June 26

Lululemon Canada: Up to 50% Off Swim Separates – Only $29 & Free Shipping

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Lululemon Canada: Up to 50% Off Swim Separates   Only $29 & Free Shipping

Currently Lululemon is offering up to 50% off a selection of swim separates! Summer just started a few days ago folks, so now is a great time to pick up a new bikini bottom or top for the beach or for the pool.

I swim. Mainly in a pool, but the ocean is fair game as well. If you are a swimmer, then you know that chlorine is your swimsuit’s worst enemy. Nothing eats through swim material faster than pool water. For serious swimmers, that means you need to replace your swimsuit every 4-6 months on average. For those of us who wear two-piece swimsuits, these deals will tickle your fancy.


Water: Surf To Sand Tie Top Was $58 | Now $29

This fun little halter top ties both at your neck and around your back. This top is best for A and B cup gals who do not require a lot of support or too much coverage.

Water: Surf To Sand Triangle Top Was $54 | Now $29

This is another top designed for the A to B cup crowd. This bikini top has triangle shaped cups with regular shoulder straps. These shoulder straps are multi directional. You can turn your swim top into cross-back or a halter top.

Water: Surf To Sand Booster Top Was $58 | Now $29

This swim top is designed for a bit fuller B to C cup women. This bikini top has adjustable straps in the back and provides a bit more coverage and a bit more support than the above two tops.


Water: Surf To Sand Hipster Was $48 | Now $29

This popular bottom is nearly sold out, which is a shame as it is my favourite style. The bottoms have excellent rear coverage and fun mesh inserts with a back tie.

Water: Surf To Sand Bikini Bottom Was $54 | Now $29

This bikini bottom gives a cheekier cut and comes in three different colour combinations. Mix and match with your favourite top.

Water: Surf To Sand Cheeky Was $54 | Now $29

I like this bottom as it has those cute back ties (like the first pair) but it is very cheeky! Sizes are limited but the navy blue / yellow combo has the best selection with 4, 6, and 8 still in stock.

Water: Surf To Sand Boy Short Was $58 | Now $29

This boy short really gives excellent coverage on the front and back. it is cute and would be perfect for a day on the ocean.

Receive free shipping on all orders.

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June 26

Over 185,000 Tops in Canada Have Been Recalled By LuluLemon for “Dangerous Drawstrings”

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Over 185,000 Tops in Canada Have Been Recalled By LuluLemon for Dangerous Drawstrings

Love Lululemon? I would keep a close eye on your drawstrings if you have recently purchased a top from Lululemon Canada. There have been some reported injuries from these “Dangerous Drawstrings”, so 185,000 tops have been recalled. User error or faulty product, what do you think Moosers?

Lululemon jackets, hoodies, tops, pullovers and tunics could pose a threat to your face if you have purchased them recently with the new drawstring design. These drawstrings have been known to snap back and cause injury to your face. At first I thought, why would anyone let it snap back and hit their face? Seems like more of a user error to me! But I guess it is a different story if you got it caught in something and then it snapped back. I am sure lots of drawstrings could cause damage that way, if they hit your eye or something. I personally feel that there is no need to recall, but there have been at least five incidents where injuries have been related to the Lululemon top and the “dangerous drawstrings”. I almost want to make a fashionista horror movie – “When Dangerous Drawstrings Attack”.

This Lululemon Canada recall was a joint decision between Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. There have been 133,288 affected tops in the United States and 185.191 tops in Canada. These tops were made in Bangladash, China, Indonesia or Peru it looks like. There are a variety of tops and sweaters that were recalled, listed the following items as being recalled.

The tops come in a variety of colours and styles, including:

  • Carry and Go Hoodie
  • Cool Down Jacket
  • Course-ette Jacket
  • Cozy Up Jacket
  • Dance Studio Jacket
  • Dance Sweat Shirt
  • Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover
  • Gratitude Wrap
  • Necessity Jacket
  • Proactive Jacket
  • Refresh Snap Up
  • Run Sun Blocker Pullover
  • Run Track N Field Jacket
  • Run With It Jacket
  • Sanctuary Jacket
  • Savasana Tunic
  • Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket
  • Stow’N Go Jacket
  • Stride Jacket
  • Summertime Tunic
  • Varsity Hoodie
  • Victory Jacket
  • Wear With All Jacket

CBC Canada reports that anyone who has purchased an affected Lululemon top should stop wearing it. Lululemon Canada has instructed people to remove the “dangerous drawstring” and request a new, non-elastic draw cord that will come with instructions on how to replace the cord. I don’t know about you guys, but I have tried to replace drawstrings before and it was not easy. I think if I purchased a Lululemon sweater that may pose a threat, I would bring it into the store myself. It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Moosers, what do you think of this Lululemon Canada recall?

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June 21

Lululemon Canada: Surf To Sand Triangle Top Was $54 |Now $29 + Free Shipping

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Lululemon Canada: Surf To Sand Triangle Top Was $54 |Now $29 + Free Shipping

Lululemon clothing is always popular – but what about their swimwear? Right now Lululemon Canada has their Surf To Sand Triangle Top on final sale for just $29 as opposed to the regular price which was $54. Lululemon Canada has free shipping with no minimum purchase too.

If you often find yourself at the beach, then you are probably always looking for new beachwear. I know you Moosers are frugal like I am, and you want the best styles for the lowest prices. While supplies last, you can get the Lululemon Surf To Sand Triangle Top for $29. This top is best suited for A-cup and B-cup women. I, however, am a C-cup and wouldn’t be afraid to snag this offer. Actually, one of the Lululemon Canada customers left a review after making her purchase even though she is a C-cup:

I’m absolutely in love with this top! I’m a C cup but decided to go ahead and order a size 8 even though the details said that it covered for A and B mostly. It fits perfectly and covers everything that it needs to! I love that the straps can cross because it offers more support for when you’re playing beach sports like volleyball, or just for a little bit more comfort. 

So, when you’re greeted with some hot weather, throw this Surf To Sand Triangle Top on and hit the water. Whether you are just taking a long walk on the beach or surfing, this swim top is designed for it all. You can even customize the fit and style with the adjustable, crossable straps. Personally, straps like this tend to aggravate me. Especially when they get tangled on everything in the washing machine. Watch out though! Someone may lose an eye if you wear this top during cooler weather. There is absolutely no padding, so when you’re cold it is going to show. I even considered purchasing this top as a sports bra to wear while I jog or horseback ride, since reviews state that this swim top can be so supportive. There are three different colour choices available, so pick your favourite:

  • naval blue/naked
  • plum peach/plum/butter
  • lemon lime/naked

Lululemon Canada also offers free shipping on all purchases. So even if you just snag this top alone, you won’t have to worry about paying any shipping & handling fees, which is pretty awesome.

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June 11

Lululemon: Studio Racerback Was $42 | Now $29 & Free Shipping

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Lululemon: Studio Racerback Was $42 | Now $29 & Free Shipping

A Lululemon tank top for under $30? It is so my dear Moosers! I love the quality and versatility of Lululemon but the price tag is often beyond my reach. Today I bring you the Studio Racerback tee on sale from $42 down to $29 with free shipping.

The under $30 price tag is the first thing I like about this tank. Lululemon tops do not often come under the $30 mark. Secondly, Lululemon holds its value very well. Thus, if you are ever looking to resell your Lululemon items, you are in luck. I have resold four Lululemon items. Out of all the clothing I have sold, they made back the highest percentage of their retail value.

I also love the design of this tank top. The top comes to a racerback on the back. Racerbacks prevent your shoulder straps from slowly making their way off your shoulders. They keep the weight of the garment closer to your core. They also look amazing on most builds. The colour pallet of this tank is one of my favourites. The studio racerback comes in star crushed silver fox deep navy.

There is some serious love for this top in the comments. One reviewer said:

I really, really love these tanks. The length is great, not too long or too short. Neckline is perfect. Love the curved hem as well; it makes it a little more special. Arm holes aren’t too revealing, but aren’t all up in my armpits either.

Other reviewers highly recommend the patterned ones over the solid colour ones as they tend to look better over lumps and bumps. Many reviewers said that this tank top is fantastic for petite women – 5’3 was a popular height – as the shorter top made sure the material didn’t bunch up at the bottom. The arm holes and neck line also work well on shorter people.

The tank top is currently in stock in all sizes: two through 12. A couple reviewers said you should size up but the vast majority of women didn’t have a problem with purchasing their regular size. With full stock and a great price point, I do not think this athletic top will last very long.

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June 10

Men’s Le Pullover Was $98 | Now $54 & Free Shipping @ Lululemon Canada

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Mens Le Pullover Was $98 | Now $54 & Free Shipping @ Lululemon Canada

This pullover is perfect for your workout or just running errands on the weekend. Le Pullover men’s shirt was $98, but you can grab it now for only $54. Lululemon also has completely free shipping with no minimum.

My guy has two layering options that are his regular go-to choices. He has a black fleece and a hoodie from our trip to the Smoky Mountains several years back. Neither of these layers is very breathable, so in the spring he often is either too warm or cold with those options. He needs something that is light, breathable and flexible.

If you need a light layer that gives you a little more ventilation for post workout, you should check out Le Pullover Men’s shirt. This shirt has a look that is a mix of an athletic zip-up and a Henley shirt. This is in a light blue with a stretchy blue striped cuff and band on the bottom. This pullover also has a hidden media pocket to keep your music or your phone close. There are also thumb holes that tuck back into the pullover. Those thumb holes are there when you need them, but are hidden from the outside of the cuff when you do not need them. This shirt is made of soft terry that will be so comfortable that you will not want to take it off. This pullover is available in the following sizes:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Larger
  • Double Extra Large

There is only one review for this pullover, but the reviewer is very happy with the purchase. It sounds like this guy would live in this pullover if you let him.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater, I am not a fan of zip-up sweaters so that is why I bought this one! It is just so comfortable, and warm. I almost wear it every day!

This reviewer makes me want to pick up this sweater. My husband could certainly use a lighter layer, and the style on this is hot. He could easily wear this for errands on the weekend for a much sleeker look than his current options. I also think he would like the ventilation this pullover would give him after a workout. This pullover has many features tucked into one shirt that will make it your new favourite. Grab yours now while they still have your size!

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June 5

Retreat Yogi Crop Was $98 | Now $49 & Free Shipping @ Lululemon Canada

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Retreat Yogi Crop Was $98 | Now $49 & Free Shipping @ Lululemon Canada

Chill out in these lightweight crops that are perfect for your workout or lounging. These crops were $98, but you can snag them for only $49 now. Completely free shipping is also included with your purchase.

I love all the fun patterns that are available for workout pants lately. It has challenged me to think beyond the basic black pair of yoga pants that have been my go-to item for years. This blue geometric crackle pattern looks like a perfect compromise for a pattern that is not too crazy.  The pattern has several neutral colours, and should look great with a top in grey, white, blue or even something brighter like a fuschia.

These crops are lightweight and meant to move and breathe. The include extra air ventilation down the side. They stretch in four different directions and have LYCRA to help them keep their shape. Hidden away is a secret pocket to stash your key. These crops are super breezy for summertime workouts or a casual stroll in the park. You can pick them up in the following sizes: 4, 6, 8 & 10.

These are a looser fit pair of pants, and you find that reflected in the reviews. Many reviewers are noting that they sized down these pants, as the waist even seemed a bit looser. There are a few people who do not like the style, but the majority are digging their purchase. As my leg muscles are not as sculpted as I would like so sometimes a style that flows a bit more works better on me. Here is one reviewer loving these crops.

As described, these are great crops for a light practice, restorative, or just out walking. I LUV the pockets. Good for around the house, running to the store or for coffee. The draped front and looser leg for work well for modesty purposes, at least they drape well on me, extra material does not get in my way at all, or maybe it is just my attitude when I wear them…either way they are fun and a great length for summer.

This seems to be the way to go for a casual and breezy pair of crops. One of the other reviewers mentioned she wore these to hot yoga, which I think is a fantastic use for these pants. A synthetic like this is much more comfortable. A friend of mine made the mistake of wearing cotton to hot yoga once, and she resembled a steamed dumpling by the time she left!

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May 26

Lululemon Canada: Sculp Short Was $54 | Now $29 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 12:35 PM

Lululemon Canada: Sculp Short Was $54 | Now $29 & Free Shipping

When I think nice weather, I think of getting in shape. When I think of getting in shape, I think about new fitness clothing. Lululemon is who many people think about when they think of clothing for fitness and I found a great deal on their site today. Get the sculpt short for only $29, with a regular price of $54, and as always, free shipping.

These shorts are pretty cute and they are called sculpt shorts, and I can really see why. While I know that model probably already has a really nice rear end, I imagine these shorts will do for my rear end what my other Lululemon bottom pieces do. I like that these shorts are a little longer too, as I don’t find the shorter shorts as flattering for my age group any longer. They aren’t super long like the old bike shorts I used to wear in the ’80s, but they just aren’t riding up in the middle as some super short shorts do.

There are two colours available – electric coral – which has sizes 4 and 6 available and Alberta lake, which also has sizes 4 and 6.

It also has a medium rise waistband, which should suck in the tummy as well, just like their yoga pants. They are also sweat wicking and have seamless construction to reduce chafing.

There are a few reviews with varying star ratings, giving it a 3.5 star rating.

Very versatile shorts that would function just as well for a run as they would for a ride. I have cycled 10+ miles / 16+ km in these without any issues. Super comfy.

The reviews are quite interesting because some say they ride up and some say they don’t. Some say they are comfortable, some say not. Some say flattering, some say definitely not flattering. You might just have to try for yourself!

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May 14

Lululemon Canada: In A Flash Bra II Was $52 | Now $39 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Lululemon Canada: In A Flash Bra II Was $52 | Now $39 & Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada has discounted a bunch of athletic bras. One of those styles is the In A Flash Bra II, which is on sale from $52 down to $39 with free shipping.

I chose this bra for a couple of reasons. First, the sports bra comes in sizes two through 12 with all six sizes still available for purchase. When online shopping, there is nothing more aggravating than finding something you like that is already sold out in your size.

This bra also looks beautiful and has fairly positive ratings. The negative ratings tended to be a result of larger busted woman being unable to wear the top due to boob overflow. However, many women (up to a DDD cup) found success with this athletic bra, so you may as well. Do note that this is a medium coverage and medium support bra. The heavier your chest, the lower the support level really. One reviewer said:

Fit on this very similar to the all sport bra. I love the mesh in front which breaths while keeping you covered and helps with sweaty boob problem. I found it very supportive. For reference 5’7″ 32D/DD went with my usual size 6.

This athletic top is designed for the gym and for running. Arguably, it should also be good for yoga as well. This is an open-back bra with criss-cross straps for added support. This type of strap design keeps the straps closer to your core and prevents the dreaded ‘shoulder strap slip’ that often happens with bras. The straps are also wide to increase comfort. They sit below your shoulder blades instead of on top of them.

The athletic bra is made of sweat wicking, four-way stretch Luxtreme fabric that is breathable. The added LYCRA ensures that the bra retains its shape despite frequent wear. Mesh is strategically placed to keep you cool.

The bra is designed with pockets for removable cups. I am not sure if cups come with the bra (doubt it), but you can just walk into your local Lululemon and request a pair. I owned a Lululemon sport’s top once and they gave me the cups free-of-charge in store. You could also try emailing or commenting with your order asking for a pair and specifying what size you need.

There are many others bras for sale in the ‘We Made Too Much’ section. Personally, I wanted to buy the Ta Ta Tamer II but they are out of my size.

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May 3

Lululemon Canada: Find Your Bliss Jacket Was $128 | Now $79 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 3, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Lululemon Canada: Find Your Bliss Jacket Was $128 | Now $79 & Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada has just discounted the Find Your Bliss jacket from $128 down to $79 with free shipping via Fedex.

I hate falling in love with the deals I blog – but this one really has me wanting to dig out my wallet to enjoy a beautiful jacket and a great deal. First, there are three amazing colour combinations to choose from:

  • deep navy/star crushed silver fox deep navy (my favourite)
  • black/heathered slate/very light flare
  • black/regal plum

I adore that deep navy with star crushed silver fox on the opposite side. I own one Lululemon jacket and it has about the same shape as this jacket. It really enhances my chest, accentuates my waist, and curves nicely over my hips.

Let’s talk the perfect jacket. This jacket is reversible – you essentially have two different looking jackets for one price. One side has a lightweight mesh fabric that is very breathable. The other side has a light Luon fabric interior that wicks away sweat. Essentially – it is perfect to keep your body cozy but not too warm on the way to and from a good workout.

Seriously, this jacket is golden. Even more impressive, Lululemon made this jacket in all sizes from size two up to size 12. Lately I have only been seeing sizes four to 10, so I am happy this jacket has a larger size range. I am a size 12 in Lululemon, so this is important to me.

The reviews for this jacket are raving:

Ordered this at the WMTM price, great jacket overall. Thick enough to keep you warm but ventilated to keep you cool when you need it most. I love the pattern. I wear it with the pattern side out. I got it in a size 6 in the blue mystic jungle (I’m 5’4” 110) and it has room to layer.

Some reviewers find that the jacket bunches up a little when you wear the mesh side out. However, this has not been a big issue for too many reviewers as they are all singing the jacket’s praises. I would probably wear this jacket with the jersey side out, as I love the pretty pattern. I also think the large omega in the front really enhances my figure.

All orders are final sale.

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April 20

Lululemon Canada: Studio Boxer Short was $32 | Now $19 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 20, 2015 at 7:57 PM

Lululemon Canada: Studio Boxer Short was $32 | Now $19 & Free Shipping

Here is a deal for the men! Lululemon Canada has discounted the men’s Studio Boxer Short from $32 down to just $19 per pair with free shipping.

There are three colours to choose from, black, inkwell, and surge. The first, black, has the greatest number of sizes still available: small through extra-large. The inkwell and surge colours (variances on blue) only have sizes large and extra-large left in stock. Evidently, men prefer blue to black underwear. I find that somewhat unusual, as most men I know seem to live in black boxers or briefs… with a smattering of grey.

This is a snug-fitting pair of boxer shorts designed to fit smoothly under any clothing and hold everything in place. The anti-stink fabric allows you to sweat without everyone knowing. The material is breathable releases all your icky sweat in the wash instead of in your clothing. The material has four-way stretch, yet retains its shape so you do not have ‘baggy-ass’ syndrome like some 100% cotton underwear have.

Chafe resistant flat seams will keep you comfortable as well. These boxers are even preshrunk, thus preventing after dryer escapades of trying to wiggle into shrunken shorts.

Now, there are many reviews on these boxers for a cumulative 3.5/5 star rating. Quite a few men think these are too short in the leg. However, as a female, I really like the look of shorter boxers. In fact, shorter men can be positively dwarfed by longer legged boxers. That being said, these may not be ideal for tall men who like more leg coverage.

These are also a fairly slim cut, so muscular thighs may find they run tight or ride up a bit. My partner has slim thighs, so these would probably be perfect for him. Now, these boxers fit true to size, so a 29″ – 30″ waist should be comfortable in a size small. Other reviewers love the fabric and find the waistband very comfortable as well.

As with most products, you will find reviews from both those who love the product and those who have difficulties with the product. I find that it is best to read through reviews and see what body type these boxer shorts would best suit. More often than not, it is an issue of shape and fit – not every boxer will fit every person the way he likes.

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April 19

Lululemon Canada: If You’re Lucky Jacket Was $128 | Now $69 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 19, 2015 at 12:04 PM

Lululemon Canada: If Youre Lucky Jacket Was $128 | Now $69 & Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada has discounted the If You’re Lucky jacket from $128 down to $69 with free shipping.

I have been living in my Lululemon pullover hoodie lately and it reminded me of why Lululemon is so popular. The top is warm, comfortable, and really cozy. It looks different from your average hoodie and that ‘unique’ look to it is what made it jump into my cart and check itself out in the first place.

This “If You’re Lucky” jacket is of the same bread as my pullover hoodie. When it comes to jackets, this is pretty unique. The back dips up so the jacket rests above your butt instead of on it. Then, the jacket slopes forward to keep your tummy and lower abdomen warm in the front. In the back, there are two vertical mesh panels for ventilation and aesthetic appeal. Those large mesh panels extend under the arm for excellent circulation. In fact, the entire back is nearly mesh except for a vertical ‘stripe’ up the very back.

The shoulders are tailored to your body for a close fit. Expect the customary thumb holes and a couple of pockets for essentials as well.

This jacket comes in three colour options:

  • Black
  • Heathered Slate / Slate
  • Moody Mirage bark berry deep navy / Naval blue

Sizes start at 4 and go up to size 12. However, all size 12 jackets are already sold out. There is still ample selection in the other sizes. Some people may wish to size up for layering purposes:

Sized up for layering, Soo comfy and flattering with so many compliments. Moody Mirage print is so much nicer than on model, perfect for spring!! These will not last long, especially the Moody Mirage Print!! Very Slimming as well!!

I would just see layering this over a pretty bra, with the straps showing through in the back. For that reason, I would probably purchase this in black for more versatility. However, I think the heathered slate colours actually looks the nicest. I am just not sure if I can actually pull off grey.

This jacket is final sale so please be sure you select the right size before purchasing. As the reviewer above said, these will probably not last for long.

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March 30

Lululemon Canada: The Bomb Bomber Was $168 | Now $94 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 30, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Lululemon Canada: The Bomb Bomber Was $168 | Now $94 & Free Shipping

Want a jacket that is “the bomb”? Check out Lululemon’s The Bomb Bomber, which was $168 and now $94, plus free shipping.

Yesterday Avi told you about the Both Ways Bomber that is also 50% off and a great jacket. While looking at that jacket, I found one that I like just a little bit more – The Bomb Bomber, which is about 45% off.

This jacket is perfect for spring as it is lightweight and water and wind-resistant. But, you can also flip it over for cooler and drier days to the soft jersey fabric side. This really is a jacket that will take you anywhere.

I love reversible jackets because they truly are two jackets in one. No one will really know that you are wearing the same jacket and you’ll have basically paid less than $100 for what could be considered two Lululemon jackets.

There are two colour choices – bark berry with heathered bark berry and silver spoon with heather white. I think I like the white better for spring, but the bark berry is a very nice darker pink. All sizes are available in both colours.

Reviewers say that this jacket runs small, so you might want to size up so you can layer appropriately.

I wear a 10 in Lulu tops to keep my 34DDDs contained, but I recommend sizing up for this jacket. I love the styling on this jacket and plan to get a lot of use out of it this spring!

I think this jacket is great for just throwing on when going to yoga, the gym or to run errands. It does have enough style to go out as a jacket for night with jeans or tights underneath.

As always, you’ll get free shipping from Lululemon so there are no other charges besides taxes, which I do love from Lululemon!

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March 29

Lululemon Canada: 50% Off Both Ways Bomber Was $198 | Now $99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 29, 2015 at 7:29 PM

Lululemon Canada: 50% Off Both Ways Bomber Was $198 | Now $99 & Free Shipping

Lululemon has some nice deals in their ‘we made too much’ section. Usually there are discounts anywhere from 25% off to 50% off – with the higher discounts being rarer. This Both Ways Bomber, a reversible jacket, was $198 and is now on sale for $99 with free shipping.

‘Both ways’ refers to the jacket’s reversibility, which gives you two different looks from the same jacket. The seams and ‘inside’ are sewn in such a way that the jacket looks completely natural whether ‘regular’ or inside out. In fact, over time you may forget which way was originally the ‘right way’.

There are two colour choices. One is a heathered white with black on one side with the atomic flower silver spoon and black when you reverse the jacket. I am not too sure about that floral pattern but it is a nice change from simple black and white or grey. It spices up your wardrobe a bit. The next colour choice – and my preference – is the heathered black and black combination. One way, the jacket is almost all black except for the zipper placket, and the other way you have the heathered black (it looks like a hard grey) with the back sleeves and accents.

Both colour options are available in sizes four, six, eight, and ten. Unlike most bombers that hit at the waist, this one is designed to hit low on the hip. It keeps your lower back and love handles toasty warm. A great ‘to and from’ jacket, this will do the work of two jackets yet take up the space of just one.

Most reviews are quite happy with this jacket, especcialy at the sale price. One reviewer said:

I took the chance on WMTM. Glad I did. I love both the floral and heathered white side of the jacket and only have one minor complaint but not a big deal. The bunching up on the bottom of the back side due to the elasticized fabric kind of looks a bit strange, but I guess I see the point of it though. I purchased my usual 10 and I thought it was TTS. I am 5′ 9 1/2″ and 175 lb and it fit perfect.

The only ‘common’ complaint appears to be around the sleeves. Most people find them just a tad on the short side, especially for taller women. However, taller women loved the length of this sweater jacket.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 13

Lululemon Canada: Cheek Warmer Short Was $68 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Lululemon Canada: Cheek Warmer Short Was $68 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

Finally, Lululemon has put something on sale that I need to buy. The Cheek Warmer Short is now on sale from $68 down to $34 with free shipping.

First of all, these are more about function and fit than fashion. They are made of Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric – feels like fleece – that is lightweight and moves with you. The shorts are designed to be layered over running tights. That way you have ultimate flexibility while still keeping your bits cozy warm. The wide elastic waistband will sit on top of your skin and not dig in.

One reviewer said:

These shorts are great, love the thick polartec material and the style is cute, but I ask that you consider adding a zipper.

Another reviewer loves the shorts but wishes for a more masculine design as he (as a male) wants to wear them over high run tights for a little coverage when going out for drinks after. He praises the fabric:

The Polartec fabric is the perfect extra layer when you sometimes want a little more modesty with your running outfit.

There are three colours to choose from: black, neutral blush, and inkwell. The black is only available in sizes 4 and 6. However, the blush and inkwell colourways have full stock. I am disappointed that these top out at a size 10, as I would be closer to a size 12. There are many gals on both ends of the spectrum that feel sizes out of much of Lululemon’s clothing since size 0 and size 12 has been removed from many of the lines.

While I am not a runner, I would put these shorts to good use. I hate taking a shower at the pool after a swim; I would rather take a shower at home. I could just towel off and throw these shorts over my swimsuit to get home. The material would keep my delicate bits from getting cold while I wandered to my car and drove home. In addition, they provide good coverage (modesty) instead of just wandering home in my swimsuit.

I also think the Cheek Warmer Short would be a comfortable lounge short around the house. Curl up in a tank top and the shorts while watching a movie or reading a book.

The shorts are final sale.

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February 26

Lululemon: Sashiko Wunder Under Crop Was $82 | Now $44 & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 26, 2015 at 3:36 PM

Lululemon: Sashiko Wunder Under Crop Was $82 | Now $44 & Free Shipping

We often blog awesome Lululemon top deals, but bottoms rarely discounted as much. Today, we have a lovely pair of stylish Lululemon yoga pants on sale. Purchase the Wunder Under Crop Full-On Luon (Sashiko) on sale from $82 down to $44 with free shipping.

This pair of Wunder Crops is still available in all sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. They are a ‘patched together’ style in primarily blue. The body is like a two-tone blue camo and the accents are a gorgeous white and blue. It almost looks like the accents are sequins or sparkly material from afar, but when you look up close you see the lovely pattern.

These pants are made of a tight-knit version of the Luon fabric for support, coverage, and comfort. These pants still have four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties while remaining breathable. The Wunder Under Crop in Full-On Luon is designed to be a little longer than the regular wunder under crops.

Now, these crops are designed for a tight fit so make sure you order the right size. Do not try and size down or you will end up with a sheer butt. While the waistband is designed to be comfortable and muffin-top free, if you buy a size too small then you are going to have problems.

The reviews on this pair of bottoms are mixed. Quite a few reviewers complain about the butt going a bit too sheer for their liking, while others say that is not a problem at all. Another primary complaint appears to be the height of the rise. Many women like this reviewer say:

I got these off the WMTM. Love them. My only complaint is the rise is not very big. I would say these are more short rise.

If you are a curvy girl or have a long torso, then these might not be the best option for you.

All ‘we made too much’ items are final sale. If you can visit a local store to try them on, I suggest doing so because of the final sale policy. I am itching for a new pair of yoga pants but I cannot afford the regular price of Lululemon pants. Sale pants are one of the ways that bargain hunters and people on a lower budget can save on this famous Canadian brand.

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