Posted by on December 13, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Sony Store Canada: $40 Off Sony eReader & Refurbished eReader bundle

Sony Canada has placed their Sony eReader on sale. Originally $139.99 the eReader is on sale for $99.99.

You can get the Sony eReader in black, white, or in red. It is the lightest eReader available and has paper like technology to make it easy to read both indoors and outdoors, even in direct sunlight.

You can store up to 1,200 books on the system, and one charge can last up to a month’s worth of reading.

Now if you are on a bit of a tighter budget, there is an excellent offer from Sony on refurbished eReaders. You can get a refurbished Sony eReader in black, red, or white… with a bonus case for only $79.99 (was $119.99)!

That cover is worth $40 (though on sale for $20), so this bundle is truly worth the money. It will automatically add the case to your cart when you get the bundle. The case colour will match your eReader colour: so if you choose a red eReader, you will also get a red case.

All eReaders, including refurbished, come with a 1-year warranty.

Right now Sony Canada is offering free shipping. Check out their deadlines to get your eReader by Christmas.

Expiry: Unknown

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December 8

Sony Store Canada: Get up to $100 in Bonus Coupons

Posted by on December 8, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Sony Store Canada: Get up to $100 in Bonus Coupons

Until December 24th, spend $50 or more and get an online coupon for your next order.

Here are the deets:

  • Spend $50 – $149.99: Receive a $10 online coupon for your next order valued at $50 or more;
  • Spend $150 – $499.99: Receive a $25 online coupon for your next order valued at $100 or more;
  • Spend $500 or more: Receive a $100 online coupon for your next order valued at $300 or more;

Once you receive your gift coupon, you have until January 6th, 2013 to redeem.

The Bloggie Sport HD Camera has it all! Shock proof, dirt resistant and waterproof down to 16 feet, this camera captures full 1080p HD videos and 5MP photos. The Underwater Mode automatically adjusts white balance and contrast to even out the blue colour cast. Easy uploads to your Mac or PC with the flip-out USB arm and a built-in rechargeable battery make this the ideal easy to use camera. Only $149.99 (regularly $199.99) this would make an awesome gift to see under the tree.

Another great electronic gift I know I’d love to receive is a speaker dock for iPod, iPhone or iPad. This RDP-X500IP premium speaker dock has a great modern finish featuring brushed stainless steel accents and a velvety cloth, so it looks great in your living or media room. It delivers innovative Sony sound technologies for amazing audio with its built-in subwoofer and groundbreaking damperless speakers. Charge your device while listening to music. Save $100 on this right now and get it for only $249.99.

TV and internet bundles are a great deal at This 40″ EX645 Series TV with internet player with Google TV is only $949.99, saving you $100 off the cost of the items on their own.

Shipping is free on almost every item. If you take advantage of this offer now, you can then use the gift voucher when the Boxing Week sales start!

(Expiry: 24th December 2012)

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November 14 Save up to $500 When You Bundle Home Entertainment Systems

Posted by on November 14, 2012 at 9:30 PM Save up to $500 When You Bundle Home Entertainment Systems

Sony Canada sells a lot of TVs. The problem is that TVs get a little lonely sometimes. Sony doesn’t want the TVs to get lonely, so they are making it foolishly easy for you to get a Blu-Ray Home Theater friend for your new TV!

There are six bundles available with different TVs and Blu-Ray Home Theater systems. Here they are:

A few notes on the links above; First off, I split the links up so that if you click on the TV, you see the info for the TV. If you click on the Blu-Ray Home Theater, you see the info for that product. They don’t have a link that shows you both items as a bundle with all their specs. All the prices will reflect savings only at checkout, and your price in the cart will show the full price.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the deals on here. They are all really good. It just depends on what you want/need, I suppose. Luckily, Sony has a good range of sizes and qualities here.

The Blu-Ray home theater systems are great too. If you’re going to have a nice HDTV like one of these, you really need a home theater system. The speakers in these TVs are generally pretty terrible and you really need a better setup, whether it be a sound bar or a full fledged Blu-Ray home theater system like they have here. While they’re bundled, you might as well get one! You’re only paying $100 or $300 for the home theater system, depending on which bundle you pick.

(Expires: 21st November 2012)

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November 14 FREE (or $50) Playstation 3 with Purchase of a Sony TV!

Posted by on November 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM FREE (or $50) Playstation 3 with Purchase of a Sony TV!

Everybody is laughing at you. You know why? Because you don’t have a PS3. All the cool kids have one. But you know what they DON’T have? A FREE PS3 from Sony Canada!!

There are five TVs available and, depending on which one you get, you will have $250 or $200 off the price when you bundle it with a PS3. As it turns out, the PS3 costs $250 so you effectively pay $50 or nothing at all for a PS3! These are the TVs.

Honestly, of all my equipment, I think the PS3 was my best purchase. Actually, I think it’s tied with my HDTV. In any event, the PS3 is awesome. It has some of the best games out there, but that isn’t the only thing it has going for it. It is a Blu-Ray player. It has some great media consumption channels including Netflix (the love of my life), MLB TV, NHL GameCenter and Crackle. There is also some awesome stuff in the Playstation Store and good integration with other PS devices like the PS Vita. You can even stream/play your own media from local OR network storage.

People talk about set top boxes a lot but every time I look into them, they don’t do as much as my PS3 does. If they do more than my PS3 it’s either a bunch of stuff that I can’t use in Canada (Hulu, for example) or stuff that really doesn’t matter to me personally (like channel guide data when I don’t have cable). If you haven’t gotten in on this awesome machine, this is an amazing opportunity.

And what about these TVs? Well, they are all Bravia level Internet-enabled LED TVs. If you are up on all the TV technology, you know that Bravia TVs are good. If you don’t, I just told you!

(Expires: 21st November 2012)

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November 8

Sony Canada: Bundle Select TV’s & Home Theatre Systems & Save Up To $499.99

Posted by on November 8, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Sony Canada: Bundle Select TVs & Home Theatre Systems & Save Up To $499.99

Sony is offering a chance to save up to $499.99 when you bundle select TV’s and select Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems. This offer is valid until November 21st 2012 or while supplies last.

We have recently changed our livingroom around and decided that we need a bigger TV, so we are shopping and waiting for the right deal. This may just be it.

With a deal like this, I would go right for the biggest. The 55” HX750 Series TV is a regular price of $2,099.99 and the 5.1ch Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre is $799.99. That’s a total of $2,899.98 for the regular price, but when I bundle them, I get them both for $2,399.99, saving $499.99. Who would not want to save $500 when buying electronics?

I also like the 55”EX645 Series TV for $1,499.99 bundled with the BDVE390 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System for $399.99. These total to $1,899.98, but with the bundle, I pay only $1,599.99, saving me $299.99.

My living room is not huge, but a larger TV with Home Theatre will definitely need some new lighting and popcorn.

Shipping: Free on most items.

(Expiry: 21st November 2012)

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November 7 Save $150 on Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones + FREE Air Canada Maple Leaf Club Pass ($70 Value)

Posted by on November 7, 2012 at 3:00 AM Save $150 on Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones + FREE Air Canada Maple Leaf Club Pass ($70 Value)

It’s noisy out there but that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy your audio! will help you block it all out.

First off, these are expensive. They aren’t your $12 earbuds that you buy at walmart. They are a high quality, high end, active noise cancelling audio device and are priced accordingly. The regular price on these is $399.99 but you will get $150 off bringing the total down to $249.99.

There are two kinds of people who will buy these: people who have money to burn and people who really need them. Both are fine!

If you have the money to burn and you just want to get some amazing headphones, I highly recommend Sony. I am terribly rough on headphones so I can’t buy nice ones for myself anymore. It’s because I break them. I’m terrible. I used to regularly buy a set of $50 Sony headphones until I broke my fifth set or so. It isn’t that the build quality is bad, I’m just really hard on my gear. Anywho, back to burning money. There is no problem with having money so if you have the means to buy these, go for it and enjoy!

The second group is people who need noise cancelling features. There are actually a staggering amount of places that these would be handy. School, work, on an airplane or even taking a bus. If you’re like me and you are on the phone a lot for your job, rarely take a bus, train or plane and don’t go to school, then you likely don’t need these but if you find yourself wanting to throw chatty people out the train window on your daily commute, these are probably a better option.

(Ex[pires: 8th November 2012)

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November 2 Save up to $150 on VAIO Laptop W/ This Coupon Code!

Posted by on November 2, 2012 at 10:30 AM Save up to $150 on VAIO Laptop W/ This Coupon Code!

Get yo’ VAIO on, kids! I don’t know what that means but it was certainly fun to say, wasn’t it?! I’m just filling space until I get to tell you about this AWESOME deal from Sony Canada.

There are three codes here and four deals. Check them out.

  • Coupon Code: BESTPCEVERMADE-80
  • Discount: Save $80 on Sony VAIO 15 inch E Series Customizable Laptop
  • Expiry: Unknown
  • Coupon Code: BESTPCEVERMADE-100
  • Discount: Save $100 on Sony VAIO 15 inch S series Customizable Laptop
  • Expiry: Unknown
  • Coupon Code: BESTPCEVERMADE-150
  • Discount: Save $150 on Sony VAIO 13 inch T Series Customizable Ultrabook or VAIO 13 inch S series Customizable Laptop
  • Expiry: Unknown

I’ve always liked VAIO laptops. I’ve never owned one, but I’ve used them and they are quite nice. They are generally more expensive than some other laptops but you get what you pay for as far as build quality goes. You could think of them as the Apple of PCs. People pay more money for an Apple laptop just because it is an Apple laptop.  It has better build quality and, perhaps more importantly, it looks cooler. Regardless of the higher price tag, these Sony E-coupon codes will help a lot so have at them!

Now that isn’t to say that these are all high build quality. As we’ve seen with Apple and their yellow iPhone screens and MacBook cases, iPhones that scratch when you look at them angrily or don’t work if you “hold them wrong”, there can be poor build quality in even the highest-end products.

You’ve heard me say it enough before so let’s all say it together — “Do your research, kids!” Seriously, if you’re dropping $250 on a laptop, build quality is not a big deal. When you’re putting down money like this, you deserve the quality product you’ve paid for.

(Expires: Unknown)

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October 10

Sony Store Canada: Earbud Clearance – 50%+ Off

Posted by on October 10, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Sony Store Canada: Earbud Clearance   50%+ Off

Pick up a pair of earbuds from the Sony Store for 50% off or more. You have three styles to choose from.

Thanks to Crafty for posting this deal on the community forum. You have three pairs of earbuds to choose from:

The last set is where the best deal is… they are 66% off their regular price. Quantities are limited.

Expiry: While supplies last

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September 26

Sony Store: HomeShare Wi-Fi iPod/iPhone Dock Was $229.99 | Now $99.99

Posted by on September 26, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Sony Store: HomeShare Wi Fi iPod/iPhone Dock Was $229.99 | Now $99.99

Sony Canada is offering a sweet deal on the HomeShare Wi-Fi iPod/iPhone Dock. It was $229.99 and is on sale for $99.99.

So what does this thing do? Well, You connect the Wi-Fi iPod/iPhone dock to your sound system to play music from your iPhone, iPod, computer or even the internet.

That really didn’t answer it for me, so I checked out the further details:

  • iPhone / iPod dock that lets you wirelessly stream music stored on your PC or from popular internet music services like Pandora (Coming Soon) and Slacker.
  • Use the free app on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android Device (Android App Coming Soon) and turn it into a versatile remote control (Network Audio Remote).
  • Wirelessly transmit content from a docked iPhone to Sony network speakers.
  • Any music that you can hear on the Wi-Fi Speaker dock, you can also stream wirelessly to additional Sony network speakers, Sony BD home theatre systems or Sony BD players.

It sounds awesome, but it would be under-utilized in my house. If you have a use for such a device, the sale price is incredible so be sure to pick it up.

Expiry: Unknown

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September 25

Sony Store: Sony Headphones on Sale

Posted by on September 25, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Sony Store: Sony Headphones on Sale

Sony Canada has a great sale on Sony headphones! Save up to 50% off excellent headsets to blast your tunes through.

Here are the deals:

The last deal is certainly the best… it is 50% off. I have seen these headsets in store and the Extra Bass ones are incredible in size and look like they would be awesome to listen to some good rock or metal music.

I love the Sony brand, I have rarely had any issues with them. Sony knows sound so I would be delighted to listen to some music through these.

Expiry: Unknown

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September 15

Sony Canada Promo: Playstation 3D Display Bundle Just $179.99

Posted by on September 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Sony Canada Promo: Playstation 3D Display Bundle Just $179.99

Sony Canada is offering their Playstation 3D bundle (a value of $499.99) for $179.99 in-store and online.  This offer includes the English version only and will expire on September 27th 2012 or while supplies last.

Included in package:

  • Full HD 1080p 24” Playstation display
  • Playstation 3D glasses
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse game for PS3
  • HDMI cable

The Ultra slim 24” HD screen delivers full HD screen visuals to each player while in two player mode, offering amazing picture quality.  There are built in speakers and a subwoofer that just enhance the audio.  This is perfect for game play in smaller spaces.

MotorStorm Apocalypse is a racing game that takes place in a major city that has been hit by a giant earthquake.  You can customize your collection of vehicles, which includes supercars, muscle cars and superbikes.  You can race your fellow Stormers not knowing what will hit next with tremors and aftershocks continuing to hit the city.  Online features include 16 player racing, performance perks, wagering and more.

I found the game at Walmart for $38 and at Bestbuy for $59.99 just to see what kind of value we are really getting.  There are add-ons available, but you will need to go to Playstation to check that out.

Shipping: Free for most items and destinations

(Expiry: 27th September 2012)

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