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December 31

73% Off Duck Butter Beard Oil 4-Pack Boxed Gift Set Now $35 & Free Shipping @

Posted by on December 31, 2015 at 2:30 PM

73% Off Duck Butter Beard Oil 4 Pack Boxed Gift Set Now $35 & Free Shipping @

Does your man have a beard? Could that beard use some love and care? Check out this gorgeous deal on the Duck Butter Beard Oil – Natural & Organic 4-Pack Boxed Gift Set. Originally $129.95, this set is now on sale for $34.95. Receive free shipping on your order as well as this is fulfilled by Amazon Canada.

Let us talk beard oil. I am very familiar with beard oil – funny enough – as I have a dear friend with a well-groomed beard. These beard oils use a base that includes Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed, and Castor Oils as well as Natural Vitamin E. Base oils nourish and carry the essential oils into the hair. Each scent has a different set of essential oils to produce a different aroma: Read the rest of this entry »

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December 30

50% Off Coupon for Gillette Fusion Power Bundle – Now $29 & Free Shipping @ HealthSnap

Posted by on December 30, 2015 at 3:45 PM

50% Off Coupon for Gillette Fusion Power Bundle   Now $29 & Free Shipping @ HealthSnap

Start the New Year with a fresh shave – compliments of and Gillette. The Gillette Fusion Power Bundle is priced at $58, but you can apply the following coupon code for 50% off, thus bringing your cost down to $29. As your order was $50 before the coupon code, it will still ship for free from HealthSnap Canada.

Click here to purchase the Gillette Fusion Power Bundle @ HealthSnap Canada now

  • Coupon Code: FUSION
  • Discount: 50% off the Fusion Power Bundle ($29 off)
  • Expiry: Unknown

This bundle includes a 5-blade precision razor, four-pack of AAA batteries, and four replacement cartridges for the razor. The razor itself comes with one battery and one blade. That is a grand total of one razor, five blades, and five batteries for $29 with free shipping. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 30

50% Off TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Gift Pack with Free Curling Wand – Only $10 @

Posted by on December 30, 2015 at 3:15 PM

50% Off TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Gift Pack with Free Curling Wand   Only $10 @

After Christmas sales are the perfect time to find deeply discounted gift sets. This often allows you to try a new product or perhaps get a few of your favourites for a lower price. Sometimes the sets are made up of travel size items that are just perfect for any upcoming vacations away from this cold or to squirrel away for the summer. In the best gift sets, the company has thrown in some extras.

Fellow Mooser, Brooke, has found a gift set at the always-reliable Amazon Canada that meets all of the above requirements for a great find. has a TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Bonus Gift Pack for 50% off its original $20 price tag — get the whole kit and caboodle for only $9.99. Orders over $25 will ship for free.

The “bonus” in this gift set is a great one. It’s a mini curling wand and a heat protecting glove. This curling wand is the perfect size for keeping stashed in your desk drawer at work for quick touch-ups, travel or just for those ladies with shorter hair. The set includes:

  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done hairspray (218g)
  • Waves creation sea foam (150mL)
  • Heat-protected glove
  • Mini Conical Wand

These TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done products are great for anyone who likes to encourage the natural curl in their wavy hair or for those with straight hair that like to try out those cute, tousled waves every once in awhile. They’re very easy to use. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 27

Schick Hydro Silk Razor & 2 Blades Only $5 @ *HOT*

Posted by on December 27, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Schick Hydro Silk Razor & 2 Blades Only $5 @ *HOT*

While I like blogging deals on toys, electronics, and more… I really like blogging deals on everyday essentials. For example, I found this Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Women, Includes 2 Razor Refills on sale from $13.49 down to $7.99. Amazon currently has a $3 off coupon you can apply on top of this sale price, bringing this razor with two refills down to just $4.99. Either get free shipping with Prime OR free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Schick is the one mainstream brand of razor I have not tired yet, yet I am going to. Frankly, I am perfectly happy with my Venus razor but replacement blades are so expensive. A set of four blades runs $16 – $20 so a new razor with two blades for $5 is a pretty hot deal! The same razor costs $12.64 @ Walmart Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 21

Bath & Body Works Canada: Free Item with $10 Purchase ($15 Value)

Posted by on August 21, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Bath & Body Works Canada: Free Item with $10 Purchase ($15 Value)

** This is back dear Moosers! Score your sweet free item (up to $15 value) with only a $10 purchase!**

Bath & Body Works is back with a hot printable coupon code for in store use. With any purchase of $10 or more, receive a free item worth up to $15 with this printable coupon.

As I have mentioned before, Bath & Body Works generally does not offer these coupons that often. Read the rest of this entry »

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April 13 25% Off Dr. Bronner’s Soaps, Balms, Lotions & More

Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 12:31 PM 25% Off Dr. Bronners Soaps, Balms, Lotions & More is offering 25% off nearly the entire Dr. Bronner’s brand! Save money on soaps, balms, lotions, oils, and more.

The last time I saw a good Dr. Bronner’s sale, it was 20% off and the sale occurred quite a while ago. While Dr. Bronner’s is one of the foremost all natural brands, it is not often discounted on mass.

My partner uses Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap  (TeaTree) as a body wash and hair soap all-in-one. The tea tree has cut down on random outbreaks of acne and the scent does not linger too long. Using the soap as both a body wash and as a shampoo means he would go through a small bottle quickly. However, we buy the 946 ml soap when it goes on sale, as it is now. Originally $23.99, the Castile Liquid Soap is on sale for $17.99. It is amazing how concentrated this soap is – it will last for ages!

Dr. Bronner’s soap is pretty legendary in the natural community… you can even find articles about all the uses for the soap outside the traditional uses. Dr. Bronner’s soap works as laundry soap and as a pet shampoo. You can use it for shaving, bubbles in the bathtub, and washing fruits & vegetables.

I do not use Dr. Bronner’s soap myself, but I do use another product – for cooking. The Dr. Bronner’s Organic White Virgin Coconut Oil is my favourite coconut oil for cooking. It has a mild flavour that surpasses several other coconut oil brands I have tried. I think coconut oil is one of the healthier oils for cooking, but I was never fond of the taste. Now, I do not even notice the taste with this oil. While the container is a bit small, I am willing to pay for Dr. Bronner’s quality coconut oil because of the flavour. Originally $16.79, the coconut oil is on sale for $12.59.

I have heard amazing things about the bar-form of Dr. Bronner’s soap. The next time I need soap, this Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap  in unscented baby-mild is on my wish list. I tend to use bar soap, as there is no added water so the soap goes farther. With delicate skin, this sounds like a good soap for me. Originally $6.79, the soap is now on sale for $5.09.

Shipping is free on $29 or more.

(Expiry: 19th April 2015)

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December 15

56% Off 2-Pack Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrush @ Best Buy & Future Shop Canada – Now $13

Posted by on December 15, 2014 at 10:10 PM

56% Off 2 Pack Oral B Pro Health Toothbrush @ Best Buy & Future Shop Canada   Now $13

Here’s a great deal on a pair of toothbrushes: you can get a 2-pack of Oral-B Pro-Health precision clean toothbrushes on sale for just $12.99. They were originally priced at $30, which puts them at a $17 discount.

This toothbrush is battery-operated and even has 3 modes to choose from: daily clean, sensitive or whitening. Surprisingly, it also has a timer to make sure that you brush your teeth for long enough. I know I’m guilty of not always brushing for the for two minutes, so this is definitely a major perk for lazy ones like me.

In terms of reviews, there is only one on Best Buy’s site and it’s a 3/5 star one, knocking it down for not being as pictured. According to the reviewer, “it’s just a small round brush“. Somewhat an odd statement because that is exactly what is shown in the picture: a small round tooth brush head! In fact, it’s designed to be that way in order to remove twice as much plaque as a regular tooth brush. Speaking of which, it’s definitely worth upgrading to a battery-operated one if you haven’t already. My hubby and I made the switch a couple of years ago and it feels beyond inefficient to sometimes have to resort to a regular one.

On Future Shop’s site, there are 2 reviews with a total of 4/5 stars. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

Very happy with this purchase! Makes your teeth feel dentist office clean! Worth the money!!

Price comparing, I found this exact toothbrush being sold at Amazon for $45.46 and that’s just for one of these bad boys too! Okay, so it’s sold by the Duty Free Shop, through Amazon’s marketplace but it was still a shocking price to see, especially in comparison with Best Buy’s and Future Shop’s current price. At London Drugs, one of these toothbrushes is priced at $16.99.

Since both Best Buy and Future Shop only ship orders over $25 for free, you would need to add a couple more items to your cart in order to have your order qualify for free shipping. At both sites, you can currently take advantage of a “buy more, save more” promotion, during which you can save the following on personal care items depending on how much you buy: 10% off 3 items, 15% off 5 items or 20% of 8 or more products.

(Image Credit: Dennis van Zuijlekom)

(Expiry: 24th December 2014)

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October 25 Stocktoberfest Deals: Up To 75% Off Baby, Personal Care, Home Items & More!

Posted by on October 25, 2014 at 9:00 PM Stocktoberfest Deals: Up To 75% Off Baby, Personal Care, Home Items & More! wants you to stock up and is offering up to 75% off during their Stocktoberfest sale but it’s only on until tomorrow, so don’t miss it!

Although you can browse all of the Stocktoberfest sale items in one go, you can also shop among the following 5 categories: baby & kids, skin care & personal care, food, vitamins & supplements as well as home, leisure & pets.

I headed over to the baby category first and found a couple of sweet deals. The Boon grass countertop drying rack is on sale for $11.99 (reg. $19.99). Looking around, this is the cheapest price I have seen it at, with Amazon listing it at a sale price of $14.99. Here’s a review I found on Amazon for it:

Best drying rack. Easy to clean, you can quickly just place your bottles/other things to dry there. Life needs more simplicity like this, my wife and I are busy enough without fiddling with hooks and “properly placing” items on traditional racks.

Since the time has come for my munckin to start solids, I’m definitely adding the OXO tot bib to my cart. It has a bit of a funny appearance at first but I have heard from many moms that it’s an amazing accessory for a mess-free feeding experience. You can get it for just $13.29 (reg. $18.99) and it’s available in a blue colour.

In the “home, leisure & pets” section, I found Royale 2-ply bathroom tissue on sale for just $6 (reg. $11.99). It comes with 16 rolls, which means that per roll, you’re looking at paying just $0.375. Who can resist kitten-like softness after going to the bathroom? Loads of 5/5 reviews for it as well. Stocktoberfest Deals: Up To 75% Off Baby, Personal Care, Home Items & More!

If you’re looking for something original to either impress your guests or give as a Christmas gift, then check out the Zoku ice ball molds. On sale for $17.49 (reg. $24.99), it… you guessed it, makes ice in the shape of a ball. It’s a set of 2 molds but although you will only be able to make 2 balls at a time, each ball is large (about half the size of a small glass according to the picture).

The items listed in this blog post are only a tiny percentage of the amount of stock you can actually pick from. There is plenty more, so make sure to leave a comment with your finds! Shipping is free on orders over $25.

(Image Credit: Justin Walther)

(Expiry: 26th October 2014)

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October 12

Newegg Canada: Braun 7-720-4 Rechargeable Shaver | Was $240 Now $110 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on October 12, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Newegg Canada: Braun 7 720 4 Rechargeable Shaver | Was $240 Now $110 (EXPIRED)

Good morning, Bargainmoosers! If you’re looking for a reliable shaver that’s made by a reputable brand, then this deal is for you. It can also be the perfect gift for Christmas (well… I know I’d love it). At this time, Newegg is having a great sale on their Braun Rechargeable Shaver that can help you save $130! Normally retailing for $239.99, you can now get this Braun Rechargeable Shaver for $109.99! You’ll also qualify for free shipping.

This Braun Rechargeable Shaver can help provide you with a comfortable shave. You can learn more about this rechargeable shaver by clicking on the link above.

I’ve never used a rechargeable shaver before. I always thought they were a little classier than your average razor, so I think I’ll have to try them out one time. According to some of the reviews I’ve read, this Braun Rechargeable Shaver is easy to clean, and provides users with a nice, close shave.

I haven’t tried to grow a beard in a while (though I did try and rock a moustache last year, even though it was orange and didn’t match my brown hair colour – maybe I’m part ginger). I’m more of a 5-o-clock shadow kind of guy nowadays, but if I were to grow a beard again, I would definitely purchase a reliable shaver like this Braun Rechargeable Shaver.

This Braun Rechargeable Shaver currently costs $199.99 US on Amazon’s American website. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this Braun Rechargeable Shaver from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

I’ve used electric shavers for over 50 years and this is by far the best ever. The shave is extremely close on every part of my beard, even the under-chin and neck areas, closer than any previous electric shave. Also very fast. I could probably get a close shave in 3-4 minutes.

These Braun Rechargeable Shavers may not be in stock for very long, so check out this deal before it’s too late! Happy turkey day, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 19th October 2014)

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July 7 Up to 50% Off P&G Products

Posted by on July 7, 2014 at 1:30 PM Up to 50% Off P&G Products

Do you need to restock your basic bathroom essentials? is currently offering up to 50% off P&G brand products this week.

P&G is one of the big brands for personal care products so you will find almost anything you need in this sale: shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, feminine products, razors, blades, baby care products, and more.

Let us set you up with a good shampoo and conditioner first. This Herbal Essences Shine Collection Shampoo was $6.99 and is now on sale for $3.50. The matching Herbal Essences Shine Collection Conditioner was also $6.99 and is now $3.50. The pair will cost you just $7 and last you for months. I will always remember Herbal Essences from their very innovative marketing campaign where the woman is being extremely vocal while washing her hair. I always thought that was genius. I did price compare these with where they are $4.96 a bottle.

I was looking at replacement razor blades because they cost a fortune. These Gillette Fusion Blades (8) are on sale from $39.99 down to $27.99. I tried to price compare with Walmart but they do not stock them. I then tried Amazon but could only find them at a secondary seller for $29 + Just over $4 for shipping. I really do not understand why razor blades cost so much, any thoughts? also has the Align Probiotic Supplement (28 capsules) on sale for $26.24, down from $34.99. I price compared these little tablets with, which has them for $32.97. These tablets are indicated to relief of IBS symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating which can be a great relief to anyone who has to live with the discomfort of IBS. even manages to have a pretty good price on this Pampers Natural Clean Wipes (360 count). Originally $14.99, they are now on sale for $10.49, which undercuts Walmart’s price of $13.97.

These are just some examples of the deals in the P&G sale section. I also recommend looking at the 50% off Royale Toilet Paper sale and browsing through the other fantastic weekly sales at I often buy my personal care basics at because of their weekly sales combined with that free shipping when you spend only $25. You can often find coupon codes on our forum to stack with the sales section as well to get even better deals. I highly suggest subscribing to their newsletter as they sometimes email out exclusive codes.

(Expiry: 13th July 2014)

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November 30

Walmart Canada: Rollbacks on Great Gift Ideas

Posted by on November 30, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Rollbacks on Great Gift Ideas

Walmart Canada has some rollback and great specials this week.

A Walmart exclusive, The Smurfs A Christmas Carol is only $5! It just got released today. I know a few little smurfs on my list who would love to watch this on Christmas Eve.

Select board games are on sale this week. I love giving board games as a gift to family because I find it is a gift everyone loves.

  • Monopoly Millionaire is a game of being really rich, like regular Monopoly, but much richer. Regularly $22.93, it is on sale for $14.43.
  • Another great Monopoly, electronic banking Monopoly lets you use bank cards instead of money for easier and quicker transactions. Regularly $24.93, now on sale for only $15.
  • Twister Dance lets you move to the beat as you move around the Twister Board, using the provided songs or you can hook up your own digital music player! Now $24.44, regularly $32.93.

Personal care products are also a great gift for him or her and select ones are also on Rollback at Walmart Canada this week. The Remington Pearl 1″ Flat Iron rivals salon flat irons in heat and smoothness, with great ease of use. Regularly $39.96, save $5 and buy it for $34.96. Want curly hair instead of straight? The Remington Pearl heated clip rollers are also now $34.96, regularly $39.96.

For him, the Remington R5150 Corded/Cordless Rotary Shaver is also rolled back. Pay $64.88 instead of $74.96. With a 360 degree pivot and flex technology that moves in every direction he gets a closer shave, even on the neck.

Some items qualify for free shipping. And keep your eyes peeled for the Walmart Boxing Day sale 2012!

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