August 3

Mission Impossible Collection [Blu-Ray] 56% Off & $8 Movie Voucher – Only $19 @

Posted by on August 3, 2015 at 1:45 PM

Mission Impossible Collection [Blu Ray] 56% Off & $8 Movie Voucher   Only $19 @

Amazon Canada has a fantastic deal on the Mission Impossible Collection [Blu-Ray] with all four movies included. Originally $42.99, the quadrilogy is on sale for $18.99 and comes with a voucher for $8 off a movie ticket to see the new Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in theatres. Receive free shipping with your Prime account or free shipping on orders of $25+.

This deal is super hot given the price of the series elsewhere and the bonus $8 discount to see the new movie. As you may know, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was just released in theatres. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 27

Amazon Canada: The Hobbit Trilogy (15-Disc) Blu-Ray 3D DVD Was $75 | Now $46 & Free Shipping

Posted by on July 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Amazon Canada: The Hobbit Trilogy (15 Disc) Blu Ray 3D DVD Was $75 | Now $46 & Free Shipping

*** Bump: this set has just dropped substantially in price – down to $45.99***

Amazon Canada has discounted The Hobbit Trilogy (15-Disc) (Bilingual) [3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] from $74.99 (retail) down to $58.80 $45.99 with free shipping.

While $74.99 was the original retail price, the box set was at $67.65. I have been tracking this set for a while, and the cheapest price it has ever been before this price drop was about $64.50. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 26

Google Play Store: Up to 80% Off with 99¢ Movie Rentals

Posted by on July 26, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Google Play Store: Up to 80% Off with 99¢ Movie Rentals

Is money tight and are you dying for entertainment? Check out the Google Play Store 99¢ Movie Rentals for a selection of movies you can rent for under the price of a regular coffee. I think 99¢ for several hours’ entertainment is a worthwhile expenditure especially as some of these rentals originally cost up to $5.99.

This selection of 99¢ movie rentals turns over frequently with new titles added and old titles removed from the offer. If you do not find a movie you are interested in this time around, then wait a week or two to see what new movies they have added to the collection. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 19

Amazon Canada: Just $6.76 For 3 Blu-Ray Movies!!

Posted by on July 19, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Just $6.76 For 3 Blu Ray Movies!!

Amazon Canada is offering an extra $8 off your purchase of three select Blu-Ray Movies. As movies in this category start at $4.88, you can technically buy three different movies for just $6.76. There are plenty of other movies in this sale but I picked out the three cheapest movies and threw them together – received the extra $8 off – and they only came to $6.76 together.

There are 72 movies that qualify for an extra $8 off your order when you purchase three of them. To receive the deal I advertised above, you would select three of the following four movies: Read the rest of this entry »

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July 8

Amazon Canada: Up To $8 Off Terminator Genisys Cineplex Ticket With Select Movie Purchases

Posted by on July 8, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Amazon Canada: Up To $8 Off Terminator Genisys Cineplex Ticket With Select Movie Purchases

Are you a friend of Sarah Conner? Movie tickets are very expensive nowadays, so if you have been excited to see the new Terminator movie, “Terminator Genisys”, then here’s a wonderful opportunity to save a bit of cash. Right now at Amazon, you can get up to an $8 discount on your Cineplex movie ticket to see Terminator Genisys with purchase of select movies.

I watched Terminator Genisys on Canada Day and I must say, I loved it. I certainly didn’t expect to considering that it’s common knowledge that sequels tend to bomb, especially when these are made over thirty years later but it really was great. The plot line keeps you hooked throughout the movie and there is just the right amount of action to keep you digging back into your popcorn in anticipation.

With regards to the Amazon promotion: yes, you do need to make a purchase to get your Cineplex discount to see the Terminator Genisys movie but I figure that it’s well worth it for those of you who frequently buy movies anyways.

Here are just some of the movies that qualify for this promotion but there are more:

After you have made your movie purchase at, you will receive an e-mail within 48 hours containing a redemption code that you need to enter at Cineplex’s Terminator Genisys special page here. It would, however, be my assumption that you could potentially enter it at checkout no matter which page you start from.

The only drawback to this offer is Amazon’s specification of the Cineplex discount being “up to $8″. This can really mean anything but I just hope that most of the movies do offer an actual $8 discount and not any amount less than that. There is no way of knowing which movies offer which discount though, so you would really need to buy either the cheapest movie or get the movie that you most want to watch.

Shipping at Amazon is free on orders over $25.

(Expiry: 15th August 2015)

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July 6

Google Play Store: Family Movie Rentals Only 99¢

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Google Play Store: Family Movie Rentals Only 99¢

The Google Play store is offering family friendly movie rentals – commonly known as children’s movies – for only 99¢. This is often a $4- $5 discount on the regular price of the rental. In addition, these movies are also on sale if you end up wanting to buy a copy for your own digital movie library.

There are seven great family movies available to rent for only a dollar. First, the beloved kid’s creepy movie Coraline is discounted from $5.99 to rent down to $0.99. This is one of the few more recent movies that have been made with stop-motion animation. While I have yet to see the movie, I do love the author Neil Gaiman, who wrote the book that this movie was based on.

Next, enjoy a HD rental of Astro Boy. This is one movie I have been meaning to see as I love Japanese style animation and I have watched some of the original Astro Boy series from way back. I might even rent this for myself tonight and indulge in a little popcorn at the same time. Originally $4.99 for the rental, it is now only $0.99.

Next, you can rent Paranorman. Originally $4.99 for a rental, it is now only $0.99. I think of this as the perfect movie – along with Coraline – for a Halloween eve. For more sensitive children, watch it in the day light of summer! Norman’s town is under siege by zombies, and his is the only one that can speak to the dead!

Hoodwinked 2:  Hood vs. Evil is one of the few films I have actually seen from this list. This is a sequel to the brilliant movie Hoodwinked. While I think Hoodwinked 2 falls well short of the mark, it is a fun trip for kids into the land of fairy tales. Rent it now for only $0.99.

I had never heard of Sea Level before, but it is the adorable story of one bamboo shark’s attempt to save his family. Regularly $4.99 for a rental, watch it now for just $0.99.

Lastly, The Adventures of Mark Twain looks like a fun dive into literature including Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and more stowed away on an airship. Originally $6.99, pick up the rental for just $0.99.

With kids out of school for the summer break, these budget friendly movie rentals will come in handy.

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July 6

Amazon Canada: Buy a Select Movie & Get Up To $7.50 In Movie Cash

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Amazon Canada: Buy a Select Movie & Get Up To $7.50 In Movie Cash

Looking to see Ted 2 or Trainwreck? Buy a select movie at Amazon and you’ll be rewarded with $5 to $7.50 in movie cash to see either of those movies.

Basically, there are funny movies on sale at Amazon and when you buy one, with titles as low as $4.49, you’ll get a movie cash certificate emailed to you for either $5 or $7.50 to see the movies Ted 2 or Trainwreck, depending on the movie you buy. You’ll enter the certificate code when you buy your Cineplex ticket online to see those two movies and get a discounted or free price depending on which show you pick.

I don’t know how, but my kids saw a commercial about Ted 2 and think it is a movie they should see. Having seen the first one, I would have to say absolutely not. Don’t let this movie deceive you – while it is about a cute and cuddly teddy bear – he is also a drug-doing and prostitute-loving teddy bear. Your kids would get an education they might not want watching this movie. So, get your vulgarity-loving friends together and go see Ted 2 or Trainwreck for free after buying one of the select movies available at Amazon.

One of the movies on the list you could buy to get your free movie cash is The 40-Year-Old Virgin. That is probably one of my most favourite funny movies that cemented the career of Steve Carrell and I’m glad it did! It is regularly $14.99 and now only $4.49, which is quite a steal considering you’ll get more than that in movie cash just for buying it!

There are a few other funny ones on the list that I have seen and enjoyed like Identity Thief and A Million Ways to Die in the West. The original Ted is on there too if you hadn’t seen it.

As always, shipping is free when you spend $25. I’m not sure if it will let you buy several movies to get several codes and also save you the shipping fees, but that is definitely worth a try. You can build up your movie collection and take your friends to see a movie, while appearing as the hero!

(Expiry: 15th August 2015)

Photo credit: Alex

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July 5

Amazon Canada: The Chronicles of Riddick & Pitch Black Blu-Ray Steelbooks – Under $5 Each

Posted by on July 5, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Amazon Canada: The Chronicles of Riddick & Pitch Black Blu Ray Steelbooks   Under $5 Each

Amazon Canada has two excellent prices on Riddick movies with the beloved Vin Diesel. These are the limited edition Steelbook covers in Blu-Ray. First, Pitch Black [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] is on sale from $22.99 down to $4.99. Second, The Chronicles of Riddick [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] is on sale from $22.99 down to $4.49.

Couple notes: Chronicles of Riddick is temporarily out of stock, but you can still buy the movie and it will just ship when it comes back into stock. Pitch Black is in stock but is shipping in about one to four weeks. I hope you are not in a rush.

Chronicles of Riddick

I already own the Chronicles of Riddick but I LOVE the steelbook format so much more than regular plastic. Therefore, I am ordering a copy for myself as we speak. I think it is worth $4.50 to replace my current version. The steelbook version has the most incredible cover that reminds me of a dark and gritty comic book. Now, the steelbook is not available anywhere else. Therefore, I just compared this title to other Blu-Ray versions. Amazon Canada sells the regular blu-ray version for $6.75 and Walmart Canada sells the regular version for $7.96. In the USA, I found the Steelbook version – this version – for $14.99 USD.

This is one of my favourite movies and I often watch it over and over again. Some of my favourite parts are when he is down in Crematorium and making friends with the resident four-legged creatures.

Pitch Black

This movie is like a cult favourite. If you like any of the Riddick series, then you are probably a fan of this movie. Oddly enough, I adore The Chronicles of Riddick but I do not like Pitch Black. Pitch Black is too ‘horror’ for me. However, each to their own. Like above, the steelbook is in short supply in Canada, thus I compared with the regular blu-ray version. Pitch Black costs $14.96 at Walmart Canada and other places. In the USA, the steelbook version costs $14.99 USD at Best Buy.

Just to give you an additional idea as to the value of the Steelbooks, we can look at In the USA, sells these Blu-Ray steelbooks for $9.49 – $9.89 USD. It is WAY cheaper here.

Shipping is free on $25+.

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July 2

Canadian Freebie: All Creatures Big And Small Movie Download @ Google Play Canada

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: All Creatures Big And Small Movie Download @ Google Play Canada

Here is a little freebie you might want to snag for the kids. Right now on Google Play you can get the movie All Creatures Big And Small completely free. You do need to have a Google Play account to take advantage of this deal.

This freebie today over at Google Play Canada includes the free movie All Creatures Big And Small in full high definition. This movie is a cartoon and starts during the story of Noah building an ark while the animals are boarding two by two. Somehow our two main characters, animals known as Nestrians, are left behind. Our heroes must now comically survive the floods and get to the top of the mountain to survive. Meanwhile the parents of our heroes who are onboard, try to turn around the Ark in an attempt to try to save their children. Though the film is set in the middle of a biblical story, it is a slapstick comedy at heart. From reading the reviews at IMBD, it seems this it is trying to be more funny and quirky from the animal’s point of view and less of a biblical retelling. It seems to be from the reviews that this movie has plenty of funny pop culture reference to keep the story light and moving.

Reviews over on Google Play are looking good overall, especially for a free movie. Movie watchers are honest in that this movie is a bit of slapstick with a side of cheese. I would not expect this film to live up to the quality we expect from Disney or Pixar, but it is a fun film for a rainy afternoon for a laugh. Here is one review from Google Play:

Hey, it’s pretty good for a free movie I laughed a good bit during it. It’s a good kid movie I’m sure. Plus, this is like one of the few movies that I’ve seen that actually have a G rating for the film.

You might have figured out by now if you are a regular reader that I love freebies. I was just telling Anna the other day when I was blogging about the free Chorus Spa and Wellness samples that I tend to be a little bit of a freebie hoarder. I will be adding this movie to my collection for my kiddo.

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July 2

300: Rise of an Empire (DVD) Was $14 | Now $2.25 @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 2:30 PM

300: Rise of an Empire (DVD) Was $14 | Now $2.25 @ (EXPIRED)

I am incredibly impressed with this deal and the deal on The LEGO Movie. Amazon Canada has discounted 300: Rise of an Empire (DVD) from $13.68 down to $2.25 for the DVD version.

You are purchasing the 2-Disc Special Edition version on DVD. I sort of expect this sort of price drop on older movies – way older movies – but this movie was just released last year. As it was released in June 2014, the movie is just over a year old. For less than half the cost of your next Starbucks latte, you can pick up a new movie for your collection.

This is the second 300 movie, following the 2006 release of 300. I have never seen either as they are quite bloody and violent movies, which I am not into very much. However, they are well thought of by those who enjoy that sort of thing. Over 40 reviewers give 300: Rise of an Empire an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

I price compared to ensure you are getting a good deal but it was hardly necessary. This same DVD set retails for:

  • $13.88 @ Walmart Canada
  • $31.98 @ Staples Canada
  • $28.25 @ Sears Canada
  • $16.99 @ best Buy Canada

Reviews on sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are mixed. Some view the plot line as a mere excuse just to be gory. The critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is:

It’s bound to hit some viewers as an empty exercise in stylish gore, and despite a gonzo starring performance from Eva Green, 300: Rise of an Empire is a step down from its predecessor.

However, I am not sure I put much stock in their ratings as they have been rather harsh on some of my favourite movies and rather praising of movies I thought were junk. What really matters is whether YOU like the movie – who cares about the critics.

For only $2.25, you can add this movie to your collection and have something new to watch on Saturday night. If you do not like the movie, then merely give it away or drop it off at your local used DVD store. Either way, you will have enjoyed a couple hours of entertainment for a little over a toonie.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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July 2

Amazon Canada: The LEGO Movie (DVD) Only $2.49 *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 1:28 PM

Amazon Canada: The LEGO Movie (DVD) Only $2.49 *HOT* (EXPIRED)

This deal is boiling HOT!!! Amazon Canada has discounted The LEGO Movie (DVD) from $15.17 down to just $2.49!

This deal is totally awesome! It is the lowest price this movie has ever been and I suggest picking it up rather quickly before it a) sells out or b) Amazon notoriously raises the price.

Amazon Canada: The LEGO Movie (DVD) Only $2.49 *HOT* (EXPIRED)

I never saw this movie in theatres, but I have friends who raved about it when it came out. They figured the ‘Everything is Awesome’ song was one of the most memorable parts of the song and I would catch snippets of it dripping out into every day conversation. I used to play with LEGO as a child, this I am sure i would like the movie. I have just never got my hands on a copy of it.

If you love this movie or want to see the movie, then now is your chance to buy it for the cost of a cup of coffee. Yup, it is THAT CHEAP. I checked out the price at other retailers just to show you how good of a deal this is, in case there was any doubt:

  • $13.88 @ Walmart Canada
  • $16.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $27.61 @ Staples Canada
  • $20 @ HMV Canada (or 2 for $15)

Essentially, this deal is smoking hot. You will receive the 2-disk special edition of the film. I know nothing about the movie actually, except there are some legendary characters from the geek world in it including Batman, Hans Solo, and Gandalf. Here is a rundown on the storyline:

…follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

This sounds like a really cool movie especially with such awesome geek characters in it. A lot of adults, as well as children absolutely love this movie as one reviewer at Walmart said:

Bought this movie for my grandson’s 6th Birthday and he’s been watching it almost every day

My friend Robert, who is a mid-40s child, also adores the movie and watches it endlessly as well.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. At this price, it just might be worth paying the shipping if that is all you want from Amazon Canada.

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June 29

Minion Dave Kids Costume Only $26 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Minion Dave Kids Costume Only $26 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada

Is your house as crazy for Minions as my house is? Check out this hilarious Minion Dave Costume. This costume is listed at $40.99, but you can swipe it away for only $25.92. This fun costume also qualifies for completely free shipping.

Are you gearing up for the new Minions movie? I have seen the trailer and it looks like it is going to be hilarious and a great movie for families. All of our favourite loveable minions are back in a prequel to the Despicable Me series. Today over on Amazon Canada I have found a minion costume for kids that will surely delight your little minion. If you order right away, you could even wear your costume to the showing of the movie.

This costume was originally made for the Despicable Me 2 movie and features the face of Minion Dave. It is a foam one-piece costume that easily slides over your head. The costume sticks out at the sides to give you a tall minion shape. This is perfect if your kiddo likes to play pretend. I would be dying of laughter watching my kid play in this costume. This costume is available in small and medium sizes. The small size fits a child who is 44″ to 48″ tall with 25″ to 26″ waist, and the child medium fits a child who is 50″ to 54″ tall with 27″ to 30″ inch waist. (though now out of stock) suggests that the small size is for a kid age three to four, and the medium is for a kid age five to seven. This costume has Minion Dave’s face, as he is included in the Despicable Me 2 movie. The trailer for the new movie mentions Minion Dave, so I suspect we will see him in this movie also. Minion Dave is unfortunately not one of the three lead minions for the new movie.

I did find this costume a few other places in Canada. I found this costume for $34.99 at Party City Canada, but the shipping will make your heart stop. With the $16.95 shipping cost, your total is $51.94, plus another $4.95 in duties at checkout, yikes! is selling this costume for $28.04 on sale. The site was so slow I could not get it to tell me how much shipping charges ranged without fully checking out, but shipping prices will vary depending on your location. At, this costume is selling for $42.54 plus shipping costs.

This is a great surprise for your favourite Minion loving kid. Order now while they still have your kid’s size!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 3

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) Was $25 | Now $10.49 @

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 4:00 PM

X Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) Was $25 | Now $10.49 @

**BUMP: This has now dropped down to just $10.49!**

Amazon Canada has discounted the X-Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) from $24.95 down to $14.49 $10.49.The original retail value of this set was $44.99.

This ultimate edition includes Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, and the digital edition. I could not find this exact cover very many places, which made price comparing a tad bit more difficult. The places I did find it failed to use ‘ultimate edition’ in the title so it became a ‘let’s match’ sort of game. Thus, I compared based on the content rather than the specific edition.

Walmart Canada does sell this specific ultimate edition for $24.96. While Best Buy does not have the ‘ultimate edition,’ their Deluxe Edition includes the 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray and Digital Edition as well – so the same content. It is priced at $29.99. Chapters Indigo does not have this title in stock (in Blu-Ray 3D combo-pack) and neither does HMV.

Given that this set is $10 less than the nearest competitor’s price, I would say it is a good deal. My partner already owns this set, as he is a big X-Men fan. When I asked him what he thought of the movie, he said:

“It was a nice portrayal of one of the most famous comic book stories in X-Men. It was also amusing to see Professor X as a drunk! Quicksilver was also a pleasant surprise. I would give it 4/5 stars.”

The story introduces some new X-Men along with many of your favourite characters. I am not an X-Men fan myself, but I know many others are. That is why these movies keep being produced!

The movie has a 4.4/5 star rating with over 180 customer reviews. I checked out Rotten Tomatoes – one of my favourite critic sites – for their thoughts. On the tomato meter, X-Men: Days of Future Past scored a breathtaking 91%. The critic’s consensus was:

X-Men: Days of Future Past combines the best elements of the series to produce a satisfyingly fast-paced outing that ranks among the franchise’s finest installments.

Some people even think that this is the best X-Men movie ever made. Whether you are already solidly in that camp or you have yet to see the movie, purchase it for less than $15 at Amazon right now.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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June 1

Amazon Canada: Clint Eastwood 40 Film Collection Was $165 | Now $66 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 1, 2015 at 2:25 PM

Amazon Canada: Clint Eastwood 40 Film Collection Was $165 | Now $66 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

You don’t mess with Clint Eastwood. He is the quintessential badass of the screen. My kids will never have someone so badass in their movies as him. Watch every single one of 40 of his films with this hot sale from Amazon. Regularly $165, now $65.99, you’ll get all 40 films in one kick butt collection on DVD with free shipping on top.

While I typically don’t watch macho type movies, one of my favourite all-time movies is Gran Torino. This movie is included in this collection. If you haven’t seen it, it is a serious must-have! The emotions I had watching this movie, set in a changing Detroit neighbourhood were remarkable. It is one of those movies that leaves you with all sorts of questions of how to make the world a better place. Even still, Clint Eastwood is so fantastic in it as a grumpy old man who pretty much hates everyone (or so he wants you to believe). One reviewer on IMDB said this, and that summed it up perfectly:

This movie made me laugh and cry at the same time.

But, lets say you don’t like Gran Torino, well you’ve got 39 other choices! Other names I recognized are the iconic Dirty Harry, Mystic River, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Dead Pool and The Bridges of Madison County.

This would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift for the dad who has those old school, tough guy values and loves a good movie. Go ahead, make Dad’s day. The majority of the reviewers also enjoyed this collection and named off movies as their favourite that I had never heard of.

Costco sells this set for $108.99; Best Buy sells it for $144.99. So, just with those two comparisons, you know this is a great deal.

Shipping is free as it surpasses the $25 minimum.

(Expiry: 1st June 2015)

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May 30

Amazon Canada: The Bourne Trilogy Was $58 | Now $18 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on May 30, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Amazon Canada: The Bourne Trilogy Was $58 | Now $18 (FS @ $25)

I was hoping for a beautiful, sunny weekend, but I don’t think it is in the cards. I see the dark clouds moving, the trees wavering from side to side, plus the Weather Network tells me there is a 90% chance of thunderstorms and that it will only be a high of 8 degrees tomorrow! Those are some good indicators of a weekend spent inside. While I will probably do some cleaning, we will probably relax with a few movies. I wish I had this Bourne Trilogy set from Amazon now, but I’ll get it and have it for the next weekend that’s not great weather. Regularly $57.99, it is on sale for $17.99.

The last time we blogged this set on sale was in 2012 and it was 57% off. It is now 69% off. While I didn’t find it at other stores with quite as high of a regular price, this price blows all of the other stores that sell it out of the water.

If you don’t know the Bourne series, what rock are you hiding under from Matt Damon? While this type of action adventure is not usually my cup of tea, I have two words: Matt Damon. That man is not just eye candy, he is talented eye candy and the movies really do have a cool storyline that excites men and women alike. I think I’m going to buy this set for my hubby as a Father’s Day gift, as he loves to lay in bed and watch a day full of movies (when he can!).

As Amazon states, these movies are non-stop action and I would agree. So would the 78 other reviewers who gave it a five-star rating. Or the other 14 reviewers who don’t like to give anything full perfection and rated it a solid 4 stars. There are only 3 other reviewers who gave it a 1, 2, and 3 star review. Those people are just negative nancys.

This is the blu-ray version and reviewers say the quality is quite amazing and that is the only way you want to watch a movie like this.

Just to give you a few comparisons on price: Walmart sells this for $22.97, but you’ll have to get your cart up to $50 to get free shipping and Best Buy sells it for $44.99.

Shipping is free once you’ve got to $25, so you might want to find a few add-ons to get your total up there.

Photo credit: Chris Beckett

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