November 12

Dell Canada: 50% off 4 Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop High Capacity Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries

Posted by on November 12, 2013 at 9:30 PM

Dell Canada: 50% off 4 Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop High Capacity Pre charged Rechargeable Batteries

Power up over and over and over again with these Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries from Dell Canada.

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My grandfather always had rechargeable batteries. He had a big charging station that sat on his kitchen table and there were always batteries in it. The guy wasn’t really an environmentalist so I can’t imagine he had them because he was concerned about them being in the landfills. He didn’t have a ton of high powered devices that were constantly draining batteries. He was cheap. He was also loaded with cash. I’m not saying his uncompromising use of rechargeable batteries were solely responsible for his great wealth but, well, come on, why else did he always have those batteries?

Of course I’m kidding. My grandfather didn’t get money by using rechargeable batteries, he got money by being an executive at CN. He did, however, keep his money by doing things like using rechargeable batteries. I used to have a great set of (coincidentally) Sanyo batteries but they slowly disappeared. They never even stopped working. I just lost them. Now I’m buying regular batteries like a sucker and it’s kind of dumb. I’m definitely going to pick these up. They are only $12.99 for four AAs. That’s $12 off the original price of $24.99. As it turns out, $24.99 is also how much they are at some other retailers such as Amazon.

Shipping is free.

(Expires: 15th November 2013)

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February 23

Amazon Canada: Save $150 on a Panasonic Viera 42″ 1080p LED TV (Pay only $650)

Posted by on February 23, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Save $150 on a Panasonic Viera 42 1080p LED TV (Pay only $650)

On top of the fact that you’re getting a great TV, you’re also getting a great deal and FREE shipping! Amazon Canada makes dreams come true!

I did some looking around and most places are selling it for about $800, although I didn’t see a lot of places selling it online in Canada. The reviews from give it a 4/5 stars and there are a lot of people saying a lot of good stuff about the TV. Here is one I liked called “Exceeded expectations” by C. Reach

Really great TV. Perfect size for my office/studio. Picture quality is excellent. I calibrated the tv using settings I found with a quick google search. Sound is ok, but as with most flat screens it lacks a really impressive on board audio set up. Xbox 360 games look incredible. I’ve been playing Skyrim and Battlefield 3 and am blown away by the picture. I fired up amazon prime (through Viera Cast) and watched Troll Hunter in HD. Again, beautiful picture (and awesome low budget Norwegian movie).

As this is sold via Amazon you get free shipping in Canada.


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September 29 Panasonic VIERA 55″ LED 3D TV W/ 4 Pair of 3D Glasses for Only $1549 (Save $450.99)

Posted by on September 29, 2012 at 11:00 AM Panasonic VIERA 55 LED 3D TV W/ 4 Pair of 3D Glasses for Only $1549 (Save $450.99)

Panasonic and Amazon Canada have a great TV for you at a great price. Christmas is coming up and I’d be happy to get one of these under my tree, I’m sure your family would be too.

First off, let’s talk about the deal. The TV lists for $1999.99 but after a $450 discount you only pay $1549. I did some looking around and I found the TV at another Canadian retailer for $50 more, without the glasses. I don’t know exactly what glasses come with this unit but on the Panasonic site a pair of passive 3D glasses are $15 and I’ve seen them for as much as $30 per pair. That means that you are probably saving more like $110 to $170 over other Canadian Retailers.

My TV is four or five years old at this point but it does what I need it so I likely won’t get a new one any time soon. If I do, I’ll make sure I get a passive 3D set, only because the glasses are so much cheaper. I don’t really think I’ll use the 3D, though. I’ll only get 3D because, honestly, they all have 3D now. 3D was, at one point, a big feature but has settled shockingly quickly into a side note. It’s listed on the side of the box with the refresh rate and the number of HDMI ports.

It should be noted that you need a 3D capable blu-ray player to watch 3D blu-rays. The PS3 has been upgraded to do this (and does 3D games to boot) so don’t expect to toss in your original DVD copy of The Cable Guy and watch Jim Carrey kick Matthew Broderick’s door into your living room. Do your research, kids!

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