July 1

DIY Doodle Pillow Case!

Posted by on July 1, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Over on Instructables, I found this super-cute and budget-friendly idea for a kid’s room – the DIY Doodle Pillowcase! I’ve seen these items for retail online at various shops around the world, but in that post, it shows you how to make one for yourself, at a low cost.

All you need is a blank pillowcase, some fabric paint, and some washable markers. Here’s what it looks like:

DIY Doodle Pillow Case!

It is a cute idea, but I was personally thinking of the risk of when you hand your kid a pack of washable markers. Because they are allowed to draw on this pillowcase, wouldn’t they perhaps think they’ve got the green light to draw on every other item in the house?

DIY Doodle Pillow Case!

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June 30

Little Tikes Explorer Wagon with Umbrella Only $99 @

Posted by on June 30, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Little Tikes Explorer Wagon with Umbrella Only $99 @

Walmart Canada is brimming with deals for little ones wanting to play outside. This Little Tikes Explorer Wagon with Umbrella is on sale for just $99 with free shipping at Walmart Canada.

Walmart Canada does not give the original price, but it is much higher than the current sale price. I found the same explorer wagon and umbrella combo for $159.99 @ Amazon Canada. That is sold directly from them, not from a secondary seller. Elsewhere in Canada, this wagon and umbrella are hard to find. I ended up price comparing with several US stores to ensure this was a good deal.

Little Tikes (US) sells their own wagon and umbrella combo for $129.99 USD. I did find the wagon at for $110.99 USD but that was the cheapest I could even find it in the USA. If you consider our current exchange rate, the price at Little Tikes itself is even a bit over the Amazon Canada price as it equals $162.19 CAN today.

This set is everything I dreamed of as a kid. My brother had a red wagon that I rode around whenever I had the chance, but I could never use it without him as it was hid (and he made sure I knew it). I prefer the plastic frame as it is cooler in hot weather (metal wagons get burning hot) and the sides are great for packing things, and kids, around in.

One reviewer said:

This is so wonderful for outdoor, park, picnics and beach. You can load your kids and a few bags and on your way you go. The umbrella is a huge bonus!

I have to agree, that umbrella is a very nice addition as it can shade your kids on a hot day and can also shade any goodies you may be carrying that are heat sensitive. Another reviewer said:

My 1 yr old liked this wagon very much and I like the fact that there’s shade. Roomy enough for 2!

There are some other really great deals for children during the Canada Day celebrations. This Little Tikes Outdoor Inflatables Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide is on sale for $298. A quick price comparison shows this upwards of $399 elsewhere. I prefer the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer for $229. This is at least $20 cheaper than the sale price anywhere else.

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June 29

Minion Dave Kids Costume Only $26 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Minion Dave Kids Costume Only $26 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada

Is your house as crazy for Minions as my house is? Check out this hilarious Minion Dave Costume. This costume is listed at $40.99, but you can swipe it away for only $25.92. This fun costume also qualifies for completely free shipping.

Are you gearing up for the new Minions movie? I have seen the trailer and it looks like it is going to be hilarious and a great movie for families. All of our favourite loveable minions are back in a prequel to the Despicable Me series. Today over on Amazon Canada I have found a minion costume for kids that will surely delight your little minion. If you order right away, you could even wear your costume to the showing of the movie.

This costume was originally made for the Despicable Me 2 movie and features the face of Minion Dave. It is a foam one-piece costume that easily slides over your head. The costume sticks out at the sides to give you a tall minion shape. This is perfect if your kiddo likes to play pretend. I would be dying of laughter watching my kid play in this costume. This costume is available in small and medium sizes. The small size fits a child who is 44″ to 48″ tall with 25″ to 26″ waist, and the child medium fits a child who is 50″ to 54″ tall with 27″ to 30″ inch waist. (though now out of stock) suggests that the small size is for a kid age three to four, and the medium is for a kid age five to seven. This costume has Minion Dave’s face, as he is included in the Despicable Me 2 movie. The trailer for the new movie mentions Minion Dave, so I suspect we will see him in this movie also. Minion Dave is unfortunately not one of the three lead minions for the new movie.

I did find this costume a few other places in Canada. I found this costume for $34.99 at Party City Canada, but the shipping will make your heart stop. With the $16.95 shipping cost, your total is $51.94, plus another $4.95 in duties at checkout, yikes! is selling this costume for $28.04 on sale. The site was so slow I could not get it to tell me how much shipping charges ranged without fully checking out, but shipping prices will vary depending on your location. At, this costume is selling for $42.54 plus shipping costs.

This is a great surprise for your favourite Minion loving kid. Order now while they still have your kid’s size!

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June 29

Cartoon Cat Wallet Only $4.97 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Born Pretty (US)

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Cartoon Cat Wallet Only $4.97 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Born Pretty (US)

If you are looking for the perfect birthday party favour, or just want a funny wallet to make you smile, then check out this Cartoon Cat Wallet over on Born Pretty for only $4.97 USD. This wallet also ships completely free worldwide.

These cartoon cat wallets are adorable. The cats remind me so much of the cat on the Talking Tom app except for the grumpy face. That one looks more like the infamous Grumpy Cat. Right now, you can score these wallets at a cool price that is perfect for a funny gift or if you just have a sense of humour. You could also pick these funny wallets up for birthday party favours, and the price even goes down if you buy multiples! I can see a group of kids really enjoying finding this funny cat faced wallet in their goody bags.

This wallet is available in four different cartoon cat designs. Choose between three smiling faces and one adorable grumpy cat face.  I like that the site will allow you to pick which design you want. I find that with inexpensive items, you get whatever design the retailer happens to grab to fulfil your order. I have my eye on that grumpy face!

Price Comparison

I found these exact kitty wallets available on a website called This website also ships to Canada from the states and is charging $2.45 for the wallet, but tacks on $8.62 in shipping fees. That brings the total of this wallet to $11.07 CAD. I found a cute hinged wallet with a printed cat at Ardene for $9.50 and shipping will cost an extra $7. That brings the total to $16.50 CAD for this wallet. has many options for fun cat wallets but the lowest price is $16.95 CAD.

Shipping and Duties

These wallets ship completely free worldwide, which is awesome news for us. The prices are all in USD so it will cost slightly more in Canadian dollars. If you are just picking up one of these wallets, you will not have to worry about duty fees shipping from the states as the price is under $20. If you are picking up a handful of these wallets and your order is over $20 you may experience some duties at the door. I suggest buying these in multiple orders if you want several so you do not have to worry about duties as the shipping is free anyways. The small difference you would save ordering in bulk would not outweigh potential duty costs at the door if your order is over $20 though the rate can change daily.

Grab your favourite cat now, Bargainmoosers. You will smile every time you look in your bag and see that adorable kitty face. This is also the perfect little gag gift to hide away.

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June 29

(65% off) Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat now only $84.31 & Free Shipping @!

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 6:00 AM

(65% off) Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat now only $84.31 & Free Shipping @!

Over the weekend, we set up some absolutely fantastic exclusive coupon codes for Bargainmoose, with discount amounts ranging from $40 to $150, depending on how much you are spending. I had a browse round the site to see what I could see, and there are plenty of deals to be had. One item in particular is standing out to me because I was on the lookout for a deal on something similar – it’s the Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat which is currently priced at $124.31 on, which is a 48% discount. But when you use our coupon code MOOSE40OFF100JULY to get an extra $40 off $100, the car seat drops to only $84.31, which is a 65% discount on the original price!

Remember, everything from comes with free shipping too! So you’re looking at less than ninety bucks for a top brand name, safe, car seat for your little one. Though this Snugli car seat comes in different patterns, the deal on this one is for the pin stripe model. It’s pretty gender-neutral in my opinion – you could use this for either a boy or a girl.

What I like about this seat is that it will last you for a long time, as it can be used as a harnessed booster seat as shown in the image above. But you can also remove the harnesses and use it in conjunction with your car seat belt, for when the child is a little older and bigger. The weight range for safe use of this car seat is 40 to 110 lbs, so you can see that the car seat will be useful for quite a while. My little 2 year old daughter is in a very similar seat at the moment, using the harness portion. When she’s heavy enough, I can remove those harnesses and use the seat belt instead, as I did with my older daughter.

Upgrade to Camo!

If you are so inclined, you can opt for the camo pattern in the same Snugli car seat here. It’s slightly more expensive, coming in at a final price of only $97.40 with free shipping, by using the coupon code above. For the sake of the extra $13, you might prefer that pattern.

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June 27

Toys R Us Canada: $80 Off Baby Trend Expedition Jogger + EXTRA $10 Off Promo Code- Was $220 | Now $130

Posted by on June 27, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Toys R Us Canada: $80 Off Baby Trend Expedition Jogger + EXTRA $10 Off Promo Code  Was $220 | Now $130

Summer is upon us and if you have been wanting to go on walks with your little one, then here’s a fabulous deal on a stroller: right now at Toys R Us, you can save $80 on the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger. Originally priced at $219.99, it’s now down to just $139.97. Plus, you can use the Toys R Us coupon code CineplexFeb to reduce it by an additional $10, down to $129.97.

I have a Graco Modes Click Connect stroller (by the way, it’s currently on sale for $349.97 instead of its usual price of $429.99) and while it’s awesome for running errands, it’s not the best for sportier purposes.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, on the other hand, isn’t designed like your usual stroller. It has two large wheels in the back and one smaller wheel at the front for better manoeuvrability. With this stroller, you can easily run errands or even go for a jog with the baby.

The cool part about it is that it doesn’t compromise on other essential features. The baby’s set is padded, reclinable and can be adjusted into a couple of different positions. There is also an adjustable shade canopy and the safety harness is a five-point one.

Plus, it has a large basket and two cup holders! Personally for me, those two features are must-haves as I always have tons of bags to store and I don’t go anywhere without first grabbing a Tim’s coffee.

The reviews for this stroller are also amazing. Out of 11 reviews, it has 4.6 reviews with comments like this one:

I use this stroller everyday. Rain or shine. I use it on paved pathways, easy hiking trails, I take it to the dog park, snow drifts, gravel roads, pack it up and take it to the mall….. everything.

Here’s another review:

This stroller is wonderful. The bike wheels are great for any terrain from gravel to the mall, the size is good as it’s not too large to take into stores, it rides very smooth and easy to manoeuvre, the under basket is large so it holds pretty much anything, the handle bar is a nice height so you don’t feel like you are bending over to push it (but it does not adjust) and it folds up to a decent size to fit in your trunk!

Shipping is $13.18 (more or less depending on your location) and once you add this stroller to your cart, a $10 shipping discount will be applied, reducing the cost to just $3.18. Personally, that’s not a cost I would even mind paying for the convenience of having it delivered straight to my door but you could choose to pick it up in-stores instead as well if the option is available.

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June 27

DIY: Make A Kid’s Pillow Bed From as Little as $32!

Posted by on June 27, 2015 at 9:00 AM

DIY: Make A Kids Pillow Bed From as Little as $32!

I have hardwood floors in my house, and they are not super comfortable. My daughter loves to sprawl across the living room with her collection of library books. Anna showed me a great project inspired from the UK Company Bed In a Bag. This is perfect for my daughter’s reading nook! If you can sew a straight line, you need to check out this pillow bed from Pink When. Bellow I am going to break down how you can make this project for as low as $32!

DIY: Make A Kids Pillow Bed From as Little as $32!

To make this project, here is what you need:

  • Four to five pillows
  • Four to five pillow cases
  • A sewing machine with thread
  • Optional Velcro

Sew the pillowcases together along the longest edge, and then stuff the pillows into the cases. Voila, you have a comfortable new cushion. You could then either close the pillowcases with Velcro for easy washing or sew the pillowcases shut. Pillows are available in three sizes. Make sure you match the size of your pillows with the size of your pillowcases correctly. Most pillowcases designed for children are “standard size.”

Pillow Sizes

  • Standard: 20 in × 26 in (51 cm × 66 cm)
  • Queen: 20 in × 30 in (51 cm × 76 cm)
  • King: 20 in × 36 in (51 cm × 91 cm)

Finding cheap pillows and pillowcases is the hardest part of this project. Luckily for you Bargainmoosers, I have done some of the hard work for you.


Pillowcases With Kid Friendly Prints:

Using the lowest prices above, you could buy four cushions for $12 and 4 pillowcases for $20. That puts the grand total of this quick project at only $32!

DIY: Make A Kids Pillow Bed From as Little as $32!

If you are handy at sewing, you may want to try this alternative method from It’s Always Autumn. This version teaches you to build the same project with pillows and two inexpensive flat sheets. You might consider looking at Giant Tiger for pillowcases or sheets though you will get a better deal if you buy at the store. You could also pick up some fabric at IKEA Canada, who sells fabric for as low as $1.99 a meter.

You might think you could just head out to the store to purchase a similar piece of furniture for your kid. I found a similar flip chair at Walmart Canada for $55. This flip chair from retails for $79.99 and is essentially the same project. I had friends who used these cheap foam beds at university as furniture in their dorm rooms. Our nickname for them is not safe for little ears!

This project would fold down well for a sleepover at grandma’s house. I can also see throwing this cushion in the grass for a comfortable outside nook to lounge in. You could also pile up the pillows and sit on it like a chair for video game time!

Bargainmoosers, what would you use this fantastic pillow bed for?

(Image Credit: Donnie Ray Jones)

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June 26

Chillafish Josie Balance Bike Was $145.59 | Now $57.37 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 26, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Chillafish Josie Balance Bike Was $145.59 | Now $57.37 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

We have now hit that point in the summer that you may realize your kid is ready for a two-wheel bike this year, not next year. Check out the Chillafish Josie Balance Bike that was $145.59, but is on sale for $57.37 today. This bike also includes free super save shipping @!

Learning to ride a bike can be tough. The boo-boos, the bonked heads and the fear of having those training wheels removed for the first time. Have you tried a balance bike with your child? They are a big hit on the market for kids and are supposed to make it much easier to learn how to ride a bigger pedal bike. The idea behind this bike is you introduce this bike without pedals when the child is small. They then learn to glide and balance before they need be concerned about pedalling.

The Chillafish Josie Balance Bike is perfect for your favourite little kid in your life. Ideally for kids in the two to five-year-old range, this colourful bike will help your kid burn off some energy zipping down the sidewalk. This is a 12-inch bike with red flowers detailed on a white frame. I like that it has a touch of girl design to it without being neon pink from frame to the wheels. It is a nice compromise for my daughter and I. This is a BMX style bike with wide handlebars and thick rubber grips on the handlebars. The seat can adjust up or down to your kid’s height. The rims are a lightweight fiberglass that will hold up to a rough and tumble kid. To make sure you have the right fit for your child, check out this bike sizing chart at

At Toys R Us Canada, I found this green Yvolution balance bike on sale for $79.97. I found the ZUM balance bike over at in pink, red or black for $79.98. Over at, I found a pink Mamba stride bike that is also on sale for $89.99. We are at the point in the season when bikes sales are peaking if you want ride time this summer, and this bike is a great deal.

Reviews for this particular model of bike are looking good. Two reviewers have commented positively about the bike mention it is overall a good purchase. One reviewer spoke of how her four-year-old daughter mastered the art of balancing on it in a week and is now zipping along on her bike. Make sure to carefully measure your child, as one reviewer mentioned her child outgrew the bike in winter before she had a chance to use it.

Snag this bike now while the price is low. I have not seen any balance bike at this nice of a price since early last summer. Even better, there is still plenty of time for lots of riding this summer.

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June 26

LEGO Classic Creative Building Set Now only $28 @

Posted by on June 26, 2015 at 7:00 AM

LEGO Classic Creative Building Set Now only $28 @

I love all of the LEGO kits, but I secretly have the most fun when the kiddo and I create our own projects with our imagination. Right now, you can pick up the Lego Classic Creative Building Set now for only $28.

Jumpstart your kid’s creativity by adding a huge set of basic pieces into your kids Lego collection. This large kit includes 580 pieces and should provide hours of fun. Not only will you find the basic bricks in 37 different colours inside, this kit also includes some fun items such as doors, eyes and wheels. Wheels are one of my favourite pieces, I love making Lego cars and other vehicles that can really move. We load up our little 2” character statues on our Lego cars, and Elmo and Tinkerbell race all the time at our house.

Price Comparison

I found a very similar box of Legos available at Chapters Indigo for $59.95. It has all of the same pieces, but also includes a plastic case. Toys R Us Canada has a very similar creative building set with the same number of pieces for $59.99, also including a plastic case. Amazon Canada is carrying the same set including the box for $59.95. Lego Canada has a smaller box available that includes only 484 pieces for $34.99. The next larger box has 790 pieces for $59.99.


Shipping at Walmart is cheap, only $4.97 for your order. You could also receive free shipping if your order is a minimum of $50. That minimum for free shipping is easy to achieve if you buy two of these boxes. If you only need one for your kiddo, stow one away for your next birthday party you are invited to. You also have the option to send these Legos to any Canada Post location for free shipping. If you are in Ontario, you also have the option to stow this in the free lockers at for free shipping.

A little bird told me these sets are a special item that will only be around for a limited amount of time. It may seem early for Christmas gifts now, but these kits do stow away easily for holiday gifts. I have a birthday party my daughter is going to in a few weekends and I think this will be our present.

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June 23

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 8:00 PM

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

Most of us have spent a little time fixing, pruning and planting in our outdoor spaces. My yard, after several weeks of work, is now a functional space to both relax and play. If you are looking make your outside space more fun for your kids, that can mean big price tags for the large outdoor toys that tend to have more playtime. Refresh your backyard with one or all of these amazing projects your kid will enjoy all summer, while still keeping most of your cash in your wallet.

Hula Hoop Hiding Nook

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

You might now need a rest from all that zipping and climbing across the yard. Maybe you prefer having an outdoor oasis vibe in your yard. I would suggest you start making these Hula Hoop Hiding Nooks pronto from The Craft Nest. This would be perfect to encourage summertime reading, or for a picnic on a sunny day. I am considering making this for my daughter to give her a place to bring her favourite stuffed friends.

Backyard Zip Line

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

Over on How Does She, they made this awesome zip line for around $10. If you have some space and two sturdy trees you could attach this to, your kids soon could be zipping across the yard! What fun this project would be, and this one could be great for bigger kids too. Make sure if you are making this for big kids that your pulley and rope are a little more heavy duty than the zip line featured here for little kids.

Car Track From Rocks

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

I love this track for cars that Playtivities created. A little paint and a few walks around the neighbourhood to collect rocks should provide everything you need for this fun playset. This set is so easily customizable and you can add as many pieces as you have the patience to make. You could also apply this same idea to whatever theme your child is currently interested in be it fairies, monsters, trains, superheroes or more. This is a fantastic idea!

Backyard Tight Rope

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

I have plans, big plans for my backyard this summer Bargainmoosers. Those plans now include this awesome backyard tight rope idea from Kids Activities Blog. If you have kids who love to climb, this tightrope idea is a genius idea and should get a lot of playtime with very little out of pocket cash. I am so making this project, I just need to add sturdy rope to my shopping list. Consider it an early introduction to the slacklining trend!

Water Blob

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

I have had this project on my list since last fall and intend on making one for my kid over summer. Check out the water blob at the blog Clumsy Crafter. Grab some heavy-duty plastic sheeting, some duct tape and the hose. Soon your kids will be bouncing, sliding and giggling. Your kids are sure to sleep well after a day playing on this giant water blob. This is a nice alternative to the pool, as that water in the outside pools is still quite cold!

Tire Swing

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

This is a classic outside toy, do not overlook making one for your own backyard. I love the whimsical style that Grams has put on this tire swing. A little bit of paint and hardware turned this swing from an old tire to whimsical and fun with only a little effort. If you do not have extra tires, try searching some out at a garage sale, or calling local tire shops.

Giant Ker-Plunk

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

Have you ever played the game Ker-Plunk? If you are a bit handy, you need to make this awesome oversized version for your backyard featured at All Parenting. This game will be so much fun for the whole family to play, and is certain to be the centre of your next BBQ. Take turns pulling sticks, and each person collects the balls that fall thru on their turn. The person with the least balls at the end of the game wins. This is an awesome backyard game that all the kids can play together no matter their age.

Tire Rockers

8 Backyard Play Projects To Make For Kids

If you made a swing with one of your old tires, it is likely you still have a few extra tires floating around. Use an additional tire to make these fun rockers from According To Boyle. These cute bouncers will brighten up any backyard. The blogger also recommends adding a handle, which they did after this picture was taken.

For more great ideas check out this past post, Frugal Backyard Fun for the Whole Family. Bargainmoosers, what are you planning on making for the backyard this summer for your kids?

(Image Credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg)

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June 23

Chapters Indigo Canada: Free Personalized Labels ($10 Value) with $50+

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Free Personalized Labels ($10 Value) with $50+

Chapters Indigo Canada has joined up with Oliver’s Labels to offer a free set of personalized labels worth $10 when you spend $50 or more on kids’ books and toys as well as the baby section.

Here is how this deal works. Shop for kids’ books, toys, and baby products at Indigo Canada. Spend $50 or more before taxes. In your Indigo Canada confirmation email, you will receive a unique 10-character order number. Head over to to redeem your free label set offer when you enter that unique order number in the blank field.

There is a limit of one free personalized label set per household. This promo is on until the 6th of July and then you have until the 13th of July (11:59 PM EST) to request your free labels.

I read all the fine print and it appears that this offer does not exclude sale items. Thus, I raided the sale section for ideas.

If your child is creative, then consider this Rainbow Loom on sale from $18.95 down to $9.50. You can purchase the Rainbow Loom Multi-Colour Refill Pack to make sure your child has endless supplies. Originally $3.95, this pack is on sale for $2.

Minecraft is really big right now: with children and their parents. Pick up these Minecraft Vinyl figures to decorate your child’s room with their favourite characters. Each character was $34.95 and is now $17.50. Choose from:

Plenty of toys in the sale section are up to 50% off. This Fijit Friends Yippits – Skippa (Light Green) is rather cute that I had to find out what it was. The Fijit friends are dancing pets that perform tricks. The more your child plays with the toy, the better it gets. Skippa comes with a built-in clap sensor to understand commands your child gives it. Originally $49.95, this Fijit is now on sale for $25.

Combine your child’s love for Play-Doh and playing doctor with this Disney Jr. Doc Mcstuffins Check Up Time set. The set includes three character cutters, book mold, stethoscope mold, two-piece extruder, and three cans of Play-Doh. Originally $34.95, the set is on sale for $17.50.

Receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 6th July 2015)

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June 22

Tent Dress For Toddlers Was $20 | Now $6.08 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 22, 2015 at 9:44 AM

Tent Dress For Toddlers Was $20 | Now $6.08 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place (EXPIRED)

I am a frequent shopper at the Children’s Place, I love their amazing deals. It is my lucky day because I see they have just added some fantastic new deals to the clearance section. You should head over and grab the Knit Tent dress for babies and toddlers that was $19.95 and is on sale for $7.60. Use the coupon code TWENTY3, you can snag it for only $6.08. That is 70% off the original price! Free shipping with no minimum is also offered today only.

My preschooler has decided this summer that all she wants to wear is dresses. Luckily dresses are convenient in the summertime. I find simple dresses like this one are perfect to change into after swimming so I can lug fewer pieces of clothing with us. Over at The Children’s Place today, you can pick up this sweet little tent dress made of cool cotton jersey perfect for everyday playtime. Either dress would also be adorable for that beach vacation you are planning to take this winter. You can snag this dress in two patterns including a flamingo pattern and a watermelon pattern. Check out the sizing availability below:

  • Flamingo patterned tent dress: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T
  • Watermelon patterned tent dress: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months

I cannot be the only one with kids washing two dozen or more pairs of underwear a week. Stock up now on some fresh briefs for your little guy. Check out the Breakfast Briefs 3-pack that was $14.95 and is on sale for $5.60. After the coupon code, they drop to only $4.80 for the pack. That is a steal at only $1.60 a pair! This set includes three pairs of all cotton briefs. Two pairs include bright coloured patterns in blue, orange and yellow. The third pair includes a print that has bacon, eggs, milk and pancakes in the same colour scheme. This set is available in all sizes from XS (size 4) to XL (size 14).

You should also check out the similar Sharks Briefs 3-Pack that was also $14.95 and is on sale for $5.60. After the coupon, this also drops to only $4.80. This set is available with two patterned pairs of briefs in a red, black and blue colour scheme. The third pair includes a pattern full of sharks in attack mode, which would thrill my friend with the son who is crazy for sharks. For girls, there is a Bow Briefs 3-pack and Floral Briefs 3-pack  available. This little girls underwear pack was $14.95 and are on sale for $5.60. They also drop in price to $4.80 after the coupon code. All three of these featured sets are available in all sizes from XS (size 4) to XL (size 14).

There are many more great deals today in the sale section. Since they just added new items, there also seems to be a little more size range available right now than normal. With that free shipping, your order is a steal even if you only pick up one item.

(Expiry: 22nd June 2015)

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June 19

Free Play Day Event June 20th Including Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Jurassic World & Minions @ ToysRUs Canada

Posted by on June 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Free Play Day Event June 20th Including Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Jurassic World & Minions @ ToysRUs Canada

Calling all Bargainmoosers who have a mini moose or three! Toys R Us Canada is having a great free event starting at 11 am all across Canada on Saturday June 20th. This is the perfect way to spend a little family time and have a bit of fun.

Toys R Us Canada is having a fantastic play day event designed for kids 3 and up this Saturday June 20th. This event is taking place at all locations across Canada, with the exception of the Cedarbrae Mall location and all express stores. There is a nice line up planned of crafts, games and demos plus some freebie giveaways. All of the activities start at 11 am and supplies may be limited. I would suggest getting there early, as every other ToysRUs Canada event I have ever heard about was fun but busy with families. Plus by getting there early, you have a better chance at scoring some freebies.

Here is some of the line-up you can expect. There is a caveat that activates may vary a bit from store to store, so check with your local store for specific details.

Star Wars Father’s Day Station

Face off with kid versus dad in your best lightsaber pose. Then Klutz is providing Star Wars flyers you can make, plus some additional fun. You will want your camera for this one!

Jurassic World and Minions Games

Hasbro is providing some fun games with both a Jurassic World and a Minions theme.

Doh Vinci Craft

While supplies last, you can make your own creation out of Doh Vinci. Get crafty kids!

Paw Patrol Station

This description is a little vague, but it does say that kids will be able to play with their favourite Paw Patrol characters. I do not know if that means Paw Patrol Mascots will be there or not, so I would not make any promises if your kids. I know Paw Patrol is hot with the preschool age these days! There are also some Paw Patrol Activity sheets planned.

Toy Station

Test out some of the latest toys including the brand new MiPosaur. This remote controlled dinosaur looks awesome, and you will get test it out free. Also available to play with are some new outside toys from Zing including Firetek and Zombie Slayers

So Bargainmoosers, what station are you going to try out first?

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June 19

Retro CruiserStyle 22” Skateboard Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @ Showcase Canada

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Retro CruiserStyle 22” Skateboard Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @ Showcase Canada

Classic never goes out of style, especially when it involves flying through the air on a hot summer day. You are going to want this Retro Cruiser Style 22” Skateboard to show off all your best moves this summer. Originally priced at $49.99, you can now buy it for only $29.99. Even better, this skateboard ships free!

I am not going to pretend that I am a skateboard expert, because let’s face it I am no Tony Hawk. I do have many fond memories of sunshine, sticky popsicles and dragging the neighbours skateboard up to the top of the driveway for a ride down. At first, I would ride down sitting on the board because I was small and helmets were not mandatory back then. The only board I was allowed to use was a wide wood board that was mostly good for rolling around the terrified small dogs that lived next door. Later, once I finally learned to stand up, I moved up a level to a penny style board. These boards are slimmer, which allowed me to turn much easier than the shaky wood board I had used previously.

Every kid should have a skateboard, and every adult should try it again. Check out the awesome beginner board over at Showcase Canada. This is a 22” transparent board made of polycarbonate, which is more durable than those cheapie plastic boards on the market. Expect this board to stand up better to a ride at the skate park. You will also receive a free tote bag to carry or stow your board. The wheels are transparent just like the board and have seven bearings in each wheel. The metal pieces holding the wheels on to the board are made of shiny aluminum. This board holds up to 264 pounds, so my neighbour’s dog should still fit on here nicely even though he is a Husky. Just kidding, only the small dog can go for a ride.

Canadian Tire sells a classic style wood Flameboy skateboard made by Wet Willy that is $42.99. Over at, I found a 22” EightBit Banana Board with a plastic base made by Nova/Fury for $59.99. The only retro style board I could find that was comparable at Toys R Us Canada was a light-up board made by Halo for $69.99. Twinkly lights seem to be a popular feature because at Sears Canada, they also have a light up transparent style penny board for $59.99 that is similar to the board I am featuring.

Take this opportunity to throw back to an 80’s summer. Turn on some music, grab some popsicles and take your awesome new board for a spin around the neighbourhood. This slick looking retro board will take you one step closer to a perfect lazy summer day. Just make sure to wear a helmet, we know more now!

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June 18

KidsGolfFree Canada: Take A Kid To The Course Week – Kids Golf Free **BUMP**

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KidsGolfFree Canada: Take A Kid To The Course Week   Kids Golf Free **BUMP**

**Bumping this one again so all those aspiring Rory McIlroys can get on to the course!**

I spent a few hours last night pinning ideas for things to do this summer with the kids. I need to be prepared or they will take over, literally. If I don’t schedule some activities in advance, the entire day, then week, then summer, will go by and we’ll have done nothing productive. I love this idea for taking your kid to the course for free during the week of July 6th to 12th at various participating courses.

My husband is a golfer and since we have three kids, he will soon have his foursome. Although I’ll miss out on the mother-daughter shopping trips, craft days and the such, at the minimum, I’ll get lots of days to myself when he takes them all out golfing. My oldest son already has golf camp booked for this week, so this will work perfectly for him to get some practice outside of the camp.

You’ll get one free fee for a child under age 16 with every paying adult. Some courses have restrictions, so you are best to ask when booking your tee times. In addition to the free golf, some courses will be offering additional programs like junior clinics, free range balls, free junior club rentals as well as parent and child tournaments. This sounds so fun!

Click here to find one of many locations all over Canada.

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