July 29

Pampers Gifts To Grow: Codes For 40 Free Rewards Points

Posted by on July 29, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Pampers Gifts To Grow: Codes For 40 Free Rewards Points

We were waiting such a long time for Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards Points codes to be released. Two weeks ago there were two codes released for a total of 15 free rewards points, and now there are four active points codes for a total of 40 free Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards Points. Here we were, all worried that Pampers wasn’t going to be releasing anymore free points codes. Pfft.

Even if you are not a parent, or if you are expecting a child, don’t pass up the opportunity to redeem these free points from Pampers Canada. You can accumulate points to redeem great rewards like photo gifts, gift cards, toys and so much more. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 15

Pampers Gifts To Grow Canada: Two New Codes For 15 Free Rewards Points

Posted by on July 15, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Pampers Gifts To Grow Canada: Two New Codes For 15 Free Rewards Points

It has been a while since more than one Pampers Gifts To Grow Points codes have been released at the same time. Today, two new codes have been released and you can claim 15 free rewards points to add to your collection. If you don’t already collect Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards points, it is never too late to start. Simply enter these two codes and you can claim 15 points to get you started, not to mention other points codes pop up quite frequently in our Bargainmoose forum.

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July 2

Pampers Canada: Print Coupons To Save A Total Of $5.50 On Diapers & More

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Pampers Canada: Print Coupons To Save A Total Of $5.50 On Diapers & More

When I do my monthly budgets, I sigh a little at the cost of diapers and other baby necessities. Thankfully my son has just started potty training, so hopefully the diaper expenses won’t last much longer. But for now, I appreciate that Pampers Canada has coupons & special offers available right on their website. If you are a Pampers fan, you will appreciate these coupons as well. In our house, we always use Pampers diapers and Huggies wipes. It seems to be the perfect combination for us.

Anyway, here are the coupons available on for your use to save money on diapers and other necessities:

  • $2 Off Pampers Diapers Swaddlers, Swaddlers Sensitive or Cruisers
    This coupon doesn’t include trial, travel size or value size so just keep that in mind when making your purchase.
  • $1 Off Pampers Diapers Baby Dry
    This coupon cannot be applied to trial, travel size, value packs, as well as gift and bonus packs.
  • $1 Off Ivory Snow laundry products
    Ivory Snow is the laundry detergent I used when my son was a newborn. This coupon can’t be applied to travel size, trial size, value, gift or bonus packs.
  • $0.50 Off Pampers Wipes
    I always found Pampers wipes too soapy or something. I preferred the Huggies wipes all along, but in a pinch I will buy Pampers wipes if I have to. Use this coupon if you purchase Pampers Wipes, but you can’t use this coupon towards bonus packs or trial/travel size packs unfortunately. I was hoping to snag a pack for inside my vehicle.
  • $1 Off Pampers UnderJams Pants Product
    Great timing! I just started my son with potty training and I was worried how I was going to prevent him from soaking his sheets every night in the future. He is doing well, but I know some children have a harder time at night than others. These Pampers Pants products look perfect. They go underneath your child’s pajamas so they are discreet.

So basically you just add the coupons you desire to your “shopping cart” and then click “print all your coupons”. You can use the coupons at any store. In total this time around you can take $5.50 off. Keep in mind that these coupons will only print once so if something goes wrong with your printer or your printer runs out of ink, then you will miss out on the discounts. suggests you test your printer before attempting to print these coupons.

You can view Pampers Canada coupons & special offers in our Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 23

Get 30 Free Gifts To Grow Points @ Pampers Canada

Posted by on May 23, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Get 30 Free Gifts To Grow Points @ Pampers Canada

Do you collect Pampers Gifts To Grow points? If you don’t you probably should. Once you have enough points you can trade those points in for some awesome freebies. Right now Pampers Canada has two separate codes available to get a total of 30 free Gifts To Grow Rewards points. These codes won’t last long, so enter them into your Pampers Canada account now.

I am a huge fan of the Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards program. Diapers are already pretty expensive and a huge cost involved with having a child. Reward yourself and your little one with freebies you can redeem once you have accumulated enough points. Entering the codes only takes a couple seconds, and the benefits are worth it. You can use them to redeem free items like photo gifts, toys, gift cards and other essentials.

Here are the two Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards Points codes that are available right now:

  • CMTY3819FRM2015 - 20 free Pampers points (expires tomorrow)
  • PRWELCOMEU10PTS – 10 free Pampers points (expiry unknown)

You don’t even need children to start collecting your free Pampers points. A friend of mine collects thousands of points every year just by watching out for these free points codes. She then redeems her points for gift cards and photo gifts to give for Christmas. I also previously used my points towards a gift card. Now I see they have a Dora toilet training seat available for 1000 points. Too bad I have a boy or I would use my points to claim that freebie.

Here are some of the other rewards that are available right now at

  • 500 points – Prints Package from Shutterfly
  • 750 points – Pampers Rewards Digital Downloads
  • 900 points – JJ Rabbit Ergo Fork + Spoon Set
  • 1200 points – $10 Gift Card Code
  • 1300 points – Step 1 Lil Bakers Cupcake Set
  • 7500 points – Micro Mini 3 in 1 Scooter

It is up to you if you want to use your points as soon as you can or use them towards larger valued items. Shipping and handling costs are all included, so you will literally pay nothing for these offers.

You can check out all of the Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards Points free codes in our Bargainmoose forum.

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October 1

Amazon Canada: Save On Select Economy Packs Of Huggies And Pampers Diapers | Was $51 Now $33 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on October 1, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Save On Select Economy Packs Of Huggies And Pampers Diapers | Was $51 Now $33 (EXPIRED)

Amazon is currently having a great sale on select economy packs of Huggies and Pampers Diapers right now, and it’s worth checking out. Most sizes seem to be available as of this posting, but they’ll likely be gone soon, so act quickly and get these while you can. One of the varieties that’s currently on sale is the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Economy Pack Plus – they normally sell for $50.99, but you can get them now for $32.33! You’ll also qualify for free shipping.

Here are the other varieties of diapers that are currently on sale at Amazon right now:

These aren’t some obscure branded diapers that are on sale – they’re Huggies and Pampers, some of the most familiar brands out there. With free shipping, this is a great deal. There are times when you’ll see these diapers go on sale at certain retail locations, but these are some really great sales (plus you won’t have to go anywhere to get these diapers from Amazon).

WalMart have these diapers on sale for the same price (as a part of their anniversary sale last week), but only certain sizes are currently available. However, Amazon currently has more sizes available (at the time of this posting). To compare, it would cost you $31.99 to purchase a much smaller box of Pampers Baby Cruisers (80 count) at Babies R Us, while you can get the bigger Pampers Cruisers Diapers Economy Pack Plus (152 count) for just $0.34 more.

I’ve included a brief review of the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers Economy Pack Plus from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

My little one has sensitive skin and from all of the diapers we tried for him swaddlers were the best at keeping any moisture off of his skin. I also think the aloe and vitamin E help keep his bottom nice and pink instead of red. I no longer buy any other diapers.

This sale may not be around for too long, so if you need to stock up on some diapers for your child, this is the perfect opportunity to do so while saving some cash. I hope you all enjoy your day today!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 22 $10 Off Pampers Super Packs – Now $24.99

Posted by on February 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM $10 Off Pampers Super Packs   Now $24.99 has a special weekend only deal on Pampers Super Packs. Regularly $34.99, the super packs are now on sale for $24.99.

I price compared these super packs with as they usually have the best price on diapers. Walmart sells the super packs for $29.97 so you are saving an extra $5 off their price. One of the super packs was a different price though: the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Super Pack sells for $32.87 at Walmart but at it is included in the $24.99 sale.

The following packs are included in the sale:

They have diaper super packs to cover your child from newborn to trained. A great time to stock up on diapers while they are on sale.

Shipping is free once you spend $25 at If you are a new customer then check out our forum for coupon codes. New customers can save $10 when they spend $40 at

(Expiry: 23rd February 2014)

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December 23 Canada: $12 off Pampers Economy Pack

Posted by on December 23, 2013 at 1:30 PM Canada: $12 off Pampers Economy Pack

There are so many different Boxing day and Boxing week sales coming out for stores that will save you money on clothing, electronics, but what about those everyday items you may need.  For just two days only at, you can save $12 on a pack of Pampers economy packs.

There are three different pack to choose from:

The packs range in size from size 1 diapers all the way up to size 6 diapers depending on which ones you want to purchase. My personal favourite is the cruisers diapers because with 2 boys in diapers, I don’t have time for leaks and these are great for no leaks. They also are not as stiff as some diapers are so they are more comfortable for the kids.

Since you get free shipping for orders of $25 or more, any Pampers pack you buy with this deal will also get free shipping.

(Expiry: 24th December 2013)

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October 10 Up To $13 Off Pampers Diapers

Posted by on October 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM Up To $13 Off Pampers Diapers

I’ve heard that Pampers has a new design coming for their diapers (or maybe just their boxes), so they are trying to sell out of their old style. I know there are sales at different stores, but has a good one. They are selling Pampers diapers at up to $13 off a box.

If you have a baby, I’m going to say you most likely need diapers. I have three boys and Pampers is what I’ve always used. I’ve tried other brands, but I found them hands-down the best for my boys. I have heard girls do better in Huggies, but I couldn’t test that out for you!

Just like brands, different kids do well in different types of one brand of diapers. For example, my oldest was a heavy-wetter. He needed a premium diaper and I found Cruisers to be the best for him so they didn’t leak. My middle son was a very light-wetter, so I could go down in cost and get him the Baby Dry.

All of my boys started off in Swaddlers, which I see now goes up to size 5, but my youngest is only in Easy Ups now.

Shipping is free when you spend $25 or more and this is a great sale to get stocked up.

(Expiry: 13th October 2013)

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June 12 Weekly Deals: Up to 35% Off

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 8:00 AM Weekly Deals: Up to 35% Off

Every week at, they have a lot of deals that will save you money on a variety of items.  This week, there seems to be even more deals than normal to save on.  Save up to 35% on various items with these weekly deals.

Here is a look at the deals you will find this week:

As for the cost of shipping, they usually offer free shipping for orders of $25 or more.

As an added bonus, if you are a first time customer, you can use our exclusive coupon code JUNEMOOSE10 to save $10 on your order when you spend $40 or more.

(Expiry: 16th June 2013)

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June 7

Great Freebies To Start Your Weekend

Posted by on June 7, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Great Freebies To Start Your Weekend

Bargainmooser Nicole sent me some great freebies to blog about this weekend and we all love freebies!

  • Get one of 5000 samples of A. Vogel Absolut Arnica gel (2g) here. This gel soothes muscles and joint inflammation and pain due to bruises and sprains. It also helps relieve the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis in the knees and hands. It is fast acting and non-greasy.
  • Get a free Superpowers Kit from Pampers Kandoo by completing four tasks to be on the Clean Crew.
  • If you love maple syrup (and I freaking love maple syrup), “Like” Clarks Maple Syrup on Facebook and get a free Clark’s recipe booklet. Mmmmm cooking with maple syrup is one of my favourite things to do.

(Expiry: Each freebie will expire when they run out of supplies so get them fast!)

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March 18 Save Up to $8 on Pampers Diapers & Wipes

Posted by on March 18, 2013 at 3:00 PM Save Up to $8 on Pampers Diapers & Wipes has some great baby sales happening right now.  Save money on both diapers and wipes until March 24th.

You will be able to save $5 on Pampers 5x wipes and save $8 on Pampers value pack for a limited time only. If you have little ones at home in diapers, you know how much this can add up.  I have two in diapers still and saving $13 total on both diapers and wipes would really help out the budget.

The value pack of wipes has 360 in it and the diapers will depend on what size you are purchasing.  As for the cost of shipping, it is generally free on orders of $25 or more. If you are a new customer, you can use our Exclusive Coupon code to save $10 on orders of  $40 or more.

(Expiry: 24th March 2013)

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November 6 Weekly Deals

Posted by on November 6, 2012 at 10:00 AM Weekly Deals

A new week means a bunch of new weekly deals over at  This week you will find huge selections of health and beauty items to choose from.

Here is a look at the weekly specials:

For the time being, is no longer offering free shipping on all orders which is a pretty huge bummer.  They have said that they tested this out and will finalize their decision in the near future.  Hopefully they will go back to the free shipping because it was a huge bonus for their website!

If you haven’t ordered from and this will be your first order, use the Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code MOOSE10DISCOUNT to save $10 on your purchase of $40 or more for new accounts. For all of the latest discount coupons, make sure to check out the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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August 9

Wagjag: $12 for a Pack of Pampers Splashers Diapers & a $10 GC (a $36.99 Value)

Posted by on August 9, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Wagjag: $12 for a Pack of Pampers Splashers Diapers & a $10 GC (a $36.99 Value)

Parents, check out this deal from Wagjag and Pay $12 for a voucher that will get you a Pack of Pampers Splashers Diapers & a $10 Gift Card. Awesome deal!

I found this in the illustrious city of Abbotsford. Here is some additional info you need to know:

The GC is redeemable on any future purchases, it does not seem to require a minimum purchase.

Over 1500 vouchers already bought, this deal is hot Hot HOT!

Expiry: 14th, August 2012 around midnight

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May 23 Coupon Code: Free Tub of Wipes with Pampers Diapers

Posted by on May 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM Coupon Code: Free Tub of Wipes with Pampers Diapers has a good sale on Pampers diapers right now and if you take advantage of it, you can also get a free wipes with this coupon code.

Here are the details for this coupon:

  • Coupon Code: FREEWIPES
  • Discount: Free Pampers Sensitive Wipes
  • Expiry: 3rd June, 2012

There is a maximum purchase of 1 per household but if you have friends that don’t need diapers or wipes you can get them to order a pack for you.  Choose from 3 different pampers value pack that are on sale to use your coupon and get the free wipes.  You can get Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers, Swaddlers, or Pampers Cruisers for just $29.99 (regular price is $38.99).  Each pack holds between 116 and 144 diapers depending on the pack and size.

We use Pampers at our house because I like they way they fit my kids and it is very rare when they leak compared to other brands.  It is great that they are on sale so the free tub of wipes is an added bonus!  Although the coupon doesn’t expire until 3rd June, the sale on the diapers ends 27th May so to get the best value make sure to pick up a pack before they go back to full price!

For all the latest coupons check out the bargainmoose coupon forum.

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January 25 Largest Box Of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers $42.99

Posted by on January 25, 2012 at 2:00 PM Largest Box Of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers $42.99

If you’re baby or toddler uses Pampers diapers, it’s stock up time as has the largest box of Baby Dry Diapers on sale for just $42.99.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers are available in sizes 1-6. The amount of diapers ranges from 276 diapers/box for size 1 to 140/box for size 6. The size 1 diapers work out to be $0.18 per diaper while the size 6 diapers work out to be $0.36 per diaper.

The price of $42.99 is for Baby Club members only. Non-members will pay $49.99 per box. Want to become a Baby Club member? It’s free to sign up and you’ll save 15% off diapers and more at So sign up before you buy this deal to get the best price.

Save yourself a trip to the store and get this giant box of Pampers delivered for free!

Expires: 29th January, 2012

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