June 25

Stuck On You Canada: Free Shipping On Every Order

Posted by on June 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Stuck On You Canada: Free Shipping On Every Order

Stick on You is offering free shipping with no minimum required.

If you are sending your child to daycare, camp this summer, or if your little one is starting school in the Fall, this is one must have that you don’t want to over look – labels! There’s nothing that irks me more than my children losing a jacket or other piece of clothing. But I can confidently say that ever since we introduced labels we have not lost one single piece of clothing or item at school or camp.

You can personalize them both in colour and symbol. Stuck on You offers many different combinations for both girls and boys and individual symbols to capture your child’s personality and likes.

You also have the option of either purchasing items individually or choosing from one of their many different value packs which offers a little bit of everything. The number of different labels, tags and other items are endless.

When choosing clothing labels, you have the option between stick-on or iron-on clothing labels. I prefer the stick on only for the ease of last minute labeling (and lets face it, I don’t like to iron for any reason).

Something to think about when you are personalizing your labels and one which I would highly recommend is to only use the child’s last name. This is for both safety reasons and so you can use them for all the children in your home.

Check out this rave review from a happy customer:

I bought both my kids (nearly 5 & 7) a pack each when they were born. I’m still using the same packs. The are such good quality and seem to last forever (except when ‘peeled’ off by Mister nearly 5). I would highly recommend this pack as a great gift for all new parents.

With the bonus of free shipping, ordering labels and helping to ensure your child’s belongings end up back at home is a win-win combo in my eyes.

UPDATE – we’ve just been informed that orders do actually ship from Australia so there’s a chance you might be hit by customs and duties on this one. But, they say that if a charge is made, to send them a copy of the reciept and they will sent a credit/refund of the customs charge.

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April 29

Peach Buy Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $3 Discount On Any Order

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Peach Buy Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $3 Discount On Any Order

We have a great new exclusive coupon code for a company that we have only written about a few times now. Save an additional $3 on on the great deal offered at Peachy Buy, making their deal even sweeter.  You will be able to pay just $22 for $50 worth of personalized labels from Label Daddy for just a few short days.

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  • Coupon Code: moose3
  • Discount: $3 off
  • Expiry: Unknown

The deal online is for $50 worth of labels from Label Daddy for $25.  This is actually a great deal in itself.  If you use our exclusive coupon code for Peachy Buy with this deal, the price drops to just $22 for $50 worth of labels which is pretty incredible!

Here is a little bit more about this deal:

  • May buy a maximum of two vouchers
  • Voucher valid until May 31st 2014
  • Valid on all labels
  • Redeem your vouchers online
  • One voucher may be used per transaction

Along with their regular labels that both kids and adults love, they have some fun new ones to choose from as well.  You will find the newly licensed  NHL, Disney, Marvel and even Major League Baseball labels!

This is the perfect time for a voucher like this because camp season and sports season is on the horizon. I label all my kids sports items and anything they may lose or leave somewhere while playing at a friends or heading to a day camp. In the long run, it could save you money because they will actually get their items back.

For myself, I love to use labels to organize.  I label jars, spices, boxes, drawers and bins with my kids toys and clothing in them.  My husband thought I was a bit of a label nut until he realized how easy it was to find things once they are labeled, so now he says go for it.

As for the cost of shipping, it will be $3.95 to ship to anywhere in Canada from Label Daddy.  Basically, our coupon will offset this and there is no additional tax which is perfect!

You will find this and all other Peachy Buy coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

Peach Buy Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $3 Discount On Any Order

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April 24

StickerYou Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 20% Off Your Custom Order

Posted by on April 24, 2014 at 6:30 PM

StickerYou Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 20% Off Your Custom Order

Create your own customized stickers, labels, and more at, and save 20% with our exclusive Bargainmoose coupon code.

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  • Coupon Code: MOOSE20
  • Discount: 20% Off
  • Expiry: 1st July 2014

I am the mother to a 5-year-old sticker addict. Seriously. He doesn’t leave the house without a sheet of stickers in his backpack. I’m constantly finding stickers on my furniture, walls, the dog, you name it! So we’re always on the hunt for cool stickers to meet his high sticker-loving standards. With this exclusive StickerYou coupon, I can create some really cool custom designs he’s sure to approve of. Or better yet, we can create them together!

It’s easy to create your own stickers on, you can use their StickerMaker Wizard to quickly create popular formats or you can build your own sticker page with their PageMaker Classic option. We chose the StickerMaker Wizard. Then we just uploaded our own images (you can also choose from a selection of images already on the site if you don’t want to upload your own). Next, we got to choose the shape of our stickers (we chose hearts). Then it’s time to edit your sticker by adding background colours or text or resizing your image. The final step is choosing your sticker material and how many individually cut stickers or pages of stickers you want. Done! Really, it took just a couple of minutes. The most time-consuming part was waiting for my son to pick a photo to use.

And there’s a lot more than stickers, though my son has a one-track mind. You can also create your own cool magnets, temporary tattoos, iron-on transfers, and wall decals. I love the temporary tattoo idea, that’s totally going in next year’s loot bags at my son’s birthday party. You can also make your own CD labels and wine bottle labels. Lots of fun options for creating unique gifts.

Standard shipping charges start at $3.99, and you can also opt for higher-priced rush or express shipping if you’re in a pinch and need your items quickly.

Look for more StickerYou promo codes in our forum.

StickerYou Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 20% Off Your Custom Order

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