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October 14

Mastermind Toys Canada: Playmobil Advent Calendars Were $30 | Now $24

Posted by on October 14, 2015 at 10:11 AM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Playmobil Advent Calendars Were $30 | Now $24

Mastermind Toys has 20% off of all of their Playmobil right now, which is a pretty standard sale price on Playmobil. I usually try to buy it when it goes on for that rare 25% off, although I’ve been caught buying it for regular price *gasp*. This sale includes the Playmobil advent calendars and while 20% off is not a huge discount, this is the first time I’ve seen any advent calendars on sale for this year. They are regularly $29.99 and on sale for $23.99.

I absolutely love Playmobil advent calendars. Instead of giving my child some dollar store chocolate that they don’t need, they get a toy that they will use and love instead! Read the rest of this entry »

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June 23

Where To Buy The Popular Bunch O Balloons Toy In Canada

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Where To Buy The Popular Bunch O Balloons Toy In Canada

This summer you can expect the Bunch O Balloons toy to be immensely popular. Sales are already sky-rocketing – and you can probably see why. Everyone is asking where they can buy Bunch O Balloons. Here is your answer! Note that these Bunch O Balloons are generally sold as a pack of 3. Each pack contains 100 self-sealing water balloons.

There are a few Canadian retailers with this adored toy. The problem is finding them in stock. That is what you have us for! I have gathered a list of Canadian retailers that carry the Bunch O Balloons toy and provided information on their stock level, shipping options and more. So if you’re ready to fill and tie hundreds of water balloons within minutes, then get shopping. Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing for a water balloon fight this summer. All you have to do is connect the Bunch O Balloons Toy attachment to a hose and before you know it you will have 100 water balloons at your dispense. The water balloons are also self-sealing. I think my jaw just hit the floor.. This might just be the best thing since sliced bread. I used to get blisters on my fingers from tieing so many water balloons for our annual “End Of School” water balloon fight with all of the neighbourhood kids.

Take a look at the Canadian retailers that carry Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons:

Canadian TireCanadian Tire has a 3 pack of these Zuru Bunch O’ Balloons for just $12.99. Unfortunately they cannot be purchased online, you’ll have to enter your postal code and select a pickup location to check the inventory of your local Canadian Tire store. Looks like all of my local Canadian Tire stores are sold out already.

Chapters Indigo has their Bunch O Balloons 3 pack listed for $14.95. Unfortunately they are on re-order online and can only be purchased in store right now, until there are more in stock. You can click “find in store” to see where you can get some Bunch O Balloons near you, but the price may vary a little bit. My local Chapters store has them in stock *fist pump*!

London Drugs CanadaIf you want to purchase these Bunch O Balloons but don’t want to leave your house to do so, then don’t fret. still has some in stock for just $12.99. London Drugs sells this adored source of entertainment in a 3 pack as well, and you won’t get to pick your colours unfortunately. London Drugs has free in-store pickup or free shipping on orders over $200. Chances are you’re not about to spend $200 on water balloons though, right? Standard shipping can cost you up to $10 depending on your location in Canada.

Mastermind Toys CanadaI love heading into this store with my toddler. Right now Mastermind Toys Canada is selling the Bunch O Balloons 3 packs for $14.99, but they are no longer in stock online. That means that this is yet another Canadian retailer that you have to check your local store for inventory.

Party City by far has the best price on these Bunch O Water Balloons. Unfortunately they are sold out online, so getting this popular toy for just $9.99 sounds a little far-fetched. You can check your local Party City store for inventory though, just give them a call. Unfortunately there is no way to check via their website.

I just watched a few reviews on YouTube for this Bunch O Balloons product and I must admit, I am impressed. You need to get your hands on this product for some fun this summer. The only time consuming part of your water balloon fights are going to be picking up all of the dead balloons now. I am excited that I won’t have blisters from knotting hundreds of balloons each year.

Moosers, have you tried this popular Bunch O Balloons toy? If not, will you try it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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May 21

Mastermind Toys Warehouse Sale: Save Up To 60% Off Select Toys

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Mastermind Toys Warehouse Sale: Save Up To 60% Off Select Toys

Mastermind Toys has a great warehouse sale right now where you can save up to 60% off a large selection of toys. If you are looking for educational, interactive, or creative play toys then you need to check out this sale.

I love a good toy sale. It is even better when the toys are nice quality toys that inspire lots of creative play in my kid. The discounts do not generally go this high at Mastermind Toys, we usually see closer to 40% off when they are having a sale. Seeing discounts up to 50% and 60% off is amazing.

I would start by considering the Beep Beep Rocket. This interactive rocket was $54.95 but is now only $21.98. I have seen this toy before. It is a super cute playset, which includes a large rocket, an astronaut and a space vehicle. The astronaut can head into the laboratory to conduct experiments or go down into the hold.  The rocket comes complete with sounds and lights that countdown to blast off. I can see a little kid having a lot of fun flying this rocket around.

Have you ever been in a store at a museum or zoo and saw animal puppets in the gift store that are amazingly realistic for a plush toy? Having worked in several museums in the past, I can almost guarantee it was a Folkmanis brand puppet. Folkmanis is one of the leaders in educational puppets. Check out the Folkmanis African Set of 4 Mini Finger Puppets. These puppets were $31.99 but are now only $12.80. You could stash these in your purse for your next trip to the zoo, and you have already purchased your souvenir. These quality and lifelike puppets will get a lot of play time.

Brooke mentioned to me that her son loves playing with the AquaPlay Sand and Water Castle 372 Set. This set was $49.99, but you can grab it now for $20. This is the perfect set to throw in the sandbox or sand and water table. Your kid will have hours of fun too stacking the pieces, pouring water down the ramp, or molding their own sandcastle from the pieces. This is a great construction set for outdoor play.

Another great buy is the Groovy Girl Dolls. These soft dolls were $19.99 but are now marked down to $9.99 each. There is five styles of dolls to choose between, plus a few accessories on sale. I have bought Groovy Girl Dolls several times as birthday gifts, and they are always favourites. The dolls are soft bodied and each has quite a bit of style. Pick up a few so they have friends for your next tea party.

You will receive up to a $15 shipping credit automatically at Mastermind Toys if you spend over $60.  If you spend under $60, standard shipping will vary based on the item you buy and your location. Use the shipping calculator to see the fee for your location. I put a few items in my cart and shipping was $7.28 to Quebec.

Grab your favourite toys now! Educational and well-made toys tend to go on sale much less often than other toys. Now is the time to pounce and stash away toys for that next birthday, or just treat your favourite kid`.

(Expiry: 24th May 2015)

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April 17

Take 40% Off Select Toys Like Thomas & Friends, Playmobil and More @ Mastermind Toys Clearance Sale

Posted by on April 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Take 40% Off Select Toys Like Thomas & Friends, Playmobil and More @ Mastermind Toys Clearance Sale

For just 10 days Mastermind Toys Canada has an awesome promotion where they have placed many toys on clearance sale. During this sale you can take 40% off select toys. There are almost 700 different items to choose from, so snag some of these offers while you can. I will take this opportunity to get a few birthday gifts for the children in my family. There’s even a little shipping discount too, with the potential of getting free shipping.

My son is obsessed with Thomas & Friends toys. I have probably spend almost $1000 on Thomas toys and tracks in the past two years. Luckily enough if you shop for Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway toys during events like this, you can save a lot of money. The Thomas & Friends Up And Around Sodor Adventure Tower set would normally cost you an arm and a leg, well actually it would cost you $280. However, during this Mastermind Toys clearance sale you will pay just $167.99. 

Playmobil is another super popular toy for this generation of kiddos. If your little one has had their eyes on the Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle, then you’re in luck. While this play set would normally cost a whipping $240, you can save almost $100 and pay just $143.99 during this offer or while supplies last. This toy is sure to provide endless hours of fun for your child and their friends. I love Playmobil toys, they really inspire a child’s imagination. This set still retails for $239.99 (on sale from $268) @

Your bundle of joy may be a little younger, and in that situation you’re still in luck. This Gymotion Activity Gym is great for infants to play and learn. My son used his until he was almost a year old. Don’t tell anyone, but I paid the full price of $99.99. The clearance price is just $59.99 and seems like a steal. This toy helped inspire my son to sit up on his own because he wanted to play with the hanging toys. It was also a great floor toy when he was between 1-3 months because he would be amazed at staring at the figures while I was able to get some dishes done.

The Mastermind Toys Canada “free shipping” can be a little tricky. You will actually get a discount of up to $15 off your shipping when you spend $60 or more. So in most cases that will adjust to free shipping, but in some areas you will have to pay a small amount to get your purchase shipped to your front door.

(Expiry: 26th April 2015)

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November 21

Mastermind Toys Canada Outlet Sale With 70% Off

Posted by on November 21, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada Outlet Sale With 70% Off

Mastermind Toys is having a huge outlet sale right now with 70% a large selection of items. They’ve also reduced their shipping threshold for now, down to $39 instead of $60.

Mastermind Toys is the perfect spot to get your kid’s Christmas gifts. Especially at 70% and a reduced shipping threshold, you can stock up on stocking stuffers and other items that they’ll love to see under the tree.

While the selection is vast and there is something from every category available during this sale, I saw a few notable items at great prices.

A number of VTech V.Reader e-book cartridges are only $8.99, regularly $29.95. If you have a V.Reader or are getting one this year, you can stock up on the e-books. I know my youngest would love Dora, Hello Kitty and Tangled, but there are lots more. Checking the prices elsewhere, the cheapest I found these cartridges was $19.99, so this is a steal.

If you have a Corolle doll lover, there are a few also available in this sale for only $4.49, with a regular price of $14.95. The Rose baby doll is very cute!

If you’ve got a little artist, check out this Liquitex basics A2 desktop easel set. It was $79.95 and now only $23.99, saving you over $55. This would make a great gift.

You’ll want to look through all of the pages of this sale, as different items might strike your fancy. The only issue I see is that when an item sells out, you won’t know until you go to purchase it and see it is not available. I found that with a few hot brand-name items. With the reduced shipping threshold you’ll be able to get all the sale items you want and not have to try to make it up to $60 to avoid those fees.

(expiry: 30th November 2014)

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September 22

Mastermind Toys: Free Earphone Couture Kit with $20 Purchase ($15 Value)

Posted by on September 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Mastermind Toys: Free Earphone Couture Kit with $20 Purchase ($15 Value)

Mastermind Toys has an awesome deal happening right now that will get you a great freebie.  Get a free earphone couture kit when you spend just $20 or more on any of the Alex Toys brand.

There are almost 100 different items to choose from with the Alex Toys brand at Mastermind Toys, so spending just $20 to get your free gift will be pretty simple.  The earphone couture kit that you will get for free is valued at $15, which is pretty amazing since you only have to spend $20 to get it.

If you are unfamiliar with the Alex Toys line, they have a huge variety of arts and crafts type items for kids and teens. You will find items like full craft kits, easy yarn designs kits, colouring sets, DIY back packs, fun nail designs and much more.

I know a few kids that would love this My ABC Book kit that is priced at $21.99.  This purchase alone would get you the free earphones kit.

This Pound N Play Porcupine set would make a great kids or baby gift and it is priced at just $23.99. If you need to buy a birthday gift for an older girl, this My First Sewing Kit that is $32.99 would be a great gift idea.

My niece is really into arts and crafts right now so I know she would love this Groovy Scrapbook set that is $24.99.  It would be perfect for her for a Christmas gift and then I could give her the awesome earphones as well that will be included for free!

To get your freebie, you will be prompted at the checkout to choose one of two free earphone couture kits.  The Fluffy earphone set includes 20 yards of fluffy yarn, guitar and peace sign charms, jump rings and pink ear buds.  The Wrap It set includes, six skeins of floss, beads, beading needle and pink ear buds.  Both of these sets you will be able to personalize.

You will be able to get free shipping when you spend $60 or more on your purchases. If you are purchasing anything for gifts, Mastermind Toys offers free gift wrapping, which is a nice little bonus.

(Expiry: 28th September 2014)

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August 21

Mastermind Toys: BOGO Free All Buildex Construction Toys

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Mastermind Toys: BOGO Free All Buildex Construction Toys

All summer long, Mastermind Toys has been cranking out the great deals and they have another one that just started.  They have their entire collection of Buildex construction toys on sale for buy one, get one free for a limited time only.

I have two boys myself and I know they would just love these building toys. I am already looking ahead for deals for Christmas and this one is perfect because I can get a Buildex construction toy for each of them, but just pay for the cost of one.

If you are unfamiliar with this brand of toys, they are pretty cool.  They are wooden construction toys that encourage children to develop three dimensional thinking and an appreciation for construction, movement and design. I absolutely love toys that make a child think and help them to problem solve and learn new things.  These construction toys do just that.  They are geared towards boys because they are all vehicles but i do know a few little girls that would just love them as well.

They start from ages four years old and up depending on the difficulty of the vehicle. With this collection, there are five various vehicles that you can choose from and they range from $9.95 up to $29.95.

Just like any other buy one, get one free offer, you will get the lower priced or equal priced item as the free item. Every time you add items to your cart, the discount will be automatic at the checkout.  Make sure to add multiples of two so you can get the most from your money.

Both of my boys would love this racer car that is priced at $19.95.  They would also love this speed buster sports car that is priced at $29.95.   Since this deal is buy one get one free, you will get the racer car for free because it is the lower priced item.

You can get this deal over and over again as many times as you would like.

You will be able to get free shipping when you spend $60 or more on your purchases.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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August 11

Mastermind Toys Canada: 4 FREE Playmobil Figures with Soccer Match Purchase

Posted by on August 11, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Mastermind Toys Canada: 4 FREE Playmobil Figures with Soccer Match Purchase

My boys have just discovered Playmobil toys within the last month or so and they absolutely love it. For that reason, I have been on the hunt for some Playmobil deals for their birthdays coming up.  I found a great deal happening over at Mastermind Toys. You will get four FREE Playmobil figures with your purchase of the Playmobil Soccer Match.

The Playmobil Soccer Match has 30 different items and it is priced at $79.99, which is pretty good for such a big Playmobil set.

Here is what this set will include:

One walled playing field that converts into portable storage case, two goal nets with goalkeeper control handles, two removable goalkeeper figures, four player figures with manual kick function, two soccer balls, four grass base plates, and number stickers to customize player jerseys.

Once you have added the Playmobil Soccer Match to your cart, you will be prompted to choose your FREE Playmobil figures. In total, there are eight different figures to choose from.  All of the figures have the same movable parts but they are distinguished by their team look, hair style and country they play for.

All of the soccer figures would regularly cost you $3.99 each so the grand total of freebies is $15.96. Not bad at all for a freebie!

This is perfect timing since they just had the Soccer World Cup and soccer is so popular right now.  You can get your favourites such as Brazil, England, France and even the grand winner Germany as your freebie players. I know my boys will love this set because they are really into sports (specifically playing soccer in the backyard) and they love all Playmobil.  They treat them like action heroes which is pretty cute and great for the imagination.

If you are looking for more Playmobil items for your kids, Mastermind Toys has that covered.  They have a huge variety with over 500 different sets, figures and accessories to choose from in total.

If you are looking for the shipping information, we have that as well.  You will get free shipping on your order since it meets the minimum requirement of $60 or more. Free shipping is always a nice little bonus!

(Expiry: 17th August 2014)

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July 16

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Inflatable Play Surface with Aquaplay Canal Set Purchase ($30 Value)

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Inflatable Play Surface with Aquaplay Canal Set Purchase ($30 Value)

I found an awesome deal over at Mastermind Toys Canada that will make me a hero to my boys when I get it for them. For a limited time only, you will receive a free inflatable play surface with the purchase of any Aquaplay Canal Set.

The inflatable table that you will get for free with any of the Aquaplay canal sets is valued at $30, so this is a great freebie to get. I love that it is waterproof and you can just deflate it when you want to put it away. It will fit any of the Aquaplay sets, big or small, and you can use it for so many other things.

It has been so hot lately that this is the perfect summer thing for my kids to play with in the backyard.

There is a few things you will want to know about these Aquaplay canal sets because they are not your ordinary sets. The first cool thing about them is that they completely transform into a carrying case by folding in half for easy travel and clean up.  This makes it simple to bring on a road trip, to a friends house, to the beach, or even to store over the winter.

Another thing you will want to know about is that no matter which one you choose, it will come with everything you need.  They include cranes with buckets, locks, water wheels, water gates, bridges, ramps, water pumps, cars, boats, and more.  A list of accessories like this sounds like a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and building skills.

Lastly, the free table that you will get with this deal is like no other.  It is an inflatable table that you can inflate whenever you want to use it.  Most tables are bulky and you could never take them with you on a road trip to the beach because they are just too big to take.  This one, you can deflate and pack it up to take with you anywhere.  Being able to deflate it is also a bonus because it makes winter storage a breeze.

As a bonus, you will get free shipping with your order because all of the canal sets are over the $60 minimum required to get it.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 9

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free HexBug Larva with any 2 HexBug products

Posted by on July 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free HexBug Larva with any 2 HexBug products

Mastermind Toys Canada has a pretty great deal on right now that will keep your kids busy all summer long.  For a limited time only, get a free HexBug Larva when you purchase any two HexBug products at regular price.

HexBug products are little robotic type toys that are shaped like various animals, and sea life.  Some can swim, some are gravity-defying Nano V2 bugs, and some are larva bugs that slither and more.  They are pretty cool looking actually and the robotic like movements will entertain your kids for hours.

You will be able to choose any two HexBug products, and you will get a free HexBug larva that would regularly cost you $15. With this deal, there is a limit three free HexBug Larvas with the purchase of six HexBug products. The HexBugs are valued at $15 so you could potentially get up to $45 worth of free items with this deal.  That is a pretty sweet offer!

In total, there are 32 different HexBug products to choose from so you will have a pretty big variety when you are shopping.

I wanted to do a test run to see exactly how this deal worked and here is what I found. No matter what two products I added to my cart from the big selection, I got a free Hexbug with every two items.  Even when I added two of the HexBug auquabot 2.0 angelfish that are only $12.99 to my cart, I still got a free hexbug added.  Each time the free item was added with a total price of $0 to my cart.  This deal is more unique than some buy two get one free deals because normally, you pay for the more expensive items and get the lesser one for free.  I was able to actually put lesser expensive items in my cart as the ones I pay for and the HexBug priced at $15 was still free.  That is pretty amazing!

A deal like this is perfect for any birthday parties coming up your kids may be attending this summer.

When you spend $60 or more on your purchase,you will get free shipping.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 2

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Slush Maker & Recipe Book with Purchase

Posted by on July 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Slush Maker & Recipe Book with Purchase

Mastermind Toys Canada has two great deals to take advantage of in the summer that that will cool you down.  The first one is a free slush maker and recipe book with the purchase of any three slot maker.  The second deal is that when you buy any single slot popsicle mold, you will get a second one for just $10.

Popsicles are huge in our house in the summer and are pretty much a staple.  I like the idea of making real fruit ones myself so I know what is in them and so that there is no extra sugar.  You can do that with these popsicle makers.

With the first deal, the free slush maker and recipe book will be added to your cart once you purchase any of the three slot makers.  Each of them are $74.99 and you can choose from red, purple, blue or green. The value of this deal is $42 worth of free items with your purchase.

If you would like to check out the second deal, it is a little bit different because instead of a free gift, you will save money on your items.  When you purchase and single slot popsicle maker, you will get a second one for just $10  The regular price of these makers is $34.99 so you will be saving $25 with this deal.

The brand name for both deals is ZOKU which is increasingly popular now with these types of products. They have a ton of products and accessories offered at Mastermind Toys to check out.

You will get free shipping on your purchases when you spend $60 or more. That means, if you are getting the first deal, the shipping will be free.  If you are getting the second deal, you will need to spend $15 more dollars to get the free shipping as well.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 22

Mastermind Toys Canada: B1G1 50% Off Thomas & Friends

Posted by on June 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: B1G1 50% Off Thomas & Friends

I am really excited about the awesome deal right now at Mastermind Toys because it has to do with one of my kids favourtie toys.  All of the Thomas and Friends items are on sale for buy one get one 50% off the regular prices.

Thomas and Friends toys have to be the number one most popular kind of toys in my house right now.  We have the train table already and many trains, but my boys are always wanting to expand the tracks, add bridges or get new trains and cars for the set.  It can get pricey to keep adding to the collection, so the only time I actually buy new pieces is when I see a good deal like this one happening.

It will work the same as any other buy one get one deal.  When you purchase any Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway item you will receive a second of equal or lesser value for 50% off. There are well over 100 different pieces being offered at Mastermind Toys, so there is no shortage of choice as to what to buy.

My boys are a bit mischievous so I know they would just love this two pack of Giggling Troublesome Trucks that is $27.95.  I might also get them this cool Diesel Engine that is $14.95. Since the diesel engine is the lower priced item, it will get the 50% off discount bringing the price down to just $7.49.  Not a bad deal at all for three toys (since the first one is a two pack).

A sale like this is the perfect time to stock up for birthday parties and Christmas time, so save yourself money in the long run.  If you are buying for boys ages two years old to seven years old, Thomas and Friends are sure to be a hit!

When you spend $60 or more on your purchases, you will get free shipping.

(Expiry: 29th June 2014)

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June 17

Mastermind Toys Canada: BOGO $15 All Boogie Board LCD Tablets

Posted by on June 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: BOGO $15 All Boogie Board LCD Tablets

Mastermind Toys Canada has a great deal on right now that is perfect for kids who are camping this year or traveling. When you buy one Boogie Board LCD Tablet at full price you will get a second one for just $15.

The regular price of these Boogie Boards LCD Tablets is $39.99, so by getting a second one for just $15, you will be getting $25 off the second Boogie Board.

There are five different colours to choose from and other than the colour, they are all the same.  All of them have an LCD tablet surface and a stainless steel stylus included.  They are super light and thin and are 8 inches long. They are durable and shatterproof, making them the perfect gift idea for any child.

For me, this deal is perfect because I have two kids that fight over anything new that comes into the house.  At a fraction of the regular cost, each of my boys can have their own tablet for this summers road trips and camping trips and it is much more productive than just watching a TV screen on the back of a head rest in the car.

Kids can draw on the or do homework on them without the added mess of markers, pens and crayons.  Additionally, you wont have the messiness of random papers floating around in your car because it is paperless. Just the board and the pen that is included (that clips right on so you don’t lose it) is all you will need for hours of entertainment for your kids.

I suggest spending just $5 more on your purchase to get the free shipping.  The free shipping minimum is $60 and this deal will come to just $55 so it is worth it to get one small item with it and avoid the cost of shipping.

(Expiry: 29th June 2014)

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May 25

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Playmobile Carry Case With $25+

Posted by on May 25, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Free Playmobile Carry Case With $25+

Mastermind Toys Canada has a great free gift with purchase deal on a spectacular brand that has been around for years.  Get a free Playmobile carry case with your purchase of $25 or more in Playmobile items.

I remember playing with Playmobile toys when I was a kid, except back then, they only had ones geared toward boys.  Now, they have Playmobile for boys and girls and the variety for both is huge.

As long as you add at least $25 or more of Playmobile items to your cart, you will get a free Playmobile carry case.  In fact, you will get to choose which free one you would like from two different products.  You can get the Playmobil Knights or Fairy Princess Case for free, and there is no coupon necessary to get this deal.  Both of them are valued at $12.99, so this is a great free item to get.

Once you have added the correct amount to your cart, you will see in pink above your order to “click here to select your free gift”. That is the point to choose whether you want the Princess case or the Knight case for free.  Something like this would make a great birthday gift for a boy or a girl.

It doesn’t actually say when this deal will end, so it could end at anytime.  If you want to take advantage of it, it is best to do it sooner rather than later.

You will get free shipping for orders of $60 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 22

Mastermind Toys Canada: Huge Warehouse Sale up to 70% Off

Posted by on May 22, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Mastermind Toys Canada: Huge Warehouse Sale up to 70% Off

Mastermind Toys has a huge warehouse sale on for just a few short days that will save you a ton of money.  Save between 40% and 70% on everything in this warehouse sale.

There are almost 400 different items to choose from with this huge sale and all of the items are between 40% off to 70% off the regular prices. You will great brands like Playmobil, LEGO, LeapFrog, Melissa and Doug and many more.

What little girl would not like this Skoot Ride On luggage that was $59.95 and is now just $17.99?

I would love to get this LeapFrog Leapster GS with Camera that was $89.95 and is now just $53.97. At that price, I could get each of my boys one and pay just a little more than what it would normally cost for the price of one of them.

They also have some great summer playtime toys as well. Check out this Melissa & Doug sunny Patch Toodle Turtle Bubble Buddy that was $8.95 and is now on sale for just $2.69. At that price, you can get a bunch of them and have them ready for all the neighbor kids playing with your kids in the back yard.

You will get free shipping for orders of $60 or more.

(Expiry: 25th May 2014)

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