June 2

Go Gear Canada: Ocean Minded Men’s Shoes Only $20 + Shipping

Posted by on June 2, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Go Gear Canada: Ocean Minded Mens Shoes Only $20 + Shipping

Go Gear Canada has an excellent deal on Ocean Minded Men’s shoes. Originally $95 to $105, pick up a pair for just $19.99.

Choose from four different styles.

Ocean Minded Men’s Dune Rider Black

Combine comfort and durability in this casual lace up shoe. The shoe upper is made of nubuck leather and metal free suede. The inside has a natural wool lining for comfort and breathability. With a natural rubber outsole and a recycled footbed, your shoe is both good for the environment and comfortable for you. Originally $105, these shoes are on sale for $19.99.

Ocean Minded Men’s Roller Tan

Rather than wool, this style features a bamboo and organic cotton lining. The Men’s Roller is a bit more laid back and I prefer it over the Dune Rider. Like the Dune Rider, the Roller has a recycled Croslite footbed. This footbed is comfortable, lightweight, and odour resistant. The rubber outsole also has natural cork shock absorption in a heel insert. Originally $105, these shoes are on sale for $19.99.

Ocean Minded Men’s Straddie Chocolate

The Ocean Minded Straddie is the perfect slip on shoe. I really like the dark chocolate brown colour and the elastics built in at the sides allowing the top of the shoe to stretch. The shoe is made of chrome free suede and features the same deluxe features of a rubber outsole with cork absorption and the recycled Croslite footbed. Originally $100, these slip on shoes are on sale for $19.99.

Ocean Minded Men’s Wender Brown

Lastly, the men’s Wender in brown looks almost like your typical sneaker. However, there is nothing typical about the materials used. Enjoy an upper made out of suede and leather. The inner lining features hemp and the outsole is made of partially recycled rubber. The same lightweight and comfortable Croslite footbed is in this model as well. Originally $95, the shoes are now on sale for $19.99.

Plenty of sizes are still available in each model. While Go Gear Canada offers free shipping on $100 or more, I do not see many people spending that amount of money. Instead, you will probably want to pay the flat rate of $10.95 per order. That flat rate is regardless of number of items so you could purchase all four pairs for $80 and only pay $10.95 to have them all shipped to your home.

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May 31

Kid’s Winter Boots only $32 to $50 with Free Shipping @ Shoe Warehouse Canada (Columbia, Sorel, Superfit, KangaROOS & More)

Posted by on May 31, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Kid’s Winter Boots only $32 to $50 with Free Shipping @ Shoe Warehouse Canada (Columbia, Sorel, Superfit, KangaROOS & More)

Yesterday, Eva spotted an absolutely fantastic deal here on sale shoes from the Town Shoes footwear company, which includes other brands like The Shoe Company and Shoe Warehouse. I was delving into the offers there to see what I could see, and I spotted this deal which I think is worth highlighting on its own. There are a number of kids’ winter boots on offer, and you can get them from between $32 and $50, that’s including free shipping to your home! These are superb prices for top brand-named footwear.

There are a few things you have to do to get these winter boots in this deal.

  1. Sign up to the Shoe Lowers rewards here (it’s free) – this gets you free shipping on spends of $35 or more
  2. Use the coupon code ThanksFromShoeCo at checkout for $10 off $40

Now, even though the coupon code brings some of these boots down below the $35 level for free shipping, the free shipping appears to be calculated on the pre-coupon price – so it’s free shipping at the last page of checkout, saving you a further $7 to $10 (depending on where you live). I tested this deal out on the Sub Zero Gravity Rallye boots which were $59.99 and are now down to $31.98. here’s the last page of cart:

Kid’s Winter Boots only $32 to $50 with Free Shipping @ Shoe Warehouse Canada (Columbia, Sorel, Superfit, KangaROOS & More)

As you can see, these boots are less than $32 (plus tax) with free shipping! Sweet!

Here are a few more items to choose from in this particular offer:

Some of the kid’s boots above have an excellent availability in sizing, but some are a little low in stock in various sizes. If you want to take advantage of this offer, just shop right now and think later or your sizing might be sold out.

The boots above seem to be listed under “boy” but in my opinion, they’re perfectly fine for girls too. I do not care if my daughters are wearing blue or black boots – as long as they like them and the boots are keeping their tootsies warm and dry.

In the short time that I have, I cannot compare each and every one of the pairs of boots in the post above. But to give you a bit of a general overview – similar kids’ winter boots on seem to start at around $50 to $55 and upwards from that. You don’t get free shipping there though, unless you’re placing a larger order.

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May 30

The Shoe Company, Town Shoes, DSW & Shoe Warehouse – Up To 84% Off Plus An Extra $10 Off $40! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 30, 2015 at 10:50 AM

The Shoe Company, Town Shoes, DSW & Shoe Warehouse   Up To 84% Off Plus An Extra $10 Off $40! (EXPIRED)

If you need new shoes (and even if you don’t), there is a fantastic deal going on right now at sister stores – The Shoe Company, Town Shoes, Designer Shoe Warehouse and Shoe Warehouse – that will get you up to 70% off, plus $10 off $40, plus free shipping on $35! Use coupon code THANKSFROMSHOECO to get your discount.

Town Shoes has an extra 20% off that you will see in your cart on any items sitewide. Just to make sure you are confused, once you’ve added an item from Town Shoes to your cart, your entire cart, even ones from the other stores will get an additional 20% off. But, you can’t use the coupon and the 20% off at the same time. When you add the coupon, it removes the extra 20% off it was showing you. You might have to play with your cart a little bit to see which promotion gives you the best discount. If you aren’t shopping at Town Shoes, the $10 off will be your best bet and it also will be if you are only spending $40. But, if you are planning on getting something from Town Shoes, the 20% off extra discount in your cart is the best deal. The code is really finicky and I found you sometimes had to take items out of your cart for it to work.

I did find an item that is on sale for 50% off, plus got that extra 20% off. These very unique Royal Canadian Grizzleez boots are available in the brown colour in quite a few sizes with an original price $120. They are on sale for $59.98 and come down to $47.98 in cart.

The only exception to the 20% off at Town Shoes is on Toms. Because you aren’t getting 20% off of these, you might as well use the coupon to get these classics for $45 instead of $55!

My favourite shoe store, hands down, is The Shoe Company. We get all of our shoes from there for the whole family. They have up to 70% off in their sale section right now. Interestingly enough, I found some great prices on Town Shoes on The Shoe Company site. These high back contrast Town Shoes are an amazing deal at 84% off. Regularly $195, they are only $31.98. Made in Italy with a leather lining in a yellow colour (black is sold out) with a 4″ heel, these are your go-to sexy shoes for that first date.

Because the cart is shared, you can buy from any of the other stores in order to get your total up to $40 to get the extra $10 off with coupon code (just remember what I said above about Town Shoes).

Designer Shoe Warehouse has a large clearance section, which is where you’ll find the best deals. I found these Pumas, regularly $79.99, now $47.88 and the site says compare at $100. Add the $10 off and you’ll get them for $37.88!

The last store on this list is Shoe Warehouse, which looks very similar to The Shoe Company to me. The items look very similar. I did find these youth girls Max great studded flats that were $24.99 and now $19.99. They might be perfect for adding to your cart to get your cart up to that $40 for the extra $10 off to use the coupon code.

Unless you want to pay $8 for shipping, why not sign up for the free Shoe Lovers reward program? It gives you free shipping on $35. If you don’t like rewards programs, you can get your total up to $70 and get free shipping that way.

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May 27

Marks Canada: Mens’ Denver Hayes Shoes Buy 1 Get 1 Free PLUS $10 off $50 Coupon PLUS Free Shipping Coupon Stacking! (Glitch?)

Posted by on May 27, 2015 at 7:50 AM

Marks Canada: Mens’ Denver Hayes Shoes Buy 1 Get 1 Free PLUS $10 off $50 Coupon PLUS Free Shipping Coupon Stacking! (Glitch?)

Over on the online store for Marks Work Wearhouse Canada, there’s a great deal on their mens’ Denver Hayes casual shoes. If you buy any pair, you can choose a second pair, of equal or lesser value, totally for free! And on top of that, there’s also a coupon code for an extra $10 discount as you are spending $50 or more. And once more, on top of all that, you can also stack our exclusive coupon code for free shipping on a $50 spend too! When combined, this makes some excellent prices on these casual shoes from Marks Canada.

Here are the two coupon codes you will need to get the best deals:

  • Coupon Code: MAYSAVINGSEC2015
  • Discount: $10 off $50
  • Expires: 31st May 2015
  • Coupon Code: MOOSEFREESHIP
  • Discount: Free shipping on $50+
  • Expires: 31st May 2015

With the above Marks coupon code for $10 off, you can stack it on top of the BOGOF offer, so you’ll see something like this in your shopping cart (screenshot below). Shipping is a flat-rate of $6.50, and you can apply our exclusive coupon code above and you will see the discounted amount at the last page of checkout like this:

Marks Canada: Mens’ Denver Hayes Shoes Buy 1 Get 1 Free PLUS $10 off $50 Coupon PLUS Free Shipping Coupon Stacking! (Glitch?)

As you can see, the ones I have tested out the deal on were the Bushwick low lace-up, originally priced at $79.99 each. After you apply the coupon, you can purchase each pair at a cost of only $35 each. That’s a triple whammy of a discount! Now, it’s not usual for coupon codes to be stackable in this fashion, so this could possibly be a glitch on Marks’ end. If you want to take advantage, get in there really quick and place your order.

My partner is not very sensible with shoes. He wears one single pair, each and every day, until he wears holes in the soles. Then he buys a new pair, a few months later. In the past, when he’s found a pair of shoes he likes that are a good deal, he buys two pairs, not necessarily in different colours. Then, he’s got the replacement pair in the wardrobe, ready to use when the first pair becomes unwearable. That’s exactly what he could do with the above deal from Marks!!

There are only 18 pairs of shoes to choose from in this offer, but you can also see if the coupon stacking glitch applies to other items on site too. Marks Canada: Mens’ Denver Hayes Shoes Buy 1 Get 1 Free PLUS $10 off $50 Coupon PLUS Free Shipping Coupon Stacking! (Glitch?)

(Shoes BOGOF deal expires 1st June 2015)

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May 26

70% Off! Teva Original Men’s Sandal Was $50 | Now $15 + $5 Shipping @ Little Burgundy (EXCLUSIVE)

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 4:00 PM

70% Off! Teva Original Men’s Sandal Was $50 | Now $15 + $5 Shipping @ Little Burgundy (EXCLUSIVE)

Little Burgundy is heavily discounting the Men’s Teva Original Sandal today and you can grab it for one heck of a steal. These durable sandals were $50, but you can grab them now for only $14.98.

I have mentioned my love affair with Teva sandals before on this blog. Perhaps before they did not have your size or you just were not ready for summertime. Never fear, you have another chance to try out a great pair of Teva sandals and this time the deal is for the guys. When it comes to fashion, my husband is beyond frugal to stingy at times, and I even have him hooked on Teva’s sandals.

Over at Little Burgundy, it looks like they are clearing out the men’s version of the original sandals. Teva has remade this style of sandals many times in many different colours and patterns. Today you are in luck because the ones I found on sale are in black or grey and will match almost everything. There are still many sizes available, here is the breakdown.

  • Grey: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Black: 8, 10, 12

These shoes have a synthetic lining and a breathable sole. One of the best things I find about these shoes is they rarely get smelly, but the few times they have a quick trip through the washing machine solves it. You will find both the ankle straps and the strap across the toes is fully adjustable for full comfort.

I looked at some of the other retailers who carry Teva sandals, and the price is standard across the market. Check it out below.

I was surprised that none of these sites had any reviews on these Teva sandals. I suspect Teva releases a new line of this classic style sandal every year so that may account for the lack of reviews. I had to go to to get a solid review, and then I found 49 happy reviews. Here is a sample of those reviews:

Used every day, pants or shorts, socks or not, rain and shine.

Good for river crossings and very comfortable.

Best purchase of my life

Shipping at Little Burgundy is only free if you spend $75. The good news is shipping is very reasonable at Little Burgundy and is only going to set you back $5 for shipping. Grab yourself a pair in each colour. You are going to love these sandals.

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May 25

Hush Puppies Promo Code: 62% Off Elfie Heels + EXTRA 60% Off With Promo Code – Now Just $20 *HOT!*

Posted by on May 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Hush Puppies Promo Code: 62% Off Elfie Heels + EXTRA 60% Off With Promo Code   Now Just $20 *HOT!*

Need new shoes for the summer? Here’s your chance to save big: use the promo code below to save a whopping 60% on your entire order at Hush Puppies. Amongst plenty more discount, the Elfie heels could be yours for just $20 instead of their $49.99 (reg. $130) sale price tag.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: HPFF15
  • Discount: 60% off
  • Expiry: 1st June 2015

The last time that Hush Puppies offered a 60% discount, I took advantage of it and ordered a pair of sandals and two pairs of casual shoes for my hubby. We were floored by the amount of money we saved at checkout and were even happier when we received our order because unlike some other shoe stores that frequently offer discounts, Hush Puppies shoes are very well made. I have been wearing my sandals nearly every day since getting them and I don’t see them getting worn out any time soon!

Hush Puppies Promo Code: 62% Off Elfie Heels + EXTRA 60% Off With Promo Code   Now Just $20 *HOT!*

The Elfie heels, for instance, right away caught my attention, especially since you can get them in either ivory, black, pink or blue, but sizes are limited. They were originally priced at $130 but are currently on sale for $50 and come even further down to just $20 — wow, that’s essentially 85% off the original price!

The very best part about this Hush Puppies promotional code is that you can use it on absolutely any order. There are zero restrictions with regards to regularly-priced or sale merchandise, so I suggest that you first hit up the outlet section for even bigger discounts, but don’t be too disappointed if they don’t have your size!

In the men’s outlet section, I spotted the Leroy shoes on sale for $49.99 (reg. $130), which means they come down to just $20 as well. They’re available in either dark brown or black.

They don’t have any handbags on sale but I had a look around in the new arrivals and found the super cute Maria crossbody bag priced at $70. With the promo code, it comes down to just $28, which is a phenomenal price to pay for a bag from this store!

Since shipping is at a flat rate of $9.99 per order no matter how much you shop for, I suggest that you really get the most bang out of your buck by asking friends or family members if they want to split the fee. It’s not the biggest shipping fee but it would still be better to lessen it by splitting it! Returns are free.

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May 25

Save 65%! Keds Polka Dot Mirirawiel Were $50 | Now $17.49 (FS @ $50) @ Globo Shoes

Posted by on May 25, 2015 at 9:18 AM

Save 65%! Keds Polka Dot Mirirawiel Were $50 | Now $17.49 (FS @ $50) @ Globo Shoes

Give your feet an extra boost of cuteness with these Ked Mirirawiel shoes. These shoes were $49.99 and are on sale for $24.98. Use the coupon code FF30 to receive an extra 30% off and the price drops to only $17.49!

Globo is offering an extra 30% off everything, which means it is a great time to shop. I was browsing through the clearance section and found these cute Keds on sale. I recently discovered that somehow all of my slide on shoes for summer have fallen apart. I have sandals, but I need at least one pair that covers my toes for those times when I should have fixed the polish on my toenails. These cute Keds over at Globo would be perfect for me. They would easily pair with capri pants or shorts for casual outfits.

The polka dots are a nice touch. One of my best friends tells my daughter that “polka dots are all the rage,” so she has wanted lots of polka dotted clothes lately. My daughter will be thrilled I am wearing polka dots too. You can choose between navy or red shoes with white polka dots. Both are so cute, I might just grab both pairs. Here is the current sizing available:

  • Navy: 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 11
  • Red: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10

There is one review on these shoes, and she seems very happy with her purchase. Check out her response below. This review is what sold me that these shoes are an awesome pair of summer casual shoes.

I bought a pair in navy in 2013 and I just bought a red version in 2014. I wore them every day and mostly without socks during the summer and that used up the interior a bit more quickly than it should. They are a bit long in the front. Love them and will be buying in many other colours.

I like that she mentioned she wore these shoes regularly without socks, as that is how I will wear them. With such a positive review, I think I should be safe from the blisters that sometimes happens without socks.

I found very similar Keds to these with stars, not polka dots, on ShoeMe, selling for $55, so you know this is a good deal for a quality brand of shoe.

Shipping is free automatically if you spend $50, so throw a few pairs in your cart to take advantage. I might grab both colours for myself. If your total is under $50, shipping is a very reasonable $5 for your order. The coupon code expires very soon, so shop now.

(Expiry: 26th May 2015)

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May 15

Fluevog Canada: Free Shipping & Every 45th Order Free (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Fluevog Canada: Free Shipping & Every 45th Order Free (EXPIRED)

The absolute best day of the year is upon us: Fluevog Day. If you are a devoted fan on the Fluevog brand, then head on over to the John Fluevog website today only and receive free shipping on any order. In addition, every 45th order on their website will be free- it could be you!

Let us review the normal Fluevog shipping policy. Normally, shipping is $16 per item if you are just purchasing one pair of shoes. Two pairs of shoes or more cost $10 each to ship For example, if you purchased three pairs of shoes then you would have paid $30 shipping. Thus, free shipping from Fluevog is worth a minimum of $16 and potentially much more.

It is no secret that I love Fluevog. I only own six pairs of their footwear and love each pair to bits. However, Fluevog is quite expensive (worth every penny) so I rarely buy unless the shoes I want are on sale. Thankfully, the sale section is positively filled with amazing Fluevog shoes right now.

Are you looking for some crazy toes? The Mezzo Della and the Mezzo Cecilia have the same toe, but different style. The Della is a cute little shoe with a wooden heel and a lace up front. Originally $355, this shoe is on sale for $169 in two different colours: black or red. The Cecilia is the same toe style in a gorgeous boot. I find that these fit standard (I have wide feet) so they were comfortable but form fitting when I tried them on. Originally $459, the boots are on sale for $259 right now.

The Killa Betty is a shoe that can be dressed both up and down. The black and gold closed-toe sandal is perfect for a night out on the town in your little black dress. The gold is eye-catching and you are sure to get many complements on these. Originally $285, these shoes are on sale for $159.

The Wearevers Kiitos are a fantastic everyday shoe with a fun little heel and a rounded toe. Originally $299, these shoes are now on sale for $199.

I own the 7th Heaven Zachary: Women’s in black and they are quickly becoming my favourite boots. I find them a bit tight across the bridge of my foot, but that can be stretched out. I really wish I had purchased the purple version, as they are gorgeous. Originally $359, the Purple Zachary are on sale for $229.

While this is a one-day deal, they have been known to extend it before. With the Victoria Day long weekend, I expect this deal to be extended.

(Expiry: 15th May 2015)

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May 12

Hush Puppies Canada: Men’s Relief Slide Sandals Were $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 12, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Hush Puppies Canada: Mens Relief Slide Sandals Were $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

With Dad’s day on the way, sandals might be something he needs, and comfortable ones at that. Hush Puppies is known for its ultra-comfortable shoes and these men’s relief slide sandals look super cozy for his feet. Regularly $90, they are on sale for $39.99. Use coupon code 051215 to get yourself free shipping, saving another $9.99!

In grey leather, these shoes have a very cushy footbed and a breathable exterior. While they are leather, they do offer some stretch so they fit anyone’s foot perfectly. Because they offer shock absorption, you could walk around in these all day and not feel the pain in your feet or back that you might normally feel in a regular pair of shoes.

Only a size 10 is available in these shoes, but you are in luck, because there are a few other pairs of men’s Hush Puppies on sale for the same type of great deal.

With a little more sizing available, the relief rafting sandals are less of a flip flop and more of a structured walking shoe. With straps to support the foot and ankle, these really can be walked in all day as well. I have a pair of sandals in a similar style, although without that cushy footbed and they are great for hiking. In a copper leather, they look very stylish as well. Regularly $95, they are on sale for $49.99, in sizes 9, 12, 13 and 15.

If your man is looking for some dressy shoes (and what man doesn’t need dress shoes?), there are two very stylish pairs that are a fantastic deal. Both the Leroy and the Zack are gorgeous leather shoes that will last for years to come. Both come in two colours and both were $130, now only $39.99 with the free shipping as well. I’m ordering a pair for my husband right after I finish writing this for you!

As I said above, Hush Puppies only has a flat rate for shipping, of $9.99, so by using the coupon on top, you really are getting a fantastic deal. If you do get your shoes and decide they aren’t for you, Hush Puppies offers free returns.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 8

40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 5:00 PM

40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Adidas is offering 40% off sitewide this weekend with a friends and family sale. While this sale does restrict some items such as already reduced items, it is a great time to pick up some full priced items at a great discount. No coupon code is necessary. Just start plopping items in your cart!

Luckily, there are still plenty of choices! When I think of Adidas, one of the things I think of is running shoes. I love my runners, but I really hate the prices I shell out for them. I looked at some of the more popular sports shoes, and here is what I found that you could grab.

The Men’s Copa Mundial soccer shoes are a little pricey to begin with at $160. You can grab your own pair now for only $96. These men’s cleats are very popular and have been a mainstay in Adidas’s line for quite a while. These shoes have 130 reviews and a strong five-star rating. If you need a good quality pair of adult size cleats, these are a strong contender.

For a less expensive pair of running shoes for men, you may want to check out the Men’s Climachill Fresh 2 Shoes. These shoes were $100, but you can grab them for only $60. You will be able to choose between accents that are bright green, darker orange or black. Checking out the reviews, these look like they would be a solid bet. Even the few people who had anything negative to say were still saying they loved the shoes.

Check out the Women’s Galaxy Shoes that were $80 but are now only $48. You can choose between flash pink details or details in vivid mint. I like that these shoes look sporty and colourful without having the entire shoe in crazy colours. Reviewers are reporting they are comfortable, light and great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Free shipping is available for all orders over $50. If you order is under the minimum, you will only pay $4.50 in shipping fees.

Anna first mentioned this deal to me and tried to swing an even better discount.:

I noticed on the website that there is a 15% discount when you sign up for email updates. I signed up with a new email address to see if the 15% coupon code could be combined with the 40% cart discount, but sadly, it wouldn’t double discount. So, it’s 40% off the regular prices, but nothing more. 40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Too bad, but 40% off full price athletic shoes is still tempting to me! Head over now and pick up yourself a new pair of shoes for spring. This deal is sitewide, so do not forget to grab yourself a matching hoodie or a new pair of running shorts!

(Expiry: 10th May 2015)

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May 5

Letta Shoes Were $120 | Now $48 With 20% Coupon Code & Totally Free Shipping @ Naturalizer

Posted by on May 5, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Letta Shoes Were $120 | Now $48 With 20% Coupon Code & Totally Free Shipping @ Naturalizer

Naturalizer has a nice stacking deal right now that can save you some change. I was browsing through the sale section and noticed the Letta shoes that were $120 are on sale for $59.99. Add a 20% off coupon code to make the total drop to $47.99. Naturalizer is also offering free shipping on any order for a limited amount of time.

Click here to buy the Letta shoes @ Naturalizer Canada

  • Coupon Code: HELLOSUN
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 1st June 2015

Looking for an easy little shoe? Then check out these Letta shoes over at Naturalizer Canada. These leather slides are the perfect everyday shoe. The first thing I noticed is these shoes have a perforated pattern on the sides to allow them to breath. Have you ever had your favourite pair of work flats get stinky because you wore them so much? I hate wearing socks in the summer so it often happens to me. That perforated leather should help to keep these shoes in better shape and allow your toes to breathe. These shoes come in three colours including a taupe, black and blue. They have a slight heel at 1.9 cm, just enough to give you a little support. I would probably keep these for the office, but might occasionally pair them with jeans and a fitted jacket to look sharp on the weekend.

Need more reasons to shop at Naturalizer? If you love a cork wedge in summer, check out the Linore shoe. Originally $100 they are on sale for $59.99. With the coupon code, you can now score them for $47.99. These cute shoes would look beautiful paired with a flirty skirt. I honestly cannot stop eyeing the turquoise pair. If you have been looking for a more comfortable pair of summer wedges, I would give these a shot. Naturalizer shoes are designed with comfort in mind. I do not doubt these are more comfortable than your average pair of wedges. These shoes come in four colours including a turquoise, a natural looking tan, black and a pretty flower print design.

I would shop today while you can stack all three of these offers. When you are looking at the sale section, use the widget at the top to sort by percent off. That will put the highest percentage off items at the top, giving you the best bang for your buck with this little stacking deal. Free shipping is only available through tomorrow. You can shop now to save yourself the extra $5 in shipping fees.

(Expiry: 6th May 2015)

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May 5

The September: Up to 30% Off Designer Shoes & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 5, 2015 at 10:30 AM

The September: Up to 30% Off Designer Shoes & Free Shipping

The September sells designer shoes for women. While the words ‘designer’ and ‘deal’ hardly seem an apt fit, The September is offering up to 30% off pairs of designer shoes. All orders at The September qualify for free shipping.

I am concentrating on some of the lowest priced pairs of shoes because my own budget for shoes is substantially limited as of late. It is hard to muster up more than $150 for a pair of shoes but I have done so too often lately.

The first shoes to catch my eye were these Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Mouse Scrunchy Ballerina Shoes. Originally $208, the shoes are now on sale for $135. There is a whole list of reasons why I love these shoes. First, black flats are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. After a night of dancing in heels, walking, running, and more… you can slip a pair of these ballerina flats out of your bag in order to give your feet a break. Black flats are truly your ‘match with everything’ shoe. I also love these flats because of the adorable ‘mouse’ face stitched into the front. As an animal lover and a love of all things cute – these are just adorable.

Some brands have fan followings that are dedicated to that brand over any others. I know of a few women who worship at the feet of Kate Spade. These Kate Spade New York Julip Suede Ballerina flats are on sale from $228 down to $159. These flats are made of red suede and they have a whimsical ‘love’ in gold across the toe. Pair with your favourite blue jeans.

L.L. Bennett is not a brand I am familiar with, though I look at designer goods all the time. However, they make a fantastic pump you need to add to your wardrobe. The Sledge Round Toe Patent Pump is on sale from $345 to $239. This pump is something I would even wear as it has a round instead of an almond toe. Sizes are selling out fast: only a few sizes are left.

For a stronger androgynous look, the Cole Haan Lunargrand Wing Tip Suede Oxford is a good buy. These shoes are styled after the traditional men’s oxford but come in two-tine grey suede. Originally $235, they are now on sale for $159.

There are several other brands to choose from including one of my favourites: Valentino.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 5

Oliberte: Up to 65% Off Fair Trade Shoes & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 5, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Oliberte: Up to 65% Off Fair Trade Shoes & Free Shipping

Oliberte is the world’s only fair-trade certified footwear manufacturing factory. If you care about the people who make your shoes earning a living wage, then you should support this company. Right now, they are having a sale with up to 65% off fair-trade shoes.

Note: make sure to change the flag in the upper right hand corner from US to CA.

The Tompa in olive is one of the hot deals of this sale. Originally $195, these shoes are on sale for $65. Sizes eight and nine are currently in stock. I like this style as it reminds me of high-top converse sneakers with a moccasin flair.

The Nakobo in Mocha Suede is on sale from $165 down to $60.  Sizes seven, eight, and 13 are in stock in this style. One reviewer seems quite pleased with his pair:

I love suede boots. Super stylish and love the jagged sole. I can wear these all year round with jeans. Thanks Oliberte for making an awesome, comfortable product fairly and honestly.

For women, I recommend the Ralini. All sizes are in stock in between size six and size 12. The best part of this deal is the number of colours to choose from:

  • Mocha Seude
  • Rustic Brown
  • Dark Grey Brushed Wax (favourite!)
  • Dark Grey Nubuck
  • Sand Suede
  • Light Grey brushed Wax (second favourite)

The original price, depending upon style, is $115 up to $125 per pair. However, all colours and styles are now on sale for $50 per pair. As one reviewer says:

5 stars! I love these shoes! Great looking and different than the rest of shoes out there. I had never heard of the brand, but after hearing about what they are doing, I feel great about this purchase. They were a bit snug at first but broke in great and now I wear them all the time

There are other wonderful deals as well. The Niami is on sale from $125 down to $60. Again, there are many colours to choose from including some blue suede – in case you are channelling a little Elvis these days. There is a Lakeview blue suede and Sky blue suede.

All orders at Oliberte qualify for free shipping. That offer was supposed to end on May 1, but I tested the free shipping option and it still works right now.

If you have ever worn Oliberte shoes, drop us a line to let us know what you think.

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May 1

ShoeMe Canada: Up To 50% Off Plus An Extra 20% Off Sale

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ShoeMe Canada: Up To 50% Off Plus An Extra 20% Off Sale

My son came up to me this week, shoes in hands, to show me how the sole is falling off. I should have figured new shoes for him would come soon, but getting him to a store is almost impossible. He’d much rather play with his friends, then take a trek to the store to get new kicks. So, I measured his feet and online shopping I will go! Luckily for me, ShoeMe has up to 50% off shoes in the outlet, plus I can use the coupon code below to get an additional 20% off. I found some pretty great deals. On top of that, they’ve got free shipping on all orders. Sweet! Not only do I save the gas driving to the store, I save on the shipping as it comes right to my door for free.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: SPRINGCLEAN
  • Discount: Extra 20% off
  • Expiry: 18th May 2015

For him, I started with these Stride Rite Marlins, which are only available in a size 3 and luckily that is his size. These are great because he can wear them with socks during the spring and without in the summer, as more of a sandal. Stride Rite is also well known to be the perfect shoes for kids growing feet. These are regularly $60, on sale for $42, but will come to $33.60 after coupon. While I couldn’t find these exact shoes to compare, take a look at SoftMoc‘s site, where Stride Rite shoes similar to these sell for about $65.

Well, now that I’ve got him covered, why not take a look for myself. Its free shipping, so why not ShoeMe Canada: Up To 50% Off Plus An Extra 20% Off Sale

I love these bzees favor shoes, as they look so perfect for the many walks I’ll be taking in the nice weather. Unfortunately, they don’t have my size, but they could have yours. Regularly $95, they are on sale for $66.50, but come to $53.20 with the coupon added. As you can see from Naturalizer, bzees normally sell for about $85 – $90.

What shoes are you going to get Moosers? Now is the perfect time to get boots for fall and sandals for summer!

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May 1

Merrell Barefoot Life Whirl 70% off Plus An Extra 15% Off – Was $119 | Now $ 30 @ The Last Hunt (FS @ $200) (EXPIRED)

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Merrell Barefoot Life Whirl 70% off Plus An Extra 15% Off   Was $119 | Now $ 30 @ The Last Hunt (FS @ $200) (EXPIRED)

My chiropractor told me that I need to wear comfortable and supportive shoes and one that she endorsed is the brand Merrell. I do have a pair of Merrells and they are great shoes (and they should have been for the price I paid!). But, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for good shoes, when there are good finds to be had. I scoured The Last Hunt today to find the best deal to pair with the coupon code MER15, which gives you an extra 15% off all Merrell shoes. I found the women’s barefoot life whirl glove shoes on sale from $118.99, on for $35.99. Once I add that coupon code, the price for these shoes comes down to $30.59.

This shoe is basically a barefoot style that moulds to your foot, with a Vibram outsole. The footbed is very plush with a memory foam bed, so although its like you are barefoot, it is not like walking on cement. I would say this shoe has a ballet slipper type of look. There is limited sizing available on this shoe, I’m going to assume because it is such a good deal.

I had a hard time price comparing these shoes in Canada. SoftMoc is the one of the only places I found them, but in different colours for $99.99.  Gear Up for Outdoors has them in different colours for $129.99. sells them for $59, but you’ll have to add shipping and duties to that.

Since shipping is free on a $200 order, or you’ll have to pay $10 to get your shoes to you, you might want to check out what other Merrell shoes you can get a sweet deal on.

These men’s allout rush runners are also a great deal for the Merrell brand. Regularly $149.99, they are on sale for $81.99. In the cart, they come to $69.99. Sportchek sells these for $129.99!

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