January 31

Amazon Canada: Ouya Android Gaming Console & Media Server For Only $70 (Save $30 – EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 31, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Amazon Canada: Ouya Android Gaming Console & Media Server For Only $70 (Save $30   EXPIRED)

Ouya! Get it for only $69.99 at Amazon Canada!

It’s normally $99.99, so you’re saving $30. I don’t know if this is a sale or a price drop. Only time will tell, but the console is still selling for $99.99 everywhere else. The reason I think it could be a permanent price drop is that quite frankly, these things aren’t selling that great. It’s unfortunate because they are actually really great little consoles. I think they are just having trouble finding who their audience is, which is unfortunate because I really think their audience is everyone.

The reason it appeals to everyone is that everyone has a game on their phone. Maybe it’s just bejeweled, to play on the train to work, or maybe you’re rocking some in-depth RPG action. The Ouya can play your casual games or your in-depth games. Keep in mind that it has its own app store, so not every android game works on the Ouya, but there are a lot, and some of them are real headliners.

One game in particular, Chess 2: The Sequel, is so good that Wired Magazine actually said Chess 2 on its own is a reason to buy an Ouya. Now, I suspect there is a bit of native advertising stink on this article, but regardless of that, it looks like a good game. Check out the article on Wired.

I mentioned that this is a media server too; a ton of home media server people love this thing as a media server. It runs the popular XBMC media server, meaning you can play downloaded content on your computer. No more huddling around the computer to watch a downloaded movie or show, or some family pictures.

For $69.99 plus free shipping, this is a fantastic deal.

(Expires: Unknown)

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October 17

Amazon Canada: 50% Off 2nd OUYA Controller When You Buy The Console

Posted by on October 17, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 50% Off 2nd OUYA Controller When You Buy The Console

I feel like there should be a Macho Man Randy Savage but too soon, too soon. Instead, I’ll just tell you that you can get 50% off an OUYA controller when you buy the console.

When you go to buy the console, just add the controller to your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout. The controller is normally $49.99, but you’ll get it for $24.99. All in all, you will only pay $124.98 for the console and two controllers. That’s a great deal.

If my wife hadn’t specifically asked me to get her a new camera and gift cards for clothes this Christmas, I think I’d get her this. She isn’t a gamer other than an occasional bout of Sims 3 addiction and casual games on her Android phone. The OUYA is all about bringing casual Android games to your TV. There are almost 500 Android games that have been optimized for the OUYA, and more are always coming on board.

At $99.99 for a console and, with this deal, $24.99 for a controller, this is a great alternative gaming console. The PS4 and xBox One are expensive. If you don’t want to drop that kind of money on a console, the OUYA is a great choice. It’s also perfect for people who only do phone gaming. Casual gaming is a huge segment of the gaming world, and the OUYA caters to the people who are in that segment perfectly.

(Expires: 20th August 2013)

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October 10

Amazon Canada: Get a $25 OUYA Card When You Buy an OUYA Console

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Amazon Canada: Get a $25 OUYA Card When You Buy an OUYA Console

OUYA Baby! $25 OUYA Card when you get your OUYA from Amazon Canada!

The OUYA is an awesome console. Basically it’s an Android gaming console that hooks up to your TV. The games on it are some of your Android (and iOS and computer and console) favourites like Sonic CDSHADOWGUN and Sine Mora. The most annoying part about getting a new console is getting games. I’m getting a $400 PS4 in a few weeks here and after that I still need to drop at least $70 on a new game. And the console is brand new so there is going to be no used game potential on that.

But Amazon and OUYA are making it really easy to stock up. You get a $25 OUYA card so you can load up on some great games like I mentioned above or one of the almost 500 games that have already been optimized for OUYA so far. A lot of OUYA games are totally free too, but many have in-game purchases, which you can also use your OUYA card for.

The deal page from Amazon is a bit weird. You need to add the OUYA and the card to your card and the $25 will be taken off at checkout. Shipping is, of course, free.

(Expires: 13th October 2013)

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