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December 6

Scholars Choice Canada Exclusive Coupon: Save Up To 20%

Posted by on December 6, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Scholars Choice Canada Exclusive Coupon: Save Up To 20%

Bargainmoose Canada gets a lot of exclusive coupon codes to use for online shopping.  Sometimes, we get great exclusive printable coupons as well to save you money in stores.  This time, we have both!  We have a great printable exclusive and code with Scholars Choice that will save you on your entire purchase.  Save 20% on everything if you are a Scholars Choice member, or save 10% on everything if you are not.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: 899-MOOSEFRIEND
  • Printable Coupon
  • Discount: 10%- 20% off
  • Expiry: 7th December 2013

The difference between this coupon and others is that it extends to non members.  Usually, Scholars Choice will have coupons only for members to save money, like this 20% off coupon, but this time there is a coupon that will save 10% for those people who are not members.

If you are unfamiliar with the store Scholars Choice, it is a great store to buy teaching and learning supplies.  I regularly visited it when I was teaching and I still shop there for my kids now that I am no longer a teacher.  They offer everything from teaching posters and decorations for the classroom to games, craft supplies, teaching tools and educational toys.

If you are not a teacher but have kids, this store is a great resource to help kids young and old with their studies.  They don’t just focus on kids, and have great teaching tools for teens as well.

One of my favourite finds as a parent is their rewards and incentives category.  Potty training and kids chores become much more manageable with sticker incentives and charts to see. I used to use these incentive ideas in the classroom and now I use them with my kids at home.

As for the cost of shipping, you will get free shipping for orders of $100 or more.

We will have all other Scholars Choice coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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Scholars Choice Canada Exclusive Coupon: Save Up To 20%

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November 22

Scholar’s Choice Canada: Midnight Madness 20% Off Everything

Posted by on November 22, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Scholars Choice Canada: Midnight Madness 20% Off Everything

Scholar’s Choice has their infamous midnight madness sale on, and it has started already! In-store and online, as a member, you’ll get 20% off all your purchases. The sale ends tomorrow morning at 9am.

As a member, you save 10% off all your purchases at Scholar’s Choice. To become a member, you sign up for $10, but you get two $5 off coupons, which will pay for your membership over the time you use them. On special days like Midnight Madness, you get 20% off.

Scholar’s Choice has a number of great learning items for kids. They have a huge selection of Playmobil, with much more to choose from than Toys R Us. Mastermind Toys is starting to gain in this aspect, while last year I’d say Scholar’s Choice had the one up in this department. Some great toys I see:

They have a huge special needs section, which I found very interesting as I have a son with a bit of problem focusing at school. Check it out!

Shipping is free on spends over $100, or a flat rate of $10.

(Expiry: 23rd November 2013 9am)

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February 8

Scholar’s Choice Canada Sweetheart of a Deal: 20% Off For One Day Only

Posted by on February 8, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Scholars Choice Canada Sweetheart of a Deal: 20% Off For One Day Only

Scholar’s Choice doesn’t have sales often, but when they do, they have 20% off online and in-stores for one day for members. Membership is $10, but you get two $5 off coupons when you sign up and you can use one of them immediately. Membership also gets you 10% off at any other time. This Saturday they are having their Sweetheart of a Deal sale with 20% off the entire store for members. If you are shopping online you can start at 11pm EST on February 8th (tonight).

I like shopping online for Scholar’s Choice toys. I find the toys are good quality, learning toys. I especially enjoy to shop there for the Playmobil brand as I find they have the best selection, and also for purchasing board games. Their board games are always learning games and they are always fun. These high-quality toys can be pricey, so I always shop the sales, never full-price.

If you have a child who loves Playmobil (and seriously how can they not – even I love Playmobil), then check out this Top Agents headquarters. My son has this and it is by far his most favourite set (and we have an actual Playmobil country in our playroom). It has a room with a rotating wall that reveals the secret mission room. The flashing LED crime wall is so cool and the actual alarm system sounds off when the beam is broken. Just don’t let your cat play with in the middle of the night because the alarm truly works. True story. Regularly $99.99, get it for $79.99 during the sale.

If you are looking for games, the Honey Bee Tree game is amazing. We also have this and it is a great game for any age. My two-year-old plays it along with my seven-year-old. It is great for fostering fine motor skills and co-ordination, along with the regular game objectives like co-operation, taking turns and being the winner/loser. Regularly $19.99, get it for $15.99.

The science stuff at Scholar’s Choice is great and I recently purchased a whole whack load of it for my science-loving son. That’s what I do, they tell me they are interested in something awesome like science or sharks or police, next thing you know, they are hooked up with all sorts of stuff to keep that interest going. I especially love it when it is something like science or math or reading that they love! This Enviro Battery  set is really cool for teaching kids how to use non-polluting energy sources. I’m already picturing my kid becoming the inventor of some great new energy source that will save the world. Ok, maybe not, but this is still really fun. Regularly $16.99, get it for $13.59.

Shipping is free on purchases over $100.

(Expires 9th February 2013)

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November 14

Scholar’s Choice Midnight Madness

Posted by on November 14, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Scholars Choice Midnight Madness

Scholar’s Choice is once again holding their Midnight Madness sale both online and in-stores on November 16th. Members get 20% off of everything in the store, with extended store hours until midnight. The online sale starts at 11pm on Thursday November 15th and goes until Saturday morning at 9am.

If you are not a member at Scholar’s Choice, signing up is easy and costs $10, but you get two $5 off coupons: one you can use that day and another for future use. This entitles you to 10% off for one year and 20% off on their special sale days.

I’m going to get this Playmobil Police Harbour set. Playmobil is on sale at other stores, but I find that Scholar’s Choice has the best selection, with the toys I want in stock. I’ve been often disappointed at other toy stores to see the Playmobil set I want on display, only to find they haven’t had that set in stock for months. I’m going to save $12 off this set and get it for only $47.99.

Scholar’s Choice is also known for their huge games selection. I like the games here because they are great learning games, so you can force your child to learn their alphabet, numbers, animals, etc., but make it fun at the same time. Stone Soup is a great game for learning to take turns, developing empathy and teamwork. And for only $15.99 during the Midnight Madness sale, it is a great gift for Christmas Eve.

Both my older kids love the Magic School Bus. My oldest son wants to be a scientist and can’t stop talking about doing experiments. I definitely love to capitalize on getting them toys that help them learn what they love. This Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab will be on sale for $35.99, saving me $9.

Shipping is free for purchases over $100. When you are using your $5 off coupon, check your receipt to make sure you got the full discounts on everything you’ve bought.

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June 7 Scholar’s Club

Posted by on June 7, 2011 at 11:00 AM Scholars Club

Scholar’s Choice, Canada’s largest educational toy store, has a special offer when you join their membership club, which might be worth considering.

The membership deal is this: you have to pay $10 for the yearly membership card, but if you join up online they will credit your account with a free $10 amount to spend. You’ll need your credit card at the ready as you sign up, and then they will credit you with the free $10 within 48 hours.

So here’s my take on this – if you were going to be buying something from anyway, then you might as well sign up for the yearly membership. The $10 cost and the $10 credit offset each other, and you get the yearly membership thrown in for free (technically). Then with your membership, you’re entitled to 10% discount store-wide, plus 20% discount when they have a special member events day.

Members get 10% discount off ebooks too, so something to consider for the many ebookers on Bargainmoose.

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February 4

Scholar’s Choice Coupon Code: 20% Off

Posted by on February 4, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Scholars Choice Coupon Code: 20% Off

If you are a teacher or just shopping for toys, Scholar’s Choice is having a 20% off sale, for one day only in store, Saturday 5 February 2011.  If you are shopping online, you can take advantage of the sale from 4 Feb at 5pm – 6 Feb at 9 am EST.

Click here to shop at Scholar’s Choice

    • Discount: 20 %
    • Coupon Code: RED
    • Expires: 6 February 9 am EST
    • Terms: You must be a Scholar’s Choice Member

    For a $10 Scholar’s Choice membership, you get a $10 credit, as well as 10% off all sale and regular priced items. You’ll also get 20% off on special member event days. If you sign up before 28 February 2011, you’ll also receive a free mug and warmer!

    If your girl like Groovy Girls, you can get this Faith and Fluffy Groovy Girls for $7.99 (reg. $14.99) and members pay only $7.19. In need of a new game? Try Alphabet Soup on sale for $19.99 ( reg. $32.99), members pay only $17.99.

    This Kidcraft Lego 3 Seat Play Table for $199.99 (reg. $289.99) would be great in a preschool classroom! Teachers, need some new ideas for the Christmas Concert? You can pick up this Christmas Concert Idea Guide Book for $5.70 (reg. $19.99) and members price is just $5.13.

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