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October 9

Incase Designs Canada: Great Discounts on iPhone 5 Cases

Posted by on October 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Incase Designs Canada: Great Discounts on iPhone 5 Cases

The iPhone 6 was released early and that means plummeting prices on iPhone 5 cases. Incase Designs is my favourite website that carries cases designed for Apple products. Right now they have a sweet sale on iPhone 5 cases you will not want to miss if you plan to hold on to your phone.

I am one of the many Canadians who will not be switching to the new iPhone 6 unless my Fairy Godmother grants it to me for my birthday or something. My ‘old’ iPhone is perfectly fine the way it is after I get a couple factory recall issues sorted out. The phone has served me well and I love the size. In addition, with a new iPhone I would have to buy a whole load of new accessories at full price. Instead, I get to score some great bargains for my current phone.

Pick up the Chisel iPhone case for just $14.38 (was $35.95). The case comes in white and back, which I already linked to or grey/orange and Black/Blue. The Chisel is a hybrid of a soft and hard case. It offers the protection of a hard case with a soft interior and the easy on/off of a soft case. I am totally digging the black and blue design. It might be a good idea to have a more rugged case than my current one.

I also like the Hammer iPhone case for only $11.98 (was $29.95). It features rubber shock absorbing construction with special attention to the corners of your phone. I prefer the black, but some people would prefer their phone not be incognito so vibrant eye blinding orange would suit them just fine.

Are you somewhat accident-prone? Have you dropped your iPhone more times than you can count on two hands? Then you need Vise, Incase’s toughest iPhone 5 case yet. Vise has three layers of protection:

The base layer is an internal shock absorbing rubber cover. An additional layer adds Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection to the sides and corners increasing the durability around the high-impact zones.And finally, we encapsulate this with an outer layer of a 2-piece external hardshell to further distribute the impact.

Originally $49.95, the case is now on sale for $19.98. Pick one up and save yourself the cost of another iPhone screen. Check out the rest of the sale cases at Incase Designs.

Incase ships for free across Canada.

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June 12

Incase Canada: Free Shipping + Sale on Macbook Backpacks

Posted by on June 12, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Incase Canada: Free Shipping + Sale on Macbook Backpacks

I am very excited to introduce you to a company we have never blogged about before: Incase Canada. They sell backpacks, cases for all your Apple brand electronics, and accessories like headphones, chargers, and more. Right now, they have two great offers merging: free shipping for a limited time and a sweet sale on Macbook backpacks that is just fantastic.

Laptops are meant to be transportable but it is not exactly as if you can just tuck one under your arm and go. It just is not safe and you would certainly be a target for sticky fingers. Incase makes a large array of totes, cases, and backpacks designed specifically for the Macbooks.

13″ Macbook

Your computer is small, but that is no reason to try to shove it in your over-sized tote and hope for the best. You can pick up a bag custom made for Apple products on the cheap during this sale. The Campus Mini Backpack is your cheapest option at only $29.97 (originally $49.95). If you prefer a tote to a backpack, my favourite item in this entire sale easily is the Terra Tote with its lovely grey/cream cotton exterior and sexy red interior. Originally $89.95, it is now discounted to $53.97.

15″ Macbook Pro

There are no shortage of good options for the 15″ Macbook Pro. This Campus Compact Backpack is your cheapest option at only $35.97 (originally $59.95). The green and white colour combo is a great combination for summer. This Campus Pack is only a tiny bit more expensive, coming in at $38.97 (originally $$64.95). If you prefer a different style bag, then this Coated Canvas Sling is certainly worth looking at. Originally $114.95, it is now on sale for $68.97.

Just because your computer cost $1500+ does not mean a quality bag has to. Pick up this simple Backpack for the Macbook Pro 17″ for only $65.97 (originally $109.95). There are also iPhone cases, iPad cases, sleeves, and many Andy Warhol items for sale in the sale section.

I really like Incase Canada because they offer great looking cases built specifically for Apple computers at an affordable cost. While I am willing to pay a lot of money for my computer as both my education and my work has depended upon it for the last five years, I cannot afford to spend a fortune on a case. With this sale, you don’t have to: you get great sale prices on cases designed for Apple computers and you receive free shipping at the same time.

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