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February 6

Up to 60% Off Sale PLUS Save up to $200 with Code @ Michael Kors

Posted by on February 6, 2016 at 9:09 PM

Up to 60% Off Sale PLUS Save up to $200 with Code @ Michael Kors Michael Kors just came out with a series of “Spend more, Save more” coupon codes that can even be stacked with their sale section. The discounts are as follows: $50 off $250, $125 off $500, $200 off $750. These deals can be combined with all of the items in their sale section and can be applied to all their new arrivals. Plus, with the code VDAY16, you can get free 2-day shipping on your purchase, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Although Michael Kors is hugely popular in Canada, I rarely see sales as great as these. All I see in stores, when it comes to sales, are purses that are two or three seasons old. With this sale, you can get a brand new purse with a small discount, or a purse on sale with a huge discount!

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January 8

50% Off Select Michael Kors Shoes & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 8, 2016 at 3:30 PM

50% Off Select Michael Kors Shoes & Free Shipping

When I see Canadian women in designer clothing, I generally see some nice Michael Kors clothing and shoes paired with a Coach bag. If you want the designer look for less than the designer price, check out these gorgeous shoes for 50% off! The Sammy Suede Ankle Boot is an awesome way to enjoy your heels in the winter. Originally $199.99, it is now $99.99. The Hamilton Leather Peep-Toe Pump is your basic black (or brown) pump at its finest. Originally $199.99, this shoe is also only $99.99. Receive free shipping on your order as well.

Let’s first talk boots. The Sammy Suede Ankle Boots come in a gorgeous Merlot (like the wine) colour and a pearl grey. I am all for light colours on other parts of the body – but light grey shoes would be horribly hard to get clean. Go for the Merlot! They are a deep, wine red that looks decadent and inviting on your feet. They can be statement pieces or blend into the background if need be. As your entire foot is covered up to the ankle, these make great heels for the winter. Your feet stay warm and stylish at the same time! Read the rest of this entry »

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August 25

Michael Kors: Up to 50% Off Clearance & Up to $200 Off Coupons

Posted by on August 25, 2015 at 2:46 PM

Michael Kors: Up to 50% Off Clearance & Up to $200 Off Coupons

Michael Kors is offering up to 50% off all items in their clearance section including clothing, purses, jewellery, watches, and more. Receive free shipping on any order with no minimum. In addition, purchases of $250 or more will qualify for an extra discount - $50 to $200 off – with coupon code REWARDS today only.

Michael Kors is one of the foremost designer brands that are at an accessible price point for the average woman. Their items are in high demand; therefore I thought I might share this deal with you. First of all, if your order is $250 or more, then you will be able to use the Michael Kors coupon code above to receive an extra discount on your order: Read the rest of this entry »

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August 5

Michael Kors: Maritime Link & Gold-Tone Knot Rings Were $115 | Now $57.50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 5, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Michael Kors: Maritime Link & Gold Tone Knot Rings Were $115 | Now $57.50 & Free Shipping

Michael Kors has a couple beautiful rings on clearance for 50% off their original prices. The Maritime Link Ring and the Gold-Tone Knot Ring are on sale from $115 down to $57.50 each. Receive free shipping on all orders at Michael Kors Canada.

We are talking about rings under $60 from one of the most popular designer brands right now in Canada. Sizing is limited, but there are still a couple more popular sizes to choose from: 7 and 8. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 22

Michael Kors: Saffiano Leather Pocket Case Was $48| Now $29 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 22, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Michael Kors: Saffiano Leather Pocket Case Was $48| Now $29 & Free Shipping

Michael Kors Canada is selling the must-have case for your new iPhone 6. The Saffiano Leather Pocket Case in ‘sun’ is on sale from $48 down to $28.80. All orders at Michael Kors receive free shipping and free returns.

As is to be expected with some deals, this price is only applicable on one colour of wallet: sun. This is a gorgeous golden yellow that is really flashy and will keep you from losing your iPhone!

This phone case is a structured hard shell with durable Saffiano leather sewn onto the back. You can slip your ID and credit cards into the exterior pockets. Then they will be easily accessible when you are at a club or at a bar. For girls who like to leave their purses at home when they party, just slip your ID, a bit of cash, and your credit card into the external pockets. This case turns your phone into an all-in-one unit.

Show off your stylish designer wallet with the deluxe logo plaque on the back.

Now, I actually like this colour and would buy it for my own iPhone 6 – if I owned one. However, some people are pickier in their colours. Thus, I wanted to mention a couple other options that are more expensive, but still on sale. The Saffiano Leather Pocket Case For iPhone 6 in peanut is on sale from $48 down to $36. I think of this as a mousy brown that acts as a nice neutral. Additionally, the vibrant Fuchsia is on sale from $48 down to $36. These are good options if you detest the colour of the ‘sun’.

Most iPhone 6 cases retail for more than $30 without even considering shipping, thus I think this is a good deal despite it being a designer brand. Because it is a designer brand, I think it is an even better deal. That free shipping does not hurt either. With Michael Kors free returns policy, this is a risk free venture. Buy, try it out, and if you do not like the case then you can simply return it. These free return offers are pretty few and far between these days with rising shipping costs.

When price comparing, the cheapest I could find this wallet elsewhere was at Nordstroms for $32. However, you would need to pay duty and shipping on top of that.

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June 18

Jet Set Travel Large Leather Phone Wristlet Was $98 | Now $58 & Free Shipping @ Michael Kors Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 18, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Jet Set Travel Large Leather Phone Wristlet Was $98 | Now $58 & Free Shipping @ Michael Kors Canada (EXPIRED)

I love the look of a sleek leather designer case. Check out the Jet Set Travel Large Leather phone case. This compact wristlet was $98 but you can grab it now for only $58. Grab that sleek look now in a bright colour that is perfect for your summer vacation.

Stylish and sleek, this leather wristlet is chic. This wristlet is made from soft and supple Saffiano leather. This wristlet will fit your phone plus a few other small important items such as a credit card, some cash, your ID and your lipstick. This wristlet is compact enough you can easily carry it on its own when you need just the essentials, or throw it in your handbag to keep your essentials easily accessible. Make sure you click over to the colour mandarin to see the best deal. The default-featured colour when you click the link is a blue and navy version, but it is was $98 and is now $73.

Michael Kors wristlets are not sold everywhere, but I did manage to find a few other places where you could purchase a similar wristlet. Beyond the Rack has the exact same wristlet in mandarin for $94.99. Over at Shop.ca, I found leather Michael Kors wristlet designed to hold your phone in red for $125.64. Amazon.ca carries a similar leather wristlet in a peanut colour for $135 that is fulfilled by Amazon and qualifies for super saver shipping.

Shipping is now completely free at Michael Kors Canada with no minimum. This is fairly new and exciting that now Michael Kors is shipping directly to Canada free. You will not have to worry about any duties, this product ships from within Canada.

If you like options, you may want to check out the great deal on the Jet Set Travel Large Phone Wristlet for IPhone and Samsung. This wristlet is available in a bright yellow colour called Sun was $98 but is now $58.80. There are some other colour options available, most at full price. The cheery yellow is by far the best deal, but you could also snag the same wristlet in a tan colour called peanut for $73. The Jet Set Travel Colour-Block Leather Phone Case in a mandarin and white colour scheme with a brown luggage accent was $108 but is on sale for $64.80. This large wristlet with a bold colour block pattern that resembles wide stripes is also available in navy or a nude motif. These additional colours were $108 but are on sale for $81.

Grab your favourites now. These wristlets are perfect for everyday use for a look that is stylish and chic. I also love that a wristlet in a larger handbag can help to keep you organized. I need all the help I can get to stay organized, and with this wristlet I can look sleek at the same time!

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July 8

Little Burgundy Canada: Michael Kors Sandals @ $69.99

Posted by on July 8, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Little Burgundy Canada: Michael Kors Sandals @ $69.99It’s no secret that Michael Kors merchandise isn’t always the most budget-friendly but if you’re a fan of this iconic brand, then you’re going to love that you can get a variety of four sandals at a reduced price of $69.99 (reg. $128), though the only difference between two of them lies within their colour.

Here are all of the ones you can save close to 50% on:

Even their reduced price may seem like a lot to pay for a strappy pair of sandals but in all actuality, these sandals are more likely to outlast any cheap pair of sandals you can get anywhere else. Why? Because they’re made of leather. Unlike the synthetic material that the vast majority of other cheaper sandals are made of, leather products tend to last far longer and have a much nicer overall appearance as well. Plus, since most synthetically-made sandals may be had for the same price as these Michael Kors ones, it definitely makes it more worth it to get the real deal, then a piece plastic.

Out of all of the discounted Michael Kors sandals, I prefer the Yorker in cognac as they offer a more natural look. With a small wedge heel and a hamilton thong look, I would love to wear these sandals with short shorts, a tank and a Michael Kors bag to match — it’s too bad that Little Burgundy doesn’t carry those alongside the sandals!

The light blue Reichow ones are just as fabulous though, especially because of their colour, which is perfect for summer. Though I must admit that I much prefer the Michael Kors tag on the Yorker sandals because it’s much more recognizable than the silver-plated tag on these ones.

Since shipping is only free on orders over $75 and you’re to be missing that extra $5.01, then you could either grab a pair of Michael Kors sandals in a different style but for the same price or you can also check out the clearance section for low prices on accessories such as the bohemian-looking pecanty hair accessory on sale for $9.98 (reg. $25). It’s essentially a combination of feathers that clip into the hair. I actually have similar hair clip and it’s definitely one of my favourites for the unique look it provides.

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September 11

Holt Renfrew: $50 Exclusive Michael Kors Scarfs Supporting Breast Cancer

Posted by on September 11, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Holt Renfrew: $50 Exclusive Michael Kors Scarfs Supporting Breast Cancer

So I am a sucker for charity products, I fully admit it. So every once in a while I will throw out there a post that isn’t a deal per. say. This time I spotted a collaboration between Holt Renfrew, Michael Kors and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. If you buy an Exclusive Michael Kors Scarf at Holt Renfrew part of the proceeds will be going to support Breast Cancer. You can pre-order this scarf online and pick it up at your local store.

The scarf is made of a cashmere/wool blend and comes in 3 different coloured patterns: red, grey or camel.

Now this isn’t a typical deal as in ‘being on sale’ etc, but I think of this is a different type of deal really. This is an exclusive from a well known designer Michael Kors. It is at a very reasonable price point: $50, for begin a cashmere/wool blend. Being  cashmere/wool blend it should be nice and warm, rather practical for a good fall scarf. In the end you are supporting a good charity and getting something you will enjoy as well.

As I mentioned, I am a sucker for this kind of thing. I am going to be getting one. probably the grey or the camel. The camel colour actually reminds me of a giraffe skin, I love giraffes. Holt Renfrew: $50 Exclusive Michael Kors Scarfs Supporting Breast Cancer

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