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April 11

Simons Canada: 25% Off Calvin Klein Underwear & Socks

Posted by on April 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Simons Canada: 25% Off Calvin Klein Underwear & Socks

Simons currently has a smoking hot deal: for a limited time, you can save 25% on men’s Calvin Klein underwear and socks!

First of all, let me start off by saying that if your man doesn’t need new underwear and socks, then go ahead and click on that link anyways. You won’t regret it as there is more than enough eye candy to help you relax!

Second of all, if you’re a man or shopping for one, then these Calvin Klein deals are definitely pretty good. To give you an idea, the ombré ribbed boxer briefs were originally priced at $30 but have now been reduced to just $21.95. Admittedly, The Bay also has a deal on Calvin Klein underwear but it’s not as good as the Simons promotion as these same boxers are priced at $22.50.

Perfect for the summer, you can also save $5 on a 3-pack of Calvin Klein sport liner socks and get them for just $14.99 (reg. $20) but there are plenty more socks to pick from like athletic ped, multi-graphic, combed cotton, Egyptian cotton socks and more.

Even better is that Simons is currently offering free shipping with no required minimum on all orders right now!

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February 5

Simons Canada: Up To 80% Off Clothing

Posted by on February 5, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Simons Canada: Up To 80% Off Clothing

I just stumbled across the Simon’s sale section which is full of amazing deals on clothing that I just had to share.

You can get some really steep discounts in the sale section at Simons so if you are in need of a few wardrobe editions make sure to check out this sale.

I spied this Long Vintage Cardigan that was $58 and is now discounted to just $9.99 in a size extra-large. There are only a few left in this size so be quick to snatch up this deal. This Peruvian Diamond Sweater was $58 and is also now only $9.99. It is available in two different colours and between those colours you can buy it in an extra-small, small, or medium.

This Twik Cute Mustache Tee was $20 and is now $4.99. It is still available in a size extra-small. This Twik Slogan Crew Neck was $20 and is now $4.99 and is still available in almost all sizes. An even better deal is this Twik Cargo Overshirt that was $38 and is now just $4.99. It is still available in extra-small and in size medium.

There are many pages of great deals in the Simons sale section. They are also currently offering free delivery with no minimum order for a limited time. For more free shipping offers see our free shipping page.

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September 29

Simons Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Posted by on September 29, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Simons Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Simons Canada has brought back their free shipping with no minimum promotion for a limited time. They also have some great sale items to check out.

Pick whatever you want and just place a purchase, because shipping won’t cost you a thing.

Are you female and in need of some fun lingerie? This Retro Plunge Bustier Bra is an absolute steal at only $9.99, originally $28. It comes in two different polka-dot colours and goes up to a size 36C. It is absolutely adorable and a great little bargain buy.

If this fall is a bit on the chilly side for you already, why not get a warm vest? Simons has a Quilted colour block sleeveless vest on sale for $39.95 which saves you $15 off the original price of $55. Available in two colours.

For the men my favourite deal is 50% off a bunch of underwear. Check these out:

They actually have a ton of men’s underwear on their website that are 50% off the original prices, and a perfect value buy with free shipping.

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June 25

Simons Canada: Free Shipping & $3.99 Panties

Posted by on June 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Simons Canada: Free Shipping & $3.99 Panties

For a limited time Simons Canada is offering free shipping with no minimum on any online order. They usually have a minimum of $50, so this is a nice little deal.

Since there is no minimum for free shipping, you can always pick up the little things you have been wanting but never had enough of to hit the usual free shipping minimum.

If you are in desperate need of fresh underwear while on a budget, Simons has Miiyu Lace Panties on sale from $5 – $6 down to $3.99! Their styles are delectable like this Victorian Lace Panty as well as the Lace & Tulle Panty. They also have bikini, short, and thong styles available. This is a fantastic sale, as the styles are actually really pretty and feminine, and yet don’t cost too much. For a girl on a budget this is a stellar deal. In fact, I am going to be ordering a weeks worth.

Nothing compliments some lace panties better than a shimmering skull tee. I’m kidding… but I really do like this tee! The Shimmering Skull Cami is only $18 at Simons Canada and would pair well with jeans, shorts, shimmery tights, and funky undies.

With free shipping you can just buy what you need and not pay a cent more to get it delivered to your door. Love it!

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March 10

Simons Canada: Save On Basic Tees

Posted by on March 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Simons Canada: Save On Basic Tees

Simons Canada has basic long sleeve and short sleeve tees on sale. Short sleeve tees are regularly $9.99 and discounted to $7.99. Long sleeve tees are regularly $12.00 and discounted to $9.99.

Though the discounts per tee are smaller, they can really add up when you are restocking the basics in your wardrobe. They come in different ‘necks’ with your choice of boat neck, crew neck, spaghetti strap, or v-neck. My favourite style is v-neck, especially with long sleeved tees.

I really like the variety of colours these tops come in as well. I can get the Long Sleeves V-Neck T-Shirt in nine different colours. Sizes range from x-small to x-large. These are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex – a great combo for fit as the spandex gives it just enough stretch to wrap around your curves. At $9.99 a piece, these shirts are a great buy.

Free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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January 23

Simons Canada: $15 Off $100

Posted by on January 23, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Simons Canada: $15 Off $100

When you sign up for the Simons Canada newsletter you will receive a coupon/voucher for $15 off a $100 order.

Team this offer up with some of Simons’ great sale prices on fashions and housewares. Here are a few things I picked out:

Though not on sale, I think I have finally found the swimming trunks I am going to get my husband. He has these neon green (yup, they could burn holes in your retinas) trunks and I want to replace them. I love these Logo Emblem Boxer Swim Trunks for just $50.

There are many things to check out while you are there. Right now they are offering free shipping on your purchases – a great bonus as well. Your items get shipped via UPS and arrive in around 3 – 5 days, such a short amount of time.

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July 22

Simons Canada: Today’s Sales

Posted by on July 22, 2012 at 2:00 PM

Simons Canada: Todays Sales

Simons Canada has an area called Today’s Sale that has some great deals in it.

Here are some highlights:

The entire section is pretty much bed, bath, and kitchen accessories. Many are 50% off or more. At Simons Canada you receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more. It is pretty easy to spend $50 or so on wonderful sale stuff like this. You can spruce up your bathroom with a new matt and shower curtain, or maybe get a tablecloth and some placemats for the table.

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June 13

Simons Canada: Polos and Bermudas for Him: Summer’s Uniform

Posted by on June 13, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Simons Canada: Polos and Bermudas for Him: Summers Uniform

Simons Canada has great gift ideas to honor that special man in your life for Father’s day. Polos and shorts are 50% off with many styles and colors to choose from.

When I went to Simons Canada site, I located the Tommy Hilfiger Ombre stripe polo, which was $68, now $29.95.  Because I choose to honor the main man in my life with the stripe polo, which is blue stripes, I opted to match him with the baby blue, utility cargo bermudas, which were $50, now $39.95.

Simons Canada has many other sale items.  I would suggest when shopping under special promotions you check out their sale items as well. A deal such as the bright buffalo check shirt, which was $40, now $29.95, wasn’t in the polo promotion but is a great deal that I just couldn’t pass up. For less than $100 I have created 2 outfits for my man.

Free delivery for purchases of $50 or more.

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    May 23 Newsletter Discount: Get $10 off $75+ Online

    Posted by on May 23, 2012 at 11:00 AM Newsletter Discount: Get $10 off $75+ Online

    If you sign up to the email newsletters at, they will instantly give you an online coupon code for a $10 discount on a spend of $75 or more.

    I’ve not shopped at before but am impressed with the clothing, linens, accessories etc.  There is a lot to admire here, in men’s, women’s and home sections. I also really like that is environmentally friendly, which includes their gift boxes!A quick breakdown:

    • $10 off any online purchase of $75 or more if you register for the online newsletter
    • Free Delivery for all online orders
    • Free Returns for all online orders

    I think I stepped backward in time with the small flower maxi dress. It looks so comfortable, I couldn’t resist buying it because it brought back some 70’s memories. Good ones! It is discounted to $79.95 (reg $125). I thought this dress just needed a jacket to make it go from daytime to evening and I found the perfect one. The open 100% linen jacket which is now $59.95 (reg $78) gave me $10 off, free delivery and I have an outfit that works around the clock! My memories from the 70’s when I wear my new outfit will be grand! I can’t wait until it arrives.

    (Expiry: Sign up by 7th June 2012, coupon code valid to 1st July 2012)

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    December 5

    Simons Canada: Free Delivery on All Online Purchases

    Posted by on December 5, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    Simons Canada: Free Delivery on All Online Purchases

    Simons Canada is now offering free delivery on all online purchases for the holidays. Take advantage of this rare and great offer.

    No coupon code is needed, which is great because you can team it up with something else like the $10 off $75 coupon code Anna mentioned HERE.

    Right now Calvin Klein is on sale for 25% off, load up on some underthings for your man!

    I have never shopped at Simons before but when we first posted about Simons Canada a lot of people had a lot of good things to say about them:

    This is great! I love Simons – we always go there if we’re in Montreal. I didn’t know they sold online now. Thanks! – Gen


    This is THE go to store in Montreal; very funky and stylish. My teenagers are avid shoppers there and the sales are AMAZING! Friends from out West say that they don’t have stores like this one. I didn’t know they sold online either! Thanks! – Michelle

    Therefore Simons is participating in free shipping day 2011!

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    November 20 Free $10 Coupon (Newsletter Signup)

    Posted by on November 20, 2011 at 2:00 PM Free $10 Coupon (Newsletter Signup)

    Did you know that when you sign up to the newsletter online, they will send you a free $10 coupon for a $75 spend? No? Well, now you do!

    When you sign up (there’s a link towards the bottom left of the above page), they will instantly send you an email confirmation. Click the link in that email to confirm, and you will be sent to Simons page and you’ll see the promo code. I am seeing the code 10SIMONS11N – so this could be a generic coupon, available for everyone to use.

    It’s a shame that there is a $75 minimum spend, that’s a bit high. But if you shop there anyway, then $10 off $75 equates to a 13% discount. AT least you will get free shipping as you are spending more than  the $50 minimum.

    I have a separate email account that I use to sign up for email newsletters for many Canadian stores. It gets maybe a 70 or 80 emails a day from all the stores. Sometimes, the email newsletters are pretty standard, but from time to time they can email you a mega coupon or deal. It’s worth it! I recommend you do the same – just make a new gmail account specifically for this, if you don’t have one already.

    (Ends 18th December 2011)

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    September 4

    Simons Canada: Free Shipping

    Posted by on September 4, 2011 at 11:00 AM

    Simons Canada: Free Shipping

    Simons Canada is offering free shipping till Wednesday! No coupon code is needed to enjoy men’s and women’s clothing as well as homeward without shipping costs.

    The first time we ever posted about Simons we had some awesome comments from Moosers. Check out this one from Mooser Michelle:

    This is THE go to store in Montreal; very funky and stylish. My teenagers are avid shoppers there and the sales are AMAZING! Friends from out West say that they don’t have stores like this one.
    I didn’t know they sold online either! Thanks!

    Thank you to meggie12 for finding this deal and sticking it on the community forums!

    Expiry: 7th, September 2011

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    June 20 Fashion Finds For $19.99 or Less

    Posted by on June 20, 2011 at 12:00 PM Fashion Finds For $19.99 or Less

    Over on her blog, Lena was writing about some fab fashion finds from It prompted me to have a good look at their site, because I’ve never actually bought from them before. They have really trendy items, and the prices aren’t too bad either! There’s one particular section with a range of pieces under $19.99 – bargains!

    I’ve linked to the female section above, but you can see more sub $19.99 fashion finds in the mens section.

    For the ladies:

    For the laddos:

    I’ve just highlighted a few items here, there are loads more to choose from.

    To get free shipping from, you’d need to spend a minimum of $50 online.

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    May 1 25% Off Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear + Tees

    Posted by on May 1, 2011 at 6:00 PM 25% Off Calvin Klein Mens Underwear + Tees is hosting it’s semi-annual Calvin Klein sale. Receive 25% off a wonderful selection of boxers, briefs and t-shirts for men. Discount shown on website. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more which is so easy to attain.

    The classic question, are our Mooser men boxer or brief men? I am a fan of the short boxer, which seems to be a cross. The Calvin Klein Athletic Cutout Short Boxer is something I would pick out for my husband. It accentuates what deserves to be accentuated, it is somewhat form fitting (which I sooo like), and on shorter gentlemen a short boxer looks so much better than a traditional boxer.

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    March 11 Free Shipping

    Posted by on March 11, 2011 at 6:00 PM Free Shipping

    That cool online store Simons has a free shipping promo again this week. Get free shipping on anything! They have a wide selection of clothing, bedding and other personal and household goods.

    Thanks to Mooser Yannick for the info!

    The first time we posted about Simons it was greated with much enthusiasm, here are some of the comments we received:

    This is great! I love Simons – we always go there if we’re in Montreal. I didn’t know they sold online now. Thanks!

    - Mooser Gen

    This is THE go to store in Montreal; very funky and stylish. My teenagers are avid shoppers there and the sales are AMAZING! Friends from out West say that they don’t have stores like this one.
    I didn’t know they sold online either! Thanks!

    - Mooser Michelle

    Love,love, love that store!

    - Mooser Jodie

    Free shipping no minimum ends 20th, March 2011.

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