September 6

Best Buy Canada: $200 Off 13″ MacBook Air – Now $1000 & Extra $50 Off For Students

Posted by on September 6, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Best Buy Canada: $200 Off 13 MacBook Air   Now $1000 & Extra $50 Off For Students

Whether you’re a student or not, if you have been wanting a lightweight laptop, then here’s a great deal at Best Buy: save $200 off the 13″ dual-core MacBook Pro Air, now on sale for just $999.99 (reg. $1199.99). If you’re a student, then you could also save an extra $50.

At 13.3″, the MacBook Air has a Dual-Core Intel Core i5 processor, 1.6GHz speed and 128GB of storage with a 4GB RAM size.

This MacBook’s best and most noteworthy feature is arguable its weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 17 Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 12:00 AM Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Hi, my name is Margarita and I used to be a Bejeweled addict and now, much to my horror, Origin is offering Bejeweled 3 absolutely free for PC or Mac download. Its usual price is of $4.99, so it’s definitely worth a download for those days of boredom… or even snowstorm days up ahead. To get it, just click on the link below and then select “on the house” from the “free games” menu.

First of all, if you’re not already registered for Origin, you’re going to get an account first but it only takes a minute tops and is absolutely free as well. Plus, by signing up now, you won’t have to worry about creating an account the next time we tell you about an awesome freebie at Origin.

Once you have registered for an account, you’re also going to need Origin to download this game, but once again, it’s free and takes yet another minute (unless you’re one of lucky ones with 200 Mbps internet, then it might take you less than 10 seconds for the whole process Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac) ).

Having recently switched computer, I had to re-download Origin to check out this offer for myself and I discovered that for those of you who already have it downloaded, can also get this freebie directly through their program as well. Simply select the “on the house” option from the “free games” category in the main menu. It only requires 246 MB.

Once you launch the game, a lovely gruff voice welcomes you to Bejeweled 3 and that’s when the fun commences. You are given the choice between four levels: classic. zen, lightning or quest. Given that I’m rather rusty as I haven’t played in a couple of years, I chose the quest and let’s just say that it didn’t take very long for me to hear the dreaded two words: “game over” as my butterflies were eaten by the spiders. Just that detail alone goes to show how much this game has changed as there certainly weren’t any quests when I played it! It’s great fun though and an amazing time killer, so I definitely recommend it, especially for all of you students out there with boring professors. Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Lastly, keep in mind that once this deal expires towards the end of the month of October, you can check out other “on the house” offers from Origin as every so often, full versions of a select games are released at absolutely no cost but the catch is that they can also end the deal at any moment, so be sure to download it right away.

(Expiry: 28th October 2014)

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August 15

Apple Canada: Get $25 iTunes Card When You Buy Apple TV

Posted by on August 15, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Apple Canada: Get $25 iTunes Card When You Buy Apple TV

As if you need another reason to want an Apple TV, buy one from Apple and you’ll be rewarded with a $25 iTunes card.

Considering every store has it for the $109 price that Apple is selling it for, I’d much prefer to buy it directly from the source – Apple – for two reasons. The first reason is the gift with purchase of the $25 iTunes card, which would be used very quickly in my house, but will give us a lot of music for free. Second, why would I buy from a secondary source when I can buy it directly from the company who makes it? This way I know if something happens to it, contacting them will be a breeze.

While I have something similar, it doesn’t really compare to Apple TV and what I love about it is that I can use iCloud to store my movies and music and play them on all my Apple devices. I also have about one million (probably not exaggerating) photos stored in iPhoto on my Mac, that would be great to put look at on my Apple TV. I can also make a movie using iMovie and watch it seamlessly on the big screen.

While this promotion is an awesome one, there is also another promotion for back to school. Avi blogged about this at the beginning of July, but you might want a refresh on the details. If you are going to post-secondary school, buy a Mac and you’ll get a $110 apple store gift card. Interestingly, this is exactly what the Apple TV costs. I’d really like to know if you bought the Mac, got the gift card, used it to buy the Apple TV and then got the free iTunes as well. That would be amazing. If you buy an iPad or iPhone, you’ll get a $55 gift card. Both the Mac and the iPad are also eligible for education pricing too, so if you are going back to school, I’m just full of deals for you. You don’t have to be going back to school to get the Apple TV deal.

All items over $75 qualify for free shipping.

(Expiry: 30th September 2014)

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November 7

Intego: Exclusive 30% off with Exclusive Coupon Code

Posted by on November 7, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Intego: Exclusive 30% off with Exclusive Coupon Code

Get 30% off everything Intego has to offer!

 Click here to show @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE2013
  • Discount: 30% off
  • Expiry: 1st January 2014

First off, when my boss told me about this deal she also sent along this disclaimer which I will quote directly.

While it’s a 30% discount for almost everything on site (excluding Washing Machine 2014, their latest edition), it might not work out to be the best code to use on everything.

E.g. if you’re only buying a 1 year subscription to Intego, the standard offer they have on site is $59.99 – our coupon actually takes 30% off the regular price of $89.99, making it $62.99 – so DON’T use the coupon on that. But on certain other product combos, it can work out more beneficial. E.g. The Intego Mac Premium bundle for 2 years – this coupon code brings it down from $164.99 to $115.49 – so a definite saving there.

That pretty much covers the deal. So what does Intego sell? Intego sells software for your Mac and, more precisely, security software for your Mac. They even have an iOS AV program. Do you run a business with Apple computers? They have business solutions too. It’s all yours for 30% off with our exclusive coupon code!

For all the Intego deals we have to offer, check out our Intego Coupon Code page!

Intego: Exclusive 30% off with Exclusive Coupon Code

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November 1

Intego: Free Upgrade To Washing Mashine 2014 For Mac Premium Bundle 2013 Users

Posted by on November 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM

Intego: Free Upgrade To Washing Mashine 2014 For Mac Premium Bundle 2013 Users

In what is probably one of the most specific niche articles I’ve ever written here, you can get Intego Washing Machine 2014 for Mac for free!

How do you do this? Well, you can either go back in time and buy Intego Mac Premium Bundle. You could also buy it right now, but I suspect the 2014 version will be coming out at some point in the near future, so that might not be the best idea either. Your best bet is to already own the software.

If you already own it, you know about Washing Machine and probably already love it. This offer lets you upgrade the Mac Washing Machine portion of your Premium Bundle for free! No strings attached, nothing fancy.

If you don’t already have Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle 2013, you may still want WashingMachine, so I’ll let Intego tell you what it’s all about.

Washing Machine keeps you surfing fast and securely. As you surf the web, cookies and other types of files form a digital trail that can provide a road map of your surfing habits. Washing Machine protects your privacy by deleting this personal information and saves space on your Mac by emptying cache files.

Washing Machine shows you a list of items that may compromise your privacy. When you select one, the applications that have generated that kind of tracking information are listed. Select the type of information you want to clean up, cookies for example. Then select which applications you would like to clean up that information for and press the “Clean” button. You are a button click away from once again surfing in private!

All that for $29.99! Not too shabby.

(Expires: Unknown)

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October 16

Humble Bundle: Pay What You Want To Support Charity & Get Awesome Games On PC, Mac, Linux or Android

Posted by on October 16, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Humble Bundle: Pay What You Want To Support Charity & Get Awesome Games On PC, Mac, Linux or Android

Help charity and get sweet games for PC, Mac, Linux and Android with the Humble Bundle!

The Humble Bundle is one of the greatest things on the internet. There is a lot of junk on the internet. Bad people, scams, crappy products and selfishness are among the piles of steaming crap on the web. The Humble Bundle is the opposite of those four things. The people who put out the Humble Bundle are really good, unselfish people. They offer you awesome products at great prices and – get this – allow you to choose how much you pay and where your money goes. This is how it works; Let’s say you decide to pay $5 for the games. You can decide what percentage you want to go to whom. If you wanted to put 10% to the Humble Bundle people, 50% to one of the charities and 40% split evenly among the game developers, you can do that. Maybe you want to put 25% to one charity, 25% to the other charity, 5% to each of the six game developers and 20% to the Humble Bundle people. You can split it any way you want.

The two charities are Child’s Play, an organization that gives video games to children’s wards in hospitals, and the EFF. The six video games are as follows:

  • Ticket to Ride + Soundtrack
  • Greed Corp + Soundtrack
  • Incredipede
  • Anodyne + Two Soundtracks

And the bonus games (more about that in a bit) are:

  • Worms Reloaded + Soundtrack
  • The Bard’s Tale + Soundtrack

The way the bonus games thing works is that you pay whatever you want for the four main games but can get the two bonus games if you pay more than the average donation. The average donation as of this writing is $6.20. You can get all six games and soundtracks for less than $7! If you don’t think that this is a good deal, Ticket to Ride (which I hear is amazing) is about $7 alone, in the Google Play store.

(Expires: 29th October 2013)

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September 4

MacPaw Software: 50% off CleanMyPC or CleanMyMac 2 (Only $20)

Posted by on September 4, 2013 at 5:00 AM

MacPaw Software: 50% off CleanMyPC or CleanMyMac 2 (Only $20)

Take all the work out of cleaning your computer with CleanMyPC and CleanMyMac 2.

First things first, the Macpaw links above get you the discounts. If you just go to the MacPaw website (which the image links to) and look for these deals, you wont see them.

CleanMyPC is normally $43.46 but you save $21.74 and pay $21.72. The link for CleanMyMac saves you $19.98 off of the normal $39.95 price tag. You get it for only $19.97.

I don’t really have a use for these types of programs. It’s because I’m a computer nerd. I do computer stuff for my day job, my specialty when I got my Electrical Engineering degree was Computer Systems, my passion is computers. It’s what I do. Taking time to optimize my system is fun for me. I’m not the norm.

Normal people don’t take pleasure in making sure their cache and temp files are always cleared. That’s where programs like CleanMyPC and CleanMyMac 2 come in to play. These programs do all the work for you. Both of these programs will clean up old, left over and unneeded files on your computer but they also have a bunch of utilities that help keep your PC running smoothly.

If you don’t get all excited over computer maintenance, then check out one of these programs. Both of them have 4/5 stars from customer reviews on CNET.

There is no shipping as these are software downloads.

(CleanMyPC Expires: 5th September 2013)

(CleanMyMac 2 Expires: 4th September 2013

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