April 16 Up To 56% Off Nexus Rattan Patio Furniture

Posted by on April 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM Up To 56% Off Nexus Rattan Patio Furniture

If you are planning on buying patio furniture, you really need to have a look at the sale at on right now. They have 56% off Nexus Rattan patio furniture. I price compared on other sites and these really are the real deal sale prices.

One of the really nice things about buying patio furniture from is that it will ship free too, which is a nice bonus since it is a large and heavy item that normally might cost quite a bit to ship.

Although this item is not practical for my family, it would be perfect for a family of two and looks amazing. The black rattan with green cushions dining set has a large table with a white tempered glass top and two large chairs with cushions. The entire thing is very durable and weather resistant as well, so you know this piece will last a long time on your deck. The original price is $1515.18, but now is only $662.51. You can also get the same set with white cushions or light grey cushions.

If you are looking for something more conversational, this black rattan set with white cushions has sofas, coffee tables and foot stools. It was $2298.60, now only $1798.60.

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April 11 Vinotemp Wine Cooler Only $299

Posted by on April 11, 2014 at 1:00 PM Vinotemp Wine Cooler Only $299

I found a very sweet deal on a wine cooler for all of you Moosers who appreciate wine as much as I do. The Vinotemp 15 bottle touchscreen wine cooler is only $299.99, with an original price of $399.99, but I found it for sale at for $429.99, so this really is a great deal.

Because it only holds 15 bottles, this is known as small wine cooler. To me, 15 bottles is a good collection as the most we have in our house at one time is about three bottles, and they usually don’t last very long. I do want to get us a wine cooler and have wine ready for guests (and nights that I need it) at all times. This one is the perfect size for my small kitchen and looks beautiful with a black body and tinted glass door.

The touch screen control panel has a digital temperature display, which is a feature any techy-loving husband will love, on top of the wine in the fridge. You can set this wine cooler anywhere, as it has adjustable feet for leveling.

The interior light illuminates your bottles, making it a decorative feature in your kitchen, dining room, office or even your bedroom. The possibilities are endless! If you have young children, or people who won’t stay out of your wine, there is a safety lock that disables access to the cooler when you feel like it.

Even though this would be a fairly heavy item, will ship it to you for free. They are just too kind like that. If you want even $$ of the price, check the forum for coupons, as we have two that just might work on this item.

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April 9 T-Fal Emeril XL Indoor Electric Grill Only $129

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 12:30 PM T Fal Emeril XL Indoor Electric Grill Only $129

If you can’t do the outdoor grilling thing for whatever reason, you don’t have to invite yourself to other people’s BBQs to enjoy succulent steaks and chicken breasts with those delicious grill marks. Get the T-Fal Emeril XL indoor electric grill from for only $129.99. The suggested retail price for this item is $269.99, and while I found it at prices higher than, it was never that high. Bed Bath and Beyond was one of the highest at $199.99, and Amazon was one of the lowest at $167.66.

With a 1700 watt grill and 230 square inches of grilling space, you can get high temperatures that mimic an outdoor grill. The non-stick die cast aluminum plates make grilling even easier and your meat and veggies will cook evenly. There is a splatter guide if you don’t like bacon juice in your eye, and the sloping surface doesn’t let your meat sit in a pool of its own blood while it cooks.

Even better, you can take off the plates and throw them in the dishwasher. You can’t do that with your outdoor BBQ. I think this item would make the perfect gift for the new graduate who might be heading to college or university next year or moving out on their own. I had something similar to this when I moved to university and it was a lifesaver because I didn’t have a stove at all. I was tired of cooking in the toaster oven.

Shipping is free on all orders, so enjoy that perk too!

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March 26 60% Off Brand Name Shoes For Women

Posted by on March 26, 2014 at 11:30 AM 60% Off Brand Name Shoes For Women has a sale on women’s brand name shoes from Nine West, FCUK, Native and more with 60% off the original price. I price compared what I could find, and found that these shoes are a definite deal.

Shoes are on my mind now that I’ve put away my winter boots. I don’t care if we get more snow, I refuse to wear boots that aren’t purely for fashion after March Break. I’ll lose a toe before I change my mind. Although I have upwards of 30 or so pairs of shoes, I love getting new Spring shoes to feel refreshed and make my feet happy.

These French Connection Gabbie loafers are great for day or night with their studded embellishments. These are now $58, but the regular price isn’t shown. I did find them at various International online retailers, with prices mostly higher than this one.

These women’s  Nine West Lovemi flat loafers are similar to the ones above, with studs adorning the shoe. They are $52, again without a regular price listed.

Shipping is free on all orders from

Bargainmoosers, are you still wearing your boots or have you told Winter goodbye and donned your flat Spring shoes? Let me know!

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March 19 50% Off Kid’s Clothing

Posted by on March 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM 50% Off Kids Clothing

With spring approaching, your kids are probably shedding their heavy layers and are ready for some lighter clothing. I know this time of year is a big one for shopping for the kids for me, so a sale with 50% off, is quite nice.

The first thing I noticed available in this sale were the Bogs. Bogs are expensive so I immediately added them to my cart to see if the 50% would get taken off (because that is where you’ll see the discount), but every single pair in every size is sold out. It really irritates me when a store does not get rid of items from their site when they are sold out, so I’m really hoping the rest of the sale is not the same. I did add a few other things and did find the 50% off came off, so as long as you aren’t shopping for Bogs, you’ll be all good.

These Taint youth cargo pants caught my eye, as I think they look great on little boys. The only thing that confused me was the sizing as I’m not familiar with that type of sizing for young boys. Anyway, they were 50% off in the cart, now only $14.99, was $29.99.

These DC Shoe Co. K. Rebound shoes in blue radiance are a steal. They were $64.99, and are now only $32.49. These shoes sell from $50 and up at other stores.

For the first time ever, this sale has a focus on boy’s clothing. I find that with three boys, my choices are often limited as it seems most stores tailor to girls.

Shipping is free from and if you are planning on spending over $50, you can take an additional $10 off, thanks to Bargainmoose.

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March 13 $60 Off Staub Grill Pan Now $89.99

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 11:30 PM $60 Off Staub Grill Pan Now $89.99 is selling the Staub Cast Iron Grill Pan that was $160 for only $99.99.  Even better, when you use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE2014 that Eva blogged about here, you will get this lovely grill pan for only $89.99 with free shipping.

There is really something different about cooking with cast iron. I own both a cast iron sauce pan and a cast iron covered casserole dish for the oven. I love making roasted chicken in the big cast iron pot and using the sauce pan for sauces, soups, melting chocolate, and much more.

I have been eying up a grip pan for a while because I don’t have access to a BBQ at the moment and I like when meat is cooked on a grill. I especially like grilling things like fish in a cast iron pan and I know this one would get well used in my house. It reminds me of camping trips with freshly caught fish cooked in our camping cast iron frying pan over the outdoor fire. Yummy.

I price compared with the few places I could find this pan and there were not many. The closest I found was a place selling it for $99.99 and then charging $15 shipping. This is certainly a good deal from

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March 11 Promo Code: Exclusive $10 Off $50

Posted by on March 11, 2014 at 10:30 AM Promo Code: Exclusive $10 Off $50

Want $10 off your $50 order at Well you got it! Thanks to our new exclusive promo code, spend only $50 and you’ll get $10 off. A lot of times the promo codes that has are for new customers only, but this one is for all of you tried and true shoppers. Don’t forget, you’ll also get free shipping on anything you buy, so what you see is what you pay.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE2014
  • Discount: $10 off $50
  • Expiry: 30th June 2014

This coupon doesn’t expire until the end of June so you have all spring to use it again and again on whatever might strike your fancy. I find that usually has some great deals, but you either have to know your prices or do your research, because sometimes they are not the lowest price. Other times I’m actually amazed at how low their price is and how much lower even it gets with promo codes and rewards points.

If you have a LEGO fan in the house, why not try out the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game? Each game varies in price depending on what system it goes with, but for the ones over $50, save yourself $10!

Looking for some sweet flats for spring? Check out these Bloch shoes, which are already 40% off, and you can add an additional $10 off to that price.

Look for all our super exclusive promo codes and more from in the forum! Promo Code: Exclusive $10 Off $50

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March 10 Hipstreet Titan Tablet & Sleeve/Stylus Bundle Only $80

Posted by on March 10, 2014 at 2:30 PM Hipstreet Titan Tablet & Sleeve/Stylus Bundle Only $80 has an awesome deal on a Hipstreet Titan tablet + dual core 7 with a black sleeve and stylus bundle at 47% off. It is now only $79.99, was $149.99. I price compared at other online stores and found a wide variance in the price from $89.99 at Sears to $109.99 at Tiger Direct and the Source. No matter how you look at it, this is a deal

Equipped with the Android Jelly Bean operating system, this tablet is simple to use and lets you wirelessly surf the net, read e-books, read emails, download apps, watch movies and so much more. It also has a front facing camera, built-in speaker and microphone and supports multiple language formats. Another bonus to buying this tablet is that you’ll get 10GB of free online storage with your purchase. Put it in the cloud, they say.

The attached case is fully padded with a zipper to protect your tablet at all costs. I don’t know about you, but I am always dropping my electronics, so I need extra protection. The universal tablet stylus that is included is high quality with a built in soft head to protect your screen, but increases sensitivity. It is great for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography. You can also use it on your other touch screen tablets.

Before you buy this tablet, it is always best to read the reviews, remembering the low price you are actually paying. You can’t expect iPad quality at $250 less of a price tag. Shipping is always free from

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March 5 Mamas & Papas Strollers Up To 45% Off

Posted by on March 5, 2014 at 11:00 AM Mamas & Papas Strollers Up To 45% Off has a fantastic sale on Mamas & Papas strollers, with up to 45% off. I did some price comparing on other sites and found some interesting findings as well. Check it out!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A quality, well-made and durable stroller with all the luxury features you need is a must-have for a parent. This is the one area I would not skimp on. Your child will spend quite a bit of time in their stroller, and you’ll be pushing that stroller, so you need one that has great tires that handle any terrain (from the mall to the snowy sidewalk to the soccer field), one that is comfortable enough for your child to sit and sleep in, one that has enough storage for you to put all their junk and one that will last you through all of your children. To get all this, you need to spend the money, but you don’t have to pay full price.

With 45% off these strollers at, while price comparing I found that Toys R Us is also having a sale on these strollers, but only one of the ones they had on sale beat the price of They are selling the Luna in a stone colour for only $159.97, while has it for $199.02 in the same colour.

But, the Urbo that is selling for $349.97, Toys R Us has it on for $286.11 in lime jelly. The regular price for this stroller is $579. has a larger selection of Mamas & Papas strollers, plus other items like stroller accessories, high chairs and carriers, all up to 45% off.

Shipping is free on every order too.

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March 4 HP Envy Recline 23″ Touchsmart Beats SE Desktop Only $999

Posted by on March 4, 2014 at 11:30 AM HP Envy Recline 23 Touchsmart Beats SE Desktop Only $999 has a great deal on the HP Envy Recline 23″ Touchsmart Beats SE SE all-in-one desktop for only $999.99, was $1299.99. If you have any rewards credits you can also use those to lower the price, and as a new customer, you can save another $15.

Of course I price compared this item for you, with other stores coming in at higher prices like Frontier PC, which sells this for $1073, Microsoft Store, which sells it for $1199 and NCIX, which sells it for 1057, but it is on back order. No one hits the under $1000 mark. And I don’t know about the rest of these stores, but also ships it for free, saving another potential cost.

Touchscreen technology has come such a long way. My mother-in-law has a touchscreen computer and loves it and I know that anyone who is currently in school would love it, having grown up on the swipe and go technologies. I’m still old school, but this still really intrigues me.

With a 23″ inch adjustable screen that is viewable from any angle, you can do so much with this machine. It has wireless capabilities so you can use it like a personal tablet to another, larger screen if you choose. But, if you choose to do what you need right on its display, it has stunning HD quality. The Beats sound system also makes you feel like the actors in the movie are in the room with you. Sweet, I’ll take one Channing Tatum please.

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March 2 Up to 59% Off Tennis Gear

Posted by on March 2, 2014 at 2:00 PM Up to 59% Off Tennis Gear is offering up to 59% off tennis rackets and accessories from Berten Sports.

The best deal in the sale is on this DUNLOP AeroGel 4D 300 Lite Racquet Racket Strung (Grip 4 1/2) that was $169.95 and is now on sale for $69.95. The cover is included and the racquet weighs in at 265 grams.

If you need a bag to carry around all your gear, you can save 50% on this Head Maria Sharapova Tennis Racquet Bag Combi. Originally $99.95, this lovely white bag is now on sale for $49.95. Featuring a CCT + racquet compartment for 6-8 racquets and comes with a detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort.

Tennis is actually one of the few sports I have been looking at getting into. I tried both squash and racquetball but I was not fond of squash and I always hit the racquetball too hard. I prefer a larger target and because I have a very strong swing I was thinking I might do well (or at least survive) at tennis.

Do you play tennis? Have any tips for beginners?

Get free shipping on all purchases from

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March 1 Save Up To 55% On Clauss Garden Tools

Posted by on March 1, 2014 at 11:00 AM Save Up To 55% On Clauss Garden Tools

Get up to 55% off Clauss garden tools to get yourself ready for spring! It is coming!

I bet under all that snow in my yard, there are some plants that will need trimming back and basically a ton of garden cleanup. While I don’t look forward to the work, I will welcome seeing green instead of white. Buying some new tools will undoubtedly get anyone excited for the spring thaw, so if you are feeling emotionally down in this weather, cheer yourself up with a purchase of Clauss garden tools.

I price compared the tools because sometimes I find the regular price gets inflated on sales with over 50% off, but this is truly a good deal. Both Walmart and ebay carried these tools and the prices were a lot higher than these sale prices, so know that I, your faithful Bargainmoose blogger, found you a great deal.

If you need to do some lopping and pruning, this titanium non-stick lopper and pruner 7-piece set is for you. It was $141.92, now $64.99.

They also sell a number of individual tools, like these AirShoc titanium non-stick hedge shears with microban. These sell regularly for $49.99, now $34.99.

Shipping is also always free on anything you order from

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February 22 Buy Two Hoodies & Get 25% Off

Posted by on February 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM Buy Two Hoodies & Get 25% Off

Shop at this weekend and get 25% off hoodies when you buy two. I also price compared the hoodies of varying brands, and seems to already have the cheaper price.

A hoodie is almost the ultimate piece of clothing – it is comfortable, stylish and goes with almost everything. I actually think I look really cute in a hoodie, so I’m going to go with that. I wouldn’t wear one to a dinner party or anything, but they are great for day-to-day, running errands, working out, etc.

Both men’s and women’s hoodies will go on sale when you buy two.

This Billabong rasta stripe hoodie has pockets in the front and buttons at the collar and is only $59.99, compared to the $75 price tag at Billabong. Add this Metal Mulisha M. Critical sherpa hoodie, which is regularly $89.99 and you’ll get both for a total of $112.48.

I like both pullover and zip hoodies so this Fox L. definitive zip hoodie is a great addition to my wardrobe. $59.99. Add to that this Volcom hydro fleece pullover, with comfy pockets to keep my hands warm and to put my phone in. $59.99. Buy both and pay only $89.98, saving  yourself $30.

Shipping is free from

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February 17 Up To 65% Off Autographed Memorabilia

Posted by on February 17, 2014 at 11:00 AM Up To 65% Off Autographed Memorabilia

Get up to 65% autographed memorabilia from Autograph Authentic at These items make great gift ideas for the hockey lover and now is the time to get something for Father’s Day at a great price.

These items are just signed by a machine. The real, live person signed each item exclusively and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I was really drawn to this Olympic commemorative Bobby Hull signed beer bottle. I think this will make a really cool addition to any man cave, and hopefully no one will drink it on you because the bottle comes full! Was $119. now $40.

My brother used to be a huge fan of Doug Gilmour, and although I’m not a huge hockey fan, this autographed Doug Gilmour career jersey wowed me. Was $1029, now $800.

My dad would love this Johnny Bower autographed hockey puck, which is great to create or add to a collection. Was $115, now $60.

Shipping is free on any of these items.

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February 12 Hipstreet iPad 2/3/4 Bluetooth Multimedia Keyboard Case Only $25 (Was $80)

Posted by on February 12, 2014 at 1:00 PM Hipstreet iPad 2/3/4 Bluetooth Multimedia Keyboard Case Only $25 (Was $80) has a fantastic deal on a Hipstreet iPad 2/3/4 bluetooth multimedia keyboard case for only $24.99, was $79.99. As always, I price compared this baby for you and found it for $79.99 at The Source, $58.67 at Amazon, $38.88 at Canada Computers and $69.99 at Sears. As you can see, there is a wide range of prices, with none coming as close to as low as

The only thing you really might want to know is that this case comes only in pink at, so depending on how you feel about colours, this case could or could not be for you. Personally, I love the pink as it is bright and cheery (and cheap!).

It is ultra thin and made out of durable aluminum, so it fits perfectly with your iPad. The bluetooth keyboard is simple to connect and has a long operating distance of 10 metres. The case automatically wakens and puts your iPad to sleep too. Can it do this with my kids too? A long lasting lithium battery comes with this item as well.

There are no reviews available on for this product, but there is one five-star rating.

Shipping is free too!

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