December 24

Staples Canada: Boxing Day Sales are NOW ON!

Posted by on December 24, 2015 at 12:25 PM

Staples Canada: Boxing Day Sales are NOW ON!

Staples Canada started most of their Boxing Day sales this morning @ 3AM blog time. I was cozy in my bed at that time but I totally need to fill you in on some of their amazing deals. They are one of the hottest places to buy tech, software, and more.

Not all the sales have started, but I wanted to highlight some of the ones that are already live. For example, this Acer Iconia B1 Tablet (NT.LBKAA.001), 7″, Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage, Android 5.0, English is on sale from $119.96 down to $89.96. It is a good buy for a basic tablet that would suit you or your kids quite well. This is one of Staples Canada’s ‘hot buy’ tech items for Boxing Day. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 11

Microsoft Canada: Bonus $25 Credit with $50 Windows eGift Card Purchase

Posted by on December 11, 2015 at 11:45 AM

Microsoft Canada: Bonus $25 Credit with $50 Windows eGift Card Purchase

I have been watching Microsoft’s 12 days of deals all week (except one day I missed), and they have had some nice electronics deals. However, today’s deal takes the cake! When you purchase a $50 Windows Digital Gift Card, you will receive a bonus $25 promotional gift code as well. That is an extra 50% value on top of your $50 card. This deal is valid today only and does not require shipping.

What can you do with a Windows gift card? You can purchase apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, and more on Windows computers (8.1 OS or higher). You can also rent movies and TV shows. These gift cards are great if you have a PC computer with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. They can also be used to on Windows phones and Windows tablets. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 3

Microsoft Office 365 Personal & Wireless Mouse & PC Headset Was $100 | Now $59 & Free Shipping @ Direct Canada

Posted by on November 3, 2015 at 3:59 PM

Microsoft Office 365 Personal & Wireless Mouse & PC Headset Was $100 | Now $59 & Free Shipping @ Direct Canada

Microsoft Office is necessary just to function on a computer. If you need to write a letter, write a paper, view select online document, or do your homework… then you need Word. Excel is awesome for totalling sums (also known as adding things together) and keeping a budget. This Microsoft Office 365 Personal English with Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 and LX-2000 Foldable PC Headset will give you the software you need with a bunch of accessories you want. Originally $99.98, the bundle is on sale for $58.90 with free shipping.

Microsoft Office 365 is a one-year subscription for a PC or Apple computer plus one tablet and one smart phone. The software comes with fully installed version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more. You will also receive 1TB of storage on the cloud. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 10

Dell: Microsoft Office 365 Personal Download Was $69 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on September 10, 2015 at 1:50 PM

Dell: Microsoft Office 365 Personal Download Was $69 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

As one of Dell Canada’s daily deals, they have discounted Microsoft Office 365 Personal – English – 1 Year Subscription from $69.99 down to $69 down to $59. All orders at Dell Canada come with free shipping but this is a license key download so shipping is not necessary.

I am blogging this deal because everyone uses this software these days. Seriously, if you are a student then you must have Microsoft Word for writing assignments. Many households across Canada use Excel spreadsheets for budgeting their household’s income. Skype is one of the most popular ways to talk with friends long-distance without long-distance charges. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 9

Dell Canada: McAfee 2015 Total Protection (3PC) Was $80 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on September 9, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Dell Canada: McAfee 2015 Total Protection (3PC) Was $80 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

** BUMP: This deal is back and $1 cheaper!**

Everyone and their computer, tablet, and smart phone these days needs an anti-virus program. Even better than an anti-virus is a program that totally protects your computer from harm. One of today’s deals during Dell’s 12 Days of Deals is on McAfee 2015 Total Protection. Originally $79.99, the software security package for your computer is now on sale for $14.99. Receive free shipping on all orders at Dell Canada.

You will receive McAfee 2015 Total Protection for one year that can be installed on three computers. Keep your laptops and desktops all safe with one purchase. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 2

Microsoft Office: Free Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook Apps

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Microsoft Office: Free Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook Apps

My dear Moosers! Long have we awaited the arrival of decent word processing software for our mobile devices. Well, wait no more as Microsoft is now offering the entire Microsoft Office Suite as FREE apps that you can download individually.

Previously, you received these apps with your Microsoft 365 subscription. However, Microsoft is now offering the apps free of charge for all Android devices, iPhones, Microsoft phones, tablets, and 2-in-1 computers.

You can download the entire suite, or download each app individually. While I usually use the Apple apps on my phone, as I already purchased them, my computer is a PC and I use Word, Excel, and OneNote on it regularly. It is exciting to think that I can get the same apps on my phone now.

The Microsoft Office suite includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook

Click the arrows beside each program (through the link above) to just download that program. The entire office suite is available through the larger download button.

I have linked directly to the android version, but you can download Office and its applications for tablets and Apple devices. Merely scroll to the bottom to change your device.

I just downloaded Word as it is a program I use every single day on my computer. From my understanding, the free version has limited functionality but should still be able to open and edit documents, as well as create new ones without the 354 subscription.

While not included in the Microsoft Office bundle, you may also download these other Microsoft Apps free of charge:

  • OneNote
  • Lync 2013
  • OneDrive
  • Skype
  • Yammer
  • OneDrive for Business (iPhone)
  • Office Lens (Microsoft phone)

I already use Skype – even though it is a major power hog – and just downloaded OneNote. Out of all the other programs that Microsoft uses, I probably use OneNote the most. It is excellent for jotting down quick note, doing calculations, creating tables to keep track of spending, time, etc. It is, essentially, Excel for dummies when you take advantage of its calculation abilities.

As is to be expected, these apps are quite large and require a lot of space. While the entire Microsoft Office bundle is popular, I would only download the individual apps you need to retain as much open memory as possible. With only a 16GB phone, these apps really take up room.

Note: you will need to create a Microsoft account to use these apps.

(Expiry: unknown)

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June 15

Amazon Web Storage: 1 Free Year of Storage & Web Development Tools

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Amazon Web Storage: 1 Free Year of Storage & Web Development Tools

Amazon Canada is getting into the data storage game. Sing up for a new Amazon Web Storage account to receive 12 months of free storage.

I seriously know very little about this new service by Amazon. It is a good deal more in depth than Dropbox or iCloud where you just store your documents. According to Amazon:

The AWS Management Console provides a web-based interface for accessing and managing all your Amazon S3 resources. Programmatic access to Amazon S3 is enabled by the AWS SDKs and the AWS Mobile SDK.  In addition, Amazon S3 is supported by a wide range of third party tools and gateways.

While there are many tools an average user will not need, the Amazon Web Services free trial tier includes 5GB of free storage with Amazon S3 as well as additional storage with other products. You actually have 21 products and services that you can access free of charge within certain limits. Here are a few of the products you will receive with your free trial:

  • Amazon EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon EBS

This offer is more for developers who work with web developing tools and need access to data storage, databases, web developing tools, software, and more. The free trial is designed to give developers a taste of the web tools and storage systems that Amazon Canada has to offer. I am not sure how useful this will be to the average person… but it is an interesting freebie.

Getting started is easy.

First, you must sign up for an AWS account. You will need to enter your billing address and credit card information, but you will NOT be charged unless your usage exceeds the free usage allotment. Only after a full year of free trial, will you have the option of continuing (and thus being billed). After creating your AWS account, you can use any of the 21 products listed in the link above. The usage allotment (free tier) for each product is listed right beside the product description.

(Expiry: unknown)

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May 8

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 4:00 PM

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

Check out the PowerDirector 13 Video and Audio Editing Software on sale for Mother’s Day. This bundle retails for $229.98 and is on sale for $59.99. Use our exclusive coupon code to take off an additional 10%, making your total only $53.99.

PowerDirector is software that runs on a windows platform and makes amazing videos and special effects. While I am not a trained graphic designer, it would be nice to string together some of my family videos and pictures. This user-friendly software is just the ticket to create some great memories, and this bundle is a great price to get started. In addition, you can use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE10 and save 10% off sitewide, including this bundle!

Here is what you receive with this bundle:

  • PowerDirector 13
  • AudioDirector 5
  • PowerDirector Mobile: (for Win8 or Android)
  • Plus 5 special effects and templates packages including Cyberlink Travel Pack 2

There is also a free 30-day trial available for this software, fantastic! Thanks, Cyberlink! I like that I can try before I buy. Download it yourself and see if you gel with the basic functions.

Do be careful Bargainmoosers. Cyberlink automatically includes an extension on your downloading privileges in your cart, which will cost an extra $10.23. You can choose to remove that feature from your cart, and you will still have 30 days to download any software. The extension allows you to download the software for up to a year. A hard copy backup disk is also available for $8.60 but is not part of this package. Here is my cart to show you what it looks like when I removed the extras.

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink


You do have the option of having a disc copy shipped to your home. Shipping is a little steep at $21.80, but the software package cost is still the same. The main software itself will be sent in disc form.  The included add-on packages are only available via download but are still available with the shipped option.

Price Compare

This bundle price is a downloadable copy of this software. Other places that were selling this software are selling a disk version of this software. I found this software available at Amazon Canada for $99.99. Over at Best Buy Canada, the Power Director 13 software is selling for $99.99. Both pieces of software include the mobile editing features and the cloud features. Neither of these prices includes the bonus audio software or bonus special effects features that are available directly from Cyberlink.


Are you wondering how this software rates compared to other packages like Adobe? PC Magazine rates it very highly. They have named the PowerDirector line of software the top pick in video editing software for beginners for over five years. Tom’s Guide also has a very positive review of this software. They praise the user friendliness for beginners but also mention there are many tools to support a professional’s work.

Overall, this is a great buy for a fantastic piece of software. This will be a great evening project as you unwind at the end of the day. Now maybe I can sort through those mounds of vacation and baby photos and turn them into something more fun!

(Expiry: 12th May 2015)

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

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March 22

Google: Free 60-Day Trial of Google Cloud Platform

Posted by on March 22, 2015 at 12:43 PM

Google: Free 60 Day Trial of Google Cloud Platform

Google is offering $300 in free credit for the Google Cloud Platform for you to play with over 60 days. There is no obligation, and you will never be charged unless you decide to upgrade to a paid account. This is a risk free, 60-day trial of Google Cloud Platform my lovelies!

The Cloud Platform service is for someone far more tech savvy than I am. First, what IS Google Cloud Platform? Well, it is a cloud computing platform, by Google, that allows you to create websites, applications, and more. From the simple to the complex – you can make it via the Google Cloud Platform. The platform gives you access to:

  • Virtual machines
  • data solutions
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Object storage
  • Application services

… and more.

Your free 60-day trial includes $300 in credit to spend on all Cloud Platform products (with some limitations). According to the fine print, “Compute Engine is limited to eight concurrent cores at a time.” I hope that means something to you as I am pulling a blank here.

Now, when the free trial ends – everything is paused for 30-days. In that month period, you can decide whether you wish to upgrade to a full (paid account). If you choose not to upgrade to a paid account, all of your instances will be lost.

The free trial is for anyone new to Google Cloud Platform. Existing customers are excluded. If you are an existing customer and want the free trial, I suggest using a different email address and maybe your partner’s name when you sign up. Alternatively, get a friend to sign up for you and just use the account.

Now, you may be wondering about that $300 of credit. Well, you only cut into your $300 credit when you exceed the App Engine free quota per app per day. I have linked directly to the pricing sheet so you can see how much $300 worth of credit will cover.

I like this deal because it is risk free. If you are a website developer or a tech savvy kid with mad computer skills – this is a cool little playground to try out new ideas and new software. There is no fee and with $300 credit, you really get to have some fun.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 5

Free on1 Perfect Effects 9 Premium Software ($60 Value)

Posted by on March 5, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Free on1 Perfect Effects 9 Premium Software ($60 Value)

There is a freebie floating around in cyber space for all you photography lovers. Pick up the on1 Perfect Effects 9 Premium software package for free! This software retails for $59.95.

While the deal says it is for CreativeLive customers, it seems anyone can redeem it. You will be emailed out a license number that can be redeemed on two (2) computers. The software is both PC and Mac compatible.

Now, Perfect Effects is a suite package – meaning it combines seven (7) pieces of software into one larger software package. Perfect Effects 9 includes the following apps:

  • Enhance
  • Browse
  • Layers
  • Perfect B/W
  • Resize
  • Portrait

You can use these as plug-ins with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture. Alternatively, you can use the Perfect Effects 9 as a standalone app. I do not have Adobe Photoshop, so I plan to use this as a stand-alone app.

I really like having a (good) app that will convert my photos over to black and white. I really like to use black and white images, but my camera has this stupid either-or problem. Either I can delay the image taking up to 10 seconds OR I can take photos in black and white. The two will not work together. It seriously drives me insane.

All you need to download this software is a name and an email address. No other information is required. OnOne also promises not to sell your information (thank you), which becomes a concern when you are redeeming freebies.

I am currently installing the app as I write up this review. So far, it has been incredibly easy. The license number is automatically generated so you can start downloading immediately. If you do not want to download right away, the license is also sent to you via email within 5 to 10 minutes.

When you finish installing the software, it gives you the option of seeing an introductory video. I suggest watching it so you learn how to use the software. I find if I do not know how to use something, it greatly reduces my chances of opening up the software and trying to learn it. The first time you open Perfect Effects 9, you will have to input the license key you were emailed. After that, the app is ready to go!

(Expiry: unknown)

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January 22

Stream Media With A Free Copy Of Mezzmo (DLNA Media Server) With Conceiva Promo Code – $40 Value

Posted by on January 22, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Stream Media With A Free Copy Of Mezzmo (DLNA Media Server) With Conceiva Promo Code   $40 Value

Don’t ya just love freebies? Enter the code below to get a free copy of Mezzmo at Conceiva. This software’s retail price is of $39.72.

Click here to get a free copy of Mezzmo @ now

  • Discount: free Mezzmo copy
  • Expiry: Unknown

So what exactly is Mezzmo? I have to admit that I had never heard of them before but as it turns out, it’s DLNA (Digital Library Network Alliance) that allows you to stream media from a computer or NAS drive onto just about any device like a TV, a gaming console, digital media players, smart phones etc.

To get this freebie, you need to:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Add “The Ultimate Home Entertainment Pack” to your cart by clicking “buy”
  3. Remove “DownloadStudio” from your cart
  4. Erase the code already entered at the top right
  5. Enter the code above

There may be 5 steps but it’s really easy and straightforward. If you don’t remove DownloadStudio from your cart, the $39.72 credit will still be applied, making Mezzmo free, but you will be charged $33.09.

I’m always skeptical about the promise of any kind of freebies, especially software ones but I tried this one myself and it did indeed work. Here’s a screenshot I took of the checkout:

Stream Media With A Free Copy Of Mezzmo (DLNA Media Server) With Conceiva Promo Code   $40 Value

Since I had never heard of Mezzmo before, I checked out CNET‘s review and was surprised to find that it has garnered an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars along with a download editor’s rating of 4/5 stars. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

Easy set up. Streams anything! Easy to interact with, no need to be a computer wizard. Even my girlfriend learn how to use it and she is not very bright with computers.

It’s definitely reassuring that it’s easy to use, even for the non-techiest of people. Here’s another review that offers a good to know tip:

Excellent software solution to stream media over a network. You need at least a DLNA capable client. This server software will allow you to stream most media across a network. You can even include folders from non-DLNA compatible NAS device.

Conceiva’s guide on how Mezzmo stands up against competitor is also worth checking out as according to their comparison table, Mezzmo is significantly better — slightly biased on their part, I’m sure, but it’s still interesting to see the kind of features that Mezzmo includes like the ability to create playlists, fast speeds, transcoding, gapless playback and much more.

(Image Credit: Bago Games)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 14

Canadian Freebies: Bitdefender Total Security 2015 @ Daily Software Deals ($69.99 Value) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 14, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Canadian Freebies: Bitdefender Total Security 2015 @ Daily Software Deals ($69.99 Value) (EXPIRED)

Are you looking for a free anti-virus for the New Year? Download Bitdefender Total Security 2015 for absolutely free at Daily Software Deals. This anti-virus, firewall, and spam control software package will keep your computer safe for an entire year. The free download is worth $69.99.

While I have heard of this software before, I do not know much about it. This is a total security package, meaning it offers a firewall, spam filter, anti-virus system, and more. According to Daily Software Deals, Bitfender provides:

device anti-theft, secure online storage and synchronization, tune-up and optimization, network protection (firewall), parental control, Cloud antispam, privacy protection on Facebook, and early warnings of risky, fraudulous websites

When price comparing, it is important to make sure you are comparing the right software. Bitdefender has three software packages available. The Total Security 2015 package has the most features as you can see in the chart below:

Canadian Freebies: Bitdefender Total Security 2015 @ Daily Software Deals ($69.99 Value) (EXPIRED)

Bitdefender sells their own Total Security 2015 package for $71.96 US, for three users. The software requires Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8. It is not compatible with Mac computers.

Now, I checked out reviews on this software, as I am not familiar with it. PC Mag rates the software 4.5/5 with the following conclusion:

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 includes just about every security feature you could imagine, and they all work well. It’s a mega-suite Editors’ Choice.

I also checked out where the editors gave the software a ‘very good’ rating of 3.5/5 stars. Customers tended to rate the software a tad lower, at 3/5 stars. The editors noted that the software scanned quickly and is packed with security and privacy features that you will love. They also highly recommended uninstalling any previous anti-virus software before installing Bitdefender Total Security 2015.

For free, I think this is a great purchase. I really hate paying for an anti-virus system when I paid so much money for my computer to begin with. I also have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to Shaw for internet each month, so any way I can save money on my computer, I will.

(Expiry: 16th January 2015)

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January 10

Freebie: Get AVG Internet Security 2015 for FREE @ Shareware On Sale (Was $55)

Posted by on January 10, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Freebie: Get AVG Internet Security 2015 for FREE @ Shareware On Sale (Was $55)

Internet security and computer security software in general can come with a hefty price tag but right now, you can get AVG Internet Security 2015 for free! It was originally priced at $54.99. No code necessary but hurry because this awesome freebie expires at the end of the week-end.

Freebies like these rock but the trick is not to miss them. There is no telling when we might get word of another free download of an internet security software, so definitely do not pass up on this offer.

To get it, simply click on the big button with the words: “Download It Now” that you will see once you click over to Shareware On Sale’s site. First of all, no worries about their site as it’s completely safe and second of all, you will need to enter your e-mail address after clicking the button. You will also need to specify which out of the following devices you intend to use AVG Internet Security for: Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone/ iPad. There is no limit on how many you can select.

You will then be re-directed to the downloads page, where you will be given the choice between a couple of downloads depending on how many devices you chose. In my case, I only chose Windows and was given four download links: 2 geared towards USA users and 2 towards international users. For each, I was given the choice between getting the 32-bit or 64-bit downloads. That’s it, from there AVG Internet Security immediately began its installation.

PC Mag has given this software a good rating of 3.5/5 stars praising its no-hassle configurations but stating that the “spam filter missed a lot”. CNET, on the other hand, gave AVG Internet Security an outstanding rating of nearly 5/5 stars and it even has nearly 4/5 stars on the user rating scale with over 300 votes!

If you’re on the fence about trying AVG Internet Security, the great part about it is that it’s free. If you don’t like it, you can just uninstall it but it sure beats having some kind of protection as opposed to none at all. In fact, even AVG is selling it for a slightly higher price tag: that of $59.99.

(Image Credit: Dave Bleasdale)

(Expiry: 11th January 2015)

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January 9

Future Shop: $79 Off Microsoft Office 365 Personal & McAfee 2015 LiveSafe – $70

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Future Shop: $79 Off Microsoft Office 365 Personal & McAfee 2015 LiveSafe   $70

Oh did I find a fantastic deal for you my dear Moosers! Upgrade both your Microsoft Office and your anti-virus at the same time with this bundle deal from Future Shop Canada. When you purchase Microsoft Office 365 Personal and McAfee 2015 LiveSafe together, save $79 off the original retail value of $149.99. Purchase this software bundle for just $69.99.

No one else has these two items bundled together (except Best Buy) so for price comparing I had to look at the two software packages seperatly. First, McAfee 2015 LiveSafe retails for the following at other retailers:

  • $79.99 @ McAfee Canada
  • $79.99 @ Amazon Canada
  • $79.99 @ Staples Canada
  • $79.99 @ Best Buy & Future Shop (when sold individually)

In addition, retailers sell Microsoft Office 365 Personal for the following:

  • $69 @ Microsoft Store Canada
  • $69 @ Amazon Canada
  • $69 @ Staples Canada
  • $69 @ Best Buy & Future Shop (when sold individually)

Essentially, you are paying for Microsoft Office 365 Personal and receiving the deluxe anti-virus software for only 99 cents more. This is a fantastic deal as both programs come fully loaded with everything you would ever need.

McAfee 2015 LiveSafe protects your computer from viruses, malware, hackers, and identity thieves. The software package blocks spam and dangerous email that could harm your computer or harbour viruses. McAfee offers unlimited protection for all the devices that you own – tablets and phones are included. There is also a SafeKey Password Manager to keep all your valuable information safe. This is McAfee’s best anti-virus software as it includes everything their other software packages have and more.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal gives you all Microsoft Office has to offer for one PC (or Mac), one tablet (including iPad), and one smart phone. If you own a PC, you will receive Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. If you own a Mac, the versions are from a few years ago but your subscription entitles you to the new versions when they are released. Mac users will enjoy Office 2011 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Download OneNote for Mac from the Mac App Store. The software for your tablet and phone also depends upon what operating system you have.

Both of these software packages are a one-year subscription, as per usual. I am running 2010 software on my PC right now, and I must say this deal makes it tempting to upgrade.

Receive free shipping as this package costs greater than $25.

(Expiry: 15th January 2015)

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December 25

Free Wedge Touch Mouse with Office 365 Home Subscription @ ($50 Value)

Posted by on December 25, 2014 at 7:20 PM

Free Wedge Touch Mouse with Office 365 Home Subscription @ ($50 Value)

Purchase a 1-year subscription for Office 365 and receive a wedge touch mouse, valued at $49.99, free of charge. A year of Office 365 Home will cost just $99 in comparison to the $10 monthly rate.

This offer is only available when you purchase a one-year auto-renewal subscription. It is not valid with the monthly home subscription or the personal subscription. There is a difference between the home and the personal versions: Home is for five PCs or Macs plus five iPads or Tablets. With the personal version, you only receive one copy for your desktop and one for your tablet.

Each user will receive one TB of space on OneDrive. You also receive 60 minutes of of Skype calls per month to over 60 countries included in the subscription. For one-year, you will be able to talk for 720 minutes free to almost any country in the world.

The following applications are included in Microsoft Office 365 Home:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • Skype

Now, I am on a Windows based computer and hate it. I do not hate the computer; I actually hate the software so much it hurts. However, Apple does not make decent gaming computers so I am stuck. I would personally dump Outlook the second you get it – I find it horribly infuriating. The only nice thing about it is the organization and synchronization between your devices.

Now, despite my hate for Windows, I do like several features. Excel is still one of the best spreadsheet programs around. If you have not learned how to use a spreadsheet program yet, please take a half hour and go over the basics. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort. I also am rather fond of OneNote. I practically store everything that I need to remember in there. I like the coloured tabs. OneNote also has an auto-backup system somewhere because I accidentally deleted everything and managed to restore it all.

While many people underestimate Skype, it is a fantastic program for chatting and video conferencing. I love the 60 free minutes per month included in this deal, as I have relatives overseas.

Now, to get the mouse you need to click through to buy. The mouse will be on the next screen and you need to check the box beside it to add it to your cart. Make sure both items are in your cart before checking out. The Wedge Touch Mouse is a funky little mouse that connects to your device via Bluetooth. It supports multi-touch control and swipe functions.

Receive free shipping on your order.

(Expiry: 31st January 2015)

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