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March 8

Panty by Post Coupon Code: $15 Discount

Posted by on March 8, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Panty by Post Coupon Code: $15 Discount

New underwear is one of life’s little joys. I blogged about a coupon code for new customers last week and this week I have a coupon code for Panty by Post for all customers (new or old or inbetween) for any subscription level. Get $15 off your order at Panty by Post with the following promo code.

Click here to shop knickers @ Panty by Post now

  • Coupon Code: GIFT15
  • Discount: $15 off your order
  • Expiry: Unknown

I just tested this out and it worked like a charm. There are several different options to choose from:

  • 12 Month Subscription ($15 each)
  • 12 Month Premium Luxe Subscription ($25 each)
  • 6 Month Subscription ($19 each)
  • 3 Month Subscription ($20 each)
  • 3 THONG PACK ($50, at once)
  • 1 Single Panty ($25)

Maybe I will drop a few hints to the hubby that I would love a monthly panty subscription for my birthday. I think receiving a new pair of really pretty underwear once a month would be the most fabulous birthday gift. At only $15 a month (pay up front) for the signature line (or $25 for the luxe line, oh joy!) it is a very reasonable gift and really will make a certain underwear drawer flourish.

Shipping depends on what level you order, but the single panty was $3 for me.

For this and any future Panty by Post coupon codes watch our forum.

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March 1

Panty By Post Coupon: $10 Off + Free Shipping + No Tax on 1 Panty

Posted by on March 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Panty By Post Coupon: $10 Off + Free Shipping + No Tax on 1 Panty

I love panties and was pretty stoked to find this wee little deal from Panty by Post. If you are a new customer and are a little nervous about trying out their services I highly encourage you to take advantage of this deal! Save $10 on a single pair of panties, pay no tax, and get free shipping on them as well.

Click here to order a pair of panties @ Panty by Post now

  • Coupon Code: samplepanty
  • Discount: $10 off + free shipping + no tax on one pair of underwear
  • Expiry: Unknown

I just totally tested this coupon out and it worked like a charm. It works on the 1 Single Panty ($25) and it takes the price down to $15 with free shipping (save $3) and no tax (savings varies depending on province). Sizes run from XS all the way up to XXXXXL. For styles you have three options: thongs, mix (no thongs), or mix. You don’t get to choose the pair of underwear: you trust them to make that decision for you. I would probably go mix because I actually like thongs and don’t mind if they send me one.

Now when you choose who the underwear are for (yourself or as a gift) there is a little box there that you can mention what your favourite styles are from their gallery. That will help them make you a happy customer. This is for first time customers only.

I love this little panty company from BC and I really am excited about such a fantastic coupon from them. $15 is a steal for quality underwear and I really hope that a bunch of our moosers take advantage of this deal either for themselves or for their loved ones.

For this and any future Panty by Post coupon codes watch our forum.

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December 11

PantyByPost: 20% off Exclusive Coupon Code + Panty Review!

Posted by on December 11, 2011 at 2:00 PM

PantyByPost: 20% off Exclusive Coupon Code + Panty Review!

As Anna mentioned before, is a Canadian premium panty boutique, based on Vancouver that offers a subscription service to underwear! I am a huge fan of lingerie so this service is totally up my ally. When given the chance to review it I jumped at the opportunity!

I received a mystery panty in the mail from PantybyPost after supplying just my size and address. It came very quickly in the most lovely package that fit right in my mail box, no trekking to the post office to pick up the parcel. The package inside was wrapped in beautifully decorated tissue paper. Upon opening it up I was delighted to receive the Serendipity panty (designer Blush) in a lovely white with black ribbon accent. The material was fab, one feel and you knew by the thickness and softness that this was a quality pair of underwear.

The entire experience was delightful, I would look forward to getting a pair as often as my budget (or my husband’s budget) allows! As women we often ignore our need to feel sexy and beautiful – and sexy underwear does that for me. We also tend to ignore basic hygienic rules: we can’t keep our underwear forever: if our underwear has holes, is worn, stained, if the elastic is starting to have ‘issues’: it needs to GO. I think a monthly subscription to underwear would keep a woman’s drawers fresh, new: and be something to look forward to!

The girls at PantybyPost graced us with a lovely exclusive 20% off coupon:

  • Discount: 20% off
  • Coupon Code: MOOSEBYPOST
  • Expiry: 24th, December 2011

When I tried it out on the big package (1 pair each month) it took around $39 off – which is the equivalent of shipping for the entire year. Keep that in mind. You are paying for a premium service, but if you price it out per month it is still a great deal.

I think this would make an excellent gift for Christmas “hey hun, instead of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, lets celebrate the 12 months of how sexy I think you are” and you could even get a pair or 2 just for putting in her stocking.

I love one of the notes they have and thought it would sum things up really well:

The secret to French women’s confidence? It’s all about what’s underneath!

PantyByPost: 20% off Exclusive Coupon Code + Panty Review!

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October 17

Coupon Codes for Cool Canadian Undies

Posted by on October 17, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Coupon Codes for Cool Canadian Undies

I want to introduce you to two sweet little underwear companies: The Candi Factory and Panty by Post. We have lovely discounts for both.

The Candi Factory: These people make ultra comfortable, pre-shrunk, don’t need to be babied undies. For men and women. They are a Canadian based company and also have some pyjamas hanging around as well. My favourite pair of underwear is their Green Sparrow for women and I adore the Stallion for the men’s underwear! Shipping is amazingly reasonable at $3 for orders up to and including $60 and $6 for orders $61+. On top of it we found this 25% off coupon (not sure if it works on the clearance stuff):

  • Discount: 25% off
  • Coupon Code: sweetspot
  • Expires: 21st, October 2010

So decorate your bum, and maybe your man’s at the same time too!

Coupon Codes for Cool Canadian Undies

Panty by Post: I LOVE this idea. You can buy for yourself or your loved one a subscription to panties. Yup: in the mail each month will come a lovely pair of bloomers for you or your woman to giggle over. They have tons of different subscription options as well as Bridal sets. The bigger the set of course the less the cost per pantie, also, the less the cost of shipping (per pantie). You can mix and match different styles, can let them pick the panties or make special requests from the gallery for ones you want. I did a mock up the 12x (year) bridal set and the shipping was just over $24, only $2 a pantie.. pretty good. What makes it better is this 50% off your subscription coupon.

  • Discount: 50% off your subscription (mens excluded)
  • Coupon Code: SS50
  • Expires: 21st, October 2010

So the bridal set (12x) worked out to $104 with the 50% off discount and tax, plus shipping was around 24 = 128 = a little over $10 per pantie. If you calculate it out it really isn’t that much and the quality is worth it! I so want a subscription!

Thanks sweetspot!

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