January 29

Joe Fresh Canada: Fresh Expedition Puffer Was $229 | Now $75 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 29, 2015 at 9:48 AM

Joe Fresh Canada: Fresh Expedition Puffer Was $229 | Now $75 & Free Shipping

Winter jacket deals abound and this one from Joe Fresh is no exception. Regularly $229, get the Fresh Expedition puffer for only $75 and free shipping.

You may be wondering how I got the jacket down to the $75 price when you are seeing a price of $99.94. It does get a teeny bit tricky, but I know you can do it. Right now, Joe Fresh has a coupon code out for $25 off $100 when you enter in TAKENOTE. The problem is, this jacket falls just $0.06 short. What I did is fine something in the clearance aisles that would get me just over $100 and made it well worth getting this jacket! You’d have a total savings of $150, plus whatever you save on your clearance item.

I really love Joe Fresh jackets. My boys have one and so do I. They are very warm and totally stylish. This one has a shiny look to it, which tells me it could be water resistant as well. It is long enough to cover the bum, which I like because it keeps that part of me warm! On top of that it is not too long to make you look severely bundled.

If you want some ideas on items that you could pair along with this jacket to get the extra $25 off, check out this contrast accent tank that was $16 and is now only $2.94.

You could also head over the men’s section and grab this men’s number sweatshirt that was previously $39 and now only $9.94. I know my husband always appreciates when I spend $10 on him (and $100 on myself hehe). I’m just really giving like that.

Don’t leave the kids out either. My boys have quite a few button up plaid shirts, as I think they can look dressy, but still look cool for school. This kid boy’s plaid mix shirt is only $6.94, with a regular price of $16.

Shipping is free on a $50 purchase, so if you are getting the coat or using the coupon, you won’t have those charges on top either.

(Expiry: 1st February 2015)

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January 28

Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off – Now Just $88

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 8:15 PM

Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off   Now Just $88

Right now, Rudsak is offering an additional 20% off any order and browsing around their sale section, I found the Regina coat. It’s already on sale for $109.99, from an original price of $220 and further comes down to just $88 at checkout — that’s essentially a 60% reduction from its original price!

Prices are great, especially if you get something from the sale section but the only drawback is shipping. To have your order shipped for free, you need to spend at a least a minimum amount of $200, otherwise a $7.50 shipping fee will be added to the order. This doesn’t seem to be deterring many shoppers though as merchandise, especially those already on sale, is selling out quickly.

The Regina coat, featured above, doesn’t have much of a description except for the fact that it’s a puffer jacket. Its warmness for winter temperature is questionable but if anything, it could be perfect for milder temperatures, especially those of beginning spring or fall. It comes in a coral colour and is only available in medium or large.

There is more outerwear to choose from for either men, women and kids though, like the Ives jacket for men. Originally priced at $225, it’s now on sale for $95.99 and further comes down to just $76.80. It’s a light jacket that would be particularly well suited for wearing when travel, especially if you happen to take advantage of the Jetsetter promo code that Eva blogged earlier today. Keep in mind that only the XS and S sizes can be ordered online.

I’m a huge fan of Rudsak winter accessories and the Korina earmuffs instantly stood out to me. They come down to $16 from a sale price of $19.99 (reg. $45) and come in a black/green colour combination. The band is leather and the muffs themselves are made from rabbit fur. My hubby gave me similar ear muffs to these for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore them as they are super soft as these are bound to be as well.

Love scarves? Then I also spotted the Poka scarf in off white on sale for $15.99 (reg. $35). It gets reduced to just $12.79 and if you wrap it around your neck just like it’s featured on the picture, then it could look like a pair of angel wings. Rudsak Canada: Regina Coat On Sale $110 + Extra 20% Off   Now Just $88

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 17

Abercrombie Kids Girl’s Cozy Sherpa Parka Was $170 | Now $68 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 17, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Abercrombie Kids Girls Cozy Sherpa Parka Was $170 | Now $68 & Free Shipping

While we may have over-run you with winter coat deals such as the men’s Abercrombie deal earlier today, that’s because now is the best time to get your outerwear on sale. You really don’t want to wait until next November to pick up a coat for yourself or the kids, because you really will pay double. I found a fantastic deal on the ever-popular Abercrombie Kids website with this cozy sherpa-lined parka. It is regularly $170, but it is on sale for $85. Add the coupon code 20688 to get an additional 20% off and free shipping on $50 added to your order. This brings the coat down to $68. You’ll save the $15 charge you would have paid on shipping as well.

My kids aren’t quite old enough to be asking for name brand clothing yet, but I am afraid of the day that they do. Good thing for me and them, I am a bargain hunter and when I do buy them name brand, it will also be on sale. If your teen or pre-teen is all about Abercrombie, this coat deal would be perfect for her for next year. That is, of course, if your adolescent still wears a coat. I don’t know why it has never been cool (even when I was a kid) to freeze your butt off with no coat, no boots and no accessories!

This coat is fashionable enough that she’ll wear it even when her friends are in their t-shirts during -20 weather. The sherpa lining is also removable, so you don’t have to just wear it in winter, you could probably take it through spring too. The faux fur trimmed hood is also removable. When you are spending $70 on a coat, it is great that it can do more than one season.

I’ve linked you to the white, but I also see it in pink, red and black.

Abercrombie Kids ships from the U.S., but you’ll see all duties and custom fees at checkout, which means no nasty surprises at your door.

(Expiry: 19th January 2015)

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January 17

Men’s Wanika Falls Nylon Parka Was $295 Now $88.50 & Free Shipping @ Abercrombie & Fitch Canada

Posted by on January 17, 2015 at 8:09 AM

Men’s Wanika Falls Nylon Parka Was $295 Now $88.50 & Free Shipping @ Abercrombie & Fitch Canada

Over on Abercrombie.ca just now, there’s a super sweet deal on the Wanika Falls Nylon Parka for men. Originally priced at $295, you can currently pick up this great parka for only $88.50 along with free shipping to your home!

Use coupon code 10687 to get the Abercrombie parka for the above price. It’s a shame, but sizing is slightly limited. As I write this, that particular parka is only available in large or extra large. It’s a good deal if either of those sizes applies to you.

It’s also a pretty stylish jacket, and in my opinion it looks extremely warm as well. The faux coyote trim is removable, if that’s not your style. This parka also has STORM CUFFS, a term I’ve never heard of before! These are, “a tight-fitting inner cuff, typically an elasticized one, that prevents rain or wind from getting inside a coat.

The aforementioned coupon code actually applies to anything on site – you’ll get a 25% discount on anything, plus free shipping when your order totals $50 or more.

More Men’s Outerwear Deals

If the above parka doesn’t float your boat, have a browse round the Abercrombie & Fitch site, as there are a few more options that might interest you more. For example, this man’s Panther Gorge Parka is also $118, therefore down to $88.50 when you apply the above Abercrombie coupon code, also with free shipping too.

And while it’s not such a dramatic discount, this Newcomb Lake Packable Puffer Jacket was originally priced at $170, but with the coupon code you can get it for $82.50 with free shipping. It’s another one to consider.

For something a little brighter, this A&F Technical Weather Warrior was priced at $215, and it would be $80.62. It’s only available in large though.

Some Women’s Outerwear Deals

For ladies on the hunt for a bargain, my interest was piqued by this Ainsley Waxed Jacket which was originally priced at $275. You can now pick it up for only $82.50 with free shipping too. I’d love to buy this one myself, but cannot justify buying any more jackets!

For something a little more forward-looking (e.g. for the Spring), this Molly Nylon Parka was priced at $130, but it would be only $68.25!

Regarding shipping, as mentioned above, it is free on orders over $50. A&F ship from the US, but all taxes and duties are included at the checkout.

(Expiry: unknown, code expires 19th January 2015)

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January 16

Live Out There: Lole Women’s Alex 2 Pants Were $230 | Now $115

Posted by on January 16, 2015 at 10:06 AM

Live Out There: Lole Womens Alex 2 Pants Were $230 | Now $115

If you need a good pair of stylish winter pants for all your outdoor pursuits like tobogganing with the kids, skiing, snowshoeing and even just to keep warm on those frigid days, Live Out There has a great deal for you. Get the Lole women’s Alex 2 pants for only $115, with a regular price of $229.99.

I’ve really been interested in Lole, as I find them a great alternative to Lululemon with their fitness clothing, but they also definitely beat them with their outerwear. I saw a mom picking up her kids at school the other day in Lole winter coat and I though it looked amazing.

These snow pants also look amazing and I’m thinking of getting them to replace my 15-year old snowpants that sort of don’t do up at the waist. Hey, three kids later, what can I say?

I am loving the beaujolais colour, but those only come in the extra large. Black is only available in extra small. But the dark charcoal is available in medium and large. It looks all sizes are represented as they don’t seem to have size small in these pants, you just have to choose your colour based on your size. I think all look great.

Made from windproof and waterproof fabrics, these pants will do you the entire day long in the great Canadian outdoors. While I find it ironic that the model is wearing runners with these, they are meant for the coldest days. They’ve also got an adjustable waistband (yay for me!) and a zippered fly. You can fit what you need into the zippered pockets and know that it will stay there. They also have snow gaiters, and honestly, I don’t know what those are.

Checking around, I found these pants on sale at Lole for $161. Backcountry also sells them, but they are out of stock. I did though, find a review for these pants on BackCountry.

I wore these pants all last year skiing. I was warm and dry in all conditions. I love the pocket located lower on the leg – makes it really easy to access while riding the chair lift. wide waist band and adjustments on the side make for a great fit!

These pants will also ship to you for free, as Live Out There offers free shipping on all orders.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 16

Joe Fresh Canada: Print Quilted Winter Jacket Was $40 | Now $21 + Shipping

Posted by on January 16, 2015 at 9:34 AM

Joe Fresh Canada: Print Quilted Winter Jacket Was $40 | Now $21 + Shipping

Joe Fresh has a good clearance deal going on, with items that were up to 50% off, now an additional up to 30% off. In layman’s terms this means that they’ve reduced their clearance items even further. I found a sweet deal on a kid boy’s print quilted winter jacket that was originally $39 and now only $21.55. I’m getting on this for my oldest son who is going to be grown out of his current coat next year. You can’t beat $20 for a winter coat!

My youngest actually has a coat from Joe Fresh and I love the style of it. My only concern was that it says it is a winter coat, but it seems thin. He doesn’t ever complain he is cold, but I add an extra sweater under it just in case. This coat looks thicker than the coat my youngest has, as you can tell by the cuffs. All sizes except extra large are still available.

This is the perfect time to get your kids stocked up for next year. Why pay full price for a jacket in the fall, when you can pay less than half price right now? In my experience, my kids gain about one size each year, so I know I’ll just get my oldest a size 10.

If you’ve got a little girl, I see coats for her too. The girls print hooded winter jacket is also $21.55, with a regular price of $39. You can choose between pink or blue, but it looks like only the extra large is available in both sizes.

You might also be interested in boots for next year or maybe your child has grown out of this year’s boots. The kids boys strap boots are a phenomenal deal for only $10.75, with a regular price of $24, while the girls are selling for $11.86. They look warm and sturdy and the boys have a size 5 left and the girls have sizes 4 and 5. You might also want to check the toddler section for great deals on boots and coats.

Joe Fresh offers free shipping on orders over $50. If you just want the jacket and don’t want to get your total up to $50, you’ll pay $8 for shipping, which still is a great deal for the boots.

(Expiry: 18th January 2015)

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January 15

Altitude Sports Canada: Columbia Infant Frosty Freeze Bunting Was $80 | Now $38 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 15, 2015 at 10:33 AM

Altitude Sports Canada: Columbia Infant Frosty Freeze Bunting Was $80 | Now $38 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

If you are expecting or expecting to be expecting in the fall, you might need something to bundle your little one up in. Altitude Sports has a fantastic deal on the Columbia Infant’s Frosty Freeze bunting bag, regularly $79.99, on sale for $40, but if you use the coupon code CAA5AAA, you’ll get another 5% off, which brings your total down to $38. Also, if you become a member, you’ll get another 5% off.

If I was having a baby, I’d definitely be picking up this deal. Columbia is known for their warm outerwear and when you have a teeny infant, you want to keep them as warm as possible as they lose heat way faster than we do. This is the perfect all-in-one way to bundle them up for the great Canadian outdoors. I like that you can just put them in this and carry them from place to place and just unzip them if they fall asleep. Altitude calls it the “cocoon of warmth”.

The shell fabric is water resistant, so even in the rain, baby will stay dry. The interior fabric is made from faux-down insulation and has a plush fleece lining. You can fold the feet and hands over to keep them covered or uncover them when you need to.

There are limited sizes/colours for this – with the navy in 0-3 months and the groovy pink in 3-6 months.

Shopping around, I found this was the best price out there for this item. Sportchek is selling it for $54.99 and their sizes/colours are also limited. Columbia Sportswear is selling it for $59.99, although they do have the largest selection of colours and sizes. Cabelas has it at the highest price of $69.99.

Shipping is free on orders over $49, so you might want to find something for about $15 to get your total over the minimum for free shipping.

If you need an example, check out this Minigauge beanie, which was $27.99 and now $18.19.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 14

Jill Yoga Promo Code: 40% Off Winter Wear

Posted by on January 14, 2015 at 12:38 PM

Jill Yoga Promo Code: 40% Off Winter Wear

Get 40% off all boys and girls winter accessories at Jill Yoga with promo code. This is one sale where you’ll want to stock up.

Click here to shop @ Jillyoga.com now

  • Coupon Code: WINTERBLUES40
  • Discount: 40% off winter accessories
  • Expiry: Unknown

We are about halfway through winter (we hope!) and I bet your child may already be wearing mis-matched gloves. I stocked up like an insane mitten hoarder before winter for kids and even still, one of my kids was wearing a mis-matched pair of mitts this morning. Even though I buy labels and label everything, their mittens and hats go into the abyss of lost outerwear at their school. I’ve seen the lost and found there, and it is very scary. I looked through it, picking through the lost lunches and school bags and snow pants and wondered how it was possible for someone to lose those important items. How does a kid lose his boots? What did he wear home? Anyway, I have a lost mitten and hat problem and it is never going to go away, so I think I need to re-stock the drawers during this sale and not feel as bad because I’m getting 40% off.

I’m going to warn you that if you are still stocked, and might want to wait until March to find mittens when we get some anticipated cold spell, you will not be able to find a single mitten in any store. Take this from experience. Your kid will go to school looking like Michael Jackson with only one glove until they restock in August.

I am a big fan of mittens because I find they keep the hands warmer, and also of ones that are water-resistant. These polyester ski mittens for little boys are perfect and even have a side zipper so you know his hands are right in there, nice and toasty and dry. These were $14 and are now $8.40. For the girls, check out these neon coral girl’s ski gloves, that were $16 and now $9.60.

Hats may have taken up and left as well, so check out this girl’s ombre knit toque, regularly $14 and now $8.40. All of my boys wear trapper hats and I love them because they really keep their heads and ears warm. Regularly $20, these are now $12.

Shipping is free when you spend over $50, so get a few hats and a few pairs of gloves and you set. Check for all Jill Yoga promo codes in the forum.

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January 12

Quiksilver: Men’s Elion 3-in-1 Jacket Was $250 | Now $120 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 12, 2015 at 3:27 PM

Quiksilver: Mens Elion 3 in 1 Jacket Was $250 | Now $120 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

I think I just found the perfect all-season coat over at Quicksilver.  This 3-in-1 jacket will take up a third of the space in my closet.  Regularly $250, it is on sale for $200.99.  Add the promo code WINTER40 and the price drops 40% more to $120.59!

This is a very nice jacket made by Elion that can transform into a snow jacket, rain jacket or a lightweight shell.  I’m thinking this would be a great jacket for hiking here on the West Coast.  I could shed a layer if I was getting too warm or use the rain jacket with hood part if I ran into some rain.  Conversely, if I were heading back east right now, I’d be using all three parts and then some to keep warm.

You get the choice of either “Dusty Olive or “Phantom Black” colours.  I see right now the phantom style only has small and medium left in stock.  The olive style has all sizes from small to XXL still in stock so take that into account when you’re picking a style.

This is the perfect time of year to find deals on winter clothing.  Most places are trying to move their winter styles out for the spring styles.  This only benefits us, the consumers, that have been hanging in there looking for a good deal.  The sale at Quicksilver is not only for winter gear or clothing but has a nice mix of spring/summer too.

Make sure to take a look at their other items that are on sale.  They have items like:  beanies, skate shorts, T-shirts, belts, wallets, backpacks, just to name a few. You might also want to check the kids section to see what other hot deals Quiksilver has going on.

To go along with your jacket, why not get this Feel the Heat beanie as well. It is originally $22, on sale for $15.99 and is now only $9.59.

Shipping is free and delivered by Purolator. Because they ship from the U.S., you may encounter duties or fees, but these are all calculated for you right at checkout so you know what you are paying before you get that knock on your door.

(Expiry:  12th January 2015)

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January 9

Abercrombie & Fitch Men’s Pine Point Trail Sherpa Lined Parka Was $315 | Now $100

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Abercrombie & Fitch Mens Pine Point Trail Sherpa Lined Parka Was $315 | Now $100

I know I’ve been inundating you with coat and jacket deals for men and women lately, but there are just some really hot deals out there! Now is the time Moosers, to get your winter wear for next year, especially outerwear that is so heavily discounted. I found a very hot deal at Abercrombie in this Pine Point Trail sherpa lined parka, which was originally $315 and on sale for $126. Use coupon code 10686 to get another $25 off, bringing your total for this parka right down to only $101. That’s a savings of over $200!

On a cold and blustery day like it is today in Ontario, this parka looks like a win-win. With a longer length to keep you warm all over, it also has a face-framing hood with a faux fur trim. The sherpa lining adds that extra bit of warmth and coziness inside the parka. I absolutely love sherpa-lined clothing as they are so soft to wear and really do keep you warm without getting too hot.

The exterior of this parka is just as nice with storm cuffs and a drawstring waist. Every size is still available for this parka, which is olive in colour and just adds to that winter warm feeling.

If you wanted to get more bang for your buck, this coupon can do more for you than take off $25. It is actually a tiered coupon that will get you $15 off $75 and $40 off $150 as well. You’d do well to spend another $50 if you are getting this coat, because you’d get another $15 off on top, so you’d only really be spending another $25.

For example, if you wanted to be a good husband/boyfriend with Valentine’s Day approaching, you could get her this Janna Aviator jacket, which was $170, on sale for $85. Add it to your cart with the parka and you’d pay a total of $171 for both, with the total for the jacket coming down to $68.89.

Shipping is free on orders over $75 and even though they ship from the U.S., all duties and customs fees are included.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 8

Banana Republic: Men’s Quilted Jacket Was $300 | Now $80

Posted by on January 8, 2015 at 2:27 PM

Banana Republic: Mens Quilted Jacket Was $300 | Now $80

Have a got the deal for you if you are a man or a women seeking a jacket for a man. Get this very stylish quilted jacket from Banana Republic for only $89.55. Regularly $300, it is on sale for $175.99, but I can do even better than that for you. Use coupon code BRCSALE to get another 60% off! That brings your total down to just $90 and saves you $210!

While this jacket doesn’t really look like it would last on a day like today in Ontario, reading over the reviews, apparently it is a pretty warm jacket. One reviewer even said it was as warm as his North Face jacket. Other reviewers didn’t go quite that far, but said layered with a sweater, it could be good on a cold day with below freezing temperatures. Otherwise, you could wear it in the spring and fall with no issues.

I’m seriously considering getting this jacket for my husband who really doesn’t have a stylish jacket. I know he likes to look good, even when he’s just headed to Home Depot, but he has trouble shopping for himself. Could be the problem of having three kids always wanting to tag along, but that’s why shopping online with great deals like this are perfect!

Like I said, I read the comments over and they give a few tips about the jacket:

I’m glad I chose this one. Perfect for the fall and layered with a sweater works for the cooler climates. The fit was good but I always take in the torso as I like all my clothes fitted.


Keep you warm without the bulk. Very comfortable and stylish!

I found it interesting that the comments against this jacket were about the styling, which to me, you can clearly see. I guess the issue is that by buying online, you don’t see how it looks on you. But, looking at the model, I think it looks great! I laughed at the one guy who was sad it looked so good, his wife wanted her own.

Shipping will be free on this jacket as it exceeds the minimum purchase of $50, but it wouldn’t hurt you to have a look around and see what other items you can use the 60% off coupon on. Sixty percent is quite a large amount to be able to apply to items already on sale and I bet you could truly clean up!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 8

Eclipse Canada: Double Breasted Tall Colour Coat Was $90 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 8, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Eclipse Canada: Double Breasted Tall Colour Coat Was $90 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Yesterday I told you about this fabulous double breasted trench coat for men from Forever21. Ladies, don’t let the men get all the hot deals – get your own double breasted tall coat from Eclipse. Originally $89.99, it is on sale for $34.99.

I really love the look of this coat for warmer winter days and cooler spring and fall days. It really dresses up a pair of jeans, as you can see on the model. While all colours are on sale, the wine is the one that is $35 and the black and the taupe are $54.99, which is still $35 off. I actually prefer the wine as it is a striking colour of coat and you won’t be someone who blends into the crowd.

The coat has a wool look with two front pockets and a tall collar that keeps your throat protected from the cold. It is fitted throughout, so it is a flattering piece to add to your wardrobe. I like that the length is not too long, but not above the waist.

While Eclipse normally offers free shipping on orders over $50, use the exclusive coupon code MOOSE30 to get free shipping on orders over $30. If you were buying this coat without the coupon code, you’d pay $9 in shipping, which still would be a good deal, but not nearly as great as the one you get with the coupon added.

If you are looking for some skinny jeans to pair with the coat, or just because you need a sexy new pair of jeans, I found these Hydraulic Emma super skinny jeans that were $49.99 and are now $34.99. They will also ship for free when you use the exclusive promo code.

I also wanted to point you to the huge selection of dresses on sale at Eclipse, some of them that will be must-haves in your wardrobe for weddings, work and other formal events. I think this sleeveless chiffon party dress is absolutely gorgeous and a style you can wear over and over. It is $30 off, with a regular price of $69.99 and now $39.99 and with the coupon, will ship for free.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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November 25

Ardene Canada: Pre-Black Friday 50% Off Denim & Outerwear & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 25, 2014 at 4:50 PM

Ardene Canada: Pre Black Friday 50% Off Denim & Outerwear & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Ardene is having a pre-Black Friday deal which includes 50% off select denim and outerwear and they now have free shipping with no minimum.

Normally you’d need to spend $59 to get free shipping and right now you’ll get it with no minimum. So feel free to shop those deals and without abandon and not have to worry about what total you get to waive the shipping fees.

What I absolutely love about Ardene is that you can see the style of jean you might like and click the link to see all the jeans that match this style. For example, skinny is my favourite, although curvy looks great too, as it looks like it has a higher-rise (which means less of a muffin top).

What’s even better is that you can get jeans for less than $20 a pair, shipped for free to your home. That is crazy! I wonder what Black Friday will bring? But, for now, I’m going to get some jeans!

These distressed light wash regular rise skinny jeans are regularly $34.50 and now only $17.25. You will see the discount in your cart, but it will tell you when you click on each jean that the discount will be 50% off. Some jeans are buy two deals and those are not included in this deal.

Besides jeans, select outerwear is also 50% off. This means you can get a coat (not really for winter, but for the cooler days) for less than $20! This royal blue ultralight thermal hooded jacket is regularly $39.50, but in your cart it comes to $19.75.

They do have a sexy red and black plaid winter jacket on sale, because you know, it is winter, and it is a steal also! Regularly $79.50, get it for $39.75 for this pre-Black Friday sale.

Do you lovvvvve Black Friday deals? Don’t forget to check out our dashboard so you can keep on top of all the latest. You won’t regret it.

(expiry: 25th November 2014)

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November 24

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Calvin Klein Gift Set Only $30 (Save $58) Today Only (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 24, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Calvin Klein Gift Set Only $30 (Save $58) Today Only (EXPIRED)

Hudson’s Bay has been coming out with some pretty hot one-day deals lately. Today’s deal is on a 3-piece Calvin Klein gift set that includes a hat, scarf and touch gloves for only $29.99, with a regular price of $87.99! They also have all Calvin Klein puffer coats on for $99.99 – $119.99, with regular prices of up to $319.99.

I’m in love with this deal. I have a bit of a hat fetish lately and I think I should have been born in England as I’d wear a fascinator every single day! One of the only things I love about winter is being able to wear fashionable hats. I love this Calvin Klein set that comes with a pretty hat, touch gloves and the matching scarf. Ever tried to text in regular gloves? Just doesn’t work!

There are nine colours to choose from, including red, black, purple, almond and more. These would make a great set for yourself, but also is perfect as a gift. Who doesn’t need a hat, gloves and scarf when they live in Canada. I love that this gift is practical and pretty.

I find it very interesting that the Calvin Klein puffer coats are on sale, as I was shopping with my mom yesterday and she tried one on. She might be much more interested in getting one now that they are at a much lower price.

There are four styles available with the shorter ones being $99.99 and the longer being $119.99. I’m actually considering getting a shorter one for myself, as I have a long puffer, but sometimes it is nice to have a choice. These aren’t bomber short, but just the right length and not to your knees.

I also like that all have a faux fur hood or trim, as it adds a bit of extra style and warmth.

Shipping is free when you spend $99 or more, so grab a coat and a gift set, or a few gift sets for friends and void those shipping fees.

(expiry: 24th November 2014)

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November 23

Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @ Sportchek.ca!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @ Sportchek.ca!

Any Moosers on the hunt for a new jacket? There’s a great half-price deal on this men’s Columbia Shredinator Jacket from Sportchek Canada’s online store. Regularly priced at $179.99, you can grab it for only $79.99 just now.

Use Sportchek promotional code AFS4913 which gives you free shipping on any order of $49 or more. Usually, you only get free shipping on a $99 spend, so if you are buying this item on its own, make sure to use the coupon code to save $9.95 on your regular shipping costs.

A quick blurb to tell you about what kind of jacket you’re getting:

This waterproof, insulated jacket has all kinds of powder-friendly features to keep you toasty and dry on the slopes, or wherever your winter excursions take you.

It sounds like it’s a nice and warm, waterproof coat.

While the title of this item is “Columbia Shredinator Jacket Mens,” I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t have to be used by any particular gender. It’s quite a nice jacket and I think it could be worn by either men or women. The only issue I’d foresee with this would be chest sizing. As it’s a men’s jacket, the chest won’t exactly be custom-fitted to the larger-bodiced ladies… but for someone like me, that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve only got a handful, so they’d fit in just fine. Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @ Sportchek.ca!

As for the colour choice, I’m only picturing the black and blue in the image above. In those colours, the jacket is available in a plethora of sizes so you should have a good choice there. However, the jacket also comes in red but it’s only available in size 2XL. If you want the red and that sizes fits, then fire away!

If you did buy the Columbia Shredinator Jacket and you weren’t enamoured with the colour or the fit, you can return or exchange it at your local Sportchek store, which is very handy.

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