April 22

Sirius XM Coupon Code: Save Up To $100 On A Membership

Posted by on April 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Sirius XM Coupon Code: Save Up To $100 On A Membership

Use the promo code to save $100 on your Sirius XM radio subscription – either new or renewal.

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  • Coupon Code: SAVE50PA
  • Discount: Up to $100 off your subscription
  • Expiry: Unknown

Now, there aren’t many details surrounding this coupon, but we did receive a comment on our Sirius XM coupon page that this coupon in fact worked on a renewal and the person received $100 off. So, I’m not sure what the up to means, but you’ll have to try it for yourself when starting a new subscription or renewing.

I don’t have Sirius XM radio, although I think I would like it. I am the person who has their radio scan button constantly pressed as I look for a song I like or at least a station where there is no talk or commercial on at that moment. Usually I’ll get the last 40 seconds of a song before I’m pressing the button again. It is irritating for me and all my passengers.

If I had Sirius radio I know exactly what I would listen to, probably constantly: Pearl Jam Radio. As I am a member of Ten Club, I can listen to it on my computer, but not in my vehicle, which is really when I listen to most of music. In fact, I’m listening to it right now while I work, and I’d love to keep listening when I leave to go get my kids this afternoon. So, now I’m off to see if my husband would love to get me this for a Mother’s Day gift!

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November 6

SiriusXM Internet Radio: 12 Months For $48

Posted by on November 6, 2013 at 11:00 PM

SiriusXM Internet Radio: 12 Months For $48

Get a full year of SiriusXM Internet radio for only $48!

First thing to know is that this is Internet radio not satellite radio. So this won’t work with your car’s satellite radio system but rather with your computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s basically the same service except it’s delivered over the internet as opposed to a satellite.

Normally the service is $95.88 but you save $47.88. It’s yours for $48! Pretty sweet deal.

Now, last time I wrote up a deal for SiriusXM, someone mentioned that they are pretty slimy with trying to keep you using their service. Well, I signed up for a free trial just to try it out. I knew I wasn’t going to use it because I don’t really like music all that much and I am always listening to podcasts and audiobooks in the car. So even though the service is great, I cancelled before my free trial was up. Then I got billed by SiriusXM. I was looking towards a fight to get my money back but when I called them up the lady who helped me refunded my money immediately and I saw the transaction come through my bank three days later! Other than the initial issues it was a great experience.

(Expires: 31st December 2013)

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