September 9

Graydon Clinical Luxury: 25% Off Fall Bundle

Posted by on September 9, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Graydon Clinical Luxury: 25% Off Fall Bundle

Graydon has bundled up her favourite products into a four-piece set just in time for fall. Purchase the four-piece Clinical Luxury set for only $96, which is 25% off the regular retail price of $128.

This is a Canadian brand of all natural skin care products that are made in small batches in Canada. I currently use four of their products and have tried another one that I am quite impressed with. In this bundle, you will receive:

  1. The Cleanser (50 ml)
  2. The Serum (30 ml)
  3. Face Food Mist (100 ml)
  4. Super Sensitive Skin Stuff (50 ml)

I currently own the cleanser and use it every night before bed. It is a very lightweight cleanser that does a very good job of removing foundation (only thing I wear), and any dirt from the day. I am considering using it twice a day to combat the morning acne. I love that Graydon uses a fair bit of aloe in her products, as it is a great anti-inflammatory.

The Serum is a really rich oil for your face made out of Canadian pressed berries. I also own this product and use it each night on the driest regions of my face. It is one of the few moisturizers I have found that will effectively reduce the flaking under my nose. If you have berry sensitivities, I do not recommend this product.

I currently use Graydon’s other moisturizer, The Putty, but I am eager to try the Super Sensitive Skin Stuff as my skin reacts to pretty much anything. Graydon’s products are very neutral when it comes to scent, so even my husband has started using my products. He loves the moisturizer and, when he remembers, he puts on Graydon’s all natural Sun Cream.

I have not tried the Face Food Mist as I have two other toners that really need to be used up first and they last such a long time. However, it is certainly on my list as a good skin routine is very important to me.

Graydon offers free shipping across Canada on orders of $100 or more. I highly suggest adding a few samples to your cart of other products to hit that minimum. I recommend the Sun Cream and the Hand + Foot Relief – it is awesome! Each sample is just $1.50, so just three samples will top off your cart.

By the way, Graydon is new to the blog so please check them out!

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August 28

Sudsatorium Canada Coupon Code: 10% Discount on Natural Vegan Products

Posted by on August 28, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Sudsatorium Canada Coupon Code: 10% Discount on Natural Vegan Products

I am pretty tickled pink to be introducing you to a new company that I just found recently. They are called Sudsatorium and they are out of Aurora, Ontario. They sell awesome natural vegan body products with funky names. I recently placed a purchase, and they sent me a coupon code for my next order. I wanted to share that coupon code for 10% off and this company with you.

Click here to shop @ Sudsatorium Canada now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMERSIZZLER
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 30th August 2014

I placed an order for 250 ml of This Little Piggy Foot & Body Lotion. The product name is so cute and the active ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties. As a couple beauty bloggers I follow told me, Neem and Arnica work really well for fungal infections like athletes foot. While I opted for the largest container possible, this lotion does start at just $4.95 for 30ml. After coupon code, that is $4.45.

There are so many products I want to try from this company. The Dawn of the Bed Soap sounds like an excellent addition my morning routine on those days where sleep clings desperately to every cell of my body. A menagerie of citrus fruits including lemon and lime will wake you up in the shower and remind you that your place is among the living. This soap starts at $4.45 after coupon ($4.95 before).

Looking for a new body lotion? Try out Florist Gump and smell as if you have been working in the garden without all that hard work. This body lotion will make your skin feel like a dream with nourishing hemp seed butter and cape chestnut oil. A 60ml bottle starts at $6.95 or just $6.25 after coupon code.

They also sell shampoo and conditioner. While I do not use too much conditioner, I am rather tied between Okra Winfrey and the Umpa Lumpa Conditioner. I think the Umpa Lumpas will win in the end. Each starts at $5.95 a bottle, or $5.35 after coupon.

There are so many amazing items in this shop. Shipping appears to be $7 for your first item, with $2.50 added on for each item thereafter. I suggest buying the larger containers (like I bought the 250ml) to offset the cost of shipping. Sudsatorium may be running an Etsy shop right now, but it is as full and as functional as any online store you buy from. This Sudsatorium coupon code is also an excellent way to try out their products.

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August 5

Fresh Faced Canada: Free Gift with $100 Purchase ($45 value)

Posted by on August 5, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Fresh Faced Canada: Free Gift with $100 Purchase ($45 value)

Love this deal! One of my favourite natural skin care boutiques is hosting a fantastic deal. When you place an order of $100 or more, receive a free bottle of One Love Organics Neroli Daily Body Serum valued at $45.

This offer is while quantities last so you can make sure this product is not sold out by checking out the Neroli Serum here. There is no need to add it to your cart; they will automatically add it to your order before shipping. It is also a good idea to check out what you are getting. The Neroli Serum is a mist of oils to moisturize even the driest skin. While lotions are typically water-based thus you are paying for water in your products), serums are typically 100% active ingredients. You can use the Neroli Daily Serum in place of your body lotion or moisturizer.

Getting $45 worth of product for free is pretty sweet but you need to actually spend $45 to get it. I have a boatload of product to get through myself so I, sadly, will not be placing an order. However, I can make some product recommendations.

These cloths are brilliant; I own two and need more of them. They are just abrasive enough to take off dry sky but soft enough not to bother my sensitive skin. They dry quicker than normal washcloths (bonus in humid climates) and work well for stubborn makeup removal. They are only $5 each.

This is my go to hair spritz in the summer and winter. While it doesn’t do quite as good a job as the chemically laden variety, it does give my hair better bounce and separation. It is a huge bottle and will last you for ages. It costs $22 for 9 fluid oz.

This is the best natural deodorant I have found so far, and I have tried many. If you have problems with underarm rashes, breakouts, or underarm sensitivity then you might want to try a natural deodorant. I highly recommend Soapwalla, and the 2oz jar for $13 lasts a coon’s age. I am going to be trying the Leaves of Trees deodorant soon, so next time I will be able to comment on that.

If you need any more suggestions, just contact Fresh Faced. Receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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July 22

Three Natural Beauty Sales

Posted by on July 22, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Three Natural Beauty Sales

As some of you may know, I have about the most reactive skin you can get. Thus, I use all natural skin products, which are not exactly inexpensive. Right now three of my favourite natural cosmetic and beauty product boutiques are having sales you need to check out.

This company is easily my favourite among the natural beauty websites. Their customer service is fantastic, and they have a great selection of products. In their sale section, you should check out the miniOrganics Baby Basics Gift Bag that was $80 and now is $60.99. The set includes the Gentle Baby Bar ($12.50 value) Protective Diaper (Nappy) Balm ($29.95 value), Superfine Jojoba Oil ($49 value), and a cute tote. This makes a lovely baby shower gift. I am going to be switching to all natural perfume and this Roots Rose Radish – Cedarwood Myrrh & Clove Solid Perfume is on my list to try. Originally $55, it is now on sale for $41.99. Shipping is free on orders of $75.

The Fresh Face sale is full of some of my favourite brands and products I am currently using. I highly recommend the Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner that was $36 and is now $30 along with the matching Shampoo (which is currently sold out) for the same sale price. I have the most temperamental hair: thick and heavy. I find it nearly impossible to get any volume out of it, yet Yarok does wonders for my hair in the summer. I can go three days between washes without any problems. You also need to check out the S.W. Basics Cleanser and that entire line because they are an inexpensive option for natural beauty products. The cleanser was $27 and is now $22.95. Shipping is free on orders of $50.

Saffron Rouge Canada is offering 20% off select products for their birthday sale. Not only that, the first 50 orders will receive a free red flower Ocean Body Lotion (3 oz / 85g) gift and any order of $150 or more will be entered in a draw to win their entire order for free. That is all pretty cool; now let us look at the deals. This erbaviva Sunscreen SPF 30 is on sale from $23 down to $18.40. Kahina Giving Beauty’s popular Argan Oil is also on sale from $40 down to $32. Shipping depends on how much your are spending. There are also some great Saffron Rouge coupon codes you can team up with the sale to get free gifts with purchase.

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May 16

Lavish & Lime Canada Coupon Code: 15% Discount + Free Gift

Posted by on May 16, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Lavish & Lime Canada Coupon Code: 15% Discount + Free Gift

Lavish & Lime Canada has a 15% off regular priced items coupon code for this Victoria Day long weekend. On top of this promotion, they are giving away organic tea from The Tao of Tea to anyone who spends $100.

Click here to shop Eco friendly products @ Lavish & Lime now

  • Coupon Code: VICTORIADAY15
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: 20th May 2014

The free tea looks to be worth between $7.50 to $12.50, depending on which tea you receive.

I was checking out some of their DIY kits for those of us who are not so handy at just whipping things out of the cupboard and experimenting. This Natural DIY Bath Fizzie Kit would make a great gift instead of just buying them a bath fizzie. The kit costs $16.95, but comes down to $14.41 after coupon. The kit has enough ingredients to create eight fizzies. I usually buy bath bombs (fizzies) at around $4 to $6 a piece, so the kit would totally save me money and be fun too.

I also totally want to try out this Natural DIY Soap Kit that is priced at $14.95 and comes down to $12.71 after coupon. The kit makes two batches of soap for a total of sixteen small soaps. I have always wanted to try my hand at making soap and this would be the perfect way to do so.

Shipping starts at $7 and depends on where you are.

Get this and other Lavish & Lime coupon codes on the forum.

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May 16

Pangea Organics Canada Exclusive: Free Shipping No Minimum

Posted by on May 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Pangea Organics Canada Exclusive: Free Shipping No Minimum

The lovely people at Pangea Organics Canada have granted Bargainmoose an exclusive coupon code for free shipping. Guess who is going shopping?

Click here to visit Pangea Organics now

  • Coupon Code: 2FREESHBM
  • Discount: free shipping
  • Expiry: 31st December 2014

I adore coupons that allow me to try out new products without having to pay extra for shipping. Items at Pangea Organics start at only $9, so you can pick up some basics without breaking the bank.

This Canadian Pine with White Sage Bar Soap (Item #: 6309) would be my first choice to try out after reading the rave reviews about its scent and performance. Reviewers just love the natural pine scent (like the Canadian woods!) and say it performs well. The 3.75 oz bar costs $9. You can get a whole line of Canadian Pine products at Pangea Organics.

In this dry climate that I am visiting, my lips have been needing extra balm just to keep in decent shape. I always buy quality lip balms because dry and cracked lips are painful and look awful as well. They also limit kissing. This Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit & Sweet Orange Lip Balm (Item #: 630902) looks like a lovely little lip treat and costs $14.

Pick up these treats and many more while not paying any shipping costs. Usually Pangea Organics requires a $75 minimum, so this is a nice bonus.

For all the latest Pangea Organics codes, visit the forum.

Pangea Organics Canada Exclusive: Free Shipping No Minimum

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May 15

Saffron Rouge Canada Coupon Codes: Free Gifts With Purchase

Posted by on May 15, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Saffron Rouge Canada Coupon Codes: Free Gifts With Purchase

Saffron Rouge is a brand new to Bargainmoose company, so I am delighted to be writing about them. They currently have a ton of wonderful offers for free gifts when you purchase certain amounts, and I would like to highlight my favourites.

Click here to shop @ Saffron Rouge Canada now

  • Coupon Code: DIAPER
  • Discount: Free Erbaviva Diaper Cream with $60 purchase ($16 value)
  • Expiry: Unknown

Saffron Rouge sells natural and organic beauty products for all of us natural beauty lovers out there. I chose the two gift with purchase items that required the lowest minimum, as often when you are trying out a new company you do not want to be placing a huge order. You kind of like to feel them out first.

I do not have a young child, so the diaper cream is not something I would use, but I would love to try out the Dr.Hauschka Deodorant Fresh as it is free from aluminum. Aluminum can bother sensitive skin (which I have). Also, it is very difficult to find a natural deodorant that works as well as the deoderants loaded with chemicals, so I am always on the lookout for something new that might be “the one.”

For this and other Saffron Rouge coupon codes, visit our forum.

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