May 4

Sex Toys Canada Coupon Code: 21% Discount (NSFW)

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Sex Toys Canada Coupon Code: 21% Discount (NSFW)

Sex Toys Canada has a coupon code for 21% off their entire website with coupon code.

Click here to shop @ now (18+)

  • Coupon Code: MOTHER
  • Discount: 21% off
  • Expiry: 12th May 2014

I have been really impressed with Sex Toys Canada’s prices for toys the more I have gotten to know the company. They are one of the best priced toy sellers in Canada and very competitive with other retailers. With an additional coupon like this, they are hard to beat.

While some of you may not associate toys with Mother’s Day… they can be a very nice gift between a couple to rekindle the bedroom magic after the havoc that children play on a marriage and the sex drive. I would recommend trying out one of the We-Vibes which have been celebrated by celebrities like Oprah.

Since the We-Vibe 4 has been released, the We-Vibe 3 is on sale. Originally $172.95, the device is on sale for $119.95. You can also use the coupon code on this offer to bring the We-Vibe 3 down to just $94.76.

If your budget doesn’t support that, then try the We-Vibe 2 which is on sale for just $68.95 and comes down to only $54.47 after coupon. Available in teal, pink, or purple.

Receive free shipping on orders of $69 or more. Be sure to check our forum for more Sex Toys Canada coupon codes.

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April 19

Sex Toys Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Everything (18+)

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Sex Toys Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Everything (18+)

It may be Easter weekend but it sure doesn’t mean that all fun gets put on pause for a couple of days! And by fun, I certainly don’t mean a chocolate egg hunt for the kids. Take a break from the Easter madness and head over to Sex Toys Canada because for a limited time, you can save 25% off everything site wide.

Click here to shop @ now (18+)

  • Coupon Code: EASTER
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

For those of you who have yet to venture into the land of fun or have maybe only dipped your toes in, then you could start with relationship games. Although certainly not as intense as some other products you can get, these are nevertheless a great way to initiate some fun, especially if your sex life is in need of some reviving.

Speaking of which, I just recently saw a great segment on the Dr. Oz show on how to revive your flatlined sex life, so be sure to have a look at it as it provides some rather insightful knowledge on desire.

Shipping is free on all orders over $69 and if you happen to miss this promotion, then be sure to check our forum for more Sex Toys Canada coupon codes.

In any case, Mother’s Day is coming up and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself for a change! Sex Toys Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Everything (18+)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 18

Sex Toys Canada Promo Code: 21% Off Everything & Free Gift With Purchase (18+)

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Sex Toys Canada Promo Code: 21% Off Everything & Free Gift With Purchase (18+)

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Have you thought about what your partner would really like? If your man is anything like mine, Sex Toys Canada is the place to shop for his gift. While you’re there, get something for yourself too, because you know you deserve it and so does he! Right now you’ll get 21% off everything with promo code, and when you spend over $89 you’ll get a free Evolved Novelties french kiss pink g-spot vibrator worth $91.95.

Click here to shop @ now (18+)

  • Coupon Code: VALENTINE
  • Discount: 21% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

On top of these hot deals, Sex Toys Canada is also offering a free DVD on every $30 you spend, including the highly-informative “How To Please a Woman“. So, if you are taking part in this offer and spending $90, you’ll get free shipping (on orders over $69), a free vibrator, three free DVDs on top of the 21% off.

It looks like this coupon works on sale items as well, which I find with a lot of other adult stores, many items are excluded and the coupon usually only works on regular priced items.

For Valentine’s Day, I would suggest that you get a gift you can use together, rather than just buying yourself a toy. Some suggestions are:

  • Sex & Mischief gift sets – was $98.95, with coupon $78.17
  • We Vibe (there are many different models at different price points) – the newest one is the We Vibe 4 which is $159.95, but with coupon only $126.36

If you are single, then Valentine’s Day could be an occasion you are spending alone, or with your battery operated boyfriend, so treat yourself and get a good one! This is one area where you don’t have to settle.

The only interesting thing I see is that when you enter your promo code, you have to enter it twice to get it to redeem. I don’t know why this is, but it does work after the second try and it only takes a second, especially if you have auto-fill.

For all of our Sex Toys Canada promo codes, check out the forum.

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August 2

Where To Buy Toys From Fifty Shades of Grey (NSFW)

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Where To Buy Toys From Fifty Shades of Grey (NSFW)

If you’re getting caught up in the worldwide “mom porn” phenomenon that is known as “Fifty Shades of Grey,” you might be on the lookout for some of the bits and bobs mentioned in the books – specifically the toys and accessories. There are a number of Canadian online stores where you can discretely purchase such items, get them shipped to your door, and your neighbours will be none the wiser as to what you have ordered.

You may have seen a few of these companies on Bargainmoose in the past, but I will do a little roundup and point out a few items on there that could be of interest to Fifty Shades readers. – there are lots of fun items to choose from on this site. Something that featured heavily in Fifty Shades books were restraints, in the old red room of pain!  Shipping is free on a $60 spend, plus you can use this exclusive Bargainmoose Adult Sensations coupon code for an extra discount. – One of Ana’s dreams in Fifty Shades involved Christian and a leather riding crop, if memory serves correctly. There are a few riding crops to choose from on Pink Cherry, with prices starting at only $7.99. Shipping is free on a $49 spend, and you can use the Bargainmoose exclusive Pink Cherry coupon code for more discount on prices shown. – How about a pink luv paddle, for a little light spanking? It costs $34.95, but you can also get a more plain one in black and diamond for only $11.95. A cheaper alternative is also a ping pong paddle, or so I hear! Shipping is free on a $69 spend from this store, plus you can use this Bargainmoose exclusive Sex Toys Canada coupon code for a bit of an extra discount. – In the Fifty Shades of Grey novels, there were a number of mentions of Ana’s Jiggle Balls. At this store, they sell a brand called Ben Wa, which seem to be pretty popular. Prices start at only $7.99 for these jiggle balls. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more from Stagshop.

More ideas: there are other places to get toys and accessories, and I don’t mean walking in to your local hardware store to buy a pack of cable ties.

If you’re looking for more Fifty Shades ideas, check out places like the accessory sections of lingerie stores. For example, there’s a sensual accessories section at La Vie en Rose. There are items like this feather fan for $5.99 which could cause some nice stimulation, especially if paired with these eye masks ($3.99). Don’t forget to use our exclusive La Vie en Rose promotional code if you spend $50 or more there.

You could also check out Lingerie Canada too.  You might find some fun items in there. I spotted this Pink Satin Heart eye mask for $22.95, or this kinky rose whip for $29.95! Don’t forget to use our Bargainmoose exclusive Lingerie Canada coupon code for an extra discount if ordering there.

And finally, if you’re interested in some more fiction on a similar vein, there are a couple more books you might want to read (I’m linking to the digital editions on Kobo, but you might want to price compare to see where to find the best deals).

So, have you read the Fifty Shades of Grey Novels? What did you think of them?

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