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July 29

Picaboo Coupon Code (U.S.): Discounted Books & Unlimited Pages

Posted by on July 29, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Picaboo Coupon Code (U.S.): Discounted Books & Unlimited Pages

Picaboo is now selling 11″ x 9″ photo books for only $30 each. That is a good deal by itself, but they have sweetened the offer by giving buyers unlimited pages in their books. You can also purchase a 14″ x 11″ photo book for $40 and also get unlimited pages.

Click here to purchase your photo book @ now

  • Coupon Code: UNLIMITED
  • Discount: Up to $150 savings
  • Expiry: 4th August 2014

This coupon code excludes soft cover photo books, Lay-Flat Pages, Prestige Books, and Seamless Lay-Flat Books. The extra pages must be regular pages, nothing fancy.

How Much You Are Saving on the 11×9:

The 11 x 9″ photo book from Picaboo regularly costs $45, so you are saving $15 off the original book price. The real savings comes with the unlimited page count. An 11 x 9″ classic hardcover only comes with 20 pages. After that, pages are $1 each with a maximum of 160 pages. If we calculate that out, you can get $140 worth of pages for free with this coupon code. In total, you are saving $155.

How Much You Are Saving on the 14×11:

The 14″ x 11″ photo book retails for $65, so you will save $25 off the book’s regular retail price. Again, the real savings comes with the extra pages. For this size of book, extra pages cost $1.50 each. You can have a total of 160 pages per book (and the book comes with 20) so you are saving $210 if you max out your page count. Add on the book savings and in total you are saving $235.

This is sheer awesomeness and I only wish I had a big vacation planned that would do a book of this size justice. Just to give you reference, all my photo books have been over 60 pages with most of them hovering around the 90-page mark. The only reason the page count is so low, is that pages cost extra money and vouchers never cover that cost. If I had an unlimited page budget, I would max out my page count in a hurry. I am positively drooling over this voucher and considering re-doing one of my vacation books in a thicker book.

The only downside of this offer is that it expires in one week! That is not much time to put together an amazing photo book, but it can be done.

Shipping prices vary, see their website for details. Duties may apply, but so far we have not heard of them hitting Canadians.

If you are looking for more Picaboo coupons, you will find them posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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July 17

Shutterfly Promo Code: Get 1 Free 16″ x 20″ Print – A Savings Of $17.99!

Posted by on July 17, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Shutterfly Promo Code: Get 1 Free 16 x 20 Print   A Savings Of $17.99!

Have you been spending a lot of time behind your camera lens this summer?  Or have you paid for beautiful photos that you are able to print yourself?  Now is the time to create a statement piece for your home with this great deal from Shutterfly: 1 free 16” x 20” print.  That’s a savings of $17.99! You’ll just have to pay for shipping.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code:  PRINT4U
  • Discount:  1 free 16” x 20” print
  • Expiry:  23th July 2014

I’ve recently moved from a two bedroom apartment to a 4+ bedroom house and let me tell you, decorating is going to take forever!  I’ve already mounted all the art and photos that I have and the grand majority of my walls are bare.  I’m totally taking advantage of this freebie from Shutterfly to get a large photo print to hang on the wall in my home!

Shipping on this is $5.99.  It’s important to note that since Shutterfly is shipping from the United States, you are responsible for any taxes, duties, or customs fees that may be required at the time of delivery.  Shipping to Canada also varies based on what you order, but again, a total cost of $5.99 for a large print?  Sounds like a good deal to me.

While you’re checking out the free 16” x 20” print, deal, make sure to look for the other codes Shutterfly has out right now:

I live out in the middle of nowhere and have really questionable internet service.  I have a VERY hard time uploading my photos to sites to print.  I actually haven’t successfully uploaded a single photo to Costco’s site in the 3 months I’ve lived here.  Shutterfly’s upload was quick and easy, even for me.  I like that.

If you haven’t used Shutterfly before, there is a bonus offer available as well.  All new registrants get 50 4×6 prints free.  Now is a great time to add to your photo albums or scrapbooks.  Heck, with free prints I might just let my kids near them with some scissors and a glue stick!

Check out the Bargainmoose forum for more coupons.

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July 11

Dealfind Canada: Free Photo Book from Photobook Canada ($24 Value)

Posted by on July 11, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Dealfind Canada: Free Photo Book from Photobook Canada ($24 Value)

Hello fantastic deal how I do love you! Receive a FREE 6×6 inch Mini Square Softcover photo book with 40 pages in it from Photobook Canada when you pick up this voucher for $0 from Dealfind Canada. This offer is worth $24 and includes tax.

You will only need to pay for shipping when you order your photo book from Photobook Canada. That means if you get this voucher and never use it, then you have not lost any money. If you get the free voucher and do use it, then you are saving $24 and only paying $4.99 for shipping. I am totally getting one of these as a gift for a friend of mine.

Now, you do have the option to upgrade your free voucher to a paid voucher at a very steep discount. Here are the upgrade options:

  • FREE 6×6 inch Mini Square Softcover ($24 Value)
  • $10 for an 8×11 inch Medium Portrait Softcover ($40 Value).
  • $15 for an 8×11 inch Medium Portrait Imagewrap Hardcover  ($60 Value).
  • $20 for an 11×8.5 inch Medium Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover ($70 Value).
  • $30 for an 15×11 inch Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover($105 Value).

All these books only include 40 pages. If you upgrade your book size, then shipping costs will naturally go up. However, Photobook Canada has always had very reasonable shipping charges so don’t worry about them. Personally, I am sticking with the free photo book.

There is a limit of one free book voucher per person. You have from July 23, 2014 to January 27, 2015 to redeem your vouchers, which is plenty of time to create your photographic masterpiece.

I am pretty stoked about this. Unfortunately, the redemption date does not start until the 23rd or else I would make up a photo book for my friend Robert as his birthday is on July 27th. Maybe I will send it as a belated birthday gift or deliver it in person when I see him again in November. It is hard being away from friends for a long period without being able to see each other, so picture books are a nice way of still being with a person when you cannot be physically present.

Pick up this great little freebie while quantities last. Over 5,500 vouchers have already been claimed and I do not know if there is a limited quantity. Supposedly, there is still one week left of this deal.

What is your book theme going to be and whom are you going to send it to?

(Expiry: 18th, July 2014)

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July 3

Photobook Canada: Up to 75% Off Medium Photobook

Posted by on July 3, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Photobook Canada: Up to 75% Off Medium Photobook

Photobook Canada has struck up one of their big sales and I am in love. Get up to 75% off a Medium Landscape Imagewrap Photobook from Photobook Canada.

Keep in mind that the price you pay is inclusive of all tax, which is not reflected in the original price.

The way this deal works is you buy the voucher for the photo book and then you have a set amount of time to use the voucher. Even if your voucher expires, it is still good for the face value you purchased it for (the money you actually spent on it). Therefore, this is a no-risk venture. I have bought Photobook Canada vouchers for all my travel photo books for the last few years. My last one I was down to the week before it expired, but the thought of losing that extra value sure motivated me to finish my book!

There are four options to choose from with this offer:

  • Without slipcase (3 months validity) – Was $69 | Now $19
  • Without slipcase (6 months validity) – Was $69 | Now $21
  • With slipcase (3 months validity) – Was $104.94 | Now $39
  • With slipcase (6 months validity) – Was $104.94 | Now $41

The best deal percentage-wise is the first one as it works out to 75% off (inclusive of tax). However, it requires you to use your voucher within three months or forfeit the extra value. If you are unsure how soon you will be making your photo book, it would probably be best to throw in the extra two dollars to get the six month voucher.

Photobook Canada just recently introduced slipcases for most of their hardcover books. I am jealous that they did not have these even seven months ago when I was finishing my last vacation book. If your new photo book is going to be a coffee table book, then a slipcase is not just a luxury accessory: it is necessary. Most photo books sit on a shelf most their life and only are pulled out when family comes over or on evenings when you want a trip down memory lane. To keep your book in pristine condition, you really want to have a slipcase. All my books are custom widths (meaning far more than 40 pages in them), but I wonder if I could email Photobook Canada and ask for slipcovers for the books I already have.

(Expiry: 9th July 2014)

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November 21

Photobook Canada: Up to 70% Off Photo Book Vouchers

Posted by on November 21, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Photobook Canada: Up to 70% Off Photo Book Vouchers

Photobook Canada is offering up to 70% off their photo book vouchers. These vouchers are inclusive of tax so the only thing they do not cover is shipping.

There are two vouchers to choose from:

  • Spend $24 for $70 worth
  • Spend $22 for $65 worth

I find it curious the monetary amounts are so close together. Usually, in deals like this, they are more different. Either way, there is a logic behind these amounts. The first voucher ($24 for $70 worth) can be redeemed for either:

  • 11″ x 8.5″, Medium Landscape Debossed, 40 pages
  • 8″ x 11″, Medium Portrait Debossed, 40 pages.

The second voucher ($22 for $65 worth) can be redeemed for one of these:

  • 8″ x 11″, Medium Portrait Imagewrap, 40 pages
  • 8″ x 8″, Small Square Imagewrap, 40 pages
  • 8″ x 6″, Small Landscape Imagewrap, 40 pages

You also have the option of upgrading to any other photo book and just paying the price difference. I have done that before and it has worked out very well. Speaking of photo books… my goodness do I have a project to finish after I am done my finals. The expiry for my voucher is coming in January, I think, so I really need to work on my Iceland book!

This is a fantastic deal and I personally think Photobook Canada makes some of the best quality photo books in Canada.

Shipping starts at just $4.99 depending on the size of book you get.

(Expiry: 27th November 2013)

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November 17 Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Photobook

Posted by on November 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Photobook

It’s almost Christmas, so why not impress someone with a photo book from Photo in Press Canada?

Click here to get your photobook @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSEBOOK10
  • Discount: 10% off Photobooks
  • Expiry: 30th November 2013

Seriously, it’s almost Christmas. It’s nuts, right? Just six more weeks or something. With Christmas or whatever other wintertime festival you take part in, there often comes gifts. Some people are easy to buy for. My wife, for example: I just need to get her whatever she asks for and, if it isn’t enough, a gift card for clothes. Easy. For us, parents aren’t as easy. They have more money than us and buy whatever they want throughout the year.

That’s where great products like a PhotoInPress Photobook come into play. Pictures of you or the grand kids are always a great gift idea. You can even make a photo book for aunts, uncles, fifth cousins, thrice removed – any family member, really. The only thing that makes a great gift better is getting a great deal on it.

The prices are great to start with. You can start at $14.99 ($13.50 with coupon) for the relatives you don’t care about, or go for the mega-work book. It’s called “The Leather” and it’s $44.99, or $40.50 with coupon. Rub that smug cousin Jiminy’s nose in your rich Corinthian leather-buying-wallet! Just don’t tell him you got 10% off those prices! Aaaah, the holidays.

Shipping costs are from $2.99 to $19,99 within Canada depending on what you get, where you are shipping to and how fast you want it. If you need to ship it to a relative outside of Canada or even outside of North America, they have really good international shipping rates.

Check out all the PhotoInPress deals in our coupon code section. Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Photobook

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October 30

Dealfind Canada: Two Photobooks For Only $24

Posted by on October 30, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Dealfind Canada: Two Photobooks For Only $24

Get two Snapfish 8×11 20-page hardcover custom photo books for only $24 from Dealfind.

Click here to get this deal @ now

When I first saw this deal I wondered if they were going to be the identical books I’d get, but they are actually two custom books so this is a pretty amazing deal. Considering one book is $34.99, you are getting $70 worth of value for only $24. Snapfish does often have good deals like buy one, get one, but even if they had a BOGO deal, you’d still be spending an extra $10.

This deal is great for me because I have three kids and want to make them each their own books. For this cost, I am crazy not to.

You can buy three of these vouchers yourself (that’s six books) and three as gifts (would make an awesome teacher gift). Shipping is $6.99, payable when you do your book. You have until February 28th, 2014 to use your voucher, which means you have time to get all your Christmas pictures in the book.

(Expiry: 4th November 2013)

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October 15

Photobook Canada: 65% off Large Photobooks

Posted by on October 15, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Photobook Canada: 65% off Large Photobooks

Have you accumulated some happy memories and perhaps some happy photos from this last Thanksgiving? Photobook Canada is offering 65% off large photo books so you can compile your memories into a lasting book to crack open at celebrations for years to come.

You have two options:

  • $37 for a 15″ x 11″ Large Landscape Debossed, 40 pages worth $95
  • $45 for a 15″ x 11″ Large Landscape Imagewrap, 40 pages worth $115

I tend to go for Imagewrap books because I like getting a really beautiful image for the cover.

You also could create a Halloween photo book if you are not big on Thanksgiving photography. Halloween photo books are a lot of fun because everyone gets dressed up in awesome costumes. Halloween parties can have fun games and wicked decorations that deserve to be documented.

Shipping is super reasonable but it will depend upon the finished product. If you add pages, a slipcover, etc. it will add on costs above and beyond what the voucher covers.

Voucher expires 16th April 2014.

(Expiry: 21st October 2013)

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October 15

Dealfind Canada: $18 For a Picaboo Photo Book

Posted by on October 15, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Dealfind Canada: $18 For a Picaboo Photo Book

We’ve had a few photobook deals lately, and this one is another good one for Picaboo. Buy the Dealfind to get a custom classic 11×9 hardcover photo book with 40 pages for only $18 (a $60 value).

Your voucher doesn’t expire until January, so this would make a great gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for person. Photo books are a nice, personal touch, but if you don’t have access to their photos or their memories, you can be out of luck. By getting this deal, you let them make their own book, in the style and theme they want, but without the cost. I love creating photo books so I wouldn’t say no to this deal!

The book you are getting is just classic, but there are lots of themes to choose from. I love that it is the hardcover version, because I think they are more durable and longer-lasting.

The deal doesn’t say anything about shipping, so I assume you’ll pay the regular shipping rates from Picaboo. Check our forum before you checkout, as there is a free shipping code in there right now, which could work. That would be quite the deal.

(Expiry: 20th October 2013)

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August 6

Photobook Canada: $38.40 For $85 Worth Of Photo Book

Posted by on August 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Photobook Canada: $38.40 For $85 Worth Of Photo Book

Photobook Canada has a lovely little promotion on where you only pay $38.40 for $85 worth of a photo book. That is 55% off! The price includes all taxes too!

You can redeem it directly for an 11″ x 11″ Large Square Debossed book with 40 pages, or use the $85 worth of credit to upgrade to a different photo book type/size and only pay the price difference (if there is one).

Photobook Canada books feature premium acid-free paper with professional binding. They also generally complete your order within six to eight days. They are my favourite photo book company, and the last time this promotion came up I bought myself a voucher. Now I need to find the time to gather my photos from Iceland and put together a photo book!

Photobook Canada has fairly reasonable shipping charges, which depend upon the size of book you are ordering. See the rates here. They also have free shipping on orders above $65 after any voucher/promotional code has been applied. This amount does not include the price paid for the voucher. However, upgrades like really nice paper and extra pages do count towards that $65 minimum.

This voucher must be used by the 5th of February 2013.

(Expiry: 13th August 2013)

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July 18

Photobook Canada: Get Up To 79% Off

Posted by on July 18, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Photobook Canada: Get Up To 79% Off

Seriously: if you need photo books, posters, or photo cards, this is the best place to get them right now. Save up to 79% on those things I just mentioned during their summer promotion!

How does this work? Photobook Canada sells most of these deals as vouchers, kind of like your Wagjag or your Groupon. What it means is that you can buy the deal now and use it later. You essentially get a prepaid voucher that is good till a specific date, usually for six months. I love this method, because a photo book can take a while to make, so getting a voucher than I can use when I am ready is the best option for me.

So… why are these promotions so fantastic (and beat out the competition)? First off: the discounts. You get 79% off A3 Landscape Poster prints. Pay only $7.10 for $30 worth!

There are many photobook deals to choose from, but I am talking about mind-blowing deals, so I have to mention the 70% off all softcover books! This one is not a voucher, so just use coupon code JULY69SCV at checkout. (Expiry: 30th, September 2013).

I’m more of a hardcover girl myself, so 65% off either the Large Landscape Debossed or 65% off the Medium Landscape Imagewrap is totally tickling my fancy! These both work with the voucher system, so I can buy now and use the voucher anytime between now and the end of the year. The Landscape Imagewrap costs $31.60 for $80 worth and the Landscape Debossed is $37.50 for $95 worth.

(Expiry: varies. Voucher purchasing ends 22nd July 2013)

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July 12

Walmart Canada Photo Centre: 50% Off All Photo Books

Posted by on July 12, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Walmart Canada Photo Centre: 50% Off All Photo Books

Get 50% off photo books at Walmart Photo Centre right now.

Walmart’s photo books are good quality and ready in just four days. What’s good about getting photobooks from Walmart is that you pick them up in-store when ready, so you don’t have to pay for, or wait, for shipping. They have quite a few styles of book, and they are very easy to create and so inexpensive, especially now at 50% off.

Their classic style with a linen cover is now only $14, was $29.97. The custom cover with a full photo of your gorgeous face shining back is also only $14, was $29. The classic style with a window cover adds a bit of intrigue and is only $16, was $33.97.

For something smaller and easier to take with you, so you can show off your beloved, whether it be a spouse, friend, kids or your car, brag books are only $6, was $12.

And last, but definitely the smallest, the flip books are only $2, was $4.97. These are perfect for making sure you get your photos printed and organized, and you don’t have to file them into a photo album.

The only thing not included is the one-hour photo books, but you don’t mind waiting a few days for such a great deal, do you?

(Expiry: 17th July 2013)

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July 7

Blacks Canada Coupon Code: B1G1 50% Off Photo Books

Posted by on July 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Blacks Canada Coupon Code: B1G1 50% Off Photo Books

There is a great new coupon code out for Black’s Canada that will save you on the cost of photo books.  This coupon code will allow you to buy one book and get the next one at 50% off.

Click here to shop the photo books @ now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMERBOOKS50
  • Discount: B1G1 50% off
  • Expiry: 11th August 2013

Along with this savings, you will also get free design service to make your photo books.  This offer is exclusive to online only, so if you are heading into a Black’s Canada store, you will have to pay full price for your books.

This is the perfect opportunity to finally download all of those digital pictures off your phone and camera.  I can’t tell you how many pictures I take nowadays with all of the technology we have, and for some reason I forget about them and they stay on my phone and camera. You can do it all at once, taking the images off the camera and making two beautiful photo books for a fraction of the price.

As for the cost of shipping, they offer free shipping for orders of $200 or more. If you are ordering less, the cost will vary depending on how much you purchase.

For more Black’s Coupon Codes check out the Bargainmoose coupon forum before shopping.

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June 24

Best Buy Canada: Purchase Any Camera $150+ & Get Free Photobook

Posted by on June 24, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Purchase Any Camera $150+ & Get Free Photobook

Purchase any camera over $150 and get a free 20-page 8×11″ photobook (worth $34.99) from Snapfish Canada. Now is a great time to purchase the camera too, because they are also on sale.

Once you’ve bought your camera, log in to Snapfish, enter your info from your receipt, create your custom cover photobook and your credit will show up in the checkout phase. You can add more pages at an additional cost and you’ll pay $6.99 for shipping. Order by September 30th.

Check out this Nikon Coolpix S6500 16MP 12x optical zoom digital camera in red. With all the bells and whistles you need in a point and shoot, this camera looks as good as the photos it takes. Was $229.99, now $199.99.

For something larger with more features, check out the Nikon Coolpix P520 18.1MP digital camera in black. Was $449.99, now $379.99.

Shipping for the cameras is free.

(Expiry for camera deals is 27th June  2013, for the photobook deal is unknown.)

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June 22

Snapfish Canada Promo Code: 40% Off 1 Item

Posted by on June 22, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Snapfish Canada Promo Code: 40% Off 1 Item

Get 40% off any one item at Snapfish with promo code.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: 40CANADA
  • Discount: 40% off
  • Expiry: 1st July 2013

Now that spring has left us, gather up all those cool memories and put them into a photo book and save yourself 40% in the process. From mini to extra-large, your photos will fit in a layout customized to you. Starting at $5.99 before discount.

These poster prints are pretty cool. Blow up a picture you love and put it on a poster. What I love about this idea is that next year, you might have a different picture you want up, but don’t want to spend a ton of money framing it or putting it on a canvas. Pay less than $10 each time. Starting at $7.99 before discount.

Beer steins are cool ways to tell your groomsmen you love them, without looking all sentimental. Add a favourite picture of the two of you (or all of you) and give them as gifts for standing up in your wedding. Starting from $24.99 before discount.

As for the cost of shipping, it will depend on what and how much you are ordering.

If you are looking for more Snapfish Canada coupons, we will have them all up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum for easy access.

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