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December 26

Kate Hewko Boxing Day: 50% off Everything Coupon Code & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 26, 2015 at 1:52 PM

Kate Hewko Boxing Day: 50% off Everything Coupon Code & Free Shipping

Few Canadian independent businesses do Boxing Day better than Kate Hewko: she is offering 50% off all jewellery on her website using the following coupon code along with free shipping across Canada. Pick up something beautiful for yourself or a loved one today.

Click here to shop the Boxing Day offer @ Kate Hewko Canada now

  • Coupon Code: BOXING50
  • Discount: 50% off
  • Expiry: 26th December 2015

Make sure to choose CAN from the drop-down menu at the top right. I own two pieces from this artist and am completely enamoured with both of them. The quality and the workmanship are well worth the original price, let alone such a deep discount. This Nancy Ring for $144.95 CAD would be a top pick of mine. It is made of a clear quartz cluster stone and the ring is plated in 24K gold. After coupon code, pay $72.48. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 20

5 Canadian Boutique Stores For Moms Who Don’t Want To Look Like Moms

Posted by on August 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM

5 Canadian Boutique Stores For Moms Who Dont Want To Look Like Moms

I recently watched a commercial with a family going to a theme park and the mom gets in the tank and starts swimming. Even though she is in the tank, she is dressed in a “mom uniform” of khakis and a button up khaki coloured shirt with sensible shoes. She also had a sensible shoulder-length haircut and very little makeup. Think how Jennifer Aniston looked in We’re the Millers when she was trying to get her mom look on. My first reaction was to wonder why someone would want to dress so boring, just because they are a mom. But, some go the other way and even in their 40s dress like a 20-year-old to prove they aren’t that typical mom. There needs to be a balance! I have found it difficult trying to find a balance between sexy and mundane when choosing clothing, but I’ve found seven unique Canadian stores that won’t give you that mom look, yet won’t make you look like your teenager. So, skip the Garage, the Lululemon and the Roxy and ditch the Nygard and the Maurice’s and get on with these stores!

Retro Glam

Definitely anything but boring, Retro Glam is a Canadian store that features eclectic clothing for ladies (and guys and kids too!) of all ages. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 8

Kate Hewko Coupon Code: 40% off Designer Jewellery & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 8, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Kate Hewko Coupon Code: 40% off Designer Jewellery & Free Shipping

Kate Hewko is offering 40% off the guest designer lines on her website with the following coupon. Enjoy beautiful indie designer jewellery at a fraction of its original price.

Click here to shop the designer selection @ Kate Hewko now

  • Coupon Code: DESIGNER40
  • Discount: 40% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

The discount will be taken off at checkout when you input the Kate Hewko coupon code.

Whenever I post about a sale like this, I always think about what I would purchase. My favourite item out of the designer collection is the Vanessa Mooney Amethyst China Doll Cuff priced at $135. This cuff has a beautiful raw cut amethyst cluster adorning the middle of the brass cuff. The cuff itself is detailed in what looks to be a Chinese water dragon and other beautiful etchings. After coupon code, pay just $81.

Watches like the Sara Designs Tye Dye Wrap Watch are very popular right now. They cross that line between function and fashion by incorporating jewellery into the watch’s very design. Sara Designs is a designer from the USA and her beautiful creations can often be found at Nordstroms. This wrap watch originally cost $375, but comes down to $225 after coupon.

Designer goods tend to be a bit more expensive. However, there are some options for those on a tighter budget. The Vanessa Mooney Pheonix Necklace is beautiful and will not break the bank account. Originally $95, this necklace comes down to $57 after coupon code. I like this particular necklace because it reminds me of summer. The feathers and beads in brass are a more modern take on the wild child running around with eagle feathers strung in her hair.

I think I have all the earrings I could ever want now. If you are still in the market for another set, then check out these Karen London Desert Moon Studs that retail for $98 and come down to $58.80 after coupon. They remind me of the Aztec with the bright blue mosaic stones and offset by brass.

I like this deal because it is a very large value coupon that you can use on jewellery. In addition, Kate Hewko is one of the rare Canadian jewellery designers / retailers to offer free shipping across Canada on any order with no minimum. This is no small bonus as shipping across Canada is not cheap. My partner and I placed two orders at Kate Hewko last year; we were very pleased with both items we received!

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December 4

Kate Hewko: Jewellery $10 & Up with $10 Coupon & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 4, 2014 at 5:11 PM

Kate Hewko: Jewellery $10 & Up with $10 Coupon & Free Shipping

I thought I was done all my shopping after Cyber Monday but then Kate Hewko sent out this $10 off coupon code with no minimum required. With Kate Hewko’s usual free shipping no minimum, this deal is just golden for those who love beautiful jewellery.

Click here to shop @ Kate Hewko Canada now

  • Coupon Code: GIFT10
  • Discount: $10 off
  • Expiry: unknown

You can use this coupon on smaller items to save a large percentage of the price. I was going back and forth over whether I should buy these Kate Hewko Armour Coin Earrings to match my necklace. When I saw this coupon, the decision was made and I just placed my order. Luckily I did, because that was the last pair! However, these Boho Armour Earrings are still in stock and the same price. Originally $45, they come down to just $35 with free shipping.

This coupon can be used on any deal in the sale section as well. This Raw Agate Statement Ring was $45 and is on sale for $30 currently. After coupon code, the ring comes down to $20. There are several rings around this price range that will make bold statement pieces for your hand. As the ring is adjustable, there is no need to worry about purchasing the right size.

This pair of Agate Druzy Earrings would be next on my list of purchases. Originally $75, they are now on sale for $45. After coupon code, purchase these amazing earrings for just $35.

For those on a tight budget, the Stone Stud Ring is the way to go. The stone comes in your choice of Tiger Eye, Onyx, or Lapis Lazuli. Originally $45 each, they are now on sale for $20. After coupon code, they come down to $10 each with free shipping.

I love Kate Hewko’s jewellery as she uses unusual materials like Turkish coins and pewter or natural stones to creature her jewellery. The pieces are unique and breathe taking. I also feel like I own a piece almost no one else in the world will ever have because it is from a small boutique. My husband bought me a necklace from her for my graduation and I love it so much, it may now be my favourite! I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I do.

For this and any future Kate Hewko coupon codes, visit our forum.

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November 10

Kate Hewko Canada: Sample Sale & Free Shipping

Posted by on November 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Kate Hewko Canada: Sample Sale & Free Shipping

Kate Hewko Canada is having a sample sale. Their jewellery is beyond incredible so take advantage of this sale to score an incredible deal on necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more with free shipping across Canada.

My husband bought me a necklace from Kate Hewko for my graduation. I am beyond thrilled with my necklace, the quality is incredible and the design just blows my mind. While the necklace I was given is not included in the sale, there are many beautiful pieces on sale. I have to give you my top three picks!

Agate Druzy Earrings – Was $75 | Now $45

I own a pair of earrings just like this and I get complimented on them all the time. They are a cross-section of agate druzy that allows you to see the inside crystallization as well as the layering. The gold-plated outside adds a little more sophistication. Each earring complements each other but does not perfectly match as we are dealing with natural stone here.

Tourmaline Necklace – Was $115 | Now $60

This necklace carries some serious crystal weight. I love the line of clear quartz of different sizes and lengths all in a row. The clear stones will match with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. This necklace is nearly 50% off, so I am also a huge fan of the quality for the price you are paying… this concept is often summed up in the word value.

Bollywood Cuff - Was $35 | Now $25

Are you on a tight budget and dying to buy something pretty for yourself or someone else very special to you? I recommend the Bollywood cuff. This cuff is made out of silk wrapped Indian antiqued metal. The cuff is adjustable for a perfect fit. At only $25 with free shipping, I cannot think of anything better from a fantastic Canadian designer.

While I cannot speak as to Kate Hewko’s customer service yet, my husband was quite pleased with it. He contacted customer service to arrange shipping time to ensure the necklace arrived in time for my graduation and to add in a sweet little card as well. I am absolutely in love with my necklace and cannot fathom anything better. I was so surprised when it came from my home province of Alberta!

You really must check out this sale. With over 30 items included, now is the time to pick up something extra special for yourself or a loved one.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 6

Kate Hewko Coupon Code: 10% Off & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 6, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Kate Hewko Coupon Code: 10% Off & Free Shipping

Receive 10% off stunning jewellery at Kate Hewko Canada with free shipping across Canada.

Click here to shop @ Kate Hewko now

  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

This is a reward for those who like her page on Facebook, so go ahead and like her.

I have recently fallen in love with a necklace. Anyone who knows me will realize this is rare. While I have my obsessions like fashion and lingerie, jewellery does not happen to be one of those passions. I own a sparse collection with very select pieces that are versatile with my wardrobe. Thus, when my eyes lit upon Kate Hewko’s Coin Collar Statement Necklace and I could not get it out of my mind for weeks; I know I would have to purchase it. The necklace is just so stunning. I love the different layers and the sheer massiveness of the piece. I could pair this with a simple black dress or a light chiffon tunic with leggings. The necklace would do the talking; the rest of my wardrobe would not have to. It retails for $125, but after coupon comes down to $112.50.

This necklace is not the only thing I love. Stones in the rough have always had a certain appeal to me especially when those are agates and stalactites. This Double Finger Druzy Ring is the only double finger ring I would ever wear. The sparkle of the crystals just drives me wild. I love the pale white and purple combos better than the deeply saturated blues. Originally $115, the ring comes down to $103.50 after coupon code.

Now this pendant, I may also have to buy for myself. It ranks such a close second to the necklace I mentioned above. The Stalactite Pendant is a big beautiful piece of our world with gold-plated backing and mounted on a gold-plated chain (25″ long). While the measurements of the actual pendant are not given, I almost don’t care. I love earth science and jewellery like this makes me feel closer to crawling in caves looking at the natural and beautiful formations. The pendant retails for $95, and comes down to $85.50 after coupon.

I could spend a small fortune in this store, as this is my kind of place to buy jewellery. I love something different that almost no one else will own and that reflects my personality, not the latest fashion fad.

Remember, everything on the Kate Hewko site comes with free Canadian shipping.

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May 15

Kate Hewko Coupon Code Exclusive: 20% Discount & Free Shipping!

Posted by on May 15, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Kate Hewko Coupon Code Exclusive: 20% Discount & Free Shipping!

I’d like to introduce you to a new Canadian store for Bargainmoose, we’ve not mentioned it on here before. Kate Hewko is an online store selling designer fashion watches and jewellery. They’ve emailed us with an exclusive coupon code, for a 20% discount on any order there! Here is the lowdown:

Click here to use the Kate Hewco coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE
  • Discount: 20% off anything
  • Expires: 19th May 2014

The code is only valid for a few days, so if you click through and see anything you like, consider using the coupon code sooner rather than later.

A new watch is something that I’ve been considering in the last few weeks. I just use a little cheap digital watch, it’s nothing fancy. I like it because I can hit the light button in the middle of the night to see what time it is! But there are some stunning watches on the Kate Hewko site. I’ll say this though, they’re not cheap.  I have fallen in love with this Sara Designs brass chain wrap watch which is priced at $375 but would drop to $300 when you apply the coupon code. I think it’s stunning because it’s obviously functional as a watch, but also doubles as a really lovely bracelet, to jazz up your arm on a night out.

On browsing the Kate Hewko site, I saw a heading for handpieces, and I had no idea what these were so had to click through for a nosey. This Lionette song sisters handpiece is $485 (or $388 with coupon). Isn’t this an amazing piece of work? I cannot imagine wearing this one myself, but I am sure there are some trendy folk who could pull it off.

If you’re enamoured with necklaces, check out the cut of this Vanessa Mooney Sheba necklace which is $375 ($300 with coupon). As soon as I saw it, I instantly thought of Egyptian priestesses or princesses, it gave me that vibe. I guess with the name “Sheba” in the title, that’s the look that the designer is trying to achieve.

Remember, everything on the Kate Hewko site comes with free Canadian shipping.

Kate Hewko Coupon Code Exclusive: 20% Discount & Free Shipping!

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