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April 28

Outlet Store: Casio Men’s Solar Powered Runner’s Watch Was $55 | Now $24.65 & $5 Shipping

Posted by on April 28, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Outlet Store: Casio Mens Solar Powered Runners Watch Was $55 | Now $24.65 & $5 Shipping

My Outlet Store has discounted the Casio Men’s Solar Powered Runner’s Watch (STLS100H-1AV) from $54.99 down to $29 plus $4.95 shipping. With our exclusive coupon code bargainmoosetime you can score this watch for only $24.65 plus shipping.

This watch looks basic but its functions are far above your basic watches. The watch has 100M water resistance for runs in the rain and the odd accidental toilet bowl swim. However, the watch is water resistant not waterproof so I do not recommend this watch for swimming.

The runner’s watch has dual countdown timers for interval training as well as a 100-hour stopwatch. The 1/100th second stopwatch will be as accurate as you are. With five daily alarms, you can schedule everything just on a simple watch that is always with you.

With 31 time zones and a calendar, you are covered for wherever life takes you. This watch has built in solar panels for charging and has a low battery indicator so you never run out of juice unexpectedly.

The dial has an easy to read face and LED light for reading at night. The black case with green accents will match with whatever you are wearing. One reviewer from desertcart said:

Really like the watch for the price. Wish the light was an indigo style, but the watch is great. Charge lasts a good while and I like how it goes to sleep when not used.

Now, I did a bit of price comparing with other retailers. Sears Canada sells the same watch for $54.99 plus shipping costs. I found the watch on sale at Amazon Canada for $37.71. However, even with shipping costs at My Outlet Store, the watch is cheaper there. I even checked out some US websites (accidentally). The cheapest I found in the USA was $34.99 USD at plus shipping. The watch was already out of stock at that price. The suggested price on (US) is $49.95 USD for this watch.

For the price, you just cannot do better in Canada or in the USA that I could find. This is a solid watch made by a dependable brand. It is perfect for runners and other athletes who need the convenience of a stop watch on their wrist. I know that our iPhones can do a lot these days, but they are just not as convenient as something you wear upon your wrist.

Thanks to Mooser Kristy for posting this deal in the forum.

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April 12

My Outlet Store: K’Nex Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set Was $70 | Now $35

Posted by on April 12, 2015 at 7:00 AM

My Outlet Store: KNex Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set Was $70 | Now $35

With another hot deal here from My Outlet Store, we also managed to get another exclusive for an even hotter deal! My Outlet Store is selling the K’Nex Hyperspeed Hangtime roller coaster building set for $39, while it sells for a regular price of $69.99. Add our exclusive coupon code and get an additional 10% off, to bring the price down to $35.10.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: KNEXMOOSE
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

I have looked at this set probably a hundred times and wanted to get it for my kids. I love that it is a roller coaster, which my kids would love. They also love building sets and it just gives them something different to do from LEGO. With 624 pieces, this set builds up to 2.5 feet tall. I did notice that it says age 9+, and I think it is because of the delicate nature of the set.

It also includes a hanging roller coaster with little people in it, and has an inverted blaster motor to run your coaster. What’s even better is that you can download instructions online to build a second type of coaster if you get bored of the first.

Just to show you this is a very hot deal, I did some comparing around at other sites. Sears sells this set for full price at $69.99. Even stores in the States sell it for about $50 to $60. Amazon has a similar set, which it is selling for $47.41 and the actual set, which it sells for $58.53. As you can, My Outlet Store far beats these prices.

Shipping is $4.95, and your extra 10% off covers that. Or, you can buy a few sets or something else and get your cart up to $75 and get free shipping.

My Outlet Store sells items for your home, plus fashion on top of the items for kids. I also see lots of KitchenAid items there. Hmmm… I wonder if we can get another exclusive to get those discounted even more? Bargainmoosers, what do you think, would you like to see deeper discounts on other items at My Outlet Store? Let us know in the comments below!

My Outlet Store: KNex Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set Was $70 | Now $35

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April 11

My Outlet Store: Hauck Go Kart Was $200 | Now $99 & Free Shipping With Exclusive Promo code

Posted by on April 11, 2015 at 7:00 AM

My Outlet Store: Hauck Go Kart Was $200 | Now $99 & Free Shipping With Exclusive Promo code

Since our deal the other day on the Melissa & Doug kitchen went so well, we decided to ask My Outlet Store for another exclusive, to make one of their hot deals even hotter. Right now they have the Hauck Hurricane go kart in a batman theme on sale for $119, from $199.99. They’ve also got the Hauck Thunder go kart on sale, from $249.99, down to $149. Both go carts will get $20 off with our exclusive coupon code. This means the Batman cart will only be $99, which is more than $100 off and the black go kart will come down to $129, also $100 off.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: KARTMOOSE
  • Discount: $20 off
  • Expiry: Unknown

Whenever a kid rides up to the park on one of these, my kids seem to turn green with jealousy. They’ve got a garage full of wheeled-toys, but they are in love with the idea of a go kart. At this price, how can I deny them? Paying less than $100 for an outdoor toy that will undoubtedly keep them out of my hair is priceless.

These go karts will suit kids of all ages, with a weight limit of 110 lbs and an adjustable seat. The Batman style would suit any superhero fan, especially the younger ones. The plain black looks more the style of older boys. It even has a roll cage!

I price compared around and found the Batman kart for:

I found the thunder go kart for:

The only other option I saw was a similar style of go kart, called Lightning at Toys R Us, where it sells for $149.99. But, as you can see from that link, these karts don’t normally sell for under $200 and go up to as much as $500!

The reviews I found were also very encouraging, like this one from Sears:

Bought this for my sons 6th birthday. He loved it! I really like the fact that he is getting exercise while having fun. All the neighbourhood kids wait in line to take a turn. Highly recommend it!

While there is usually a $4.95 flat rate of shipping on items from My Outlet Store, these karts came up with free shipping, which is a sweet little bonus!

Don’t wait to buy these, they will probably sell out quickly.

My Outlet Store: Hauck Go Kart Was $200 | Now $99 & Free Shipping With Exclusive Promo code

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April 8

Hot! Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wood Kitchen Was $130 | Now $55 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ My Outlet Store Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 8, 2015 at 11:32 AM

Hot! Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wood Kitchen Was $130 | Now $55 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ My Outlet Store Canada (EXPIRED)

Just arrived @ My Outlet Store Canada, they have a great deal on the Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wood Kitchen. This durable play kitchen was originally $129.99 but is on sale for $69. With the coupon code you get this kitchen now for only $55.20!

Use the exclusive coupon code BargainMooseExclusive to receive an 20% off this kitchen and any Melissa & Doug toys @ My Outlet Store! This item is super hot, and there is a very limited number available. Grab yours quick before they are gone!

If you have a little kid in the house, then a play kitchen is almost an essential toy. The play kitchens at my daughter’s preschool are always a high use item for both boys and girls. If you were looking for a bigger gift for your favourite child, this kitchen would be a good bet. Melissa & Doug toys are generally durable toys that hold up to playtime well from my own experience.

This play kitchen from Melissa & Doug is made of pressed wood and comes in bright cheery colours. The knobs on the oven click, the timer works and it has both a built in oven and refrigerator. There are extra details included into the design such as a cutting board, a play sink and three pretend burners. The best thing about this little kitchen is it is compact in size. Play kitchens can take up a lot of space when you factor in the space around them for playtime. We have a modest size play kitchen for my daughter, but I wish I had purchased a more compact design as it often takes over our living room. This kitchen does not come with play food, but from my experience play food sets are not expensive. A small set of play food generally works, as most toys becomes play food at some point.

Price Comparison

I did a little price comparison around the web, and here is what I found if you were to pick up this kitchen elsewhere.

The price at My Outlet Store Canada is your best bet.


I am surprised more people are not talking about this sweet play kitchen. The only place I have found reviews is on Buyers are praising the compact design and multiple people mention that this kitchen is incredibly sturdy in the Q&A section. Reviewers did mention it takes a little time to put together, so you may want to set aside time for assembly after it arrives.


Shipping from My Outlet Store is a cool $4.95 right now. A play kitchen usually will fall into the bulky item category, which means companies will normally upcharge you on shipping. $4.95 will not break the bank for this larger item.

This coupon code also works on for the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench. This cute toy was $99, is on sale for $49, but is now only $39.20! Your house will be humming with playtime soon! If you have been looking for some fun playtime, now is your chance. These will not last long at all!

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March 11

My Outlet Store Canada: Avent Double Electric Breast Pump Was $290 | Now $160 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 11, 2015 at 6:01 PM

My Outlet Store Canada: Avent Double Electric Breast Pump Was $290 | Now $160 (EXPIRED)

If you’ve got a baby on the way or you are currently breastfeeding and need to go back to work, a breast pump could be one of your best friends, or breast friend, as they say. My Outlet Store has a fantastic deal on the Avent double electric breast pump, which is regularly priced at $289.99 and now on sale for $159.

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and my theory is that whatever gets mom to breastfeed is best. Some moms prefer to pump, some don’t like pumping at all. I could not get much out, but sometimes it was a necessity. If you want to have a night out and “pump and dump” or have a night out and leave baby some food for dad to feed. If you just like having the option to feed a bottle when you want, you’ll need a pump.

What’s awesome about this pump is that it is a dual, which means that it will be less time for you to pump. Believe me, you want to spend less time pumping. What I found with pumping extras is that you almost always have something or someone on the breast. So, if you can reduce your time by pumping both breasts at once, you’re now winning.

In the description, they also say that you don’t need to lean forward, which is also nice, as you want to save your back for other things, like lifting your kids and leaning over to get the chips.

The bottles are BPA-free, as they should be. I actually remember throwing out all of my expensive Avent bottles when my son was a baby because they were not BPA-free and the story broke as to that being really bad. Avent was the brand everyone told me was the best and the main reason was that the bottles did not leak.

Shopping around, you won’t find this pump even close to this price. Future Shop sold this pump for $239, where it is now sold out. Toys R Us sells it for $239.97. My Outlet Store’s price is $80 cheaper than these two stores.

Not having used this pump, you could check out the reviews on the Toys R Us website, like this one:

As a breast pump novice and new mom I didn’t know what to expect, but I can honestly say that this pump saved my life. I don’t think I could have survived without having the option to express a bit and keep some milk so that I could have some time for myself, or when out somewhere not particularly breastfeeding friendly, but also for that last night feed to make sure our baby got enough milk in to last her through the night (otherwise she would just fall asleep on the breast without taking enough milk in).

Shipping is free for this item, which is a sweet bonus.

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February 18

My Outlet Store Canada: 60% Off Lagostina Non-Stick Skillet + EXTRA 15% Discount Promo Code

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 1:00 PM

My Outlet Store Canada: 60% Off Lagostina Non Stick Skillet + EXTRA 15% Discount Promo Code

Need a couple of new skillets? The Lagostina non-stick skillet is currently on sale from $19 at My Outlet Store and you can use the coupon code SHEEPYEAR to save an additional 15%!

Since shipping is at a flat rate of $4.95 per order, it’s much more worthwhile to get the entire set of these Lagostina pans. There are 3 sizes available:

  • 20cm: now $19 (reg. $46.99)/ with code $16.15
  • 26cm: now $25 (reg. $59.99)/ with code $21.25
  • 30cm: now $29 (reg. $74.99)/ with code $24.65

It’s a heavy-gauge aluminum non-stick pan with a Santoprene cast handle. Although it’s not induction safe, it is oven safe at 350°F. The description doesn’t specifically mention that it’s dishwasher safe, but it does say that hand-washing is recommended.

Although My Outlet Store doesn’t specify what model of Lagostina pans these are, I found the Windsor non-stick skillet at Sears. It looks identical to the one at My Outlet Store and features all of the same description, so I can only assume that it is the same model. Here’s a review from Sears’ product page:

I recently purchased this item on sale. I purchased the 26 cm and the 30 cm models. I like these pans because they heat up very quickly (no need to cook on “high”). The pan is lightweight and food cooks evenly and quickly and doesn’t stick to the pan. I use very little oil when required, or sometimes use a bit of water. This model of pan has a 15 year warranty. I would recommend to anyone.

At Sears, the Lagostina pan is priced at $46.99 for the 20cm one, $59.99 for the 26cm and $74.99 for the 30cm — huge difference from the prices at My Outlet Store!

With regards to the My Outlet Store coupon code that I mentioned above, it can also be applied to save on the following items:

There is no word on when the coupon code expires though, so don’t wait too long to redeem it!

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December 18

My Outlet Store Canada: Graco High Back TurboBooster Car Seat Was $69 | Now $35

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 10:17 AM

My Outlet Store Canada: Graco High Back TurboBooster Car Seat Was $69 | Now $35

If your child is getting too large for their car seat, you might want to pop them into a booster (as long as they meet the required guidelines). Luckily for you, booster seats are much cheaper than car seats and this deal at My Outlet Store will ensure you don’t break the bank switching your child over to a booster seat. Regularly $69, get the Graco High Back TurboBooster car seat in the spitfire pattern for only $39. Add the coupon code CARDSWAP to get another 10% off and pay only $35.10.

I think this is a fantastic price for a high back booster, as I paid $25 for my now back boosters and I wish that I had gotten the high back one. What’s better about the high back booster is that it has energy absorbing side headrests, which help to protect in an accident. Even just for comfort, the headrest is great if your child falls asleep in the car, which mine does on a regular basis. This way, their neck is not strained by the weight of their head.

I also like that it has cupholders, because if you have a van like mine, there are no cupholders in the second row of seats. Sure, there are the ones on the front middle console, but a kid strapped in can’t reach those and you’ll have to listen to them whining for you to pass them their drink and then put it back every 30 seconds. I like it when they have their own cupholders!

If your older child doesn’t like sitting in a high-back booster because it looks too much like a car seat and they feel like a “baby”, this model converts back to a regular booster with no back. I love that feature!

The fabric print is pretty neutral so that you can use this for both a boy and a girl.

The cheapest that I found a Graco high back booster was at Sears, where it sells for $50.99, so you are saving a minimum of $20. I couldn’t find it on sale at any other store.

Shipping is free when you spend over $75, so you might want to look at some of the other sales in home, fashion and kids. I quite liked these Vrum ride-on storage cases that would come down to $26 with coupon, with a regular price of $50. You could also look at the Carters snowsuits, which were $55 and would be $35 with coupon.

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October 3

My Outlet Store Canada Promo Code: Extra 15% Off Top Sellers

Posted by on October 3, 2014 at 2:30 PM

My Outlet Store Canada Promo Code: Extra 15% Off Top Sellers

My Outlet Store has a hot coupon that will save you an extra 15% off their already smokin’ deals.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: FALLEXTRA15
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: 5th October 2014

This coupon is only available on My Outlet Store’s bestsellers, so I’ll list these for you to stop you from throwing the computer against the wall when the code doesn’t work on what you are trying to buy. My Outlet Store Canada Promo Code: Extra 15% Off Top Sellers

The Sony speaker dock with lightning connector was $119.99, down to $79 and will come to $67.15 with the addition of the coupon code. The funny thing with this one is that at the sale price, you’ll get free shipping as that happens when you spend $75, but by adding the discount code, you’ll have to pay $4.95 for shipping. Of course, you could add something else to your cart and scratch what I just said and get your free shipping. Up to you! Just to show you hot this deal is, here is the same item at Sears for $119.99.

The Yamaha FX Nytro snow bike is so cool and I think this might make an awesome under-the-tree gift in two months. It was $79.99, on sale for $49, but comes to $41.65 after coupon. This is also at Sears for $79.99.

The Zwilling Sol Thermolon non-stick frypan is available in three sizes, starting with the 20cm at a regular price of $70, on sale for $29, but reduced to $24.65 with coupon.

These Keds Vollie LTT fashion sneakers are also a best seller, meaning you can use the 15% off coupon with them. There are four colours to choose from and it looks like most sizes are available, although some are in limited stock. They usually sell for $44.99 and are on sale for $29. Add the coupon to bring your total down to $24.65.

Last, but not least, the Obus Forme dual layer foam mattress topper is already 50% off at $125, down from $249.99. Add the coupon to this very comfortable looking piece of bedding and pay only $106.75.

If you see other items on My Outlet Store‘s site that aren’t discountable with this coupon, there is another coupon in our forum for 10% off all deals that you could use instead.

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August 21

My Outlet Store: K’Nex Classics 50 Model Building Set Only $17 (Was $45)

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 2:30 PM

My Outlet Store: KNex Classics 50 Model Building Set Only $17 (Was $45)

I found a fantastic deal at My Outlet Store. Get the K’Nex Classics 50 model building set for only $17.10, with a regular price of $45. It is on sale for $19, but add the coupon code CARDSWAP to get another 10% off ($1.90) and get it for $17.10. This coupon code will work for anything in store as well.

This set is really cool and I think I’m going to get it for my little building children. I have been looking at K’Nex sets for a while but the price has really been putting me off. Not this time! This set is also perfect for creating what you want, rather than a defined object. I’m not big on buying my kids sets that have them build exactly as the instructions say, for a variety of reasons. First off, that doesn’t let them be creative. Even when I do buy sets, they do what they want with them rather than build what they “should”. Second, they lose so many pieces, so why not have a set that if you lost a piece, it won’t render the whole thing useless.

There are 700 pieces in this set and 50 building ideas, in case your child does want some instruction on what to build. You could build things like a hot air balloon, sand castle, lighthouse, creatures from the sea and so much more. It says it is for age 7 and up, but I know my three-year-old would be very happy with this set.

Just to give you an idea of what this set sells for at other stores, I found it at Sears for $44.99, and at Toys R Us for $44.99. No matter how you look at it, My Outlet Store’s price is phenomenal.

You will have to add $4.95 for shipping, but the price is still way lower than any other store.

Photo credit: monodot

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August 5

My Outlet Store Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive Baby Cargo Stroller Only $69

Posted by on August 5, 2014 at 4:00 PM

My Outlet Store Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive Baby Cargo Stroller Only $69My Outlet Store is having an awesome reduction on the Baby Cargo lightweight umbrella stroller, which you can get for just $89 (reg. $109.99) but to make the deal even sweet, we have secured a Bargainmoose exclusive for an extra $20 off! This means that you can get it for just $69, which is almost 40% off the original price!

Click here to get the Baby Cargo lightweight umbrella stroller @ now

  • Coupon Code: moose_steelsky_20
  • Discount: extra $20 off
  • Expires: 10th August 2014

Weighing in at only 11.9 lbs, this super lightweight stroller is suitable for children ages 6 months and up. It’s very easy to fold and can even be carried around as it features a shoulder strap. The storage basket isn’t the largest but it’s decent, especially considering this is a lightweight stroller. I also really like that there’s no need to fuss with opening the canopy in order to see your baby as there is a see-through plastic area.

I have a monster of a stroller, the Graco Click Connect in onyx but the problem with that one and one that I didn’t originally think would be an issue, is that it’s just so big. I had a small Suzuki Swift of a car and it doesn’t even fit into the trunk. Instead, I need to place it on the passenger seat and even that is no easy feat, especially when it comes time to take the behemoth out. Given that with the Bargainmoose exclusive, the Baby Cargo lightweight stroller comes down to just $69 definitely makes it extremely tempting to invest into a new stroller to have for riding on the subway for instance or using when we need more space in the car.

In fact, it’s actually much pricier everywhere. The cheapest I have found it anywhere else is at Amazon for $130.80 but since it’s available on their marketplace, there are also $15 shipping fees attached. Sears also has this same coloured one, along with one in army taffy for $139.99 and while shipping is free, it’s still double in price!

Shipping isn’t free at My Outlet Store either but at only a flat rate of $4.95, it still makes the stroller a much better deal than anywhere else. For more My Outlet Store coupon codes, be sure to keep an eye on the forum as you never know when we might secure another Bargainmoose exclusive! My Outlet Store Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive Baby Cargo Stroller Only $69 In fact, you can also sign up to have all of their coupons delivered straight to your inbox as well.

My Outlet Store Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive Baby Cargo Stroller Only $69

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August 2

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker System Was $100 Now Only $53 + Shipping @ MyOutletStore

Posted by on August 2, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker System Was $100 Now Only $53 + Shipping @ MyOutletStore

We’ve posted a couple of deals from MyOutletStore in the last week, they’re the fairly newly launched website in the Cardswap family and they sell a range of items, from fashion to electronics. I was browsing round this morning, doing a bit of price comparing, and I came across the deal on this Sony SRSBTM8B Portable Wireless Speaker System. Originally $99.99, My Outlet Store is offering this Sony speaker for only $59 plus you can save an extra 10% on this with a coupon code bringing it down to only $53.10 plus shipping.

Once you’ve got the Sony speaker in your shopping cart and you are going through checkout, use the MOutletStore coupon code CardSwap to get an extra 10% off the marked price

Description & Features

  • NFC compatible portable wireless speaker; connect via bluetooth
  • Device uses 4 ‘AA’ batteries with approx. 20 hours playback potential
  • Output: 2 W x 2
  • Dimensions: W245mm x H185mm x D88mm

It’s a very stylish looking Sony device, I love the look of it!

Price Comparing

I’ve done an online price comparison for the Sony SRSBTM8B speaker system. I believe that the price at My Outlet Store is really excellent. The cheapest I can see this model for elsewhere is $79 at, with many other stores having it at the $99 mark.

When I was price comparing, I noticed that a number of stores were selling a refurbished version of this for around the same price. Obviously you’d be better off with the brand new model rather than the refurbished one… but I wanted to mention it in case you are also price comparing and you see those similar prices – just check the status, whether it is new or a refurb.

Canadian Shipping

As you’re paying the flat-rate $4.95 shipping anyway (which is pretty reasonable), have a browse round and see if there’s anything else you want to pop in your cart. However, when I had two of the above Sony speakers in my cart, shipping reduced to zero – they may have a minimum spend threshold for free shipping.  I think it is $75 – you might be interested in topping your order up to that level. It doesn’t explicitly state the free shipping threshold anywhere on site, but it works in the shopping cart.

(Expiry unknown)

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July 30

My Outlet Store Canada Promo Code: LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet Now $59

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 7:00 PM

My Outlet Store Canada Promo Code: LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power Learning Tablet Now $59A tablet for your kid(s)? Why not! Until tomorrow, you can save an additional $20 off the Leapfrog Leappad 2 power learning tablet at My Outlet Store. It’s already on sale for $79 (reg. $109.99), but with the code below, you can get it for just $59!

Click here to get the Leapfrog Leappad 2 power learning tablet @ now

  • Coupon Code:  LeapFrogLearning
  • Discount:  extra $20 off Leapfrog Leappad 2 power learning tablet
  • Expiry:  31st July 2014

For just $59, this is definitely a steal of a deal! It features a 5″ touch screen, 4GB of memory and a rechargeable battery that can last up to nine hours. It also comes with a stylus that can either be used to play the various games and activities or simply to draw with. Plus, it even has two built-in cameras: one in the front and one in the back.

Although the tablet comes pre-loaded with four apps, keep in mind that additional apps are available at an extra cost. Check out a list of the apps you can get and their prices on Leapfrog’s own website. To give you an idea, I had a look at the best-selling apps and the cheapest ones I found were the Cha-Cha Chicken and the Lula the Ladybug, both for $5. On the other end of the scale, the priciest are at $30.

All in all, this is a great education tablet for children aged three years and up, especially since you can rest assured that they will never venture onto any naughty sites (as with regular tablets). You also won’t have to worry about your child dropping or throwing a regular tablet that can easily cost $300 and up!

In fact, here’s what someone had to say about this fun tablet at Amazon:

Amazing kid friendly. Daughter opened & figured out on own. Fun learning apps included. Games are a bit pricey but good!

Shipping is at a flat rate of $4.95 but even with this charge, My Outlet Store’s deal is still the best one out there! The cheapest I have found it anywhere else is for $79.99 at Future Shop and $79.95 at Chapters Indigo. Even Amazon has it for as high as $103.60! The only drawback is that this deal isn’t available to residents of Quebec.

As always, you can also find this My Outlet Store coupon code in the Bargainmoose forum. If you happen to miss this promotion, there is also a coupon for an additional 10% off all deals.

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July 24

My Outlet Store Promo Code: Exclusive $30 Off Bodum Blender (Now Only $39)

Posted by on July 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM

My Outlet Store Promo Code: Exclusive $30 Off Bodum Blender (Now Only $39)

I was recently introduced to a brand new store called My Outlet Store, which is a store that is part of the CardSwap family of stores. They offer outlet or clearance deals on specific items. They are very new, so hopefully there won’t be many kinks for you while shopping, but I tried them out and didn’t have any troubles! They have offered Bargainmoose readers an exclusive promo code that is good for today and tomorrow on the Bodum 1.5L Bistro blender, which they are selling for $69, and it has a regular price of $129.99. Bargainmoose readers get another $30 off this price, making the blender only $39!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Discount: $30 off the Bodum blender
  • Expiry: 25th July 2014

You all know Bodum as a brand name for their tea accessories, but it seems like they also make blenders, and it looks like a good quality blender. It has five speeds for making everything from soups to smoothies at the right pace. The jar is BPA-free and has a rubber handle so it doesn’t slip. The lid is also pretty cool, with two openings – one with a grid that lets you get out just the liquids and no chunks, and the other for pouring it all out. The jug and lid are also dishwasher safe. You also have four colours to choose from:

  • red
  • black
  • green
  • white

While price comparing, I found that $39 is a phenomenal price for this blender. Sears sells it in white for $78.94. Future Shop sells it in black for $172.99. Best Buy sells it in the red for the same price as Future Shop.

Shipping is $4.95 for this item, although it looks like if you spend over $100 your shipping is free. But, the coupon only seemed to work once, giving me one $30 discount. If you were going to buy more than one blender, I’d do two separate orders as saving $30 is nicer than paying $4.95.

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My Outlet Store Promo Code: Exclusive $30 Off Bodum Blender (Now Only $39)

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