December 27

iTunes Canada: The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy HD Only $14.99

Posted by on December 27, 2015 at 4:30 PM

iTunes Canada: The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy HD Only $14.99

iTunes Canada has discounted The Lord of the Rings Special Extended Edition Trilogy (HD) to only $14.99. I am not positive, but I believe the price was $29.99 before this discount. That is all three movies – the full trilogy – in HD and in extended format. That is hours and hours of extra content within the movies that was not in the theatrical release. What a great deal!

As this is from iTunes Canada, you will be receiving a digital copy of all three movies to watch for the rest eternity. This is digital – not physical – but I decided to price compare with Amazon Canada anyway as the content is the same. The LOTR Extended Edition Trilogy on Amazon is currently $37.99, so you are saving a good chunk of money just opting for digital content. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 23

Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now!

Posted by on December 23, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Right Now!

We are on the home stretch and Christmas is just two sleeps away – wow! If you are still scrambling to get any gifts, then you will want to read this post to find out about some last minute Christmas gift ideas that will knock your socks off. I don’t have many more people to buy for actually. I few small additional gifts for friends and relatives that I will see in the New Year, but I will use Boxing Day discounts to my full advantage for those gifts. If you are needing a gift right this minute to give to someone Christmas morning, then check out these last minute Christmas gift ideas that you can get your hands on right now. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 4

FREE Foo Fighters Saint Cecilia EP @ iTunes & Google Play

Posted by on December 4, 2015 at 1:30 PM

FREE Foo Fighters Saint Cecilia EP @ iTunes & Google Play

Foo Fighters is offering their Saint Cecilia EP for FREE on the music download platform of your choice. You can download the raw files from Foo Fighters, or download the EP at iTunes and at Google Play. You can also stream the EP at Spotify and Apple Music.

From the above page, you can download the EP via your favourite platform. if you use Google Play for music, then download it there. If you use iTunes for the majority of your music – like I do – then you will want to download it on iTunes. You can also download the raw fines in a variety of formats: MP3, WAV, or FLAC. The album includes the following songs: Read the rest of this entry »

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December 2

Paypal Canada: 10% Off iTunes Codes

Posted by on December 2, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Paypal Canada: 10% Off iTunes Codes

**Bump: This deal is back again this year for one-day only!**

Paypal Canada is offering 10% off iTunes cards from their digital store for today only. Cards come in denominations of $25, $50, and $100.

Here is what you will actually pay for each card:

  • $25 for $22.50
  • $50 for $45
  • $100 for $90

You can buy for yourself or gift to a friend. This deal is unusual because iTunes cards and codes are not sold online in Canada. This is a luxury that the USA has experienced for a while now, but only very recently has iTunes opened up a few venues for online purchasing of iTunes credit. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 21

$100 iTunes Card Multi-Pack for $85 & Free Shipping @ Costco Canada

Posted by on November 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM

$100 iTunes Card Multi Pack for $85 & Free Shipping @ Costco Canada

*Bump! This offer is back just in time for Christmas!*

Costco Canada has discounted the $100 iTunes gift card pack. Usually this iTunes card pack retails for $94.99 online, but they have an extra $10 off this price bringing your cost down to just $84.99. This is a $100 Multipack, which has 4 x $25 iTunes Cards in it. Receive free shipping on any order at Costco Canada. If you shop in store, you can get the same offer for just $75! With Christmas coming up, this is a fabulous offer for stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts.

It is so rare to see iTunes cards for more than 10% off these days… therefore I am pleased to be blogging a 15% off deal (or 25% off if you shop in stores). While some people ‘borrow ‘(steal) their music, I still buy all of my music either on physical CDs or via iTunes. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 17

iTunes Canada: Free Grim Legends 2 Song of the Dark Swan Download!

Posted by on September 17, 2015 at 10:00 PM

iTunes Canada: Free Grim Legends 2 Song of the Dark Swan Download!

Looking for a fun new game to play on your Apple device? I have the perfect solution for you! Thanks to Big Fish Games, this week only you can download Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan for totally free through iTunes Canada. Just simply open up iTunes and hit download, no coupon code is required at all.

This is a great opportunity to snag a high quality magical hidden objects game for free. Most of the time the good hidden objects games can cost upwards of $5 to download, so the fact that you can download Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan for free is pretty awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 11

iTunes Canada: Free Pookie & Tushka Find A Little Piano eBook

Posted by on September 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM

iTunes Canada: Free Pookie & Tushka Find A Little Piano eBook

How many times do you need to entertain your child by letting them play a game or colouring app on your iPhone or iPad? Have you ever considered trying eBooks for children? Now you can try it out without paying a cent. For a limited time iTunes Canada is offering the Pookie and Tushka Find A Little Piano Educational eBook download for totally free on any iOS device.

Pookie and Tushka won “Best New Children’s Book of the Year” as well as “Top Ten Book at iTunes Canada, and you’re about to find out why. This educational eBook is available as a free download on your Apple iPhone or iPad for a limited time, so snag it while you can. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 29

Free Worms 3 Game Download @ iTunes Canada

Posted by on July 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Free Worms 3 Game Download @ iTunes Canada

Looking for a way to pass some time? Download the Worms 3 game through iTunes for free right now, but be quick. Just head on over to the App Store on your Apple device and download Worms 3 for free. This game was regularly $4.99 and worth it at that price but since it is totally free right now, it is a steal!

This is a great game for your iPhone, iPod or iPad! I can’t believe they’ve made it free for a limited time. I would have paid the full price of $4.99 to be honest. This game is a best-seller, and for many good reasons. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 1

Apple Music Canada: 3 Month Free Trial

Posted by on July 1, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Apple Music Canada: 3 Month Free Trial

Apple Music Canada has launched a 90 day free trial so you can try their music streaming service without paying their $9.99 monthly fee – just to be sure you love it before you buy it.

Have you heard of Apple Music? If you have yet to try it out, now you can – for free. Apple Music Canada is a monthly service to listen to music anywhere you go. This Apple Music subscription is much like Spotify and other music streaming services, but for 3 months you don’t have to pay a cent. This is the perfect music membership for families since up to 6 people can listen using iCloud Family Sharing. While this Apple Music service is rumoured to be available on Android devices this fall, for now Apple Music is only available on the following:

  • iOS
  • watchOS
  • Mac/PC through iTunes

If you are using iOS, you will need to make sure you have the most updated software to use Apple Music. The most updated software is 8.4. Just keep in mind that this service does require sign up and will automatically renew and cost money if you don’t cancel your subscription within the 3 months. Apple Music will cost $9.99 monthly for just one person or $14.99 for the family membership which allows up to 6 people to use it.

You can turn off auto-renewal in your account settings to avoid incurring any costs at the end of your Apple Music 3 month free trial. Getting to your account settings to cancel is simple:

Apple Music > Account > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage > Automatic Renewal > Turn Off

After your three months is up you may want to shop around for another music streaming app. Apple Music has similar rates to other music apps like Spotify, but Apply Music is definitely a better deal if you want to share it with more than one other person. So fire up your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC and make sure you have the most recent update to enjoy 90 days of free music. Avigayil had some difficulties downloading this freebie to her PC, so beware of PC glitches with your iTunes. The promo says you need version 12.2 of iTunes, yet Avigayil’s iTunes is telling her that 12.1.2 is the most recent version available, and it will not allow her to download it. Bummer!

If you love the service, you can continue to pay for it using your iTunes balance. For easy payments, load an iTunes card to your account. The fine print on the iTunes cards even says that the cards work in the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, iBooks Store as well as towards an Apple Music Membership.

(Expiry: unknown)

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June 10

Costco: $100 Multipack iTunes Cards (4 x $25) Only $84.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Costco: $100 Multipack iTunes Cards (4 x $25) Only $84.99 & Free Shipping

If you buy as much music on iTunes as I do, then you may want to invest in some discount iTunes cards. Costco Canada is selling a $100 multipack of iTunes cards, that is four $25 cards, for $84.99. That is a 15% discount on these gift cards.

All Costco orders come with free shipping, thus you only pay the cost of the cards and no more.

Costco Canada normally sells this pack at a bit of a discount. On a regular day, you can get the $100 multipack for $94.99. This offer is an extra $10 off Costco Canada’s regular price. In total, it is $15 (15%) off the retail value of those gift cards.

Gift card redemption is easy. You simply log into iTunes on your mobile device or your computer. When in the iTunes store, look at the right hand column. Under ‘Music Quick Links’ you will see ‘Redeem’. Just click there and enter the code you find on the back of your iTunes cards after you peel back the safety sticker.

As this deal includes four $25 iTunes gift cards, this offer is also fantastic for making gifts. iTunes gift cards are one of the most versatile gift cards you can give away as almost everyone uses iTunes these days. It is the industry standard. Not only do people purchase music on iTunes, they also purchase music videos, purchase or rent movies, purchase or rent TV shows, and more. You can also purchase more icloud storage if you are running low. I own a few TV series on iTunes including two seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender and two seasons of Sherlock.

The iCloud storage potential is of interest to me. My laptop refuses to perform a full back up to an external hard drive. The good people at Alienware (and by extension, Dell) suggested I use iCloud, OneDrive, or Dropbox as a backup. However, I use around 350GB of my hard drive. Thus, I will probably need to pay for storage and this iTunes deal would let me save money on additional storage.

These cards are for redemption on the Canadian only iTunes. They may be available in store as well (if you have a Costco card). You do not need a Costco Card to shop on Costco’s online website. There is a limit of five per customer.

(Expiry: 21st June 2015)

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May 3

iPad Freebie: Get Big Fish Games’ Web Of Deceit Deadly Sands Collector’s Edition FREE (Was $7) @ iTunes Store

Posted by on May 3, 2015 at 12:00 PM

iPad Freebie: Get Big Fish Games Web Of Deceit Deadly Sands Collectors Edition FREE (Was $7) @ iTunes Store

Got an iPad? Then here’s a great game from Big Fish Games for you to play for free. It’s only free for the next couple of days, after which point, it will go back up to its original price of $6.99.

As much as you can get Big Fish Games’ Web of Deceit game by clicking on the link above and then getting it through your iTunes program, you could also more simply just bust out your iPad and download it there.

Although I don’t have an iPad and can’t try this game out for myself, it certainly looks like fun, as you can see in this YouTube video. I have played other games from Big Fish Games on my iPhone before and I can tell you that they’re definitely really fun. If you need to kill time, then a free game is the best way to go! iPad Freebie: Get Big Fish Games Web Of Deceit Deadly Sands Collectors Edition FREE (Was $7) @ iTunes Store

It’s basically a story-driven game that appears to have a mystery theme as after discovering a mysterious case while visiting your uncle, you notice that people are turning up dead after disappearing for a couple of days. Just the description alone reminds me of a Harper Connelly plot (a series by Charlaine Harris), though of course, it’s a well-used plot starter as well in fiction. Your mission is to find out whole killed them by navigating through the story line.

With this Collector’s Edition, you will also receive bonus content in the form of an extra chapter, along with access to concept art and special game-related wallpapers.

Excellent time consuming

If you would prefer to give this game a try on your PC, then you can get the PC version of Web of Deceit Deadly Sands for just $2.99 (reg. $10.21) with the Big Fish Games coupon code NEW299 if it’s your first time trying out a game from their site. Here’s a review from the PC version:

This is a great game played on the one hour free – that just flew past!!! The very pleasing game where the hero detective person is a Male!

(Expiry: 6th May 2015)

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February 27

Shoppers Drug Mart: $10 iTunes Voucher with $50 Spend (In-Store) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 27, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Shoppers Drug Mart: $10 iTunes Voucher with $50 Spend (In Store) (EXPIRED)

Shoppers Drug Mart has a really cool promotion in store this weekend that I wanted to highlight. Spend $50 or more in store and you will receive a promotional card for $10 worth to spend at iTunes. The promotion runs the 28th February to the 1st of March – two days only.

The promotional card will have a code on it that you must redeem right here by the 22nd of March 2015. When you redeem your promo card code, then you will be given a $10 iTunes e-voucher. This is a digital version of an iTunes card so you can redeem it at the iTunes store on whatever you like.

Quantities are limited, that is why I am blogging this deal a day early. Often when Shoppers Drug Mart gives away $10 cards, they have a $75 minimum (sometimes $50), and the gift card tends to be for Tim Hortons or some other consumable good. I like this deal because the minimum is reasonable and you receive 20% of the value of your purchase back in credit for iTunes.

In addition, while iTunes is a digital world, you still get something you can keep instead of just to consume. If you buy an album or a movie from iTunes, then you can enjoy it the rest of your life instead of just drinking the credit away. I buy a ton of music on iTunes (in fact, I have bought five songs and an album this week), so this is my kind of promotion.

It is easy to spend $50 at Shopper Drug mart. Often they are the cheapest place to buy milk (according to my partner), and with their combination of basic food necessities, chocolate, vitamins, and personal care it is easy to spend $50.

On iTunes, there are always great albums and more to spend credit on. I was just looking yesterday, and found some good deals.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack – $6.99
  • Frozen Soundtrack – $6.99
  • Dark Side of The Moon (Pink Floyd) – $7.99
  • Ghost Stories (ColdPlay) – $7.99

Dark Side of the Moon is a legendary Pink Floyd album that I am about to purchase. I have listened to Ghost stories by Coldplay. It is a solid album, but just not my type. Both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Frozen soundtrack are quite popular right now and at a great price.

(Expiry: 1st March 2015)

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February 11

iTunes Canada: $4 Off Ed Sheeran X Album Just $5.99

Posted by on February 11, 2015 at 5:30 PM

iTunes Canada: $4 Off Ed Sheeran X Album Just $5.99

iTunes Canada is selling the Ed Sheeran X Album for just $5.99 on iTunes right now. This is a promotional price and it will go back up to $9.99 most likely.

I have to admit, I had never heard of this artist before this deal came up. I am a huge music-lover, but my current tastes are more towards symphonic metal and bands like Tool, Volbeat, Apocalyptica, and the like. However, I found many of the songs on this album pretty nice. I rather liked his slower songs like One, I’m a Mess, and Nina. A friend of mine actually sent me the music video for Thinking Out Loud, which is super sappy with a side of honey. It is a very sweet and a lovely song to dance to. It also appears to be the most popular song on the album, according to iTunes.

The X album includes the following songs:

  1. One
  2. Mess
  3. Sing
  4. Don’t
  5. Nina
  6. Photo
  7. Bloodstream
  8. Tenerife
  9. Runaway
  10. The Man
  11. Thinking Out Loud
  12. Afire Love

Each song would cost you $1.29 to purchase separately, so you can get the iTunes album for the value of around four songs. I like to purchase songs separately if I only like a few songs on an album. However, it is not worth purchasing these songs individually when the entire album is only $5.99.

It is hard to price compare digital music when iTunes has such a monopoly on the industry. However, you will not find this album cheaper anywhere else (well, unless you pirate it). Personally, while I keep my books and movies in physical copies, most my music is now digital – purchased off iTunes with iTunes cards that I purchased on sale. I think my last iTunes card was 20% off. Thus, if I bought this album it would be like spending 20% less on it. iTunes Canada: $4 Off Ed Sheeran X Album Just $5.99

If you are a big fan of Ed Sheeran, please post a comment and make song suggestions! We would love to hear your opinion on the album, what songs are your favourite, as well as any other interesting information you know about the artist.

This offer is on for a limited time only and could end at any time.

(Expiry: unknown)

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January 4

Costco Canada: $100 iTunes Cards Multipack For Just $85 (LAST DAY!) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 4, 2015 at 5:15 PM

Costco Canada: $100 iTunes Cards Multipack For Just $85 (LAST DAY!) (EXPIRED)

Get the most bang for your buck with a $100 multipack of iTunes cards for just $84.99 at Costco instead of their usual price of $94.99. It comes with 4 cards with $25 pre-loaded on each. Quick, this offer expires at midnight tonight but I couldn’t pass up on telling you about because it’s pretty awesome!

Would it be too eager to purchase this multipack in anticipation of upcoming birthdays, events and perhaps even next Christmas? I’m somewhat kidding about the next Christmas part but any opportunity at saving money is one that I don’t typically miss out on, so it’s very tempting! Even though she can’t even walk yet, I recently bought my little one a play kitchen because it was on sale… but that’s a whole other story!

As I already mentioned above, this multipack includes 4 iTunes gift card with $25 on each, which is particularly ideal for giving as a gift.

In the past, we have occasionally blogged about discounts on iTunes multipack gift cards but these were almost always in-stores only and none of them were as high of a discount as this one. So the fact that you don’t even need to leave your house to take advantage of this deal is pretty great.

Needless to say, these gift cards may only be used with the Canadian version of iTunes, but rest assured that it can be used on either Mac or Windows systems.

Interestingly enough, there’s one review for these cards and it’s a 5/5 star one. I was a little perplexed as to why someone would leave a review on a set of iTunes gift card but it made sense once I read it:

I bought this for a gift and I received cards within a few days. Great value

This brings me to my next point: free shipping. Costco offers free shipping on nearly everything and you won’t have to worry about extra fees with purchase of these cards. Costco is very reliable in the shipping department as well, although the only delay you could expect to get is with regards to Canada Post given the icy storm that is currently hitting us canucks country-wide.

(Image Credit: Tim Broddin)

(Expiry: 4th January 2015)

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November 18

ITunes Store: Final Fantasy VI For IOS (iPhone, iPad Devices) | Was $16 Now $11

Posted by on November 18, 2014 at 1:00 PM

ITunes Store: Final Fantasy VI For IOS (iPhone, iPad Devices) | Was $16 Now $11

Hey there, fellow gamers! There’s a pretty sweet deal available on the iTunes Store for a limited time that will allow you to save 30% on a game that hasn’t been reduced in price before – it’s Final Fantasy VI for the iOS, which normally retails for $15.99. Now, you can purchase this wonderful game for only $10.99! Since you’ll be able to play this game on your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you don’t have to worry about any shipping – just pay for the game, and you’ll be able to download it to your device soon afterwards!

Click here to check out this deal @ now

Do you remember the classic Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy III? Well the real name of the game in Japan was Final Fantasy VI (6… Square loves using Roman numerals), mainly because we didn’t get Final Fantasy II, III, and V in North America at the time of this Super Nintendo game’s release (way back in 1994). Is it sad, or kind of cool that I could still remember when this game was first released? This was back in the days when my brother and I had a subscription to Nintendo Power (a classic video game magazine from Nintendo), so we knew about all the upcoming Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy game releases at the time.

What makes this iOS version so interesting is the fact that it has updated visuals. Just take a look at how sleek the visuals look now, especially when you compare it to the original Super Nintendo version. The graphics have been completely overhauled, and while everything is still 2-D, it’s just how the game was meant to be played. Plus, there’s some extra bonuses and new monsters thrown into this version of the game, which should please many fans.

I can honestly say that when I was a younger Ivan, this was my favourite video game for many years. I just might download this game, just to experience the new updated graphics on my iPad. Plus, I loved the storyline of the game, and it had some memorable characters and great gameplay (I still remember the characters and storyline twists, and I first played this game back when I was 9 years old). I highly recommend this game, especially if you’re an RPG fan.

I’ve included a snippet of a review of this game from Arcade Sushi below:

No matter what form it’s in, Final Fantasy VI is one of the best games in the history of the medium, with its fast-paced battles, humongous world to explore, fascinating characters and bold, original story.

Happy gaming, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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