December 16

J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

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J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

How I LOVE great deals especially on clothing. While I really should not buy any more clothing until I start to purge my own ample collection, this Mohair cardigan from J. Crew is calling my name! Originally $102.50, it is now on sale for $45.99. After you use the coupon code JINGLE it comes down to $27.59 US with free shipping!

I am really excited about this deal for so many reasons. First of all, mohair is an extremely soft and lightweight material. I bought a scarf made of mohair in Iceland and it is warmth without the weight. I also love how fuzzy it is – but beware a little shedding.

Next, cardigans are fantastic for winter. I do not even own a cardigan, which is what makes me want to buy this deal even more. I am in desperate need of a cardigan to layer over my other shirts to help keep me warm. I would go for a fairly neutral colour, like the mushroom, but you can also buy the cardigan in lavender, blush, or river. Those colours translate over to brown, purple, pink, and blue respectively.

I also appreciate J. Crew’s ample sizing. Cardigans start at size XX-small and go up to size X-large for women of all different sizes.

This cardigan is such a good deal with the extra 40% off and free shipping to Canada thanks to the coupon code. In addition, there is no need to worry about extra fees on J. Crew items as they say in their shipping information:

Taxes will be included in your order total. No additional duties will be applied at checkout or upon delivery.

Your package will come duty free.

J. Crew: Mohair Cardigan Was $102.50 | Now $27.59 US & Free Shipping

Reviewers are pretty torn on the cardigan. While they love the cardigan overall, they find the material rather itchy. I highly recommend washing this garment before wearing it and using a good fabric softener! That should help bring down the itchiness. I know that you are never supposed to wear an item before washing it, but I am a terrible at following through.

The coupon code JINGLE can be used on other items as well. The promo code will give you 30% off regular-priced styles and an extra 40% off sale winter-styles.

All prices are in USD.

(Expiry: 18th December 2014)

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May 31

JCrew Promo Code: Additional 30% To 50% Off Sale Items (US)

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JCrew Promo Code: Additional 30% To 50% Off Sale Items (US)

There is a spectacular new promo code out for JCrew that will save you a lot on your purchases. Save an additional 30% on Spring Sale items or save an additional 50% on all Final Sale items with this coupon code.

Click here to shop @ JCrew.com now

  • Coupon Code: SWEET
  • Discount: 30%- 50% Off
  • Expiry: 4th June 2014

We don’t often write about JCrew because they ship from the US and the prices are in US dollars, so they have to have a spectacular deal for us to mention them.  This is one of those times. To make it easier to shop, they actually have the total underneath the sale items of the savings you will get. It will say whether you will save the additional 30% off at the checkout or the 50% off at the checkout in red.

I have been looking for a new bathing suit for this summer and I found this cute halter top suit that was $52 and is now just $14.99. Once I added the coupon at the checkout, the price dropped to just $10.49 USD.  That is an awesome deal!

I also found these men’s sun-faded Chino pants that were $75 and are now $29.99.  With the additional 30% off these at the checkout, the price drops to just $20.99 USD.

This is about the only time I could actually afford to even shop at JCrew because their prices are just too high for me normally. As you can see though, with this coupon code added on top of the pretty great sales, the prices are just as great as a sale at Old Navy or a similar store.

This deal is only available online, so if you are shopping in their stores, you will get less of a discount.

The cost of shipping is a flat rate of $9.95 USD.  A lot of stores have a similar fate rate shipping cost.  When you think about how much you can save with this coupon, the flat rate shipping is really not that bad. As for duties, don’t worry, they say:

No additional duties will be applied at checkout or upon delivery.

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