January 30

Amazon Canada: Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox Was $112 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 30, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Amazon Canada: Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox Was $112 | Now $59 (EXPIRED)

Spring has sprung! Ok, it hasn’t, but in a few days the local groundhog will tell us whether we’ll be suffering through six more weeks of winter or not. Be prepared ahead of that pesky groundhog and get your yard ready for spring. Amazon has the Step2 Naturally Playful sandbox on sale for $59.12, from a regular price of $111.99.

If you have little kids, a sandbox in their backyard is a dream. I know, because I’ve had a few. When my older kids were toddlers, we had something just like this, which was perfect for them to play in for hours. I could put the lid on at the end of the play session, to ensure local cats weren’t making it a litter box and to keep out water. I eventually moved to a house that had a built-in sandbox and sold the old sandbox for a good price at a garage sale. These things keep their value.

This one from Step2 holds up to 200lbs of sand and has a natural look that won’t clutter up your landscaped yard. It even has little molded seats for the kids who don’t like to get right in there and get dirty. My kids liked getting dirty, so they sat right in the sandbox.

It has great reviews on Amazon, all the moms and kids love it:

Thoroughly researched sandboxes for my 2-year old and this one came out on top, not disappointed. Large enough for him to play in, small enough to fit on our deck… The lid is designed to shed water (other sandboxes with flat lids will collect/pool water), we’ve had a few summer storms and no water has gotten in and soaked the sand.

I of course price compared on other sites and Amazon’s price came out on top. Walmart has a similar, although not as nice looking, sand box on for $69.93, which is the second lowest price I found it for. Amazon’s price is $10 cheaper. Sears has the same one as Amazon selling for $99.99.

Amazon will also ship this sandbox to you for free as well, so that’s a nice bonus to get you ready for the warmer weather ahead. If sand isn’t your thing, I’ve also seen it where parents have filled it up with other sensory items – rice for example – and kept it in their basement playroom.

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January 4

Clearance Tents From $34 @ Walmart.ca & Free Shipping!

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Clearance Tents From $34 @ Walmart.ca & Free Shipping!

The other day, when bumping this post about the Ventura 9 Piece Family Camp Combo for $75 from Walmart (which is now available again, by the way), I noticed that there were a number of other tent deals on their clearance pages. Some items have been reduced to clear so there will be limited stock, and all of these tents come with free shipping from Walmart.ca too.

If you click the above link, you’ll see some of the regular priced tents as well as the clearance ones. I’m going to highlight the best offers that I can see on site. Here they are:

Ventura 10ftx 8ft Family Dome Tent was $69.97 now $50 & free shipping – this tent has just the one compartment and sleeps 5 people (pictured top right).

18’ x 9’ x 70” HYBRID FAMILY DOME TENT was $148 now $95 & free shipping – this is a big one (pictured on the bottom of the image above)! It’s reported to sleep 10 people.

Jack Wolfskin Yosemite II Tent was $300 now $195 & free shipping – this seems to be a more expensive brand name when it comes to tents (sorry, I don’t personally know a lot about outdoor stuff)! It’s a 2 person real dome tent. Ignore the “assembled product dimensions” on the Walmart page, this tent is definitely longer than 24” when assembled. Clearance Tents From $34 @ Walmart.ca & Free Shipping!

Honourable mention: the Ventura 9ft x 8ft Sport Dome Tent (for 4 people and pictured top left) is not in the clearance section but it’s a steal for only $34 with free shipping from Walmart. If you’re looking for a basic tent for a young kid, this could be just the ticket. It’s got limited stock online, so it may not last for long at this price.

Price Comparing

Because I am mentioning a wide range of styles and brands in the post above, it’s up to you to check out each individual price before you buy. For example, comparing to tent deals sold by Amazon.ca or on Canadian Tire, you can have a glance at similar models and compare the costs. I believe that the Ventura brand may possibly be unique to Walmart, I can’t see it anywhere else online in Canada, so it’s hard to compare like for like on these particular models.

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January 2

Ventura 9 Piece Family Camp Combo Only $75 @ Walmart Clearance! Quick!

Posted by on January 2, 2015 at 1:45 PM

Ventura 9 Piece Family Camp Combo Only $75 @ Walmart Clearance! Quick!

BUMP – now down to only $75 & free shipping from Walmart! And as it is in the “clearance” section, it may not last long as this price.

If you are looking to spend sometime under the stars this coming summer, take a peek at this Ventura 9 Piece Family Camp Combo at Walmart, a great deal at $97.94 only $75!

This camping set comes with everything you need to enjoy a good night sleep in the great outdoors this summer. In addition to the 6 person tent, it also comes with 1 sun shade, 2 adult sleeping bags, 2 travel sized pillows & 2 folding chairs.  The sleeping bags are rated for -45 degrees. Like all tents, it also comes with a rain fly (partial) that allows for better ventilation and movement of air inside tent.

The 6 person tent is ample room for a family of 4-5 with room for storage and is rain resistant, always a plus just in case. The manufacturer has recommended 2 people to assemble or disassemble.

Although I haven’t personally used this tent, at this price if you were to get two seasons out of it, then it was money well spent.

One item that is included that I think you could put to good use outside the campgrounds is the sun shade. If you coach soccer or if your child plays soccer, you know how hot it can get on the sidelines. I’ve noticed more and more of these popping up at the local soccer pitches and I think its a great idea. It keeps the sun off the players and gives them a common area to congregate.

Another spot I think the sun shade could come in handy is the beach. Its always nice to be able to create a little bit of shade when your planning on spending the day by the surf.

The majority of the reviews on this product are very positive, like this one:

Bought this as a Father’s Day gift for my husband. He took our son camping and loved it. Tent was bigger than expected!

As always, Walmart offers free shipping with no minimum required.

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October 12

WalMart Canada: Hometrends Maygrove 3-Piece Endurowood Balcony Dining Set | Was $184 Now $100

Posted by on October 12, 2014 at 11:30 AM

WalMart Canada: Hometrends Maygrove 3 Piece Endurowood Balcony Dining Set | Was $184 Now $100

For those that want, need, or crave a new bistro set, keep reading this article. WalMart is currently having a clearance sale on their Hometrends Maygrove 3-Piece Endurowood Balcony Dining Set – it normally retails for $184, but you can now get this 10-piece patio set for only $100! That’s right – you’re saving $84 with this deal! Best of all, you’ll also get free shipping!

The Hometrends Maygrove 3-Piece Endurowood Balcony Dining Set is perfect for your patio, balcony, or backyard. With this set, you’ll get 2 chairs and one table. It has a great faux wood appearance, and is constructed with heavy-duty steel. You can learn more about this balcony dining set by clicking on the link above.

This looks like a very nice little bistro set. It has everything you’d need to relax on your balcony, and I’m considering picking this up for my condo (it would be great for the balcony). When I visit my brother, it’s nice to be able to have a meal outdoors when he has multiple visitors, thanks to his patio set. However, when you’re living in an apartment building, these bistro sets are perfect for those mornings where you want to have a nice breakfast on your balcony. It’s a great way to start your day!

If you were to purchase a 3-piece aluminum bistro set from Wayfair, it would cost you $149.65. Lowes also has a 3-piece bistro set for $167. I’ve included a brief review of this Hometrends Maygrove 3-Piece Endurowood Balcony Dining Set from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

Well made and great quality. Great price and quick delivery. Great online shopping experience.

If you’re looking for a nice balcony dining set that won’t break the bank, you should consider checking out this deal. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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October 1

WalMart Canada: Super Fun 8 Station Swing Set On Clearance | Was $298 Now $200

Posted by on October 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM

WalMart Canada: Super Fun 8 Station Swing Set On Clearance | Was $298 Now $200

If you’ve been looking for a decent swing set for a reasonable price, your search may be over. WalMart is currently having a clearance sale on their Super Fun 8 Station Swing set, which you can now get for $200. It normally retails for $298, and a similar set actually costs $355.50 US (plus a whopping $76.99 for shipping) on Amazon’s American website. What makes this deal at WalMart especially enticing is the fact that you’ll also get free shipping!

Like its name implies, the Super Fun 8 Station Swing Set is meant to be used by up to 8 children at a time. The size of this set is  214.5″ x 102.25″ x 72.25″, and it can withstand up to 800 lbs in total. The Super Fun 8 Station Swing Set includes a glide rider, flying saucer, two swing seats, a rocking horse, and a 6ft wavy slide. You can see more details about this product by clicking here.

When I was a young child, my neighbour had a decent swing set. It had 2 swings, a slide, and a rocking horse, and that was all we needed to have a good time. It encouraged us to be active, and let’s be honest – being on a swing today is almost as fun as it was when I was a kid (as long as I can find a swing that’s big and sturdy enough to support me)!

This set has a myriad of goodies that will certainly keep many kids satisfied and entertained. Even though it’s starting to get colder now, this set would be great to assemble when we see the Spring season again!

I’ve included a brief review of this Super Fun 8 Station Swing Set from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

We bought this swing set for our grand kids they love it ! It went together quickly and easily . It came very quickly and the delivery service called ahead of time to help with the ease of the delivery .

This likely won’t be in stock for very long, so check it out now before it’s gone. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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September 16

Walmart Canada: HomeTrends Pergola Only $200 & Free Shipping

Posted by on September 16, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Walmart Canada: HomeTrends Pergola Only $200 & Free Shipping

With the cooler weather ushering itself in, summer items are going on clearance. This means it is a fantastic time for you to pick yourself up pretty much anything you’d need for a hot, sunny day at a discount. I found this HomeTrends Summerhouse pergola at Walmart for only $200, with a regular price of $396. That’s almost $200 off the regular price. Even better, this fairly large and heavy item will still ship to you for free.

I spent quite a bit of time in my backyard this summer, as probably did most of you. The sun hits my backyard around noon until it goes down. I bought an umbrella for coverage for the sun, but it just hits in the wrong spot that my umbrella does absolutely nothing. A pergola would be so much better as it gives coverage from the top and sides.

This Hometrends pergola looks very stylish and durable at the same time. It has a black steel frame with beige and white fabric. The fabric covers the top and the sides and the side fabric is adjustable, which I love, because you can decide if you want the sun on you or if you want to block it out. This also allows for added privacy, like when you have people over and your nosy neighbour likes to sit on his deck and see what you are doing. I’ve had a few of those!

When I tried to price compare, I could find nothing with this low of a price in pergolas, whether steel or wood. The closest I came was a steel pergola without privacy shades for over $400. I’m thinking the regular price was the lowest price around already, and the clearance price makes it quite the steal.

My first thought when something is so low-priced is wondering if I’m buying junk. Well, that’s where the review section comes in handy. Reviews are mixed but there is an overall customer rating of 3.8 stars, so I think this is a worthy enough item. The general consensus is that it is durable, but difficult to put together and the bars holding the canvas won’t survive a storm.

We love this Pergola now that is finally erected. The only problem we had was the poor instructions that came with the unit. We had to take a portion of it apart and start over, but after figuring it out ourselves we were able to complete the project.

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June 23

Home Depot: Sunjoy Fiji Bar Set (Now $460, Was $549)

Posted by on June 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Home Depot: Sunjoy Fiji Bar Set (Now $460, Was $549)

Create a retro backyard oasis with a Sunjoy Fiji Bar Set from Home Depot Canada, now only $460 (reg $549). Available online only.

Home Depot offers one item each day in what they call the “Hammer Drop”.  Each item is only available for 1 day and only while quantities last. Today’s Hammer Drop item is a Sunjoy Fiji Bar Set, which features two stools, built in wine glass hangers and two behind the bar shelves, as well as weather resistant fabric.

My neighbours bought this same set last year when they installed their pool. I thought it was a fun little touch of whimsy but wasn’t too sure really how much use it would get. I noticed that at each BBQ or get together they did in fact put it to good use. Not just for beverage serving but also as a spot for condiments and toppings on the bar top, as well as for storing outdoor plates, utensils and napkins in compact plastic bins behind the bar on the shelves. This way the basics were at their fingertips. They also added plastic beverage dispensers to the bar top for guests to self-serve, versatile for both children and adult beverages. On one occasion, for a surprise 40th, the tiki bar was manned to serve as a traditional bar. So, as you can see this bar set can really be put to good use.

I shopped around to see if I could find a better price on this item, but it appears as though it’s only available at Home Depot. However what I did find is that compared to other bar sets this item truly is a steal. For example:

Shipping is only $39 for this item. However, the expected delivery date for me is a bit of a disappointment at 3-4 weeks.

(Expiry: 23rd June 2014)

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June 21

Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Step 2 – Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table (Was $99, Now $49.99)

Posted by on June 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Step 2   Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table (Was $99, Now $49.99)

Pick up this Step 2 Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table at Toys R Us Canada this week for just $49.97 (reg $99).

This Sand & Water Table is a great addition to your backyard, no matter the size. It offers a wide range of possibilities for your child: don’t let the product name hold you back. I was personally never a big fan of putting water on one half and sand on the other…mud pies are inevitable when you put both of those elements in such close proximity. Don’t get me wrong, mud pies are fun, but there is a time and a place.

Some alternative combinations for this table are: water on both sides, sand on both sides, water with an abundance of bubbles, a variety of rice on one side and dried legumes on the other….that’s right, you heard me. These are both cool textures for kids to explore (you can even dye the rice different colours with food colouring). I have even made a whack of Goop for the kids to explore with this table.

In the winter I have brought this table inside for play; it really is versatile if you think outside the box. For outdoor play, I really like the umbrella that is included for both practical reasons and the cuteness factor. You can find plenty of reviews on this product like this one:

I have three children and they all really enjoy this toy. It’s fun play for hours, especially on a hot day Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Step 2   Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table (Was $99, Now $49.99)

I shopped around and didn’t find a comparable price anywhere. You can find a similar but more expensive version at Amazon.ca.

Toysrus.ca is also offering a few other outdoor gems this week, such as these the Step 2 playhouses:

Since all of these items are over $25, shipping will be free!

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June 16

Walmart Canada: Jack Wolfskin Yosemite II Tent On Clearance – Now $195 (Was $300)

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 9:08 PM

Walmart Canada: Jack Wolfskin Yosemite II Tent On Clearance – Now $195 (Was $300)

Here is your chance to scoop up a great deal on a 2-person Jack Wolfskin tent at Walmart Canada! While supplies last, this Jack Wolfskin Yosemite II Tent was originally priced at $300 and is now only $195.

This two-door, entry level tent is a great beginners tent. My husband and I started camping many years ago with a tent very similar to this. Of course as our family grew, so did our shelter, however our 2-person tent saw us through many trips to Algonquin, the east coast and various provincial and KOA style campgrounds.

Two features these tents offer that I feel you want to consider when shopping for a smaller 2-3 person shelter are storage pockets on the inside and a semi-shelter at the front.  Although these are not necessarily must-haves, these features make a huge difference when you are talking about drastically reducing the amount of living space you will be acclimatizing yourself to, even for a couple of nights. Small tents such as these don’t offer a whole lot of space for gear etc., on the inside, and therefore you won’t have ready access to your pack or storage bins especially late at night. So depending on where you’ve decided to camp,  having a few inside pouches to store flashlights and other small necessities that you will want to easily access from inside make a difference.

Also, I’ve always found that having a small privacy screen just outside your tent allows you to store a few more items close to “home” but not necessarily inside the tent. Again, you will need to take into consideration where you are camping and base what you leave in your tent or within arms reach on what wildlife resides nearby, however my husband and I would leave our footwear in this area and we also found this little fly provided just the right amount of privacy when getting changed that we could open up the tent door in the morning or at bedtime without feeling exposed.

Although I was unable to find very many price comparisons, you can see that Walmart Canada’s price is a steal compared to the same model found at La Cordée where the regular price is $349.99.

Walmart Canada is also offering two other Jack Wolfskin tents on clearance. If you are looking for a roomier tent they are offering the same style but in a 3-person format for only


As always with Walmart Canada, shipping is also absolutely free!

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June 16

Costco Canada: Bridgeport 4 Seat Glider Only $729 ($140 off)

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Costco Canada: Bridgeport 4 Seat Glider Only $729 ($140 off)

This deal is really exciting for me as I’ve been eying up this glider for a short while. Get $140 off the four-seat glider from Bridgeport at Costco.ca until June 29th, and it will ship for free. Pay only $729.99 now, with a regular price of $869.99.

I’m moving shortly and looking to furnish my backyard. Right now we have three cheap chairs that really need to go out to the curb and I want something more fun and better looking to sit on. When I was young, my family had porch swings, which I loved and remember the great memories of sitting with family on the swings. I then bought myself one and I have great memories and photos sitting on that swing through the years. This glider is like a two-in-one, because I need something we can eat and play games on, but it also has the gliding function so I can relax on it and read a book or cuddle with one of my kids.

My only issue with it is that I have three kids, so the three of them will have to squish into two seats together. I know this glider is also good quality with a durable aluminum frame, PVC-coated polyester mesh and a waterwave glass table top. I love that it has the canopy over it to keep you in the shade and that you don’t have to put it only on a deck, it works well also in a back corner of your garden. It comes in either charcoal or bronze, which are both dark colours that will complement any yard.

What I love about buying things from Costco online is that the shipping is included. A large item like this might cost quite a bit to ship, but you don’t have to worry about that. I also love their return policy, which is usually no questions asked, even if you had put this together and taken it apart, they will let you return it as they have a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.

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May 24

Shop.ca: Porch Swing Only $139

Posted by on May 24, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Shop.ca: Porch Swing Only $139

Get yourself a fabulous porch swing for 40% off from All Things Cedar at Shop.ca. Add our coupon code to the sale price of $149 and you’ll get it for $139. It will ship to you for free.

I price compared this porch swing and found it at a few stores with a $200+ price tag, including at the All Things Cedar store, where it sells for $219. Shop.ca has the regular price set at $249.

There is just something about a swing that is so nostalgic and comforting. My Nana had one in her backyard and I used to sit on it with her and my aunt, and I could have stayed there all day with them. It is one of my favourite memories from my grandparent’s backyard. I bought myself my own swing a while back and it got so much use through my pregnancies, with small babies, while I sat and watched my toddlers play in their little swimming pools until it finally bit the dust and we got rid of it. I now need a new one badly. If I had a porch or a pergola that could hold this swing, I would be all over this baby.

It is made out of western red cedar, which is the best kind of wood for this type of furniture. It has sanded and routed edges and zinc plated hardware. The seat size is 44″ wide by 19″ long. Imagine the memories you could create sitting on your own porch swing, reading a book, cuddling with family or just watching nature. I love how they did the swing up on the All Things Cedar site, with pillows and cushions.

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May 20

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

With spring in full swing, and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to occupy the kids during their long summer break. Taking them on road trips or to the waterslides are always fun things to do, but here are a few cheaper ideas to keep them entertained for hours right in your backyard.

Tree Stump Tic-Tac-Toe

When I was growing up there was this huge tree stump in the middle of my family’s backyard. I sure wish we had thought to convert it into a giant outdoor tic-tac-toe board as shown on DIY Follow. All you need is a sharpie, a few rocks, some paint, and you’ve got hours of fun for practically free.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Stone Hopscotch Course

Do you have stone or cement steps in on your front and back lawn? All you need is a bit of chalk (or paint if you want to make it more permanent) to turn those boring steps into your very own hopscotch course.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Wooden Pallet Lemonade Stand

I, like many other people I’m sure, have such fond memories of manning my own lemonade stand as a kid on hot summer days. That being said, none of my lemonade stands ever looked as cool as this one. Jill from the blog I Know the Plans I Have for You shares step-by-step instructions on how to build your own lemonade stand with a just few wooden pallets, some paint, and a bit of elbow grease. With this impressive set up, I think kids will be able to charge customers more than the standard 25 cents per glass.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Kiddie Car Wash

Sprinklers are great if you don’t have a pool and the kids want to cool off, but why not go one step further and build your own kiddie car wash? Amanda from A Few Short Cuts gives detailed instructions on how to make one in your own backyard, and even better she also includes frugal building tips too.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Princess Castle

If camping isn’t an option this summer, how about some glamping in your backyard? This would have been a dream for my sisters and I when we were younger, so if you have some little princesses in your family, you may want to take a page out of Lorraine from I Kat Bag’s book.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Outdoor Twister

Last but not least, if there’s a patch of grass you don’t mind painting for the season, this outdoor twister idea will take you a just few minutes to make while giving you endless fun for the whole family. Don’t have a twister spinner handy? Not a problem. You can download the app for iOS for just $0.99 or for Android for free.

Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

Bargainmoosers, what fun backyard activities do you do with your family in the summer?

(Image credit: ND Strupler)

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May 20

Sears Outlet Canada: Tasco Waterproof Roof Prism Binoculars Only $55 (Was $130)

Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Sears Outlet Canada: Tasco Waterproof Roof Prism Binoculars Only $55 (Was $130)

Get outside and watch birds, boats or people with these Tasco waterproof 12×50 roof prism binoculars, which are clearance priced at only $54.94, with a regular price of $129.99. I tried to price compare but really couldn’t find this model of binoculars anywhere else, but it is a fantastic price for this type, as you can see with about 60% off.

I think a good pair of binoculars is a thing everyone should have. You really never know when you might need them or want them. If you like to explore the great outdoors, these are perfect. Yesterday I took my kids for a walk to the pond by our house and discovered a new family of Canada Geese. The parents had 10 goslings with them. Unfortunately, they were on the other side of the pond. We gazed at them as best we could, but it would have been cool to hand my kids over a pair of binoculars and let them see the goslings up close. They are really cute!

These binoculars have 10x magnification, a bright 50mm objective lens and twist-up eyecups so you can use them with eyeglasses or without. A carrying case is also included too.

Shipping is free when you spend over $99, so you might want to see what else there is the outlet store to pique your interest and save yourself those costs (or just pay them).

Photo credit: Jyrki Salmi

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May 7

Live Out There Canada Promo Code: $25 off $100

Posted by on May 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Live Out There Canada Promo Code: $25 off $100

Live Out There Canada is offering an awesome promo code, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen one from them. Good thing for us, it is also a good one! Spend $100 and you’ll get $25 knocked off your total with coupon code.

Click here to shop @ Liveoutthere.com now

  • Coupon Code: ETAIL25
  • Discount: $25 off
  • Expiry: Unknown

The only caveat to this coupon code is that it is for new subscribers only, so if you’ve ordered from them before, it might not work for you. But, you could always create a new account and send the order to your Mom. Don’t tell anyone I said that though. Live Out There Canada Promo Code: $25 off $100

Like a good Mooser, I always try to use promo codes on sale merchandise to get me the biggest bang for my buck. Luckily, right now Live Out There is offering 20% off Arc’teryx men’s and women’s spring 2014 clothing. This men’s atom LT jacket is already $40 off and offers a lightweight and insulated feel that will keep you warm in all Canadian temps. Originally $199.99, on sale for $159.99, add the promo code at checkout and pay only $134.99.

You could also check out Live Out There’s Deal of the Day, which today is offering 35% off women’s flash short sleeve half zips.

As an added bonus, everything you buy ships for free. Keep an eye on the forum for more Live Out There coupon codes to come.

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April 19

Go Gear Canada: Over 40% Outdoor Research Jackets & Gloves

Posted by on April 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Go Gear Canada: Over 40% Outdoor Research Jackets & Gloves

If you don’t know Outdoor Research, they are a company that makes being outside their life goal. They make very good quality outdoor clothing, whether it be for skiing, hiking, camping or just being in nature. Outdoor Research items can be pricey because of their amazing quality, so getting 40% off makes it a must-have.

Note that you have to be logged in to see the prices, which just takes entering your email and adding a password, and it is all free. As I do with every sale, I price compare the brand at other stores and I found that these are wildly low prices compared to elsewhere.

Take this men’s Foray jacket with just too many features to list. Go Gear is selling it for $139.99, with a regular price of $250.00 I found it at Outdoor Research (U.S.) for $215, at Altitude Sports for $249.99 and at Amazon.com (U.S) for $149.95.

I found the same type of pricing with this men’s radiant hybrid pullover in glacier abyss. I actually really love the look of this jacket and think it is not only practical, but is a touch sexy. I imagine an outdoorsy-type of guy sitting in a fold-up chair with mussed up hair. But I do have a wild imagination. Either way, you’ll only pay $49.99 and it was $90.

If you are spending over $75, whatever you buy will ship to you for free.

(Expiry: 22nd April 2014)

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