May 26

mimiTENs Canada: Sale on Kid Friendly Mittens

Posted by on May 26, 2014 at 7:30 PM

mimiTENs Canada: Sale on Kid Friendly Mittens

mimiTENs are these super cool mittens that come up the arms so they keep your children’s arms warm and they stay on better. Usually they are priced $30+ but mimiTENS are now all on sale for under $20.

Only sizes 1-2 and baby are left as the sale has been very popular. Here is what is currently in stock in each design:

Most places I looked at sold this size range for around $32 so you are saving a good chunk of money during this sale. Unfortunately sizes are limited, but often the best deals have the smallest selections.

I like the idea of these mitts because there are no strings needed to keep the gloves on. I remember those horrid mitts where your mother would run the string through the arms of both jackets, it was so annoying. I like these because they feel more like a long glove and will work to prevent lost mitts as well.

Standard shipping for me was $5.

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January 18

MimiTENS Canada: 50% Off

Posted by on January 18, 2012 at 4:00 PM

MimiTENS Canada: 50% Off

Stop that cold snow from travelling up your kid’s arm with mimiTENS and get 50% off the regular price!

What are mimiTENS?

mimiTENS™ are children’s mittens that stay on with no strings attached. Our mittens feature long, stretchy cuffs that reach the elbow. From the fabrics to the embroidery every aspect of our mittens has been carefully considered.

As we went sledding on the weekend, I was just thinking how great a pair of mimiTENS would be for my kids. The short, wrist length mittens just don’t cut it for the little ones and the over the cuff mittens aren’t big enough to go over these puffy jackets.

My boy would like either the Thunderbolt or Skulls Vs Robots mimiTENS while my girl would probably choose the Sweet Treats or Robins mimiTENS. All are priced at $16.75 (reg. $33.50).

Thanks to KJW for posting this on the hot deals forum!

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