May 11

Save 75%! Brother Professional Label Printer Was $120, Now $30 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 11, 2015 at 10:53 AM

Save 75%! Brother Professional Label Printer Was $120, Now $30 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Automate your label making with the Brother Professional Label printer. This fast labeler was $119.99 but is now only $29.99. This item also qualifies for free super saver shipping from

A friend of mine runs a business selling puzzles out of their home. I had no idea that puzzles were such big business until I met them. They sell online everything from large puzzles for adults with a billion pieces to small wooden kid puzzles. They upgraded their home and now operate their business directly from there. Regularly they are standing at the post office with many packages to ship.

I bet a labeler like this would come in very handy for any small business owner. The Brother Professional Label printer is on sale for a great price today and prints up to 68 labels per minute. With a cutter inside, your shipping labels should roll off this machine quickly and efficiently.  The maximum tape width is 2.4 inches, but you can use tape that is thinner than that if you would prefer. I would love to have one of these printers around when we do our massive Christmas card list and use a skinnier label. This label printer is fully compatible with all of the Microsoft products, so you can easily create your labels in Word, Excel or Outlook. With a USB connect, this labeler will also print from a Mac.

Price Comparison

Check out some of the prices you will pay for the same labeler around the web.

This printer is in the 570 series, but I also noticed there is a second model that is part of the 700 series. Every 700 series model is currently priced at over $100.


PC Magazine gives this label maker a great review, saying that overall it is fast and works with a variety of label sizes. At Amazon Canada, this printer has a strong four and a half star our of five stars rating with over 55 reviews. The reviews I have seen around the web also seem to be mostly positive. Here is one reviewer over at Best Buy Canada.

Great addition to my work space. It’s flexible and works like a charm. Printing is clear and adjustable like a word processor program.

Brother printers are also well known in the market. If I was going to pick up a label maker, I would be happy knowing it is a Brother product.

This machine is quite simply going to help you print of labels that are quicker and crystal clear. If you print multiple labels for business or home projects, this is a sweet buy to pick up today. Grab yours now while there is still some time on this weekly deal. Sometimes the Amazon Canada deals sell out long before the expiry.

(Expiry: 17th May 2015)

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April 18

Brother Portable Label Marker Was $68 Now $30 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

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Brother Portable Label Marker Was $68 Now $30 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Here’s a sweet deal on the Brother PTD400AD Portable Label Marker over at NCIX Canada for today only. It was priced at $67.98, and just now, you can get this label maker for only $29.99.

This particular label maker does not come with free shipping as a matter of course. But what’s even sweeter is that you can also use the Bargainmoose exclusive NCIX coupon code MOOSE to score free shipping on any order of $25 or more, which this item qualifies for.

The full item title on the NCIX site is this: Brother PTD400AD 20MM Per Second 0.7IN X 13.1IN Portable Label Marker With AC Adapter. That’s a lot of info! There are no reviews or specifications shown on NCIX site, so I will have to go elsewhere to find out more about this particular item.

According to the page here on, this label maker has a handy graphical display which shows you the text and layout before you print. From looking at the image above, you can print out some cute labels with this tool. The machine comes with an 18mm “TZe” starter tape which you can use to start labelling all the bits and pieces in your house.

It seems that this labeller has quite a power consumption – it takes 6 AA batteries which do not come with the device. Consider adding a few sets to your order at NCIX, such as this 20 pack of Fujis (if you don’t already have rechargeables).

As for prices elsewhere in Canada, it says on the DirectCanada site that this item is $23.90… but you cannot actually buy it. Brother Portable Label Marker Was $68 Now $30 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada On, the same label maker is $38+ including shipping. It’s $69 here on DirectDial and not for sale at many other stores at all. Great price from NCIX, IMO!

I’d love a labeller! However, I’d probably spend the first few days labelling everything in sight then forget I owned it at all. I do think it would be useful now, with the girls growing older and going to school. They need all of their stuff labelled… and this could be a good option instead of buying sets of labels every year from the likes of Mabel’s Labels and Emily Press.

(Expires: 18th April 2015)

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November 18

Amazon Canada: Brother Handheld Label Maker Only $16/ Was $40 (Expired)

Posted by on November 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Brother Handheld Label Maker Only $16/ Was $40 (Expired)

This “lightning deal” won’t last. Fifty percent have already been claimed and there are nine hours left in the deal. Get the Brother Easy Handheld Label Maker for only $15.99, with a regular price of $39.99.

A label maker is a must-have in an organized household. I wouldn’t say I have an organized house, but my label maker has made it easier to be organized. I actually have this exact model and paid over $30 for it at Costco, so I can vouch that this is an amazing deal.

If you don’t believe me, check out the prices at Brother ($39.99), Staples ($39.92), 123Ink Cartridges ($34.99) and NewEgg where it is out of stock. Need more convincing? I doubt it.

I use my label maker on a regular basis. I’ve labelled all of my craft drawers, the kid’s cubbies in the front hall, their homework cubbies, their clothing, their water bottles, file folders and I’m not even done organizing yet. Winter is here with a wild force and I know I won’t be stepping foot outside so now is the time to organize! I also plan on labelling all of the Christmas boxes as I put them back to make it so much easier next year when getting them out. Instead of just seeing the label “Christmas” I might actually know what exactly is in each box.

I also let my kids use the label maker to label their stuff, although I do it under my supervision as they’ll use all the tape.

Read the reviews for the perks and downfalls of this machine, but here is one that summed it up:

Bought it for back to school did the job great does little graphics also the kids loved it

Shipping is free once you’ve spend $25, so you might want to get yourself some tapes or something else that would get you past this threshold and save you those annoying shipping fees on such a great deal.

(expiry: 18th November 2014)

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January 10

NCIX Canada: Brother P-Touch Electronic Labelling System Only $10

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NCIX Canada: Brother P Touch Electronic Labelling System Only $10

I originally was going to blog about this deal on Amazon, where this labelling system is $19.86, but when price comparing I found it for the even better price of $9.99. NCIX lists the regular price as $24.99, but Amazon lists it for $39.99. Staples has the regular price as $34.86, so whatever regular price you choose, know this is a good deal anyway.

I’ve blogged before that I had a labelling system that I loved, but my kids wrecked it (story of my life) and I am looking for another one as I get into organization mode. You can’t beat the ease of use for this model, and you’ll want to label everything in your house, including your kids and your dog. Been there, done that. And it looks like Christopher Aloi, who took the banner picture also had the same idea.

This labelling system lets you label things in a stylish way with eight patterns and three changeable face plates. Your labels print in 9mm or 12mm widths with one or two lines of text.

There is one review on NCIX, which gives it a four star rating. This reviewer used it to label network ports around the house, which is a great idea. You could also use it to label cords and wires so you aren’t wondering “what the heck does this attach to?”. I have so many USB cords littering my desk drawers and I really only know what the ones for my cell phone and my camera do. The others are a mystery. If I had labelled them when I got them, then they would be easy to find, but then I wouldn’t be labelled as the opposite of proactive.

Shipping is $8 on this item, but it is very fast express shipping and still brings the price in less than the competitors.

(Expiry: 31st January 2014)

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August 26

Costco Canada: Brother Electronic Labelling System Only $29.99

Posted by on August 26, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Costco Canada: Brother Electronic Labelling System Only $29.99

Get yourself organized this year with the Brother electronic labelling system from Costco for only $29.99, was $64.99. You’ll save $35 and get free shipping.

I had a Brother labelling system, although not this one, until my kids broke it (yes, another item they broke of mine). I loved labelling items including storage bins, kids items, files and so much more. This one on sale at Costco is a literal steal, and I’m thinking of picking one up for myself. I don’t do spring cleaning at my house because the weather is usually too nice and I don’t want to be inside. Fall cleaning is more like it and once all my kids head off to school this house is going to become a whirlwind of organization. I could use the labeller in my pursuit of order.

It creates laminated labels up to 18mm wide in four fonts. The labels are very durable, so they stay on and don’t wash away. It has a large graphical display so that those of us who might not always wear our glasses can still preview before printing.

You’ll get a starter tape and an AC adapter included as well.

(Expiry: 8th September 2013)

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June 17

Amazon Canada: Up To 55% Off Brother Labellers & Scanners

Posted by on June 17, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Up To 55% Off Brother Labellers & Scanners

Scan your documents and label stuff with Brother equipment. Get up 55% off at Amazon Canada.

I work in IT and I see a lot of Brother equipment. I do support for independently managed locations, so their equipment purchases aren’t company mandated. Now, our company does offer an equipment package that does not include Brother equipment, but outside of the stuff we sell, I’d say I probably work with more Brother equipment than any other brand out there. And that is completely organic purchases. All that to say that Brother is doing something right if I can see a noticeable trend like this.

I work mainly with their printer side, but I suspect all their products are good, including their scanners and labellers. I don’t know about you guys but I should probably buy a scanner and a labeller. I have more stacks of paper that should be scanned and saved than I know what to do with. Same with old photos. I have stacks of old albums sitting in my basement taking up space. I could put it all on a hard drive, or up in the cloud. As far as a labeller, I also have tons of wires and various pieces of equipment strewn about my house that should probably be sorted and clearly labelled. Even my son’s toy bins could be labelled so he can learn to put things in their place instead of mixing every kind of toy with every other kind of toy.

(Expires: 23rd June 2013)

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October 27

Staples: Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo Label Maker $129 (Reg $269)

Posted by on October 27, 2011 at 11:30 PM

Staples: Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo Label Maker $129 (Reg $269)

After fussing with making just a few address labels on my laser printer recently, I thought, “there must be a better way to do this”. This machine just might be it. At $140 off – now $129 it won’t break the piggy bank either.

The LabelWriter 450 has some clear advantages over my printer:

  • It prints one (or more) labels without wasting paper and dealing with the layout hassle of multiple labels on one sheet
  • It prints the more permanent plastic sticky labels (Dymo refers to theirs as “D1 plastic labels”)
  • It uses thermal printing technology, so you don’t need to buy ink or toner

You do have to use Dymo’s labels though, perhaps off-setting your savings on ink or toner, depending on the kind of jobs you need to print.

Included in the box is a starter roll of address labels and a D1 cassette.

This price is good until the 1st of November and shipping is free.

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