March 3

SportChek Canada: Merrell Jungle Glove Shoes Were $120 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 3, 2015 at 12:50 PM

SportChek Canada: Merrell Jungle Glove Shoes Were $120 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

Looking for the ultimate in comfortable shoes? You need Merrell. I was specifically told by my chiropractor to get Merrells to help with my back problems. These Merrell Jungle Glove shoes look insanely comfortable and so easy to slip on. While Sportchek doesn’t have their regular price listed, I found them at other stores for around $120 at regular price, and they are now only $59.88 at Sportchek. Use coupon code AFS4916 to also get free shipping on $49, rounding out this deal.

These shoes can really take you anywhere. Slip them on for work, lounging around the house, running errands and going for walks. Don’t wear socks (unless you really want to), because it has technology to prevent odours before they start and a microfibre sockliner. I wish my kid’s shoes had this! I love shoes that I don’t have to wear socks with as I’m a sock hater.

The exterior is suede with a Vibram sole. It looks like these come in a brown colour and all sizes are available from six to ten, including half sizes.

Looking around, ShoeMe sells these shoes in black for $125. SoftMoc has them on sale in black or grey for $75. Reviews of this shoe are very favourable with a five-star rating on ShoeMe.

You can wear this shoe casual with jeans or with a nice pair of Slacks, and even with Leggings! This shoe is so lightweight and COMFORTABLE!! I Love Merrell shoes!!

I’m sure you didn’t think this deal could get any better, but it can. Sportchek is also offering a buy one, get one 50% off on select footwear. You could buy two pairs of this shoe and see an per pair price of about $45, or you could also browse other clearance shoes and get whichever is the cheaper pair for 50% of the price.

If you want a different shoe, but love the Merrell brand, check out these Mimosa Emme casual shoes. These are the perfect walking shoes for doing everyday living. They are on clearance for $66.88, with a regular price varying at other stores from about $100 to $135.

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February 28

(76% Off!) Naturalizer Ernesta Shoes Only $24.40 + $5 Shipping

Posted by on February 28, 2015 at 10:00 AM

(76% Off!) Naturalizer Ernesta Shoes Only $24.40 + $5 Shipping

While updating some coupons in the amazing Bargainmoose coupon pages, I spotted a code for which was offering an extra 20% off everything on site. And just now in their winter sale, there is up to 78% off sale prices, as Brooke mentioned here. I came upon these stylish Naturalizer Ernesta shoes which are already 70% off down to $33, and with the coupon code they would be only $26.40!

You must use the SPR15CANM coupon code to get these Naturalizer shoes for this price.

As you can see from the image above, the shoes are available in either black or brown leather. I’m partial to the black, as I feel that it goes with more outfit choices. The sizing availability is pretty good, though it may sell out fast. Order soon, if you are interested. Here’s the availability breakdown as I write this post:

Black Leather

  • 4 M
  • 5 M
  • 5 M
  • 7 N
  • 10 W
  • 12 M

Brown Leather

  • 4 M
  • 5 M
  • 5 M
  • 5 M

Naturalizer Free Shipping On $99+

If you’re only buying the Naturalizer Ernesta Shoes on their own, then you will have to pay the flat-rate shipping cost of $5. That’s not too bad, considering the high discount on the shoes themselves and the fact that you are getting an extra 20% off the sale price with the coupon code above. However, if you want free shipping, you can avail of that if your shopping cart is over $99. You could consider browsing through the Naturalizer winter sale and seeing if there are any other items you like, or even consider making an order with some friends or family members.

Naturalizer are an excellent brand with really good quality shoes, so I think this is a superb price for some quality footwear.

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February 27

Browns Shoes: Edriana & Elmira Shoes Were $148 | Now $32 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Browns Shoes: Edriana & Elmira Shoes Were $148 | Now $32 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Browns Shoes has a vast clearance section with an extra 20% off select sale styles. On top of that, they are offering free shipping with no minimum for a limited time only. The Edriana and Elmira high-heel shoes are currently on sale from $148 down to $39.98. After the extra 20% off (in cart), each pair of shoes comes down to $31.98 with free shipping.


The Elmira shoe is made of satin and features a sparkly ring of jewels on the toe. This accent offsets the satin beautifully. The heel measures 100 mm (roughly 4″) so these shoes are best for women who know how to walk in high heels. I have not perfected walking in anything above 3″ yet. You have a choice of black satin or silver satin. The Elmira satin pump is available in silver or black. The silver is nearly sold out, but there are still five or so sizes left in the black.


Similar to the Elmira above, the Edriana is also a satin pump with a 100 mm heel. Rather than a ring of jewels embellishing the open-toe area, the Edriana has a ruffle design with a band of matching rhinestones. Out of the two, the Edriana is my favourite – I just have a think for ruffles. This black shoe is still available in three sizes: six, eight, and nine.

Both of these shoes are an excellent deal at approximately 78% off their original price. With free shipping, you also save an extra $5. While there is a standard offer of free shipping with a $198 minimum, it is hard to reach that minimum with deals like this.

While these pumps are the main deal, I also wanted to highlight a few other good deals right now. In the extra 20% off section, there are plenty of men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and handbags to choose from. For a simple handbag, you can purchase this Browns Leather Purse. Originally $120, the purse is currently on sale for $59.98. Once you add it to your cart, it comes down to $47.98. For a simple black leather purse, this is an excellent deal. There are also a few purses that are more expensive (and a few brand names) to choose from if your budget allows.

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February 25

Mark’s Canada: Timberland Pembroke Leather Shoes Now $55 + Shipping + 2nd Pair Is 50% Off

Posted by on February 25, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Marks Canada: Timberland Pembroke Leather Shoes Now $55 + Shipping + 2nd Pair Is 50% Off

Mark’s has a great deal on right now with buy one, get the other 50% off on footwear. Normally when I see a sale like this, it isn’t also on clearance items, but this time it is. I found a fantastic deal on its own on Timberland Pembroke leather shoes that are now $54.88. I don’t see a regular price listed, but by doing some research, I found this was the best deal around on these shoes.

If you like Timberlands, you know this is a premium shoe with a premium price. You want to take every chance you get to get them on sale or clearance. Great for working, hiking or just generally being on your feet, these shoes are lightweight and low-cut for comfort. They also have Vibram EcoStep rubber soles so you won’t slip in wet or muddy conditions. With full-grain and suede leathers, they are stylish and durable in those conditions as well. Even cooler, the laces are made from recycled bottles, so you can feel sort-of good about your upcycled purchase.

While these shoes are $54.88, because of the buy one, get one 50% off sale, you can actually get two pairs for a total of $82.32. You might want two pairs for when the first wears out, or you could get this deal with a friend so you are only paying $41 for each pair of shoes. Sizes 8 to 11 are available.

Pricing around, I found that this deal is pretty fantastic since ShoeMe sells these for $110.

If you’d like a different shoe for your second pair, I might suggest the Timberland Pembroke cabbie shoes. Very similar to the other ones with a different style, these are on sale for $59.88, but there is limited sizing. Buying the two together would give you around the $40 per pair price. These also sell for over $100 at Footlocker and Sportchek.

Shipping is a flat rate of $6.50, so you can shop as much or as little as you’d like with this deal. Either way, you are saving the shipping costs by far with this Timberland deal.

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February 15

Women’s Hi-Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots Only $49.39 + Shipping @ Marks

Posted by on February 15, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Women’s Hi Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots Only $49.39 + Shipping @ Marks

Not everyone has a pair of hiking boots stashed in their wardrobe… they’re not exactly a wardrobe staple. But if you’re a fan of the outdoors, hiking boots are definitely a must-have. There’s a really sweet price on these Women’s Hi-Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots in the sale at right now. While they don’t state an “original” price, you can currently grab these hiking boots for a fantastic price of $49.39.

When you click through above, you will see that the boots are priced at $54.88. In order to get them for $49.39, simply sign up to the email updates at for a free 10% coupon code. Use that on your order! If you’ve signed up in the past, perhaps you could get your partner or another household member to sign up to claim the free coupon code to use on your order.

Here’s the price you should see when you do so:

Women’s Hi Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots Only $49.39 + Shipping @ Marks

When I subscribed to the mailing list with a new email address, I got the 10% coupon code through instantly.


Shipping to your home from is a flat rate of $6.50 which is a bit of a bummer. But it’s good that the 10% coupon code is saving you $5.49… so that almost makes up for the shipping fees. Women’s Hi Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots Only $49.39 + Shipping @ Marks

Price Comparison

I believe that this pair on Amazon is identical to the hiking boots above, and they’re priced at $160. They are also $95 here on It’s hard to find the exact same pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots at many other online Canadian stores, but I can show you some other models just as a generalised price comparison. There’s a similar pair here at Adamsaab for $142, a similar pair here for $125 @ Mec, similar ones here for $69+ @, and a similar pair here on CanadianFootwear for $80. All in all, the sub $50 price from Marks is excellent, in my opinion.


Sizing availability is very good; Marks has every half-size available from 5 through to 11.


On the Marks website, there are only 4 reviews of this exact pair of shoes. However, there seems to be a running theme – they are sized a little small. Check this review out, for example:

Women’s Hi Tec Skamania Waterproof Hiking Boots Only $49.39 + Shipping @ Marks

As you can see, the reviewer was happy with the fit of the next size up from their regular shoe size. I’d recommend you take that into consideration when you place your order.

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February 12

Live Out There: 70% Off Montrail Shoes & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 12, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Live Out There: 70% Off Montrail Shoes & Free Shipping

Live Out There has some really fantastic deals on right now as you may have noticed from a few previous posts. While looking for a new pair of runners without shelling out at my local store, I found a bunch of Montrail shoes for 70% off and free shipping.

There are eight styles on sale. Many of these styles only have one or two sizes still available. However, there are a few with a fetter selection.

The Women’s Rogue Racer is a trail racer with a low profile. The shoe is ultra-lightweight with a good grip. Originally $119.99, this pair of runners is on sale for $36. Sizes 6.5, 7, 7.5, and 8.5 are still available. The shoe also appears to be quite breathable with the upper honeycomb style mesh. Enjoy the bright blue and neon green colour scheme to brighten up your run.

The Women’s Fluidfeel Shoe is built for trails, for pavement, and really to be the best all-terrain shoe you can buy from Montrail. If you need a pair of runners to take you from the woods to the grocery store – check these out. The muted black and greys will not stand out while the pink highlights provide a nice feminine touch. Originally $119.99, the shoes are on sale for $36. Sizes 6, 6.5, 7.5, 9.5, and 10 are in stock.

The Montrail Women’s Fairhaven is a trail runner shoe for those who might run across pavement occasionally. The shoe features good grip for trails, a comfortable insole, and FluidPost stability technology for optimal support. Originally $129.99, the Fairhaven runner is now on sale for $39. Between the two different colour options, there are five sizes still in stock.

I neither run nor hike trails very often. The height of my off-road exercise occurs when I cut across fields, as it is the most direct route to my destination or climbing over small rocks and walking along the rocky British Columbia coast. Given my usual habitat, I would opt for the Fluidfeel shoe as it handles pavement and a little off-roading as well. I just do not do enough hiking to justify having a separate hiking shoe.

Not only are these shoes an excellent deal, but they all qualify for free shipping as well. Shoes are not exactly the lightest things in the world (they are bulky too) so this is one of my favourite parts of this deal.

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February 11

Nine West Hailene Flat Riding Boot Was $250 Now $95 @ Hudson’s Bay Canada

Posted by on February 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Nine West Hailene Flat Riding Boot Was $250 Now $95 @ Hudson’s Bay Canada

Hudson’s Bay is offering another great flash deal. Today only, you can score the Nine West Hailene Flat Riding Boots. These boots were $250 but now are only $95. A large selection of shoes is on sale at the Bay Today for up to 65% off, including these fab boots. Shipping is free if you spend $99 at Hudson’s Bay, so it would be easy to top your order up to that level.

I like these fab Nine West Hailene Flat Riding Boots available at Hudson’s Bay today. These sleek dressier boots were $250 but are now only $95. These boots come in two colours, black and a cognac, which is a tan colour. Sizing is available for sizes 5.5 through 8 in the black style, and fully available in sizes 5 through 10 in the cognac colour. According to Nine West’s website, these boots have a 14-inch calf circumference. They look to be fully leather without any added stretch so you may want to measure your calf to ensure a proper fit. Unfortunately, my wide calf will not fit in these boots.

I think my favourite part of these boots is the sleek style combined with a low heel. I prefer a low heel for practicality but often find many of the flatter boots have more of a biker boot style. These boots are a more feminine and sleek style. I could imagine them working both in the daytime and even at night when you are out for a nice dinner or party. I love the flashy gold buckle on the brown version of these boots.

Checking these boots out around the web, they are on sale a few other places also but none of these sales beat The Bay’s sale today. If you were to buy these boots directly from Nine West online, you would pay $107.50. I also found these riding boots also on for $124.50 available in black only. Another shoe store I am not familiar with called The Modern Sole has the black version of these boots on sale for $150.

There are other great pairs of shoes on sale for today only. I could easily top my cart off with several pairs currently available.  I would suggest the Anne Klein Julesa flat that were $110 but are now $32.18. These sweet burgundy flats with a more pointed toe could add a little pop of colour to your outfit.  Sizing is limited to 6, 6.5 and 7 in these shoes. If you are looking for something a little more flirty, check out the Circa Joan & David Nizzie which was $140 and are now $44. Make sure you click over to check out the grey pair of this fun strappy pump. Only size 5.5 is left in brown, but the grey with the snakeskin detail has a wider range of available sizes.

Free shipping is available at Hudson’s Bay when you spend a minimum of $99. These boots are not far off that minimum amount. You could easily grab another pair of great shoes to top off your cart. I would browse through some of the fab clearance accessories for a small item to finish my cart. Make sure you narrow the search selections by price or you might find yourself browsing all the beautiful pieces of fine jewelry that are on clearance. These deals are good for today only, so grab them while they are hot.

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February 10

Soft Moc Canada: Women’s Mukluks Were $130 | Now $80 & Basically Free Shipping

Posted by on February 10, 2015 at 2:17 PM

Soft Moc Canada: Womens Mukluks Were $130 | Now $80 & Basically Free Shipping

SoftMoc has a great deal on right now on Mukluks. Get women’s half-size Mukluks for $79.99, regularly $129.99. If you read the title, you’ll wonder what I mean by basically free shipping. Well, SoftMoc offers free shipping on regular priced orders, but their sale orders have a charge. I went through the checkout with these Mukluks and my shipping came to $0.18. I’m not sure why they bother to do it this way, but I say this is basically free!

These boots look incredibly comfortable. My mom used to own moccasins in the 80s and those were super comfortable, but these look so cozy. With a suede upper and rabbit fur, it also has a fleece lining for added warmth. The original looking beading on the front is actually hand sewn. It also has a crepe outsole so you don’t slip and these stay in shape, but they weren’t made for heavy snow or ice use.

There are a variety of colours available for these Mukluks, which are the half-size version. I like the black and the beige, but there is also tan, red, grey and blue, all for the same price.

Taking a look around the web for comparable prices, I found these are the best prices for the half-size Mukluk. Taking a look at ShoeMe, the Pika style is the most similar to these and priced at $120 on sale. Even when you add the available coupon code, SoftMoc’s price beats it.

If you like the full-size boot instead, these are also on sale, regularly $129.99, now $79.99. These come in black, tan or brown. I prefer a taller boot and considering they are the same price, I’d get the full-size ones. The half-size would be best for spring when you might not want a heavy tall boot on.

If your boots just aren’t what you want once you get them, SoftMoc also has free returns, which is super handy.

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February 4

Women’s Extaboot Shoes Were $110 | Now $44 (FS on $50) @

Posted by on February 4, 2015 at 6:55 PM

Womens Extaboot Shoes Were $110 | Now $44 (FS on $50) @

Adidas Canada has just launched a 72 Hour Door Crasher sale. During this same you can take up to 60% off the regular price of a great variety of items for men, women and kids. These Women’s Extaboot Shoes particularly caught my interest, and I think you will like them too. These boots were $110 but right now you can pay just $44. You will get free shipping on orders over $50 too.

I am a sucker for boots. Give me knee high, ankle length or mid calf boots and I will wear them. If I didn’t already have over 10 pairs of winter boots, I would add these Extaboot Shoes to my collection. How can you resist the low price of just $44 when the original price of these boots was $110?

There are still several sizes available, but if your feet are larger than size 8 you are out of luck. Sizes 5-8 are available to throw into your shopping cart. I cannot stand having cold feet (no pun intended), and you shouldn’t have cold feet about this deal. These Adidas Women’s boots are the answer to all of this snow we are getting all of a sudden. The upper portion of these boots are constructed of suede and they also feature a warm faux sheepskin lining. They also have PrimaLoft insulation and a big Adidas logo on the back for style.

I had previously owned boots like this made by Airwalk. The heel of the boot quickly wore away and then I found my feet were often soaked within minutes of being in the snow, so I was glad to read that these Extaboot Women’s Boots do in fact have a reinforced heel.

Out of 14 reviews, 93% of the reviewers would recommend these Extaboot Shoes. Here is one of the customer reviews from

I purchased these boots for my daughter, not knowing whether she’d like them. I figured that I could keep them for myself and use them if she didn’t like or want them. Turns out she loves them and now I wish I had a pair of my own. These are very comfortable boots that are cute, warm and easy to get on and off…I guess I should have bought two pairs.

If you spend just a few dollars more, Adidas Canada offers free shipping on all orders that exceed $50 after discounts. I am sure you will come across a few other items you like during their 72 hour door crasher sale.

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February 3

Dr. Martens: Up to 80% Off Clearance Sale

Posted by on February 3, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Dr. Martens: Up to 80% Off Clearance Sale

Dr. Martens is hosting a large sale on their iconic footwear. Save up to 80% on men and women’s shoes, boots, sandals, and more.

Let us dive straight into the sale. The best deals appear to be on men’s shoes this time around, but be prepared for very low stock and limited sizes. These 1461 – Navy Smooth shoes are a 3-eyed shoe that will take you to the office and glide your feet through business meetings. No one will ever know you are even wearing Dr. Martens! Originally $149.99, the 1461 shoes in navy are on sale for $49.99.

For those in the rainier regions of Canada, or just anyone who loves a good mud puddle, mosh pit, or wants to easily traverse the floor of a rock/metal concert… these Drench Boots are your ticket to dry feet while staying fashionable. This specific pare comes in hot pink! The boots have black fleece lining to keep your feet cozy and comfortable. These are necessary for muddy festivals and backyard BBQs in the off-season. Best off all; just use a little water and a cloth to wipe them clean. Originally $149.99, they are now on sale for $59.99.  The Drench is also available in yellow.

I like shoes that are completely out of this world, so the Harlen (black) should jump right off the page and get on my feet. Now, these are sweet little three-eye loafers feature all over silver studs for that little punk rocker within you. These same shoes come in a Silver variation as well. I prefer the black, and picture these bad little shoes flashing out from under black jeans with an appropriately shiny black leather with silver studded belt. Originally $289.99, these shoes are now on sale for only $59.99.

Now, all Dr. Martens boots are sized in UK sizes. However, when you select a size from the drop down menu, it will show you the US equivalent. Many shoes, like the Harlen above, are unisex. Thus, when you pick a UK size that fits both sexes you will see both the men’s US size and the women’s US size listed. Some footwear is made specifically for each gender and those are generally specified. As someone with wide feet, I find the unisex shoes a better fit than the ones strictly for women.

Receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

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January 29

Fluevog Shoes: Free Shipping & Shoes Starting @ $79

Posted by on January 29, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Fluevog Shoes: Free Shipping & Shoes Starting @ $79

Fluevog Canada is offering free shipping with no minimum in coordination with final markdowns during their Fluevog Sarcastic Sale. Fluevog shipping is $16 for the first item or $10 per item for two or more items, thus you save $16 at minimum and potentially much more.

Now is the time to buy that pair of Fluevog boots or shoes you have been eyeing up for the last few months yet denying yourself. While sizes are limited because we are at the final price reduction stage in the sale, there are still some amazing deals to score of beautiful leather footwear. For men who wear size 8 (or women who fit a men’s size 8), the Feature Clift is on sale from $319, down to $99. The unusual numbering on the side of the Clift is my my favourite feature.

Whether you need a driving shoe, slippers for around the house, or a great pair of casual loafers for deck parties – the Race Enzo is calling your name. Originally $295, these beauties are on sale for $109. The purple seems to be most popular, but the black print still has many sizes in stock. I am planning a long drive back to Alberta this summer, and then back home, an estimated 30 hours at the wheel. I might call Fluevog and see if I would fit into the men’s size seven.

Let us now talk about my two favourite pairs of boots. If I was not trying to save money, these Mezzo Cecilia boots would be coming how with me. Originally $459, these cute boots are on sale for only $199. The heel is the perfect height for all daywear. They just cover the ankle so girls with any size calf can wear them. I love the folded leather toe that is sure to spark a few questions as to who makes your fabulous footwear. These boots also come in black, which would be the ‘smarter choice’ as black goes with everything. I only wish they came in purple – I would purchase them this instant.

I also enjoy the knee-high Deb Boots on sale from $525 down to $299. With an elastic back, these boots accommodate girls with a larger calf who still want a nice tall boot. The price tag is still out of my league but I can drool for a bit over these lovelies. I have to say, the purple accents are killer.

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January 28

70% Off Clearance Shoes and Boots + 20% Off Sale Coupon Codes & $5 Shipping @ Naturalizer

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 3:30 PM

70% Off Clearance Shoes and Boots + 20% Off Sale Coupon Codes & $5 Shipping @ Naturalizer

Need some new reliable shoes? Naturalizer is having a winter sale with up to 70% off all select shoes and boots. A coupon code is available to take an additional 20% off sale prices. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.

Click here to shop all sale shoes @ Naturalizer now

  • Coupon Code: 20SALE15
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 1st February 2015

Earlier this month, Brooke mentioned a great sale at Naturalizer where you can save up to 70% off all sale shoes. Things just got a little sweeter as Naturalizer has now released four coupon codes that give 20% off sale prices. The coupon codes do not stack, but having four choices ensure that you get that extra 20% off without a hitch.

I found these cute moccasin style shoe in the sale section. Check out the Naturalizer Kingly which was $110 but is now $31.99.  I prefer the grey suede style but it also comes in black leather, brown leather and navy suede.  I used to work a lot on my feet when I had an office job. Comfortable flats were necessary on days that I knew I was going to be up a lot on the job. I like this grey suede because I feel it could also pair with jeans on the weekend. I could see these shoes being cute with a blazer and jeans for that casual yet still somewhat professional look or even for going out to brunch on the weekends.

One of the biggest price drops I saw when browsing was the Naturalizer Quaint. These shoes were $120 but are now $23.99. This shoe is a brown wedge with a black leather snakeskin edging and bow. These shoes are not my style but I could see someone wearing them to the office and the snakeskin is a nice detail. This shoe also comes in an all-black variety and is available in a variety of sizes. The price goes up to $39.99 after the coupon code for the all black version. I would probably pick up the black shoes for my wardrobe. I can never seem to have enough pairs of black shoes.

I would also consider the Naturalizer Susy shoes.  These shoes were $100 but now are $31.99. This shoe comes in brown with a short heel and a cute little chain detail on the toe. It also comes in black but the price will go from $100 to $39.99 for the black version. The heel is a thicker heel making this another great office shoe if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Naturalizer is known for supportive shoes.  If you normally have trouble wearing heels this shoe might be a nice compromise. The 5.1 cm heel gives you a little lift without being too hard on your toes.

Naturalizer has a flat rate of only $5 so it will not spoil this great deal. This inexpensive shipping will ensure you are still getting a great deal no matter if you grab one pair of shoes or all the shoes. If you grab all the shoes, give me a call so we can share.

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite type of shoes for the office?

(Expiry: 1st February 2015)

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January 27

Take 50% Off Women’s Timberland Marcelin Boots for Just $70 @ Little Burgundy Canada

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Take 50% Off Womens Timberland Marcelin Boots for Just $70 @ Little Burgundy Canada

Yesterday Avigayil wrote about a great selection of Dr. Martens boots that are on sale for 50% off at If those boots were not your style,  you may prefer these Timberland Marcelin Boots which are also on sale for 50% off at Little Burgundy Canada. These Timberland Marcelin Boots were $140, but while supplies last you can pay just $70.

For some odd reason, Little Burgundy Canada always has their own name for footwear. These Timberland Marcelin Boots are otherwise known as Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof Boots. I thought perhaps these were the Earthkeepers boots, but I was wrong. There are four colours available, but the most popular “camel” colour is not on sale. The three colours available for $70 are brown, dark brown and midnight black. There are still many sizes available.

I looked at many other retailers to ensure that this is the lowest price around for these Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof Boots. Here is a quick look at the prices for these boots at other Canadian retailers:

These classic lace up boots will be worth the $70 you spend, that’s for sure. These boots will help you tackle all of the elements that come along with Canadian winters. These Timberland boots are lace up which might be a bit of a pain, but the fleece lining will keep you warm and the wonderful tread will keep your butt from hitting the cold hard ground. These boots can also fold down to show off the fleece if you are wanting to change up your style a little bit. I adore the look of these Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof boots paired with skinny jeans and the edge folded down.

Here is one of the customer reviews from the Little Burgundy Canada website:

I bought my Timberland Marcelin boots in grey with off-white fleece lining a few months ago for this winter season in Canada. So far, I love them. They are most definitely leak proof. They’re a great option for people with bigger calves or a high instep, because Sorel’s simply do not work for women with these requirements. I also have wide feet with high arches and Timberland boots are always true to size for me, and so comfortable. 

These shoes almost hit the total amount required to receive free shipping at If you spend $75 or more, you will get free shippingSo take a look for something else small to add to your cart, otherwise you will end up paying $5 for standard shipping costs. All Little Burgundy orders are shipped within 3 business days of completing your order.

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January 26

Reebok Canada: Men’s CrossFit Nano Shoes Were $120 | Now $32 + Shipping

Posted by on January 26, 2015 at 1:11 PM

Reebok Canada: Mens CrossFit Nano Shoes Were $120 | Now $32 + Shipping

Reebok’s got a good sale going on right now, with an extra 20% discounted at checkout. I found a hot deal on men’s CrossFit Nano shoes, now only $32, with a regular price of $120. That’s a saving of $88.

There are few different styles/types of these Nanos that are on sale. The first one is the Nano 2.0 in nacho/white/club blue. I really like the look of these shoes. But, not just for looks, these shoes have all the technical capabilities you’d expect and it has amazing reviews. There are a total of 613 reviews with 596 of them giving it a five or four star rating and 478 of those alone give it the highest rating.

I find them very comfortable; good grip and firm soles give an excellent base for all activities in the gym.

While these are the 2.0 and I see that there is a 4.0 available, you’ll pay $130 for those. With such good reviews, how can the 4.0 version be worth another $100? I couldn’t find the 2.0 version anywhere else to price compare. This style has size 8 available. The green/white/blue/gravel/black is also available in sizes 7.5 and 8.

I see other styles of the 2.0 selling at Reebok for $145, so if you like those two colours and are those sizes, you’ve got yourself a fantastic deal.

If you’d like a jacket to go with those shoes, the Men’s Crossfit Denim Lite jacket is 60% off. The perfect jacket for the upcoming wet Spring weather, this lightweight jacket is great for running the trails. It was originally $120 and now only $38.40. I couldn’t find it elsewhere to price compare, but less than $40 for a Reebok running jacket seems very reasonable to me!

Shipping is free when you spend $50, so if you just get the shoes alone, you’ll be charged an extra $4.50, which is very reasonable and well worth the money you are already saving.

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January 22

Browns Canada: Boxfresh Leather & Fur Men’s Shoes Were $198 | Now $64 & Free Shipping

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Browns Canada: Boxfresh Leather & Fur Mens Shoes Were $198 | Now $64 & Free Shipping

Browns Canada has some very good deals if you have the time and patience to pour through their clearance section. Right now, they are offering an extra 20% off select clearance styles and free shipping with no minimum. These Men’s Boxfresh Swap Fur-lined Katashi Shoes retail for $198, but are now on sale for $79.98. After an extra 20% off in your cart, they come down to $63.98 with free shipping.

Now, there is zero information on these shoes at Browns, so I had to find shoes from the same family on Boxfresh themselves to find out any information. The Swapp Fur is a low profile hi-top made of leather. According to the Boxfresh description, the lining is “100% Textile.” A textile lining means the fur is faux. Still, a faux fur lining on the inside of a leather low-profile high-top sneaker is pretty decadent. The fur lining comes in black to match the black leather of the shoe.

The sole is a classic rubber cup-sole and the waxed laces are flat. This is also a really fun sole, rather than strictly black, there are white flecks within it that remind me of a starry night sky – without the glitter. You can really see why these shoes originally cost nearly $200, when you think of the materials used in this shoe. Leather itself is not a cheap material, and these shoes look to be made from very good quality leather. Good quality fur, whether real or faux, is also a luxury both on your feet and often for your wallet.

The Boxfresh leather and faux fur shoe is still available in sizes seven through 13 giving most men the full size gambit to choose from.

Now, what convinced me to post this deal was the addition of free shipping. Usually, you need to purchase $198 or more worth of goods from browns for free shipping. If not, shipping is a flat $5. With this deal, you save yourself an extra $5.

I suggest browsing around the rest of the clearance section to see what other deals you can find. I think this is one of the best deals at Browns Canada right now, but you may have another shoe style in mind.

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