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October 18

Brother HL2280DW Multi-Function Laser Printer $100 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on October 18, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Brother HL2280DW Multi Function Laser Printer $100 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Here’s a little dealio on the Brother HL2280DW Multi-Function Mono Laser Wireless Ethernet Printer from NCIX Canada. This laser printer was originally priced at $203.98, but you can pick it up for only $99.99 with free shipping, right now! That’s a great price for a handy laser printer.

The Brother HL2280DW printer is a mono coloured printer, meaning it will only give you black ink. Colour lasers are notoriously a LOT more expensive than this. If you’re needing a basic mono printer for your home office perhaps, then this is definitely a deal to consider. I’ve got a mono multi-function laser printer sitting right at my feet at this moment. I don’t use it an awful lot, but it is handy to have here when we need to print off boarding passes, the latest Groupon deal, or something like that. I’ve had my printer for a number of years and I’ve only ever had to replace the toner cartridge once.

As for a price comparison on this Brother HL2280DW multi-function printer, I’ve looked around the online competition in Canada and found it for sale at quite a number of other outlets. The next best price I can see that this printer is available is $146.66 @, that’s with free shipping too. So you can see that the NCIX price is beating that by quite a bit, hence I am writing this post about it. Brother HL2280DW Multi Function Laser Printer $100 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

It’s great to see free ground shipping on items like this from NCIX. At some other sites, you can sometimes pay $20 to $40 just on shipping fees for a bulky item such as this. The free shipping from NCIX is what really makes this deal super-sweet, in my humble opinion.

I googled for HL2280DW reviews to see how this Brother printer performed for users. Of the 33 customer reviews on Amazon, 20 of those are rated with the full 5 stars, and the final score averages out at 4.3/5. That’s a very healthy review score. One positive example:

If you want a printer that just prints black and white and has a scanner this is a very good printer, I have had this for almost a month now and works very well!

Apparently, the wireless functionality of the printer is extremely useful too. That’s one thing I am missing on mine – I bought my printer before wireless functionality was commonplace. I really wish I had it! I’ll definitely be looking for the wireless features when I next upgrade my home office printer.

(Expiry: 22nd October 2014)

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October 17 Samsung 80W Sound Base $248 (Save $200) & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 17, 2014 at 3:00 PM Samsung 80W Sound Base $248 (Save $200) & Free Shipping is selling the Samsung 80W HW-H600/ZC Sound Base for $247.99 with free shipping right now.

Now, to be fair, it seems like there is an entire orgy of sales on the Samsung sound base this weekend. Prices are similar across the board but that does not mean this is any less of a deal. Future Shop and Best Buy Canada both have this sound base on sale for $249.99 but Future Shop only has 23 left and Best Buy only has 18 left. As both those stores start their deals on Friday morning, I think it is significant that they are already down to low stock at this sale price. The Source is also selling the base at $249.99 but does not show their stock levels.

Either way, you save an extra couple dollars ($2!) by purchasing the sound base at NCIX instead of the competitors. Overall, you save around $200 on the base this week compared to any other week so no matter where you buy, now is the time to get it. I also compared the base with TigerDirect’s prices. They have the base on sale for $395.99. That is a big price difference.

Now, for why everyone who owns a TV needs something like this. This is a sound base, so you put it beneath your TV like a stand. The sound comes up from beneath your TV and fills the room far better than conventional television speakers. This one is equipped with Bluetooth allowing your TV to communicate wirelessly with the speaker (without the use of HDMI cables) and allowing you to control the speaker via your smartphone. You can also hard wire the sound bar into your TV if your current television is not Bluetooth compatible. At only 35mm thick, the bar is super-thin, yet it will hold up to 77lbs and fits most TVs up to 66″ big. As for features, this reviewer summed them up well:

  • Bluetooth — YES
  • NFC — YES
  • Anynet+ — YES
  • Audio Input — YES, 1 input
  • Optical Input — YES, 1 input
  • HDMI Input — YES
  • Surround Sound Expansion with 4 Sound Modes

You can use the Samsung sound base to not only watch movies with far better acoustics, but to also stream music from your smartphone, iPad, or other Bluetooth enabled audio device. is offering free shipping on this unit right now. If they are out of stock when you check, then you can pick up the unit for a couple dollars more at a couple of the places I listed above as long as they still in stock.

(Expiry: 23rd October 2014)

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October 13

NCIX Canada: Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive | Was $230 Now $160

Posted by on October 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM

NCIX Canada: Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive | Was $230 Now $160

It always helps to have some extra storage space for your computer. With today’s one-day-only deal at NCIX, you can have a huge abundance of storage space for your computer that you’ll likely never even be able to fill! You can get a Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive for $159.99 – that’s $70 off of the regular price of $229.99! These are incredibly easy to use, too – simply plug it into your computer(s) and drag over the files that you want to keep safe and store. You’ll also get free shipping with your order!

The Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive has a massive amount of storage space on it – 5 TB in total! That’s 5000 GB of storage space! Just to throw it out there, my laptop currently has 500 GB of storage space… this external hard drive has 10 times the amount of storage, and I still haven’t used up all of my laptop’s storage space!

It can always help to have an external storage solution. They’re wonderful for backing up important files, documents, pictures, and videos. This Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive can also be handy for those that want to bring pictures and videos over to a friend’s house without having to send them over online (remember – bandwith can be pricey, especially when you’re sending over 20 GB worth of videos).

This Seagate Expansion 5TB USB3 Desktop External Hard Drive is currently on sale elsewhere. It’s $189.99 on Newegg, and it’s $184.99 on Amazon. At $159.99, NCIX has the best sale of them all! I’ve included a snippet of a review of this external hard drive from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

This was very easy to set-up. I simply plugged it into my PC using Windows 7 and it recognized it immediately. The cables supplied for power and USB are good. I have dual monitors making dropping and dragging files very easy. I was amazed at the speed of USB 3.0 versus the USB 2.0 I’ve been using for years with another external hard drive.

Quantities are limited, so get this deal while it’s still available! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 13th October 2014)

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September 25

NCIX Canada: LG 42″ 42PN4500 Plasma TV Set | Was $400 Now $300 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on September 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM

NCIX Canada: LG 42 42PN4500 Plasma TV Set | Was $400 Now $300 (EXPIRED)

If you’ve been waiting for the right deal on a flat screen television set, this may be the perfect one for you. Whether you want it to be your main living room TV or a second one around your home, this LG 42″ Plasma TV aims to please! For a limited time, you can get this LG 42″ Plasma TV from NCIX for just $297.99! The regular price is $397.99, so you’ll be saving $100 of your hard earned cash! This order also qualifies for free shipping. Even though this deal is valid until October the 1st, there aren’t very many in stock, so get this TV while it’s still available!

I personally have an LG LED television, and I’m very satisfied with it. Even though plasma TVs are an older technology, they still sport wonderful picture quality, and you can’t go wrong with a flat screen! This LG 42″ Plasma TV is 720p, and can display up to 600Hz (so it’s great for watching sports and movies with plenty of action). To learn more about the features of this LG 42PN4500 42″ Plasma TV, click here.

With 42 inches of viewing space, it’s easy to see why this is such an enticing deal. It’s big enough to allow you to set up that home theatre area that you’ve always wanted! Did you ever think that you could actually purchase a brand new LG plasma TV for $297.99? I know I didn’t!

At Best Buy, this LG 42PN4500 42″ Plasma TV currently costs $399.99, and it’s $399.95 at Future Shop. I’ve included a brief review from a satisfied Future Shop customer:

We love our new LG Plasma TV. We got this TV just before the Olympics and we were very pleased with it’s over all picture and audio quality. It definitely enhanced our Olympic experience. I would recommend this TV to anyone looking to buy a new TV, whether it be your primary TV or a second one, it is worth it. The price was also excellent, less than a 32″ from other retailers.

This won’t be in stock for very long, so if you’re looking for a new TV, get it now before this deal vanishes! I hope you’re all enjoying your day, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 1st October 2014)

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September 16

NCIX Canada: Microsoft Wireless Desktop Only $20

Posted by on September 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

NCIX Canada: Microsoft Wireless Desktop Only $20

If you need a wireless keyboard and mouse, look no further than this deal from NCIX. Get the Microsoft wireless desktop 800 for business for only $19.99 with a regular price of $39.99. You’ll also get free shipping too!

I just recently switched over to a wireless keyboard and mouse and wow, what a difference. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I struggled with the wire on my mouse every single day, as it usually got in my way and I had to move it. My husband gave me one he didn’t need and I can’t say how much I love it. It is also nice for packing on trips away as there are no wires to get all tangled in my bag.

I’d give you an overview of the product, but how much is there to say about a keyboard and mouse except that it works? It has a secured wireless connection of up to a 30 foot range and the cursor is very responsive. The keyboard sports frequently used hot keys and has zoom and audio controls. Your mouse also has a battery life indicator, which, for an unorganized person like me is a life saver.

Of course I price compared this unit to show you how you are getting the possible price. I found it at a number of retailers. Walmart has it on sale for $29, NewEgg has it for $26.99 plus $7 shipping, Dell has it for $39.99 and Best Buy has it on sale for $29.99. There are quite a few other stores that also have this unit in stock, if you wanted to continue the research, but NCIX always had the best price. Even the stores that have it on sale or clearance didn’t beat this price so NCIX definitely knows what it is doing.

There are a few reviews under the review tab, which give it about a 4 out of 5 stars. The main complaint is that the function keys are small. The main pro was that it is cheap and works and I’d have to agree.

(expiry: unknown)

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September 6

PS4 Camera On Sale $50 + Extra $10 Off With Coupon Code + Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on September 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM

PS4 Camera On Sale $50 + Extra $10 Off With Coupon Code + Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Got a PlayStation 4 or are looking into getting one? Then you’re going to want and need a PlayStation 4 camera as one isn’t included with the purchase of a console. It’s currently on sale for $49.99 (reg. $64.99) at NCIX and you can also save an additional $10 with the coupon code: PS410, bringing it down to just $39.99. It will also be shipped absolutely free!

A couple of months ago, I finally invested in the PlayStation 4 and I have to admit that I was rather bummed to discover that the camera wasn’t included. I had previously seen the air bots in action at a friend’s place and I was excited to try them out in the comfort of my own living room but activating the Playroom simply wasn’t the same without the camera. This is certainly an interesting marketing strategy on PlayStation’s behalf because although the Playroom is included on every console, the camera necessary for it isn’t, thus making it more enticing for users to go out and spend more money on this accessory! In any case, NCIX’s price drop definitely make it much more worth it, especially since Best Buy has it for $65.89 and it’s $64.99 at The Source.

It also boasts a convenient design as it’s rectangular in shape and can easily rest on either the console itself, a TV stand or perhaps even on top of the cable box. My cable box, for instance, is located in the middle of my TV stand, so that’s definitely where I would prefer to place it to make sure that it connects well to the remote(s).

Another cool feature about the PS4 camera is that you can instantly log into your account with facial recognition as well as navigate by simply voicing out commands (much like in modern cars). Of course, it’s not as seamless as one might necessarily expect from the description but it’s still a neat option to have, especially if you’re wanting to impress friends before playing a couple of multi-players games! Speaking of which,

While the NCIX coupon code mentioned in the beginning of this post expires on September 30th 2014, there is no word on when this camera will go back to its original price, up to from its sale price. For more NCIX coupon codes, be sure to keep an eye on the Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 30th September 2014)

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August 30

Samsung 27” Widescreen LED Monitor: Was $330 now $200 @ NCIX Canada & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 30, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Samsung 27” Widescreen LED Monitor: Was $330 now $200 @ NCIX Canada & Free Shipping

There’s a fantastic price on this Samsung S27D390HS 27in Widescreen PLS LED Monitor over on NCIX Canada right now! It was originally priced at $329.99, it’s down by $130 to only $199.99 and that comes with free ground shipping too!

Here are some quick details about the more important aspects of the specifications, taken from here:

  • Screen size: 27”
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

This Samsung monitor is compatible with Windows or Mac, even compatible with Windows 8.1.

Price Comparison:

Everywhere else online seems to be offering this Samsung S27D390HS for quite a bit more in price. In ascending order: $285 @ BestDirect, $287 @ DirectCanada, $330 @ DirectDial, $330 @ Newegg, $330 @ The Source, $365 @ OfficeMax, $366 @ FrontierPC, $372 @ Amazon. So as you can see, it’s a super price on NCIX.


I’ve never actually experienced Samsung electronics in terms of monitors. Since I bought my first PC when I was about 19, I’ve only ever had Viewsonic and Dell monitors, so I don’t have any personal experience of the Samsung brand. Have you? Please comment below if so!

I googled for reviews of the S27D390HS monitor and there are a few sites which can tell you a lot more about this item. One here on Digitaltrends scores the monitor with a 4 out of 5. There are many more customer reviews here on and you can read some personal comments too, such as:

I’m giving this 5 stars, because it’s awesome.

There are a few concerns about the stability of the base, with people saying it’s a bit flimsy for a 27” monitor. Keep that in mind… my partner has his monitors mounted on his desk on extendable arms, so if you plan on doing that, then the stability of the base wouldn’t be an issue at all.

(Expiry 3rd September 2014)

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August 24

(20 Sheets) Lexmark 4×6 High Gloss Premium Photo Paper Only $0.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX!

Posted by on August 24, 2014 at 2:00 PM

(20 Sheets) Lexmark 4x6 High Gloss Premium Photo Paper Only $0.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX!

I was browsing around on NCIX and I noticed a banner at the top of the page talking about a clearance sale, with up to 80% off select items. I clicked through… and the prices all seemed quite expensive. Then, I realised that the items were in order of highest price to low… so I scrolled to the bottom of the page to see what I could see. I spotted this Lexmark High Gloss Premium Photo Paper 4X6 (20 Sheets) there, it was originally $13.99 and it’s dropped to only $0.99 per pack, with free shipping too!

That works out at only $0.05 per photo print! The Lexmark 4×6 High Gloss Premium Photo Paper is limited in stock, and you can only purchase 10 per account. If you’ve got a photo quality printer that accepts this size of paper, then I’d recommend stocking up on this Lexmark paper as it’s a great price.

A quick blurb about this paper:

Lexmark’s highest photo quality inkjet paper that’s great for snapshots, internet images, and CD photos.

In the features tab on NCIX, they list the Lexmark models that would be compatible with this paper. But just because this is Lexmark photo paper doesn’t mean that it can only be used in a Lexmark printer. The paper would likely be compatible with any printer. It’d be up to you to research and check that out for your own printer before you make a purchase though.

As for prices elsewhere, I’ve seen this exact Lexmark paper for $3.23 + shipping @ DirectCanada, $3.29 + shipping @ BestDirect, $12.98 + shipping @ A-Power. And price comparing like-for-like with other brands on, you’re talking about ~$0.30 per sheet for Epson, $0.24 per sheet for Kodak, $1.03 per sheet for Fujifilm. The cost per print with the above Lexmark paper is much, much lower, so definitely a great buy.

(Expiry unknown)

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August 18

NCIX Canada: Microsoft Lifecam only $5 with Free Shipping (Was $40)

Posted by on August 18, 2014 at 5:30 PM

NCIX Canada: Microsoft Lifecam only $5 with Free Shipping (Was $40)

In case you missed the Mooseletter this morning, I wanted to draw special attention to this sweet little deal on a Microsoft Lifecam VX-800 0.31MP USB 2.0 Webcam with Integrated Microphone. Originally $39.99, the little webcam is now on sale for $5 with free shipping.

The fine print underneath says:

HURRY! Only 205 left at this price! This special price will be applied ONLY after you complete your order, and will be processed in the order that they were received.

Now, that sort of does not make sense to me since the $5 price shows in my cart. As the $5 is the special price, then it is sort of being applied before I complete my order too, right? Or am I completely lost here?

Why I mention that little quote is more for the numerical value. As of the time I am posting this, there are approximately 200 units still available before they jack the price.

This unit is a basic webcam with microphone. If you are looking for HD quality or amazing vocal quality, then you are totally looking at the wrong unit. However, if you want something to cover your basics for the cottage, the dorm, or for your grandparents who do not know a webcam from a hole in a wall, then this is the cam for you. As this reviewer said:

For a microsoft product at $40, knowing how it performs, I would never pay that kind of money. This camera should be sold for $20, maximum. I actually picked this up with my NCIX points for my parents. Glad I did. If you are looking for HD, look away, if you are looking for something to do the job with basic MIC quality, pick this baby up when it’s on special.

Well, you do not even have to pay $20. You get to pay $5. That is it. Pretty sweet, eh?

While most laptops come equip with webcams, this is one of those things I would be tempted to get my mother. She put tape over her webcam because of some scare that people could tap into your webcam and be watching everything you do. Well, the adhesive will not come off the lens now, so when I try to Skype with my parents I just get a blur. I think they need a new webcam and this would work just fine for a fiver.

(Expiry: Quantities limited)

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August 14

Azio Levetron GM2000 Gaming Mouse Only $17.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Azio Levetron GM2000 Gaming Mouse Only $17.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

You’re going to have to move fast if you want to grab this deal for the Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse! is offering this top of the line gaming mouse for $17.99 (Regular $49.99. That’s $32 off!) with FREE ground shipping.

Now other sites are offering the same mouse for $19.99; the only difference is you have to pay for shipping, whereas with, the offer is slightly cheaper at $17.99 and the shipping is for free. The free ground shipping is what really helps this deal be such a steal. For just $17.99 you’re getting a top of the line gaming mouse for a fraction of the cost.

The Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse is the Ferrari of the gaming mouse world. It has six buttons. That’s right. Six buttons. Including your standard right and left click buttons, a mouse wheel, the innovative DPI button, as well as a forward and a back button for added web surfing/gaming convenience. The DPI button allows the user to switch from 800-, 1600-, and 2000 DPI on the fly with a simple click of the button. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with DPI, don’t worry neither were we, DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, which is a measurement of mouse sensitivity. The higher the DPI allows the gamer to move the mouse cursor further on the screen with less mouse movement. It also allows the user greater ability to pinpoint places on the screen more accurately.

Now these features won’t necessarily enhance your ability to enjoy Wikipedia or Facebook but for the avid gamer these perks allow for greater control and a higher and more competitive level of game play. Then again, this mouse could help increase the speed and ease of clicking on the great deals here on Barginmoose. There’s only one way to find out.

The Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse has a really high positive review and customer satisfaction score. However, the mouse’s ergonomic design was crafted for the right-handed user in mind, so please be aware that this mouse is NOT lefty friendly. Haters gonna hate. But for those who can enjoy this mouse, should enjoy this mouse and click quick to make sure you can grab one before they’re gone.

(Expiry unknown)

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July 25

DOD RX7W+ Car Rearview Mirror Camera Only $179.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on July 25, 2014 at 8:30 AM

DOD RX7W+ Car Rearview Mirror Camera Only $179.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Does putting your car into reverse send you into a full-blown, sweat-covered panic?  Never fear putting it in R again with this deal from NCIX Canada.  The regular price of the DOD RX7W+ Car Rearview Mirror was $219.99, but right now you can get it for only $179.99 as well as get free shipping right to your door!

I recently bought a truck: a huge truck.  This thing is a monster. On top of that, my boyfriend wanted to add a trailer hitch.  I am an absolute parking disaster in this thing, to the point that I generally park as far away from my destination as possible to avoid having to wedge my truck between any other vehicles.  There are, however, those rare occasions where I can’t find an isolated spot and may have to *gasp* put the truck into reverse to get out.  What’s a girl to do?  The truck bed is about a mile long and being up so high I’m just never entirely sure there isn’t a brood of little ducklings crossing behind me.  For the safety of everyone out there, I really need to get one of these rearview mirror cameras.

Now, most rearview DVRs include a dash camera which may be enticing to anyone interested in forcibly entering your vehicle, and I for one am always forgetting to put stuff like that away. This particular model, however, is actually disguised as a rearview mirror and attaches to your existing mirror with Velcro very easily, and is compatible with most vehicles on the market.  It has a Wide Dynamic Range lens and wide angle superior low light performance, helping you back out of the most troublesome locations.

Price comparison

I did a little snooping and found this same rearview mirror camera at for $189.99 (plus shipping) and at for $219.99.


Shipping on this item is completely free!

If you happen to be in the Surrey, BC area, be sure to check out NCIX’s Surrey store grand opening on Saturday July 26th from 9:00am to 6:00pm for door crashers and prizes.

(Expiry: These deals are in place until 30th July 2014.)

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July 20

Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector Only $14.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on July 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector Only $14.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

If you’re in need of some more power sockets for any devices in your house, consider the deal on this Belkin BV106050 Volt Surge Protector With USB Charger 6 Outlets. The regular price is $34.99 but you can currently buy it at NCIX Canada for a measly $14.99 as well as FREE shipping to your home!

You can buy cheaper power bars, but this Belkin one has a few extra features which could make it worth the extra money. First of all, it’s a Belkin – this is a really top-notch brand name when it comes to accessories like this. Belkin have an excellent reputation for great quality items.

Secondly, this power bar also has two built-in USB ports which you can use for charging up your various devices. This is a super-handy-feature to be honest. Sometimes I’ve had to power up my computer just to charge up my eBook reader – whereas with this Belkin, you could just pop the eBook in to that. I am sure this is true of many of your other USB devices.

Thirdly, this is a “surge protector” which means that if there is any sort of electrical power surge, this Belkin power bar will protect the devices which are attached to it.

Item Image

There’s an image on the NCIX site and I’ve used it in this blog post. But they say, “Actual product may not be exactly as shown.” So beware, you might not get a power bar that looks exactly like the above, but it will have all the stated features and specifications.


On NCIX, this Belkin product had 17 reviews in total and of those 17, six are rated at 5 stars, seven at 4 stars, which seems very positive. There are lots more comments on NCIX which you can read, but one that stood out to me was this one from Scottc:

Great device, replaces 2 USB chargers, high enough current to charge most tablets. The ability to screw the unit securely into the wall is very nice feature.

Sounds good! I definitely like the ability to attach it to the wall to tidy up some of the loose wiring and the like. I currently have a 14 month old girl just learning to walk, and she is pulling and poking at absolutely everything round the house. Wires seem to be her favourite thing to be tugging on, so it’s great to have them all tidied away with the likes of this Belkin device.

Canadian Shipping

Don’t worry about shipping in this case, it’s free on this Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector. You know, it’s rare that we see items from NCIX with free shipping, especially such low priced merchandise.

(Expiry unknown)

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July 18

Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set Only $110 + Shipping @ NCIX Canada Now

Posted by on July 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set Only $110 + Shipping @ NCIX Canada Now

If you’re looking for a new set of speakers for your computer or perhaps some other device in your house, check out the deal on this Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set from NCIX Canada. The regular price is $179.99 but they’re down to $129.99 right now, plus there’s a coupon code to save an extra 15% on that price!

Use the coupon code speaker2014promo to get the Edifier speakers for $110.49. The coupon code slot is at the top right of the shopping cart page.

We’re not sure when this particular NCIX coupon code ends. On that speaker’s page it states the 23rd July, but on the coupon home page, it only says “limited time.” If you happen to be interested in this deal, then I’d go for it sooner rather than later.  By the way, the coupon code should work on all speakers on NCIX, not just these particular ones.

A quick note about the speakers themselves:

Edifier Enterprises Canada Inc., the manufacturer of computer multimedia speaker, introduced their latest Signature Series S330D 2.1 channel audio speaker system targeting at those consumers that demand superior audio quality and overall power.

Sounds good!

Shipping Fees

The shipping rate depends on how much you are spending and where you live. I did a test order on these speakers to an Ontario address and it was coming up at nearly $20 shipping. That does seem quite high, but then you’re only paying a total of about $130+ tax for these good quality speakers.

Price Comparison

I can see this particular model of speakers for sale at a number of other online stores, most stores seem to have it for around $150 to $160, some with shipping on top of that too.


There are a number of customer reviews on Amazon, only seven. But five of those people give these speakers a five star rating. One member comments that the separate volume/power/audio jack control is awesome. It’s true… I have one of these on my computer speaker setup and it’s sitting on the desk in front of me. It’s incredibly handy just to plug headphones in and out, without digging round on the floor behind the computer.

With this NCIX coupon code, it’s saved on our coupon forums, be sure to check there before you buy!

(Expiry unknown, possibly 23rd July 2014)

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July 10

NCIX Canada: Harman Kardon Blu-Ray Receiver & Speaker Package $900 Off (Now $400)

Posted by on July 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM

NCIX Canada: Harman Kardon Blu Ray Receiver & Speaker Package $900 Off (Now $400)

I found an absolutely fantastic deal on the Harman Kardon BDS277 2.1 Channel Integrated blu-ray receiver with HKTS5 2.1 speaker package. It is originally priced at $1,299.99 and the price is now only $399.99. That’s a savings of $900!

NCIX comes up with the regular price with both components priced separately – the receiver for $997.99 and the speaker system for $297.99. I took this information and put on my price comparing hat. Here I found a similar set at Amazon for $968.79. Costco had a similar set with different speakers on for $649.99. Nowhere came even close the low price of $400.

NCIX has absolutely no information about this set on their site, so I look elsewhere to find out a little more about this package. Basically, the receiver is an all-in-one system with music streaming, access to online content, ability to connect with Bluetooth devices, a 3D-capable Blu-ray player plus so much more. If you want the full details from the source, check out the Harman Kardon site.

I couldn’t really find any reviews out there on this system. This is something I could totally use. I have no interest in spending over $1000 on any electronics for my home, except maybe my computer and even then, I’m kind of cheap. I spend a lot of time reading and do watch the occasional movie, so spending a lot just doesn’t suit me. But, for only $400 I can do so much with this device, including streaming my music, which means I no longer have to listen to Pearl Jam on my crappy laptop speakers.

As another bonus to this hot deal, you’ll get free shipping! This item weighs 30lbs and that could cost a lot to ship, but lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about that!

I don’t know the expiry on this deal, but I assume it will sell out quickly, so it will pay not to wait.

(expiry: unknown)

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May 22

NCIX Canada: Save $100 on a BellO No Tool Computer Desk

Posted by on May 22, 2014 at 5:30 PM

NCIX Canada: Save $100 on a BellO No Tool Computer Desk

If you’re looking for a sleek, easy to put together computer desk, check out this amazing deal from Until May 31, 2014, you’ll save $100 on a BellO No Tool computer desk.

Regularly priced at $169.99, by taking advantage of this sale, you’ll get the computer desk for only $69.99. When I saw this desk, I immediately loved it. It has a modern and attractive design, and comes in a black frame with glass table tops. Its sleek and small design makes it perfect for a small space, or for a home office where space is at a premium. The top level of the desk easily fits a large monitor, and the bottom features a pull-out keyboard drawer. And the best part is that it requires no tools to put together! I’m not very handy, and personally don’t enjoy putting furniture together, so I love that you don’t need any tools for this desk.

Enter Savings Code 96117-1429 at checkout. The $69.99 sale price is applied after your order is completed, and processes in the order that they receive them. There are also no rainchecks or price matches available with this deal. However, you’re eligible for free ground shipping with this product, which for a large item like a desk, is a great deal.

(Expiry: 31st May 2014)

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