January 29

50% Off Heavy Duty Cases for iPhone 6 & 6S Sale @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on January 29, 2016 at 8:00 AM

50% Off Heavy Duty Cases for iPhone 6 & 6S Sale @ Amazon.ca

Amazon always has some pretty great prices on their advertised products, but they’ve stepped it up a bit more today with a sale on phone cases. There’s a good collection of iPhone cases that are 50% or more off of their original prices. Though there isn’t a section specifically for this, a look through the iPhone case department shows a ton of great deals! The cases on sale are brands names like Ottobox, Spigen and Lifeproof. I personally love the gunmetal Spigen case, picture above!

I always seem to get so excited about Amazon sales because their products are already usually great prices. In fact, I’m not ashamed to say that I order almost everything from Amazon.ca. However, when I see something like 50% off an already good deal, I’m like a kid at the candy store, buying things in bulk. Plus, phone cases aren’t something that I’ll stop using.

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January 13

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable Only $7.99 & Free Shipping @ Prime Cables

Posted by on January 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable Only $7.99 & Free Shipping @ Prime Cables

I am not sure how many iPhone cords I have broken through over the span of my cell phone’s life, but it has been quite a few. At $24.99 a pop from Apple, it isn’t a cheap replacement either. Right now, Prime Cables has discounted their 1M Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable – iPhone & iPad Charger (3.28Ft) from $11.99 down to $7.99. On top of that, you can use coupon code FreeShip2 to receive free shipping on your new iPhone, iPod, and iPad cord.

This cord is made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod that use the lightning connector. These are Apple MFi licensed, which means that this third-party hardware accessory uses Apple’s MFi licensed technology to connect electronically to iPhone, iPad, iPod. This cord is designed and approved by Apple so it will work seamlessly with your electronics. It is compatible with any Apple device that uses the lightning connector including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. Plus, it is compatible with these iPad and iPod models: Read the rest of this entry »

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January 6

Protect Your Phone With OtterBox Cases From $20 @ Amazon.ca!

Posted by on January 6, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Protect Your Phone With OtterBox Cases From $20 @ Amazon.ca!

Chances are someone in your family received a phone or tablet for Christmas, right? If that is the case, then you are probably on the hunt for a quality case to protect your precious new device. Luckily enough, Amazon.ca has a variety of OtterBox cases on sale for as low as $20, with a maximum discount of 72% off the regular price. You won’t find an OtterBox for a better price anywhere else. Spend $25 to get free shipping.

love the OtterBox phone cases. My phone has been dropped, stepped on, and so much more – yet it still lives on to tell the tale. If I drop my phone, I never worry that the screen is cracked. You know, that moment when you are scared to pick up your phone to see if the screen cracked when you dropped it or not? You won’t get that feeling anymore. Amazon Canada has OtterBox cases on sale for every device you can imagine, so snag yours quick before the prices change. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 25

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

Posted by on November 25, 2015 at 4:16 PM

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

Are you searching for a new iPhone this Black Friday? You will find most iPhone deals in store this holiday season, but here is a quick and dirty guide to finding the best deals.

Buying on Contract

Best Buy may be the best choice for a new iPhone, especially if you are in the mood for the new iPhone 6. They have the iPhone 6 marked down to just $79.99 on a two-year agreement with either Telus or Bell. If you trade in another phone worth $50 or more, they will apply that $50 trade-in credit to bring the phone down to just $29.99 on a two-year contract (16 GB model).

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

The 64GB iPhone 6 will run your $179.99 after trade-in. This deal is only available until the 30th of November and is hotter than anything else I have seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 22

PrimeCables: Up to 20% Off iPhone / iPad / iPod Cables & Free Shipping with Coupon

Posted by on October 22, 2015 at 1:30 PM

PrimeCables: Up to 20% Off iPhone / iPad / iPod Cables & Free Shipping with Coupon

My iPhone cable keeps disconnecting my phone from my charger. However, if I move it like 1mm, the cable suddenly works again. I think it is time to buy a new cable! Thankfully, PrimeCables is offering up to 20% off PrimeCables Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables. Even better, these cables receive free shipping with coupon code across Canada and so does anything else you might have in your cart. PrimeCables: Up to 20% Off iPhone / iPad / iPod Cables & Free Shipping with Coupon

Click here to shop Lightning Cables @ Prime Cables Canada now

  • Coupon Code: MFIfreeship
  • Discount: free shipping with lightning cable purchase
  • Expiry: Unknown

These are all Apple MFI Certified cables so they will work reliably with your iPhone, iPhone, or iPad. They are just like an Apple brand lightning cable, except these are cheaper and far more durable with recent technological advancements. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 11

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Silverlit Smart Link Ferrari Enzo 1:50 (iPhone Compatible) – Now Just $15 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on August 11, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Silverlit Smart Link Ferrari Enzo 1:50 (iPhone Compatible)   Now Just $15 (EXPIRED)

Vroom vroom, how cool would it be to own your very own Ferrari car for just $15? Granted it’s a remote-controlled toy car but still — very cool! Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Silverlit Smart Link Ferrari Enzo 1:50 (iPhone Compatible)   Now Just $15 (EXPIRED) Originally priced at $30, Chapters Indigo has now discounted the Silverlit Smart Link Ferarri Enzo 1:50 by a whopping 50% and it can now be yours for just $15.

Got an iPhone? Perfect, because you’re going to need it to operate this toy car. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 28

iPhone Dock Fans from $3.80 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on July 28, 2015 at 10:09 AM

iPhone Dock Fans from $3.80 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Phew, this week is a hot one here in Montreal and for most of Canada. Be prepared like a scout with this iPhone Dock Fan that attaches right to your iPhone 4. We spotted this nice deal over on Amazon Canada for $3.80 and it includes completely free shipping.

Picture this, you are out in the middle of your kid’s soccer field and it is blazing hot. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 1

Philips In Sight Wireless Home Monitor Was $120 | Now only $50 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 1, 2015 at 8:41 AM

Philips In Sight Wireless Home Monitor Was $120 | Now only $50 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada (EXPIRED)

Keep your home protected with the Philips In Sight Wireless Home Monitor. This home camera was $119.99, but is now only $49.99. You will also qualify for free shipping, as this item is more than the $25 minimum.

While we are all happy to throw open our doors for the nice weather, but you do have to protect yourself. During the summertime, domestic break-ins increase. While thieves are not always smart, it is much easier to break into your home when the ground is not covered in ice. Protect your family and your home with the Philips In Sight Wireless Home Monitor.

This monitor is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to check on your camera from an iPhone or iPad whether you are home or on vacation.  From reading around the internet, it seems the app for this camera is only currently available at the iTunes store. Included with your camera is a wall mount so you can set this little camera up where ever in your home. I would recommend picking one of your entryways or monitoring your garage entrance. This handy little camera will send you push notifications when noise or motion is detected. Recordings from your camera can be placed automatically in a Dropbox account. This camera also has a warranty for a year on parts.

The Source has a comparable camera you could pick up, the ION Two Way Monitoring Camera for $149.99. Over at Walmart.ca, the Summer Infant Baby Link Wi-Fi Internet Viewing Camera has similar capabilities and is on clearance for $150. There is also a second party seller on Amazon Canada who has this exact camera on sale for $98.09, but you would also pay shipping.

There are not many reviews on this camera. It simply is not being sold many places in Canada. I went over the border to look at American reviews, and this camera sits at a solid three out of five stars across the border.  Over there some people really like the ease of use the app provides for this camera, but others report having connectivity issues. For this fantastic price, you will have to make your own call.

This is a great price for a Wi-Fi enabled camera that connects to your iPhone. Most cameras that connect to apps generally run around $100 from what I have seen with my research. You could also use this as a baby monitor, or in my case toddler trouble monitor. This could also be used as a spy cam if you are worried about something happening in your home with any service providers that enter your home. A friend of mine set one of these up and caught a housekeeper stealing from her. She now has a reliable housekeeper she loves replacing the original. Whatever you use this camera for, this is a great deal that is only good for today. You may want to grab yours now!

(Expiry: 1st June 2015)

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May 13

U-BAND Sport Armband Accessory Was $29 |Now $9.59 With Coupon Code + Shipping @ Tuango

Posted by on May 13, 2015 at 10:02 AM

U BAND Sport Armband Accessory Was $29 |Now $9.59 With Coupon Code + Shipping @ Tuango

If you work out, an armband holder for your phone can become almost a necessity. Over at Tuango, they have a nice little U-BAND sports accessory for your phone. This holder retails for $29, but it is on sale today for $11.99. Use our exclusive coupon code and the band drops down to $9.59.

If you are not familiar with Tuango, you should start checking out their deals. Tuango was only in Quebec but has recently expanded across Canada. Right now pick up this great U-BAND sports armband for your iPhone or Android. Use our coupon code MOOSE15 to take another 15% off any order at Tuango. To check out all the deals across Canada, make sure you have the indicator in the top left corner set to either your location or “elsewhere in Canada” if your city is not listed.

I always find it so much easier to keep motivated during my workout when I can listen to music. I have tried listening to podcasts and audiobooks, but nothing gets your heart pumping like some good songs. This handy little armband will keep your phone safe and secure. I tried a few times to shove my phone in my pocket and it just weighs you down.  I have used a similar neoprene and Velcro holder in the past and it was handy.

This deal comes with a few options that fit a variety of phones, but are all at the same price point.

  • Option 1 is compatible with iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6. This band is available in pink, black and purple.
  • Option 2 is compatible with Samsung S3/S4/S5 (Android). This band is available in hot pink, black and purple.
  • Option 3 is compatible with iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6. This option comes with a removable yellow pocket to stow a key or something else small. Colour choices include black, pink and blue.

The U-BAND armband is sold only through second party sellers on Amazon Canada and does not retail elsewhere. Wagjag has a similar phone holder that is only compatible with iPhone 5 and 6. If you were to pick up the deal at Wagjag before they sell out, you will pay $15. Over at Best Buy Canada, the cheapest armband I could find was $19.99, plus you would have to either pay for shipping or top off your cart to $25. I also found an Adidas universal armband phone holder over at Newegg.ca for $19.99. I think Tuango has a sweet deal for one of these armbands.

Shipping costs vary at Tuango and are dependent on the item you purchase. For this sports armband, a $4 shipping charge will be added to your final purchase. It also says that taxes are included, so that’s a little bonus for you as well. Grab one of these now while they still have your colour choice. I noticed many people have purchased this item, and these deals do sell out.

Image credit: Giuseppe Milo

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April 14

Amazon Canada: 61% Off Belkin Charge & Sync Dock For iPhone 5/6 & iPod 5th Gen – Now $15.11

Posted by on April 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 61% Off Belkin Charge & Sync Dock For iPhone 5/6 & iPod 5th Gen   Now $15.11

Quick! The Belkin F8J045BT charge and sync dock with lightning cable connector for iPhone or iPod Touch 5th generation is 61% off at Amazon. Right now, you can get it for just $15.11 instead of its regular retail price of $38.49.

The Belkin charge & sync dock is compatible with all of the following devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 5th gen
  • iPod Nano 7th gen

It has an aluminum finish and comes with a 4-foot hardwire USB cable, though you would still need to use your own power supply. The great part about this dock is that you don’t need to take off the case off your phone each time as it’s case-compatible, which means that you can just plop your phone in whenever it’s in need of charging. Speaking of which, did you know that the best way to charge your phone by never letting it get to zero and charging it when it reaches 40%.

Here’s a review from BestBuy.com, where this dock is currently $31.99:

Perfect for the IPhone with the lightning connector, especially if, you are using a case. The design allows you to seat the phone securely and allows a phone with case to be set into the dock. To my knowledge, this is the only one of its kind, which allows that.

On Amazon, it actually has as many as 73 reviews and a total of 4/5 stars! So for just $15, this is actually pretty awesome!

iPhone 6

If you have an iPhone 6, then I have good news for you. This dock will accommodate your phone as well. The only thing to keep in mind that in general, an iPhone 6 uses a different USB charger from that of the iPhone 5. Whilst the iPhone 5 one is 5W, the iPhone 6 uses a 12W but does it matter with regards to the Belkin? Sort of but probably not. According to Amazon’s “Questions and Answers” section, one of the answers states that there is a potential for overheating. Other answers, however, stated that this dock works perfectly for the iPhone 6. So it looks like this is one of those things where you just need to decide for yourself if you want to give it a try or not. Personally, if I had the iPhone 6, I would definitely go for it!


Amazon only ships orders over $25 for free, so you would need to pay the $3.59 standard shipping rate or add a filler item. Personally, I would definitely opt for the second choice, especially since you would only be missing a bit less than $10.

(Image Credit: Kevin Lim)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 30

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up To $60 Off Mophie Space Pack For iPhone 5 16GB or 32GB – Now $100 or $120

Posted by on March 30, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up To $60 Off Mophie Space Pack For iPhone 5 16GB or 32GB   Now $100 or $120

Got an iPhone 5? Then check out this super cool gadget on sale at Chapters Indigo: right now, you can save up to $60 on the Mophie space pack for the iPhone 5. You have the choice between the 16GB version or the 32GB one. Trust me when I say that if you have an iPhone 5, then you absolutely need this item. Shipping will also be free as Chapters Indigo ships orders over $25 for free.

For Christmas, I bought my hubby the Anker 13000 omh portable battery that Avigayil had blogged about back in December. It tends to go up and down in price but right now, it’s back to being $34.99. Shipping is also quick as well.

To get back to the point though, after giving it to my hubby, I found myself constantly borrowing it because my iPhone 5 needs to be recharged at least twice a day. I felt so bad about constantly borrowing his gift that a couple of weeks ago, I ordered one for myself as well and while I love it wholeheartedly, the only drawback is having to carry around a battery that is slightly bigger than my phone. Don’t get me wrong, the convenience of having this battery far outweigh any sizing issues, but had I known about the Mophie, I may have gone with it instead.

If you have an iPhone 5, then you can either get the:

Both versions also come in a choice of the following colours: black, white or gold.

So what is the Mophie space pack? It’s essentially an iPhone phone case that adds either 16GB or 32GB of storage to your phone, along with an additional charge. Mind blown? Yeah, I am too.

I  have to admit that it’s the first I head of this product but it’s really quite cool! As you can see on the picture above, it’s also not too bulky. A 1700mAh charge should also double your battery life but it really depends on how heavily you use your phone and the amount of apps that you tend to run simultaneously.


Now, at Amazon, the Mophie space pack is more expensive. The 16GB gold version, for instance, is on sale for $149.99 (reg. $199.99), which is $50 more than at Chapters. However, browsing around, the only price discrepancy I found is that the black 32GB one is actually cheaper! It’s down to $115, so if that’s the one you want, then make sure to get it at Amazon instead, but it doesn’t look like the price will stick for long. For all other colours and storage capacity ones, make sure to get it at Chapters Indigo instead.

(Image Credit: Ben Miller)

(Expiry: 5th April 2015)

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March 25

Trade Up To iPhone 6 From Just $80 With Telus @ Best Buy Friends & Family Sale (March 26th In-Stores Only) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 25, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Trade Up To iPhone 6 From Just $80 With Telus @ Best Buy Friends & Family Sale (March 26th In Stores Only) (EXPIRED)

I love iPhones a little too much to agree with the funny image above of the iPhone 6 bending down to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the fake ad is a genius one nonetheless! Speaking of iPhones, tomorrow on March 25th, Best Buy will be having a Friends & Family Sale with the possibility to trade up to an iPhone 6 for as low as $79.99. This offer is only with a Telus plan, but there are other offers clients of Bell, Rogers and Virgin Mobile.

The iPone 6 trade-in offer is the one that most caught my attention because not only I’m with Telus myself but I also have the iPhone 5s. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first came out, I contemplated switching but ultimately opted not to shell out the big bucks to upgrade to the newest toy.

This trade-in offer has captured my attention though because I figure that once the new iPhone comes out in September (nothing is confirmed of course but there is quite the pattern of new iPhones being released every September), then I could potentially have an easier time selling the latest model online as opposed to the one before that. Plus, my hubby has the iPhone 6 and I must say, there is a noticeable difference in the picture quality between the 5s and the 6!

With Best Buy’s Friends & Family Sale, anyone with Telus could get the:

  • iPhone 6 16GB for just $129.99 (reg. $264.99) or $79.99 after trade-in
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB for $239.99 (reg. $374.99) or $189.99 after trade-in

The 64GB and 128GB iPhones are also available but prices aren’t listen online, which means that you would have to visit your local store to find out what these are.

The only fine print is that this discount is on “select 2-year new activation or renewal”. Now the only thing is that there is no specification as to the kind of phone that you can trade in. It’s unclear whether you need to have an iPhone to get an iPhone or if you can bring in a Samsung from another service provider. With regards to a renewal, it’s also unclear if your contract needs to be close to the end of its term or not either.

In either case, if you have been wanting the newest iPhone, then this deal is definitely worth checking out in-stores. I don’t suggest you wait until the end of the day either as iPhone deals tend to sell out like hot cakes.

If you would prefer to get a Samsung phone, then you could potentially also get one for free, along with up to a $150 gift card. For the Samsung Galaxy S5, you would have to go with Bell or Rogers or for the S4, you have the choice between Koodo, Virgin Mobile or Fido.

Other offers include but are now limited to:

  • 20% off Beats headphones & speaker with activation of Apple products
  • 20% off Case-Mate iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus cases
  • 10% off wearable tech products

(Image Credit: IBTimes.com)

(Expiry: 26th March 2015)

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February 3

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case in Black Was $55 | Now $29 with Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on February 3, 2015 at 9:35 AM

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case in Black Was $55 | Now $29 with Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Give your phone some tough protection with the OtterBox iPhone 6 Case-Defender Series. This durable case was $54.95 but is now only $28.75. Free shipping is also included with this order.

OtterBox cases have been one of the leaders in the market for phone protection for a while now. Their tough durable cases promise to be so tough you can run a truck over them and the phone would be fine. While I do not recommend testing it by purposely running over your phone with a truck, I do know these durable cases are tough. This particular case has a polycarbonate shell with a silicone slipcover. Add in a screen protector and your phone is protected from drops and slips. Make sure when purchasing you grab the black case, as other colours right now are around $50.

I do not have this case myself, or another Otterbox currently. I do have a very good friend who sings the praises of these cases. She is an elementary school teacher who is with young children all day. Having a case that will stand up to a few slips on the playground when you have 22 pairs of eyes you are tending to is critical. Her phone has been dropped on the playground, the gym floor, the bathroom and many other places without a scuff or a scratch. She will be the first person to tell you that the first grade can be rough and tough on your phone.

Check out the prices elsewhere below. This price at Amazon is pretty sweet in comparison to what the competitors are offering.

  • $54.95 @ Chapters.ca
  • $56.88 @ Walmart.ca
  • $59.89 @ Staples.ca
  • $59.99 @ Bestbuy.ca
  • $59.99 @ Futureshop.ca

Reviews seem overall good though a few folks were not perfectly satisfied. Here is one reviewers take on the case.

Otterbox fits in my hand nicely. Clear sticker covering home button looked cheap so I removed it. Screen protector is not flush to the screen so have to push harder for screen to respond… replaced with a tempered glass one – it’s awesome now. Case is light but feels strong. My phone is protected.

I suspect Otterbox is trying to figure out ways to make their signature cases more cheaply. There are several complaints of various minor issues with this case. Overall, this case seems pretty well tested and most people seem to be happy with it.

If you have been searching for an Otterbox or just for more protection for your phone, now is the time to grab this case. While I typed this post, I saw the stock decreasing so I do not think this deal is going to last long. This item qualifies for Amazon’s free shipping, which is a great bonus for this fab case.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 3

Chapters Indigo Canada: 60% Off iHome iD48 iPhone, iPod & iPad Portable Stereo System – Was $99 | Now $40

Posted by on January 3, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 60% Off iHome iD48 iPhone, iPod & iPad Portable Stereo System   Was $99 | Now $40

While quantities last, you can pick up an iHome iD48 portable rechargeable stereo system for Apple products for just $39.60. It originally retailed for $99. Shipping will also be free as Chapters Indigo ships all orders over $25 for free.

This is the cheapest price that we have ever seen for the iHome iD48. Back on Cyber Monday, it was reduced to $49 from $99 ($50 discount) and even then, it was a fantastic deal. Of course, now it’s even better, so if you have been in the market for a portable stereo system for your Apple product, then now would be a good time to snag one.

This stereo system only works for: iPhones, iPads and iPods. It also features SRS TruBass circuitry and Reason 8 sound technology for an enhanced auditory experience.

The battery is rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about buying or looking around for batteries. When the charge is low, you can just plug it in, while continuing to enjoy your music.

If you’re looking to use the iHome iD48 stereo system with an iPad, then you will be happy to know that it has a landscape mode. This means that you could just lay your tablet sideways to watch a movie or perhaps play music videos online.

Personally, I have an iPhone and I’m definitely considering picking up one of these considering the major price drop. Price comparing, I found this same stereo system going for $74.77 at Amazon.ca and approximately $58.54 on eBay.

There are no reviews on Chapters’ site but on Amazon, there are two reviewers that each gave this stereo system 5/5 stars. Both reviewers had a lot to say about it, so here are small snippets of the lengthy reviews:

This is one if the better sounds systems that iHome has put out. It has great sound because it has both active and passive speakers (two of each).

And here’s another:

iHome is a trusted manufacturer so I was not concerned about quality – it is well built and seems sturdy enough to handle transporting, as it is portable and able to work on its rechargeable battery. It is low profile and not as wide as the Bose. Its speakers are smaller.

Keep in mind that the iHome iD48 stereo system is only available online at Chapters Indigo’s site and you won’t be able to get it in-stores.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 21

Future Shop Canada Boxing Day Flyer Is Out Now! (Dec 24-28)

Posted by on December 21, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Future Shop Canada Boxing Day Flyer Is Out Now! (Dec 24 28)

The Future Shop Canada Boxing Day flyer has just been released. This flyer is pretty exciting with 47 pages stacked with deals. Remember, if shopping online at FutureShop.ca you can also receive free shipping on orders over $25. This does not apply to oversized items though.

This Future Shop Boxing Day sale will start on the 24th of December at 8 PM EST at FutureShop.ca but the in store sales will start on the 26th of December at 6 AM. I suggest getting into your closest Future Shop Canada store early on Boxing Day to ensure the item you wish to purchase is not sold out by the time you get there. There are no rain checks.

The iPhone 6 has been a big release this year; I was hoping to see a lot of deals on it during all of these Boxing Day sales. I actually have not been too impressed with the offers I have seen so far. Future Shop is offering the iPhone 6 starting at $29.99 after a $50 trade in or $79.99 without a trade in. Of course, there is a catch – this only applies to select 2-year new activation or renewal plans.

Now I was impressed with some of the TV deals at Future Shop during their Boxing Day sales. The Samsung 50″ 4K Series LED Ultra HD Smart TV is only $899.99 which is $800 off the previous price. I wouldn’t even need to go to the movie theatre anymore if I had a TV like this, it would be an investment, right?

While Future Shop Canada might not be the first place you think of buying a cookware set from, this offer might change your mind. During the Boxing Day sales at Future Shop, you can save up to 75% off a huge selection of cookware sets. The Paderno 13 Piece Avonlea Stainless Steel Cookware Set was $849.99 and will be only $249.99 during the Boxing Day event. This offer will be available online only.

There are other offers available too – save up to $700 on major appliances and save up to $100 on Apple products among many other deals. All of the Future Shop Canada Boxing Day sale items will be limited in quantity and limited to one per household.

Here are just a few of the first pages of the Future Shop Canada Boxing Day flyer. You can view the full flyer here.

(Expiry: 28th December 2014)

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