December 27

Amazon Canada: Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones Were $280 | Now $99.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 27, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Amazon Canada: Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones Were $280 | Now $99.99 & Free Shipping

Amazon Canada currently has some great headsets on sale for Boxing Week. One of today’s main deals is on the beloved Sennheiser HD 558 headphones. They were originally priced of $279.95, but they are now discounted to $99.99. That is a savings of $180 and you will receive free shipping on your order as they are sold by and shipped from Amazon – and the cost over $25.

Amazon sometimes has a habit of inflating their original prices, so I wanted to make sure this was the hottest deal out there. Here’s what I found for you: NCIX has these exact headphones for $189.99 on sale and Dell Canada currently sells them for $229.99. Therefore, Amazon’s price is by far the lowest out there. These Sennheisers are a fantastic deal at this price and you will receive a good quality headset for a fair price. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 19

NCIX Canada: Sennheiser Steelseries Fnatic Was $140 | Now $70 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 19, 2015 at 11:00 AM

NCIX Canada: Sennheiser Steelseries Fnatic Was $140 | Now $70 & Free Shipping

*** BUMP – this deal is back at this low price! ***

Even though I told you about two Sennheiser deals recently, I’m going to give you a third because I know Moosers like to have a choice. Today at NCIX they’ve got a hot deal on the Steelseries 7H Fnatic Edition of Sennheiser headphones. This is actually a gaming headset with a microphone. Instead of paying the regular price of $139.99, you’ll spend $69.99 and score free shipping.

There are limited quantities available on this headset at this price and a limit of one per customer. The deal ends tonight, but I’m sure it will sell out before that, so don’t go around asking all your friends if this is a good deal, take my word for it.

The features of this headset include interchangeable ear cushions with noise-dampening leather or open-type cloth covered foam. You choose whichever you find the most comfortable. It has an invisible microphone, which is pretty cool and all of the prime audio features you’ll want for clear sound.

Take these along to a friend’s house, in the car or wherever you might need your gaming headset, as they disassemble easily for travel.

Price comparing, this price beats all competitor prices. Amazon sells these for $138.67. sells them for $139.99.

NCIX doesn’t have any reviews on site, but there were quite a few on

I have tried all the top headsets from Turtlebeach, Astro and Tritton(Madcatz) and can say with out a doubt the 7H Fnatics are the real deal.

Maybe your kid has a birthday coming up soon. Maybe you want to get him/her something to reward for recent high marks on the report card. Maybe they just love gaming and you want to provide them with the right tools for their interests. Maybe you are sick of listening to the endless gunfire coming from their favourite video games and this gift is really for you. Either way, NCIX does have the best deal on these quality headphones.

(Expiry: 20th May 2015)

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March 13

Future Shop: Sennheiser MM 30 G Earbuds Were $50 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Future Shop: Sennheiser MM 30 G Earbuds Were $50 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

Future Shop has a huge clearance sale on right now. Amoung the myriad of deals, I found the Sennheiser In-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (MM 30G) on sale from $49.99 down to $24.95. Future Shop rounds up for their free shipping. Thus, even though this headset appears to be five-cents short of free shipping – it will still ship for free.

I price compared with a few other retailers. The white headset currently retails for:

  • $34.95 @ Amazon Canada
  • $34.95 @ Best Buy Canada

The headset is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon but the price is still $15 above Future Shop Canada’s price.

Now, this headset is designed to work with the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy, starting at the Galaxy S2. The in-line, smart, three-button remote control with microphone gives you full control over the sound and calls on your Galaxy or other smart phone. Turn the volume up and down, answer calls, as well as control your music and playing options all from the in-line controller.

With Sennheiser, you can expect high-end speakers. The speakers feature an ear-canal design for superior fit and customized ear sleeves for effective noise blocking and better sound. The ear sleeves come in sizes small, medium, and large for a customized fit. Often, customers may need one size for one ear and another size for the other ear. I never thought about mixing and matching sizes until I read a review talking about ear sizes and getting the best fit for an underwater headset.

There are many other headset deals available at Future Shop Canada right now. The Sennheiser Over-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (HD 429s) are currently $59.99 (Save $70). They do not have the highest rating, but often rating is dependent on price point. These Sony On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (MDRNC8B) are also on steep discount from $59.99 down to $26.99. Again, not the greatest reviews.

If you can pick up at your local store, I highly suggest the Rocketfish Inner Ear PC Headset (RF-PKNJ2) that was $29.99 and is now on sale for $9.95. This deal is already out of stock online but you can still reserve in store. Add this Dynex 740 Earclip Headset With Microphone to your cart. Originally $5.98, the little ear set is on sale for $1.95. Supplies are limited.

Ship to store or receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 15th March 2015)

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March 7

Sennheiser DJ Headphones Were $100 Now $40 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada!

Posted by on March 7, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Sennheiser DJ Headphones Were $100 Now $40 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada!

*** Bump – these headphones had previously expired, but now they’re back at this great price!!! ***

Check out this hot price on this hot brand of headphones from NCIX Canada! They are offering these Sennheiser HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones in black and grey, at a reduced price this weekend. They were originally $99.99 but just now, these popular headphones are only $39.99 with free Canadian shipping!

The cheapest I’ve seen this particular set of headphones in the past was last year, when they were $45 with free shipping on Amazon. Obviously the NCIX price shown above is now $5 cheaper than that, and a really great price point.

Let’s take a look and see how much these Sennheiser headphones are retailing for at other online stores in Canada just now (in ascending order):

The NCIX deal is a good one! I cannot believe that you can get a great quality set of over-ear Sennheiser headphones for less than $40.

Let’s google for reviews! Tech giant CNET reviews this particular model here and they have both good points and bad points to consider. With positive comments such as, “Noise leakage is minimal,” and negatives such as, “Midrange response is weak,” it’s worth having a full read of that CNET review and others like it, before you decide to buy these particular headphones.

The ratings by customers here on also would give you a good view of the average consumer’s response to these Sennheiser headphones. They achieved a score of four out of five, with a few people absolutely LOVING the performance.

The one reviewer who gave the headphones a 1 star rating said:

It is too tight and after using it for 2 months it no longer works in the left ear and sounds like right ear is on the way out.

Well, honestly that sounds like the person had got a faulty set, which can happen any time you purchase new electronics. I wouldn’t really see this as a reason to leave a bad rating – I’d be on the phone to the manufacturer to try and get it sorted out!

(Expiry: Possibly 8th March 2015 – Please note that the image I chose above may not represent the actual product – NCIX stated this on their site, so there may be slight differences in styling)

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February 24

Amazon Canada: Sennheiser Urbanite On Ear Headphones Were $220 | Now $140 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 24, 2015 at 10:03 AM

Amazon Canada: Sennheiser Urbanite On Ear Headphones Were $220 | Now $140 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

This morning I bumped a post for you about a great deal on Sennheiser headphones that are now $50. I’ve found another great deal on a different style of Sennheiser headphones, these ones being a little more of a premium model. With a regular price of $219.99, these Sennheiser Urbanite Galaxy headphones are now $139.99 and free shipping at Amazon.

These headphones really are an audiophile’s friend. They have amazing sound quality and are very durable. This makes them even great for your tween or teen who loves music, as they might be pretty rough with their stuff.

Not just for listening to music, you can take calls with these headphones with the detachable cable and remote control. They fold up very compact so they fit in a school bag or purse stored inside the included pouch.

They’ve got a two year warranty, which means you really don’t have to worry about them breaking for quite a long while.

Sometimes when items like this go on sale, it is only in one colour, but every colour available on Amazon has the $140 price tag with colours from galaxy black to plum to nation to sand. You can tailor your headphones to your outfit if you’d like.

Price comparing at Canadian stores, Amazon’s price far beat out any other store. Best Buy sells them for $219.99.

It looks like these headphones are a fairly new addition to Sennheiser’s list of products, with most of the consumer reviews happening in September of 2014. To already have dropped this much in price is great.

PCMag actually rated them as an editor’s choice and had this to say as a bottom line:

Sennheiser’s Urbanite on-ear headphone pair offers a rewarding, rich sound signature, with a perfect balance of slightly boosted bass and well-defined mids and highs.

The only cons they could see were the lack of accessories and that it didn’t have a mega bass sound. Five customer reviews on Amazon gave it an almost five star rating. This guy challenges the bass remark:

Having these headphones for a week I can say they are pretty great. Awesome bass and good treble all around solid sound quality.

The complaints that I saw from the Amazon reviewers were that they were uncomfortable on the ears, but that most on-ear headphones also became uncomfortable.

Shipping is going to be free on these puppies.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 18

Sennheiser Collapsible Noise-Cancelling Headphones Were $280 Now $98 & Free Shipping @ Amazon!

Posted by on January 18, 2015 at 9:59 AM

Sennheiser Collapsible Noise Cancelling Headphones Were $280 Now $98 & Free Shipping @ Amazon!

From deals on office chairs to bargains on headphones! This time, we’re heading over to where they are selling a set of Sennheiser headphones at a superb price. The Sennheiser PXC 250 II Collapsible Noise-Cancelling Headphones have an original price tag of $279.99… that’s pretty high and I don’t think you or I would actually pay that. But, they’re on offer and you can grab these headphones for only $98 with free shipping right now.

The price of these particular headphones on Amazon does seem to fluctuate up and down quite a bit. I’ve seen them drop to $98 before but it wasn’t for long. They did drop to $95 back in April, but that was quite a while ago. $98 is a really sweet price point for this item.

When reading the spec on these Sennheiser headphones, the first bullet point made me smile:

Neodymium magnets and Duofol diaphragms for audiophile grade performance.

I had to go out of my way and google what these things meant! Well, Wikipedia helpfully tells me that:

A neodymium magnet is the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure.

Whoop for science! Apparently it’s pretty common for these to be used in headphones and loudspeakers, as well as a wealth of other appliances, such as your power steering! But I know you are curious, what about the Duofol diaphragms?

DuoFol diaphragm provides a wide sound stage with ultra-fast response and rest times.

Now, aren’t we more enlightened?

Regardless of the technology, these sound like a great price on a super quality set of headphones from Sennheiser.

When I first saw the image of these Sennheiser headphones, I thought they looked very flimsy. I think that’s probably not true though – they’re compact because they are collapsible. These headphones would be absolutely ideal for travelling and heading through airports, etc. Not to mention the noise-cancelling effect when travelling through a busy airport!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 26 Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones were $380 now $114 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 26, 2014 at 7:40 AM Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones were $380 now $114 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

The deal of the day today, Black Friday, on is on these Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones with Burl Wood Accents. Originally priced at $379.95, there’s a 70% reduction making them only $113.99 with free shipping!

These look like a supremely high-quality set of headphones, perfect for the audiophile.

One of the blurbs from the description states:

HD 598 audiophile headphones inspired by European sport sedans

You can clearly see this from the image above, the styling is incredibly like those high-quality European cars, perhaps one you’d see in a James Bond movie. It also states:

Velour ear pads for long listening sessions

This is a great point… I’ve had comfort issues with some headphones in the past. When wearing them for an extended length of time, I’d find I’d be getting sore heads and sore ears, from older over the head models.

Over on, they mentioned that these Sennheisers were one of their best headphones choices in 2013. A quick quote:

Fans of other genres will find them boring, but for classical music, they’re perfect.

Strange that they think these are great for classical music! I’d love to hear a bit of Liszt through them. Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones were $380 now $114 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

As for price comparing these elsewhere online in Canada, the price is really excellent today. These Sennheisers are $250 @ Futureshop, $300 @ Memoryexpress, $380 @ NCIX, $380 @ Dell, $290 @ Bosssound.

I know that not everyone in the world would be interested in spending $100+ on a set of headphones, but for audiophiles, Sennheiser is one of the best quality brands in the world and worth the extra money.

(Expiry: 26th December 2014)

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December 24

Sennheiser HD 335 Headphones Was $150 | Now $69.99 @ Best Buy *HOT*

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 9:12 PM

Sennheiser HD 335 Headphones Was $150 | Now $69.99 @ Best Buy *HOT*

I am pretty stoked to see a fair quality headset included in the hot Best Buy and Future Shop deals that just were released. Pick up these Sennheiser HD 335s Headphones for just $69.99, originally $149.99.

As they are twin companies, you get the same deal from both big stores. If the headset sells out at one you can buy it at the other store. Now, this headset is really hard to find in Canada so a lot of the price comparisons you see below are from the USA:

  • $112.86 US @
  • $119.95 US @ Sennheiser
  • $119.99 US @
  • $168.30 + $ 7.78 @ Marketplace

That is the beast I could do on a price comparison for this unit, so I am pretty pleased with this deal.

While the title calls these on-ear headphones, the description says “over the ear” on Best Buy Canada. There is a big difference between those two models, so I am curious as to what model this is – I am assuming it is over the ear given the size of the closed ear cups. The right ear-cup rotates, which is perfect for one-ear listening in studio settings or for performances. I had a pair of Shure headphones that cost a LOT more than this with a rotating ear-cup. Even though I do not have a studio, the ear-cup was nice for being able to listen to my music and get interrupted at the same time.

The headset also has these funky features:

  • Integrated omnidirectional microphone
  • In-line remote
  • Embedded volume dial located on the ear cup

Expect amazing sound with 14Hz – 20kHz frequency response, 112dB sensitivity, and 32 ohms impedance. They also passively block out a good deal of noise so you can enjoy your music without the sound of screaming children interrupting the process.

This headset is going to give you a lot for the price you are paying. At only $70, I cannot think of a better headset to spend your money on.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 25th December 2014)

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December 1

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones Only $74 @ (Save $176) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 1, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones Only $74 @ (Save $176) (EXPIRED)

I am obsessed with Sennheiser as it is one of the premier brands for headphones that I have never owned! Right now is selling the Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headphones for just $73.99 with free shipping. That is $176 off the original price of $249!

There is a limit of one per customer. The large attraction of this headset is they are wireless. There are no messy cables to be tangled up and they communicate via Bluetooth to your phone. These Sennheisers are a lightweight neckband style, where the earpieces hook over your ears.

They deliver excellent Sennheiser music quality while allowing you to take calls wirelessly at the same time with the invisible microphone. The headset has a set of controls built in so you do not need to dig out your phone each time you wish to adjust the volume, skip back, or skip forward a track.

The battery in the headset is rechargeable and can handle up to nine hours of playtime on a single charge. In your box, you will receive a USB recharging cable with a wall outlet adapter for convenient charging.

This is a fantastic deal to pick up this Cyber Monday. I actually found it because I saw this headset on sale somewhere else and I was price comparing. had the cheapest price and the discount is certainly amazing! I found these on sale at Chapters Canada for $99 and the cheapest seller in the amazon Marketplace has them priced at $194.99.

Most reviewers are quite happy with their purchased because they bought the headset on sale at various price points. This is the cheapest that the headset has been, so based on reviews and features I would certainly advise you to pick it up if you need something like this. One reviewer said:

the sound is ok when first use, but it’s amazing after burn in for like 100 hours. It’s so light that I tend to use it with my pc most of time

It is good to remember that most headsets require a burn in time and they sound better with age.

(Expiry: 3rd December, 2014)

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December 1 Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones Were $249 | Now $109

Posted by on December 1, 2014 at 8:46 AM Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones Were $249 | Now $109

Sennheiser headphones seem to be extremely popular these days. I have to admit, they are gorgeous. has a Cyber Monday promotion going on, with the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear headphones, now only $149.99. If you use the Facebook coupon code that you can get by liking on Facebook, you can take off another $20 off and pay only $129.99. You’ll also get free shipping on these headphones. The regular price is $249.99. UPDATE – use coupon code SAVECA40OFF99 to save $40 off $99 to get these for $109.99!

There are select colours for sale at this price point and they are selling out quickly, so you might want to hurry. The brown has only one left in stock. The green only has two left in stock. The ivory has five left in stock. The red has four left in stock.

As you can see, there are limited quantities. I wonder if they’ll restock once they sell out. If you want the blue, it is only 12% off and not 40% like the rest. I think any of the other colours are great and I’d be happy with any of them.

Shopping around I found varying prices for these headphones, ranging from $269.99 at Best Buy down to $159.99 at Future Shop.’s price beats them all, even before the coupon.

The headphones are also highly rated and have great reviews, like this one:

I first thought this on-ear headphone will be very uncomfortable like the ones I have in the past, I was wrong. I wore it for hours on and feel none of the typical sweating and irritation with the Momentum. The sound is clear with good bass (but not too much bass). It is lightweight and does not add a lot of bulk when stuffing it to my bag.

My oldest son wants something to listen to his music on for Christmas. I’m considering a few items, but headphones would also make a great gift as well, considering I don’t then have to listen to the music he listens to. He has somewhat good taste, liking P!nk and Pharrell, but the One Direction isn’t something I really want to hear. I remember as a kid having my own set of headphones, similar to these, but way cheaper, and I took them everywhere. As a teen, you want to drone out your parents and just listen to music.

(Expiry: limited quantities)

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November 21

NCIX Canada: Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset | Was $250 Now $75

Posted by on November 21, 2014 at 6:52 AM

NCIX Canada: Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset | Was $250 Now $75

Rise and shine, my fellow deal hunters! NCIX Canada is currently having an early bird Black Friday sale event, and I wanted to tell you all about the most enticing deal I found on their website. At this time, you can purchase a Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset for only $74.99 – what makes this deal so hot is the fact that this headset normally sells for $249.99! That’s right – you’re saving $175! Best of all, you’ll also get free shipping with your order! Now that’s awesome!

This Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset has the supreme sound quality that’s associated with the Sennheiser brand name. What makes this headset so convenient is that you can easily charge this headset by connecting it to a USB port, and it can hold a charge that can last approximately 9 hours!

Whether you’re listening to your favourite music or you’re taking an important phone call, this is one convenient headset. Since the Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset has Bluetooth compatibility, you can easily connect your cell phone to this device to listen to all of your tunes wirelessly!

If you wanted to buy this Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset from Amazon, it would cost you $194.99. As I mentioned before, this is one great deal at NCIX! I’ve included a snippet of a review of this high-end stereo headset from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

Bluetooth works amazingly well, sound is crystal clear and pretty good bass… Item is very light and comfortable around the neck feature that allows you to exercise with it without worrying about it falling.

This won’t be in-stock for very long, so take advantage of this deal while you still can! You can check out our Black Friday Dashboard for other great deals. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 27th November 2014)

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November 8

The Source Canada: Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset With Splinter Cell Blacklist | Was $200 Now $100 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 8, 2014 at 12:24 AM

The Source Canada: Sennheiser U320 Multi Platform Gaming Headset With Splinter Cell Blacklist | Was $200 Now $100 (EXPIRED)

Pssst… are my fellow deal hunters awake? It’s past midnight, and it’s time to look for some bargains! The Source is currently providing us all with the opportunity to save some cash during their midnight madness sale, and I found a particularly enticing deal on this Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset With Splinter Cell: Blacklist (for the Sony PS3). It normally retails for $200, but you can now buy it for only $99.96! You’ll also qualify for free shipping with your order! This deal is a part of The Source’s midnight madness sale, so it will only be valid until 8AM. In other words, check out this deal right now while it’s still valid!

This Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset With Splinter Cell: Blacklist is one nice package! This likely won’t be in stock for very long, either! Click on the link above to learn more about these premium headphones!

Now that we’re approaching the holiday season, you will likely see plenty of different sales that will pop up. This midnight madness sale at The Source will actually be happening again tonight (well, technically Sunday morning) at – you guessed it, midnight. We don’t know what will be on sale this time around, but you will be able to save up to 60% on select electronics.

If you wanted to buy this Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset With Splinter Cell Blacklist at Amazon, it would cost you $189.99 for just the headphones alone (no game is included). Listed below is a snippet of a review of this product from a satisfied Amazon customer:

I bought these headphones for my husband who loves to play Battlefield online and I was getting sick and tired of hearing gun shots, helicopter and tank sounds etc… now all I hear is clicking sounds from the controller and the odd swears from him. So yes I love it and he does, too.

This deal expires at 8AM, so if you’re reading this right now, check out this deal before it’s Gone, Baby Gone – did you like how I somehow snuck a reference from a Ben Affleck movie in here? Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

(Expiry: 8th November 2014)

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April 19

NCIX: Sennheiser Headphones As Low As $35

Posted by on April 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM

NCIX: Sennheiser Headphones As Low As $35

NCIX is having a kick-butt sale on Sennheiser headphones, with up to 60% off a number of styles of headphones.

I know very little about headphones because if I wore them, I couldn’t hear my kids, which some days could be a good things, but on others, who knows what could happen! But, as an audio lover, had I a need for wearing headphones, I’d want really great quality ones. I do wear them to the gym, so this sale is of interest. What I’d really like is some headphones for my kids. I’m tired of listening to the incredibly dull commentary on the YouTube videos they watch of people playing video games. I think I’d rather listen to Don Cherry.

I did check out Sennheiser’s site and found that they are in the pursuit perfect sound and that many artists like P!nk, who I am listening to right now, use their technologies. That says something.

I’ll let you choose the type of headphones you’d like, but check out just a few that are on sale like:

As you can see, these are substantial savings. Shipping depends on which items you choose, because some also offer free express shipping. That gives you an incentive to get one item over another.

(Expiry: 20th April 2014)

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February 23

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser MM 400-X Headphones $150 (Save $250)

Posted by on February 23, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser MM 400 X Headphones $150 (Save $250)

I am in love. Best Buy Canada has this stunning Sennheiser Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones (MM 400-X) in black on sale for just $149.99 when they originally retail for $399.99.

I want this headset so badly. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so there are no wires to get tangled or to de-tangle once you pull the headset out of your bag. It does come with a direct cable option which is designed for use on airplanes with the included airline adapter. There are controls on your headset so you don’t have to dig your phone out of your pocket just to change the tunes.

The headset also folds into a compact bundle for travel and storage which is really important if you want to use these instead of earbuds. I find them so much more comfortable and I get a fuller musical experience but compact is also very important to me. Durability is also important and the headband on these is metal-reinforced to make sure it doesn’t just snap.

Because this headset costs over $20, it will ship to you for free. With such a huge discount you really can’t go wrong. Sennheiser is a renown brand I look forward to owning someday.

(Expiry: 6th March 2014)

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November 29

The Source Canada: Sennheiser HD229 Headphones In Black & Red For $39.99 – Save $60

Posted by on November 29, 2013 at 7:30 AM

The Source Canada: Sennheiser HD229 Headphones In Black & Red For $39.99   Save $60

Pair up your awesome music with an awesome set of headphones from Sennheiser and The Source.

As usual, The Source doesn’t advertise their deals properly because no one in the universe was selling these for the full $99,99. I suspect that even The Source wasn’t selling them at that price. In any event, this is a great deal on a good set of headphones. Sennheiser makes awesome audio products. They make the kind of stuff that I can’t buy because I’m too rough on my headphones. I need to settle for the $8 Walmart specials, because they’ll get absolutely trashed within two weeks. I’m a mess.

The Source says these are $60 off their original $99.99 price, which brings them down to $39.99. I looked around and couldn’t find anyone selling it for any cheaper, but I did find some good reviews. It has four stars on Amazon (.ca and .com) and 8.3/10 on users reviews at

Shipping on products over $20 is free!

(Expires: 6th December 2013)

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