January 28

Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off – Now Just $88

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 8:15 PM

Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off   Now Just $88

Right now, Rudsak is offering an additional 20% off any order and browsing around their sale section, I found the Regina coat. It’s already on sale for $109.99, from an original price of $220 and further comes down to just $88 at checkout — that’s essentially a 60% reduction from its original price!

Prices are great, especially if you get something from the sale section but the only drawback is shipping. To have your order shipped for free, you need to spend at a least a minimum amount of $200, otherwise a $7.50 shipping fee will be added to the order. This doesn’t seem to be deterring many shoppers though as merchandise, especially those already on sale, is selling out quickly.

The Regina coat, featured above, doesn’t have much of a description except for the fact that it’s a puffer jacket. Its warmness for winter temperature is questionable but if anything, it could be perfect for milder temperatures, especially those of beginning spring or fall. It comes in a coral colour and is only available in medium or large.

There is more outerwear to choose from for either men, women and kids though, like the Ives jacket for men. Originally priced at $225, it’s now on sale for $95.99 and further comes down to just $76.80. It’s a light jacket that would be particularly well suited for wearing when travel, especially if you happen to take advantage of the Jetsetter promo code that Eva blogged earlier today. Keep in mind that only the XS and S sizes can be ordered online.

I’m a huge fan of Rudsak winter accessories and the Korina earmuffs instantly stood out to me. They come down to $16 from a sale price of $19.99 (reg. $45) and come in a black/green colour combination. The band is leather and the muffs themselves are made from rabbit fur. My hubby gave me similar ear muffs to these for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore them as they are super soft as these are bound to be as well.

Love scarves? Then I also spotted the Poka scarf in off white on sale for $15.99 (reg. $35). It gets reduced to just $12.79 and if you wrap it around your neck just like it’s featured on the picture, then it could look like a pair of angel wings. Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off   Now Just $88

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August 1

Rudsak Canada: 74% Off Cash Booties – Now $60, 35% Off Others

Posted by on August 1, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Rudsak Canada: 74% Off Cash Booties   Now $60, 35% Off Others

These boots are made for walkin’! Take advantage of Rudsak’s extremely limited time promotion to get the Cash booties for 73% off their original price of $225. This weekend only, you can get these booties for just $59.99. There are plenty more discounted boots and booties to pick from as well.

The only drawback is that shipping is at a flat rate of $9.99, unless you shop for over $200, which will automatically qualify your order for free shipping. But even with this charge, the deal on the Cash booties is still a pretty awesome one considering that the lining is made entirely from leather, as all of the other available boots and booties are as well.

I wouldn’t normally be a fan of fringe on a pair of boots but I actually do like it on the Cash booties as they add a boho touch to a classical look. Despite the blaring temperatures of summer, I love wearing a pair of boots with jeans shorts (particularly a pair of Steve Madden boots that I have and adore) and I could definitely see myself doing so with these boots. Although if they didn’t have the fringe, then I definitely wouldn’t wear them in such a way as they would have too much of a classical kind of style for me.

My next pick for boots to wear in the summer would be the Jeanie ones, especially since they resemble the ones I already do wear. Originally priced at $215, they’re on sale for just $84.99 and also feature a full leather lining. These one actually look more summer-appropriate as well as they feature a mesh kind of material around the ankle.

Rudsak also has a couple of winter boots to choose from, such as the Begonia on sale for $199.99 (reg. $245). I know what you might be thinking: “why on earth would you buy a pair of boots smack dab in the middle of summer?”. As it turns out, it’s much friendlier on the wallet to shop out of season than it is to shop in season. In this case, the Begonia boots feature a leather and nylon make along with rabbit fur over-top for increased warmth. Given how slushy our Canadian winters get, I also really like that the nylon covers the shoe part of the boot to ensure that feet stay dry.

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March 7

Weekly Coupon Codes Roundup

Posted by on March 7, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Weekly Coupon Codes Roundup

Another week means another great batch of coupon codes to shop with online.  This week is a new month as well which means even more coupon codes.

Here are some of the great coupons this week:

This is just a small fraction of the new coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.  Always make sure to check the stores on the forum before shopping online for deals and coupons.  You never know what you will find.

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December 1

Cyber Monday Coupons Roundup

Posted by on December 1, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Cyber Monday Coupons Roundup

Cyber Monday is pretty much the busiest and biggest shopping day of the year to shop online.  With Cyber Monday just one day away now, there are a ton of coupon codes rolling in to save us even more money when we shop online tomorrow.

Some of these codes are staring early and some of them won’t start until tomorrow. If you see a coupon you want to use for tomorrow, start making your wish list today.

Here is a look at some of the great coupons to use while shopping online:

These are just a few of the coupons you will find on the forum.  You will notice that almost all of the coupons will end by tomorrow night, so if you see something you want, make sure to order it right away.

If you are looking for more Cyber Monday coupons and deals, you will find them on the forum.

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October 26

Weekly Coupon Code Roundup

Posted by on October 26, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Weekly Coupon Code Roundup

There has been a good new group of coupon codes added to the Bargainmoose coupon forum right now that will save you money with your online shipping. Save on fashion, travel, electronics, accessories and more.

Here is a look at some of the coupon codes you will find this week:

These are just a few of the coupon codes you will find posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.  Make sure to check back often, because new coupons get posted multiple times each and everyday.

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