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August 13

Mint Canada: $20 for $20 Bugs Bunny, Superman, & FIFA Coins with NO Tax & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 13, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Mint Canada: $20 for $20 Bugs Bunny, Superman, & FIFA Coins with NO Tax & Free Shipping

I am not a coin collector but the best coins to collect from The Mint are their $20 for $20 series, Right now they have three $20 for $20 coins that you can purchase: Superman, Bugs Bunny, and FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015. Each coin comes with free shipping from the Mint and has no tax.

The FIFA coin is already 79% sold out while the other coins still have plenty left in stock. The Superman coin is a pretty new released and I think it will be popular as it is the best looking coin of the bunch. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 2 Free Shipping on Lunar New Year Coins

Posted by on March 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM Free Shipping on Lunar New Year Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering free shipping on all Lunar New year themed coins right now. While The Mint usually has free shipping on orders of $100 or more, there are several coins below this price point that you can purchase and have shipped to you for free.

According to the Chinese zodiac, we have now entered into the year of the sheep with plenty of ram themed coins for you to collect. For a basic New Year’s coin, select this 1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Year of the Sheep – Mintage: 22,888 (2015) for just $39.88 with free shipping. This coin is crafted in 99.99% fine silver and has a limited mintage. Because of the silver quantity in the coin, your Year of the Sheep fine silver coin is both GST and HST exempt.

My favourite Lunar New year coin is from the Lotus collection. The Fine Silver Lunar Lotus Coin – Year of the Sheep – Mintage: 18,888 (2015) both has a lower mintage than the above coin and a beautiful scalloped edge. The coin comes in a proof finish and presented in a lovely Asian-inspired case. This coin also is GST and HST exempt; you will just pay $98.88 for the coin and receive free shipping. This is the sixth coin in the twelve-coin lotus set. It is a very nice collector item and it will cost you less than $100 per year.

This Fine Silver Coin – Year of the Sheep – Mintage: 8,888 (2015) has an even smaller mintage and has an artistic rendering of a Bighorn sheep from Canada’s Rocky Mountains. GST and HST free, you pay $74.95 for this 99.9% silver coin.

If you wish to collect some Lunar New Year mementos that are not ‘exactly’ coins, then check out the subscription based The Chinese Lunar Calendar Medallion Set. When you choose this set, you will receive the first medallion (Year of the Goat/Sheep) for only $19.95. Each additional medallion will cost $29.95 each. The last medallion, the Buddha medallion, will be free once you have purchased your twelfth medallion. The Buddha medallion is worth $39.95. In addition, you will receive a wooden collector box worth $50 after you have bought your fifth fan-shaped medallion. Receive free shipping on the goat medallion fan with this offer.

This offer ends in just a couple days so place your celebratory Lunar New Year coin orders soon. After the promotion, only coins over $100 will ship free.

(Expiry: 5th March 2015)

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November 2

Royal Canadian Mint: Snowman (2014) Coin $20 & No Tax & Free Shipping

Posted by on November 2, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Royal Canadian Mint: Snowman (2014) Coin $20 & No Tax & Free Shipping

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Christmas (yes, I can use that word now that Halloween is over), look no further than the Snowman (2014) $20 coin for $20 at the Royal Canadian Mint. The coin is selling at face value ($20 for $20) and come both tax free and with free shipping directly from The Mint.

This deal is good for several reasons. For one, this is one of the few coins that the Mint makes and sells at face value. That means that the coin’s face says $20 on it thus you could hypothetically use this as a $20 bill or cash it in at a bank for $20. The Mint is then selling you the coin for only $20 – the value stamped on the face of the coin. Most coins sold at The Mint sell for substantially higher than their face value.

This coin is also a good deal as it is tax-free. You are going to pay tax on pretty much everything else you buy this season, whether you pay just GST or PST or your province has the HST. However, as this coin is made of 99.99% silver, you do not pay tax on it. The same goes for gold, coins make of pretty much pure gold are tax exempt as well.

This coin also ships free to you. This is a really nice bonus since, if you think about it, with what shipping would cost you are actually getting the coin for less than face value if you factor in shipping costs. However, The Canadian Mint will cover those costs for you so you do not need to hunt down this coin yourself. I know it says that the coin is also available in stores, but I have been watching my post office for a bit now and they still do not have it in stock.

Lastly, this coin has a beautiful winter theme on it that is not just tied to Christmas so it makes a good gift for both those who celebrate the holiday and those who do not. I love snowmen myself, and it reminds me of a certain sing from Frozen that I won’t dare repeat in case your kids have already sung it 1000 times. I also think that a snowman throwing snowballs is so cute and just perfect.

Quantities are limited as 85% sold out already.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 27

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

Posted by on October 27, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

The Royal Canadian Mint wants to put gold coin collections into the hands of more collectors. Thus, they have come out with an offer on a 12-series of gold coins they have ironically called: The Most Affordable Gold Coin Collection. Receive 30% off your first coin and receive your last coin in the 12-coin set for free.

Here is now this whole thing works:

  • First Coin: Your first coin is Joan of Arc and you will receive the coin for 30% off the regular retail price. Originally $119.95, you will pay just $89.95 for this gold coin.
  • Coins 2 through 11: These will be sent out on a monthly basis and will cost you the regular price of $119.95 each.
  • Coin 12: Once you have purchased coins, one through 11, your 12th coin is free.

There are also bonuses! You will receive a free wooden collector’s case (valued at $40) and a free magnifying glass (valued at $25) with your subscription. You will receive the collector’s case with your third coin and the magnifying glass with your fifth coin.

You save over $200 throughout the subscription. That is no small amount of money when you consider coin subscriptions. Check out this table:

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

Now, say you receive your first coin or even your fifth coin and you do not want to continue the subscription. That is not a problem. As The Royal Canadian Mint says:

Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to the Royal Canadian Mint. Guaranteed right of return for each coin within 14 calendar days of date of invoice.

There are only 10,000 subscriptions available. While you may (should) order now, your subscription will not start shipping until July. I assume you have to pay shipping on your first coin if you buy only it, and then shipping will be free on the others if The Mint has their free shipping over $100 offer still on.

For anyone who has seen the gleam of gold and felt like a pirate, or Gollum, this is your chance to get the most affordable gold coin collection currently available. Looking at the pictures of the first few coins on the website, I cannot say that the set has much of a theme. However, if you figure out what the theme is let me know.

Limited quantities are available.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 22

Canadian Mint: Free Ground Shipping On $100+

Posted by on August 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Canadian Mint: Free Ground Shipping On $100+

Receive free shipping across Canada when you spend $100 or more at the Canadian Mint.

This is a limited time offer, and the expiry is unknown. The Canadian Mint usually charges a flat rate of around $8.95, so you are saving yourself that charge. While you can buy Mint coins at other places like Canada Post and Canadian Coin & Currency, the selection is often sub-par to the Mint itself as the Mint produces these coins.

There are some really interesting coin series currently being produced at The Mint. This 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Stained Glass: Casa Loma – Mintage: 7,500 (2014) is part of a stained glass series that has coins truly mimicking the effect of stained glass. This design looks like grapes and leaves and will set you back $129.95.

If someone offered to buy me a $100 coin, I would probably send them a link to the 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Maple Canopy: Autumn Allure Mintage: 7,500 (2014). The 3D effect of the trees is pretty awesome, and reminds me of laying down in a park gazing up at the sky in the fall. I like that they left the trunks uncoloured as it really draws your eyes in towards the yellow leaves. This coin costs $99.95.

The beauty of Mint coins can also be seen in their more affordable ones. The Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus – Coloured Coin (2013) is a vibrant coin showing a detailed, up close look at a cactus flower. The painting is exquisite and the coin is quite reasonably priced at only $24.95.

There is a coin for almost any interest. My husband collects coins, thus I am on these websites frequently to see if there are any new coins that might interest him. He has his yearly proof coin and then the odd series he likes. The last series he collected was duck themed, and the Mint still has two of the coins still available as you can see. As any coin collector knows, you cannot collect everything so you must select what most appeals to you and what fits into your price range. Sure, those kilo coins appeal to me, but the price is a tad bit unrealistic. Canadian Mint: Free Ground Shipping On $100+

This offer is wonderful, as most coins at the Mint do not qualify for free shipping. However, if this offer does expire and you are left hanging, know that the Mint always has free shipping on a small selection of coins you can find here.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 28

Royal Canadian Mint: Sochi Olympic Coin Sale & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 28, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Royal Canadian Mint: Sochi Olympic Coin Sale & Free Shipping

The Royal Canadian Mint has six special 1 oz Sterling Silver 3-Roubles Coins for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics all reduced from $149.95 down to $104.95 and they all qualify for free shipping.

You can collect one or all of the special Sochi Olympic 2014 coins:

Each coin has a limited mintage of 35,000 coins worldwide. I think these coins are pretty sweet because you rarely see black used in the graphics on coins. I think the effect is quite striking when silver is used as the base. I wonder what the coins would look like if they used bronze or gold as the background to black: it would probably look even better.

Now that the Olympics are over, these coins will probably sell out quickly and will not be available again. If you are a coin collector then now is your chance to get them at a reduced price without having to pay additional shipping costs.

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February 22

Royal Canadian Mint: $1 5 Pack Lucky Loonie for $5 + Free Shipping

Posted by on February 22, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Royal Canadian Mint: $1 5 Pack Lucky Loonie for $5 + Free Shipping

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering a $1 Circulation 5-Pack of the 2014 Lucky Loonie for only $5 and with free shipping.

You are just paying face value for these special 2014 coins. You get five $1 loonies that are tax free with free shipping (on this item only). This coin is different from the regular loonie in that the loon is spreading its wings out.

The 2014 Lucky Loonie also features the Canadian Olympic Team logo, in celebration and support of Canada’s athletes as they compete at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games. Go Canada Go!

My hubby is into collecting coins and I am sure he would love to add this to his collection. Even if you only want one for your own collection you can always give the others away as gifts or even spend them. This is available to Canadians only and there is a limit of three per household. The 2014 Lucky Loonie is a great little offer and won’t be available for long.

Are you a coin collector? What do you mainly collect?

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December 16

The Mint: Arctic Exploration 12 x 25 Cent Pack – $3 + Free Shipping

Posted by on December 16, 2013 at 9:30 AM

The Mint: Arctic Exploration 12 x 25 Cent Pack   $3 + Free Shipping

The Royal Canadian Mint is selling a stunning twelve pack of 25 cent coins of the Arctic Exploration. Six coins are of the exploration, and six coins are of whales. The twelve coin set is being sold at face value with no tax and free shipping!

This set only costs $3 and with free shipping it is a fantastic deal! There is a limit of two per household and I just bought two of them! They are stunning coins and even if you only keep one of each you can use the rest as regular currency as you are only paying face value. Honestly, these are a great gift idea as stocking stuffers.

So the Canadian Mint never offers free shipping, that alone makes this deal worth taking advantage of. I am pretty sure that if you add anything else to your cart the free shipping goes away. This is only for lettermail: no other mailing form. I am pretty happy with this and can’t wait to receive them. I’m not big on the expedition one but the whale coin is just so darn pretty!

Check out our free shipping page for more stores that ship for free.

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November 8

Royal Canadian Mint: Free Shipping on $120 Purchase

Posted by on November 8, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Royal Canadian Mint: Free Shipping on $120 Purchase

The Royal Canadian Mint rarely has any deals because, well, they are the Royal Canadian Mint. However, they are currently offering free shipping when you spend $120 which is the best (and only) deal I have seen from them in months.

I rarely find free shipping deals from any of the coin collection places I know of. The Canadian Mint usually charges a flat rate of around $8.95 for any order no matter how big or small. If you are placing a sizable coin order than this is a nice little deal.

Coins make pretty cool gift ideas. They don’t have to be too expensive either. This $20 for $20 Fine Silver Coin – Santa (2013) is only $20 and would make a lovely holiday gift. I am sure if you brought it to a gift exchange people would fight over it. Another really adorable coin is the 3D Snowman (2013) that is priced at $29.95. There is a lovely winter scene on the coin and it would make a nice stocking stuffer. I am not much of a holiday coin lover but this 1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Holiday Season (2013) is just lovely. It probably wins me over because of the horse. It is priced at $39.95.

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